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April 23 At Keokuk, Iowa, or cholera,
Mat Fletchei Powfll, wife of ChirlesM.
Powell, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and daught
er of Rev. Abraham Carllich. of the Ohio
Sister Powell was born November 2, 1833;
uibraced religion, and joined the Church, at
Barlow, Ohio, in the spring of ISM; was
married April 10th, and left home the same
day for her new home in the west. She wag
aUetked with 'lie cholera on the boat, on the
way up from St. Louis; reached Keokuk on
the morning of the 23d, and died at the Ivan's
none, in mat city, at six o'clock, P. M., of
that flay, ner menus rind much to comfort
ihern, in the midst of the deep sorrow thai
this dispensation of divine Fmvidence brings
to their hearts, in the knowledge that, though
it has taken thf in by surprise, it was not so
withhci. A few days before she left home
she remarked to tier mother that she had been
arouEeu several nines, during me previous
night, with the impression that some voice
was calling to ner,"i'repure to meet thy God!"
mid then coulesed tint she felt much less
personal interest in spiritual thincs than for.
inerly, and that this must be especial rail to
increased devotedness to God and his holy
service; end from her husband's letter to her
father 1 can not doubt that she heeded it. On
her journey she was unusually serious, and
spoke of her declension in religion with much
feeling, and upon the fust invasion of disease
she called for her Bible, reviewed its gracious
promises, pleaded ihem at the throne of erace.
and rested not till, in triumph, she passed off
id giory.wnicii was siijnaiizeu to ner surroun
dine friends by her expressive gestures, her
lifted eves and hands, ud herexclamation of
Glory to God! She is not lost ; but gone
Jlere'i Hie Place la Get Your Money Duck!
r'l'MIE subscribel will offer for sale, on
commencing at 9 o'cloc k, A. M., at his Shop,
one door East ol J, S. Hawk's Store, Mc Ar
thur, Ohio, a large lot of Saddles, Bridles,
Harness and Collurs; also, Sidesaddles, Bug
iiv Harness, Hiilf-Tug Harness; together with
lot oi Buck Bands, Hiding Bridles, Lines,.
CONDITIONS. Three months crediton all
sums over $5,00 the purchaser giving his
note, with approved security,
June l,'55.tf ' 0. SAY LOR.
JOTICE is hereby given, fliat Louisa
X 1 Miutiz, Uiiaramn ol Henrietta Miurtz,
has filed, in the Probate Court of Viiuon
County, Iter accounts, and vouchers, as such
Guardian, lor infl ection and final settlement;
and that the same w ill be passed upon by said
court, on the z&i day ol June, A. D.. iBOD.
June 1,'55 3vv. B. P. HEWITT,
Prolate Judge V. C, 0.
ALL persons are hereby forbidden from
purchasing oi trading' for a certain Note,
executed by the undersigned, payable to Den
nis Wilson, or order, for the sum of Twentv
Five Dollars, dated the 25th day of May, A.
D., 1850 due one year alter dale as said
JSote was obtained fraudulently and without
awn.ideratiou, aud ividnot be paid by us.
Juni) 1st, 1855. lw,
10,000 1114 ol Wool Wanted.
WISH to buy all the wool I can get, and
will phv the iikhest uiurl.et ixirvs.
(may 25, '05 u K, A BRATTON.
Committee appointed by the Shireholdeis in
this affair, to distribute the. 10U.00W GiUs
amongst the ticket holiiers, hive deferred the
distribution until the Sth of July, on account
of there, remaining unsold some few thou
sands of ticket?. Mr. lVrliiim, everunxious
to inset the views of his patrons, offers extra
ordinary inducements to Agents to engage in
the sale of the remaining tickets, so that there
may be ho more delays, which era unques
tionably as vexutious to him as to those who
have purchased tickets in his enterprise. We
commend the reading ol Ins advertisement to
uur patrons, and hope that each und nil w ill
lenil n helping hand to bring the matter to an
early and satisfactory consummation.
McArthur, June 1.
Apples, D..
Duttei per lb..
Smoked limns,-
" Shoulders,-
12 ! Leather,-
... 8
10 Lard per lb.-
9 ; Molasses prcal. 50
9; Nails, 3d to
lUd, OalV
Brooms, 30 Outs
. 4.00
Tiean, W...
Best Coffee,-
Kpgs pel doz
Flour pe f hun.
Flour .per bid
Flax Seed
Fish. White,..
" Mackerel,.'
