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RA.BH E4 Iff.
JMTIO, ME 29, 1855.
For Governor,
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Supreme Juices,
For Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of State,
iVr Secretary of State,
For Attorney General,
For Board of Public Works,
Die Know Nothings tind Wighs
hi ben in lezter Nacht in hiesiger
Stadt einen Beschluss gegen die deut
sche und irische Democratic in ihrer
Versammlung passirt, wtlcher da bin-
aus lief, dass kein Deutscher oder
Irlaender, levor er 2lJahr im Land ist
das Stimmrecht haben solL.Die Deut
schen, wtiche in hiesigen fHsenwer
ken arteiten oder sonst im County
wohnen, werden somit aufmerksam
eemacht, daw lie nicht betrogen wer
den I Spaeter wird mehr ueber diesan
uegenstand gesagt werden. Ajie gu
ten Democraten in den Vereinigten
Slaalen sollten Test zusammenhaUen,
dass die Know Nothings und Wighs
ih re rchlechten Zwecke nicht rrei
then. Also aufgepasst!
Mean and Contemplable.
'An extraordinary effort is now raa
kirig.by the old Whigs and Know Noth
ings of this place, to get up a sympa
thy in behalf of one Alonzo G. Hard, j
who has heretofore professed to be aj
Democrat, but who now 'goes the whole
hog' for Know Nothing principles.
These old Federalists profess a great
sympathy for Democrats these days,and
call upon them to give money to help
put down individual enterprise, by suss
tainiog a press, that they propose to es
tablish in McArthur, in order to effect-
...ii.. .u t .
uauy uiauiga:jic iiic XJCuiuiiaui; par
ty. They have now, by treachery,
succeeded in obtaining a portion of your
countyoffices,and swear the v will have
more. J. K. Will, the great friend of
our Democratic- farmers, who boasts ot
more Demociatic friends limn anv nth.
rrs, we are informed has subscribed
50; Henry Payne, County Treasur
er. t20; W. L. Edmiston $20, and
others various sums. All this combN
nation is I we are informed.) establish
ed to put down the Democratic press,
and Democrats, generally, who dare
call their soul their own and advocate
their principles in open dav; but in re
ality, to retain what officers they have
ana to na out tne balance of the Dera
ocrats who now hold office, or who may
hereafter come before the people for
office: and all this, too, is beiug done
under the oaths of their midnight ord
He "Backs Water."
The most amusing characteristic of
these latter-day Know Nothing sheets,
is In the sang froid tbey exhibit in
backing out 01 their positions as fast
as tney are laaen. uur readers win
recollect some two weeks ago we pub'
usoea aa.eiogium, ny jacc ot tne Ath
ens Messenger, on Judge Kennon.
Jack then wanted Kennon as a Know
Nothing candidate at the coming 13th
oi juiy uonvention; put he had his or
aers since mat time irora Uolumuus,
from the chief of their midnight clan,
, and lie is of course under the obliga
tions oi an oatn mat compels him to
"back, water." See how beautiful he
does U up regardless of bis conscien
tious scruples to the contrary : that is
if be has any conscience left. Oh!
consistency, &c.
judos aemsoh. aomc weeks siuce we
expressed an opinion favorable to the norni
nation of Judge Kennon for one ef the Su
preme Judgeships. We did so belierine at
. u. . .v.. k. :. j r v j .
Territories. bad beeu iufoimed b' per-
. aoos who ought to Lave known better, that
such wu on poeiUou. Belief uig litis state
ment true, we tnougnttnere would be-an ap
propriateness in lis nomination. The St.
ClairsYille Chronicle, published in lb town
where Judge Kecnon resides, shows that we
were in error Jtbat Judge Kennon's position
on slavery and tale Relorm bad been misrep
' resented to us hence we lake back all we said
in reference to the appropriateness of the
nomination of Judee Kennon. We would
sa to hiin, "go on the other side you an not
one ot us, AIM jueuenger.
