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The loin of the ProWr inlhf Supreme law
K A. DII TTO, Fdllor.
v. n. rALMiiii's
Rwifipr Stbicrljitlm icd dvciilf tag .g.ncY
PWUAUKLPHU, IW Yl'llk, 1'oMON Villi H.M.-
TiMoni.14 our ainli(nifil aiii ill to ieeitv and
receipt fur 6uUciijlioii mid advertisement fur!
and all blank requirttl under Iht Jus
tices' CtW.for Justices of the I'tact. ore con
stantly kept on kund aud for sale ul this Of
fice. " PllODlLK OF. ALL MXlJii. is ncdv
td at the very highest market prices, tn Sub
scription or AdicrtiuMcntii,iLt thin cjjke.
Monty is not rifusid.
For Governor,
. MED I L L .
For Lievttnant Governor,
For Svpremt Judges.
For Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of State,
For Secretary of' State,
For Attorney General,
For Board of Public Marks,
At a meeting of the Democratic
Central Committee of Vinton county,
lield in the town of McArtlmr, on the
14th da of July, 1855,
On motion, E. A. Bratton was ap
pointed Chairman, and B. P. Hewitt,
Secretary ; when,
On motion, it was resolved that a
Mass Meeting of the Democracy of
Vinton county be held at McArthur,
on the 4th day of August next, for the
purpose of making general and neces
sary arrangements for the appointment
of delegates to the Senatorial and Leg
islative Conventions, the manner of
making our county nominations, and
that speakers from abroad be invited to
On motion, it is resolved that the
Central Committee of Vinton county
are in favor of holding the Senatorial
Convention for this District at GallU
polis, on the 17lh day of August, the
Legislative Convention at Hamden,
on the 25th August, and that the Chair
man and Secretary of this meeting be
end they are hereby instructed to corres
pond with the Central Committees of
the different counties composing said
Senatorial and Legislative Districts,
in relation to their agreeing to said
times and placet. . ------
On motion, it was resolved that the
Democratic. State Central Committee
be requested to make the necessary ar
rangements to tecure the services ol
om reliable Democratic speakers to
address the citizens ot Vinton county,
prior to the approaching October elec
tion On motion, it was resolved that the
proceedings of this meeting be published
in the McArthur Democrat.
On motion, said meeting was ad
journed without day.
E. A. BRATTON, Chairman.
B. P. HEWITT, Secretary.
Know Nothings Tracked of
Mr. Glasgow informs us that for
a i ..a
fume two weens past, mere has leen
before day long strips of white paper
nucnu oiuug vur ruaus ironi iUCArtliur
in every direction. Mr. Glasoow
liBppened to recognize the track of one
,wno Detore daylight, last week, dis
tributed these "Know Nothing signals
on the road leading east. A private
mark on his boots led to the discovery
of this messenger of the McArthur
Council. Know Nothings about town
should see that their boots are not
marked. Murder will out.
We have reliable information for
the fact, that the Council here, on mo
tion of G. B. Will, seconded by the
young Shanghai editor up street, "lie-
solved, To use white strips of paper
oa signals lor canea meetings;" and we
have it beyond doubt that the last meets
ing was called to keep dowu anything
ime aa organization oi tne uid Line
Whigs, such as took place in Chilli-
cothe last Saturday. We think Uippp
fellows will find old Whigs loo inde
pendent for them to manage in this
For Governor,
Of Hamilton County.
The above named gentleman is a
son of Gen. W. H. Habriso.v, late
President of the United States; and
never, perhaps, in the history of the
Whig party, has any man received a
more hearty endowment than hag this
hian in the past week, at large meet
ings, held in Cincinnati, Chillicothe,
Columbus, Cleveland, Sandusky, and
ether points in the State. These
meetings are all preparatory to a State
Convention to nominate a State ticket
for the Whiff party, and is a move
ment that commands the influence of
all old prominent Whigs of our State.
We will publish their Resolutions next
vtfk, that our readers ,m8y see all
fides of what is going on.
Prerent appearances indicate that
ve will have four tickets in the field.
Pmocratic BjttLT. We hope ev
ty honest man. who can possibly do
o, will come, on the 4th of next month,
tn ll.aik... .-J U it, ...... I. I
v" suiAjiaiiw stuu ur( .ma ituiu.
