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E. A. IMt 4 I TO.V j:dhor.
S'ABM'B, 31 If 25, 185?.
Atwtpaptr Subscription ind Advertising Agoncr
Philadelpu iAt New York, Boston ami Bal
timore, is our authorized agent lo n-reive and
receipt for subscription ami advertisement fur
tlie Democrat.
ed at the tcry highest viarket prices, on Sub
Kriptionor Advertisements, at us ojflce.
Moiuy is not refusal.
and all Blanks required under the Jus
tices' Code, for Ju&ticcs of the Peace, urtcon
statilly kept on hand and fur sule ul this Office.
For Governor,
mi . M E D 1 1 L .
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Supreme Judge,
For Auditor of Slate,
For Treasurer of Slate,
For Secretary of Slate,
For Attorney Cencrul,
For Board of Public Works,
A Word to Democrats of Vinton
about our Press.
We have of late, frequently thought
we ought to say something to the True
Democrats ot Vinton County about
our Press, in this connection every
word we say we hope will be believed
because it is the (juth.
, Two years ago we took possession
of the Democratic Press ot Vi ton,
having bought it belore that time, dur
ing the two years we have never lost a
week's issue, and never issued a half
sheet, we have endeavored to lay before
our readers the latest news, a true state
rncnt of the markets, and have at all
times adhered strictly to the principles
of the Democratic party; neither turns
ing to the right nor left after strange no
tions, nor advocating any ot the fanat
ical or bigoted isms of the day ; we
have maintained our positions with
perhaps a littleniore independence than
some persons relished, this we cannot
help as we are honest in our views of
the science ot government, and what
the wants and wishes of our people are.
as true republicans we think, we should
talk of in plain teims. We have not been
seeking popularity nor office, our only
aim is to maintain our National and
State Governments, as we received
them from our fathers, that we may
hand (hem down to our posterity un
tarnished; these objects, in connection
Willi a strict guard over the Treasuary,
and prevention of corruptions in office,
is strictly the duty of your Press. In
regard to the pecuniary affairs ot this
Press, we would say that the office
thu9 far has paid its way ; the Press
owes about $50 on paper, and about
?iqu to siotKiioiders, we having pur
chased and paid tor all but these
amounts, to meet this we have out
standing in sums of from one lo ten dol
lars, about $700; some of this we ex
pect to lose by removals and other
causes, but the most of it we expect to
collect. In addition to the above debts
of the office, we have over 200 of our
funds in the Press that we should have
engaged in other business. We feel
more convinced of the necessity of sus
taining the Democratic Press of Vin
ton at this time than ever before.
Never in the history of our country can
we find so base, mean? cowardly and
contcmptable mode of warfare resort
ed to against the true friends of equal
rights, and equal privileges, as at the
present time; we never had the strange
anomaly presented to us in this govern
ment, as men professing to be Chris
tians and Republicans meeting at their
midnight cabals and laying plot3 and
schemes to control the political actions
ot Freemen, such attempts by mid
night growling scoundrels while lions
est men are enjoying that repose intend
ed for them by their God, is an insult
to every good citizen in our State an
insult too that should be promptly re
buked. In view of these startling facts we in
all seriousness ask the Democracy ot
our county the simple question : Will
you support the Democratic Press of
your isoumy t u tne answer is yes,
then we ask that you at once set about
rendering some assistance by sending
m what is houestly due to us tor ad
vertising Bnd on subscription, this will
enable us to pay up whaj is due from
the Press, so that we may start offeven.
We cannot refrain whilst talking on this
matter, to give a statement in regard
lo the public printing of our county.
We have uone tne printing lor tne rro
bate Judge's, Auditor's and Commis
sioners offices, at iair and reasonable
prices, some reduced a little owing to
unauL-icis oi tite ueraia, which was oi
course to be expected in position, as
it was owned, ccntroled ar.d coiedlor
by Fusionists and Know Nothings,
The gentlemen holding the above ofli
ces have sustained your press when in
their power to do so. The Clerk of our
Court, who was a candidate telore the
Democratic party of Vinton, for the
office of County Treasurer last fall, but
failing tosecuro that nomination, he
was taken up and run, for . Clerk cf
Court, on the Fusion Know Nothing
ticket, and elected over a good and true
Democrat. We told him that he could
either give his county printing all to
this Press or all to the Herald, we
"wanted him to acl as he' pleased,"
we owed this much of a s.ciilice to the
Democratic party even if he should
take cfilnce at what we said, and give
all his patrori3ge to the other Press.
