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We here. omit, for want of ro,
five times l!ie number of stabbing?,
tights, burning ol houses, &c, and
merely give the coadnsion of this
Wwa Papkh. The editor says:
The acts of incendiarism thtt wetave
just recorded, while ou'.rsgous in them
selves, Jo not compare in atrocity with
tht dredful murders that were commit
ted at the same time. Seeking to es
vape death from the flames, the wretch
ed ibhaMiauts reached the street only
to meet deatb in another form. As noon
us one appeared at a door lie was fired at
and generally killed. A number wer
tnkeu oft badly wounded, ind others
k hot to peicea returned to the burning
nouses, preferring rather to toe burned
thai to meet the infuriated mob. One
intii escaped in women's cloths, war
detected and shot. Another, ho came
out covered with a blanket, and lean
tug upon the arm of his wife, was trn
uwey, and deliberately shot. To escape
irom wiimn to me street witnout Being
" - ..
ninny, now many 01 tnese misereoie
- nf. i. . . . .
rcople thus caged in their own houses
were burned alive there tan be no com
mutation. The blackeneU and charred
remains of some have been discovered,
whiUa we hear of wires and children
whose husbands and fathers are uol to
be found.
Cut we have neither the time nor the
leort now to coramtnt as we wish and
intended 10 do, on tht terrible occurren
ces of Monday, of the deep ind Jamiiing
i if grace tney hate Inflicted upon our
city, and of the severe blow they have
,Wen to her progress end prosperity.
All thf se offer ample material for deep
reflection, and while we leave the rea
ler to ponder over them, we also com
mend to It a a caiful consideration the
lollowing remarks, which appeared in
one of our Cincinnati exchanges yts
tetday, aud were suggested by the riot
Jiere ;
"However we may rgret and shudder
to bear of such outrages, they sre the
sure results of Know Kothingism.w here.
ver its proscripted and uuhellowrt prin
ciples havs been urged. Without fur
ther advices, we are confident that the
dreadful intelligence from our sister city
lus been superinduced and precipitated
by this Dark-lantern' party, who mad
dened by the excitement of an unex
pected victory where they apprehended
defeat, gave luose rein to the fierce pas
e ion 9, and, iili all brutal violence of
bullies, hare felt themselves constitu-
ted Into band of ruffians, to carry fire
lid award among the foreign-born pop-...
illation, drive them their homes. Well
may it be said. 'Where'er they move in
tkUftf.t' flf.Blll II M nn Ir.ntrd tka!- n.nn.Aea.
where'er they pause in amity, affliction
mourns men ireimlsliip.' The scenes
in this city a few short munthsago.
hare been cast in the shade by the
Louisville riots. All
with a thrill of horor.
remember them
What will they
not experience, v hen the record of the'of
tlredful scenes in our hapless sister city
are fairly spread out before them?
Louisville will bitterly rue the day her
citizens, turned upon themselves to
1. ght the streets up with each other's
hnilJ flnl ilnla.. iL. !iL II I
i""."' u&e l"ein "iib u,oou-.
.v .iM,uei me papers nave lamenteu a
diminished population and stagnation
of business. Long may our own city
rest without such emeutet as she hasl
w itnessed, and still longer from such as
we now most sorrowfully record.
This is the last of a series of outra-
geous crimes which the Know Nothing
organization has been guilty of since it
first reared its hydra head in this coun
try, h is the fining sequal to the Foole
martyrdom, the Hiss disclosures, the
tarring and leathering of Catholic preisis
the burning of ballot-boxes, the dese
cration oi Churches, and the knocking
down and murdering of inoffeusivo cit
izens, all of w hich acisare ideu'ified
wilh its history, and hove been its dis
tinguishing characteristics. In Louis
m,a 1UUI ailull, lumious conspira-.tiien
against civil and leiigious libert , ,
has been from the first aggressive
rampart, end it was easy lo see that it;
wasdes medio be., us legitimate f.ui.s;..