What Free Soilers of 1818 Said
of Whig Principles.
' We clip 11 following from the
Clarion of Freedom, a thorough Free
Soil paper, of August 1818 :
We had tn awful demonstration of
this abominable thing ic out town on
Tiieailj)' and Tuesday night. Arrange
ment! had been previously male . by tlic
follower of T y lor, to uita a in
dicative to tlieir devotion to the cause
of slavery and tin very extension, fur
the Whigs, when thejr ivisli to extend
Uvrry, always promote slaveholders,
alia th casecf John Tyler, and now
Gen. Taylor. On the pole which Whigs
dedicated to slavery, h attached a ban
hit, to which we would tay:
Taylor men ! your banner wears
Two emblems : one of fame.
Alub ! tl.e other thai it bears
Kt n.ii. ils us of ycur blmn.e ! .
Tl.e white muu's liberty in types
Stands bluzoned by your stars
Hut what's the meaning of jour strip's?
Thry meun Tuylor'a negroes' scars!
At the twitch end of this pole is at
tached a twenty foot streamer, which,
when the wind blows, dashes round and
i-recks, to that one i forcibly reminded
jf Gen. Taylor's slate-whip, which digs
ill cracker into the bleeding backt ol
humanity. The streamer is red; llii
represents the color cf the slave driver's
lash, made blooJy with the gore whip
ped from tbe backs of men, woman aud
As the pious and sage travelers past
this way, they make remarkt, that this
it the first town which they have r.oli
ced upou the National Koad which hat
been seized by that disagreeab'e diseate
called the puff-evil. Our town it dis
graced ill it communityis disgraced
ad the tow n council should hold a
meeting to remove the nuisance from
the place, which has been imposed upon
us by the whiskey telling whiskey
drinking, fighting, cursing, mobocratic
Whigs. But, men bass enough to go
fur slavery aud its extension, are pre
pared for every abomiuable excess.
Let the traveler, as he passes our way,
remember that in this town there is a
majority of Free Soil men, and a large
majority opposed to this "polt evil" of
This was receiving Wliiegery into
the embrace of 'Free Soilism with a
vengeance; and it was the position ta
ken by Whig stumpers every where.
We heard it proclaimed from the stump
that "Abolitionism was a hellish
scheme, gotten up for hellish purposes,"
by very prominent Whig speakers.
Free Soilers 1855 of July 13
Reader, mark the change! A Rev
erend Gentlemen opens the Convention
by prayer, and very appropriately in
corpora tes in that prayer the following
"And Pharaoh senl and called for
Moses and Aaron, and said unto them,
I have sinned this time: the Lord is
righteous, and I and my people are wick
ed." Genesis ix : 22, 27.
Alter prayer the Convention, under
the load uf Chase, Oiuuinqs if- Co.,
hatch out a batch ot Resolutions.
Reader, just compare this Platform
with the above positions of Free Soil
ism and Whiggery in 1818, Oh 1
what a change! The Whig party in
'48 tried to swallow up Free Soilism,
but could not do it. In '55 the Free
Soil parly tries to swallow up Whig
gery and has done it!
"Come and dwell with me," as the
whale said when he swallowed Jonah.
"Come into us" says Chase, Giddinos
& Co., July 13th, 1855, and Whig.
gery was swallowed. The only ques
tion for futurity to solve is whether
Jonah or the Whig party 6taved swal
lowed the longest? For our part, we
think either of these parties sufficiently
nauseating to turn the stomach ot any
party composed of honest men, and
have a notion ol our own, that if Berv-
cd as Jonah was, the dog would havY
inducements held out to return to his
Convention. Just from the Spirits---Great Excitement
at Koonz's, Near Athens,
Scene: A larqe room. Editor of
the Messenger as Operator. (Talks
lolhe lable.) II the spirit of Hkn-
ry Li.ay is present it will make that
lact known by three distinct raps?
Table responds Rap! Rap'.! TAP!!!
(The last tap knocking the table and
Jack nearly over, which indicates that
the spirit is in a devilish bad humor!)
We here omit the usual means ol
answering by raps, and give the ones
tions and answers as interpreted by the
Jack, Mr. Clay, I have been to
Columbus, and we nominated Chase
lor Governor.