Laud Warrants Kicbivid. We
were shown in the past week.by Judg
JiswiTT, the hrst Land Warrant re
ceived in this county, under the late
law. calling for 120 acres, to Wm. Kb
row, Private in Capt. Roadabmir's
company, unio minus, i oe eiyie
and general appearance of the new plate
is fjeaotiful. . The Judge is expecting
on the warrants snomy tor au ne nas
applied for; there are yet a number in
Vjiitoo who are entitled to Warrants
'antf. should apply kr' them.
God Commands It.
We would most earnestly call the
attention of soma old hoary headed
sinners and hypocrites of our town and
county, who have heretofore put on the
cloak of religion to serve the Devil in
ho are still professors of Christian
ity and have entered the Know Noth
mg dens of perjury and corruption, in
our State and county, and ask them to
read and ponder over that portion of
denpture Irora (lie 17th to tne Tia ver
ses of Lei iticus ; more especially, to
read with a prayerful heart lite 22d
verse, as folio ws: "is shell hate out
manner of law, teellfor the stran
atr as for one ot your own country
For I am the Lord your God." Then
go back to your dens and plot treason
against Your beloved counuy and for
the downfall of equal rights, equal priv
iledges, and equal Jaws far all Uoo's
cnuaren on esnn.
err The extraordinary exhibitions
of brotherly loot, which was display.
ed on our streets and in secret cabals,
hv one ot our county officers, in the
nast week, has been noticed by our cit
izens generally it speaks well for the
man. e nope, lor we acconiniuua-
tion of the touchy counterpart of Maj.
Walls Jack Broi'oh, that our l own
Council will see the necessity of pas-
sin? an Ordinance for the benefit of
this gent., against laughing on our
streets in open day.
Reader, Know Wolliingtsm is on tne
. i . -
wtne, judging by tne oaa numor 01 our
old Whig brethren ta McArthur.
(CrThe communication of "One of
'em" will be read with great interest.
He informs us he has many such things
in store for these midnight worthies ;
and that our worthy Clerk has perform
ed a very conspicuous part in the past
month, in organizing Councils, &c
We have also been requested to ask
Mr. Edmiston "what he was doing in
Richland township, some time since,
when he came home very early one
Sabbath morning?" Can he answer?
Our columns are free to any citizen, to
explain his conduct. The people ol
Vinton should know who their Clerk
ot Courtis. Out with Billy.
Oil Origanum.
From the pyramids of Oil Origanum,
prepared by G. B. Will, row exhibi-
ted on counters at tne MCAitnur Drue
Depot, we think the Origanum is aoin?
ojjf at railioad speed; in tact, this Lin
iment has given such entire satisfaction
that Mr. Will cannot supply the de
mands tor it at wholesale.
For the Democrat.
Ala. Editor: We wonder what motive
Democrat can have in subscribing for a new
paper, which it is said the Whigs, after drum
ming about town and throughout the country
tor aooui ruur wttns, bib inienuing 10 turn
mence putmsmne, in a snort ttme;
The slock for that press baa been subset 1W
viih. perhaps, two exceptions, by Uld Line
vvtiiRs, men wtio never M a Utnocralic im
pulEe in all their lives. They tell you it is to
be a neutral usper, do they?' That it will not
meddle with politics. May be so ; but why
do they tell you this? Simply, because they
know if they should establish it as a Whig
sheet it couldn't stand six months; and for the
same reason they do not call it a Know Noth
ingor American (?) sheet, with the additional
reason mat no one man or tne men in McAr
thur, or the county of Vinton, darn to take
such a "load of poles" on his back as to pub
liclv advocate or ueiend tne Know jNothincs.
rso, sir; tnat part 01 tne eame roust be plaved
in toe dark, covered up Irom tb scrulmizitie
gaze of the public. 1 hen why do they pub
lish a paper proltsjeiily neutral in politics?