Ao man should hoIJ cilice in v inton,
without he is either for or against the
Democacy; we will not countenance
nor support a man who hypocritically
attempts to carry water on L-otli should
ers, it is impossible to serve God and
the Devil at the fame time, and it is
equally as absurd to suppose a man can
be a Uemocrat and oppose the party.
Our Sheriff all know has been a Whig
in days gone by, and of course he must
give his printing to the other office, we
say nothing against this as we expect
every man to act acording to his honest
convictions, in his political opinions.
We were led to this hasty glance ol
the position of our Tress from the lacl
that county papers in different counties
are suspending for want of support,
we have no cause to grumblo partic
ularly as our subscription is not des
creased but is much greater to-day than
it was when we took -charge ot the of
fice. In the past week the Herald of this
place, and the Peoples Fountain, have
both suspended, the herald informs us
for two weeks, and the Fountain for
an indefinite period of time ; the editor
says lor wantot support, this Fountain
was a professed Democratic sheet but
Neutral, and at the same time profess
ing to advocate alljthe isms of the day,
we predicted that the Fountain would
dry up, if the editor who we are told
is a very clever fellow, had hoisted the
Demoratic banner, perhaps old Meigs
would have wheeled into line long ere
this, and the Fountain still gushing
forth its streams of Democratic truths!
as lasting as the Eternal Hills. AH
traitors to Democracy are sooner or
later headed we never knew it fail.
To our friends and the Democracy
we return our sincere thanks for the
support we have received at their
hands, and we can say in all confidence
that never were the prospects of the
Democracy better in this county than
at this time, all that is required for com
plete success is a united and. harmoni
ous effort ia the coming campaign, and
never was the prospects of maintaining
our Press better than at the present.
In answer to a citizen's inquires in
this paper tve hope to hear lrom the
Council. We can only say to a citi
zen that the Council do not advertise
in the Democrat, because we have near
$100 tax to pay, for street grading and
other taxes ; besides this, we had locat
ed permanent!', and do all in our now
er for the best interests of our town and
county, round it all we ask beinc; a
living with our beighbors, but all this
is enough in all conscience to prevent
the Council lrom printing in the Dem
ocrat, and another thing, new comers
should not pretend to come in among
us and do any .business, it s presump
tious truly and shold be stoped as well
as w hisky selling in our corporation,
The last information received here
concerning a certain Know Nothing
Lecturer, who lately perambulated this
county, was received by underground
railroad, from the South, in the shape
of an advertisement from a lady of
easy virtue, offering a reward of 10
cents for information of his wherea
bouts. Wonder if some gents., in Mc
Arthur hadn't better start out Lecturing
soon? It is said by some, honors are
We call attention this week to the
advertisement of the Marietta and
Cincinnati Railroad Co., to furnish
cross ties for the road from Ilamden,
in this county, to Big Sand Creek,
about 7 miles North-east of McArthur.
This offers an excellent opportunity to
some of our citizens to make some mo
ney, and is a good indication that the
road will be pushed on vigorously to
conipemon tnrougu this county.
For the Democrat.
Mr Bratton, Sir: I wish to in
quire why it is that the Town Council
don t publish the ordinances in (he
Democat. I voted for some of them
and think if they wish their laws made
public they should advertise as much
as possible; how can I obey a law
that I never saw? Will the Council
answer for this selfishness?
Rail Road Election.
The stockholders of the Scioto and
Hocking Valley Railroad met at Ports
mould last week and elected the follow
ing Directors ;
Joseph Riggs, Geor6e Johnson, 3. A
M. Dainarin, Portsmouth; Jacob West
full, John S. Stephenson, Jackson
Thomas B. Davis, McArthur; F. Case
Logan; E. A. Spencer, and William J
Richart, Somerset.
The Directors organized as follows:
President Joseph Riggs. '
Treasurer Thomas Duoan.
Secretary J. W. Collins.
This makes an excellent board, and
one which will do all that is in Hi
power to promote the interests of the
company and complete the ruaii as 60ou
Hocking Sentinel.
"Whatsoever ye would that men
should do unto you, do ye even so
unto them."