Spirit.--ln 1840"! personally had
no objections to the annexation ol
Texas ;" w hich betne interpreted,
means thereby the extension of sla
very. Mr. Van Vorhes, "my slaves
are all fat and sleek;" and our princi
ples on Abolitionism was lully under
Jack. Mr. Clay,what do you think
ot the poller ot this nomination:
Spirit. That it will be beat like
the Uevil
At this juncture tbe spirit breaks off
short and refuses to communicate.
Aver's Pills and Pkctorial.
Another year has rolled around since
we last called the attention ot the pub
lie to the above medicines, and we
have no doubt but the timely use ol
these Pills and Pectorial has been in
strumental in saving thousands from the
grave. Our friends here know we
would not recommend these medicines
unless we believed what we here say
about them.
OCT" The communication from a
member of the Methodist . Church,
came in too late for this week; it shall
appear in our next
"". ...
It breathes the
correct rpirit, and truth every ord
Ohio. More Help---"Meigs County Democrat."
We have received a new and beau
tiful weekly sheet, bearing the broad
tanner of the Democracy of Meigs
county, in exchange. It arises, Phce.
nix like, from the ashes of the late
Fountain; it is edited by V. M. Fir
or with tact and ability, Rnd published
by II. W. Sherwood c Co. May
it do good service in Oid Meigs. We
want no Letter evidence of its genuine
Democracy, turn the wincing of Jack
in the Athens Mcssenner of a week or
two since, who closes his notice thus
"1 he Democrat will find 'Jordan a
hard road to travel.' " Jack is such
an old sinner thai his path is justly set
with thorns and brambles ; he has
measured Bro. Fihor's. corn in his
own halt bushel. Jack should recol
lect that an honest man can act the
part ot editor, and find all his ways
"ways of pleasantness, and in all his
paths peace." Of course, we don't
say this ol a Know Nothing, as we
believe even they may have remotse ol
conscience, and feel its gnawiugs.
One AntiWoolly Head Pizen-ed!
The editor of the Newark Times.
a full-blooded Know Nothing paper,
lets oil as we quote below, Ironi his
own paper ot tne HU ir.st. i'oor
Devils ! how we pity these Know
Nothing editors, who sicken on the
smell ol black vool!
Wonder if there was any man in the
I3th Convention, who represented that
faction of the Whig party w hich loves
that "rich Irish brogue" and "sweet
German accent" we once heard of?
Can the Newark Times inform us?
CobveoTIOb We went yesterday to
iht Stale Convention at Columbus, and
returned after midnight, sick unto death
with the doings, in part, of that woolly
headed concern. Chase was nominated
on the first ballot for Governor, bv a
large rote Briukerhoff having first
been withdrawn. Thus seemingly are we;
tied, like an old battered tin pau to the
tails of the one-idea-darkey party ol
Ohio, and oh! ye Gods! S. P. Chase our
leader!!!'-well !tt those that nomina
ted him, elect him, if the cau.-we know
it will he done, if ever il is done, (which
evil may God in his providence avert !)
without our aid in any way or shape,
T. W. Ford was nominated for Lieut.
Governor, and BrinkerhofT foi attorney
General and to the astoniehnient of
hundreds of their friends, who did not
for a moment forget the 13th of August,
they accepted !! "An ounce of tiret,
good apothecary I"
To the Methodist and every Man who will
Reason !
We call especial attention to old
Father Longsthekt's article to true
Weslyans, on the first page of this pa
per. This good and true old veteran of
the J1. h. Church cues a timely
warning to his church that is replete
with argument; in fact, logical conclu
sions that every Know Nothing can
not help but understand. Read it,
everybody, and hand it to jour neigh.
bar tn rsau.
Our reporter informs us that quite a
long discussion is now going on among
the spirits on the present position and
prospects ot the universal Whig party,
woolly heads and all, as to whether it s
a fit subject for the other world, or
whether its convalescence would shake
off the sins of Free Soilism, with
which it has prostituted for some few
years back! We expect to report soon
oi uie conclusion.
