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VOL, 3. M'AllTHUR,
VIjNTON c6'.
instrument am, true devotion to
r.'.'r" ' v
0 'MUlTT ' ' M
J A-Y-ITj-. . D0LLAR
a V i'x
our common .r
ThcJrArlliur Democrat.
II ,00 per year, and if not puyed within tht
jear, (s2,00 uill be charged.
Thtte Terms mutt be ttrictly complied
tilh, und no paper will be dUcontinued until
.l arrtaragts are paid, unless at tht option
of tht publisher.
CCf One square, thirteen line or lest first
thru insertion ( 00
Each additional insertion 25
Cards one tar, 63.00.
A libtrul deduction will be node to per
urns .dttrlieingby tht year.
All vdvn lmmeiils payable in advance or
M demar-d
igcnUforthe "Mrtliur lkniorrot."
Tkt following Oantlaman will Eacelra and Baaalpi
for Bub.ci pilon. aon Advartiacinauti, for tbia If
ft, la Vlnica Couuty. Chla.
Wii. Tatles,
Jso. Claik, Sr.,
J. Blocs,
J. Qillek,
Adam Lvss,
J. Easoh,
Ilamilen Furnace.
Mt. l'leasmt.
Harrison Township.
13lof is Store,
B. P. HEWITT, Judge of Probate Court
W.L. EDM ISTOM. Clerk Cora. Pleas Court
P.. F. BINGHAM. Prosecuting Attorney.
t'm. tisue. shrrtir.
J. 6WEFST0N, Trcisurer.
JAMES M ALONE. Reioider.
GEO. I'LLOM, Coroner.
Countr Commissioners,
School Examiners,
E. A. ElUT'J'oN.
With their
Pott Cfiice Adresses.
CisriMiiATi Fuhkace. Wtstfall, Ste w
rt 4' Co. Manufacturers of the best
Tjiialttj of Pig lion, llamdec, Reeds
Mill P. O.
Eagle Tiksace. Stunley. l.'eutley &
Co. .Manufacturer f the best quality
f Pig Iron. Ejgle Post OOice.
Viktor Fcknace, Means, Clark &. Co.
Msnufaciuiers of best quality of Pig
Irxn.vinton liirnm e Post Olhie.
HAhiiEK Foukace, Fruee, Tarr &. Cu
Seed's Mill PuftOHne.
do Saku Firnace, Kurilett, Dua tf
Co.. Mnnulatturt'is of the best quiilit)
rf Pip Iron. Post 0 Hit e at Athens, 0.
yiw an ill i iiawa i aasafc : iuiammwaamMcam
P altratn t ry Uorda haidvr&rv, Quatntware, Eoota,
taa, WK i:s. an.
McAram-B. John S. Iluwk, J. K. if-D
ill, J A. .Murl li, fven 1 1 wd, J. t. P,
flam ii, E. A. Biutiuil, J. & E. Doili:, Shiidcs
i r.tji.oui.
If amuev - lnj. Dill, D. D. T. Ibrd, 11. B.
Moore, J. B. 1 B. Wiiletiii, N m. C.
Wn.aitvji IE.-S. S. Murrv, John Gillcii.
Cline..4r Gurdnei, Ft Uunft Lustley, James
Blfbkely. Carr 6. Sironc.
AlliKhville. Peter Miller, Maicns Mil-
tfT. Joseph V ilcox.
Mt. Af akt. riiiltip Suin.
TlAITf VILLK. SurrMi'l.& twt l ttCll. 11. W
&ofidakl, Hewitt & WiHsnn.
Aikln's Mux. J. Blorr.
BiRKHtBMiH'H Mil i.. William Tisn
F L) ft N FTlTlTiril OOMS
McKrtTimn. F,. P. Uotiiwell.
jjjuj (7gTsT5T
McAbthlr. G. B. Will.""
Maiidek. Davis Ac Collins.
W'n hvii LK.A-t'linc (jsrdrrr.
McAkTiiiH.-J. G. Swetluud, 11. C. Crjiw
AUo rncy at Law,
Will prartirein Vinton and Btljoiinun ennn-
in. Omce tlirnj doers West ol the Fott
Feb. 9. 1652. . ' 24 tf
Adoniejs at Law.
