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The Crazy Convention at Philadelphia.
' del pit in.
In any other age than this, stupified
as it it by all sorts of fanaticisms, the
crowd ot Know Nothings assembled
at Philadelphia would be taken as a
set of mad men, just let loose Irom an
insane Asylum. They avow senti
ments that are abhorent to human rea
son, and disgraceful to the country that
gave them birth.
They claim to be the nobility of the
land the better blood ol the country I
the annointed of the Republic, and
born to rule the rest of mankind. A
set of political outcasts Irom all the
other parties of the country unde
serving any longer of the confidence
of their fellow men they associate to
gether and proclaim that they are the
chosen spirits of the age to lead roan
kind to a new political standard and a
sublime excellence.
They cast aside the labors of a
Washington and Jefferson, and make,
Mormon-like a new political Bible,
and send Preachers to propogate the
new faith.
Such are the impudent, self-conceit
ed, brainless and characterless bigots
that are committing sacrilege in the
old Hall of Independence in Philadel
phia. Political bastards Temper
ance drunkards Religious infidels and
blood thirsty moralists, they set at ut
ter defiance every principle of common
sense, common honesty and the broth
erhood ol mankind.
A correspondent ol the New York
Tribune thus describes how he gets
their secrets:
Some curiosity and uneasiness are
exhibited aMie full and faithful res
ports ot the Couicil which appear in
the New York papers and more espec
ially in the Tribune. There was a
complaint made about it in the meeting
this morning. The Times newspaper
of this city very solemnly warns the
public not to believe anything publish,
ed in the Tribune about the council
Yet everybody will read and believe
for their friends inside invariably re
fer them to that paper for the particu
lars of their action. If the connci
desire to put a stop to the truth leaking
out let me give them a hint: Let them
adopt a strict Maine law unto them
selves. "When the wine is in the
wit is out," is a truism as old as (he
Union and as everlasting; and if the
mombers do not wish to have their se
crets printed in the Tribune they sho'd
i . . ;
Dew a re 01 accepting 100 many invita
tions to drink from good natured, jolly
good fellows loafing about the liote
This is disinterested advice, for if fol
lowed, "my occupation is gone," and
The State Convention
Nomination of Hon. Allen Trimble.
The Convention held here was call
ed scarcely ten days before its assem
tJsgp, yd, during the afternoon, the
City Hall was entirely filled. It was
not as large as either the convention
held by the Democracy of Ohio on
the 8th of January last, nor as that ol
the 13th of July. But it was larger
than other State conventions held here
tofore, by parties organizing for a State
campaign Ut its spirit and tnthusi
asm, it is not fair to either our friends
nor to our opponents, to speak slight
ngiy. it was an enuiusiasuc Von.
vention. The members were not only
.manifestly in earnest, but many of the
members and speakers appeared very
sanguine that this would not only be
the starting point of a distinct party
for national purposes, but that they
would be able to make a very formid
able, if not successful effort to obtain
.ascendency in Ohio next fall.
Let not the Democracy ot this State
flatter themselves that they are to ob
tain an easy victory. Our enemies
have modified their positions, it is true
We may be compelled to encounter, in
the new organization of yesterday, the
real foe with whom we shall have to
.dispute the field. But it carries with
it the secret councils and futive machi
nations of Know Nothingism. This
should redouble our zeal and vigilance
Let every Democrat stand to his arms
Ana be hourly prepared.
Plain Talk.
The Piqua Register, fusion, took
the Daiton Journal, old line whig, to
(ask for not supporting Chase. The
Dayton Journal retorts in very plain
.language, it says:
"We have never 'apologized for
rsiavery,' nor nave we ever tailed Ho
condemn the Aggressive conduct of the
auvocaies oi jue institution.' ve no
irnore Apologize for slavery' thau we
'apologize' for abolitionism. We are
just as much disposed to 'condemn' fa
naticism at the South as fanaticism of
the North. But we do not believe for
all this that all the patriotism and phi-
laninropy wnich the Union contains,
is held North ot 'Mason & Dixon's
line;' that all the North is 'Simon Pur.
and all at the South is wicked and cor
rupt. We have no more confidence in
the political honesty of Joshua R. fiid
dingB and Salmon j?. Chase, than ne
Have in the decency oi Stringfellow
not a whit."
"What folly then is it for the sake of
conciliating such men as Joshua R.
Giddings and his adherents to keep the
great, the only question, 'Stale Re
form,' in the back ground, so as to al
JowGiddings $ C'hase to reproduce
itheir old speeches against slavery, and
to aid in bringing Ohio into the posi.
lion of a rank, seditious Abolition
State? The Register can trudge at the
heels of Giddingi and his piratical
crew, and fight under his black flag of
treason and disunion, but we will have
nonacf him of his,"
Hon. J. Scott Harrison Declines.
