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lbeTotie of "the Ticiilr isthf Supreme Uw
E. A. 15 11 41 TON. ltfitor.
JUuayu rf r nr rrnrr""""" ------- M
M'AHTMH, Al'CL'ST 3, 1855,
Kwtppr Subscription sad AthrtitUlDf AgmT
tiuobe, it our authorized agent (o receive and
receipt for subscription and advertise-meut for
the Democrat.
XJ and all lilunkts required under the Jus
tices' Codeor Justices uf the Fence, ore eon
stunlly kept oh hand and for suit ut this Of
fice. tR 01) ICE OF ALL KLYD'ii. is ncelo
id at the very Itighevt market puces, on Sub
scription or Advertisements, ut this ojjlce.
Monty is not refused.
WM. D. MORGAN, or Cou mbiaka.
WM. TREV1TT, or Fhasklist.
JOHN Q. BRESLIN, or Sexua.
For the full Term.)
WM. KENNON, or Belmost.
(For the Vacancy.)
R. B. WARDEN, or Fkakrlik.
6. W. tocOOOK., or Jefiersoii.
! II I
Meeting of the Democratic Central Committee.
At a meeting of the Democratic
Central Committee of Vinton county,
field in the town of Mc Arthur, on the
14th day of July, 1855,
On motion, E. A. Bratton was ap
pointed Chairman, and B. P. Hewitt,
Secretary ; when,
On motion, it was resolved that a
Mass Meeting of the Democracy oi
Vinton county be held at McArthur,
on the 4th day of August next, for the
purpose of making general and neces
sary arrangements for the appointment
of delegates to the Senatorial and Leg
islative Conventions, the manner of
making our" county nominations, and
that speakers from abroad be invited to
On motion, it is resolved that the
Central Committee of Vinton county
are in favor of holding the Senatorial
Convention for this District at GallN
polis, on the 17th day ol August, the
Legislative Convention at llamden,
on the 25th August, and that the Chair
man and Secretary ot this meetiiiz be
and they are hereby instructed to corres
pond with the Central Committees of
the ditlerent counties composing said
Senatorial and Legislative Districts,
in relation to their agreeing to' said
.times and places.
On motion, it was resolved that the
Democratic. State Central Committee
be requested to make the necessary ar
rangements to secure the services ol
some reliable Democratic speakers to
address the citizens of Vinton county,
prior to the approaching October elec
tion On motion, it was resolved that the
proceedings of this meeting be published
in me tticAnnur mmocrat.
On motion, said meeting was ad
journed without day.
E. A. BRATTON, Chairman.
B. P. HEWITT, Secretary.
Mass Convention
nicA.rthur, Saturday August lih.
ggfThe friends of Freedom,
Eqt.al Eights, and Equal Privileges,
in Vinton, should all devote one day
Jtfj the common good.
That an Oath-bound Political associ
; ation is now attempting, under the
.most revolting per juries, to sap the
foundations and remove the corner
stone of the Grand Political Arch ol
our Government, which was laid in
. the blood of our fathers,
i Freemen of Vinton without dis
; tinction of party are you prepared to
tamely cubruit to your Government
passing into the hands of a midnight
" secret Order? Are you prepared to
-vote according to the directions of an
Oath-bound band, who have already
been- the cause of Eiot and Bloodshed
in .11 our principle cities? .-Aft, you
Frfpirir. 't
prepared io stand by and see Freeuien
deprived of their dearest rights? If not,
uro out and bear Cot. ALLEN,
YI DUNGAN, Esqri.,- tbe fearless
e bampions of Freemen and Equal
' Privileges! ' ' '
t A New Book. We were banded
. the advertisement "for the "expose of
'.the McArthur CouBcil 'of Know Noth-
rtfro irnn nnl crAn!r .nt 1
. At we have not seen .die tnanuscrict.
but euppose it will be a rich "develop-!
fneci ot secret attempts to govern jne
ptcpie cf v mon county. . borne of
the jt.tu alcut town. figure in. this took t0
vitt.it told.
B. P. HEWITT, Secretary. Banks---Coal---Chance to Make
The Kail Road lias brought some ol
its consequences jot? our midst, and
one ol the most important is a chance
to make money, by delivering Coal at
any of the Stations on the M. f C.