. r 1 1 . -
McArthuk House and Stage Of
fice. Judge Kaler, who is wel
known to a large majority of our citi
zens as a clever man and capital land
lord, has remodeled and repaired the
aicArlhur House, and is now prepar
ed to accommodate the traveling pub
lie, in a manner satisfactory to them
The Judge has established a reputa'
lion not equaled in the county lor a
quiet, orderly house, and a table sup
plied with all the viands ot the sea
son. We say to our Jiiends, give the
a call.
We are told that men are now car-
vassing the county, trjing to get sub
scribers for the Fvsee Shanghai Her
ald up street, by representing that we
have an interest in the thing. We
wish it understood distinctly, that we
nave nothing to do politically with it.
nor such men as control it; God knows
it's bad enough for some to belonc to
the same church, let alone the same
Godey'8 Lady's Book for August.
has been received, and is another beau-
tilul number: containinc? sdendiH
Plates, choice reading matter, and do.
mestic receipts that no lady should be
(ET Is "Sam" absent, and if
where? Plain Dealer.
In Columbus to-day, playing second
fiddle to Jonathan. He dances the
"Irish Jig" to-night. Cleveland Ex-
press, t riaay.
T. t
I lie Jbxvress has the matter slight
ly crooked "Sam" played second fid
dle to "fcambo." A nigger jig was
substituted for an Irish jig. Please
correct. Dayton Empire.
XNot exactly, 'lhe jast we 6aw of
him ho was dancing the "Wild Goose
UH bkj." Cleveland Express.
The last seen of him in these dig-
gin's was at Kooktz's, in company
wun uie jacK oi tne Messenqer. con
sulting the spirits.
Wmo Candidate ron Governor or
Ohio. The Whiet of Southern Ohio
propose to nominal J, Scott Harrison
at a third candidate for Governor. Mr.
H. U a ton of the late President Harri
son, and it a member of Congress from
Hamilton county, liia name wat pro
posed to the mass meeting in Cincinna
ti on Thursday evening, and was teeeiv.
fd witb tremendous applause,
At SleArllmr, Saturday, Augusl -fith, 1838.
hi9 tall Seaiatoi aaid vete
ran champion of Ideanocrat"
ic truths,
The talented BBnckeyc ab
ator anil demonstrator of
Fa'ccnicns MigM5 and
The fearless advocate of
IPcmoci'atic principles, will
address the caiizens of van
ton coi&Eity, at the time and
place aluovc
mencing at 1 2 o9clocl ML,
Shall Ohio falter now when
yowr liberties are thavcatened
by a base and
cret political cosnbinaton?
We think wre hear one usai
versa! rcponsc of "Mo, ncv
ci!" Mally, then, from hill
tops and valleys! Bring with
you ever j Voter of your
Township, if possible, and let
all hear hio9s Star rater,
who has grappled wMi the
Clays, Webtea aiad or
wins of Federalism, and the
other- named champions of
Freedom a n d Frcemens
rights, who have been invi
ted, and are confidently ex
pected to address you.
By order of llic Dem. Ccn. Cora.
named, cossi
oath - bound se
The Gazette and the Whig Meeting.
Eoitobs or the Advertises : Gen
tlemen: I could not have dreamed,
five years ago, that "among the changes
and chance? of mortal life,' a contingent
cy tvoulil arise, when I, as a H'Atg,
would be compelled to throw nivelf
upon the courtesy of The Chillicothe
Advertiser, defending myself against
m&iicious, ex parte statements in The
Scjolo Gazette, the latter paper rejocing
at the same time, in another party name
and glorying in what it is pleased to
call tbe "fossiliferous organism of the
Whig party." But having long since
learned and taught that "men change-
principals never," I am content that
none of the responsibility of such inhe
rent homan frailty depends upon me:-
aud if I may haply succeed in maintain
ing a consiKtenl position in the enjoy
ment of opinions adopted with some de
gree of deliberation, and destined, as I
believe, to "prevail," with the residue
composing the great body of "mighty
Truth,"! shall be quite as fortunate at
most men.
Inasmuch as the Gazette has represen
ted me as playing a part in the Whig
meeting on Saturday last, which I ex
pressly disclaim, as foreign to my prin
ciples and feelings, (viz: chocking down
free speech,) permit to give the facts as
I understand them.