By the following letter it will be per
ceived that John Scott Htrrison decline
the nomination for Governor tendered
him by the Whig tod Know Nothings
of Cincinnati. He however embraces
the opportunity to express hii hostility
to the sectionalism of Fuson in is strong
terms n the pruprieliei of the occasion
will allow t
August 6th, 1855.
Hon. James Vail,
Dear sir: At a meeting of the citi
zens of Cincinnati, held on the evening
ot me gnu inst., at winch you had the
honor to preside, I perceive my name
was favorably presented to the consid
eration of the people of Ohio a a can
didateforthe chief maeistrecv of th
State. I have also observed movements
of a similar character in other counties,
and desire through this communication
to respond to each ot these meetings.
I trust, Sir, I duly appreciate the hon
or proposed, and will ever cherish with
grateful recollections the kind partiali
ty which has so manifestly governed
the action of my friends. But, Sir, I
must be allowed to decline the honor
which is tendered me. I cannot con
sisienuy with trusts already assumed,
suiter my name to be used in anr con
nection that will at all infringe uponj
uuur.s i one me people of the Sec
ond Congressional District of Ohio. I
shall therefore remain at the post which
has been assigned me in the national
legislature always defending, with un
abated leal, the rights of mv constitu
ents, whenever assai ltd by Executive or
ucgib.aine aggression. At the tame
lime not forgetting the duty I owe our
common country as a National repre
sentative, In doing what I may to arrest
every attempt to .hatter the ties that
bind our gloxious confederacy.
Auow mz again, sir, to express to
you, ana mrougn you to mv fellow cit
izens composing the meeting of the 3d
instant, my sincere thanks for the hon
or they have done me, and to indulge
the hope that whoever may be called to
preside over the .councils of our State,
he may be a man free from sectional
prejudices national, union-loving man
a man who in times of excitement
like these can forget that there is a
ftortri or a fcoutb, and remember only
now glorious and patriotically the
blood of each mingled in harmonious
union in cementing the rampart of A
merican freedom.
With true respect.
Your friend and obedient servant,
August 6th, 1855. J. S. HARRISON.
The Elections.
In lennessee it u finally conceded,
says the Cincinnati hnquirtr, despite
the efforts of the telegraph, which elec
ted Gentry several times, that Johnson,
Democrat, is chosen Governor. Here
is the latest dispatch to the Louisville
Journal, dated Nashville, August 8.
it 6ays t
"The dog's dead at last, but died hard.
All the counties in but two, Johnson
is elected by from one thousand to fif
teen hundred majority."
The dog alluded to is "Sam." who is
completely throttled. The Congression
al delegation will be divided five De
mocratic and five Know-Nothings. The
Legislature is in doubt
In Norlh Carolina it is finally settled
that the Democrats have six or eight
members of Congress, and a large ma
jority of the popular vote.
In Kentucky, the Louisville Courier
reports Jewett, Democrat, elected to
Congress from the Fifth DUtrici, by a
majority of 696. The Courier think
that Elliott, Democrat, is elected in the
Sixth District, and there is a chance for
Talbot, Democrat, in the Fourth Dis
Wicl. Humphrey Marshall, Know
Nothing, elected, by frCud and violence
in the Seventh District, and A. R. Mar
shall in the Eighth District. Mr. liar
ris, we regret to say, is defeated in the
Tenth District, by a small majority.
In relation to llio State ticket the Cour
ier says i
"In the forty counties reported above
Morehead has a majority 0f 5,678. As
yet but very imperfect returns have beeu
received from tha mountains, and noth
ing from the First District. Mr Clarke
who is at present in the city, depends
upon these sections for hii strengtb.and,
if they meet his expectations, the sue-
cess of the Democratic State ticket may
not be cousidered altogether an imoos
sibility." Chil. Advertiser.
ltoad Tax mf6.
fPHE rate of Taxation for Road purposes.
J- in Vlillon couiltv. for the vear 1855. is
at the rate of Ten Cents on each Hundred
Dollars valuation of taxable nrouerlv. which
may be discharged by labor on the Roads, un
der the direction of the Survisors of the
several Districts, at live late of one dollar
lai.g.l7 4J Auditor V. C. 0.
MORE GOfins jt. rinrrcmce
1 have just received a new supply of Waix
PAfEnand Bohdebs? thp. lnrui'Kf Int ai,
uiuugui io mcArinur.