Will practire in rarlnerthipin Vinton Conn
ty. Office, (our doors cast of Sition &Hul
U-rt s Hotel.
Erb. 21. 1854. It9.
February 23. 1655. 4m.
Atlcruc) at Law,
WILL practice in Vinton and nd joining
counties. Office, one door east of the
IJlue Comer."
(Q Office, McAnhur House.
Feb. 16, 1855. ly.
i 5 D U E 1 L E E S I . PRODUCE-
No. 55, Front Street,
. January 5J0. 1854. Iv.' '
Wholesale Dealer In '
JWi.iry 20, m ly
0 ! list to me, Lizzy,
You s veet lump of candy !
Love makes me feel dizzy ,
Like sugur and bruudy j
My vision is reeling
My brains are all burning
And lire sweet cream of filing
li curdled by churning:
Fur my lieart 'neatli my jacket
1 up and down jamming,
And keeps such a racket
With its thumpiiia and bumoinz .
0 ! hov me one smile 'tis my lust suppli
es uon !
I crae nothing fur'lier 'twill be iny salva
tion !
0 ! Liny, I'm worsted
1 l-el il all over :
( , I'm done up and bursted
A Drone n uown lover !
The joys of iny bosom
Have cut stick und vanished ;
I knou td 1 should lose 'em
When my true love you banished ;
The world has grown dreary,
Ju sackcloth of sorrow ;
Of life 1 am weary,
And I wish that to-morrow
Would dawn on my crave, in tliat oeice-
itiven valley,
Where. I'd care not for you, nor for Susan nor
I know 'tia a sin to.
But I'm bent on the notion
I'll throw myselt into
The deep briny ocean,
Where mud eels and cat fish
On my body shall riot,
And flounders and ilai-lish
Select ine for diet;
There soundlv I'll slumber
Beneath trie rough billow,
And crabs without number
Shall crawl o'er mr uillow :
But iny spirit shall wander through the gay
coral bowers.
And frisk with tha mermaids it shall bv
the powers !
Henry Clay's Opinion on Naturalized
[Extract from Mr. Clay's celebrated
speech in defense of the American
System, delivered in the Senate of
the United States, February 8,
"Tlie honest, patient and industrious
German, reaJily unites with our peo
ple, establishes himself upon some ol
our fat lands, tills his capacious barn,
and enjoys in tranquility the abundant
Iruits which his diligence gathers a
round him, always ready to fivtoths
standard ol his adopted country, or of
us laws, wuen called by the duties ol
patriotism. The gay. (lie tersatile.
the philosophical Frenchman, accom-
mounting himseU cheeilully to all the
vicissitudes ol life, incorporates hini
self with difficulty in our society.
uut oi an loreigners, none amalgamate
themselves so quickly with our people
ALD IsEE. In some of the visions
huh have passed through my inn
iiiation, 1 have supposed that IKE
LAND was originally part and parcel
ol this continent, and that, by some ex
ttaordinai y convulsion of nature, it was
torn from America, and drifting across
the ocean, it was placed in the unfor
tunate vicinity of Great Britain. The
same opeh-heartedness, the same gen
erous hospitality, the same careless and
uncalculating indifl'erence about hu
man life, characterize the inhabitants
oi both countries. Kentucky has been
sometimes called the Ireland of Ameri
ca. And I have no doubt, that if the
current of emigration were reversed and
set Ironi America upon the shores
Europe,insiead of bearing from Europe
to America, every American emigrant
to Ireland would there find, as evury
Irish immigrant here finds, a hearty
welcome and a happy home." -
Horace Greeley When a Boy.
The Boston Mail thus relers to Ho
race Greeley when a boy, when an ep
prentice in an office in Vermont. On
a visit connected with political matters,
to the Hon. Rollin C. Mallary, then
one of the most distinguished members
of Congress, and the most able cham
pion ol the "American system," we
went with him into an obscure printing
omce at l'oultney, Vermont, his place
of residence. Among other things,
called our attention to ayoung compos
itor, who was rather awkwardly stick
ing types,' and who then full grown,
was evidently an apprentice in the of
His legs run a good deal more than
a Meet' through his pantaloons ; the
sleeves ol Ins coat scarcely reached be
low his elbows ; his hair was very
white and flaxen, and he was, on the
whole, in the aggregate, taken separate
ly and together, the greenest looking
specimen th humanity we ever looked
at; and this is saying a good deal, for
'we keen a lookin? olasa. -
'we keep a looking glass.
