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Ik Voice of Hie Frople l thr Sujirm e law
I A. ItlCtTTO. ICtlllor.
riARr juiinf"nriff i" r nrr rrr ri-i-r-rrai-rr nrt lr"
Ntwirapwr Bubicjipllon and Advertising Agrncy
Philadelphia, tw Yokk, IWton ami Bal
timore, is our authorized agent to receive unci
receipt for subscription and advertisement for
th Uemomat,
AJ and all Ulunkn required utuler the Jus
tices' Code, for Justice of the tenet, urecon
stanlly kept on hand and for bulcul tkU Of
fice. '
td at the very highest market price, oh Sub
wiptionor Adurtistmaits, ut this ojjlu.
Money is not refused.
For Governor,
. ill ED ILL.
For Lieutenant Governor,
Por Supreme Judges.
For Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of Slate,
, For Secretary of State,
gor Attorney Ctneral,
. . For Hoard of Public Works,
Watch the Spoonies.
Quite a number of the McArthur
Know Nothings are very busy just now,
in obtaining subscriptions to the new
press, and ir taking up a list ot sub
sciibers. In order to deceive Demo
crats, they are very particular to ask the
person they wish to ensnare if certain
men are not good Democrats; in ether
words, in talking about who has sub
scribed, they will ask the questions,
"Isnot Judge Hewitt a good Demo
crat? Is not Judge Murdoch a good
Denn ciat? Is not Dr. Holland a good
Democrat?" This is the game these
scullions are playing to raise a split in
the Democracy; thinking if they once
get them committed in their favor, that
they will stick it out and vote their pie
bald ticket this fall! When Democrats
are thus addressed, by these "wolves j
in sheeps clothing," who prowl about
at midnight, and seek privacy to give
vent to their thoughts, just answer them
affirmatively, ana tell them these men
are good Democrats! Tell them that
they dare not charge these men openly
( and others they have namedj as b.eing
opposed to the Democracy." Why not
come out boldly, and say wherein Judge
Hewitt, judge Murdoch, Dr. Hot,
land, or any other Democrat has taken
'- i . I ' I I .
a position against the principles ot the
Democratic party? They know its a
lie ; and hence thev dare not fare the!
Sag Nights.
We were told in the past week, thai
many members of the Know Nothing
Council here, are about to withdraw,
as they believe a Sag Nicht is among
'em. We would say to these gentry"
who pray without ceasing to preserve
their secret political action, quiet your
fears; we don't know any Sag Nicht
who are dishonest enough to join your
midnight order ; and if you fall out
anions yourselves, about vour late pro
ceedings, don't throw the blame on the
Sag Nichts; you should not back-bite
one another so much: vou should leari"."
in mind the old saw, at least.that "there
be honesty even among thieve
Perhaps some of the Order,
nave lite enough left, can answer ,lOb
server" in this week's paper; his innui.
ries are legitimate and pointed
hope to hear from "Observer''
Let her rip.
You can see how the "ealPd Jades
wince' by keeping your eye upon one of
inese irequenters ot their dens.
Keep it before the people, that the
bolters from the Democratic party, who
are vying to get democrats initiated
into the Know Nothing order, are do
ing so to disorganize the Democracy;
assigning as a reason, that the Whigs
are all right. These same traitors teil
you that they are as good Democrats as
ever they were. This may be the case,
and more than likely it is, for we don't
believe, for a moment, that a man ever
was a Democrat who will join a K.
N. Council. Reader, is it not a little;
like talking about the Devil joining
Church! Think of his Satanic Maj-I
siy geiung on an anxious seat, and
y ou have a fair image in your mind ol
anian being a Democrat and still cling
jug to the Know Nothings. The cases
ue think are very much alike,
School Commissioner's Report.
We return thanks to Mr. Barney for
atopy of this report. We have not
. had time to examine it, but here take
occasion to say, that the people of this
section of Ohio demand an amendment
of the late School Law. There are
many grevious burdens the people are
laboring under, arising out of this law,
and it must be amended the coming
.winter. We will have occasion to r
fer to this hereafter. It is euougb for
us to kjio w that it is justly unpopular,
as it now s'.ands and is being construed.