Also, COFFEE, Rice, Molasses. To
bacco s, &c; all of which I will
owest figures. E. A. Bbattok.
at the
SHOULD recollect to get their Double Re
fined SaLERATUS and CoRnnwA-i-rn Xnm
exclusively for baking purposes, af
Mb. Bratton, Please announce, th. nam
of S.S. Flurry, Esq., of Wilkesville.O.,
as a candidate tor nomination, aubiect initio
aecision oi rne tiemocratic Legislative Con
temiun oi vinion anu Jackson counties.
m Vibtom Democrats.
Mb. Fditob, Please announce the name
oi ti. r. 6wifl, o! Oak Hill, Jackson co.,
as a cardidau? for nomination, subject to the
decision of the Democratic Leeislativ Con
vention of Vinton and Jackson counties.
Mahy Democrats.
and all Blankt rtauired under th
tictB Code, for Jmticu of thtPtau.
ttantlv kevt on hand and for salt at ih;, nr.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the under
signed has been aurHiinted and mmlin.,1
as Administratrix if the Estate of Patrick
D. Mcliinui.. late of the Count of v;
deceased. SAMIRA G. McKlNNlSS. '
July l3-3w.
McArthur, August 17.
Apples, D.,
Battel per lb..
Smoked limns,-.
" Shoulders,
" Sides..
Iron, Bu'J
Leather. 18a3l
Lard per lb. 8
Molassri pr gal. 60
Nails, 3d to lOd, CulO
Oats, 411
Poiatos, IrUh. U
Peacnes, D., 2.00
Brooms, 30
Beans, W. 2,00
Code , 14
20Porkprcwt.... 4,00
iXlSutar V., iu
C0C " Louf, 15
Corn C5
Eggs pel doz 6
Flout per bun. 4,00
Flour .per bll fc&,00
Flax Seed 75
Feathers, 40
Fish, Whit,.-. 8
" Mackerel,... Bo 10
' Crushed,. 10ul2
Salt, per bbl 3,&0
" Table, pr Sack, -37
Soap pet lb 3a5
Teas, Y. H. 75
" Imperial 10U
Tallow. 12
Wheat per bu. 1,00
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
uth, August 17 1655.
" Loaf U
" Crushed.. 10
Apples, Dried-:75
Brooms prdoa 42a 50
Bacon Hams pet lb, 9J
Salt, Kanawha, bu. 45
Teas, loose at in packs.
" Shoulder ' 10
.tl ID. 4ut)U
Gunp'wdei 65
Beans, W. per bu. 3,00
Candles, mould- 15
' Star 24
Cotton Yarns-. l&i
Cheese, W. U. Ib.BlaV.
Coffee, Rio-. 13
Tobacco M&K. cav.25
Va. cav... 20o30
Oil, Lard ureal... 80
Oil, Linseed " 100
Cloverseed,. 6 OC
(lour pi bbl ft
Oats pr, bu. 50
Peaches,Uned-.. 2,00
Potatoes, Irish.. 125
Feathers pr lb...-. 45
Flaxseed, pr bu. 1,00
Fish, Cod prlb..... 5
Stiltratuspr lb... Cu&J
Tallow pi lb... 11
" mackerel !2ul
far pr bbl. 5,50
Lard pi lb..... V
Molasses, N. O. gal. 40
S. II. " 45
" G.S. " 50
Timothy seed, 83 CO
Wheatnr bu..... 1.00
Whiskey, Common 30
" Mon'imla. 50
" Rye, . . . . C0
Nails,-. 10 to 8d )
Sugar N. O..... 7ub
PASSENGERS leaving Columbus al 2:15
a. m., Cincinnati at 6 a. m., or Chilli
co the at 11 a. m., arrive at Bjers (23 miles
east of Chillicothe) at 12:30 p. m.
A Train leaves Myers' daily (Sundays ex
ceptedj at 1:40 p.m., by which passengers
arrive at Chillicothe at 3:15 p. m., Cincinnati
at 8 :20 p. m., or Columbus at 1 U p. m.
Stages to and from Athens, Pcmeroy, Mc
Arthur, Hamden, Jackson, fiallipolis, &c,
connect with the Tiains at Byers', and pus
senge r8 can make the trip between either ol
these places and Columbus, Cincinnati or
Chillicothe in a single day.
An accommodation Train is run daily
except Sundays from Chillicothe to Blan
chestcr and buck.
Passengers by this train leave Chillicothe
at 5 a. m ., and arrive at Cincinnati at 11:13
a. m., or Columbus at 1:45 p. m. Leave Co
lumbus at 1 1 a. m., or Cincinnati al 4 p. in.
and arrive at Chillicothe at 10 p. m.
Fare from Byers' to Cincinnati $3,60
do. do. to Chillicothe 70
Thiough Tickets between Columbus and
Chillicothe 83,00. to be had onlv at Colum
bus and Xenia Railroad Ticket Office at Co
lumbus, and on the cars of Marietta and Cin
cinnati Railroad on leaving Chillicothe.
laug. 10 55.11.1 JOHN WADDLE
Shades A Reynolds, ri'l'Hs
S lln Ai
Georg Ullom, Defendant
. ifCivil Action.