Here is a beautiful sentence from
the pen of Coleridge. Nothing can
more eloquent, nothing more true:
"Call that man not wretched who,
whatever else be suffers, as to pain in
dieted or pleasures denied, has a child
tor whom he hopes and on whom
doats. : Poverty may grind him to the
dost, obscurity may cast its dark man
tie over him his voice may be unheed
ed by those among whom he dwells,
,ti Am face may be unknown by his
v'Vlghbors even pain may rack his
joints, and sleep pee from his pillow,
but he has a gem with which he would
not part for the wealth defying compu
tations, loc fame tilling a world a ear,
for the highest power, for the sweetest
klcep that ever fell on mortars eyer
What was Decided last Fall.
The charge of incompetency and
selfishness continues to be preferred,
without the shadow of a foundation,
against the Democratic State Officers
by the opposition journals. They even
go so far as to say that last fall the peo
pie, "by tighty thousand majority
agreed to trust these miserably iocom-.
petent, selfish demagogues no longer."
rhe journals which unhesitatingly fals
ify in regard to one thinor will not be
slow to do it in another thing, if there
is a prospect mat pirty ends will there
by be promoted. It is notorious that
tlie sell-styled "Peoples Convention"
that last July put a ticket in nomina.
lion in its resolutions made not even an
indirect reference to the Democratic
State officers. The only idea that seemx
ed to occupy their attention was the
enormity of slavery and iniquity of the
Nebraska bill. This seemed in their
estimation, and their appeals through-
oui me remainder ol the canvass was
to the Abolition and Free Soil senti
ment to vote the "Peoples' Ticket,"
and thereby register an emphatic con.
demnation of the coursa of tha Ad.
ministration at Washington for its ac
tion with reference to tha Mis
Touching the Tax law a decision
had been rendered by the Supreme
Court, and a cry had been raised
against the burthens of taxation, which
for the time being created uneasiness in
the public mind, tnd yet not a word
did that famous 'Peoples' Convention'
utter in regard to it. The Small Note
Law had been enacted and persons
were studiously at work to inlluence
the public mind in opposition to it;
but that Convention uttered not a word
in relation to it. It had nothing to saj
about anything else than slavery. From
first to last from the beginning to the
end it was nothing but slavery. It is
notorious mat the gentlemen elected a
member of the Supreme Court is in
lavor ot tne decision of the Supreme
uouri in regard to tne i ax Law, anJ
is as ultra as most Democrats on cer
lain questions of State and National
. It requires the most unblushing hard
inoou, in aenance ot the;e existing
tacts, now to come forward and claim
that a verdict was rendered against the
present Uemocratic Slate officers bv
eO.OOO majority. Their case was not
in issue, and hence no decision had
been made no Judgment rendered.
This tiling of asserting that the present
Democratic State officers are "misera
bly incompetent, selfish demagogues,"
is precisely what any body can make
with as much facility as to assert that
white is black and that black is white.
It is a common place tact that neithei
ot the latter assertions can be proven;
and the. former assertion, although a
fact not so common place, is equally
hard to prove. It they are miserably
incompetent," as represented, those
who make these charges certainly have
it in their power to give us some par
ticulars in which they have furnished
undeniable evidence of "incompeten
cy." Prove things as you go that is
the pretty way of doing business. Our
opponents, however, are intent upon
pursuing a course similar to that ol
the Quaker in Piladelphia who con
ceived a prejudice against a certain
dog. "I will not kill thee," remarked
he to tlie dog, "but I will give thee
bad name,'' and straightway he raised
the cry of "mad dog." A couple of
squares hence, the dog was shot under
the impression that he was mad. The
desire to get rid ot the dog was very
good, though not a very fair one. The
oppositian journal are constantly
throwing out some such charges as in
competent,' 'selfish,' profliga'e, and
corrupt, against tne uemocratic olti
cers in hopes that the mass of the peo
ple will catch up the chaigesiuthe be
lief that they are true, and aid in dis
placing them to make way lor such re
formers as have been in power in Phil
adelphia under a similar. cry, and who
have there, within the brief space of
year, multiplied offices, Increased sala
ries and run the city in debt about
million and a hall of dollars. Ohioans
are reputed men ofsense--men who en
deavor to profit by the experience
others, wereby they are saved much ex
pense and perplexity and it is hardly
reasonable that they will invite such
state of things as have been brought
about in Massachusetts, Maine. New
York and Pennsylvania by these tw-
Daily Advertiser.
