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Pittsburg, Maysville & Cin. R. R.
The Director of the Fiitsburg,
Maysvilla and Cincinnati Railroad
Cornpaojr have just published an exhib
it of the BfTairs of the company, and
urge an appeal to the friends pi the en
terprise to purchase the domestic bonds
of the company, to create and adequate
basis for a half million loan on the
credit of the company.
These bonds run six years with in
terest. payable annually," at the rate ol
seven per cent, of their'par value which
is equal to a ten per cent, investment
to purchasers.
The American Railroad Journal
speaks very encouragingly of Railroad
bond. It says, "In a few instances
where coupens have not been paid, the
bonds have been issued ia violation of
what may be considered infallible test
of the goodness of a security."
The editor states "that the original
costs of good roads does not exceed
25,000 dollars per mile any increase
should be in consequence of an in
creased amount of business."
The original cost of the Pittsburg,
Maysville and Cincinnati Railroad is
estimated at only $20,000 per mile, a
saving of twenty per cent, to start.
The fact," says the editor, "tliat one
half of this amount can be contributed
by the community upon the line of a
road, is ample evidence of their abili
ty to supply a trallic that will yield 7
per cent, nctt upon an equal sum."
"All this matter of trusting Railroads
may be reduced to the simplest method.
There need be no mistake?, and there
are none, except in cases where the ob
vious bounds of prudence are over
stepped, or the public has been seduced
into purchasing by excessive low pri
ces which of themselves are evidence
that the securities lack certain elements i
necessary to its safety." "That one
half the cost of a road is supplied from
local contributions, is a sufficient guar
anty that it will be well managed." .
From .past experience, it appears
that railroad securities paying original
purchasers from eight to 10 per cent,
without inconvenience or trouble are
the best and safest investments that can
'03rln the present war in the East,
the Sultan and his Western friends
have been put to some expense, as the
following table indicates:
British Loans extraordinary
French do. do.
Turkish do. tlo.
- 1G,1)00,U0U
Total... 3'jC.OUO.OUU
Multiply the above total by four,
and you will have an approximation to
the actual expenses incurred by the
great powers of Europe since the com
mencement of the difficulty between
Russia and Turkey.
We learn from tl.e Rockingham (Va.)
Register' that on Friday iiiget week a
negro mail entered the dwelling of Mrs.
Armentruut, a respectable old lady, re
tiding near Keezlelown in Rockingham
county, and brutally violated her person.
Mrs. Artnentruut is a lady of good char
acter and respectably connected. She
gave the alarm by screaming, but the
couudrel, tearing she might he heard,
chocked tier until he was reudy to make
hid escape. A negro by the name ol
Sam Google has been arrested, charged
with the offenc.?.
More Rebellion, A gentleman who
.returned don a visit to Cudiz a few
dujs ago, and who is well acquainted
with the old Whigs of that plure, as,ur.
ed us that a great many ot them were
Aery hostile to the Abolition Know No
thing State ticket, and that they had de
clared their determination to go the en
tire Democratic ticket in preierence to
it. The ballis rolling oa.Xiw PhiU'
dclphia Democrat.
"Death or vesebaele Lawyeb.
"Thomas Morgan, Esij , who had been
lor fiifty-seveu yearsa resident of Wash
ington, Pa died in that horo', on Thurs
day of last week. Jle hud been a mem
ber of the bar for upwards of forty years
during w hich time he tilled various res
jionsible cilices under the Federal ajul
jitate governments. lie had b'.tained
tbe advanced age of seventy-one years'
A fiieeiing of the bar w as held, and res
olutions passed .expressive of regiet for
the bereavement.
Tennessee Election.
The net gain Gentry in twenty-five
counties of Middle Tennessee is 1500.
Only two counties of East, aud three
of West Teunessee, heard from all ol
.which give e gain for Gentry.
Hon. John Daveupori died At hit res
idence in Monroe county, Ohio, list
week. The deceased served ia both
branches of the legislature of this State
jsnd for two terms in Congress, lie w as
lso formerly a judge of the Monroe ju
dicial district, and was well known
.among the merchants of Baltimore, he
. Jiaviugbeen engaged for several years in
merchantile business.
The onion, it is said, destroy the at
tractive property of the magnet. It
bas tbe same effect ou young ladies'
The bread of life is love; the salt of
Ji.fe is work; the sweetness of love, poe-
. i . . t i : r t . : k nr r -
f Mtnm u-hibp III 1X1 LIl.llir. J IL ItLr.