THE Defendant will take notice, that I he
1 laintiirs in the ubove case, on the 24th duy
of July, a.d. 1605, caused an order of At
tachment to be issued bv J. W. Swepston,
Justice of the Peace for Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio, against the goods, chattlrs,
mucus, interest in flocks, rights, credits,
moneys and effects of said Defendant, an
aubconuing cieDioroi said county, to salisfv
ilia .!..:. ..f .1.- m. - ..frt 1 r . ..
j noun ui we i minium ior nve dollars
auu eighty-sm cents and fifteen dollars the
probable costs of suit and that snid cause
lias been continued for service on said Defend
ant, and w ill be lor hearing bcfoie said Jus
tice, at ms omce in McArtluir, in said town
ship, on the 8lh day of September, a. (i.
lodD, at 10 o clock a. in. of said dav, last
aug. 10 50
NOTICE is hereby given, that Peter S.
Moore. Administrator of the estate of
Samuel II. Moore, late of the county of Vin
ton, deceased, has filed in the Prubate Court
of said county his accounts, and vouchers for
iiicpeclion and final settlement, and that6aid
accounts will be passed Upon by said Court,
on the 1st dav of September, 1855.
J3. P. 'HEWITT, Pro. Judge V. co.
atig. 10 65 3w
Notice is hereby ciVEN.that Chas. Brown,
Administrator of the Estale of Thos.
A.Green, deceased, has filed his accounts
and vouchers, in the Probate Court of Vin
ton count), Ohio, for inspection and final
settlement, and that the same will be passed
upon by said Court, on the 18th day of Au
Bust, 1855. B. P? HEWITT.
july 27 3w Tro. Judge V. co.
NOTICE is hereby given, that Simon Rad
clilT, Administrator of the Estate of
Hazel Barbee, late of the county of Vinton,
deceased, has filed in the Probate Court of
said county his accounts, and vouchers for
inspection and final settlement, and that said
accounts will be passed upon by said Court,
on the llth day of August. A. D. 1855.
Juy2Q,b$.Sw Pro. Judge V. C, O.
Baird & Clark, Plaintiffs, )In Attachment.
egainst V
George Ullom, Defendant. ) (Civil Action.)
THE Defendant will take notice that the
Plain tills in the above case, ou the 24th
day of July, a. d. 1855, caused an order of
Attachment to be issutd by J. W. Swepsiou,
Justice of the Peace for Elk township, Vin
ton county, Ohio, against the Goods, Chat
ties, Stocks, interest in Stocks, Rights, Cred
its, money and effects of said Dufandant,
an absconding debtor, of said countv. to sat
isfy the claim of the Plaintiffs' for six dol
lars and ninety-one cents, with ten per cut
interest thereon from the 5th day of April,
and fifteen dollars the probable coast of this
suit, and that said reuse has been continued
for service on said Defendant, and will be
for hearing before said Justice, at his oflir
in McArthur in said township, on the 8th
day of Septembei, a. d., 1855, at 1 o'clock
p. m. of said dav, last aforesaid,
aug 3 3vr ' BAIRD & CLARK.
Ihave ju6t received a large lot of Groceries
that I warrant good or no sale, at the
lowest Cash prices. Bbattch.
ed at the very highest market prices, oh Sub
scription or Advertisements, at this office.--Money
is not refused.
II AVE just received their extensive FALL STOCK, consisting of all the atest alj l s and
" fashions, Our stock having been purchased direct from the manufacturers, principally
for cash, w ith grrnt care in the selection of quality and sizes adopted to the Western Intde.we
arecnubled to oiler superior inducements this Fail, and are determined not to be undersold
byauy regular bonne either in New York. Philadelphia or Baltimore.
lit addition to our extensive block of Roots ami Shues will befouud a large and well selec
ted stockor HATS AND CAPS.
Suituble for the Fall and Winter Trado. Merchants and Furnace Owners visiting our city
are invited to call and examine for themselves.
We are now manufacturing a superior article
C l.t . It
3npiers. iiuvmg procurer some ol the best
ply Ihose w ho waut custom work.
ONE THOUSAND lbs. Red Sole Leather, 12.00 lbs. No. I White Sole Leather. 30 d.zen
French Culf Skins, 25 divsn Crawford sSkins. 10 dozen Kip Skins. Upper leather and Shoe
r iiiiiiugs always un na ml ami lor sale al the
jHiinarv 20. 18M.
of Ladies' and Misses' Gailers, Buskins and
workmen in the vve3t, we are prepared in sup
t 1.
lowest market price.
