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Shooting Affair at Bloomington, Indiana--
Shooting Affair at Bloomington, Indiana--Know Nothingism at its old Tricks.
ihooting affair com off io Bloom
lo&ton on th. 23d inst., which, though
ktppUj ending without tba pilling of
blood, hn been the ctuie of no litiU ex
citement tnd of much tilk-
The facte of the cere, ei we gither
tbrm from pritetr source, ere about ai
A Mr. A. B. Carliou. one of the ed.
Itoreofttie Blootningtou New Letter,
was returning home from a friend's,
wnere ne nau seen visiting a young lady
acquaintance, ou the eveuingof the 22J
ioet. be was most brutal assaulted by
aeteral Know Nothings, the connexion
of whom with thai secret organisation,
Mr. C. had previously publicly exposal
through the columns ot his paper. The
darkness of the night was intense, but
through it Mr. Carlton barely escsped
with his life, from murderous missiles,
consisting of Urge stones and heavy
pieces of iron, that were hurled after
him by his cowardly assaulters
On the day lolloping Mr. Carlton met
t man by the name of Batterton on the
street and instantly drew forth a pistol
and fired, saying as he did so "there is
One ofihtd d scoundrels that attempt
ed to assassinate me last night," The
ball missed its mark and the object es
caped by means of the wonderful use of
Lis tegsluto au adjoining store. Mr.
Carlton was prevented from using a sec
ond pistol by the interference of by
standers, lie surrendered himself cheer
fully to the marshel of the town, and in
the investigation of his case was recog
nixed to appen before the Circuit
Court under bonds of fc&OO. We are in
formed that the public feeling in his
behalf was such as brought to him the
proffer of bill to the amount of at least
Indiana Sentinel.
Scene Between Gubernatorial Candidates.
the two Gubernatorial candidates in
Alabama, came near having a serious
personal collision during a discussion
a few dajs ago. Winston, it is stated,
in response to aa assertion ot Short
ridge, said, 11 You area liar!" Judge
Sliorlridge replied to him "You are
an infamous liar, sir," and as he said
this he made his way off of the stand
toward Winston. As the Judge de
scended from the stand Winston drew
out his pistol. By this time the whole
house was thrown into confusion. A
large crowd surrounded the combat
ants, and a general fight was prevent
ed ay me interlerence ot mends.
Cin. Enq.
The issue in Alabama is clearly
Anti-Know Nothincr f Winston) and
Know Nothing (Shortndge.) Fights
anu nois are We sure result m such
contests of birth, cast, races and re
ligion. In Oregon the same personal
ditJiculties occurred between the candU
In Ohio we are spared these scenes
tetweenthe Gubernatorial candidates,
.as Mr. G'liase has too small an opinion
bf Know Nothingism to tight about it,
d Gov. Medill will tun over the track
too east to need a pss at arms or with
M. & C. R.
Mr. Gate, of the Marietta Intelligen
xti, lift been ou the line of our toad fur
tome time past, uud thus peaks of the
progress of the ork:
"A heavy force is now employed on
the unfinithcd portions of the Railroad
west of this place, and additional men
are hired eery day. Rails are now ar
riving here, an. I when the track-layers
commence putting down iron east from
Charleston, another forre may com
mence laying west fruni this place, and
thus the road be opened muph earlier
than would be posoible if track-laying
(progressed in only oue direction. 1 see
jio reason to doubt that the read will
be ruuiung to this place at an earlier
period than lias beeu publicly stated, or
generally expected.
Between this place and Marietta the
the work is heavier, and some delay
ill jet unavoidably result from such
an examination of lines as will satisfac
torily determine what changes, if any.
are desirable in order to secure the
oppening of the road within the short
est period of time, and at the smallest
Scioto Gazette.
Rail Road Accident.
List evening about 9 o'clock the
train of cars Irom Cincinnati to this city
was thrown off the track about sixteen
miles west, and several fieifhtlnaM h.n.
Jcen. A considerable number of persons
were ia me passenger car and were Jbau
Iv frirrlitonpri hut io
f O w - " eats ai.ji.l J 4
The accident was occasioned by the
emoanKmenc Deing washed away by
the heavy rains veslerdav. The train.
by the aid of a new locomotive, reached
jtnis city tins morning at 5 o'clock.
Ancient Metropolis, 27th ult.
Cijabgi or Mibdeb. David Young,
the keeper of the notorious El Dorado
House, tn this citr. was bound over vfiRm
terday to appfar before the next term of
me iOurt ot uommou IMeas, to ansver
charge of murder. A woman by the
name of Mary Eagle, 'deposed that she
was boarding with Young in August
fast, when she saw Young and two oth
er men, named Jocelyn and Red, come
up stairs snd pull a stranger who had
topped there out of bed; that they took
him down stairs back of the bar room
that Jocelyn held his bead back while
Young cut bis throat, and Red was hold
ing him aroundhe waist,, and that she
iheajrd 'be blood gurgle from his throat.