By Mew, ia the colonial language of
Cape Colony, whites are meant people
, ,is applied solely to blacks. If, for in
stance, a Hottentot comes to the door,
they say, 'There's a people at the door."
c "Mine Cot. the soreel waggon has run
way mil de green horse, aud broke de
axle-tree of de brick house, what stands
by de corner lamp post across de way
., from da apple tre-wua you poy end
stop d telegraph. Mine Cot, what a
beepleslt ; i
Tti height of rnginalion-to tie i
mackerel to your coat tail anil thick
yourself a mermaid,
' ' - M
Terrible Rain Storm.
Yesterday afternoon, (the 24th last.)
the rain poured down in torrents for at
least three hours inundating the whole
country, as far as we can bear, in the
viciui ijr of creeks anil runt, and destroy
ing any amount of ferices, meadow grass,
etc, An old citizen who resides on Bea
verdsm, in the same spot be hat inhabi
ted for fifty years, assuret us that he
never savVsuch an amount of water it,
that creek, it belngat least from one to
two feet higher than ever before. He
says that whole lines of his fences,
which have been kept up uninjured for
forty-five years, were yesterday swept
away, Such is the report from all quar
ters. In edition to the great injury to the
grass crop, four. fifths of the Whist crop
of the county is now in all probility,
standing in shock, and wet to the centre
by the inncessant rain that have visi
ted us since the rutting began,
Should the wether continue wet many
more days, our worst fears in regard to
the salety of the wheat crop, may b
New Philadelphia Democrat.
Lifts to Law Students.
Question. What it the difference
between a fine and a recovery?
Answer. A fine is for getting drunk.
Q. What animals come uuder the
discriptiou of game?
A. Timid witnesses aud female de
fendants, Q. When ! it necessary to com
mence a fresh suit?
A. When the other has become too
ventilating or seedy.
Q. What is a release?
A. To exchange the society of your
ugly aunt lor that of your beautiful
Q- What is a clerical error ?
A. Preaching a threw hour's sermon.
Q.Yhat is the settlement of a
A. When in omnibus smashes a
small carriage.
Q Wha; are breeches of trust?
A. Trousers procured on tick.
Q. Whulare incumbrances?
A. I'oor relations.
Q What is a mortgage in possession.
A. --An uncle.
Q Mention some of the principle
law books which you have studied?
A Iloyle's Law of Whist. Clibbuge,
Q. What are original writs?
A. Pol hooks and hangers-
O. What steps would you take to
dissolve an injunction 1
A I should put it into some hot wa
ter, and let it remain there until it melted-
Q. What is an original Bill?
A Don't know, but think Shakes
peare is the most original Bill on rec
ord. That will do for this lesson-
Mr. Eratton, Please announce the name
kif N Hi. Itlnrrv. Km., of Wilkesvillc. O..
J ' 1 ' ------ - , -
us a candidate lor nomination, subject to the
UtclMon ol the Democratic iicgtsiulive oon
veiition of Vinton and Jackson counties.
Vinton Democrats.
Mb. Editoh, riease announce the name
of i:. F. Swift, o! Oak Hill, Jackson to.,
as a mi'didttle tor numinution, subject to t tie
decision of the Democratic Legislative Con
vention of V inton and Jutkson counties.
Many Democrats.
further notice, Trains will run daily
(Sundays excepted,) as follows:
Mail Passf.ncf.r Trains Will leave Love
land's on Little Miami R. R.,at7a. m., on
the arrival of the 6 o'clock train from Cin
cinnati, arrive at Chillicothe at 10:15 a. m.,
and at Dyer's at 12:o0 p. m.; connecting with
stub's for Jackson, Gullipolis, llumden, Mc
Arlhur, Athens, Pomeroy, iVc.
Returning leave Dyers at 1.10 p. m., Chil
licothe 3;3U p. in. and arrive at Loveland at
7 lv m. making connections at Uianchester
with trains for Hillsborough and at Loveland
with trains arriving at Cincinnati at 8:'J0 p.
ul. nr.d at Columbus at 11:1- p. m.
CINCINNATI, V"'"4 t'0-
r.. e. .... ! a tram will run from
Byers' to Chillicothe and bafk stopping tor
pu6,-engerg at way stations, as Jolio1'8
Leave Byers' ai 8 a. m.; luave Chill ice-"' he 4
p. m.; leave Uaysville 8:a0; leave Schooley Z
i p. in.; leave Simmons' leave Londonder
ry 1:45 p. m.; leave Londonderry 8.00 p. m.;
leave Simmons leave Schoofey'e leave
Raysville. Arrive at Chillicothe S);30 a. in.
Arri.e at Byers 5;30 p. ni.
The regular excursion trips between Chil
licothe and Byers, and the stopping of truius
at Petermnn's will he discontinued,
(aug. 10 5jj.tf.j JOHN WADDLE, Sup't.
Shades X Reynolds, ri'l'LTs In Attachment.
George Ullom, Defendeat. ) (Civil Action.)