2.00 Potatoes. Irish.
10 TVacre3, D.,-
20 Pork prewt
1-VSugar N. 0.,
COf. Loaf,.
()5 Crushed.
SlSall, per bbl 3,50
4.50: Table, pr Sack, -S7
9,00 i Soap per lb 3a5
...75:Teus, V. II. 75
- --40 1 " Imperial 6100
fe.Tallow. 12
e10i Wheat per bu. 1,50
.... 4lWoolpcrlb....20u50
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
uth, June 1, 1855.
" Loaf U
" Crushed-. 10
Apples, Dried. :75
Brooms prdoz f2300
Bacon Hams per lb. .1
Salt, Kanawha, bu. 55
" Shoulder 10
Teas, loose & in packs.
" Y. II., lb. 45al0
" linpcr'l,. 75
" Gunn'wder 55
fobacco M&.K. cav.25
Beans, V. per bu. 1,75
Candles, mould" 15
" Star 24
Cotton Yarns-". 1&
Cheese, W. R. lb. 10a II
Coffee, Rio 12ul2j
Cloverseel,. 6 01
Flour pi bbl-..-69 ,75
" a. cav... 20a45
Oil, Lard prgal.
Uil.Linscca " ..,
Outs pr, bu.
Feathers pr lb.. 40
Potatoes, Irish..
Flaxseed, pr bu. 1.00 Saleratuspr lb
Fish, Cod ur lb
Tallow pi lb.
" Mackerel 12u2l
lar pr bbl.
Lard pr lb.
Timothy seed, 83a325
Molaes. N. O. gal. 35
S. II. " 40
" G.S. " 50
heat pr bu..... 1,25
ninskey, Common 3o
" Mou'liitla. 5o
" Rye, .... Gq
Nails, .-10 to 8d fc-13
Sugar N. O..... 5ia6
J. K. ih. WILL,
Ac., At., At ,
Main Street, MeArlhiir, Ohii.
mavlS, '55.lv.
JOB V OUK. i I i teiy i!p( rinlioii neilt
ti:u t, at lln U'lir.e. '
Opposite the McArthur House,
RETURN their sincere thanks to their
numerous friends and customers, for
the very liberal patronage extended to them
in the past season, and take pleasure in an
nouncing that they are now receiving at their
Boot and Shoe Depot the largest and best se
lected Stock of
Hoots &. Shoes
Ever brought to McArthur: consisting Tffll
tn part of 6
latrM I LtMtlNS BOOT8 & SHOE8,
Gents.Buckskin Gaiters Gtnls.CoiigressGait
eis.Gents Fancy Shoes.Gents Oxford Pumps,
Genu Enameled Nulifiers. Gents Ename'.ed
Congress Gaiters, Gents Patent Leather Kid
Top Prince Albert's, Uents Patent Leather,
Drab Cloth. Kid top, Prince Albert's; Gents
Jersey Buckskin Shoes, Gents Opera Slippers;
together with every variety of Fine and
Coarse calfskin, Kip and Murocco Boots and
Shoes. Also, Ladies Boors and Shoes;
Ladies Buskin Guiter Boots, Ladies enamel
ed Jenny Lind's R. R., Ladies Morocco Jen
v? Lind's R. R., Ladies' Congress Gaiters,
Ladies Fancy Jenny Lind Shoes, Ladies' en
amelled Milrnr-rn Khrvoa I ,!: lf:..i -
t ancy Shoes Ladies' Fancy Top Boots, La-
dies' Fancv Burkina. hrnnvpH in..p 1 .,ii.
Blue Gaits, Ladies Colored Sander's Gaiters.
Also: Misses Boots and Shoes, Misses Kid
Boots and Gaiters, Misses Fancy colored
Gaiters, Misbes enameled Fancy Boots; also,
Childrens Boots and Shoes, Childrens' calf,
peged. Shoes, Childrens' Fancy shoes. Chil
drens' Fancy Gaiters, and every other variety
of Ladies', misses' and childrens' wear, Fine
lnd Coarse.
We have any number of Workmen en
gaged, that is necessary, and aie prepared to
bit orders at the shortest notice.
K3All of our Goods will be sold it pri
ces that will give satisfaction. Call and ex
amine for yourselves-
School liooks.
SPELLERS, First. Second, Third Fourth
and Fifth Readers. The Ileman's Young
Ladies Readers.
Pineo's Primary Grammcr,
" Analytical
" English Teacher,
Ray's Areihmatic, Parts First. Second and
J'""'. Ka,v's Algebra, Parts First and Second.
MtGufley g Elevtic Primers.