...I i . .i. . . . ..i i , .
i o oou muroer and conflagration.-
heart sickens from th rnniwiniiU.
Ihe heart sickens from the coutemnla
lions of such bloody scenes, which are
so disgraceful lo the country, and cal
culaied lo throw so much reproch upon
our institutions. 1 1 is, however, a con
solatory reflection to know lhat these
unparalleled outrages in Louisville are
the last eflorts of a dying faction the
rpssms of its lat agonies. The great
est excitement will be experienced all
over the couuiry, as telegraphic wires
communicate the account of this unpre
cedented violence, aud il will lend to
render Know Koihingism most inten
sely iulamous to all order loiug cit
izens. Capt. Thomas, a highly respectable
and inteligent citizen' of Madiio.i. de
sires us to state thai before any difficul
ty bad commenced, lie was passing down
Market street aud saw ahead of him
three decent, geuteel appearing Irish
men, who turned off at Tenth street.
Reaching Main, he observed a mail rush
cut aud knock one of the Irishmen
do'vu, while the others nereetlased
across the sleet into a houeeTand then
fireing commenced from the niudows
This Capt. Thomas says, was the com
menced of the trouble, growing out ol
an unprovokeJ assault upoa au Irish
man who was quietly passing along the
More Democratic Victories.
Fiom the returns received from Tex
as, there seems no doubt ot the elec
tion ot Bell, the Democratic Anti-
Know Nothing candidate for Gover
nor, and a general Democratic victory
throughout tne State, notwithstanding
Sam Houston has sold himself, bag
and baggage, to the Know Wotliings,
as Chase lias done in Ohio.
The returns from Iowa show, ai far
as they go, a total revolution in lavor
ot the Democracy since last Fall. So
are laid down lor nearly two miles
Norjlt of this place, and but for the
rcatity ot ties there would have been
some six or eight miles fi&ished.
Friday Mormg, August 23.
Ph OD ICE OF ALL SWDS. it receiv
ed at tht very highrvt viurhtt prxcet, on Hub
tcription or Advertisements, at thit ojlct.
Ajonry i$iiot rtfuttd.
and all Dlanht required nnder the Jut-
licet' Code, for Jutticet of the Peace, are con-
,iunily rpt en hand and for talc at thitOf-
Nawtj-apar Subierlptlon tad Adrtillilog Astncv
tihobe, is our authorized agent to receive and
receipt for subscription aud advertisement for
the Democrat.
WILLIAM MLD1LL, or Fairfield.
JAMES MYERS, or Lucas.
WM. D. MORGAN, or Colvubiaha.
roR secretary or state,
WM. TREV1TT, or Fbahklih.
ron treasurer or state,
JOHN G. BRESLIN, or Skheca.
for j i' does or THE supreme court,
For the full Term.)
WM. KENNON, or Bixmont.
(For the Vacancy.)
R. B. WARDEN, or Fbakklik.
Q. W. McCOOK, or Jeffebsoh.
Democratic Meetings.
nominating a County Ticket
The Democracy of Vinton county
wi meet in their resnectivetownshins ,
.... Usua, Dac. of rhoidin- elections I
a w '
Friday, August 21 Hi, 1855,
,at 3 o'clock P. M., and then and there
enl ant 1 1. i-aa ilctfln.!.. A AttAnrta fnlin-l...k:i
mni uviignK. miriiu . vun
ty Convention to be held in McArthur,
Monday, August 27lli, 1855,
at 11 o'clock A. M., for Ihe
By order ot the
Democratic Ckktrai. Committee.
Democratic Mass Meetings.
linn nn vv M, r..i, .nA ihn 1
Corwin will adress the Democracy as follows:,
c..i.-..:ii. c i. c . ..
Sarahsville, Salurda y, September 22.
Mifonnelsville. Monday, September 24.
Marietta. Thursday, September 25.
Athens, Wednesday, September 2G.