Wherever Democratic party has
had a mcelii), or a convention, reso
lutions expressive of their views have
always been passed; while the few
Whig meetings and conventions, that
have taken place since the organiza
lion of the know Nothing party, have
refused to express any opinion' on the
issue lorcca upon the people. The
Democratic party has, even atterthe
mo-t astonishing defeats, boldly pro
claimed their abhorrence of the creed
of the new party. They have, again
and again, in every State in the Union,
avowed their determination to carry
out the doctrines of Equality and Liber
ty asserted by the fathers ot the coun
try. While Whigs fall into line and
vote with the Know Nothings, the
Democracy enter the arena and fight
against them.-
There is, certainly, something more
than a "love of spoils" required to pro
duce this harmony of sentiment aud ac
tion a motive far removed from mere
. ... - - . y ' . o
fersonal benefit, or pattisan prejudice,
t has made no difference with the Dem
ocracy, whether power was in their
own hands, or ia those of the Know
Nothing party. Whether in the min
ority or majority their sentiments have
Ueuthe same, and Mways as publicly
There is a deep and fettled principle
in the mind ol' every Democrat. lie
has a creed based upon Truth and Jus
tice from which he can never swerve.
No matter where you find him, East,
West, North, or South, he always ar
rives at a conclusion consonent with
the creed. Men have wondered why
it was that meetings in Maine.Florida,
Oregon, and Texas, held at the same
time, cume to the same conclusions.
Those who thus wonder are not Dem
ocrats. The have no idea of a politi
cal creed being as fixed and certain as
the elements of arithmetic. Yet so it
is. The very basis ot Democracy in
the Divine injunc'.iot of the "Pnnc.e
of Peace ;" " Whatsoever ve would
tlrat men should do unto you, do ye
even so unto them." The details of
the creed may be found in the writings
ot ail truly good and eminent men, and
are deducible from any pioposition, by
Ports. Inquirer.
A Few Words with K. N. Democrats.
The following correct rule of con
duct towards bolters we copy from the
Hocking Sentinel, and endorse it with
a hearty good will.
In ihis county, as in all parts of the
State, there aie some members of the
know Nothing organization, vlio hove
heretofore acted with the Democracy,
auu uio nave in. years past been will
ing to truit their fate to the hands of
the Democratic party. We know of some
in this county who have always pre
tended to be firm and steadfast Demo
crats, and who have ever been support
ed by the Democracy, and kept in office
for several years, who, wheu apnearan
ces indicated the parly that had been so
genourous wah them, would suffer a
temporary defeat have forsakea and
joined in with a Eecret midnight poloti-
cal cabel and at this time eudeatoriniz
to cut the throats of the very m?n who
have done most for them, and have rais
ed them to a high and prominent station
both in the party and in community.
For such men we have little sympa
thy, and cannot consent to give them
our support. Such persons are unfit
the support and conUdenca of the De
mocracy, and so long as they continue
in their present treacherous and treason
able course they cannot expect to receive
at the bauds of the Democracy any coun
tenance. We nave the names of a large
number of Democrats who are now con
niving with a secret enemy for the pur
pose of their defeat, and if occasion re
quires it, we feel bound to give the.ii to
the public.
We dislike to perform such a task,
but our duty as a public journalist, and
as the organ of the Democracy of this
county, requires it, aud it must be done.
We are well aware that some of them
are very indignant that the public shol'd
even think, pr any one should so much
as intimate, that they are holding prom
inent offices in that organization.- But
we have the proof to convince any man
of the truthfulness of our assertions, and
hence 6hall not be backward in doing
If they wish to again attain the posi-
ton they have heretofore occupied in the
Democratic party, and show themselves
worthy of the confidence which has
heretofors been bestowed upon them,
the proper corrse for them t pursue, is
to withdraw from the corrupt, Federal
clan with u hich they are now connec
ted, and agin prove by their acts that
they are Democratic, in prineiplt as
well as in name.
Coustebfeit. Notes In Pittsburgh
there are in circulation counterfeit
Fives on the Farmers' and Mechanics
Bank of Philadelphia. These notes are
- T ..fry r . .
euureiy uiuereni lrom tr.e genuine
notes and can easily be delected. The
appearance of the note is rough and
black, and the engravings are poorly ex
ecuted. We .give a description of the
note; "5s. Vignette Slate coat of arms
medallion head oa the left end a fe
male ou the right end genuine have
ihe w'ord. "live" in red ink across the
Steub. Union.