The Elementary Seller.
Webster's school Dictionary.
Mitchel's Primary Geography.
Mitchel'g large school Geography, latest
Copy Books, Slates, Pencels and all kinds
of stationary for schools, for saleu
fjf OULD leg have to announce to his
T ? numerous customers and the public
generally, that he is now in receipt of his
Spring und Summer UootN at his
store in the west part of his new block, on
Water Street, Chill icotlie. From the long
experience he has had in business, and the lib
er n I natronage heretofore extended to him,
which has enabled him to purchase goods for
cash only, he flutters himself that he cun r-11
hisgnodsat louer prices than he has ever
done before , and is confident that he can com
pete with any honest dealer west of the moun
tains. His furnishing goods are complete,
and can fit out a customer to every urtiele
required. His clothing department, cannot
be excelled, as to neatness of fit. durability
of wear and strength of sewing. His goods
are selected by himself from the best European
and American manufactories, with gteutcure
and attention and warranted all sound.
These goods he w ill sell at ten per :ent
lower than any other man in the city of Chil
licotlm. Cull and lee lor yourselves, and De
convinced by ocular demonstration.
P. S. lie would also bog leave to announce
to the citizens of Chillicothe, Monroe, Lees
burgh, Lexington, Martinsville and adjoin
ing towns, that he has a regular line of boats
running to the coal mines, and that he is
ready to contract lor good Hocking serene
coal at market prices, and that he will deliv
er coal to any of the above stations on the
Ilnilroad by sending their orders by mail.
He will also have a supply of Jackson and
New Castle coal for Blacksmiihing purpotes
always on hand. may 11 '55 3mu.
J. K. & D. WILL
fpAKE pleasure in announcing to their
X friends, and the public generally, that
they are just opening a large assortment of
Summer Goods of evprv vnriptv cuiio.l in
wants of this section nf roiii'itrv in ),i,.lJ
uiey especially invue uie attention ol purch
asers, as thy leel confident they can give
the best satisfaction with regard to price and
quality. &c. mayl8,3vl
HAS now an assortment of Wall Taper,
Borders, Window Curtains, and Fire
Screens, that can hardlv be surpassed in the
West. Prices low. No. I Union Block,
mayl8,-55. Chillicothe, Ohio.
HAVING a large Stock of Day Books,
Journals and Tiluerc mu.U nl .....I
lent paper and bound well in sheep, with
morocco or jvussian oaiids. 1 will sell them
for a few months at P
lhose in want of Blank Bo ka and who
buy for use or to sell again can have barguina
Ihtlt Kill aattifv thtmrtrlvr and
This is saying a good deal ; 1 mean what i
5ay- t J. K. VVHUTEMORE.
No. I, Union Block, Second st,
Chillicothe, Ohio. mayl8,'55
OF every description furnished at short or
ders and fair nrices. A lniw ennntv ni
Paints and Brushes for Portrait Landscape
Painters, Toy Paints and Best Water Colors
on nami. J. k. w HUTlimOKK,
may 1 8,'55. Seco nd si., Chill icothe, O.
lYcw Books,
AND other Goods in his line of Business
are received bv Express almost every
week from Boston, New York, and the Cities
of the West, by J. R. WHITTEMORE,
may 18, '55. Second St., Chillicothe, 0.
NOTICfi is hereby given, that Richard
Brooks, executor of the last Will and
Testament of Luther Cotton, late of the
countv of Vinton, dprvacp.l . hno nu i i.;
counts end vouches in the Probate Court of
satucoiiii'y, lor inspection and final settle
ment, ami that the same will be passed upon
by said Court on the 13lli day of June, A. D
B. P. HEWITT. Pro. Judge, V. Co.
mnr't, lM.-'3w.
V7tt7Z?: Monday, June 4th.ti
.'vvT--v '.-TitM . ty.ii.. I ... KA..t
Coaches will run regularly between McAr
thur and Byer's Station; as follows :
Leave McArthur at 5 o'clock, A. M.. pas
sing through HamdenGi, arrive at Byer's at
9 A. M.
Returning, leave Byers' at 5. P. M.. Das-
sing through Hamden 6J, P. M.; arrive at
McArthur at8, P. M,; connecting with the
Marietta & Cincinnati R. R., to and from
A Daily Coach will leave McArthur every
morningfor .ilbany.Pomeroy, Athens, Hock
ing Port. Parkersburg and Marietta.
June lst,'55.tf. H.T. HOYT.