1 v.
CEO. 11. WILL,
OILS, INS I'll UMEN T S, 11 11 US II.
- T10S,
Fancy Articles, Druggists' Shop Fur
niture, Gluts Ware, Window G'tois,
Alcohol, J-c, oc., o:., .t
inform his friends
and the public, that he n
now opening a large and
superior Stock of Drugs
oc., that have been telec.
ted with j ersonal care for
tins u.uiket.
Physicians and customers, will find run
rrugs of the best quality, all of which we
will sell at the lowest prices.
For all kinds of Patent Medicines. English,
French ai d German llerls, .Tohacit), Cigars,
and a fine assortment of Soaps, Extracts and
Pure Wines. june 15, 1855.-U.
And Singe Oilicc,
PASSENGERS who stop at this House,
can luke lie Coach every morning lor
Chillicoli.e, to Byers Station, thence bv Rail
noau; aifi), every morning lor Alliens, and
other points South and East.
Tl1 . e At
The proprietor assures all ho favor him
with a call, (hat no means will be snared to
make them comfortable and at charges to
sun me umes. JUy JJ7,'0S.
PO t D
is hereby giv
11 en, thul a Petition will be presented, at
me next session of the Commissioners of
Vinton couu'y, Ohio, praying for an altera,
lion of that part of the Athens and McAr-
ttiur Koad describe.! as lollovvs, to wit:
Commencing at the West end of the bridge
across Big Raccoon, near the land of W. H.
Black, in Knox township in raid county;
thence running North west 30 or 40 rods
along tlieolil Mill road; thence nearly West
iu me niii groiinu auove inn water mark!
tlieucc a South-west courseou ilia lower bench
of the hill, on the North side of the creek on
said Black's land; continuing said lust men
tioned direction until it intersects the old
Koaiiwestof a large rock, on the bank of
said creek, on faid Bluck s land; thence along
(or near) the old road lo the first run on Ja
cobTedrow's land; thence through the field
on the North side, on the best ground, inter
setting the old road in the most convenient
place; thence the nearest and best route thro'
the low gap at Wm. Mejers' place in Madison
to.vnship, in said county; theme the nearest
and best way to the foot of the big hill near
M. Beeves' house; thence on the neatest and
best ground to Maurice Albough's, there to
end; and Petitioners prBy for a view and al
teration of the same. Many Fltitioners.
august 3, '05 4 w
pOAD NOTICE. Notice is hereby giv-11
en, that a Petition w ill be presented at
the next session of the County Commission
ers, within and for the county of Vinton, O.,
praying for an order of Survey, View and an
alteration end location (if found to be a good
route) of a bounty Road, within said coun
ty, commencing for the sawe at the bridge,
near the house of Jacob Ankro, in Jackson
township, thenxe along the McArthur Road
to the corner of said Jacob Ankrom's meadow;
thence on the South side of the road leading
to McArthur; thence Eastwardly to a Sugar
tree, on the lend of James McMichel, near
the corner of his field at the Township roadj
thence along the East side of the hollow,
through the land vf Isaac Wyscarverj thence
through said McMichel's land to a green tree
on the land formerly owned by Jacob Lutz;
thence up the left hand side of the hollow to
near John Clawson's spring; thence to t white
Oak tree, at the end of said Clowson's lane;
thence to John Hawk's fence, and along stud
fence to intersect the road leading from Lo
cust Grove to McArthur. and there to end:
and that said part of said first mentioned
McArthur road be vacated.
july 27 4w Mast Petitioners
II AV1ISG a larte Stock of Day Books,
. "- journals and Leduers. mate nf fuel-
lent paper and bound well in sheep, with
Morocco or Russian bands. I will sell them
for a lew months at PHicn SnspniRiKniT
Low! t-
1'hose in want of Blank Bocls and who
buy for use or to sell again can havetorgatns
that will satit-fy themtelves and suit the times.
This is 6ayiug a good deal ; I mean what 1
No. I, Union Block, Second St.
Chillicothe, Ohio. mayl8,'551
OfticeM. &C.R.R. Co., )
Chillicothe. July 29. 1S55. (
ritib. Mabrietta & Cihcinsati Rail
JL Road Company are prepared to siiter
into contracts for the Transportation of
Pul n r. It. i,i.l,nPA .ii: ii .. vi.
vvw, ui iu, iia fu,niac, MGlltctlSLMC Q.I 010,
tions on the line of the Railway in Jackson
or Vinton counties. JOHN WADDLE,
aug3tf Superintendent.