I lie Know JNoihings of New York
have just closed their State Convention
at Syracuse. It was a small assemblage
aud is represented as a funny affair.
borne of the members desired to pass res
olutions suited to the election iu Vir
ginia. They fourd it a ticklish business
aud said just what they protest to Know
7iollnng i I lie JNew York K. K's are
wofully in debt i is said to theamoum
of 610,000. As every where else, the
concern there H growing small by de
Glorious News!
Our Railroad Going Ahead!!
' We are greatly gratified tt being able
to aunounoe to our readers this week,
that after a temporary suspension of sev
eral mocths, the work upon the S. & 11.
V. Railroad is to be resumed immedi
ately. This will most assuredly, be
gratifying intelligence" to the people ol
. i . i . . .
iiiis couniy. .
The new board of Directors have ta
ken Lola of ih mailer in good earnest
determined to leave uo reasonably means
untried to complete the work i.i the
shortest possible time theit Grit step
being to secure an amount of money
sufficient to pay present imttbtness' and
give the contractors assurance that tiny
can hare money to work upon fur some
time to come. '' In the- mean time ' to
adopt measures to raise all 'the funds
necessary to complete the job, and we
feel authorized in saying thit it will be
done, ...
The road is already well advanced and
can iu a very short time be graded to
this place. The contractors, are indus
trious, energetic and driving men, and
if it is possible for any set of men to do
the work, they are the ones for the emer
gency, We can almost fancy that we cn el
ready hear the loud and sonorous snort
of the Mm Ilorst, pushing his way
throng our hills and drawing after him
a long train, loaded with a crowd of de
lightful passengers, and the rich products
of our prolific soil Hocking Sen-
Whigs being Rallied Under the
Know Nothing Banner Rub-
Know Nothing Banner Rub-dub-dub-rub-dub-dub!
As ihe Journal of this city has saiJ,
that it is "conceded" that A. P.Stone,
of this city, who signs the call for the
Know Nothing Convention of the 13th
of July, is not i Know Nothing, we are
.1 . IT T .1" . . ..
auinoTizca oy a iuow coming to state
that he has sat i idt by side with Nr.
Stone in a Know Nothing Lodge. "
This makes up a fair issne of fact,
and Mr Stone can answer for himself.
The Journal does, not deny that Mr.
Van Slyke, the other signer of that
call, is not a Know Nothing, as every
body here knows that he is, and he fig
ured largely in the Cincinnati proceed
ings; but that he is President of the
Washington Lodge of this city It is
not very material, but a know Nothing
informed us that he aaw him acting in
that capacity, and we are informed that
he organized one, if not more of the
township Lodges in this county. The
fact cf his being a Know Nothing is not
of course disputed, aud that is the ques
tion of real importance.
The Journal says that Charles H'etm
tlin, of Hamilton county, is a member
of this Know Nothing, Fusion State
Committee. If so, none is moreablaor
willing to answer for himself on the
principles and conduct of the Know
Nothings than Mr. Reemelin. We shall
see how those things will work,,
Statesman. More Bank Failures--Stand from
New England Bank Note Circula
tion, The Rait Koait Journal Is aupre
hensive of financial trouble, iu view of
the recent vast expansion of the New
England bank note circulation. Du
ring the last four years, it states, Rhode
Island has increased its bank note circu
lationorty pccnl.; Connecticut fifty
per cent.; Maine and Massachusetts each
sixty per cent.; Naw llamshire eighty
percent.; aud Vermont more than one
hundred per cent! The total increase of
New England bauk note circulation, du
ring the last four years, is upwards of
fifteen and a half millio ns of dollars!
Or, in other words, this four years' in
crease of the circulation of the New Eng
land banks exceeds the circulation of
all the bunks in Ohio and Indiana
"About nine millions of this increase,''
says the Journal, took place during the
past yir. And, judging from the num
ber of applications for more banks, and
the favorable legislative consideration
with which these applications hare been
met, there seems to have been a deter
ininition that this expansion shall con
tinue to go on Willi an ever increasing
ratio. The entire circulation of the
New England banks is now upwards of
forty millions, resting ou a specie basis
of only four millions!
The Entente Cordial between
Comodore McCauley and Concha,
the Cuban Tyrant.