Marietta & Cincinnati
PROPOSALS will be received at the
Engineer's Office in Hamden, Vinton
County, until 13 M., Monday the 4th day of
June next, for furnishing and delivering33000
cross tics, on that potion of the Marietta &
Cincinnati Railroad between Hamden, Vin
ton County, and the crossing of Big Sand
Creek, about 15 miles. The whole number
to be delivered by tho first day of September
Specifications will be found in the Engin
eer's office at Hamden, and in hand bills,
copies of which will be sent to bidders on
application at Hamden or Chillicothe.
The ties must be delivered on the different
sections of the road at such points as shill be
directed by the Engineer in charge of the
work, in quantities equal to 2100 ties for
each mile of road, unless otherwise directed.
Proposals for all or any part of the above,
specifying trie number and point of deliver),
will be received.
Payments of60 per cent ol the value of the
ties delivered as per the estimate ol the En
gineer, will be made as the work advances.
Contractors proposing to take in part py
the stock or Bonds of the Company, other
things being equal, will haves preference,
N.L. WILSON, President,
S. MEDBERY, Chief Engineer.
may 25, '55 2w.J
RAILROAD. Marietta & Cincinnati R. R.
ON Monday, April 30, and thereafter regu
larly, a Passenger and Freight Train w ill
run daily (Sundays excepted) between Chil
licothe andRaysville (20 miles East) as fol
lows: Leave Chillicothe tt 3;30 P. M., on airi
val ol Train from Cincinna'i.
Arrive at Raysville at 5 p. m.
Leave Kaysville at 9 A. M.
Arrive at Chillicothe at 10:30 a. m., in
tima for Train to Cincinnati.
The Train will stop regularly it London
derry Station, and, on signal or notice to the
Conductor, will slop, to take on or let off pas
sengers, at the crossing of the Richmond and
C'lillicothe road, and at Charleston road croi
sing, near Simmons'.
Passengers leaving Raysville Bt 0 A. M.,
spend an hour at Chillicothe, and reajh Cin
cinnati at 5:10 p. m.
Fare between Raysville and Cincinnati, 63,50
do. do. do. do. Chillicothe, f)0
Freight, to be delivered at points on the
road where tlie Railroad company has not
Freight Agents, must be prepaid; and all ar
ticles will beat the risk of the owners, at the
Stations where Depot buildings and Agencies
have not been established, from the time they
are delivered as directed or marked, or until
tuken on the cars, as the case may be.
Aprn27, '55.tf.
Marietta & Cincinnati R. R.
"HVU i-iaily Trains between Chiilicotlifc
JL mid Cincinnati. Leaves Chillicothe at
6 o'clock . Ill flll.l rpnch P.iiu-Snnnli nl II
o'clock, a. m. Leaves Chillicothe at 1 1 J o'
clock, a. m., and reaches Cincinnati at 5 : 40
P. M.
Returning, leaves Cincinnati at 9 o'clock
a. in., and reach Chillicothe at 3 :25 P, M.
Leaves Cincinnati at 3:20 P.M. end reach
Chillicothe at 8:2; P. M.
April 6, 1655. tf. Superintend f.nt.
Scioto and H. V. Railroad.
On, and after Tuesday, August 1th. 1854
Trains will. run as follows to-uit:
Train No. 1 will leave Portsmouth at 9 o'
clock A. M. and arrive at Jackson at 12 o'clock
M. Returning leave Jaeksou at 2 o'clock P.
M. and arrive at Portsmouth at 6 o'clock P.
Trains No. 2 leave Jackson at 71 o'clocK A.
M. and arrive at Portsmouth at 11 o'clock A.
M. Returninj; leave Portsmouth at 21 P. M.
and arrive at Jackson at 6 o'clock P. M.
J. W; WEBB, Superintendent.
May 554. tf. Ic251.
John Robbins'! in Vinton county Com.
vs. 1 Pleas, March Term,
Margaret Var- J855.
ner and'others, j Pabtitios.
ftflARGARET VARNER, Margaret
Iff Lane, intermarried with Horrace
Lane, Levi A. Parish, Ijaac Parish, Jemi
ma Trump, intermarried with Jacob
Trump, Cynthia Augenbaugh, intermar
ried with . Augenbaugh, Anna
House, intermarried with George House,
and Strphen Parish, whose places of res
idence are unknown, and Sarah Varner,
of Muskingum county, Ohio, will take
notice that a petition was filed against
them on the 23dday of August, A. D.,
1854. in ihe Colm of Common Pleas ol
said Viuton county, Ohio, by John Rob
bins, and is now pending, wherein said
John Robbins demands partition of the
following Real Estale, situated in said
Vinton county, to wit: The uorth easl
quarter and the north east quarter of the
north- west quarter of Section 26, Tow n
ship eleven, Range seventeen, excepting
seventeen acres on the north side of said
north east quarter, a id excepting, also,
one sixteenth of an acre of said land,
used as a buiyiug ground for Samuel Var
ner, deceased, and his family, contain
ing one huudred and eighty-three acres,
more or less. And that at the next term
of Slid Court application will be made
by said John Robbins fur in order that
partition be made of said premises.