As we have before said, no Democrat thinks
neutral paper of such vast importance to
Vinton county as to subscribe money to buy
a press for that purpose.. Mark it, Democrats:
they are doing mis ining lor tne express pur
Dote of bieaking up the Democratic paper.
and if possible, to break down and disorgan
ize the Democratic party, in Vinton. Will
jou, Democrats, furnish your enemies with a
weapon with which to cut your own throats?
Thev tlie K. JJ's. and Whigs approach you
with the wiles of the serpent. Embrace them,
and it is your destruction, lie ware then,
Democrats, how you handle the spawn oi
these hypocrites. One thing more: a couple
of renegade Democrats, one A. Q. Hard, and
wm. Li, rdraision, dom ot wnom nave sow
themselves to the Know Nothings during the
past year, the latter lor tne paltry considera
tion of the office of Clerk of the Court, and
the former for a much les3. consideration, are
actively engaged in starting this new press.
Ut them meet tne late tney so ncuiy merit
the contempt of all honest men, of every par
A DEMOCRAT. McARTHUR, June 25, 1855.
For the Democrat.
Next Meeting of the McArthur K.
N. Council.
Midnight, 6m.-ld.-The Red.
Mr. Bratton: Having become dis
gusted with the horrid oaths and hem
ous sins of Know Nothing?, commit;
ted at every meeting of the Order, I
have concluded it a duty devolving up
on me, as a good citizen, to expose their
operations, i our readers will, there-
lore, taae notice mat according to as
signment of , the present worthy
Clerk of the Court ot Common Pleas
of Vinton county, will deliver a Preach
before the Order, at their Council room
aoove a certain store in McArthur, on
Job; Eighth and Am A. -" For we are
but of yesterday, and Know Nothing,
because our days upoo earth are a shad
ow." It is expected that Bro. Eomis-
tob will acquit himself creditably on
For the Democrat.
Fourth of July.
we to - any
celebratioa on the approaching ahnit
versary of our National Independence?
1 trust the day has not lost its prestige
tor us, the decendants of the glorious
sires of 78, and that enough patriot
ism yet exists among us to unite in
commemorating our- National holiday.
Let us, then, have a regular old fash
ioned jubilee: let a committee be . ap
pointed to select an orator, solicit con
tributions from our citizens for purchss
iog a Free Dinner, and making other
necessary arrangements, and revive the
patriotic fires of old. The time is short,
and whatever is to be done, must he
BUNKER HILL. McARTHUR, June 25th, 1855.
From the Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Know Nothing Attempt to Exclude
Catholics from Participating
in a Fourth of July Celebration
in Cincinnati.
Is it not singular (hat the Know Noth
ings should carry their proscriptive doc
trines so far as to deny Catholics the
p rivilege of participating with (he
of their fellow citizens in the Fourth
of July celebration? . We did not be
lieve it possible that anybody could be
so demented as to desire that any. por
tion of our citizens should not honor
the memory of Washington, Jefferson,
and the illustrious lounders or our oa
tionality. The Know Nothings have
accused the Catholics of a ant of
American feeling, although Charles
Carrol, the last surviving signer of the
Declaration ot Independence, belonged
to that sect; and now they refuse to al
low them to come into a public Fotxrth
of July demonstration! A meanerand
more contemptible spirit was never ex
niuueu. Americans want every one
to rejoice on the Fourth of July, with-
...r- r ri . .
ouiaisuuuiuu oi race oi religious cited
1 lungs have come to a pretty nass
when a spirit of sectarian exclusiveneaa
is to be evinced on freedom's Aani
versary. The little demagogues and
mean bigots who were instrumental in
getting up this narrow and sectarian
elcbration ought to meet with an over
whelming public rebuke,: We take
pleasure, in ibis connection, in publish
ing tne loiiowing noie irom a gentle
man wnose sympathies, as is well
known, are with the Know Nothing
movement. He says:
Cincinnati, Tuesday, June 19.