IVOTICE. The undersigned has been duly
appointed and qualified as Receiver of
moneys from all those indebted to the late
firm of Fultz &Hard, of tie "McArthur
Herald." All those knowine ttieuiselvea in
debted to the said firm for Subscription, Job
wor: or Advertising, arc requested to ca.ll on
the subscriber, McArthur. Ohio, and settle
the lame within 30 days from date hereof, and
save costs, or their accounts will be left with
the proper officers for col lection, without an v
acceptious. J. W. SWErSTON.
jjuty 37 Iwl
Washington Lnion Insu
rance Company.
Off ire in Roust's Clock, rornrr Superior SL
and Tublie failure,
CAPITAL $225,000,
f I "1 IIS well known Hows Company is pre
JL pared, as usual, to take risks on the sa
fer classes of Property. Their means are
ample, and their rates are as reasonable as
those of any sound Company.
D B. Dunham, President,
Geo. Mjgatt, Vice President and
O. N. Skela, Secretary,
Geo. 15. Sen'.er, General Agent,
Geerge Mygatt.Clevelurvl,
F. T. Backus, tin.
A. S. Siindford, lo.
Jacob Perkins, dit.
Benjamin N'orlliru p, do.
Geo. B. Scnlcr, do.
O. N. Skvels, lo.
D. K. Dunham, do.
C. W. Cook, do.
Timothy Baker, Norwalk.
John C'arh, Brunswick.
J. P. Robinson, Bedford.
W. M. Powell. Cleveland, (West side.)
E. F. BINGHAM, Asent.
ljulySQ-o5-fim McAtiW. Ohio.
JUST received the largest and best selection
of Boots and Shoes ever opened hi this
market, consisting of
Gents. Enumclud Brogaiis
" Calf "
" Buttoned Congress Gaiters,
" French Calf Boots,
Ladies Enameled Lnce Boots,
" Goat " "
" Sewed " "
" Laced Gaiters,
" Patent Leather "
" Enameled Jenuey Liud's,
" Tatent Sea Buskins,
" Fancy Enameled "
" ' Slippers.
Childrcns' Rid Laced Soots,
" Fancy " " "
" Roan n
" Kid Peg
" Enameled " '
" Goat " w
" Fancy " "
Misses Kid Slippers,
" Fancy Laced Boots,
Together with eve-.y variety of Boots and
Shoes, of Mens', Womens' and childreas'
wear, ai the lowest prices, at
DV virtue of a certain Execution to me d'
JLJ reeled .from the Court of Common Picas,
within and for the cotintr of Vinton. Ohio.
I will offef a-nd expose to sale, at Public Auc
tion, at the door of the Court House, in said
county 01 Vinton, on Saturday, the llth dav
of August, 18S&, between the hours of 10 o'
clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock. P. M. of said
day, the following described property, to wit:
iii-iois ios. o, y, b, ,, ana 31 j al
so: Uul-lots os, l,2,t5, V) and W. Afore
said lots are all situated in the town of Pratts
ville, in said Vinton county, designated as
laid out and recorded in the plat of said town:
and taken as the property of P. J. Crawford
antuonn wagoner, to satisfy an Execution
in favor of Samuel S. Hard
Out-Lot ro. 1, appraised at
2 1,33
And most sell lortwo-thinls of the "aforesaid
value. " WM. T1SUE,
July 655 5v Sheriff V. C, O.
Sheriff's Sale.
Sale, from the Court of Common Picas
of Hocking county and State of Ohio, and
ta me directed, 1 will offer and expose to sale,
at public Auction, at the door of ttie Court
House in Vinton cuiinty, Ohio, on Wednes
day, the 16th day of August, 1855, between
the hours of 18 o'clock A M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of said day, the following described
Real Estate, to wit: Out- lots number thirty,
thirty-one, thirty-two; also, h-lots number
one hundred and twenty-nine end one hund
red and thirty, in the town of McArthur,
onimjw via ion ana state ot Utiio taken
as the properly of Joel A. Walden to satisfy
an Execution in favor of the Loean Branch
1 a a
duiik. Appraised as toiiows, to wit) In
lots number 129 and 130, CI 14 Ofi. each ;
Out-lots number thirty, a nnm'sed ai A 166 66:
number thirty -one at 1M 33, andthirty-two
at 6192 66, and must sell for two-thirds of
the appraised value. Wm. TISUE,
july20 1855-5w Sheriff V. C. O.
School Books.
Q PELLERS, First, Second, Third Fourth
a, t e .-wi I7:r. U r..,l n'L II ...
rw -nu iitu lvcauciu, xiicneman s Kouus
La... o Paalart - b
us ivvntn.l o. -
Tineo's Primary Grammer,
' Analytical .
" English Teaclier,
Ray's Arethmatic. Parts First. Sprond ann
Third Rav's Algebra, Tarts First and &cond.
McGufley's Electic Primers.