Apr. 20, 1655. 6w. hi Attoriuu.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the under
signed has been duly aptiointed and
qualified m executor nf the last Will and Tes
tament of William Sinclair; latecf Viuton
county, Ohio, deceased,
Court of Common Picas Vinton Csunty, Ohio."
jona wrd, riaiuliH.I
Richsrd S. Van Wsy i Civil Action.
Catharine Van Wey, J
ueiendants. J
HE said defendants who reside In the
county of Panola and Slate of Tvi
s, are herebr notified that the nUintifT
John Lord, on the 12th dsyof April A.
D. 1855, filed hi petition against them
in the Court of Common Pleas, of said
county of Vinton, the object and prayer
M which is to comae! ths iail Hdnr1.
ants to convey to the plaintiff all their
right, title and claim, bv virtua of tR
heirship of the said Catharine to tht
esiaie oi xvatiion Lord, deceased, in the
following premises, situate in the coun
ty of Vinton and State of Ohio, and
described as follows, to wit: Being a
part of tha west Dirt of the south
quarter of Section twenty-tight, Town-
nip eleven, of range seventeen, and
being ill the land contained in the west
part of Slid quarter, section designated
aud mtrked is belonging to John Lord
upon I Dial and lurvev mad hi Samnvl
B. Pruden. formerly Survevorof Athenn
county, Ohio, dated February 6th, 1834,
except eignty acres theretofore convey
ed by Nathan Lord, deceased, to John
Lord; containing fifty-two- (52) acres,
more or less, or that in default of said
delendants couvevine their interest anil
estate in said premises to the plaintiff
oy a short day :o be named by said Court
then that the Record in this cause nut
rite is such conveince in the hands .if
:nn piaintitl, his heirs and assigns. The
plain till demands a conveyance from
defendants as aforesaid, bv virtue of a
certain bond, executed by said Nathan
Lord in his liletiine, Tor the conveyance
of the iloresaid premises to the Dlain-
tiff, for a taluabls consideration then
paid by ' the plaintiff to laid Nathan
Lord, since deceased.
The defendants are further' notified
that they ire required to answer to said
petition on or before the 9th diy of June,
loa. H. F. BI3GHAM,
P'13 6w Att'y for PIVff.
'Hie Mule ul lino, V intoa County.
Alexander Vandeiford")
and wife, J . .
vs. f P'titioo.
Rebecca Dixon, et al. J
TH E defendants, Rebecca Dixon,
daughter of Joseph Dixon, deceased,
Jane Dixon, William Dixon, Jacob Dix
on, Ruth Dixon, Joseph Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Margaret Dixon.Emily Ann Dix
on, minor heirs of Joseph Dixon, dee'd;
John vv, uraves ind Nancy Graves, mi
nor heirs of William Graves, deceased,
Eleanor Graves, widow of William
Graves, deceased, and Rebecca Dixon,
w idow of Joseph Dixon, deceased, all
of the county of Vinton ind State of
Ohio, will take notice, that on the 24th
day of March, A. D., 1S55, the said
Alexander Vanderford and Nancy Van
derford, filed their petition in the Court
of Common Pleas of Vinton coun;y,
aforesaid, w here the same is now pend
ing, demanding partition of the follow
ing premises, situate in said county, tn
wit: The west half oi the north-east
'quarter of Section fifteen; the north
last quarter of the north-west quarter
of Section fifteen; the south west quat
lerof the north-west quarter of Section
fifteen; the south-east quarter of the
north-west quarter of Section fifteen.
the east half of the north-east quarter
of Section fifteen; the north-east quar
ter of the north east quarter of Section
twenty-two; the south-east quarter of
the south-west quarter of Section ten;
the north-west quarter of the south east
quarter of Section ten; the north west
quarter of the south west quarter of Sec
tion ten; the north east quarter of the
south west quarter of Section ten, and
part of the south west quirter of the
south st quarter of Section ten. be
ginning at a stone it the south west
corner of said quarter! thence running
north sixteen pules and ten feet to t
stone on the western line of said quar
ter; thence starling at the aforesaid
stone, corner of si id quarter, running
east twenty-one rods and four feet, to a
stone on the southern line of said quar
ter, thence on a straight line across the
corner of said quarter, to the same stone,
on the western line north of the corner
stone, sixteen poles and ten feet. All
of said tracts of land lying and being
in Township nine (9), lid Range nine
teen (19.) of said county, and being in
all about four hundred and eighty-two
acres and 47-100 of an acre, more orjess.