Logan, Thursday, September 27.
McArihur, FriiUy, September 28.
Jackson, Saturday, September 29.
Ironton, Tuesday, October 2.
Gall ipolis, Wednesday, October 3.
Pomfcroy, Thursday, October 4.
By order of the
Democratic State Cestral Committee.
Democratic Arouse!
and there elect three Delegates
! attend our County Convention to nom-'"1
and,U)a,e a county licketi Can( ,
f t , townsluD in
' l' T J
d , "T" ,
l. u 11,31 we can eiecl w'OU la ll.
Democrats, attend our Township meet-
in"S on next Fridav. at 3 o'rlnrk. nnH
. o . . "
I o ,),, .ii l ,. tn ,
Let them all be true Democrats we
, . . , v
want no traitort in he camp. Let
them be men who will stand up to our,
regardless ot consequences.
We would rather be defeated live times j
than to be elected once with dishonor'
attached to our flag. Turn out then, I
MnJ nnnnnll I I. .JA I.
wuwa! aaeive vwa sae. Ill llinaiu MI ail
i "
tv ...i i . i -i ,
.Ve.!.!"1ayVby.a1ll.mesn' a,tend:
the Democratic Legislative Conven
lion, to be held in Hamden on Satur-
IT; '.".?::. : ? ,1 lr
Sc uc i..r,c, o. u cyiy canaioai. d
" VJ.T: . "a8Ju""goaar!gm,lawai.d
.if . r ii T. V " u
a nn il a lull ... in. . a... .I...
eicjhu is um, aim iiir
balloting lairlv done, in accordance to
justice to ail concerned, no good Dem-
,;i I I. ii i
un win giuiiiuie, ne nope atten
tion will be given to this, and that we
will hear of no stampede alter the
ticket is in the faeld, but lhat even
man will be in the front ranks battling
ior me cause.
We regret exceedingly, that we have
to throw this number, the first nf a new
volume, out to our friends tilled up
with the details of the most horrid
murders and outrages that human be
ing could be guilty of all perpetrated
in Louisville, Ky., a neighboring city,
we may say, to Cincinnati. But, at
the same time, fellow Democrats, it
gives us great gratification to reflect
that our skirls are clear of these mur
derous riots. Yen, they are in fad
and in truth, all to be attributed to that
most unnatural of all association to
irue Patriots, the Know Nothing or
ganisation, that is now lostered and
kept up by some, even in Vinton coun
ty, who protest to be Christians and
good citisens. We hope and trust
there difficulties are over, bqt, so Ionff
as this secret political organization is
kept up, we must be prepared to' bear
of roobe, riots, arsops. aud murders,- .
TO OUR DELEGATES. Who Lies---Jack Still Brays.
to;f' present. I have talked to sev
cy Missourians and slave holders upon
ihe subject of slavery in Kai and
'" " ,a-T lt"7 ' S'ate is
-l.t.ry than with it.
and .hat they never oesirerl nor sxpect
Ihe ... ,. , v , . h. . ... r....
"1 have not heard half as much said
l.boutsl.vtry in Kansas, since 1 have
been in Missouri as you will have in
New Lisbon almost any day. The ei
cilement senn to have all died awav
iss tit' kuwn wuiu si v v ii (4s u iv
mtit it ,uch, h,d noUhe abolition aid
societies so iucreased the bordir Mis
principles, 'souriaus. i
Mr. Q. also says JSTonsoa villbt a
By the following extracts from the
last Messenger, it will be seen (lint
I here is a difference in the numbers
given by the Jack and his cotempnra
ries of the Legion Herald, in regard
to the number present at the late Mass
Convention of the Democracy tf V in
ton. We know both statements to be
lake; and as there is a lie out between
you, just saddle it on which you please,
the John horses or the Jack.
How Jack writhes because the De
mocracy are aroused and determined
to preserve the ballot-box lor White
men's suffrage instead ol Negroes.