A few days ago we made some stric
tures upon the course pucsued by Com
mou ore xucoauiey, x tie American com
mauder in the West Iudia seas, in bun
queting with Concha, the Cuban tyrant
uie in u merer ot uriiieuuen and nis crave
compatriots. We are more than ever
impressed with a sense of its improprie
ty when we read such statements as the
following from the Havana correspon
dent of the New Orleans Piiayune, who
thus writes from Cuba. He says:
"Commodore McCuuley, Captain Ea
gle, of the Princeton, Captain Stribbling
ol the ban Jacinto, and Mr. Mnbblin"
Commodore's Secretary, dined with Ueii-
erol Concha one afternoon last week;
ou puin jjouuie, oi uie nnusli war
steamer Buzzard, the.. Spanish Admiral
and the Captain of the Port, were also
present, Military bauds performed iu
the palace-yard during the afternoon
aud the dinner is understood to have
been a very recherche affair. The Span
iards now crow over the citizens of the
United States here, saying, a dinner and
bottle of chhampagne, given' to the ofii
cers who may be sent here frdin the Uni
ted Slates, will be considered as. am
pie atonement for any insult offered to
the United States flag, or injur to thei
Cin. Enq.
We fully agree with the Enquirer.
The news of torn. McCauley feasting
with Concha? instead of demanding sal
isUcuon, has taken the couulrr by sur
If this is true, we don't care if the
devil had McCauley and Concha, that
they might take a long dinner together.
, A fire occured in Daylou on Tuesday
morning. Two or three buildings of lit
tle value were destroyed, and a fight
took place among the firemen, in which
young man named Win. Richards was
struck on the jead 'nth a boulder, and
killed. ' li is not known who cast the
Later From Europe.
Seige to be Abandoned.
Attempt to Assassinate Louis Napoleon.
NEW YORK, May 18.
The Biltic arrived, brinin 1G0 pas
sengers: Raglan admits that the bombardment
had not produced the lesull looked for.
The list of calamities to the Allies is
uol heavy.
The general impression in England is
that the seige will be abandoned for the
present, and the whole of Kanneschsnd
Balaklava fell to the defence of a few
corps, while the main portion of the Al
lies will try to penetrate the interior,
aud cut oft' supplies from Sebaslopol,
and then completely . invest the town.
Napoleon narrowly escaped assassina
tion ou the evening of the 2Sih. An
Italion fireii two pislolsathim while ri
ding on horseback. Personal revenge
was said to be the object.
Nothing occurred in the seige to war
rant an opinion as to the result. The
boubardinent was much slacked, and had
not produced the result anticipated.
The position of the allies was regarded
as critical, notwithstanding the advan
tage gamed. The firing slackened on
the 2btli, iu order not to exhaust the
An immense Russian force was re
ported us concentrating near Sebastopol
said to be 100,000 strung. Daily tele
graphic -communications are received
lrom the Crimea. The . Government is
cautious with the news.
Russian official accounts to the 24th,
represent the damage sustained as of
little account and actively repaired,
whilst the skirmishes arc generally sue
The loss sustained by the garrison
from the Uih to the 15th, was'7 subal
terns and 436 men killed: G superior and
31 subaltern officers aud 1S99 men
wounded. .
The English captured the first Rus
sian rifle pit on the night of the 17th,
fter a desperate encounter. Col. Gra
ham Edgarlon, held officer in command
was killed.
On the 20lh, an attack was made on
the 2d Russinti ride pit, which was al
most immediately abandoned.
According to the statement of the
Polish deserters, there are 100,000 Rus
sians in the vicinity of Sebastopol.
1 be lorts on tlie north side of the
Harbor have taken part in the cannon
ade, their gnus carrying shots clear into
the lines ol the Allies. The Telegraph
from London to the Crimea is perfect,
except a smull portion across the Dan
ube. Dispatches reach the British Gov
ernment every few hours. News is not
generally communicated to the public
although nightly questions ire asked in
Parliament. The ministers declared
they should exercise due discretion in
the publication of nevs, Lord John
Russell re appeared in his seat in Par
liament, lie intimated that the proto
cols would he submitted to parliament.
1 be latest dispatch says a shaip en
gagement took place on the night of the
tirst of May on the front and left attack.
the whole of the Russian rifle pits Uk.
en, and eight lighi mortars and two
hundred prisoners captured. Tho whole
affair was brilliant for the Allies.