Tall Oats.
Judge Hewitt, at his ¬
mediately north of McArthur, h
field of oats tliat we feel confident would
be the Premium Oats of our county
this year, if our Agricultural friends
meet, and the Judge claims the prize.
I lie stalks will average Irom lo 0
feet, and everv head well filled. The
taste displayed by the Judge in all the
arrangements ot his cottage retreat, lar
surpasses anj thing in our country; and
up u-milil r o ad to see some ol our
caoitalists who are able, follow this ex
ample, in improvements around our
town: no town in the Mate is Deuer 10
cated. more healthy, or abounds with
such beautiful locations lor country res
idenees as McArthur. Let them be
btiilj; it conduces to health, happiness
and prosperity.
A Lie, Is It.
" We are told that Hon. W. L. Er
miston, accidental Clerk of the Court
of Common Pleas, oj Vinton county
Ohio, says that we published liet in
the Democrat concerning him, and he
can i iove it! Well, Billy, let 'er rip!
Out with the truth. Put your light on
a hill! Don't stick it under a peck
measure; it hasn't room to shine. The
people want the truth.
Maine Law Out.
It is said by the Know Nothings of
M' Arthur Council that they haveslrick
en out the Maine Law plank in their
Platform! What will our Democratic
Maine Law men say to this warping
of their principles? (Jan you stand it
gentlemen? Or will you go tor good,
honest, sober Democrats, who will
fearlessly do their dutv, without fear,
lavor, or affection? Reflect upon these
Rail Road Excitement.
We are informed by a gentleman of
truth and veracity, that there will be a
Railroad meeting at McArthur on the
10th inst., to look after the interests oi
the S. & II. V. Railroad. A full turn
out of the Directors is expected. We
hope this Board of Directors will start
work on the first section north of Jack
son," at least.
Graham's Maqazi.se. This work
for July has made its appearance, with
more new attractions. The gems ol
this numbet are, "The Wigwam in the
Wilderness," anew sporting story, by
Frank Forester (II. W. Herbert);
"The Last of the Justiniani," a chaste
and beautiful love story, by Mrs. E.
L. Cushino. Subscribe immediately;
it is full oi interest. Terms: 1 copy,
one year, in advance, $3 j 2 copies,
$5; 6 copies, $10.
Found Dead.
On the morning of the 27th of June,
an Irishman by the name of James
McGrath, aged 27 years, was found
dead, hanging upon a tree near the house
of Mr. Ferouso.v, Brown township,
Vinton county, Ohio.
Godi.y for July. This excellent
lady' companion, for July, has come
to hand. It contains all a lady should
expect, its contents as usual are in
structive, amusing, useful, &.c. TKhMs;
$3 per annum, in advance.
For the Democrat.
"ne v lugs or rather, to speak more
'correctly, and bring matters down to the
present time, Know-Nothing leaders as
1 ".s c"u,lli' we do .not co,n
r"a,,n 0 .tnis' but Tat e, .d0 .strenu
should ."i01'5' obJetl ,t0; ?nd,our 0,JJ'ctin we
whoireS,rd as vaI.ld s l,,e me?ns med J.n
JMr. Editor: Uan you inform nie
why it is that neutral papers in our
i county have had, as a general rule, old
!1in I ' 1 1 I at Ptf Ua t st f rn r r tn
their concoctors and chief supporters?
What has become ot the once lornud-
able Whig party, that they no longer
dare to announce a journal as tuchf
Is it because they are feaiful to-trust
their principles (if they possess any)
to the people? Is any body so verdant
as to tj)pose if they possessed the mi.
merfcal force in the county sufficient to
elect their partisan candidates, they
would so sedulously endeavor to enlist
"aid and s)mpa(hy" for a veutral pa
per as they are now doingr JNot at all!
They art actuated by no other motive
than (he securing of apolitical ascend
order to acquire that ascendancy. Did
they boldly and frankly come out in
their true colors, and announce their
motives, we should have no fears as to
the ultimate result, believing as we do,
that the people would promptly and in
dignantlv reject their claim. But they
dare not do so; and therefore, under the
guise of a professedly neutral iheet,
they hope to gull and mislead the till
zens of our county as to the real issue
in controversy. Truth is mighty and
must f-rkvail! More, anon.