THE Defendant will take notice, that the
riaintifis in the above case, on the 24th day
ot July, a. d. 1855, caused an order of At
tachment to be issued by J. W. Swepston,
Justice of the Peace for Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio, againtt the goods, chat tics,
6tock8, interest in blocks, rights, credits,
moneys and effects of said Defendant, an
absconding debtor of said county, to satisfy
the claim of the FlaintiflV for five dollars
aud eighty-six cents and fifteen dollars the
probable costs of suit and that said cause
has been continued for service' on said Defend
ant, and will be lor hearing before said Jus
lice, at his office in McArtbur, in said town-
shin, on the 8ib day of September, a. d.
1855, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said dar, last
aforesaid. SHADES fc REYNOLDS,
aug. 10 55
TVTOT1CE is hereby eiven. that Peter S
Ll Moore, Administrator of the estate ot
Samuel H. Moore, late of the county of Via
ton, deceased, has filed in the Probate Court
of said county his accounts, and Vouchers for
inopection and final settlement, and that said
accounts will be passed upon by said Court,
on the 1st dar ot September, lao-),
B. P, HEWITT, Pro. Judge V. co.
aug. 10 55 3wJ
"rVToricK it herebt oiVEii.thBt Chas. Brown,
J. 1 Administrator of the Estate of Thos.
A.Green, deceased, hat filed hit accounts
and vouchers, in the Probate Court of Vin
ton count) , Ohio, for inspection and final
settlement, and that the am will be passed
upon by raid tpurt, on the loth day of Act'
gust,lS35. B.P.HEWITT.
fjuly27-3w Tro. Judge V. co.
J Oil W OHK. of avery description neatly
executed, at this UCice. ,
McArthur, August 10.
Arrtes.D..k"' WOTron.. &u
Buttel per lb. 12
Smoked Hums,-' 11
" Shoulders,- 9
" Sides, 9
Brooms, 30
Lard pet lb."
Molsssei pt ftat. CO
Nails, 3d tolOd, CatO
Oats, 40
Poiatws, Irish. b0
Pesc.ies, D., 2 00
Pork prewt 4,00
Sugar N. O., 10
' Loaf, 15
CniKhed.. 10ul2
Beans, W.-.-2,00
Cofle V4
Candles, 2U
Clove rsced COG
Corh-i 65
Epes pel doz SlSull, per bbl 3,5U
Flour per nun. 4,0t " Table, pr Sack, -J
Flour .perbbl fcfe.OO Soap perlb 3a5
Flax Seed 75
Feathers, 40
Fish, White,-.. 8
" Mackerel, .-SolO
Hides'" 4
Teas, Y. II. 75
" Imperial ilW
Tallow. 12
Wheat per bu. 1,00
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
oth, August 10 1855
Apples, Drted. -175
Brooms prtioa 2u50
" Loaf 9
' Crushed.. 10
Uacon llama per lb. 91
Salt, Kanawha, bu. 45
" Blioulder " 10
leas, loose in picks.
" Y. H.. lb. 45a60
Sides "
Beans, W. per bu. 3,00
Candles, mould- 15
" Imrer'l,-55a6r
" Gunu'wder 65
" Star 24
Cotton Yarns-.-. 16
Tobacco M&li. cav.25
" Va. cav...20o30
Cheese.W. R. lb.Sio'j;
Coffee, Rio 13
Oil, Lard pr gdl... 60
Oil, Linseed "... 100
Oalspr, bu. 50
Cloverseed,. 6.0C
Hour pi 0U1 ......
iVaclies,Drie(". 2,00
Potatoes, Irish.. 125
Feathers pr lb 45
Flaxseed, pr bu, 1,00
Snlbratispr lb... 5u5J
tush, totl prlb.... :
" Mackerel 12u2
I allow ui lb.". II
Tar pr bbl. 5,50
Lard pr lb. 9
t imothy seed, 63 CO
Mulami, N. O. gal. 40
Wheat pr bu.-... 1,50
Whiskey, Commou 30
" s. rt. 43
G.S. ' 00
" . Mon liala. DU
" Rye, ....C0
Nails," 10to8J li
Sutar N. O..... 7obl
il07,of Free and ftc
rcepled Mxsons, holds
a regular Communication at McArlhur, Vin
ton county. Uhio, every oaturdtiy evening on.
or preceding each full moon.
E. A. EiiATTON, Sec'y.
mineral Lodee, IN'o. , holds a reg
ular Communication at llumden, Vinton co.,
O., evry Thursday evening on, or preceding
each full moon. D. D. T. Habo, Sec'jr.
Orphan's Friend Lodge, V, !.,
holds a regular Communicaiioii at Wilkes
ille, Vjnton coun'.y, Ohio, every Saturday
eteuing on, or preceding each full moon.
II, II. Bishop, Sec'y.