Sedastopol, May 4. On Wednesdav
night the French, unuer Gen. Pelisser,
attacked the advanced works of the qua
rantine bastions, and carried them at the
point of the buyonet, taking 12 mortars.
and establishing themselves in position.
me tollowing night the Russians made
a sortie to regain the position, and after
sanguinary .encounter - were driven
The insurrection in Ukraine. Russia.
extended to three other Governments.
Twenty landed proprietors, with their
wives and families, had been destroyed-
ot. 1 eterhiiurq. livery article of
consumption is at famine prices.
Aletals experienced the createsl de
cline owing to. diminished demand for
iron from the United States.
A strong feeling against the Ministry
is mauilestt j, and indignation meetings
regarding the conduct of the war ha ve
been held at various places.
By Last Night's Mail.
The news from Europe, brought by the
papers last night is only an enlargement
on the various topics reported by tel
egraph. The letter writers predict u raising of
the seige of Sebastopol. The allied ar
my is said to be in a critical coiiJiton,
aud no hope is entertained of the speedy
capture ol the beleaguered city.
ihe letter writers soy that the posi
Won of the Al lies is so uncertain that
the papers hereafter may head their in
telligence from the beat of war, " The
Allies not yet taken" instead of 'Sebas
topol not yet taken."
The escape of Louis Napoleon In the
attempted assassination by Piauori, was
very narrow. The Emperor was great
ly congratulated. The affair produced
gieat sensation in England.
Other items of intelligence a'6 unimportant.
The St. Clairsville Gazette, after having
stated that a few cases of cholera occurred
within a few days past in the v icinity of J.a
cobsburg, Belmont county, O., and that a son
of Mr. Abraham Ramsay, and a Mr. Smith
and wife had died therefrom, says:
"It is rumored that Cholera has appeared
in Wheeling. Several deaths are said to have
It is surprising that friend Grrssinger, dis
tant but a few hours from Wheeling, should
be so easily led astray (either to his own in
jury or that of our city,) in giving publicity
lo an old woman's tale, promulgated by in
terested hucksters, and as lalse as those which
were early last season put forth as lacts, thro'
the medium of the country pupcrs ou the west
ern 6iue of the Ohio.
Now we assert most positively, and upou
authority of the Board of Health, that not a
single case of cholera has occurred in Wheel
ing during the present season, and that but
one has been seen, and tiat one was the car
penter of the steamer "Empire City," who
became sick near lii)cu5nalj, and was rapid
ly convalescing when the boat passed this
point bound lor Pills burg, some tt'n days
fciuce. -Wheeling Area s.
CHOLERA! Spirit Rappings for Whigs.
CHOLERA! Spirit Rappings for Whigs. Religious Freedom--Daniel Webster
CHOLERA! Spirit Rappings for Whigs. Religious Freedom--Daniel Webster Against Know--Nothingism
CHOLERA! Spirit Rappings for Whigs. Religious Freedom--Daniel Webster Against Know--Nothingism A Letter to be Circulated.
The following extract Jrom a . noble
letter of Dtniel Webster we do not re
member ever Iivih seen published be
fore. Like everything that ever. f'msrP,
ated from his mighty intellect, it is
and eiplicit.. It bietthe the true Amer
ican spirit upon the tophic lo which it
relates, and indicates that where Dsn
it I Webster living now, he wouU regard
Know-Noihingisin as a most- pernicious
poliiiral herersy. Every DmocrstiC
paper in Ihe United States ought to pub
lish the following eloquent remarks of
the great statesman of Marshfield..
What a keen rebuke it is to the present
Legislature of Massachusetts which has
realized Mr. Webster's prophetic fear,
by 'overlooking the great distinction, to
which he pointedly culled attention!
'It seems lo be the American deslinv
the mission which has been intrusted to
us here on this shore of the Atlantic,
the great conception and the great duty
If which we are born, to show that all
sects, and til denominations, profe' -:ig
reverence for the authority of the Au
thor of our being, and belief in Ilia rev
elations, may be safely tolerated with
out ptejudice either to our religion or
our liberties.