Hail road, in this and Jackson coun
ties. Now is the time for our citizens
to commence in real earnest and fix up
your Banks we don't mean paper
bubbles; but your coal-banBS, Ore
banks, Lime-banks the real wealth
of tha county and if you please open
up a lew Salt-wells on Kaccoon, and
let us add hanks of salt to our 'other
products. Let the rich fields of coal
and oilier minerals, in our county, be
opened up immediately, and money
will soon be plenty with us.
We are creditably informed that an
other Furnace and a Rolling Mill is
about to be commenced on die M. &.
C. Kail road, cbout five miles East oi
Me Arthur, We hope to see the work
linislied up. Push on the Ball. This
location is in a rich and fertile valley,
and the company who own the lands
are amply able to carry out the project.
See advertisement in another column
lor the delivery of coal.
Our Court House.
1 he work on our wourt House is
still progressing with rapidity. We
have had on our minds but one fear in
regard to the woik, that is in relation
to the lumber: it should have full time
to bo perleclly seasoned and rather
than not have w ell seasoned lumber in
the Court rooms, we would preler fee
ing it without a finish for a twelve
month. We don't want a Court House
every year or two to be patched up.
M- M. I. '... ... .
tint i ui.ua a ua, mc vuiui atkur. is a
gentleman who as an architect and me
chanic is no surpassed in the State;
his work at various points in Ohio and
it;.. . ... i . . . .
v irgiuia,on uourl ilouses ana luureli
es, are monuments ol mechanical skill
of w hich he may be proud; hence we
entertain no tears ot our job, except it
arises Irorn the difficulty ot obtaining
seasoned lumber.
Amusing Scene.
Fogy up street, gulps
down the Uhase, uiddinos q- Co.
nomination, Woolly-heads and all.
threw himself in a beseeching attitude
one morning this week and thus ad
dressed an Old Line Whig
Let us go it, brother Whig,
For CJwse, Ford, and the nigga's;
If we get these darkies a vote,
Then we'll beat the Loco's certain
Old Liner gets indignant, and his
poetic lire being aroused, he replies
You can go, if you please,
Another trip up Salt River,
Whe.re there's no distinction made
Between a Ciiaseite and a nigger!
We cali especial attention to the ar
tide, in this paper, headed ,,Tomv
Methodist Brethren;" but more espec
ially do we ask our Clerk ot Court to
give a close and prayerful examination,
and then, if possible, reconcile his ob
ligations in the Know Nothing Order
with his oath as Clerk of Court.
Molasses. This article seems to
on a riz lot the past ten days,; it is
now worth 40 to 44 cents, by the bar.
.! . .l I I . . r
ici, auu w nen we consiaer manes irom
to 10 cent to get it to Mc Arthur,
our citizens will see the cause of a rise
in the article here. . m ,
Western Christian Advocate.
An old aid one of bur mos,t respect
able members of the M. E. Church
requests us to ask the favor of an in
sertion in the Advocate of the cotrw
munication headed, "To my Metho
dist Brethren' :-'
[For the McArthur Democrat.
To My Methodist Brethren.
Majou BRATTONr-ram now and
for many years have been an humble
member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church; trying in my feeble way to
live the lile of a Christian. I have
always felt myself warmly attached to
Brethern, and to the doctrines and
principles advocated by Wesley and
Christian fathers who have rone
before believiii2 them to have reJ
ceivca me sanction of high Heaven
and to be inaccordanca with the ScriD-
t . ., . . r
luiej oi divine irutti. Kecently, how
ever, I have failed to enjoy myself when
meeting and communing with my breth-
, as i uieu 10 uo in aays mat tiave
ioritv of lbe Br;.h7;: ; 7 r- r
' 1. T . .. ,." . V
tearful apprehensions as to the future
success and prosperity of our beloved
cnurcn. ......
I al wjys entertained the opiuion that
prolessors or Christianity above all
man, ehould be good, peaceable and
law-abiding citizens, and certainly
they should not themselves turn Derse.
cutors. Now, the insinuation is made
and the inquiry arises.' Are thev such
peaceable, charitable and law-abiding
nuzeiis, or nave tney turned persecu
tors and lost sight of the important
111 uiai "uoa is no respector ot oer
sons; but in every nation he that fear.