June 30, 1855. OBSERVER.
For the Democrat.
Clerk's Office Down in the Heel.
Mr. Eoito: We are told that the
Clerk's office don't pay to attend to it
these days; hence the present encum
bent has been ordered by Judge Tom
Spooner to Cincinnati, to teceiie gen
eral orders for laying the pipes for this
tail s campaign. In connection with
this business of the Order, our Coun
cil has sent with him for a press, lo he
edited by Stanley, Edmiston & Co.,
backed up by old b ogyism.
Iu adJition to tm above, Mr. Editor,
the proposition made at the meeting ot
our Council to nominate Dr. L. Hol
land for the Legislature, as the Know
Nothing candidate, was postponed un
til after the 13th of this month, for
State Convention action.
July 5, 1855. ONE OF 'EM.
Died of Religion.
During the cereoxHm oi a Mormrm ba
lism, at Newport, Ky., on Suaday last, two
converts to the latth and belie I oi Uiat church
were lUomntA in the live. Though lost to
tAis world by this last act. il may be the
means of saving them in the next, as time
was not given tbera to practice iu tbefuuda-
ments! doctrine, and common crime of the de-
From the Ohio Eagle, Extra.
From the Ohio Eagle, Extra. THE KNOW NOTHINGS SOLD TO THE
Instructions of Grand President
Read! Read!!
The following corcmunk-tlion from our
Know Nothing reporter, with the document
tnii iccomniuiP! n, weueemor lumctemin.
term to lay before our ranters in adrtnee of
our regular issue, br tn extra. It ipeski lor
itself let every houei l man, who loves his
country no matter what party he belongs to,
read it, and learn Hie desrate plans Know
cuoimngism is putting lortn to secure tbeotn
ces, at a sacrifice ut principle.
Eus. Ohio Eaglx, 1 send you this morning
the proceedings oi tne lar t meeting ol our
Council, and also the Circular from our Grand
President, Thomas Spooner, unon which the
Council was called to act. How I got hold of
this xnjamoui document, it Hon t matter now
to tell.
In March last, the Exentiire Council of our
Order met and armnged for the nomination of
our o:ate ticket, ihey also selected a ticket
known as the RrinkerhofJ ticket, which Tom
Spooner sent to all the subordinate Councils
for rejection or ratification. It was thought
that that ticket would secure the Abolition
vote. We ballolted in April according to in
structions, and ratified the Brinkerhoff ticket,
We acted in eood faith; and although I des
pise the Order, yet for one, I was willing logo
mat, ticket.
I. .1i,lr.'l cull IliA Aknll
ihey wouldn't come in upon it. It violated
the original platform of the order, and every
oatk in the ritual, in order to catch the Abo-
litionikts. But it would a t do. They still
would not come in. What next? Why Tom
Spooner issues this infamous Circular. For
whatf in order to allow tne urder to cnange
the ticket so ai, if possible, to make one the
Abolitionists wiii vote. This Circular comet
in tht thiipe of a command; and at the meet
ing we were ordered by our superiors, who
used to curse the Abolitionists to change out
rotes, in obedience to the command ol Tom
Spooner, so as to give ourselves up, soul and
body, to Abuiiiioiii8i8anidisunioni8ts!!anri,
will you believe it, XKe thing carried! Car
ried, because there were but fetv present. But
it is carried, nd now all who stay in the Or
der are, by tneir oulM, bound by this action,
ine great "American party" sold to the nie
hi stealing Abolitionists! Y eods. what
beautiful position and that, too. after taking
me mini degree oam. ine tningtsdesrf now.
The action ol the Council No. 3ft,at their last
meeting, killed it. It was dvini before, but
i ts cartful nurses hurried it off. But here is
Tom Spooner s letter of dictation:
Office of the President, State Council
of Ohio.
CINCINNATI, June 18,1855.