She said' also: that Young afterwards
poke of the matter to her, and said .that
,he had killed the man, and that he had
,g0t 1180 audi gold watch And chain.
Jocelyn has been arrested, and it awak
State Jour.
-i Democrat of Ohio, brush up ha of good
Cieer the skies are br iter the signs are
g ood our letters speak in the most flattering
terms of our prospects- Be up and doloi
And all will be well, or we are deceived fij
the pulse that isteating throughout the State.
State convert'
' tion of Massachusetts will be held at
JSpricgfield on the 8tli of eptcrnhcr. , 1
- '; i u
[From the Campaign Statesman.
Mb. Eoitob : Being desirous of liv
lug in accordance with the principles
of morality and constitutional liberty,
in order to do so 1 fiud it necsstry to
withdraw from the K. N. society, which
1 was induced to join by the cry of
Catholic aggression, But when 1 be
came acquainted with the principles
thereof, 1 found it to be nothing more
nor less than a secret politically party,
with requirements which no true Amer
ican can fulfil without Treaton to the
Constitution under which he lives, I
am opposed to undue foreign ifluence,
but more opposed to being compelled to
vote lor a man whom 1 may cousider
unworthy of a respectable place in our
county jail.
1 do not give my name at present, but
will do so if required, with many more
who have withdrawn-
I do not refuse on account of any se
cret obligation, but because I am asham
ed that 1 ever belonged to any such so
of Ashley, Delaware county, Ohio.
New Candidate for Governor.
The Cincinnati Commercial says the
following is a copy of a document now
in circulation in Cinciunatl:
"J. Scott Harrison for Governor. The
undersigned, in favor of J. Scott Harri
son for Governor of Ohio, and desirous
of responding to the call of old Ross,,
other counties in Ohio, hereby invite all
their fellow citizens of Cincinnati and
Hamilton county, who favor such a
movement, to meet them in Mass, on
the evening of Thursdsy, August 2, at
the Fifth street Market Since. t 8
Please have this list at the Counting
Room of ihe Daily Times, on Wedres-
day Morning, before 10 o'clock, A. M."
Gbeat Fallixo Off in PopDi.ATirw
B. F. Angel, Esq., late American
r a i . .
consul at Honolulu, returning to the
uuiieu aiaies, via -joina, says, in a let
ter to the Rochester Union, d'aied March
2Slh last, that "liie Chinese portion of
Shanghae, tbe boasted great naval city
of the middle kingdom,' is little more
than a mass ruins, and from three hun
dred thousand' inhabitants, two yeais
ago, it has dwindled down to less lhau
twenty thousai d, the effect of the Chi
nese rebellion," When Shanghae was
captured by the Imperialists, aided by
the Freuch, a few month ago, fifteen
hundred rebels were beheaded during
ine nrst mree days, ana their heads dis
placed ou the walls of the city, making
a row a mile iu letiiith.
A SivouLitB Wages There is a man
living near Sidney, in Shelby county,
Ohio, nearly ninety years of age, who
has a bet pending w ith one of his neigh
bors that he will live to be a hundred
years old. The wagt is a huudred bush
els of corn, and in case either or both
should die beforo the expiration of the
hundred years, their heirs are obligated
to pay over the required amount.
General Estcourt, who died of Cholera
before Sebastopol In June last, was the
British Commissioner .for , running our
north-eastern boundary line in 1842,13
43 aud 1841, iu conjunction with the
Hun. Albert Smith, Commissioner on
be half of the United States Government.
He is spoken of as an accomplished of
ficer and geu tie man. .
The New York Tost has information
Irom III; nois, that the product of wheat
in that state is expected to be at least
25,000,000 bushels the present year,
which gives a bushel to every inhabi
tant of the States, young and old. The
lamest product of Illinois hitherto has
been not more than 16,000 bushals.
Ulse, Progress and Decline .
or "
; ; . or ' t
JL Stab Spamoled Bank" in McArthur
end Vinton Comity, with Sketches of some
ot its Members, embracing Merchants, Law
yers, Clerks, Mechanics ami Laboring Men,
Together with the Signs, Grins, Pass-Word3,
uam.s etc., etc.,
Will be published on Saturday, Sept. I,
1855, (under the above tittle.i a oainnhlet of
32 pages of closely printed mutter, illustra
ted wun some oi tne devices of tlie Order.
Ph!ce25 cts. . To be had ol Merchants pen-
erally, and Booksellers.
FJO,lD MOTICE.Notice is hereby giv-l
thAt A Pptitinn will ka Y.rnra.t tA at
- ..... u ii . vii at
the next session 'of the Commissioners ' of
Vinton rnillltv Dllin nrnvina fnr n.r altera
tion of that part of the Athens and McAr-
.i ni i , ii
mur noau uescrioeti as loiiows, to wit:
Commencing at the West end of the bridge
across Big Raccoon, near the land of W. 11.