Him and worketh righteousness is
accepted with bimV",. It paics my very
boui to snow and leel -that as to a ma
my acquaintance the first inquiry
must be answered in the negative, and
second in tbe affirmative.' For it
aoqr settled beyond a doubt that .a
large majority of the adult male mem
oerg oi that church ni this vicinitv be-
long lo and hat? identified, themselves
witti that secret organization known as
."Know Nothing Order.' the verr
object of which is political -blunder
to'disfratichise a large, portion ol
God's peot lf?. J have hereto remained
silent upon this, important 'iuestida.
nav jeerj a careful. oLiryer, howv
ever, ot passing-events, aad have tried
re&on from - caun - -effect bejore
gone by, and at this moment I entertain
templing, pubjicly, lo admoniitj. rn
Brethren, or to show the tnconsi
of their conduct.
The result of my deliberations and
observations as ta the dFect of this
secret organization inclines me to in
dorse the sentiment already advanced
by several worthy divines in relation
to this subject, and that is, that no
man can be a member of . this Know
Nothing council, live up to and follow
ii u aicitiie biiu m me same time be
Christian. - . , t
1 am fully conscious that the above
is a broad declaration that it reHects
seriously upon the Christfau character
of many of my Brethren, and I lear
even includes many of the Otlieiarv of
our church; yet I believe that by lift.
the curtain that hides from the
world the secret midnight doings of
is a member; secondly, not to disclose
the names ot any who are members;
thirdly, to oppose Catholics and all
foreign-born citizen?; fourthly, to vote
for whoever is put in nomination by
that Order; fifthly, to defend and shield.
their brethern members ot that Order
kc, ifc?
Now lor ail illustration of the ele
ments and principles (if principles
they may be called,) ol this secret
oathbound society: Let us suppose
that some of the office-holders of Vin
ton county belong to the Order, thai
in accordance with the Constitution
and laws ol our State they have taken
i.i i .i
ana suuscrioea a solemn oatn to sun
mat secret oain-oounu wiuer atu con
trasting them with the principles of a
Republican Government and the duties
ot a Christian, it will be apparent that
there is more truth than romance id the
assertion. j
How can a member of that Order ex
cuse himself from the unholy desfcra
lion ot the Bible in confessing thf de
grees in a Know Nothing lode?
Why attempt to use the precious eift
of God to mao, for the purpose of
sealing and rendering more sacred
treasonable oath an oath which binds
the party 1st to deny the fact that ' he
port the Constitution and laws of the
iiun mc vuiitiiuuiiuii ttiiu taws oi llie
United States and of the State of Ohio:
refer then to these sacred instruments
they have sworn to support; read the
liberal and humane principles therein
incorporated, 1st, 'That all men have
a natural and indefeasible right to wors
ship Almighty God according to the
dictates ol their own conscience."
Secondly "No person shall be com
peueu iu uueiiu, erect or support any
place of worship, or maintain any form!1'16
of worship against his consent; and no
preference shall be given by law to
any religious society, nor shall any in-jemigrants
terlerence with the right ot conscience
permitted;" and, Thirdly "NoOU8
religious test shall be required as a
quauncaiion ior omce," fcc: add
tnis tue tact, our law gives to every
naturalized foreigner a right to vol.
hold office, cf'c, the same as a naturll
born citizen. Now, follow this office-'1'16
and worthy member ol the Of-hi"d
der to the Know Nothing lodge; tliere
witness his humble position in front
of the political altar; see his hands
crossed upon the Bible, and hear him
bind himself by a solemn oath to od-
pose loreigti-born citizens, Catholics,
and the very spirit and letter of that
Conslitu;ion which he has sworn to
uppoitl Suppose, again, that this
L.ll ---t " . .
ouice-uoiuer ano unow Nothing j3 tt
icauiiig meiuuer oi tue ivielhodist or
any other ot the Protestant Churches.
follow him (if you: please) io- the
place of public worship or to the class
room; ueuoia him there assuming the
humble attitude of a worshiper of the
living and true God; hear him pouring
out his soul in thanks to God, for the
blessings of religious and political lilj,
erty; contrast the sentiments there uj
tered with his oath and practice as a
Know Nothing, in attempting to de
prive a larcre portion of our citizens nf
all the pnviliges aad immunities thit
we enjoy, simply because thev hri.
pened to be born in a foreign country,
and like our Pilgrim Fathers, haw
sought an asylum in this hitherto land
liberty! Again, (if you please,)
follow a member of that Order intca
Court of justice place him in ths .In.