The said petitioners demand that par
tition be made of said premises as fol
lows: To said petitioners, Eleanor
Graves, and the said minor heirs of Jo
seph Dixon, deceased, each one equal
fourteenth. To the said minor heirs of
William Graves, deceared, each three
equal twenty-eighth parts; to Rebecca
Dixon, widow of Joeph Dixou, deceased,
dower in the whole, and to Eleanor
Graves dower in three equal undivided
fourteenth parts of said premises. And
said defendants ire furjher notified that
at the next term of said Court an appli
cation will be nude by the said peti
tioners foi an order that partition may
be made, &c, of said premises, and for
all other orders necessary and proper in
the case. E. F. BINGHAM,
Att'y lor Deinandents.
April 13, "55. 6w. '
Johu VV inters, Plain-"1
tiff, I
against I Civil Action.
Lucindi Miller, ind
others. Defendants. I
THE unknown heirs of James Miller,
deceased, are hereby notified that
the said John Winters, on the first day
of February. 1S5D, filed his petition
against them and others, in the Court ol
Common Pleas of said county of Vinton;
the objct and prayer of w hich, is to
correct a mistake in the description o'
the following prrmises.tr.w'n: The south
west quarter of Section thirty(30),Towii.
ship eleves (II), Range neveuteen (17),
in said couiiiv nf Vminn in .10,1
cuted by said James Miller, deceased,
and wile, Luanda Miller, to said John
Winters, on the 1 6i h day ol Aligns'.,
1843; said mistake consisting in the
substitution in'the above description ol
the north west quarter for the toulh
west quarter of said Section, and the
said uuknown heiis of sai l Jimes Mil
ler, deceased, ire further notified that
they are reuuired to answer said nrti-
.lionon or before the 9th day of Jone,
a. u. iea. e. F. BINGHAM,
April 13,55. Gw. Att'y for PIVff.
II AVE just received their extensive FALL STOCK, consisting of ill the latest styles and)
fashions, Our stock havinzbeeil purchased direct from thn manufacturers', nincinall
for cash, w ith great care in the selection of quality and sizes adopted to Hie Western trade, we
are enabled to offer superior inducements this Fail, and are determined not to be undersold
by any regular house either in rew York. Philadelphia or Baltimore.
in addition to our extensive stock of Boots and Shes will be found t larce and well Klec
ted stock of IUT8 AND CAPS. '
Suitable for the Fall ind Winter Trade. Merchant and Furnace Owners visiting lit cirf ,
re invited to call and examine for themselves.
We are now manufacturin a superior article of Ladies'and Misses Giitera Rn.VJr.a nA
Slippers? Having procured some of the best
ply ihose who w ant custom work.
ONE THOUSAND lbs. Red Sole Leather. 12.00 lbs. No. I 'White Sola Leathi-r. 311 .1
French Calf Skins. 25 dozen Crawford's Skins.
Findings always on hand and for sale at the
workmen in the West, we are prepared to u--
10 dozen Kin Skins. Ilnuer leathM and Shu
lowet market price.
1855, U mm GOODS, 1855,
Front Street, PORTSMOUTH, Ohio.
I HAVE just received and am now opening
the largest and most desirable stock ol
Goods ever exhibited in this market.
Having made arrangements fo. a large trade
I shall offer unusual inducements to cash
buyers, responsible parties lor negotiable pa
per, or for Pig Iron in lots of 50 tons or up
ward. The attention of Merchants and Furnace
Owners is respectfully invited. -
Portsmouth, O.. Dec. 22, 1S54.
JUST received the largest and best selection
of Boots and Shoes ever opened in this
market, consisting of
Gents. Enameled Brogans
' Calf "
" Buttoned Congress Gaiters,
" Morrocco Slipiers,
" French Calf Boots,
Ladies Enameled Lace Boots,
" Goat " "
" Sewed " "
" Laced Gaiters,
" Talent Leather "
" Enameled Jenney Lind's,
" Patent Sea Buskimi,
" Fancy Enameled "
" " Slippers.