A school-boy Down East, who was
noted among his play-fellows for his
frolics with the girls, was reading
aloud in the Old Testament, when,
coming to the phrase, "making waste
places glad," he was asked by the ped
agogue what it meant. The youngster
paused, scratched his head, but could
give no answer, when up jumped
more precocious urchin, and cried
"I know what it means, master
means hugging the gals; for Tom Ross
is alters hugging 'em round the waist,
and it makes 'em as glad as can be "
i Mrs. Bloomer has gone to Council
Bluffs to reside. She permitted her
httsbAnd to ccopany her.
(CT If you want a quiet fireside,
marry a dumb woroan.
[From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.]
Brigham Young's Manifesto.
saying, and doing!
of the Morman. are of no great account,
only a showing the length to which hu
man cradulity can go, whan atroug ap
peal, are made to the faith rather than
to the teason of mankind. But the po
litical beariug. of Ihe extraordinary sentiments-of
that peculiar people, are mai
ler, or greaand cou'.iiiually increasing
inttrest; inasmuch a. thev present for
public consideration question, which
have never, ai yet, beeu definitely set-
lied, lud to settle which mar reauira
profoilnder wisdom than is often put in
requsition to meet the exigeuce. of hu
man government. Their government
is neither more nor lest than a Theocra
cy government professedly derivej
from God aimself; and Brigham Young
i. iharHphet. the vicegereut of God. .
He combine, in himself all th. preroga
tives or Prophet, Priest, and king. He
is a Jiiiw-giver potent than Moses: a
Priest at least eual to Aaron, and a
h.iugequal to David or Solomon. Au.l
besides, as a Patriarch he place, him
.elfon the platform nith Abraham.
Isaac,. ud Jacob, setting aside the teach
luga of Christ and the Apostela. who
geuily Insinuated that one wife was tuf-
ucieut, audm the face of civilization
asserting that polygamy, though a dia
bolical thing for the meu and women of
the world, is a capital thing for the Ut
ter Day Saints. And here is a sect
mora thoroughly imbued with the Diril
of proselytisin than any other under
heaven more assuming as regards po
litical maiiers man any other class of
men, and more bold in the declaration
of their assumptiona. And il 1 out of
the questions of the day, how are the
people of this country to manage and
dispose of this matter?
Doubtless Mormonisin will endeavor
to conform itself to the spirit of our
Iaw8 aud iaititutions, and for the pre.
ent, at all events, it will do so, so faras
externals are concerned. And still it
will contain, in the very body and soul
of its church, trial which will forever be
in opposition to Republican form of
government. This is distidctlv evi
dent from the aatura of these things.
a people ruteu by God through divine
ly appointed instrumentalities, are the
last to submit to the law. and institu-
lions oi ineu omside of their sectarian
enclosure. Aad it is no new thing uu
uer tne sun lor religionists sufl'erina
from a plethora . of divine light and
grace, to become exacting in their de
mauds, and pugnacious in the jnalnte
nance of their assumed suherioritv. In
our raids t re those who are prone to
appeal from the law. of the land to the
land to the higher law which their in
terpretaliona have put into the mouth
of Goa, and the Catholic Church is said
to be a, dangerous institution because it"
authority is supposed to over ride that
of huiian rulers. What, then, shall we
say ot MormouismT It is bold, frank,
ud intelligible in the utterance of it.
doctrikes ami dogmas. Armed wiih in-
vinciUle determinations, and seemingly
conscious alike of its power and the
rigtueouBiiess of its cause, it does not
resortjto the subterfuges of hvpocracy
but declares its object in the lace of the
worldl and defies the nowtr. Of earth
and hill to prevent the accomplishment
ol its mission. What shall be done!
Letitialoue. Force, the usual weapon
ot igurance, will only multiply the vie
tims uf the delusion. It must be toler
ated, la common with all other errors ol
opiuuii or belief. But it must be kept
withih due oounds, If it becomes med
dlesotie, aggressive, belligerent, or die
tatoritl, then let il be driven back
vviihta the sanctum sanctorum of its
own sectarian sphere, and kept there,
till itdearns how to behave itself. Till
ihen, allow it to "huve free course, run
und b glorified or be otherwise dispos
jd of Recording to the verdict which au
euligBtened world shall bring in, after
due consideration.