So soon as Gen. J. T. Worthington
had concluded his speech, against the
resolutions of the committee, referring
to State candidates and policy, and hav
ing moved to atrike them out, and twice
called for a "second," which was vouch
safed finally from the back part of the
house, I rose, and said that "although
tbe meeting wis called for and by the
ppposers of tbe Columbus Convention, I
wai glad, nevertheless, the meeting had
listened with so much patience to his
remarkt. Such courtesy was due to him
as a long time, native citizen ol the
county, a respectable gentleman," &c.
The Gazette maliciously misrepresents
me as opposing tbe right of the ueuer-
a) to speak or make a motion.
tien. vv, had said: "Hut in rela
tion to the whole platform of July 13th
friends ini neighbors, Whigs of 1643,
vlio acted in 1S54 'viih the Republican
party in their glorious and earnest at
tempt to redress a gieat wrong, to keep
unpolluted by slavery the territory con
secrated to Ireedom by the solemn com
pact of our fathers in 1820, I appeal to
you as to the identity of the position of
the Republican party now, with llmlof
the Wing party at their great Conven
tion in ISM. I was a member of that
Convention, was appointed on the com
mittee to draft resolutions, aud as Chair
man ol that committee, composed of
of some of the ablest and best Whigs of
Ohio, reported the resolution adopted
by that Convention. Those resolutions
were adoped not only by the Conven
tion but by the whole Whig patty of
Ohio, w ith an enthusiasm aud an unan
imity without a parallel in our politi
cal history. They were displayed at
the head of the colums of the Whig pa
pers not only of oliio but also of the ad
joining States, aud never have they been
disowned or denied." Whereupon I
undertook to refresh the memory of my
former colleague, as to the manner aud
way in which thu "platform of 1848"
wus adopted, and asserted that the res
olutions reported to the Convention
were those of but 10 of the 19 members
of the committee which drafted them--the
tenth being the casting vote of the
gentleman himself, who was chairman
of the committee, against another set
of resolutions deemed also expressive of
the sense of the people of the State, on
tbe questions at issue, which were con
cof ted by John L. Minor, Esq.. and your
humble servant. The successful resolu
tions were penned by L. D. Campbell,
Esq., (since "Hon.") who after fighting
them through the committee, with his
characteristic pertinacity, and carrying
them by one majority, was not content
with their comparatively-moderate free
soil animus, but endeavored to press
others of more extreme and imlammato
ry tendencies, through the the Conven
tion, drawn up without consultation
with the committee, by himselfas be
said aud two or three of its members.
It is due to that great Convention too
large for any house in Columbus to
eiy, that they hooted' Campbell from the
stand and he lft in disgust rhen
the committee's resolutioni were passed
nen, eon.
The Q .rette repeats nothing I did tJ;
and the ouly words it pais ia wy
month I did not use.
My assertion wat that a platform. thus
ailoptad, wat not entitled to lunch ki-
Dfct. ! Ins deliberata vnira nf lha Pn.i.
II i lull,
Iii my subsequent rematkt, after read,
ing the call of the mining, I rxprestly
stated thiit, for one, I had uo objection
to the General in, king hit speech, but.
was glud he had leavejthough hit mo.
i;on- (coiisiJering the fact that the meat
ing wastuti- Chase by th "call,") wat
clearly out of order. Oen. W. after
wards met me, tud emphatically tali,'
that "had he seen the call, ha would
not line troubled the meeting." The
cheering with which hit speech was
greeted, came,(a you know, principal
ly from persons standing and walking
about iu the rear of the Hall, most of
whom came in after he commenced bit
remarks. If Chase & Co. art as hearti
ly greeted in Host, ou the 2d Monday of
October, it will ba a more fortunate cir
cutustaiue, in my opinion, for thru
than for the Swte. 1 believe there was
no nullification ia the Whig platform
of 1 8 IS.
Ala I for the Whig rejolutions of
1848 if my leccolleciion bo not a fault
Gen, Z, Taylor failed to carry Ohio un
der them; Gov. Wood was elected
that tear; the Democrats secured the
Senuie;--i;id Towushend and Morse, of
lamous meuiorr. ru ad the house. Tha
Chase men, wr.h the aid of your resolu-liou-maker,
Mr. Campbell, strove to
defeat old Zack., who proved to be tha.
real Liberty President. Am I right!