Hlse, I'rogrefts uod Decline
X Star Spangleu Bannf.k" in cArthur
and Vinton County, with Sketches of some
ot its Members, embracing Merchants, Law
yers, Clerha, echanics anil Loborin Wen,
Together with the Signs, Grips, Pass-Words,
Oaths, etc., etc.,
Will be published on Saturday, Sept. I,
1655, (under the above tittle,) a pamphlet of
32 pages of closely printed matter, illustra
ted with some of the devices of the Order.
Price 25 cts. To be had ot Merchants gen
erally, and Booksellers.
OA I NOTICE. Notice is hereby giv-
. Pil 1 tin I a l'lit
the next session of the Commissioners of
Vinton coun'y, Ohio, praying for an altera
tion of that part of the Athens and McAr-
thnr RfiHil lpjritu'l am Inlinwo in ...It.
Commencing at the West end of the bridge
1 1 . i , . . P.
Hcruw uig ivaccoon, near me lanu ol W , tt.
Black, in Knox township in said county ;
thence running North west 30 or 40 rods
along the old Mill road; thence nearly West
to the high ground above high water mark;
thence a South-west courseon the lower bench
of the hill, on the North side of the creek on
said Black's land; continuing said last men
tioned direction until it intersects the old
Road west of a large rock, on the bank of
said creek, on said Black's land; thence along
(or near) the old road lo the first run on Ja
cob Tedrow'a land; thence through the field
on the North side, on the best ground, inter
secting the old road in the most convenient
place; thence the nearest and best route thro'
the low gop at Win. Meyers' place in Madison
tos nship, in said county; theme the neaiest
and best way to the fool of the big hill near
M.Reeves' house; thence on the neaiest and
best ground to Maurice Albough's, there to
end; and Petitioners pray for a view and at
tention of the same. Mant Petitionees.
auguo! 3, '55 4w
OrncEM. iC.R.R- Co., )
Chillicothe. Julv 29. '605.
'pHE Marhietta 6c Cincinnati Kail
JL Road Company are prepared to CUter
intn f-nntrnrtu fnr ttm Trancnnrtalinr! of
Coal or for its purchase, deliverable at Sta-
. : . i- l : n( 4 1. d .. : i - i .. .1
UUI1B Ull IMG HUG Ul UieiulllttHy 111 JuundUU
or Vinton counties. JOHN WADDLE,
aug3tfj Superintendent.
jY'OTlCE. The iindersigned has been duly
appointed and qualified as Receiver of
moneys from all those, indebted to the late
firm of Fultz &Hard, of the "McArlhur
Herald." All those knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm for Subscription, Job
Work or Advertising, are requested to call on
the subscriber, Ale Arthur, Ohio, and settle
tlie same w ithin 30 days from date hereof, and
save costs, or their accounts will be left with
the proper officers for collection, without any
acceptions. J. V. SWEPSTON,
)july27 Ux
Baud & Clark. Plaintiffs, ila Attachment.
against (
George Ullom, Defendant ) (Civil Action.)
THE Defendant will take notice that the
Plaintiffs in the above case, on the 24th
day of July, a. d. 185ft, caused an order of
Attachment to be issued by J, VV. Svrepsou,
Justice of th Peace for Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio, against the Goods, Chat
tics Stocks, interest in Stocks, Rights. Cred
its, moneys and effects of said Defendant,
an absconding debtor, of said county, to sat
isfy tbe claim ol the Plaintiffs' for six dol
lars and ninety-one cents, with ten per cent
interest thereon from the 0th day of April,
and fifteen dollars the probable coast of this
suit, and that said cause has been continued
for service, on said Defendant, and will be
for hearing before said Justice, at his office
in McArlhur iti said township, on the 8th
day of September, a. d., 1835, at 1 o'clock
p. m. of said day, last aforesaid,
aug 3 3w BA1RD & CLARK.
Ihave just received & largt lot of Groceries
that I warrant good or nd sale, at the
lowest Cash prices. , . JJuiTTcr.
f ill
Are earing (he Kick to an extcit never
before known of any Medicine.
JULES HAUEL, Eh-. Hi wll know prtjmr, ol
L'ltMiput nral, Pliifdlphia. wImim cIkhc prvducu
re bund M ilinott tvtn biiltl. nvi i
I am luppy hi aay of yaat L'tTHiarto PiLu,4hal I
hava found utani a betlM family aiadicim ftr coiumoa
uu, th any other within my knowledf. Many of my
friandi h realiwd marked bantAu from tliain and co
incide with ma in believing thai lliey poaa oswaunll
nary Titluea for driving out diaaea and curing the tick.
Tliey are not only efleclual but eafe and pleaaaM lo b
taken, qualiiiea whlcli nual make Uieu valued by UK
public, when tiny are known."