A.I matter of general interist, we
subj'ojn the following extracts from a
Speech delivered in Great Salt Lake
uiij.vj jririam xoung, in Cesruary
last. I Taken as a whole, it is a strange
admixture of piety, philosophy, humili
ty, ai)d slang a rare specunan of ora
tory illustrative ol the relation belweeu
the siblime and the ridiculous.
"Brtherii and Sisters Out friends
wish to know our feeling toward, the
government. 1 auswer they are first
rate, and. we will prove it, too, as you
will ste if you only live long enough;
for thit wa shall live to prove it is cer
tain; and when' the Consliiu'iou of the
Unite! Siatss haugs, as it were, upon a
single thread, they will have lo call for
the Mormon elders to save ii from utter
destruction; and they will ste p forth
and do it.
We love the. Constitution of our
country; It is all we could ask; though
in some few- instances there might be
some imendmenta made which would
better it. We love the federal govern
ment and Ihe laws of Congress, Thire
is nothing in those Saws that in the least
militate against us, not eveu our exclu
ding common law from this territory.
I can inform our lawyers who plead at
the bar here, that the Congress of the
Uunea states nave passed laws giving
up tha privilege of excluding common
law at Our pleasure, and that too with
out any violation of the Constitution
or general statutes. They hee also
given u. privilege to stop drunkeune.a.
sweating and gambliug, and to prevent
horse racing, and lo puniah meu for rob
bing or burling each other. The Con
stitution of the United States, and the
whole federal government, in their acts,
have git.u uathia privilege.
Now, I will tell you one thing, that
am opposed to, and that tbia people are
opposed to; it is to a man's coming here
aa an officer, with a piece of sheep's skm
ia hii jocket, having aoma jreat maa't
name to it, and beginning to aet up hi.
rule, of dtcipline for the people, and
saying : "I am a gentleman, lama high
minded gentleman; can you tell me
where I cau find a woman to aleep with
me to night?" and selling up gamblng
.hop., aud drinking, and carousing, and
atrring up atrite, aud hatching up law
suits; bunting out disaffected spirit.,
and then lecturing the people on moral
Ity, wishlug them to become like other
communities, and saying to Mrs. Such-
one or Alias Such-a oue, "won t you
ride with rce -von't you take a aleiah
side to-night with met I am a high-
minded geullauian." A prudent fatba;
or husband says, "cuma here, this is your
place; you hare-no business with stran
gers. What Is the re.u'.t of thieT--
Wny, from most of Ihe high-laiflded
gentlemen yon can hear, 'God damn tW4
Monnans, they are opposed to 'he feder
al government, because they' wilt not
allow us to sleep with their wires aud
daughtera'" I ara apposed to iuchjnen
and am after them with the barbed
arrows pf the Almighty. To what ex-
leuU Let tnem lalrude upon the char
tity of my family, aud, ao help ma.Ood,
I will use them up. (All tha sodere-
galion said Amen.') Such characters
may cry, 'aliens, aliens; tha Mormon.
are all hostile lo the government.' and
they way cry it until they are in hell.
Corrupt ineu cannot walk these atreeta
with impucity, and if that is alienism
to the government, amen to it. The
Constitution of tha Unild State, we
sustain all the day long, and it wUl sus
tain and shield us, while the men who
say we are aliens, ami cry out f'Mormon
disturbance," will go to hell. There
hare been officers here who were not
fit to lira In our midst, and they ran
home and raised the cry, "Mormon dis
turbances," Mormon rebellion, "Mor
mon war. and "tressoners;" but their
dav i. orer.