Box or on the : witness stand sup.
pose one ol the parties to the suit be
ing tried is a Brother Know Nothing,
the other a Catholic or Anti-Kno
Nothing, in what kind of a position
our worthy friend of th nr
placed in view ol the solemn and le
gal oath thus taken.and the sacriligiotis
and illegal one taken in the Council
room, and which will he adhere to
regard most binding upon him? let
post events and the history of some of
our judicial proceedings answer.
ISow, it may be said that I have
presumed too much,' and that the mem
bers of that order are not thus strong,
bound by the obligation which they
take; my answer to that is this: I have
been told by persons who acknowl
edged that they were members ot the
Order, that such were the facts, in re
lationto the obligation. Again, my
process of reasoning is this, that where
set'of individuals combine together
for political purposes, and form them
selves into a seeret oatlibound society,
and attempt by every possible means
secrete their object and doings from
public scrutiny, we have an undoubted
righl to presume most strongly against
them, even that their object and our-
poses tire treasonable..
Another fend perhaps a more formid
able objection in my njind to this pi
litical and proscribing organization, is
fact, that one. of its legitimate ipA.
dencies is to .build up;-, support and
strengthen the Cathode Church; itent
bles tue'members.of that church witb
soraccolor of truth to complain oi bft
persecuted Bt , oppressed 'on
-:t of their religion: ami ' it isr no
creating 4 -nnw.thy in their favo--.
and will ultimately csu.se hundreds and
thousands in and out of the Protestant
churches to lay down their prejudices
against Catholics to sympathize with
and lavorthe cause of the oppressed
not on account of any love that they
have for that church, its doctrines, or
tor some of its individual members,
but because ot their hatred to tyranny
and oppression in w hatever sect, . party
or people it is exhibited, and because
ol the cry cf doion tcith the Catho
lies, the Irish, the Germans, &C, by
these Know nothings.
I have now, Mr. Editor, written
more than I anticipated when I began
1 simply aesirea inrougti the medium
of your paper to call the attention oi
my Methodist JJrethren, and particu
j la.i!y that of our leaders, to the impor-
phe redeem
she remain silent, and cherish the de-
taut fact, that some of our member
are seriously and deeply involved in the
mire and sir of Know Nothingism
and thereby have become the mere
tools and dupes of some of the veriest
political demagogues in the world;
that in my humble judgment they are
oringing disgrace upon themselves and
upon our church; and I desire to know
what action (if any) our church will
take in relation to this matter ill
herself as nobly as the
Presbyterian and some othei of the
Protestant churches have done? or will
lusive hope and opinion that Know
Nothingism, when nursed in the bo
som of the Protestant churches, will
weaken and produce the final overthrow
of Catholicism? If the latter conclu-
sion is to govern her action the fate of
our church is determined, and the ep
itaph to be inscribed upon her tomb
stone might as well be written now.
I. H.
t'iey niet r Gibson's train, from
who reached here yesterday afternoon,
we learn llie following:
A lew miles above Platte Bridge
Buchanan county, Mo., who told them
that while traveling along the road at
Deer Creek, 30 milts below the bridge
the Indians came up and asked one of
the hands at the head of the train
where the captain was. He pointed
out Mr. Robert Gibson. They rode
up to him, and while one of them
shook him by tbe hand the other shot
hitn dead. They then rode off toward
The next day, a few miles below
l'ie hridge, they were hailed by some
on the opposite side, (the
nortn)) who stated that the day previ
be wWe opposite Deer Creek, they
were attacked by eighleeen Indians at
toilIle,r camp, une woman was lanced
twice, and a man also lanced, and 16
head of horses driven off. The emi-
gnts pursued them a short distance to
hills, where they took shelter "be
holder a small breastwoik made of soda,
and showed light, upon which they rp.
Cor. St. Louis Republican.
Fiendish Outrage near Marysville.
A young man named John Lawless.
about 18 years old, was arrested last
Thursday at Sardis, in this county, on
a charge of attempted rape upon a lit
tie girl, only 4 years and 8 months old.
He had his trial before Esquires Jeff
erson and Reed, which occupied near
ly all day Friday. The evidence was
sufficiently conclusive, and he was held
to bail in $400, which his father gave.
and the young man was discharged.
the penalty in this Stale for rape on a
child under 12 years of age, is death.