Black, in Knox township in said county :
il - T . . nn
uience running norm-wesi m or 4U rods
along the old Mill road; thence nearly West
to the high ground above high water mark;
thence a South-west courseou the lower bench
of the hill, ou the North side of the creek on
said Black's land; continuing said last men
tioned direction until it intersects the old
Road west of a large rock, on the bank of
said creek, on said Black's land; thence along
(or near) the old road to the first run out Ja
cob Tedrow'a land; thence through the field
on the No i Ui aide, nn th hptj irrumd into.
secting the old road in the most convenient
the low POD at Wm. Mvr' n!nr in Ma.licnn
o ,t ' J T
tOTnshin. in Raul rnnntv-.then iha iibamat
and best way to the foot of the big hill near
ni.jeevs nouse; uienceon tne neaiest and
best ground to Maurice Albough's, there to
I - .:.! r . .
cuuj unu i c u miners pray lor a view ana ai
teration of the 6ame. Mast Pwitiowess.' ;.
august 3, '55 4w . : .. ,
ygl Omcs M. & C. R, R, Co.. ) .-
fc--i Chillicotht, July 29, J655. J "
riUE Mabbietta & ClSCINKATI RAiL
A. Road Company are prepared, . to enter
into contracts lor tne transportation ol
Coal or for its purchase, deliverable - at Sta
tions on the line of the Railway in Jackson
or Vinton counties. JOHN WADDLE,
(aug3tfj , Superintendent
IIIOT1CE. The . I'ndersieued has been duly
appointed and qualified as Receiver of
moneys from all those indebted to thetatt
firm of Fulta & Hard j of ihe "McArtbur
Hernlil." All tlirwv. kr.mvinff ihnmnlr,. n
dtbted to the raid firm fdr Subscription. Job
. J .! . !.
yoik or naveuisiiig, are requested to cfall On
Die same within 30 days from date hereof, and
save costs, or their accounts wilt be left with
the proper officers for collection, without anv:
acoeptiona.'; . J. Yf. 6WEPSXQN,. t 1
jnlrlT-rtff J' :l J. . I t ?
Build & Clark. Plaintiffs,, )In AtUchment.
against - ' ' ' '
George Ullom. Defendant. ) (Civil Action.)
i in. weirmiani win una notice that the
J Plaintiff's in the above case, on the 24th
dar of Julv. a. d. rmiil n u, r
Attachment to be issufJ bv J. W. Swepston,
uumui mereaceior en township, Vin
ton county, Ohio, seaintt the Goods, Chat
ties. Stocks, interest in Ktiu ks. Ki.rhi. r.l.
its, moneys snd effects of said Defendant.
l: J I r i
au ouMumuii twDior, oi said countv. to sat
isfv the claim ol the PlninliiT' f.
latsand r.inety-one cents, wiih ten per cent
interest thereon from the 5th day of April.
aim nut-en uunara ine prowiDle coast of this
suit, and that said cause ha9 been continued
for service on said Defeudant, and will be
for hearing before said Justice, at his office
in McAitlmr in said township, on the 8th
day of Septembei. a. d., 1655, at 1 o'clock
p. m. of said day, last aforesaid.
aug3 3w BAIRD & CLARK.
I have just received a large lot of Groceries
that I warnntgooJ or no sile, atthe
lowest Cash prices. Battcn. -
McArthur, August 3.
Apples, D.,
Buttei per lb..
Smoked Uins,-
" Sliouldeis,
" Sides,-.
Beans, W.."..
Coffe a
2,00.1ron, but)
10 Leather, 1S31
11 Lard per lb.... ... 8
U Molasses pr gal. 60
0 Nails, 3d to lOd, 6ul0
30 Oats, 40
2,C0( Potatoes, Irish. 50
14'Peacnes, D.,..;.-3.00
20jPoTkprcwt 4,00
2 Sugar N. O., 10
60(. Loaf, 15
65 Crushed,. 10al2
S Salt, per bbl 3,50
Ems pet doz.
Flour ptrhun. 4,00 Table, pr Sack,'-37
Flour .per bbl 8,00 Soap Wr lb -3u5
Flax Seed 75
Feathers,.. .... .'. .40'
Fish, White,... 8
Teas, Y. II.
' 75
' i 12
" Mackerel,... go 10
Wheat per bu.
Wool per lb"
Hi'les 4
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
bTH, August 3 1855.
" Loitl u
" . Crushed-. 10
Salt, Kanawha, bu. 45
Teas, loose in packs.
" " Y. U., lb. 45li0
" Imper'l,-&5uC5
Ou'np'wdei ' 65
Tobacco M&li. cav.25
" Va. cav.-- a0o30
Oil, Lard iireal... 80
Apples, Dried 175
Uroomspruoz fzu5l)
Bacon Hams per lb, 94
Shoulder " 10
Beans, W. perbu. 3,00
Candles, mould-' -15
' Star". 2-1
Cotton Yarns.... I&t
Cheese.W.R. lb.&Jn'Ji
Coffee, Rio 13
Oil, Linseed "... 100
Oats pr, bu. 50
Cloverseed,- .... 6.01
Flour pi bbl fti
l'caches,Drii!d-.. 2,00
Feathers pr lb... .. 4-r
Potatoes, Irish
.. 125
13 00
Flaxseed, pr bu. 1,00
SMeraluspr lb.
fish, Uoil pr Iu..'. f
" Mackerel fi!2u2 1
1 allow pi lb.".