When a man professes to be my friend
and tha friend of thia people, he will
iaae my council, instead of atinns up
strife, and practicing iniquitv. I dis
like the wilfully corrupt, and by and by
1 will coma out thunder like, as I hare
dona upon others who practicing iniqui
ty; and aa I did upon a certain individ
ual when he made his glorious speech,
and lusulted Ibis people irorn the high
est to the lowest, I chastised him, and
ne ran ou ana reported as my aaring
inose wmcn 1 did uotsav. '
It was told him, while ha was on Ihe
plains, that President Zachary Taylor
was dead and damned, and it has goua
through the Slates from aide to aide,
mail said ao. It was first giren out
that the Mormons aejd ao, and then
that Brigham said to; well 1 backed it
up, because I knew it waa true. I hare
just as good a richt lo say that Presi
dent Taylor is in hell, aa to .ay that any
other miserable sinner is there. Was
beany more than flesh and blood T 1
hare as good a right to canraa him, in a
religious point of view as I have to cans
vaa the peasant upon the dung-hill. He
has gone there and lo haa many others;
aud the Lord Almighty is removing the
bitter branches, as fore-told in tha Book
ot Mormon.
The newspapers are teeming with
atatements that 1 said "President Pierce
and all hell could not remove me from
office." I will tell you what I did aay,
and what I now do say ; the Lord reigns
and ruleain the armies of the heareni,
anddoeahis pleasure among the inhabi
tants of the earth. He sais up a king
dom here, and pull. down another there,
at His pleasure. He walka in the midst
of the people and they know it not.
He make, kings, presidents and gover
nors at his pleasure ; hence I coucluda
that I shall be governor of Utah territo
ry just a. long as He wants ma to be ;
and (or that time, neither the President
of the United Stales, nor inv other
power can prevent it. Then, brelhern
aud sisters, be not worried about mr
being dismissed from office ; for whan
the President appoints another man to
be gorernorof Utah territory, you may
acknowledge that the Lord haa done it
for we should ackuowledge His hand in
II tilings."
From Tehuantepec!
A correspondent writing to the New-
Orleans Picsyune, from Tebuanteoec.
April 2, gives a very intereting account
of the progress of ibe levolution. He
In my last I informed you -that the
pronouueiados were tn possession of the
plains, village, end roads; cutting off
coiumunicaiiona and supplies from this
place, collecting ontnbultone, turning
out uovernment omelets, and appoint
ing others, here burning a rancho, kill
ing the owner and 'lifting' the cattle, or
demanding effects aud money aa lha
price of uncertain security. One ranch-
ero was shot while defending hi. house,
hu body lied to a slake, and fire kind
led round him. After their depsiture.
his little son, who was concealed in
the chapparal, had witnessed the pro
ceedinga, buried the half-burnt body.
Ibe Sup-prefect of Petapa waa beaten
with clubs till be waa left for dead and
bis wife violated. Here, as I stated. we
were in a slate of eetge, money, provis
ions and munitions daily diminishing,
soldiers occasionally deserting, families
moving off till ibe plaia seemed desert
ed; a special order indeed was .igned to
check toe exodua. But a araall portion
of tha place ia wilhin the barricades,
those occupying houses outside of them
being enweb exposed were in the habit
concea'ing themselves at night ia tha
wooda, returniug to their bomee during
Iba day.. Uut tbia also being prohibit
ed. tbey .ought aheltei in the Convent
St- Dentine,), which bv thai kindness
Q t beaevdeat Cure, ats thxowo oj-o.
to them, and which, for mora thaa
month past, been aa assylum for thou
sands; while betweeu pigs, dogs, cock,
crying children and talking woman, tha
Cure ha. not lacked meterial. for an oc
cassional concert, not to mention tha
guard of soldier, who occupy tht upper
stories. I mentioned that H. S. H.
seems to have abandoned his officials,
and that it waa only uecessary for Col.
Salinas to continue hit present mode of
action for a few week, longer. VYbea
hopeiesa of assistance, the troop, would
in all probability desert tn maaai.aoit
hia triumph would be complete.
. Why he changed hia plan I knew not.
But on the evening of the 20th u!t..
advanced against this place with eoraa
;1tM0r. poorly armed. III. trsf.
aptr cVfi but little ammuniliuu. iama
500V being armed with euna. the at
"with machetes. The attack began on
the mornrtig of the 21st ult. Tha street
leading to the principal plaza-w-a. atrcn
ly barricaded. Tha house in which 1
live with our Consul, occupies an at
posed point upon a corner outiiJa th
barricade.. We bad acarsely tin, to
raise the flag, are tha firing began oa
both streets, There was no resular
charging or open Gghting hand to hanl.
oui eacn combatant sought first to se
cure himself against harm; to injure tha
enemy was a aecondary consideration.