As bail was improperly allowed, it is
said the magistrates have ordered the
re-arrest ot Lawlass, and will 6end
him to jail. A number ot men went
to his father's house on Saturday night
determined to take him by force and
execute summary punishment on him.
They were tired upon trom'the house,
and one of the party, named Win.
McMillen, was shot in the back, but
not dangerously wounded. Consider
able excitement prevailed and it is re
ported that another attack would be
Maysville Eagle
7th ult.
Go' Black
Come Nigh Me---Let Mr.
answer the
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
Mr. Chase-Negroes.
CohMedary; Permit me, tbrough
the columns of your paper, lo inquire
whether Mr. Clme, the Fusion candi
date for Gofernor, is in favor of,
1st. Allowing the negroes the right
of suffrage.
2J. Io favor of so changing our lairs
thai Negroes may become Jurors.
3d. In favor of permitting Negroes
0 hold office.
4th. In favor of conferring upon Ne
groes of Ohio any or all of the political
privileges of white persons, and laws,
in all respects, placing them, upoaan
equality with white citizens.
The coctest before us involves these
questions. Gov. Medill, I understand,
holds tht negative of these propositions
Will you advise the public, as far as
you can, of Mr- Chase's views. If I am
not mjstaken ha is IN FAVOR of the
propositions stated, negro suffrvge! mb
qro jubohs!1 NEGROE OFFICE HOL
DERS, and the conferring of the privil
eges of white citizens upon negroes gen-Uy
1) . . A Amehicaj.
All the counties' in Virginia have
been officially heard from, with the ex
ception of sih, and the iota stands
thus : . .
For Wise--7, j.. ........
: " Flourcey
7 Majority' for Wiu .--10,073
Tbe unofficial tote in "the remaining
sii counties to bt heard from jlv Wise
majority f 63. '. ' : ' ' '
Going to the Devil Where it
[From the Cincinnati Gazette.]
Tht following remaikuble article ap
peered in the-Tiuies of yesterday after
noon ;
The Cleveland Convention of the
American Democratic party, held June
5ili ult, by postponing the uoininstion
of state ticket, sowed the seed ol it
destruction, and commenced the work
of its overthrow. We believed at the
time, and are now fully convinced, that
the leaders on tint occasion acted with
hostile premeditation and purpose, know
ing iuii wen mat to break the impulse
and destroy the momentum then gained;
10 disintegrate tne membership by ad
vising participation in other political
movements; permitiug the lead to be ta
ken by a rival thus destroying the suiril
-j .-..; 1 . .. .
ana uuuy, auu inereny uie organization
itsell, woulit ccomplish all the so cat
led "Republican" party desiredthe
destruction for this campaign at least.
ot tne American Democratic party, The
cniel ol the Uruer is no longer tj be de
penueu upon. A re-organuahon is in
dispensable; a popular movement must
be maue if unity aud energy it to mark
the career of the American par'y in the
common contest, and a triumph is to
crown its labors in the triangular com
bat that is to come off.
Let the Americans be calleJ b'v tub
lie notice 111 tbe newspapers, ty men of
the Order whom they will recognize ts
good ana true, to assemble in their res
pective wtids and townships, with all
those disposed to co operate harmoni
ously with thin,vto appoint delegates to
iouuiy convention, . to nominate 1
county ticket and also to take raeas
uresto form a Cential State Committee
al Columbus, to open correspondence
witn American uouuty Committees all
over the Mate to cali, n-rStule Mass
Convention 10 meet August .S.ih, at Co-
luuriDus, men ana mere to forsi a State
ticket. This independent popular ac
tion must se nau, in order to clear the
wreck of '.lie Order"from the trickerv
and treachery that now hampers its ac
tion ay tue regular lorms of procedure.
anu re uie re us irom tbe underhand ma
chiiutions of those persons in whom the
American party has coiiQded, but who
have betrayed it. Drop Council action
for the present, where the ropes and
wires are all cunningly laid, which are
to bind your limbs and strangle youi
life out whenever the first eflori is made
to relieve youselves, then call town
ship and ward meetings openly, of all
who sympathize with the American
heart then go ahead I We are satisfi
ed that this independent, popular ac
tion outside the machineiy of the Or
der, will alone enable true Americans
to escape the enibarrismuuts that now
surround them; for. be assurud. iht
those who have already tricked that
they might fetter your motion, are ere-
pared to keep you quiet, if you remnin
under the old routiue. The onlv -.v
of escape is to act in townships end
wards. Who will take 'the initiative?
who will do the hard work? who will
encounter the risk aud bear ihe expense?
who will Lead? Whoever dues, let
him be supported heartily.