There appeared in the daily papers
of this city this morning a list of names
for the purpose of formiug a Fourth of
July celebration, and my name is used
as one a committee on fireworks, with
out my knowledge or consent. . By this
the getiers-up of this celebration of the
t ourth can learn that 1 will not serve
on any committee where all citiiens ol
this or -any other country, whethet Jew
or uentile, Mohammedan or Hottentot,
Koman uatholic or ureex, cannot join
in the celebration of the glorious Fourth
the day that every freeman's heart
should expand to its fullest extent. Hang
out your Danners, are your crackers,
hoot your little and big gum. build
your bonfires on the hiil-tops, that the
ngni may illuminate the heavens, and
reflect back into the chambers of the
sick, that their hearts may be gladden
ed, and their eyes filled with joy at the
reflected light of the glorious day.
Kespecttully yours, q-c.,
III. Opposition to all political or
ganizations composed exclusively' of
foreigners, anaio foreign military
Companies, and to all attempts to es
elude the Bill from Schoo&tvmort.
ed by the Government. Know Moth
ing Platform. -
The above is taken from an official
copy of the Know Nothing Platform,
recently adopted -at Cleveland, aud
which the Express has flying pnderits
editorial head! It seems to as that
nothing but the meanest hatred of our
German population, could have dicta
ted that part of the above declaration
which relates to military companies.
Everybody knows that there are no
people in the world who take more pride
in military parades, and perfection in
military tactics and discipline, than the
uermans. And in time of war, they
proved themselves the readiest' volun
teers and truest soldiers in defence ot
their adopted country. Our own city
has shown proof of this during the
Mexican war. And what harm can
result from tbe mustering of the beau
tifully equipped and superbly drilled
German companies! No one is fool
enough to believe their arms would ev
er be turned against their adopted coun
try! 1 his opposition must originate
from 'cursed meanness' and tbe woun
ding of the pride of these natives,
whose patriotism and military spirit is
orougnt into aiscreauaoie contrast witn
that ot our uertnan citizen' Such
sentiment, engrailed upon the platform
of a political party, will ever remain
an indelible disgrace to those wlto sup
port it. s vve shall expect next t) hear
mat inese tanaiics wjiiiscaru we lives
of ' Wachington, Jeflerson, Fayette,
and other sages of the Revolution from
our Common Schools, and substitute
the pictorial lives oi gill roots and
ay Governor Wise, ot Virginia.has
written a letter .to the uranite Club
Boston, in which he says:
"Please accept lor lut Club my grate
lul acknowledgement and convey to it
tbe expression of my heartfelt jor that
there are stilt left in Massachusetts
friends of freedom and conservative De
mocracy enough to sympathise with
those everywhere, and here particular
ly, wuo are Biruggung 10 maiuiain me
taith of the fathers of the Republic in
all the essential matters of politics and
religion. : Be steady, be firm, organize,
and be vigilant, and we yet shall see
the country safe." :
Here an extract from another' let
ter, written to some of his Democratic
friends at Washington, declining to
oartakf of a bublic bannuet?
"I would gladly go there and meet
friends to consult upon the means of
mildly calling all good men together for
patriotic purposes, wnua bad men are
baud ing in secret conclaves to give the
State up to proscription, and the church
the blessed Protestant church up to
pouuiion. zjuc, gentlemen, l cannot.
The late canvass nearly, cost me . rqy
life- My own health requires repose,
and till health of Mrs. Wise, requires
my constant nursing. ". . j
. "I was five months absent ' from the
first of January, and now J . must te-
roam at uorne quieuy io recruit sno ut
lend to my domestic kflairs, until the
time tor me to go to Kkbtnond.V
Statesman. Caution---Providential Escape.
.' Last Friday evening, Mr, Lewis, of
this village, soon alter retiring lor the
night heard a groan or exclamation,
as from one in distress. He at first thoi
it wss msde by same one in the street.