The venerable Chancellor WARDLAW, writet from
rttltimore, 151 h April, IH64:
J- C. Ani-fiiri I hare taken your Pilld with
great Keneat, for lie luileaanou, languor, luae of aiipetlle,
and Bilioua headache, hich haa of late yeara overtaken
hie in Hi aoring. A few dea of your Fill cured mt.
I a need your Uterry Perioral many year ia my
ainily far cougha and colda with unfailing aucceae. You
make medicinea which turn, and I feel it a pleaaura to
Kmiuieod you tvt the good yuu have don and are doing."
JOHN P. BEATTV, , Bet. of tin Perm. Baitroad
Us ) '
"Pm.lL It Offiu, PkUMfkiM, !). J3, 185S.
"Sin Ink pleanure in adding my tmtimony to li
ernrary of your medicinea. baring derived vory material
benefU from In ue of bulfi your recbiral and Citliartrt
rilli. I am never witnoui them III my ramily, nor ahall I
ver conaenl to be, while niy meana will procure Uietn.'1
The widely renowned & 8. STEVENS, M. D., of Went-
wnnh, . II., write :
Having uted your Catmktic Piixa In my practlc, 1
CTrlify fnuii experience, that they are an invaluable pur
gative. In caaea of diaordered functiona of Uie liver,
cauaing headache, indigeation, coaTivamaa, and the great
variety of diaeaaea that follow, they are a anrer remedy
than any other. In all cam where a purgative remedy
ia required, 1 conAdently recommend lliene Pilla In the
public, aa auperlur lo any other I have ever fnnnd. They
are eure in their operation, and perfectly aafe, qualiiiea
which make Uiem an invaluahle article (of public ua. I
hav for many year known your Ckeny Ptximl aa the
keel Cough medicine in the world, and theae Pilla are in
o wia inferior lo that admirable preparation for Ui
treatment of diaeuei."
. "Acton, Jfc, AV. 85, 1RS3.
"Da, J. V. Artk-Dear Pin I hav hern frlicled
rrom my birth with armfula in ita wont form, and now,
after twenty year' trial, and an untold of amount of mf
fcring, hav been completely cured in a few week fey
your Pilla. With what feeling of rejoicing I Write, can
only be imagined wheu you realii what I hav aulTored,
and how long.
H Never until now hav t been free from thia maltwoaak
dlieaa in aom ahape. At tiinea ii attacked my ),
and made me almoxt blind, beside the unendurable
pain at othere II aettled in the acalp of mv head, anil
destroyed my hair, and haa kept m partly bald all my
daya ; eometnuea it cam out in my be, and kepi il Ii
BHintha a raw am.
u About nine week ago I commenced taking your Cv
Iharlic Pilla, and now am entirely free from the complaint.
My eyea are well, my akin ia fair, and my hair baa com
menced a healthy gruwUtj all of which tuaxea iu feel
glready a new perxoii.
" duping thia atatement may k Hi meana of conveying
Information thai shall do good to olliera, 1 aiu, with every
Miiliuiciil of grslilude, Youra, Ave,
" t hav known the abov named Maria Kicker from tier
Childhood, and her atatement la strictly true.
Overseer of the Portsmouth Manufacturing Co."
Carr. JOE!. PRATT, of th ship Uarion, wrilea from
Bmton, lth April, IBM:
Your Pilla hav cured me from a bilious attack which
arose from derangement of Hi Liver, which had heroine
verv aerioua. I had failed of any relief by mv Physician,
and from every remedy I could Iry, but a few dwea ol
your Pills have completely restored me lo health. 1 hav
given them to my children fur worm, with til bast
ellecte. They were promptly cured. I recommended
hem to a friend for eoaliveneaa, which had troubled him
for montka ; he told m In a few daya they had cured him.
You make Ui best median in th world, and I am fre
to say ao."
Read this from the distinguished Solicitor of he Supreme)
Court, whose brilliant abilities hav mad him weft
known, not only lu Uiia but the neighboring Stales,
"AVsj Orleans, ilk Ajrnl, ISM.
" Rir: t have treat satisfaction in aMiiriiigyou thai my
eelf and family iiav been very much beneflted by your
medicines. My wife wa cured two year sine, of a
aver aud dangerous cough, by your Chisst Psctos.l,
and since then haa enjoyed perfect health. My children
have aaveral limes been cured from attacka of the Influ
enza and Cram by it It ia an invaluable remedy fur
these complaint. Your Cathibtio Pi lu have entirely
cured m from a dyspepsia and costivenese, which haa
grown upon me lor some years, Indeed tin. cure is much
more important, from tin) fact thai I had failed to get relief
from the beat Physicians which this section of the country
aiTords,and from any of the nunieroua remedies I had taken.