To the Subordinate Councils,
Of tht State of Ohio:
Tie Stale Council at its late session in
Cleveland, determined to suspend all definite
action In the matter of nominations, until the
13th of Aiieust, at a hichtime the Executive
Council w ill be convened, to deliberate noon
the course to be ultimately recommend! to
the American rarty, Jn the mean time Coun-
cils that hare not nominated a State Ticket,
are urseutly requested to do so. and t- such
as have nominated and desire to change their
vote can oy sending in a second ballot,, with
a request to withdraw their first, have a right
to thus expiens any change of sentiment tht
lime and reflection may have effected in their
Councils. The same rules will cavern the
present balloting that were prescribed for the
first, and all nominations must be sent to my
addicts previous to the fiist of August. The
action of the State Council in makine an
open declaration of our principles to the world
is Heartily responded to by the Order torough
out the Slate, and has awakened an enthusi
asm which augurs well for our success iu the
coming struggle with the enemies of Fiee In
stitutions. Uur riattorm is hailed as a har
biugerof Victory by il, and with it.and on
it we will stand triumphant by this we con
quer. Up then brethren and at work do
your duty, jour whole duty, and the is
. I niurt here close. I will give vou in mv
next h history of the squirming and swearing
this sell produces in our ranks.
Believe me, we are not yet the property of
loin opoouer or. cu., to oe in us transferred
like sheen. SAM.'
Reader what think you of these disclosures?
rv. t . j ! r . I . .
iu jiu iiuk etc a uraigii lur cnanglllg ironi,
and to prepare, (if the Brinkerhoff ticket is
not nominated by the fusion Convention of
the urn ol Jul,) to endorse the Abolition
ticket 7 If you usve ever joined this so-called
American party, what now must vou think
of yourself, standing as you do right in the
ranxs oi me reu not Abolitionists?
Where is your oath. The oath you swore
to the principles of Know Nothingism when
you went into the order? Are you still a
freeman ; or are you the slave of Tom Snoo-
ner, to be transferal by him at will to who
ever will bid the highest for your role?
Did you help make this Brinkerhoff ticket?
Was it the choice of your party, to be support
ed before the people? Then why dare you not
come out uoiciy oeiore tne world and declaie
your choice? Your master Tom Spooner has
told you lo abandon that ticket. Why? Be
cause you can't elect it. It is not principles
your master is fighting for it is rotes; and to
gain votes he has said you to the only men
who would buy the Abolitionists! Lei ev
ery candid map who lores his countrv read
this document and then support if be can the
scoundrels who gorern this new party. There
is no mistake in this document ; il is signed
by Tom Spooner, with his own hand, and can
be seen by every man who desires it, by cal
ling on us. .
Democratic Executive Committee
of Ohio.
A number of the members of the
State Executive Committee of the
Democratic Party of Ohio, met at the
office of (he Attorney General, in the
city of Columbus, on the 20th of June,
lend, and temporarily organized bv
appointing Chas. Follett, of Newark,
Cuaireaa, and A bios Layman, of Mar
ietta, Secretary.
A resolution was adopted, directing
the Cuairaun and Secretary to call a
meetmg ot tne Committee, o be held
in Columbus, on Friday, July 13th,
1855. '
In obedience to that resolution, we
respectfully request, that the memkera
of the Committee meet at tbe place and
lime appointed. It ie important that
tUilie member be present at tha meet-ine;.
CHAS. FOLLETT, Chairman.
AMOS LAYMAN, Sec'y—Statesman.
BALTIMORE, June, 28.
great supposed to be an
earthquake, occurred at ont thit morn
ing, ra iting Ulf U city. Many fled
into tbe ttrettt. In tbe eastern tettion
sorrt windows wtre broken, follow
lowed by a rumbling noise. The thock
was felt in the-countrv also. nmm i
A Tragedy in the Crimea.
A sar! tragedy occurred on the 21st at
the entrance to the Karabelnaia ravine.
A body of Freach troops were marching
down to furnish tht usual relief to the
picket in the ravin. The relief was
composed of part of the Sd btttillion
oflb25th regiment of the liut, On
tLe way, Lieut. Dryant, of the grena
dier compmy, bad occasion to check a
soldier who. being partly Intoxicated
was marching very irreguWrly and gtv
ne txpresnoc to angry sentiments in
loud voice. Scarcely had lbs reprimand
been given wheu the man replied
Lieutenant, you're punished mt often
enough, you shall not punish me any
more," and on tbe instant leveling nis
musket, he fired, and slot bim through
the boe'y.