Tar pr bbl.-. .'.'.
Lard ii lbt I)
timothy wed,
Molasses, N. O. gal. 4 A Wheat pr bu.
S. 11.." 45
Whiskey, Commoii 30
. G..S. .". . 5U
Mon hula, 50
Rye, 6q
Nails, 10to8d W
Sugar N. O..... 7u8
Helta LodKe, Ko.
807, of Free and Ac
cepted Mjsohs, holds
a regularCoinmiinicutioii at McArthur, ' Vin
ton countv, Ohio, every Saturday evening on,
or preceding each full 'moon.
E. A.' Bkatton, Sec'y.
mineral Lodve, IVo. -, holds a reg
ular Coinmiinicatloii at llutmleu, Vinton co.,
O., every Thursday evening on, or preceding
each full moon. D. D. T. Haud, Sec'y.
' Orphan's t'lifiid Lodge, V. ft.,
holds a regular Communication at Wilkes
ille, Vinton coun'.y. Ohio, every Saturday
evening on, or preceding Wch full moon.
H, H. Bishop, Sec'y.
Democratic Mass Meeting!
BY reference to the proceedings of
the Democratic Central Committee of
Vinton County, published in this pa
per, it will be seen that a Resolution
was adopted, calling a . . i -DEMOCRATIC
In McArllnir, on Siinirday, thcltli
' day of August,
For the purpose ot" considering the
manner of appointing, benatoriai and
Legislative Delegates, and nominatinc
a Uemocralic Uounty 1 icRet,1 c.
Never, in the history of our beloved
country, was there more importance for
UNITED ACTION, on the part ol
true Democrats, than at the present
time. Never has your Free Institu.
tions been in more danger of being ef
faced from your Statute Books, by
bigotry and corruption, than at (he
present lime. Never, before, has your
uovernment : been threatened to be
everturned by Secret Political , Oath
bound associations! Then let every
Democrat,- who values his Liberty,
(urn out! Eminent Speakers have been
: i mi n -.1
invuea ana jviu daaress tue uonvea
tion. - -
. By ordef l 'the Democratic Central
Uommitlee. ? ISA. BKATTON,
B. P. HiwjTr, . Chairman,
' . Secretary; 1 V
TVTotice is herebi oivsN.that fJhas. Brown,
X 1 Administrator of the Estate of Thos,
A. Green, deceased, has filed bis accounts
and vouchers, in the Probate Court of Vin
ton county, Ohio, for inspection and final
settlement, and that the same will be passed
upon by sai U)urt, on tbe IS to uar ot Au-
eust. Ib55
I july 27-21
Pro. Judge V. co.
' ' ., " ' EEALEH VS ; '
Kcdiral, Theological, Blank and Misa. Ua .
neou JJoolis, Mulioncrj and Wail Pap t,
r ., , PA1KT STREET, .'. , -
et at ineir eariiesi puoucaiion, or ornerea
Ar cnrlDir tbe sick to an extent never
before known of any medicine.
m.ZS HAUEL, E.,.. th wtll known fttumt, at
Cbwuiul iimi, fhiliU.ln, whuM cliwc product
r houi l aliuoat vry iuiUi M)( ,
I tra llADinr Iu mmv uf riMtr l7.tu..i- P.... ,h. r
btv SjuiiiI llieni a bailer family mliciD hr couimoa
at, Ibaa aay o(lir witliia my know We. Many ol my
rn.nU. hav naliud niarknl bantflu luui tlwm ana co.
lucid with m in blievin( I hit Uwy pw iiraorli
nary virtual fcrdrimn, out diMaa. ana curing ill lick.
1 Lay an not only Aectual but life ana p loan 1 10 a
taken, qiiiliiia Inch rau.t maa Umiq va(ud by Uw
public, wh.ii Uwy at known."
Th vwarabl Chincllor WARDLAW, writta from
. Biltuuw.. liiJi April, iBMl
"1). J. C. Ara-ir: I bar takan your Pill with
(tMl iMnrSI, for III lliilunw, lanniur, k-. of anptlt.
lid Bilmui hoadacha, which haa of lat yara av.rlakan
M in Ui ii.rinj. A fw d.ca of yitl, p,U cured m.