Whv don't Jack come up to the mark
and say how long he wants a foreign
nigger here before he is to have, the
right to vote? Fix up your platlorm,
and let us know how long a buck nig
ier must have resided in the State.
county, and township, before he can
vote, but hear the thing bray:
"Ihe Democracy of Vintou county,
after a great deal of blot iati ig end gas,
induced a few of their brethren to gain
er themseUes together in mass meeting.
This Democratic "mass" consisted of
about one hundred pernons who partic
ipated, and the affair is represented as
something of failure. The only Da
table thing we discover about it, is the
adoption of the 8th of Jsuuary Locofoco
platform, as the sentiment of Viulou
county Locofocos."
The above shows clearly to what
depths of baseness the Jack has at
tained; and the following shows him
up as one of the most ignorant creatures
in the Mate. What a pity that a sell
conceited great man, who holds him
self up as a light, should be so ignor
ant or knavish as to attempt to palm it
off on the people for a fact, that the
late Congress ol the United Slates has
established 6lavery in the Kansas ler
ritory. Such barelaced lies, or con
sumate ignorance, should be apprecia
ted in Athens or elsewhere.
"The history of the Nebraska swindle
looks very much Hka "using all powers
clearly given by the terms of the nation
al compact to prevent its increase, to
mitigate, and tinallv to eradicate the
evil of slavery." Perhaps the "terms
of the national compact" would not per
mil these men to oppose and vote against
the repeal of the Missouri Compromise
but on the other hand made it "clearly"
,h.fc,r .du o ex tend and perpetuate
What '?ey .acknowledge to be an evil end
one which they proiess to deplore
Base hypocrisy! Oar private opinion
is, that it requires very hard cheek to
adopt a resolution of that character,
... i k ... n t '. L .. .1 i
i. inioai iiiv aoniv ii 111 c i iicy on (I o rs6 ena
'support a grand shame by which rUve
ry is fasleued upon territory lung ago
'deiWated by law to freedom. Don't it
like using their exertions to "pre
vent the increase and eradicate the evil
jot slavery" wiih t vengeance f Oh,
jsLame I shame I"
Will this modern disciple of Dam-
phool snow us where "slavery ij fas-
'tened uuon territory lonrr arm dim-
. a I t . t l P i a
lea Dy law 10 ireeoomr" Will you
'pive us the number of kIivps in Np.
D - - -
bra ska or Kansas?
. We wouid here say to our readers,
it is impossible to answer these bare
faced lies only by calling your alien
lion to them, and denouncing their au-
, mors in piain language.
Air. J. M. Oilman, Esq., wilh
whom we are acquainted, aud whose
statement we vouch for as truth, thus
writes Irom Kansas to the Ohio Pain-
ot, and which we here publish for the
purpose of comparing notes wi'h Jack:
eu ma i ivaiicaa wouia oe siav snaie.
...-.,..., i w..- . j. . '
-Staff beyond all doubt."
Kansas Safe.
good order of Kansas, and
!our word iot il Shannon will attend
. I .1 r
ana receives, tue appointment ot uov
iprnnr nf fanen tiir-A P n wn ' Tliia
is an excellent appointment, and estab-
lislies tne tact in our mind that rresi
iianev me isci ill our iiiuiu mui rre&f
- denl Pi.hc favora the Ireedom ol
Gov. Shannon is the very nan for
emergency. Let another aiob ol
,nlffiatl8 BU,nipi io iU down tU
'i0 tfipir cti
Wonder what all niggerdom will
catch at next to prove PiKBca'e a pro.
Slavery Administration? Cant some
Know Mothing (as they are used to
swearing anything,) just take an ajfi
davy that Piebck is a slaveholder ?