Tbe unfortunate officer, a man 'of
powerful frame, and (aid to be popular
in the regiment, at once fell. Ha was
carried ty one of the English hospitals
near at hand, and died immediately
after hit arrival. Tht murderer was
secured without delay, and was being
aken back ender escort, to tht bead
quarters ot his regiment, when a gene
ral murmer arose from the men lor dis
instant ounishment. Tbt general in
command of the trenches was in tha
ravine close by, and after a brief con
futation between bim and the comman
dant of the relief, council wt held
and tbt man condemned to be shot.
About 200 yards dovn the ravine,
and at slight elevation above it uu the
tide of Frenchman's hill, a small heap
of stones wst observed with a clear
space before it.
To this the unhappy culprit wat
brought, while on either tidt the bat
tail toil wat drawn up lu companies, anu
hert he received the fire ol twe'vt mut
kets, from a party placed at the pppo
site side of the ravine. lit fell forward
pierced by eight bullets, and afttr a
thoit address from the geoeral, the regt
meat proceeded on its way. Halt an
hour elapsed belven the perpetration
of tbe crime and the execution of the
criminal. Tbe soldier had become sober
immediately after committing the raur
der. lie had seen 18 years service, and
wat spoken of as a brave and able mar,.
He hid lately received a tligbt punisn
mtnt for tome irregultrity of conduct,
by no metnt such at to form t motivs
for hit crime, and thit tragic episode in
the history of tbe siege, involving the
. r I .S.I.I.
tnddeu destruction oi two vaiuaoie
vet. mutt be regarded at una more a
raong tbt many examples of the fatal
effects of drunkenness. -
[From the Placer Times, June 1.]
[From the Placer Times, June 1.] Alvarez's Revolutionary Army---
Ills Plan of Operations.
A very absurd tumor has been tttrted
in thit city, that tht reputed discovery
of gold raiuss in Guerrero tnd the lib
erality of General Alvares in declaring
them fiee, were but designs to cover
the violation of our neutrality lawt by
sulistiog men for tbe liberating army.
Wt art assured by Mr. Party Alvtrea,
.he i.ephew of General Alvarez, who
hat resided tome time in thit city, that
they were strictly tnd emphatically
false, If Alvarex bad desired men or
munitions of war from this port, Gen.
Comonlort would not have visited New
Yoik las', fall. The revolutionaiy army
now numbers over twenty five thousand
men ; enough for the purposes of Al
varex, who it extending hit operations
far beyond Acapulco. Being master of
all Michoacan Moraia, ha it now dtter
miged to capture that city tnd to hold it.
Alvarez't plan is to harass Santa An
na't troopt, to defeat them in squads,
to teptrate them, but not to engage, at
yet, decisive battles, not to attack large
towns, uor to march against the city ol
Mexico.. Thit plan, though slow, baa
already effected serious results. Santa
Anna's soldiers in the iaterior, reduced
to half their original number, are al
most disbanded, and the leader are
discouraged. Colonel Echegaray, in a
report to the Commander General of
Guanajuato, says that tbrt wsr it with
out the slightest aspect of glory. Wbsu
the insurgeutt are numerically weak,
they fly anil establish themselves at t
different point ; when ttrong, they fall
upon and beat the Government troopt.
This it a faithful picture of the har
assing tsctict observed by the liberating
army iu fact it it a guerrilla war, iu
which be need no increase of force.
Tbe public here hat been tu constantly
agitated by rumors of fillibu.s'.ering, that
evtry movement on the part of Alvarez
to establish a belter ueliug with the
Uniou and its inhabitants, in order lo
overthrow British influence, it immed
lately stigmatised by desiguing individ
uals at "fillibusiering."
Freak of Lightning.
On Saturday night during the rain,
the lightning struck the steeple of the
Second Presbyterian Church of thit city.