Not being fully satisfied, thought he
would search for the cause. . tie went
d!recA9 to the door of the chamber oc
cupied by ' Miss living in his
family. ' He knocked, it was fastened;
but on calling her, sno unlocked the
door, and rushed out, followed by such
a volume of smoke, as to nearly stale
one. Mr. L-, by prompt exertions,
succeeded in extinguishing-the fire,
which in a few moments would have
been beyond control. He examined.
and found the feather bed, straw bed
and bedding, about one-half consumed,
the candlestick on the bed, unsoldered,
and a book there! It seems that the
giil had indulged herself in the too
common practice of reading after reti
ring, and had fallen asleep, with a
burning candle on the bed! But a
momont more, and her life wculd have
paid the forfeit for this dangerous prac.
tice. As it was, she escaped with on
ly a slight burn oa the arm, from the
wrist to the elbow, but she lelt as tuo'
she would fall before she could unlock
the door. We publish this as a caution.
Ashtabula Telegraph.
American Officers Sent to the Crimea.
Horrace Greely, in a letter from Pa
ris under date oi the 31st ult., says:
"Col. JJelaQeld, Alai. Mordecat, and
one other officer ot our army, dispatch
ed to the Crimea to study the latest im
provements in the art of war, especial
y in aniuery practice, who came out
with us in the Asia some weeks since,
expecting to be at the allied headquar
ters early in May, are still lingering in
rans, ior were very recently, l vainiy
awaiting the permission which they
have applied to the French authorities,
and which, being abundantly avouched
and accreditedjtuey presumed would be
accorded them without hesitation.
The excuse given for this rebuff is, that
( trench ) precedent is against tbe au
thorities required. I suspect the truth
is that the; present ruler ot t ranee does
not deem in it desirable to favor an in
crease of efficiency of American artil
lery, or American armaments general
ly. If Spain had wished to send three
officers of-artillery to the Crimea, who
believes that they would have encoun
tered any obstacle?"
Somewhat Amusing.
Since the adoption uf National
Platform on the subject of slavery by
the National Know Nothing Council at
Philadelphia, to read the sectionalist
journals oi the North, reminds one much
of tbe Negro who ou a certain occasion
caught a rabbit. ''Aha ! fine, fat, sleek;
you make berry good bake, you make
a good roast, or make a good stew.
Golly but you is nice." Suddenly the
abbit released hsslf from captitity and
sped away with great rapidity. "Go.
cotton tail. You starved, lean critter;
yon no good fur nuthin I' was the neg-
roe s ejaculation thtrtat. So long as
these sectional Know Nothing jounuls
nterlaiqed an iJee that there was a
ikelihood that the Philadelphia Natio
nal Council would adopt a Platform
susceptible of being tortured into a sort
of Abolition form, they were in an ex
cedingly happy humor, and predicted
that good would result from' tbe meet-
nz; but now that tbe Council has
adopted what is called a National Plat
form in favor of the Ducitive Slave
Law, opposed , to tbe restoration of the
Missouri Compromise, in favor. of (et
tine the people in tbe States and Tern
tones aeierunne lor themselves whether
they will or will not have slavery, and
alleging that Congress has no riubt to
object to the admission of a State if its
Constitution aathonzes slavery tbey
are not anyinmg use as amuoiy lem
pered. Their language now is pshaw
we did ut think that gjod would come
of that meeting of tbe National Cuuu
cil at Philadelphia. We expected that
that there would be dough faces euough
a it who would help tbe South to shape
mailers to suit itself. Ins action ol
that Council is uol binding on us. We
are independent. We will show the
South thiil there is a North."