The Jblementary Spelrer.
Webster's school Dictionary
Mitchel's Primary Geography.
Mitchel'i laiae school Geoimnhr IaIoci
Copy Books, Slates. Prncelaind all lin.lc
of sta lionary for schools, for sale at
4 Cents per lb. pwld for Rass, tad cannot
. get half enouju! fall at BhattosfS.
Are coring the Sick to an extent nerer
before known of any Medicine.
m.ES HAUFL, K... ih. mtll knwn ptrfim, ot
llieatnut Mr!, riniM0iphia, wuoot clkuict produce
tra luuiid it tliunM vry luiUt, nvi i
I am hanDT lu av of vour Cathabtio Piixa.
,tlul f
hav liaind llwm 1 bilT family nie.lleiu Ux cotiimoa
i, than an)r trthet wiiliin my know M(. Many of any
fnand tiara realized markad bnnu frutn them and eo-iiK-ida
Willi ma iu believiug lliat llwy pnna tiuaordi
nary vinuaa Hr driving out dirtaam and curing trta akk.
Tliey are not only erlecluil but ult and ptaaaantloh
taken, quiliiix wliicll muat make litem VaJued by U
public, wuen tlMy are knowa."
The venerable Cham-ellnr WAIDLAW, write from
Baltimore, I5lh April, IBMt
"Da. J. C. Arta Sin I hart Ukea your PilU wiih
great keneAt, f tlie lielleeaneM, languor, kiea of aipetiw,
and Bilinue uoadacb, wbich uaa of lata year overtaken
aie in ilia anhtig. A fair dm of your filial cured ma.
I hava Hied your Cherry Perioral many year in my
family forcouglia and eolue with, unfailing aucceaa. You
lake meilkiiiea whkh em-a, and I real it a pleaeura la
Commend you for Uia good you hava dona and ara doing."
JOHN P. BEATTV, Eia, Sc of tha Pena. Ballroad
Co., aaya :
"... Of a, nUadilfUa, DM. 13, l85l '
"Sin Itaka pleaeura in adding my leetimouy to Ih
ehVary of your madkiiiaa. having derived very malarial
benelit from Uia uaa of bulb your Perioral aad Cathartic
Pille. I am never without them In my family, nor eliall I
aver content to ba, while my maana will procure thara."
Tha widely renowned a 8. BTEVENB, M. D.,of Wtnt
wurth, N. II., writee t
" Having uned your CiTnaaTic Pitta la my practica, i
certify from aipananra. that thry are aa Invaluable pur
gative, la caeea of disordered flint liona of tha liver.
caueing headaclia, Indigeation, coetiveneea, and Uia great
arialy of dieeaaoa thai follow, they are a eurer remedy
than any oilier. In all caaaa where a puriatWe ramady
is required, 1 confidently reeoiutnend Uirna Pilla In tha
ptMic, as luperiiir lo any other I have aver round. They
ara aura In their operation, and perfer Uy eaM, qualiUed
which make them aa invaluable article tor public uaa. I
have for many years known your Cktrry PtcUrti aa the -
wm. vin,h .iruiuw in ,110 wui.u. un Ml . rill miw IM
no wiaa Inferior 4o thai admirable n reparation for Uie
Ueauucut of diseases," '
-m, Mr., Mm. 85, ISSi '
"Da. J. C. Avaa Aetr 8rrt I hava been eiHiueJ
fn.in my t.mii with actufula in tie wont form, and now, -
uer iweiny i-ears' trial, ana an untold ol amount or aut
rvring, have hren completely cured in a few weeks by
your Pills. With what leelinu. of rrkiicina I write, can
only be imaiined when you realize what 1 hava Buttered.
id how long.
" Never until now have I been free from thle lnathanma
diware in some haie. At times ft attacked my eye,
and made me almost blind, besides the unendurable
-pain ; at othere it eettlrd in the scalp of my head, aad
eeainiyea my nur, ana fiaa kepi me (Mrtiy bald all my
days ; sometimes it caina out in my face, and kept ll for
oiiiiie mw eure. .
u About nine weeks an I enmrtMnreil tnktn vm,v r?e
Oiartic Pill,, and now am entirely free fmui the complaint
jiji vyvw en weii, my asm u, lair, ana my neir nu com
menced a healthy growth; all of which makes ma faal
already a new peraon.
Hoping thle statement may be the means of conveying
Information that eliall do rood to others. I am. with
sentiment of gratitude, Yours, sec, .
I have known the above nameg Maria Rirkev rVnin bee
childhood, and her statement ie strictly true.
Overseer of the Poruiuoutb Manufacturing Co."