Tbt fluid descended one of the upright
timbers supporting tbe bell, knocking
off a large piece of it inffl the uperture
between tbe ceiling and the roof; then
ce it followed one of the girders for a
little diafihee. and then took off along
the lathing, following tbe rowt of nails
until it came over where the gat lights
ware burning in front of the choir. From
thence it -came through the ceiling,
making several small holes from the
nail heads iu the lathing. Thence it
followed tbe gas pipes down through
the basement of tbe church and out
under the pavement and up alotg tbe
gat post at tbe edge of the pavement
opposite the -door, extinguishing the
light which wtt burning at the time
Several of tbe members were in very
close proximity to the line of the fluid's
courtf,ut no one wat injured. The
damage to the church wit but slight.
It it said that pari of the city near
Washington street, hat suffered aaore
frosa lightning thsn any other, and it
it explained ia thit way. Tbera it
ravine at tbe bead of ibat street which
creates a draught and furnishes a chan
nel for tbe wind. Tbe wind acts at a
conductor, from which tbe lightning is
disseminated to adjacent prominent ob
jec is. Whether the theory it correct
or not, wa do not know j but the fact
that the effect of lightning have been
more frequently felt in the locality in
dicate J gives it an appearance of plan-
iWliy;.Sjetril I'jiion. -
Later from Europe.
Later from Europe. ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC.
NEW YORK, June 28.
The Baltic arrived thit morning at
o'clock, with datet to the morning
the 16th.
She brings telegraphic details of tbe
capture by the French of Munition and
white Works, after ssnguinsry fighting;
&000 weie killed and wouuded. Tbe
French took 62 gunt and 500 prisoners.
and tbeir new position eoablas them to
shell the shipping in Sebastopol harbor.
Simultsnenosly tbe English stormed
tnd took tht riflemen't works in the
quarries, but loll 600 killed and woun
ded. By a chameful occurrence,ln the Bal
tic, in which tht Russians fired upon
boat bearing a rlag of truce, twenty-
one tailors and three officers were killed.
CRACOW, June 14th.
Emperor of Austria arrived yettetday,
The Crimea correspondenct it down to
the fourth : weather excessively hot.
and all accounts agree that there it a
vast tmouut of disease and despondency
in the garrison at Sebastopol.
Advices from the Uuittd Statet art
looked for, to stimulate prevailing ten
deucy toward confidence in manufacl
The Grand Jury found fire bills against the
Know Nothing destroyers of the block for the
monument sent Irom Kome.
BANGOR, June 27.
Tht Slste Temperance Uonrentiou ad
journed thit tvtning. A ttrong feeling
exists against tht regular Liemocmic
party, in conseqnence of the anti-Mktne
law resolution adoptet tt tht recent
Democratic State Convention.
NEW YORK, June 3.
The meeting of Mhe opponents of the
prohibitory liquor law in tht Park last
evening, wat fully attended. Ex Mayor
Micheli presided, sssUted by large
numbers of Vict President! tnd Sec
Resolutions were adopted declaring
the law unconstitutional, and ia viol
ttion of chartered lighti. but deprecat
ing attempt to oppose enforcement by
forcible resisttuce.
An appeal to the billot box wtt re
commended it the only legal meant of
redress. The meeting was sddressed by
Theodore Tomlioson, Lorenzo Shepherd,
Capt. Ryndert, Judge Morton, and o
then. The meeting wat extremely en
thusiasticso much so thit tht Common
Council was forced to adjourn without
doing any business, in consequnce of
the none In the Park.
Whigs Again.
Whigs Again. BOSTON, June 28.
The Know Nothings State Council
meets to day. A large number ol dele
gatet tre in attendtnee. Tbe prelimiu
ary meeting last night was atltndad by
aooutone hundred persons, Including
Wilson, Gardner, Banks, and several
members of Congress. To the meeting
wit submitted in address which puts
the party on the platform for the re. tor
ation of the Missouri Compromise, ttitl
calling if the American party, ind cat
line in American Matt Convention iu
some central place.
From Washington.
The President and Lady will probably
leave Washington this afternoon foi
Ballimors aud elsewhere, Nothing will
be done with the personnel of the Navy
regarding promotions, &c, until after
the report of tbe Navy Retiring Board
shall be made.