S. W. ELY.
Chillicothe, Monday ev'g, July 23.
A Mayor Murderer.
In rorlltnd, the second coroner's in
quest ia regard to the cause of the deatU
oi i.o out us, ki neu uuring toe liquor riot,
has resulted in a verdict that the decs-
ri.ii- ifii.il . ..
used came to hit death iu consequence
of the harsh and illegal action of Mayor
Uow leaving it to the Court to deter
mine the degree of crime whether mur
der or manslaughter.
A Coi'hixv Rktout A certain lawver In
one of tha Western Stutus, hud a dog that
was a great favorite, and wus in the habit
unending Court with him. Oue day tha
dog took it into his head to ascend'tlie bench
and annoyed the Judge ery much by runuiu
between his legs, The Judge in s great rags
gave him a violent kick thut sent him yelp
ing across the court house. The lawyer, iuuch
incensed at the unceremonious manuer in
which his favorite was treated, called to him,
"Pompey, come here, there," said he, "take'
tliut,"giving him another kick, "diu't I tell
you to keep out of bad company?"
S. and H. V. Rail Road.
Messrs Riggs, Dumariu end Dugan
huvis returned from the east, having t(
fected satisfactory arrangemants for prot,
ecutiug thd work on the S& 11 V tail.
road. A loan nf $195,000 was effected;
$40,000 to apply to the liquidation of
debts on this end of the road, and the re
mainder to apply to the prosecutiou of
the work betweeti Jackson and M 'Arthur
They liuve dispatcheJ an agent to Eu
rope to negotiate the bonds of the com
pany, and think he will be successful.
They think there is a fuir pruspect of
completing the roud to M'Arthur tbe
Ports. Herald.
The Diffurencb. The Murfreei.
borough (TVnn ) News tlius forcibly
states the case :
"Wlicii a man of foreign birth ba
comes a citizen of the United States,
lie takes an citli to support the Consti
tution. When one who is an AmerU
can by birth joins the Know Nothings
he takes an oath to oppose that Con
sti tut ion. That is the difference be
tvveen tlio two."
Tub Old Whiqs. Never perhaps ia
the history of parties has there been as.
large a class of prominent politicians
treated w ith the same contempt end in
difference as the old whigs by the new
parties that have sprung to the lead of
the opposition. At one time tbey were
invited to follow submissively the dark
lantern Order fight Catholics, foreign
ers, every thing that the Order dictated.
A large mass of them had made up their
minds to do so, but just as they were
getting ready up turns their ancient
troublers, the Chases Giddingset, &c,
&c, and they were very coolly invited
to add negro suffrage to the ugly cata
logue. Against this pilling ofi ol the
agony many seera disposed to rebel outright.
Letter from a Know Nothing.
To the Editors of the Enquirer:
You think you are going to rcako
something oul of the fact that Aboli.
tionism was made the kite and Amer
icanism its tail by the late Fusion Con-
tianllnn nf Osil i. vt t..i a D.it n n n .fc
i cuuuii at. uutuiiiuuo. xj ul jruu wau i
com it ! We would rather any tim
march to the mufic of a negro than
that of a foreigner Dutchman, Irish
man, or Englishman. A negro is bet.
tes than either of them, and should be
so regarded by all true hearted Ameri
cans? and I hope the day is not very
far distant when our State Legislatures
will give the right of suffrage to tbe)
blacks, and take it away from all for
eigners, "American's should rul
America''- is my motto. So, though
we have been made the tail to Aboli-
ti onism, it is far better than consorting
with hlark Dutch. rprl.mnnthoH Irish
and pussy John Bulls. So don't fret
your gizzards. A; Know Nothing. '
C . ,..-. Tha nit... .1.- . 1 I t.t
oiariiivii i - w.iia. uor i vtuvui Klit
was married in this city.; A little girl
eleven years of age of the same school
said to her parents "Why, don't yofe
think -is married, and she hasn't got
througn iraciionsyei:"
'I say Jake, can you spell : potatoes
with only one letted"
"No neither can yoo.you fool."
"Yeil can." ,
"Let's have it then." . ',' ' ,
. "Well we will vut one o out twn
o's--put three o's-put four o's--pul
five o's put six o'sDut teveii ';.
put eighioV."Aherrrl V'V'

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