In thia manner the fight continued foe
two nays, much respect, however, be
iug paid to tha hour of eating and aleep.
Ing, though a scattering firs wa. kept
up during lha first night.
curing ton nrat day, tha Government
troopa occupied tha post at the corner
of our house, this point commanding tha
ivruaireeis; nere, too, etood our flag-
taff. At night thia guard waa with
drawn, and one afreet, which waa not
commanded by any barricade, was Im
mediately occupied by tha oronouncla.
dos. Ther were striving to raiaa their
courage to the chareinu point but Indi
an like, the poor derel. lacked the heart
to boldly face their foe. They there
fore contented themselves with apply
ing sundiy opprobrioua epithets to tha.
troops, an-1 occasionally very cautiously
poking the muzzle of a gun round tha
corner, firing and then retrettiug wita
an exulting shout. Having no appre
hensions of insult or injury under tha
protection of our flag, the doors were
simply locked .though- the bouse was
filled with balaa of merchandise and af
fects, while one window waa left opeu,
that we might watch the motions of tha
combatents. Growing weary of thia at
length, wa retired. Early on the morn
ing of the 22 wa. diacqvared Ab.e.j.jh.e,
nag nea Deen lorn and -carried off.
Knowing well the high and honorable
character which Col- Salinas bore, our
Consul, while indignant at the outrage,
could not believe that ha would author
ize or countenance such an act. While
such an occurrence is much to be regrt-
leu.yeun tniscase has been demonstra
ted lha high regard, tha almost sacra
character which attaches to our flag..
Those savagea rho violated it ia thia
instance, know not tho difference in na
tional flags. They.awaflaff.au! tore
it down as an evidence of courage.
These same "soldiers of liberty, descen
dant, of the Zapotecos, whose sweet mu
sical language they have pieserveJ, ao
kind hospitable and brave, who' haT
kept up a certain species of Republic of
their own" it tst, Anglictt band of
ihieve. too cowardly to rob boldly, com-
miiea excesses ai.gastmg to relate, eex
wa. no security, places most holy ware
uo longer aacred. A pious old lady of
sixty years, who apends most of time at
ner prayers in the Church of Jalisco.
waa seized by a band of the ruffians, and
her person violated, not ouce or twice,
but time and again.- A young girl who
refused to submit herself to their lusts,
w... hot and killed on the spot, tha
clothe, .tripped from the body, and car
ried off. In the second house from ours
were nine female., from fifteen years to
liny, who were all subjected to ineult.
aud mch waa the case ia every house
tbey entered, '
Now whilst I write ron. our servants
are filling the water jar., in preparation
loranometseige. . Last night a large
party were seen in the neighborhood, ant
aa to morrow will be Sunday (the day
tney aeiect,; we may look for then! with
some certainty. Wa hare aoma newa
ofauccor, but it it far off soma 20o
troopa are to leave Oaxca the day after
to morrow, which will be the 9ih: ther
will be aorpe Ud days on the road, to
that when they come in all probability
Salinaa will have possession of tha
place. In truth, the ueelect of tha chief
authorities, if they came tj retain pot-
: - r . i , ' - . .
ora.iuu oi me piace ana power, Das been
very culpable. It ia true they bar
written letters and orders and promlsea
innumerable, but tbey were alt charac
teristit of tha people, for whom "poco
a poco'' would be an appropriate motto,
Philadelphia Municipal Election.
The municipal election yesterday re
suited in a majority of one hundred and
fifty for lha Reform caudidatas for City
Treasurer and Commissioner, who were
supported by the Whigs and Democrats
against tha Know Nothings. Tha Select
Council will aland, nine Uemocrata eat
fifteen Know Nothings, and the Com
mon Council thirty-nine Demociata end
thirty -eight Know Nothing. '
Severe Illness of Santa Anna.
The Mexican correspondent of tha
New Orleans Bee, a la lea that Santa
Anna it ao seriously ill . that, ha it not
expected to recover, He it . Buffering
from a disease in tha head, and lie. in a
state of atupor. ; Bad new from tho
South, it ia supposed, aggravated tha
diseaaa. -
It is cempated that 30,000 converts to
Mormooism have left tha agricultural
districts of England for UtaJu 4
" , ' i -.-i ' -

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