"You that have Tears to Shed prepare
"You that have Tears to Shed prepare to 'Hold your Hosses!'"---
A Mass Meeting in the Fusion
The colered Folks of Belmont. Ilarri
son and Jefferson rmnnip. hoi.i .
"Grand Mass Convention" al Flushing
in Belmont county recently, at which
e were struck as well as amused et
tnelr echoing the Ohio State ournul.
that both the old parties were dead.
uur -colored brethern" are certainly ta.
ken on airs, They
"3. ResoUed, That we hail with
pride and giatitude the annihilation of
me io great political parties of this
coufederacy; we catch the sound of
their death knell as indi cative of uni
versal freedom and .the brotherhood ol
That will do for llie colered folks on
lhe"two great political parties." They
are fusionislt in good steuding.
They then fire on lbe Churches as fol
I ows;
"4. Resolved, That it is the vari
ous churches of America that forge the
cliaius of the slave, end foster damning
prejudice (.gainst tbe color of the skin.'
That is u little ahead of the Journal
it confines its iicis to tbe Catholic
alone! The ueerues eive them alia
Then for the " Women ." ' '
"5- Resolved, That the oppressed
all climes should sympathize with
each other; and as women in this coun
are placed on an equality with col
ored meu, wa admire their courage and
womanly dignity In foiliug their chains.
The White women of course, as these
"colored men" look to something more
fair and winning than the colered la.
dies. But no difierence, so the "two
great political parties are dfad." fu
sion is producing some queer chemical
lesults! Ohio Statesman.
Way It works-M. P. Brister Sustained.
1 tallied,
NEWARK, July 26; 1855.
Col. Medahy: The American Coun
cils of old Licking held a lueeting at
Pataskala Hall last evening- A resolu
tion to agree to the nominations of the
Abolition Convention of tbe 13th, was
vetoed and withdrawn. (Too much
wool.) But a resolution to meet on
the 9th of August at . Columbus, was
agreed to. The Abolition Journal, of
Lolumbus says Licking is getting all
right. Let me tell that Negro Editor
that Chase will not get 200 Americau
votes in Licking county; and if the rote
ie between Medill and Chase, Medill, s
msjority'will be 6,000 in tbe county
mark that ! . The Darkey : Editor of the
Journal can't pull the wool over Amer
icana' eyes.
P. S. The Whig, not the Abolition.
Central Committee, of Muskingum couo.
ty, have called a Conventon lor tbe 25tb
of August. Old Muskiugum . has al
ways been down on Abolition and amal
War ahead in Utah.
riSHiu Bsioham Yocso ate Success
sob. Late advices from Sail Lake con
firm the report that Colonel Steptoe hsi
declined the governorship of Utah and
ih saints, and inform us that he ia on
his way witb the troops under his com
mand to this stale, - In the meantime,
that arch saint aud humbug, Brighara
Young, holds his position as civil gov
ernor and spiritual despot over the
saints. The infamous speech he deliv
ered in full tabernacle against the gov
ernment and people of the United States
has reached tbe President, aud renders
his ro-appointmetit out of the question,
notwithstanding the petition of all Mor-
mondom that he be retained.
The wishes of a people should alwavs
be respected unless they ask for some
thing that is inconsistent with the wel-
fare and dignity of the ua'.ion. Brig
ham Young has avowed traitorous eenti
meuts sentiments that if uttered tr
sny other appointee of the goverumeni
would insure his instant dismissal
sentiments that if avowed by the euv-
ernorof auysoverign state would call
down upon hi:n the indignation of the
whole people, and bring about his spee
dy expulsion. It is impossible for the
Adiniuis'ra'.ion to overlook such open
defiance ss Brigha m hat cast iu its teeth.
xie'd to him iu the present instance.
and he would at once construe it into
weakness. His insolence would know
no bounds, his people become a cancer
in the heart of the republic. He mutt
be displaced then.
But here new entanglements arise.