I nav Md your Cherry Perioral many ytara la ruy
raniily for rough and cold with unfailiug cut cm. Ton
oiai tiadicui which cure, and I leal it a plaaaur to
coininand you lor th (ood you hav dou aud ire doliif,"
JOHN T. BEATTV, E.,, Bee. of lh P.nn. Railroad
Co., My t
uoi 0"' Dt. 13, 18S31
"Hlr: l lak pleasure in ad.lina my uncimony to th
fficary of your niedicinea. baring derired rery material
beiionl from th ua of borh your Pectoral and Cathartic
Pill. I am ave without tlwm in my family, m .hall I
vr eonient to be, whil niy nieane will procure them."
Th widely renowned 8. 8. STEVENS, M. D.,of Wnt-
worth, N. II., wrli t
Harm uied your C.th.tic Piuj In my praellca, I
certify fioin (prienc, that they are an inraluabl pur
(atlr. In cam of diaorderrd fnncdi.iie of th liver,
tauKing lieadulx, indigMtion, co.liv.neea, and th great
vanely of dnnua. tint Sjllow, they are a aurer remedy
than any other. In all ease where I pnriaiire remedy
M required, I eomldenlly reeomraend then Pill tn th
public, a luprrior i aav other 1 hav aver found. The
are aura In their operation, and perfectly eafe.quatiue
which naka them an invaluable article for public ua. I
bar foe many nan know your CAarry fntmil aa th
beat Couch medicine in th world, and Ihemi Pill, are in
no wl inferior to that admirable preparation for Ui
treauaeat of diecaaai." , , . , .
un ', . ' ' '"-irB.,Arr.,Arsa5, 1RS3.
Oa. J. C. Aria Dear Sir: 1 hav been unicteo'
rmm my birth wiih icrofula in Iu wnrt form, and now,
after twenty year.' trial, and an untold of amuum of luf.
nrmg, hav been completely cured la a few week by
your Pill. With what feeling, of rejoicing I write, can
onlv be Imagined wheu you reaiiu what I hav lufTnred.
and bow long. '
Newt until bow bar I beta free from llii loatheoaM
diaM in aoni alupe. At timee it attacked my ayea,
and Biade me altnoal blind, beiidea th iinetidimbl
paint olhor. it Milled in Die iralp of my head, and
demroyed my hair, and haa krpt me partly bald ali my
day i eomeiime it caun) out m my fice, and kept it fnf
Hitithi a rnw tore. ,
Abcwt nui wek ipo I enmmenred taking your Ca
thartic Pilb.and nuw am entirely free from Ihe complaint
My ye are well, my ikia la fair, and my hair baa com
menced a healthy growth ; all of which make m feel
already a new penum.
" Hoping tin. etatement may be th meuia of conveying
Inrnrmaiion that .hull do good to other, 1 am, wiih every
Miiiimeul of giatilude. Youth, arc, .
I hare known the abort named Maria Kicker from her
Childhood, and her atmenl U Mricliy true.
Orerteer of th PoruiiKMith Maniilacturing Co."
Cerr. JOK.L PRATT, of th ahip Marlon, write bora
Bmon,th April, I8SH
Your f ilia liar cured me from a bilious attack which
arm front derangement of the Liver, which had berom
vry eertnua. I had failed of any relief by my Pliyaician,
ami from vry remedy I could fry, but a few dnee of
your Pilla have completely reilored me to health. I hav
given them to my children fur wornu, with Hi beet
ITect. They were pnmiptly eured. I recommended
them lot friend, fur eoeiiveneM, which hail troubled hi in
for mombai hetold me In a few dnyt thevhad cured him.
You make the beat medicine in Uie wutld, and I am ire
to lay
Bead thlefrom th dlitlngul.heil Solicitor of th "iipreme
Court, whnae brilliant aliilitie hav mad hint well
Known, nor only in thli but Uie neighboring Slates.
,'' "A"" OrUaM, 51 jfprW, 1854.
7, i L D,v f'a''l"H in euringyoii that my
Mlf and family hav been rery much beneflted by your
medicine. My wife waa cured tw year line, of a
ever and dangerous cough, by your Cnaaar Pbctoui
and ainc then haa enjoyed perfect health. My children
hav eevaral times been cured ftnm attacks of the Inllu
nza and Croup by it It i aq inraliiabl remedy for
4 lieu coualainta. Your Cathibtiu Piue have entirely
cured me from a dyipepnia and coativeness, which has
grown uaon dm liw some year, Indeed lliia curs ii much
more important, from th fact that 1 had filled to get relief
from th heit Phvairiam which thi. eertiia. nf tli..jtntM
ffbrd.,id from any of the numerous remedies 1 had tsken.
" You teem to us, Doctor, like a providential blessing to
our family, and yri iniy well siipiios we are not uniuiud
fill ot It Yours rospsctfullv, i
! u Snail Chmitr, Ohio, April Hh, 1854. '
" Da. J. C. Arta Honored Sir 1 I hav mad a lhor
ough trial of tbe C.th.htic Pilli, left me by your agent,
and have been cured by lliemof th dreadful Rheumatiim
under which be lixind me suHeruiE. 'ill Arst 4om re
lieved me, and a lew MitMequ.nt dm luve entirely
removed in di.eaie. I feel iu better health nuw than fur
Knn years be lore, which 1 atlribule entirely to th ellecl
of your CaTHaatic Titxi. , Vonm with great repri, .