Very consistent gentlemen, these
very honest, indeed 1 Had the National
Council, .adopted a Platform touching
tbe slavery question similar to thai
adopted by the State Know Nothiug
Council at Cleveland, and .which waa
sent to tbe National Council with des
patch, as a pattern, we presume, the
exultation ot lbs Northern Know Noth
ings would have known no bounds
Tauulingly would they have pointed
ed tbe "Slave Democracy' to the Plat
form of the National Kuow Nothings as
something befitting freemen to palleru
after. Aud ahould :he South have at
tempted to demur, they would, hate
cied out ''Your oath your oath. To
iha Niiional Council was delegated tbe
fieht to- tar 'flown a. platform for tne
government of the order and you have
sworn to abide by it. .Will you have
the hardihood to perjure yourselves r
This would be no more than right The
minority ahould acquiesce in the dtcis
ion of the majority, and the Northers
wing of the, Know Nothings, if they
have particle of honor, if tbey enter
tain the slightest respect for the obli
gatious they look. upon themselves upon
connecting taemseives witn tne order,
must accept this exposition uf faith
proVe themselves abominable heretics
to a svr religion. We know that this
is ksking rather too much of the "God
and Liberty" wng of. the order in tut
State, which is intent upon mounting
into power on the State cry of the rest
oration of the Missury Compromise
od the assertion that slavery will b
fastenel upon Kansas past redemption
if they are defeated by the people
Thus is that'piece of artillery spiked
.. . ... i-. (cm. Adv.)-
A ne late rains sppear io uvc
ded over the South.' generally. The
cotton and erain croDS Jiave. revived
wouderlully and now promise a ounaant
. . . . . ,
harvests., : '. ' . ,' .
Later from Europe.
Horace Greely Arrested at Paris.
NEW YORK, June 20.
The Asia arrived with London dales
to the 6th, . . ,
From dispatches received at the Ad
miralty from Sir Lyons dated at Keruch,
May 1st, It appears that a squdrou from
the Sea ut Atoff bad appeared before
Gevitchi, and landed a body of seamen
and marines, driving'the Russians from
tbe place.
They destroyed all depots and vessels,
ladea with corn and supplies for the
Russian army. Only one man wound
ed. Since eutering .the sa of Axon,
four steamers, aud 240 vessels employ
ed io carrying supplies to the Russlio
arms on the Crimea have been destroy
ed by the allies. The coufereuce at Vien-
ua has formally closed, after a late sil
ting held on the fourth of June.
Gen. Pelissier telegraphs fiora the
Crimea June 8th. We have'spruos two
mines In front of the flsg stiff bastion.
The second explosion did considerable
damage to the enemy. In a ravine of
Careening bey in advance of our works
our engineers discovered a transverse
line ot 24 cubic casas filled with gun
powder, each forty centimetrea thick
placed at equal distancsa, and buried
just banealh the sod, each cesecQntaio-
mg one fifth of a killogramme of pow
der aud covered with a fulminatiug ap
paratus which would explode by the
simple preaure of the foot, These had
besn taken up by our eugiueers.
A letter received from tbe French
camp at Sevastopol, dated May ii,
atatss that the Allies are on tbe eve of
great events that everythiug repaired
at last that arrangements had been
made in a council of war, at which Gen
erals Csnrobert, Pelissier, Bosqut, Lord
Raglan, Omar Pashs, Brown, Delia, Mar
mora, and Admirals Bruaut and Lyons
were present.
All the reinforcements had come up,
making the French army amouat to 200,-
000 men.
Crops througout Great Britain are
very promising,
On the 23d one hundred and ninety
cases of Cholera occured in St. Peters
Tbe Allies found 17,000 tons of coal
at Kertscb, and 60 dismounted guns,
but uo powder stores.
The number of vessels burned by the
Allies were 240.
Letters by the St. Louis mention that
Horace Greeley was arrested and de
tained in prison two days in Paiis on
the complaint of a sculptor who sent a
work of art to the New York Crystal
Palace. The tribunal dismissed the
Opening its Eyes.