We art Protestants generally apeak'
ing; but you all know that there pre'
sides at the head of the Supreme Judic.
aturt of the United States a Roman
Catholic; and no man, I suppose, thro'
the whole United Slaten, immaginea that
the Judicature is less soft that the ad
ministration ot public justice ia less
respectable or less secure, because the
Chief Justice of the United States has
been and is a firm adherent of that re
ligion. And so it is in every depart-
ment of society among us,
'ia both houses of Congross, in all
public offiecs. we proceed on the idea
that a man's religious belief is a matter
above human law; that it is a question
be settled between him end his Ma
ker, because he is responsible to none
but his Maker for adopting or rejectin"
revealed truth,
"And here is the great distinction
which is sometimes oveiltfoked, iu New
England; the glorious inheritance of the
sous of the Pilgrims.
"Men, for their, religious sentiments.
are accountable to God, and to God
CHOLERA! Spirit Rappings for Whigs. Religious Freedom--Daniel Webster Against Know--Nothingism A Letter to be Circulated. "DANIEL WEBSTER."
A Wakino to Fobeios Protestasts.
The Know Nothings In this vicinitv.
since eur election, have been endeavoring
pun me wool over tne eyes of foreign
Protestauls, by assurances that there
was -no intention 1o deprive them of any
their political rights. An authori:ie
exposition of the Know Nothing creed
has lately been made by its committee
in Pp'ludelphia. Read it, foreign Pro
testants, and then cut it out and put it
in you i vest pocket, for the purpose of
refuting the scoundrels who would de.
ceive you. Here is what the aforesaid
Know Nothing committe says :
"It is not the object of this commu
nication to enter into any exposition of
the principles of the Know Nothing
paity. Its cardinul deaire is to place the
government m me hunds of native born
cuaens, lo the exclusion of oil foreign
ers from Oilier, whether n
w -v m - - - vHaisvukva wj
The -cardinal design'' con onlv ba
carried out by a null-firm inn nf Ilia
On tlie 19lh inst,, by Rev. J. II. Hopkins-.
ltcv, J. VV. Alderman, of the Ohio Confer-
ence, to Miss Aoaline Wilson, of Lee,
Athens county, Ohio.
Commit lee .appointed by the Shareholders in
this bffutr, to distribute the 100,000 Gifts
amongst the ticket holders, have deferred the
uismouuoii until tne Dili or July, on account
of there remaining unsold some few thou
sands of tickets. Mr. Perham, everanxious
to met the views of his patrons, offers extra,
ordinary inducements to Agents to engage io
the sale of the remaining tickets, so that'there
may be no more delays, which are unques
uouably as vexatious to him as to those who
have purchased tickets iu his enterprise. We
commend the reading ol his advertisement to.
our patrons, and hope that each and all will
loml a helping hand to bring the matter to an
early and satisfactory consummation.
1O.C0O lbs ol Wool Wanted.
1W1S1I to buy all the wool lean get, and
w ill pay the highest market prices.
may no, o.. nj
Marietta & Cincinnati
PROPOSALS will be received at the
Engineer's Office in Hamden, "Vinton,
County, until 12 M., Monday the 4th day of
June next, for furnishing and delivering 33.000
cross ties, on that potion, of the Manet ta &
Cincinnati Railroad between Hamden, Vin
ton County, and the crossing of Big Sand
Creek, about 13 miles. The whole number,
to bo delivered by tho lust day of September
next. Specifications will be found in the Engine
ecr's office at Hamden, and in hand-bills,
copies of which will be sent to bidders on,
application at Hamden or Chillicothe.
The ties must be delivered on the different
sections of the road at such points as shall be
directed by the Engineer in charge of the
work, in quantities equal to 2100 ties for
each mite of road, uuluss otherwise directed.
Proposals for all or any part of the above,
specifying tne number and point of deliver),'
will be received.
Payments of 80 per cent ol the value of the.
ties delivered as p r the estimate oltheEu-.
gineer. will be made as the work advances.
Contractors proposing to take in part pay.
the stock or Bonds of the Company, other ,
things being equal, will have a preference.
N. L. WILSON, President,
S. MEDBERY, Chief Engineer
may 25, 53 2w.J .
NOTICE is hereby given, that Richard;
Urooks, executor of the lust Will and"
Testament of Luther Cotton, lute of tlie.
county of Vinton, deceased ; has filed his ac
counts and vouches in the Probate Court of
ssidcoun'r, lor inspection and final settle
ment, and that the same will be passed upon
by said Court ou the 13th day ol Juue.A.D.
IS-55. . s
D. P. HEWITT. Pro. hur, V. C;.!
may 2", l5jj. 3w. ' ,

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