Th ahoT in all from persons who are publicly knowa
where Uiev re.iile, and whs would not make tlieae lllte
ineut without a thoiougk eoovkUou that Uiey war trua
Prepared ly J. C, AYEK , ,
FraotlaiJ udAaaljticalCbraist, Lowoll, Kus.
St.lU by UtU. . WlLli ami E. A. UKA'l'
TON, HcArthur. O.j J. Vorhes, Albany; R.
Culow, Loganj Dr, J. H. C. Miller, Jacksou
C. 11., and by Dealers in Medicines every
where. July 27.'0r) 1mo.
miarthur; house
And Singe Cilice,
. M A 12i STREET,
opposite the post orricB,
PASSENGERS who stop at . this House,
tin take Uie Coach every morning ,lor
Chillicotlie, to Byer's Station, thence by Rail
Road; also, every nie'rning: for Athens, and
other joints South, and East. .' . 7 . -
The f rOfirictor assures all w ho favor him
with a call, that no means will be spared to
make lhem comfortable' and at rfiarges to
suit th' times. ' . ' jjuly 27,'&0.
ROAD, IVOTICK. Nojice is hereby giv.
fen, that a Petition" will ' be' piesenti'rf at
ihe next session 6f the County Commission
ers, wilhin and for the couuty of Vinton, O.,
prayiii for an outer of Suivey, View and an
alteration and location. (if-found to be a good
route) of a County Itoail, wilhin said coun
ty, coiuniciicuia for the same at the briike.
near the house of' Jacob Aiikrotn, in Jackn
township, thence along il McArthur Rodd
to the corner ol said Jacob Ankroms meauow;
Ihence on the South side of the road leading
to McArthur: thence Eastwardly to a Sugar
tree, on the land ol James McMichel, near
the corner of his field at the Township road;
thence a'onu the East side of the hollow,
through the land of Isaac Wyscarver; thence
through said McMicbel's land to a green tree
on the land formerly owned ty Jacob Ilitz;
llience up (lie left hand side of the hollow to
near John Clawson's spring; thence to while
Uak tree, at the end ot said uowsoirt nine;
thence to John Hawk's fence, and along said
fence to intersect the road leading from Lo
cust Grove to McArthur, and there to end;
and that said part of said first mentioned
McArthur road be vacated. . -
july 27--4w - Mart Petitiosters.
:: School Books. :
C3 FELLERS, First, Second, Third Fourih
KJ and Fifth Readers. The liemau's Young
indies neaners. . ' '
Pined' Primary Grammer, - '
' Analytical ; ' t
" English Teacher, ? f
Rav's Arethmatic. Parts First. Second and
Third, Ray'a Algebra, Parts First and Second.
McGuflev 8 Eleclic Primers..
ihe Llemeutary Speller. , ; ;
NVebster'a school IJictionary.
Mitchel'8 Primary Geography. .
Mitcbel'g laiee tliool Geocrannv. latest
edition ... , .' . i . .". ' -;
Copy Books. Slates. Pencels ami all kinds
of stationary for scliooK for sale tt
NOTICE is hereby given, that the under
ilTnPli hflfi IvfpiS ftnrtr.iritjirf' arA aauali f
- s -sp e w wvwaa i J'- J,i V tailts B'Hava
as Administratrix of the Estate of Patrick
D.'McKinniat. lata of the Cnnntv nf Vinton.
deceased. ' s . SAMJRA G, IcItlAMSS. -
July 13-3 ' "
WAVE juit received thtir extensive FALL STOCK, consisting of all the fa tea l styles and
fashions, Our stock having beeu purchased direct from the manufacturers, principally
for cash, withgieat care in the selection of quality and sixes adopted to the Western trade, w
are enabled to otfer superior inducements this Fall, and are determined not to be undersold
by any regular house either in New York. Philadelphia or Baltimore. -,? '; '
Jn addition to our extensive stock of Boots and Shoes will be found a large and well tlec
ted slock of HATS AND CAPS. ,-.
Suitable for the Fall an I Winter Tra le. Merchants and Furnace Orners yUiting iuc tUf,
' are invited to call and examine for themselves. - '.'
- We are now manufacturing a superior article of Ladies' and Misses' Gaiters, Busklr.i and
Slippers. Having procured some of the best workmen in the West, we are prepared to sup
ply those who want custom work. , .' :
ONE THOUSAND lbs. Red Sole Leather, 12.00 lbs. No. i ',Vhite Sole Leather, 30 dozen
French Calf Skius, 25 diueu Craw ford's Skins, 10 don Kip Skins. Upir leather and Shot
Finding always on hand and for sale at Ihe loweit market price. - ' . . -
January 20. 1854. lv.
nicArmur, oiiiiuay, July ntli, iboa.