Cirr. JOKI, PBATT, of tha ship Marlon, Wrtiel from
DOMiun, win Apnt, lorvi I
" Vn Pilla hava cured me from a hfTinna attark which
ttxm Irom derangement of the Liver, whkh had become
yserioua. i uau lauco ol any teller by my Physician,
from every remedy t could trv. but a few done of
your Pilla have completely restored ms lo health. 1 hava
given mem to my children for worms, with tha bast
streets. Tiler were nromullv cured. I recommended
them to friend fur coelivenens, which had troubled him
ior monins ue tola nie in a lew days they had cured him.
You make the -best medicine iu 111 world, and I eta be
to say so."
Read this from fhe dintinguWied Solicitor of tha Suprern
JJiHirt, whuss brilliant abilitiea have mad him wll
known, not only lu Uiia but the neighboring Bute,
11 Sir t 1 have sreateatinraetlnn in aMMirnvn.i A,., i
iiiir imve oeen very muca venente
nily have been very much benefited by your
My wife was cured two vaara alnra. of
severe and dangeroue cough, by your Cmaav PtcToeai
and since then lias enjoyed perfect health. Sly children
have several times been cured from attacks of the Influ
enza and Croup by It. It la an Invaluable remedy foe
these cuniplaint. Your CaiMaario Piua have entirely
cured me from a dysnepaia and euetiretieas, which has
grown upon ms lor some vein, indeed this cure Is much
niore important, from the fart that I had failed to get relief
from the bent Physicians which this a anion of tin uumn
m.np,and from any of the numerous remedies I had taken.
i ou seem 10 us, Doctor, like a providential blessing to
our family, and you may well suppose wa are not unound-
rui ot it. lours respectfully.
. Saul Chamber, Ohio, Ami Sta, 1854. I
"Da. J. O. Ana Honored Hlr , I havi . ih,.r.
with trial of the Cathastic Pills, left me by your agent, .
"."J iwciiciiruu ny inemni me areantui uneumauara
Tinder which he found me euflering. Th Arst do re
lieved me, and a few eiinseouent doaas have entirely
removed the dieae. I feel in better health now than for
some years before, which 1 attribute entirely to th effect
of your Cathiktic I'iuj. Yours with great reepect, ,
The abova are all from perenni who ara publicly known
where they reside, and who would not make Uiese state
ments without a tliorough conviction that Uiey were tru.
Prepared liy J. C. AYEIt,
Fraotical and Analytical Chemist, Lovall, Xaaa,
Suld hy liLO. B. WILL and E. A. BKAT
TON, McArthur. O.j J. Vorhes, Albany; K.
Culow, Logan; Dr, J. H. C. Miller, Jackson
C. II., and by Dealers in' Medicines everr
whem. July 27. '55 4mo.
ANNOUNCES to the citizens of Vin
ton county, thai he has just received a
new stock of Books and Stationary, cinsisting
FAMILY BIBLES, at prices from U 60 to
85 00,
Bound in Morocco, gilt and common bind
VY'eeW Life of Washington
" " " Fhanklin.
" ' " Marion.
Life of Danmel Boone,
" " Black Hawk,
" " Tecumskach.
Shakespear's works complet?.
Byron's ,.
Life of 1'. T. BaUnus.
De Aciikine's History of the Rcformalionk
Rinaldo Rinaldina, a Romance.
Hale's History o the United States.
Grimshaw's History of the United States
Child al Home, a Moral Tale.
Tim Craftsman, the Light of the Temple,
and Melotldies for the Craft, containing art
excellent selection ot Hymns and Odes' Bmta
bte for evry occasion-
Tire American Songster, Parlor Songster,
Exile of Erin, Songs of Old Ireland, Negro
Songs, and a variety of other Song Boons.
Moral and Instructive story books for chil
dren.PictorialToy Books forchildrefl.ofevefy"
Just ices' Dockets.. Lepers and Day Books; -bound
in leather and tialfbinding, of all sizes.
Best Cap Paper. Blue Post Letter Patvr
Commercial Note Paper. Bill Paper, also Ink,
Quills, Steel Pens, Sand Boxes, lnkstandsK
Wafers. Writing Sand, aud Stationary of
ever kind, all of wliich will be sold at t(
lowest trsures, for cash. inay4 '55. tf
IHAVE this day soM to Westn.ll, Stewart
d- Co. itiy entire interest in thn Cincin
nati Furnace Company, and am Ihtre fore ba
longer a partner therein.
uitrciNSATi iuBNAca, June 21, 1855,
july20 4wJ JOHN ROBBING '
C T. TBAtr."- .... ...,. p. . OAK I.
Manvfaxlurtrs and Wholtiale
Cne door brlow P. linncT 4 Co"! Bank. '.
Iront Street, PORTSMOUTH. O. v
April 27, 135S. ly. , - ,

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