Mr. Wilson, Commissioner of the
Land Office, received bis diamisssl this
afternoon direct from tbe Presideut
He left the office immediately, It is
thought Wilson Sbanuon will be bis
From the Sacramento Herald, June 1.
Singular Phenomenon.
A gentleman who arrived from Santa
Clara yesterday, relates tne following
Some days since, an artesian well was
being sunk near a Iramt house, situated
a few miles distant from the town ot
Alyiso. on tbe road leading from tbal
place to San Jose. The boring rod bad
penetracted a thick layer of ctay, at the
depth of one hundred and sixty-four
feet, when tbe operators left their work
for dinner. Upon their return, after
the lipse of aa hour, a small stream
of water was spouting from tht bore
tbe height of about fifty feet, and which
much difficulty a portion ol the boring
rod waa withdrawn.
One ttctioe of the rod remained in
the bore, and finally thit waa thrown
out with great velocity by tbe force ol
tbe water. A ttieam of pure water fol
lowed, gradually increasiug in circum
ference it tbt earth wit worn away by
tbe constant flow of water, and when
our informant left, there wat a tteady
discharge of witer rising to tbe height
of tlx leet, from an aperture of about
two feet ia diameter. Tbe aurrounning
flats were flooded by thit sires m, ind it
wat found requitite lo cut ditches to
preserve the roads from inundation.
The Mexican Boundary Survey
Romob or Abothsb Pobchase raon
Sabta Ahha. Parties just arrived from
TuesoJ, stys Uia "California" bring us
the following information that orders
have recently arrived, suspending fur
ther operations on tbe boundary survey
betweeu the United Stitat ind Mexico,
in consequence, it. is-rumored, of the
purchase of toother sclice of Sauta An
ui's dominions. It it not improbable
that bit Supreme Highness, in view ol
a speedy Hegira from tbt scene of his
triumphs aud defeat, bat deemed it
tdvitaole lo line hit pocked with the
price of hit subjects, to be rioted away
in the cockpits of Jamaica or in '.be
bull rings of Havanna. Avaiice it get
tmr tbe. better of ambition in the
breast of hit oce le,
" ""on in'
M-r.. ;
Post Office Department.
Blank Agecic. t are informs J
that the Postmaster Geoeral hat discon
tinued tht blank agency alBuffalo, N Y.
and that all postmaster hereafter inp
piled with blanks from tbtt depot will,
ai'tei tbe ltt of July next, be furnished
from tbe blsnk tgency it Cincinnati,
Ohio- Postmasters will therefore tpply
for blsnkt it follows :
Those in Maioe, New Hampshire;
Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island;
Connecticut, New York, New Jersey;
Penntylvtnii, Deliwirt, Maryland, Ca
lifornia and Oregon will apply to the
blank agency it New York. N. Y. Those .
in the District ofColumbit, Virgin'.!,
North Carolina, South Csrolina, Geor-
gii, Alabama and Florida, will apply'
to tbe Firtt Assistant Postmaster uen-
ersl, Washington, D. C. Those in Mis
sissippi, Louisiana, Arkinsit, Missouri;
Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Ntw Mex
ico, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, In
diana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin,
Iowa tnd Minnessoti, will apply to the
blank tgent at Cincinnati, Ohio.
EJlioit of newspapers, particularly
in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan,
Witcontio, Iowa tnd Minneiots, the
Pott officst in which Stitet have here
tofore been supplied ith blankt from
Buffalo, will do an essential suvice by
publishing the tbovt.
Signatiift Pott Hills. are re-
quested to call attention to an official
notice of tbt Postmaster Ueneral in 'his
day't paper, by whichj it will be tteii
tbat the Depailmeut declinei longei
taking the responsibility of rectiving.
and transmitting to the frontier, money
Irom postmasters to pay for printing
their names on blank post bills.
Dtlivtry of Letters, c.-We under
stand frequent complaints sgainat the
department grow out of the lacl that
t-oftmastett too often, trusting ooiy to
tbeir memories, tell peisont then it n
mail matter for them when a subsequent
examination proves that there wes. If
postmasters would adhere strictly t
the rule of making personal search ev
ery time letter aud papers art inquired
fur, then would be more uespa.cn in
their delivery.