Childrens Kid Laced Boots,
" Fancy '
" Roan
" Kid Peg "
" Enameled " '
" . Goat "
" Fancy " "
Misses Kid Slippers,
" Fancy Laced Boots.
Together with evety variety of Boots and
wear, at the lowest prices, at
JUST received the best Rio Coffee, Prime
Sugar, Rice, Golden Syrup, Molasses,
Cheese. Mi:krel. IinnTml 1tiHek .anilY.il
Teas. Tobaccos' of everv kind. Smces nf all
kinds, and I general assortinent.of Groceries;
all of 'vhichl warrantor no sale.at the lowest
cash prices at BRATTON'S,
LIPrENCOTT S Axes, warranted 30 Ja)'3
or the money refunded. Hatchets war
ranted, Tilletsou's Handsaws warranted,
Door Lacks, Thumb Latches, Butts, Screws,
Augers, Smoothing Irons, Curry Combs,
Horse Brushes, Files, Rasps, in shot every
thing in the Hardware line, at
ALL persons w ho ha-e unsettled accounts
on S. S. Demuth & Co's Books, and
that have not been squared by note or other
wise are requested to call and settle up by the
1st ol June, W not, the same will b. Jell with
the proper officers for collection. I want the
Books squared, and have called on a number,
and gave two months notice to that effect
lime enough in all conscience.
mayl8,2w, E, A, BRATTON,
WILL be found the ensuing season at
the following places, to wit; On
Mondays and Tuesdays at Liberty Hall Sta
bles, McArthur, O., on Wednesdays at Prats
ville, on Fridays at Morris Ogan's, Swan tp.,
on Saturdays at the residence of the subscri
ber in Elk tn.
Terms: Four dollars for insurance. Non
ttlendance or parting with the animal before
known to be with foal forfeits the insurance.
PEDIGREE. Sweelbrlcr is a beauti
ful dapple dun, black legs, mane and tail, 17
hands high, 7 vears old, a fa&t walker and gall
ed, well calculated for the saddle or harness
He is of a strain of horses of horses that ire
among the best in the Union) he recommends
himself when seen, and has taken a Piemium
every year but two since foalded: his sire was
a thorough bred horse. John T. Colter.
apr. 13. 2m.
At hi. old Stand appotlta J. K. k D. Will'.,
forms his flumerousjksi
Customers and the public, generally.
tliat lie is now prepared to supply all demand
in the way of Saddles; Buggy, Coach, and
Team Hnrncs;Cofars,M'Aipa and Spurs.
and every other article connected with the
Trade; all Manufactured out of the best Ma
terials, and by the best of Workmen. Call
end examine Work and Prices, before you
purchase elsewhere.
fXJ" HIDES, &c, taken in exchange for
work, it the highest AlarKtt prices.
r. . OAK Mi
C. P. TRACY & CO.,
Manvfaclurert and Wholesalt
One door below f. Kinnry I f o't Sank,
front Street, PORTSMOUTH, O.
April 27, 1855. ly.
rMIE undersiened ire nrenared tn fill all
X onlcrs for LUMBER, of any and all
kinds used in building, and for PLASTER
ING LATH, at the shortest nnlin.
We have on hand lOO.OOA Flastpmis
Lath, ind will deliver them in McArthur
Hamden. Allenstille. Prattsville. nr mr nf
our neighboring towns, at short notice and on
lair terms. x. t . nnwn l cctv.
apr. 27, '55. Jra.
To Agents for procuring Subscriber for . ,
100.000 Gift Enterprise!
Th di.tr butloo of tha Olfti being deflnll.ly fic.l let
JULYC, 1855.
Any person sending ftlO may deduct 10 per
cent, or will receive 11 Tickets.
Each person sending SI CO before the 5th o
July, will, in addition to commissions, be
Presenttd vith a Mammoth Gold Pen ani
Case, valued at 6 10.
Each pereon sending 6200 before the Sth of
July, w ill, in addition to commissions, be
x iiiuwiib onvcr iiuicn. vui a al cJ.
Each person sending 4(300 before the tth of
July, will, in addition to commissions, be
Presented with a Gold Wutch, valued at 150.
Each person sending 5C0 before the 5thof
July, will, in addition to commissions, be
PrtHtnledwUha. Gold Wutch, tal'd a I ft 100.
The person who shall send, before the 5th .
of July, the largest amount above 1500. will,
in addition to commissions, be
Presented with a Piano, valued at 1200.