Those calling for letters will please say ihey
are auveriiceu.
Brown Mr CaihariiirMnrdoch Coting'ou
Brown Churl es jr
Murry James
Mathews Phiueas
Mugee Samuel
Murphy Michael
More IViijainin
McMullin Mrs Martha
MaCarlhey Eugene
O'Brien John
Feed Jeremiah
llitliards Jacob V 2
Kvdlern Jetemiali
Sims Nathan
Clapole David
Casteel Joshua
Cottrell Andrew
Dearth V
Edwards D I
Erwiu Owen
Farrell Eilmond
Fiamnton Isjsc K
Fury James M
G ready Michael
Grfgg George
Guiucs Wm
Steruhergcr & Shower
Harden Margaret Jane six Wilson
Hays John
Sundfoidoc Wing
T -Tom
Mrs Catharine
Tucker Mrs Hannah
Wilson Wm ir
Westfall D
Kaufman Martin
Kyser John
Keilcn George
Langwood Win
Lane Miss Clarri-i-a
July 20, 1855.
BY virtue of a certain Execution to me di
rected .from the Court of Cnmmnn Plu.a
within and for the county of Vintrm. fihi,.'
I will offer and expose to sale, at Public Auc
tion, at the door of the Court House, in said
county ol Vinton, on Saturday, the 11th day
of August, 1S55, between the hours of 10 o'
clock. A. M.. and 4 o'clock. IV M. nf cniii
day, the follow ing described property, to wit:
ni-iois ios. o, i, a, u, it, 'ii, 2-1 end Jl , al
so: Out-lots Nos. I, a, 6, 9 and 10. . Afore
said lots are all situated in the town of Pratts
ville. in said Vinton countv. ilpiimip,l e
laid out and n'conled in the plat of said town;
aim laat'u as uie properly ot Y. J. Urawford
and John Wagoner, to satisly an Execution
in favor of Samuel S. Hard :
.Out-Lot No. 1, appraised at 873,33
" 9. " " 140,00
" " 6, " 325.00
" " 9. 30,00
' " "10, " 30.00
In Lot "3!, 150,00
' " 2J, " 22,00
" " 23, " 20.00
" " 24, -533,33
" " 6. ' " 21.33
'"'' " , 7. " " 21,33
.. " 8. " 21.33
" " 0. ' !J8,33
And mubt sell lor two-Uiirds nf the aforesaid
value. . WM. T1SUE,
July 6,'55-5w Sluritf V. C, O.
GEO. II. Will,
' " T 10 V '
Fancy Articles, Druggists' Shop Fur
niture, Glass Ware, Window Glass,
Alcohol, fjc, cj-c, if-c,
informs his friends
and the public, that he is
now opening a large and
, superior stock of Drugs,
ifc, that have been selec
ted with personal care for
this market.
PnvictAfg and cuslomprii. will find our
frogs of the best quality, all of which we
will sell at tne lowest prices.
For all kinds of Talent Medicines, English,
French and German Herbs, , Tobacco, Cigars,
end a fine assortment ofSoips, Extracts and
Pure Wines. Mue '. 1855. tf.
, ' SHIP.
I'HAVE this clay sold to Vestfall, Stewart
(f Co. entire, interest in the Cincin
nati Furnace Company, and am therefore no
longer a pariner me rein, .
CisoinsAii Fcbsacb, June 21, 1855.
july20 4wl JOHN BOBBINS.
C. P.iTJACT-'....'..
C.P. TEAGY & CO., .
Manvfacturert and WhoUwl
""'-' DEALEB IN '' i ' : '
' One debr' below P. Kfnnry & Col Bank,
iront Street, PORTSMOUTH, O.
April 7, 180S. ly. t .
rTAYlNG a large Stock of Day Books,
a... Journals and Ledcers, made of excel
lent paper and bound well in sheep, with
Morocco or Kussian bands. 1 will sell them
for a"; few months at Pbices Subpiihihm.y
Low! . '.'.'.' - i ..."
Those in want of Blank Docks ' and who
buy for use or to sell agaucan have fcaryairw
thql vill satisfy themselves and suit the times.
ibis is Baying a goon deal ; I mean what I
say. J, it. WHlTTJSMUIiK, -
JNo. I. Union Block, Second si '
Chilmcothe, Ohio. mayl8,'fr5
NOTICE ia hereby given, that Simon Bad
cliff, Administrator of the Estate of
Haiel Barbee, late of the county of VintOu
deceased, has filed ui the Probate Court of
sard county bis accounts, and Touchers for
inspection aod final settlement; and that said
accounts will be passed upon by said Court,
on the 1 1 th day of Angus , A.I). i855.
r- - - U, T. HEWITT, .
Ju1j20,"J5.Jlw ' Pro. Judge V. C.;
E. A, BB.iTT0.Yi
ANNOUNCES to the citizen of Tift,
ton county, thai he haa iust received a
new stock of Books and Stationary, cinsisiiug
in part of i i ..