The Journal of laat evening opens its
eyes to tne signs oeiere it, it might
ave been sensible enough to have seen
ights in the distance earlier, but it
would not; But hear it now;
seve in tne coiumoian ol inis city, of
yesterday, a Call from three members of
the "Stat Central Committee of the
Independent Democracy of Ohio," for a
State Mass Convention to meet in Co-
urubus on the 13th of July next. We
lso observe a call, dated atWasterrille,
Blendon township, for a Miss County
Convention to assemble ou the 7th uf
July, for (among othex things) the choi
ce of Delegatea to tbe "Republican
State Convention" of the 13ih,
These two movemeuts we suppose to
be psrt and psreel of one and the same
thing. We were not before advised that
the "Indepenueut Democracy had de
termined, on separate action at this
election. The Republican Convention
of the 13th July cannot, of course, re
cognise delegates from any such organi
zation. It is doubtless intended as a
separate and iudependent movement."
Patriots of Foreign Birth.
Of the sieners of tbe Declaration of
Independence, eight were born in for
eign .countries, viz t Burton uuinett,
Robert Morris, England; Jamea Smith.
George Taylor, Mathew Thornton, ire
lat.d;Johu Wilherspoon, Jsmes Wilson
Scotland;. Francis Lewis, Wales. Of
the major geneials, eleven were foreign
era: iialayette, rrancej Barons ue
Kalb and Steuben, Germany ; Wm. R.
Davis, Wm. Moultrie, England ; Wm.
Croeiu, John James, Richard Mootgom
ery, Ireland ; Kosciusko, Poland , Chas
Lee, Wales ; Arthur St. Clair, Scotland,
Of the brigadier generals employed on
the American side in the revolution;
three were foreigners: Horatio Gates,
England j Count Pulaski, Poland ; Hugh
Mercer, Scotland. . James Christie.
csctain in tbe armr, was born in Scot
land., Of the Navy, Paul Jones was
born in Scotland, and John Barry io
Ireland. Albert Gallatin was born in
Switzerland, and Alexander Hamilton
in the West Indies.' ' '
Such is the foreign catalogue of
American ' patriots, is it not a proud
oner Albany Argut.
in tnat catalogue we find no negroes
and yet tbe descendania of those glori
ous men woo aided our lorelatners so
essentially, in that hour which "tried
man's souls, aie sought to be placed
subordinate to the, free negroes iu our
Slate, by many of the men of 'a'iriking
mediocrity" who exercise a directiug
influence over the opposition forces.
A delightful reflection, isn't it 1 Daily
Advertiser , . r . ,
Row at 'Athkns. We understand
by the last Athene Messenger that a
scene of bloodshed and . riot went off
in that place. ' Qn Saturday evening,
the 16th inst.j two Irishmen got Into a
quarrel, and one of them named -Drs,
got several severe blows from the hands
of. the another, by the name of fannc-
otii, with lama tfnna himmr
v v , - ; . : t.K A ia -
" "t?nr
Of , skull bona was .taken out by
.i . . . . . .1,
surgeon, it is tnougm ne win noire-
NEW YORK, June 25.
The steamer
this morning with California mails to
the 2d June! She brings $1,052,000
in treasure. As the passengers were
crossing the Isthmus, when the last
liain conveving tbem crossed the sum
mit and was descending tbe steep grade,
the coupling of one of the forward cars
became disconnected, which created a
space between the separated cars, and
upon the exhibition of the signal tti
stop, the forward cars were brought up,
and tbe. disconnected ones continued
with great velocity. A severe crasb
was the result. Two or three caw
were Injured, and Samnel Anderson of
Jefferson, New York, who was sitting
on the platform, was killed.
Trade at San Francisco is dull, out
the markets had undergone no essential
chanee in prices, t lour is still inac
tive, small files making at $6,50 for
domestic Gallego $13. Wheat de-
dined, sales for export J1,87. ror
rather higher.
The municipal election at San Fran
cisoo on the 28th resulted in the elec
tion of James Van Ness, dem., Mayor
bv a majority of 65; four Democrats
and four Know Nothing aldermen were
elected. Tbe assistant aldermen alio
stand four Democrats and four Know
Nothings. Five of the general ticket
are Democrats and four Know Noth
ings. The election passed off quietly.