1 have been induced to make the above lib '
eral oilers in order to remove a settled objec
tion in the minds of your committee, to hav-
ing the distribution take place while there
remain in my hands tickets unsold, and for
w hich cause they have seen fit to defer the
partition of the gifts, w hich was fixed for the "
27th inst., to the 5th of July, as will be seen
by reference to their proceedings, published
below. 1 assure you that the postponement
is as vexatious to me as it is to those who
have purchased tickets. 1 therelore hope that
each and every one now interested, will co
operate with me in the effort to dispose of the
lew thousand tickets remaining unsold, and
thus advance the interests of the whole body
of shareholders. Respectfully yours,
rcrliam's Third Gift Enterprise.
Atameetino nf the Committe nf Shm.
holders o! Perham's Gift Enterprise, held at
the Aeademv H;ill Rrnndu-av nn Wednpa.
day Evening, April 18:h, 1855, the following
preamuie ana resolutions were adopted ana
ordered to be published:
Whereas, in view nf llie (art thnt sovor.l
enterprises have been started and carried on
wun a seeming positive purpose ot deiraud-
ing those who could be persuaded to purchase
t;,.L.i, !....:... ..,.i. - ,
vniwio iiii-icui, aim sum iruuuiiit-iu pruceeu
iiyjslwve exerted an injurious influence in tha
suia of tickets in the enterprise of Mr, Ter
hnin;aml w hereas, it is deemed essential that
all the tickets should be disposed of beloro
the distribution takes place, be it therefore
Resolved, That in order to allow time for
that purpose, the distribution be postponed
until the 5th of July, at such place as may
hereafter be determined on.
Resolved, That the committee have undi
minished confidence in the integrity of Mr.
Pcrhuin. and in hia clisnnsitinn iix-nnfiirm tt
all his published promises to his patrons.
And each Ticket admits Four Persons to
Perham's Burlesque Opera,6G3 Broad
way, New York;
And thai among the Gifts to be distributed,
A splendid Farm.of over 100 acres,
worth $16,00(1
1 Loan of Cash 5,000
I do. do. 2,000
1 do. do J, 000
2 do. do. &500 each.... 1,000
10 do. do. 100 each-.. 1.000
Trotting Mrc, Lilly Dale 1,500
( Kose w ood P in nos, 6500 each 2.5U0
5 do. do. 6300 each.... 1,500
The Great Mirror of N. E. Scenery, 22,000
o Splendid tarriuges, each, b70
10 Gold Watches, 1 00 each-. 1,000
40 do. do. 850 each.... 2,000
100 Gold Pens and Cases, 65 each. 500
5,000 Gold Fens, 63 each 15,000
Ac, Ac , Ac.
All orders lor tickets, by mail, and all let
ters for information, should be addressed to
JOSIAU PERU AM, CG3 Broadway. N. Y.
fjrjtjmer8 will now be received for lick-
ets in Terham's Fourth Gift Enterprise.,
McArthur, oiiio.
WISHES to inform the citizens ofthiii
community, that he is now manufac
turing, keeps on hand, a very superior article
oi Deaiisteaus, also a good assortment, or
fee all of which he offers Tor sale on reasona
ble terms.
TURNING of all kinds that is likelv to
be needed in this Country executed with neat
ness and dispatch; he is also prepared to man
ufacture bench screws .and hand scre-rsof var
ious sizes. Tne patronage of the Public ii
respectfully solicled.
July 21 51 Gmo.
Ill AVE just received the greatest variety of
Wall Paper, Fireboard Screens, Window
Taper and Holders, ever before offered for
sale in McArthur. Call and see for Yourself
I II AVE just received a fine Lot of Prints,
Lawns, Muslins. Crapes, and divers other
articles in the Dry-Goods line; also, an as
sort ment of Leghorn, Palm Leaf and Straw
Hats, Gimp Bonnets, (f c.j all cf which I wilh
sell at lower figures, fur cash, than tho sam
Goods can be bought for. I can reccommend
this Lot of Prints as fashionable styles and
fast colors. E, A BRATTON.
fTMIE co-partnership heretofore existing
J. between the subscribers, under the firm
of S. S. Demuth &Co.,wasthi8 day dissolved
Dy miuuei consent; r. s. uemutn navingsoiq
his entire interest to E. A. Button, by w hoc
all claims will be settled and all debts collet
ted. 8. S. DEMUTH,
April lit, IS5S, E. A. BRATTON,,

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