The United Slates troops, that operated
as some check upon the license and big
otry of ihe saints, have beeu withdrawn
from the Valley? If Brigham spoke so
badly in their nrereiice, what will he do
in their absence, when he receives the
aunouiicemeirt that he has been again su-
perseueui 11 win be no sinecure, that
that office of Governor of Utah; ond he
who would accept it must needs be a
bold and indexable man. Why. Brig-
ham has such control over his saintly
tools, he would have them howling like
wolves arouna the unfortunate Govern
or snouiu he re I use to bow to his dic
tation. In any eveut, we see breaker
Thee Mormons are going to give ui
serious trouble. 1 lie y e re thoroughly
organized are, in fact, a millitary col
ony, ureal attention is paid to the
training of the youth the Nauvoo Le
gion is well armed aud in a high state of
discipline bait Lake City, and. in fscl
all the towus in the Valley, ire being
surrounded by high and strong walls;
forts are being built, ostensibly to resist
the Indians, but may well serve to repel
the Geetiles. With such a people, a
conflict would be a serious matter a
victory not easily obtained. 'They
would light ss (unities fight. It would
reduire a regular armey to subdue them.
trod grant that the necessity may nev
er arue; but it is in the power ot oi.e
man to create if If Brigham Young,
will submit peacably to the loss of his
civil powers. eid in good faiih aid (he
U.iited States officers to administer tha
government in the Territory, all will be
wel, If be persists iu tus arronant and
insul ting course, he can bring about a
bloody conflict between his people and:
those of the United States. Let us hope
that he has wisdom enough to foresee
what then-suit would be. and avoid it.
Who is to be Cheated!
nee fur Lieuleiiant'Governor' is u Third
Degree Know Nothing, and we are crod
ibly informed that alter the withdraw
l of a portion of the late Philadelphia)
National Council, he went back and par
ticipated iu its proceedir.gs until the ad
journment. In company with Rayner,
Pike, Doiul dion, and other Southern
delegates, he visited New York, Bahl- .
more and Washington, where public
meetings were held for the ratification,
the National Platform, and at elr
these places, particularly at Washing,
ton, he is repiesented to us to have been
' hail fellow well met-' with ultra pro-
slavery men, and denunciatory ol Ab
He returns to Ohio, and is coupled
with S. P, Chase, as s candidate for Lieu,
tenant Governor. Al Washington, and
company ol Southern Know 'Noth
ings, his Buncombe speech et Philadel
phia is evidently tegarded as a good
joke a good enough Morgan until after
the election. At Columbus not a syl
lable is heard of the intimate associa
tions with ultra pro-slavery Know
Nothings, but Capt. Fold seeks to cloak
his Third Degree obligations with the
mantle of Abolitionism oledizinn a
barrel of sweat" to the Chase' ticket.
It is clear that "somebody is to be
cheated.'' We have no doubt, and
Ford's conduct at the East provej it,
that the Philadelphia secession on the
slsvery question was fully agreed upon
mo inner circles oi me uraer; a se
cret agreement to openly disagree. All
tne circumstances show an arrange
ment among these gentlemen: that Diet-
are to be in the coming State election
pro or anti elavery, as suits the locali
ty, with a perfect understanding that if
they succeed in controlling results in
States, they will then harmonize on
some candidate for the Presidency, and
make the grand stiide for national spoil
What an insult to tbe People of Ohie,
that such an unprincipled combination
these facts disclose, can receive any
olhar treatment than an emphatic and
indignant condemnation 1
From the Crescent, July 6.
Horrid Murder near New Orleans.
On Wednesday morning at abont half
past one o'clock, the little cottage and
grocery of. Frances Berard, in Algiers,
was entered by sireral persons, who got
by prying out the nails from the fast
enings of the back door. Tbey were f
tdently in search 0 booty, for they had
pulled open all the drapers they -could
find, and emptied an ermoir of its most
valuable contents, but ether carried
nothing. It must have been thai
Mr. tferard beard them, end moved to
see what was the matter, for ha was fall
en upon and hellishly murdered in hie
hi a.. 1 s. 1 e wm
wcu. uo lav or ma wue. lie wat strsn.
gled, and so violently that his jugular
vem oroae.-anaa blow in the bead nH
mmer or hatchet 6nished ihe dred
. i-' . ;'--;,. -'--
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