The mining news from all parts of
the State is most encouraging. It is
thought no previous yield of gold has
been as great as tne present.
Milton, June 25.
The raius of the last few days caused
an immense iana slide aoout toree mi
les above this place, covering the rail
road track to tbe depth of. six feet. The
through triin to day from Niagara; with
about twenty passengers, was suddenly
brought to a halt. The locomotive lea-.
ped a pile of earth as it struck, turned
completely over and righted itself iu
the caual. The iogineer, fireman aad
a passenger Were csrried with the loco
motive and escaped without injury.
Oue biggag car was broken, and the
baggage master had his hand badly mas
hed. The passenger car was jammed in
against the bsggage car, breaking the
plallorm; but, with the exception of a
few bruises, the passengers escaped un
injured. Had not the coupling broken,
Ifus car would have gone into the canal,
and the result been fatal to all.
MADISON, Ia., June 25.
A collision took place this morning
on the Madison and Indianapolis Rail
road, Jby which two locomotives and
several freight care were badly broken
up. Samuel Idler, the Ingineer. and
Thorns Basse tt, a fireman, were in
stantly killed, and . J, Rjbinson in
Brilliant Democratic Victory in
Illinois Abolitionism and Know-
Nothinoism Routed. One of the Il
inois Democratic exchanges has the
'The election of Judges Caton and
Wilson is the grandest triumph over fu-
sionists next to that of Henry A. Wise
n Virginia. We feel tliat when sucli
men. as Caton and Wilson are upon the
bench in Illinois, we shall never wit
ness the toleration ot such nullifying
doctrines as were givtn from the bench
in our neighboring btate of Wisconsin.
Tliey understand the theory of our
government, and will protect its organic
aw, We leel rejoiced at their election.
Report the Auditor of State.
obligations to Mr.
We are undei
Morgan, onr able Auditor of State, for
a copy of his report on the Gnances for
the year 1854. We shall, from time to
time, make such extracts from its
will be of interest to our readers, and
which by the time we are through with
the publication, will thoroughly inform
the public as to the character of the
taxes which have lately caused ao much
complaint. We invite particular at
tention to the loiiowing statement uf
taxes levied on particular classes of
Merchaudis t 80.780 32
Manufacturing .... 23,822 73
Brokerage 31,760 90
Horses 113.426 5'J
Cattle 74,392 6tt
Sheep, Hogs, and Mules. 49.154 04
1378,337 29
Thus la shown by the official figures
of the Stale Auditor, that the single
item of horse flesh, pays more taxes in
to the Treasuary than is paid by the
merchandise, and brokerage capital in
the State, The Auditor. suggests that
there may be some inequalities and in
justice in the present bssis of taxation.
The clamorists against the tax lav anil
sgainat William D. Morgan, who, with
manly firmness, hss enforced the tsx law .
against the bank mobocrats, who at
tempted to over sue the officers of the
law in the execution of their duties,
and who finally in Cincinnati orgacized
and countenanced open reiistence to. tbe
collection of taxes, should be silent on
tbe subject. Now, tbe facts are that
the nominal classes have generally led
offia all movemeuts to increase local
taxes. We hear of no movement
among the farmers, who, as it is shown
by the figuars, bear the great burtnan ol
chattel taxes, about resistance to t he
tax law, The cry against the law waa
mainly raised by speculators, and those
opposed to the horizontal legislation of
the e'emocrsey, but the; official Sgurea
set tbem down, fir. shut up their mouths.
Spirit of the Times.
Strong Minded Woman.
TROY, June 20.
The notorious Henrietta Robinson,
tbe murderess, wss sentenced ibis after
noon by Judge Harris to be ; hung :he
tbirf.oL Auguit next. When the Judge
commended bersoul to God' mercy ishe
said he "had be'.ief tj tot his own
soul," declaring she was a victim to
political conspiracy, Calculated ty crush
innocent wornsn. 1 ' "

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