" You seem lo ua, Doctor, like a providential bleseing to
our family, and you may well suppose tt are not unmind
ful of if. Youra respectfully,
" SenMt CAamocr, oU, JtprU Mjs, 1S34.
"Da. J. C. Aran Honored Sin I hav made Ik .
ough trial of the Uithtic Pills, left me by your agent,
aud have been cured by iliemnf the dnnxliul Rheumatism
under which he found me suffering. '1'he Aral dose re
lieved me, and a few subsequent doses hav entirely
removed the disease. I feel in better health now than fut
aome years before, which 1 attribute entirely to the effect
of your CaTHaariu Pills. Yours with great respect,
Th above are all from persons who are publicly known
where they reside, and who would not make these state
ments without a thorough conviction Uial they were Iru
Prepared by J. C. AYER,
Practical ud Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Kus
h..lti by bfcli. ii. WILL and E. A. 11KAT-
TON, McArtbur. O.; J. Vorhes, Albany; R.
Culow, Logan; Dr, J. H. C. Miller, Jackson
C. H., and by Dealers in Medicines every-
vvnem. Jniy V7.,DD'-4rno.
And Stage Office,
PASSENGERS who stop at this House,
can take the Coach every morning lor
Chillirothe, to Byer's Slation, thence by Rail
Road; also, every morning for Athens, and
oilier points South and Eest.
The proprietor assures all who favor him
with a call, that no means will be spared to
make them comfortable and at charges to
suit the times. july 27,'55.j
OAD NOTICE. Notice is hereby giv-'
en, that a Petition will be presented at
the next session of the County Commission
ers, within and for the county of Vinton, O.,
praying for an order of Survey, View and an
alteration and location (if found to be a good
route) of a County Road, within said coun
ty, commencing for the same at the bridge,
near the house of Jacob Ankrom, in Jackiou
lOVi'.'ithip, thence along the McArlhur Road
to the cofperof said Jacob Ankrom's meadow;
thence on the 'ulh side of the road leading
to McArlhur; thence Easlwardly to a Sugar
tree, on the land oJ James McMichel, near
the corner of his field at the Township road;
thence along the East siu'e ff the hollow,
through the land of Isaac Wyscarver; thence
through said McMichel's land to a green tree
on the land formerly owned by Jacob Lutz;
thence up Ihe left hand side of the hollow to
near John Claw6on's spring; thence to t white
Oak tree, at the end of said Clowson's lane;
thence to John Hawk's fence, and along said
fence to intersect the road leading from Lo
cust Grove to McArlhur, and there to end;
and that said part of said first mentioned
McArlhur road be vacated.
july 2? 4wl , Maht Petitioners.
School Nooks.
SPELLERS, First, Second, Third Fourth
and Fifth Readers. The Hemau's Young
Ladies Readers.
Pineo's Primary Grammer, .
" Englitb Teacher,
Ray's Aretliniaiic, Parts First. Second and
Third, Rav's Algebra, Parts First and Second.
McGufley's Eleitic Primers.
The Eli-mentary Speller.
Webster's school Dictionary.
Mitchel's Primary Geography.
Mitchel'8 large school Geography, latest
edition.- -'
Copy Books, Slates, Tencels and all kinds
of stationary lor schools, for sale it
HAS now an assortment of Wall Paper,
Borders, Window Curtains, and' lire
Screens, that can hardlv be surpassed in the
West. Trial low, No. I Union Block,
' ,n.,.tu -:.v
Chillicothe, Ohio
$.5iilr Lin
aw ,:-! ,.,',. m.i.hJ,.. VA,
liunuii sww. - -
fashions. Our stock having been purchased direct from tbe t,;"1"'" ' !!"; I"'"
forcah, with great care in tt selection of qualify auJ sizes adopted loU.e urtri ;,
are enabled to offer superior indiirfwcrtrs this Fall, ami re l.-ieniuiied not t, ,. i.h .
by n regular house either in Nev Vttk, Philadelphia or r.iltimore
in addition to our extensive stock i Boots and SliueS wlU le foUu.l a lare emt wi..
edstockof . If ATS AD CATS. . , ,
uithble for tire Fall and Winter Trade, Merchant and Furnace O ner ui i u.g our
ire invited to call and examine for them'res.
We are now manufarttiring a superior article of Ladies' and Misses' GUers, Biifkit.
Slippers. Having pfocored some of the best Wofkmen la the West, we are piepared t'j
ply those who waut custom work. . ' ' ,
" L E A T tl E ft .
ONB THOVSAND lhs. Red Sole Leather, 12.00 II. No. I While Sole Leather. 30
French Calf Skins, 2i diizert Crawford's Skins, 10 dwr KlpBkins. Upper leatlier and
Finding!" always on hand and for sale at the lowest market pricei
JannarT 20. 1851. U. .