FAMILY BIBLES, at nrices from il 60 U
tl 00. - . - . .
Bound iu Morocco, gilt and common bind
ine. ' '
Weems' Life of Washington,
.1 .. . Fbarklin.
" " " Marios.
Life of Daniel Roonk. ')
" " Black Hawk, '
Tecumskach. 1 ' ' "
Shakrpeab'i works complete. ' '
Bvron's " " "
Life of P. T. Bakntm.
Ds Acbicn's'8 History of the Reformation.
Binaldo BiKALtJiNA, a Romance.
ice. j a
Itates. J
ailed Stale
Hales History ol the United Stat
uumsriaw s mstory of the United Stales.
Child at Home, a Moral Tale.
The Craftsman. th T.iuht nf th Tn-ml
and Meloildics for the Craft, containing aa
excellent selection ot Hymns and Odes' sui la
me ior eviy occasion.
SONG BOOKS. .,' . .'.
The American Songster, Parlor Songster,
Exile Of Erin. Soups of Old IUnrl Nrm
Songs, and a variety of other 8ong Boons.
Moral and Instructive story books ; forchil'.
dren, Pictorial Tov Books fur child
description. ''.' ' , ,
Justices' Dockets, Lepers and Day Boots;
bound in leather and half binding, ofaUsizef.
Best Cap Paper, Blue Post Letter Paner,
Commercial Note Paper. Bill Paper, also Ink,
Qiiil'.s, Steel Pens, Sand Boxes, Inkstands.
Wafer. Writing Sand, end Stalionary of
every kind, all of which will be sold at th".
mwm iigurre, lor easn. . inay4 'DD. tr
Washington Union Insu
rance Company. ,
Office in Eousc'i Block, corner Superior St ''
and Public Square, , ',
mm $225,000,
fl HIS well known Home Company is pre
X pared, as usual, to take risks on the sa
classes of Property. Their means art
ample, and their rates ura a reasonable as
those of any sound Company.
D B. Dunham, President,
Geo. Mygatt, Vice Presideiit
O. N. Skeels, Secretary,
Geo. B. Senter, General Agent.
Geerge Mygatt, Cleveland,
F. T. Backus, do.
A. S. Samlford, do.'
Jacob Perkins, do.
Benjamin Northrup,d.
Geo. B. Senter, do.
Q. N. Skeels, do.,
D. B. Dnnham, do.
C. W. Cook, do.
Timothy Baker, Norwalk.
John Clark, Brunswick.
' J. P. Robinson, Bedford.
W. M. Powell. Cleveland.
f West ride. i
McArthur, Ohio. '
JUST received the largest and best selection
of Boots and Slides evar .irtprwrl in ihia
market, consisting of , . . ., , i . t
uents. tnamcled Brogans, . ; ; . .
' " Calf . . - . t , , -r , ; '. j
" Buttoned Congress Gaiter, ',
" MorroccoSlipjiers, ; i , .
" French Calf Boots. . . . ' ' .. '
Ladies Enameled Lace Boots, . -r
Sewel ""...'
Iaced Gaiters,
Patent Leather . "
Enameled Jenney tinifa, , ! :
Patent Sea Buskins, ,
Fancy Enameled , . ;
M " Slippers.
Child tens' Rid Laced Boots, . ; . ' -, ,
" Fancy " f
" , Roan
" Kid Pee -
" .'.Enameled". ' ' '
V" Goat j i '. c ii
.? ' Fancy! '
. Misses Kid Sliprfers,- : . j.'.'.j
" Fancy Laced Boots, . ,
Totrether with eve' iript rit TW!eitit
0 - - - J -J mw.
Shoes; of Mens. Womens and cbilflrens'
wear, at me lowest juices, t ;
Sheriff's Sale. ; :t
Sale, from the Court of Common Plea
Hocking tounty and State of Ohio, and
Die directed.! will nf&ranri
public Auction, at the door of the Ccwrt
tiuuso tu iniou county, unio, on WTedm
day, the 15th day of August, I8&V between
hours of lOoVlrvk A M ,Ji n'lvi
M. of said day, tire following described
Real Estate, to' wit: Out-rots aumberthirty.
thirty-one. thirty-twO: alsrx' In-lntti nymrr -
hundred and twenty-nine and one hund
red aud thirty, in the town of McArthur,
county of Vinton and Slate of Ohio j taken
the oroDerty of Joel A: Waldcn in nir,
Execution in favor of the Logan Branca
Bank. ' Appraised as follows,' to. wit : ' In
Iota number 129 and 130. (1 14 66, each ;
number thirty, apjrraised at 168 66;
numoer tnuty-one at W4 33andthirtr-two
192 68. and annul k1I Tn. i.n.iK;.!. r -
appraised yalue. "Wm. TISUE.
D)uly20 1855-Sw Sheriff V. C; O.
Cents per lb. 'paid for Bam, audrarinot
, e huff rnighi tall at. tsi$J

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