Postmasters Assistants to bs Sitorn.
--.Postmasters at small offices, we learn,
are too much in the habit of permitting
iucompeteut members of their families
aud other persons iu their employ, (none
of them being sworn, it requited by
law,) to change the mailt, and to per
form all the other dutiet pertaining to
their office. Nona buiatorn assistant.
should be allowed to have access to tho
Loaning Newspapers.- Subscribers to
newspaper make complaint of the non-
arrival of their papers, and in tome in
stancat intiinatt that tbt lost it occas
ioned by tht fact of the postmaster
loaning lo bit neighbor! the papers of
otbert for perusal. The papen fail to
be tetumvrio then proper place, and
hence the dissatisfaction. Postmaster
are strictly forbidden to loan news.
papers that an iu the othce lor deliv
ery. II ash. Union.
Angels and Devils.
Our very pious christian neighbor
the Journal lipefecll) horrified because
we aamitted eu "Enquirer alter imum
Truth." to ask the Rev. Mr, Lord a few
questions periioeut to the subject in
controversy. We are decidedly ot tne
opinion 'hat if some of these polite
Colporteurs would go into the harvest
fields and help gather bread lor tnese
poor people they speak of, il would on
the whole perhaps redound as much to
their glory. There are always a set of
fellow iu the world too lazy; or too
good to work, that have a special care.
lor the souls of men, but who never
cere a fig for their bodily comloits.
Why the man tbal sweats all day in the
broiling tun, to lay up ttore for the poor
at well at the rich, it woilh a dozen of
these men prowling about the country
entering your houtes, putting imper
tinent questions, aud not always re
fraining from tome insulting lauguage
in their prying curiosity into other pe
ople! butinets. Fed, clothe, educatr,
the poor aud tqualid children "without
a bible," to that they will not be lefus
ed a place in the rich cushioned seat
of your churchet ou tht Sabbath, and
then ihey can hear it well at read of
that religion which maketh all ratu
It it perfectly latonithing to witness
the peculiar care our very good neigh
bora have for all things holy. They
are not at all particular about tbe
trulb, provided tbeir falsehoods go lo
advance the cause of piety, To misre
present tbeir neighbors, by white or
black falsehoods, i a regular business,
all for the glory of the saints, especially
such saints as vole the Know Nothing
ticket. Dr. Lord hat undertaken great
work, that of a home Missionary, aud
we know of uo place, 'where hit labor
tdfma be of more service, than in "the
regions round about," ana 10 uegiu
mure essentially the good work, we
opeued our columns to "t seeker after
divine truth," tbat wheu the Rev. Doc
tor, or rather the School Matter got ab
road, be would not "bide hit light un
der a bushel " but publish it at widely
s the queriet put to bim, it is not
material to us, which of the two does
the most good, so good comes of it, ind
what 1 ha tnnriml at in lh matter tO
ahakt in pious nt-rvet we ciuuut imig--ina.
Let tht Ladies go round on these
charitable missions let Angelt to An
gels work, aud stud the men into the
r..m trtiA.A iti r a titer
I.IUl il C I LI n .u a, u. B V. w.v .www
now badly wanted We will lake three
or four of tbera ourself, if they are
good able bodied suut men.
Murderers Sentenced.
The daily Lalayette ludiiua
ssyt that Abraham Rice tnd Timothy
Dritcoll ware sentenced by Judge Petitt,
to be bung on Friday the 14h day of
September uext
Driscoll it about 23 yetrt of tg and.
it the ton of au honest and industrious
teamster, living in Lafayette, but Tim.
had'uever been taught auy occupation,
ud wat educated ou the stietts. . That
idleness it the parent of crimiuality ia
abuudautly substantiated iu this rase.
Rice ia about 28 yean uf age, served
an apprentievkbip at triinmiug in La
fayette married about fuur years ago
but bit wife obtained a divorce from
him on account of his mlemperatt hah
ed ill. ' " ..
w. " -

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