. - ,,. , iv tv ' (
FROM miilii, i
STOCK. eonSIStinE O! C'l U
101' i
; 9tt;t
EUo- '
LIST or LE-r i KUS
Mcrthur, Sunday, July Tith, 1&D5.
Those calling for letters will please soy they
are advertised.
U iti
Brown Mm CathaiineMurdoch Covington
Brown Charlis jr
Murry Jamel
Muthews Phineas
Mfige? Samuel
Murphy Mithad
More Bt'iiiamin
Clapole l?aviit
Casteel Jobliua
Cottrell Andriw
Dearth V
McMullin Mrs Martha
MuCartlev Eugene
PostletLwaite MissM 2
O'Brien. John
Reed Jeremiah
Richards JacobT 2
Redfern Jeiemiah
Sims Nathan
Edwards D I
Erwiu Owen.
Farrell Edmond
Frampton Isaac K
Furv James M
Greatly Michael
Gregg George
Guinea Win
Stern bt-rger & Shower
Harden Margaret Jane Six Wilson
Huvs John Saudford cz Wins
Kaufman Mattiti
Kyser John
Tom Mrs Catharine
Tucker Mts Hannah
Wilson Wm It
Westfall D
Keden George
Langwood Wm
Lane Miss Chirrisfa
July 20, 1855.
BY virtue of a certain Execution lo me di-'
reeled .from the Court of Common Pleas.
within and for the county of Vinton, Ohio.
will oiler and expose to sale, at Public Auc
tion, a, the door of the Court House, in said
county of Vinton, on Saturday, the 11th dav
of August. 1855, between thehoursof 10 o'
clock, A. M., end 4 o'clock, P. M. of said
day, the following described property, to wit:
lu-lots r.08. fj, 7, tt, y, 'il, 'iJ, Zl ana i ) al
so: Out-lots Nos. I, 2, 6, 9 iid 10. Afore
said lots are all situated in the town of Prutts-
ville, in said Vinton county, designated as
laid out and recorded in the plat of said town:
and taken as ihe property of P. J. Crawford
antlJomi wagoner, lo satisly an Execution
in tavor ol aaniirel B. Hard i
Out-Lot fo. 1, appraised at 67S.33
2 1,33
And must sell for two-thirds of the aforesaid
value. WM. TISUE,
July C,55-5w Sheriff V. C, O
varnish, d yes,pure essential
oils, instruments, brush,
es of every description,
anatomical prepara
TION'S. Fancy Articlta, Drvggiata' Shop Fur
niture, Ulata Wart,Windou Glass,
Alcohol, fc, ff-c, if-c,
informs his friends
and the public, that he is
now opening a large and
superior stock of Drugs,
tf c, that have been selec
ted with personal care for
thin ll.uihel.
Physician and cuslomevs. will find our
rrugsof the best quality, all of which we
will sell at tlie lowest prices.
For all kinds of Patent Medicines, English,
Fremh and German Herbs, .Tobacco, Cigars,
and a fine assortment of Soaps, Extracts and
Pure Wines. june 15, 1855. tl.
IHAVE this day sold to Westfall, SteWart
rf- Co. my entire interest in the Cincin
nati Furnace Company, and ant therefore no
longer a partner therein,
CmciNSATi Fuunace, June 21, 1855.
jul)20 4wJ JOHN R0BB1NS.
0. T. TRACT.
"F. J. OAK S3.
CP.Tft CY &C0,,.
Manvfacturers and Wholesale
Cue door below P. Rinnry & fo'i Bank,
Jrotif Strret, PORTSMOUTH, O.
April 87, 1855.ly. .
HAVING a large Stock of Day Books,
Journals end Ledgers, Made of excel
lent paper and bound well in sheep, with
Morocco or Russian bands. 1 will sell them
for a few months at Prices ScrpbisikolV
Those in want of J3ai Soka and who
buv for Use or tO sell aeain ran havn harirnina
that villtatvfy thmaetves and auit the tinus.
n'i.: : - i i
iuia is tjavingagoouueai ; i mean wnat 1
No. 1, Union Block, Second st. -Chillicothe,
Ohio. . mayl8,'551
NOTICE is hereby given, that Simon Rad
cliff, Administrator of the Estate o'
Hazel Barbee, late of the county of Viutom
deceased, has filed in the Probate Court of
said county his accounts, and vouchers for
inspection a ad final settlement, and that said
accounts w ill be passed opon by said Court,
on the 11 th day of Augubt. A. D. 1855.
,. IB. r. 'HEVV1TT, .
Jul) 20,n55.3w Pio. Judge V. C O; '
t, A, BiWJ0.YV -
ANNOUNCES to tha citizml ot Vlii
ton cbiinty. that he has jus I received tl
new stock of Books and Stationary! consisting
in part of v
FAMILY BIBLES', at prices from tl SO to
45 00.