OCT We call attention to an outline
of the proceedings of the Senatorial
Convention at Uallipolis, last week,
furnished us by Judge Hiwitt. We
will get official proceedings next week
Dat-Gcods at Wholesals. We
call the attention of our merchants,
lurnace proprietors, and dealers, to the
advertisement ot Wilson, Childs &
Co., wholesale dry goods merchants oi
Pittsburg. Tnis is one of the oldest
and largest houses west of the moun
tains, and is holding out inducements
not surpassed by any bouse east or west
to legitimate dealers. Give them a
csil and see for yourselves. We have
known some of the members of this
firm lor the past 15 years, and tan as
sure our friends they will find them
gentlemen of strict integrity. '
wwTbs Onion Slaxetman uorpioates
Ce ueral Joaepb Lane is the Democratic
esudidste for President io-1855. ..
Senatorial Convention.
Majou Brattos: In pursuance of
a resolution passed in the Senatorial
Convention, held by the Democracy,
in Gallipnlii, on tire 17lli inst., you
will be furnished with a full copy ol
the proceedings ot that body. Yon
will nor, however, te likely to receive
it in lime lor publication in your next
paper; I will, therefore, give you
brief outline of the proceedings, dc.
The counties oi Ga'lia, Meigs and
Vinlon were represented by their del
egates, who were armed with proper
credentials, but by reisou of a misun
derstanding, or rattier a want of un
derstanding, as to the time of holding
said convention, Lawrence county was
not represented by delegates regularly
The meeting was regularly organ
ized, and Ihe number ot delegates to
which each county was entitled b'xed
by a committee appointed for that pur
pose, when, on motion, it was agreed
i hat the v ote of Lawrence count v slio'd
be cast by a committee oi three, com
posed of one from each county repre
sented in the Convention.
The next business was the selection
of a candidate, which on the first bal
lot resulted in the nomination ol Lew
is Andeison, of Lawrence county, who
is the present incumbent. In fact,
the nomination of Mr. Anderson was
a unanimous thing, and met with a
hearty response Irom every Democrat
present. The name of Mr. Firor, of
(Jallia county, a young man of un
doubted integrity and ability, was spo
ken of as a candidate, provided Mr.
Anderson would not accept.
In regard to our candidate, Mr. An
derson, there is, so far as 1 know, but
one opinion, and that is, that he is a
man of unquestionable firmness and
political integrity; and having been the
victorious standard-bearer of the De
mocracy ot (he 8th Senatorial District
in lb53, and having discharged his
trust with ability and credit to lunisell
and honor to the Democracy, we leel
that the Democracy oi the Distrcl are
perfectly sale in again relying upon
success with a man who is so justly
and universally loved and admired by
Pursuant to notice given, the De
mocracy ol Vinton met in mass Con-
ventionon Saturday, Auyusl 4, 1855.
On motion of Judge Hewitt, S. S.
Murry, Esq., of Wilkesville, was ap
pointed President, and . A. Bratton
Secretary, when the Convention ap
pointed Joel A. Walden, B. P. Hew
itt, E. A. Bratton, E. F. Bingham,
and N. Richmond, a Central Commit
tee for the ensuing year.
On motion ot Judge Hewitt, the
Convention appointed the delpgates to,
attend the Senatorial Convention, Irom
each township,as follows: Elk, Judge
Hewitt and E. A. Bratton; Wilkes
ville, S. S. .Murry ; Madison, John
Dowd; Richland. J. A. Walden; Vin
ton, YVm. Gray; Brown, E, B. Weed;
Knox, J J. Allison; Swan, Jacob Jel
lerson; Harrison, John Clark; Jackson,
John Ancroni; Clinton, J. R. Newton;
Eagle, O. P. Clark.
On motion of Dr. Holland, the Con
vention appointed the delegates to at
tend the Legislative Convention, from
each township, as follows: Elk, J.
W. owepston, Jli. A. JJralton, and J.
O. Saettand Sman. .Inlin Pi-ir . -
Brown, Jerome Lillibridze; Madison,
John Fee; Knox, Geo. Holdren; Vin
l ton, John Calvin; Wilkestille, H. H.