Bound iu Morocco, gilt and common bind
ing. ' :
Weems' Life of Washington, , '
,r i. . Fbakklik.
" " Mario. ' " .
Life of Daniel Boone,
" " Black Hawk,
Tecomseach. ,
SHAstiPEAt's work complete.
Bvbon's. ., , . j ;
Life of 1'. T. Barncm. ,
De Auriqne's History of the Reformation;
Rinaldo RiNALDiirx; a Roman!.
Mule's History ol the United. States.
Grimshaw's Hibtory of the United SUitcit,"
Child at Home, a Moral Tale. - ;
The Craftsman, the Light of the Temptai
antl Meloddie for the Craft, containing art
ellent selection ol Hymns and Odes' suila-
for evry occasion.
The American Songster. Parlot Soncster.' "
Exile of Erin, Songs of Old Irelarid, Negro
Songs, and a variety of other Song Boo is,
Moral and Instructive story books forchiU
dren, Pictorial Toy Books for children.of ever
Justkrs' Dockets, Lege ts aad Day Books, '
bound in leuther and half binding, of all sizes.
Best Cap Paper, Blue Post Letter Paper,
Commereial Note Paper. Bill Paper, also Ink,
Qjills, Steel Pens, Sand Boxes, Inkstands,
Wafers. Writing Sand, and Stationary of
every kind, all of which will be sold at the
lowest fiRiire, for cash. inay4 '55. tf ' -
Washing, on Union Insu
rance Company.;;",
tffice la ITonse'j Clock, tonicrStiperlef St. '
nntl Public Squnrc, -;
CAPITAL- - $225,009. ,:
riHIS well known Home Company Is pre
JL pared, as usual, to lake risks on the sa
fer classes of Property. Their means aw
ample, and their rates are as reasonable as
those of any souud Company. ,
D B. Dunham, President,
Geo. Mygatt, Vice President tad
O. N. Skeels, Secretary,
Geo. B. Seuler, General Agent
tlearge Mygatt, Cleveland)
F.T. Backus, do. '
A. S. Sand ford, tlo.
Jacob Perkins, do,
Geo. B. Senler, do.
O. N. Sfteels, do. ' '
D. R. Dunham, do.
. W. Cook, dd.
Timothy Buker, Norwatk.
John Clark, Brunswick.'
J. P. Robinson, Bedford.
W. M. rowe'.l. Cleveland, (West side..
E. F. BINGHAM. Aop.t.
july20'C5 6m) McArlhur, Ohio.
JUST deceived the largest and best select fori
of Boots and Shoes ever uDened in tfrto
market, consisting Of r
uents. tun me leu Urogans,
" Calf ' ...'. k
vhoviivu vui igi teg v isVs vvatTyj
Morrocco Slippers,
French Calf Boots. -'
Ladles Enameled Lace Boolj,
" Goat " "
Sewed . " -
' Laced Gaiters, .
" Tatent Leather ' v-
Enameled Jenney Lind'sy ,
" Patent Sea Buskins, -"
Fancy Enameled " . '.'
" " Slippers. , ... i
Childrens' Kid Laced Boots, .." " - -"
Fancy " .
" Roan "
" Kid Feg - - -
" Euamelcd " ' ;
" Goat " " t .
" Fancy ".'., " ,"""
Misses KtdSHiiperk, .-.
" Fancy Laced Boots, -' r ,
Together with eveiy variety of Btiots 'alii
Shoes, of Mens', Womens and childrens
wear, ai the lowest prices, at
Sheriff's Sale, '
By Virtue of a certain writ of
Sale, from he Court of Common Pleaa
Hocking county and State of Ohio, and
me directed, 1 will offer and expose to sa' '
public Auction. aU the door of tbe C -
House in Vinton county, Ohio, on Wrr
day, the 15th day of August, 1855 fofivec'S
hours of 10 o'clock A M.: ent4 o'clock
M. of said day, the following described
Real Estate, to wit: Out-lot ntimbet thirtyY
thirty-one, Ihirly-tWO; alai.'ln-lots number
hundred and Iwenty-nfne and one bund .
d and thirty, lo the town of McArtbar,
county of Vinton and State of Ohio ; tekert
the property of Joel A. VVUlca trj satisfy
Execution in favor ot ihe Lojsbo Branca
Bunk. Appraised as follows, ii vt : la..'
nunibef 129 and 130, il !4 GoNearW.
& t!6o,
nunibef tfiirtyne at 14 fij, andthirtr-twil
stlW 68, and must sell for two-thirds of
appraised tame, . -Wm. TISU E, -Pljiilv-aO
855-5w -. SheritT V. 0 Qj. .
4Ccnl her lb. paid for IUos, and rs.nnot"
Ettbalf. euouth! Cull nt BAja.vs'a-

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