Bishop and Simon Dolan; Clinton,
Frazee; Richland, Joel A. Walden
and P. Miiler, Jr.; Jackson, John Kin
ney 5 Harrison, David Argubright ;
Eagle, O. P. Clark.
Resolved, That the delegates in at
tendance at above Conventions, have
power to cast the entire vote of the
On motion of E. A. Bratton, it was
Resolved, That the lollowing resolu
tions of the last 8th of January Con
vention be adopted as a Platlorm broad
enough lor every honest lover of his
country and its institutions and laws to
stand upon:
Retolved, That it ia the duty of every
Ohio Democrat to determine, and by
this declaration of sentiment we pro
pose to proclaim, those immediate and
urgent issues ol Stale and National pol
icy, upon which the Democracy are lul
ly agreed; but which on ouly be secu
red lo the people by "uniou, concession
and harmuii) evtrylniug lor tht
nothing for men !"
Retolved, That are demand from the
Democratic majority iu Congress,
.lit. A revision of the Tariff of 1846.
with the double purpose of reducing the
amount 01 revenue, sua excluding the
principle of bounties to special iu'.er
est, 2ud, Co-operaiion, hj efficient meas
ures, in the restoration lo the States ol
tbe constitutional currency of gold and
trd. Hostility to a general system of
Internal Improvements, ia accordance
with the principles riprrssrd iu tbe re
cent veto message of the Executive; bui
a just and impailial application witbiu
the limits contemplated by the Consti
tution, for Lake aud River improve
meuts.as veil aa for the harbors of the
Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
4. Uucomproinising hostility to any
attempt of the European powers to es
tablish colouies on, or to extend iheii
political systems ovei auy part of this
.eminent or the islands adjacent there-.
10. ;
3: Tie acquisition and annexation to
our Union ol Cuba and the baud witch
islands, al the earliest moment coitus
teut with our national honor, and the
securing of passage across the Isthmus
lor our commerce ia peace and our arms
ia war. . I
9. Tbe speedy psssage of a law plac
tog the . national .donsip, ig limited
quantities, wiihin the reach of actual
settlers at a price not exceeding the ne
cessary expeuces of acquisition and sur
7. Economy in public expemlnuresjj
the investment of public revenue for the
redemption of the naiiotial debt: and a
rigid enforcement of the Independent
Treasury act
Retolved, The t the Democracy of Ohio
re attached to the Union of the States,
aud to the Constitution, in which are
expressed '.he principles and this com
promises upon the Unh of which the
Union was originaly established, and by
a strict adherence to which ulone that
Union can he preserved; and they de
nuuuce, as dangerous to the peace and
liberties of the country, al! attempts to
organize political parties with relerencr
to geographical or sectional dislinc
Retolved, That this Convention, in
brhalf of the Democracy of Ohio, here
by affirm the platf.mn of resolutions
adopted at the National Democratic
Contention which asseinblep at Balti
more in June, 1652 as a clear and die
tinct declaration of our political princi
Retolved, That the people of Ohio,
now, as they have altvavs done, look up
on slavery as an evil, nJ unfavorable to
the development of the spirit and prac
tical benefits of free iusiitutioiu; and
that, entertaining these sentiments, they
will stall times feel it lo be their duty
to use all power clearly given by the
terms os the national compact, to pre
vent its increase, to mitigate, and final
ly lo eradicate the evil; but be it fur
ther '
Retolved, That the Democracy of Ohio
do al the same time fully recognize the
doctrine held by the fathers of the Re
public. and alili maintained by the De
mocraiic party in all the States, that to
each Stale belongs the right to adopt
and modify its own municipal laws,' to
legulate its own internal officers, to
hold end maintain an equal and inde
pendent sovereignty with each and eve
ry Stale, and that upon these rights the
National Legislature can neither legis
late Lor encroach.
Retolved, In the language of the Con
tinental Congress, adopted forty days
after the Declaration of Independence,
that it is a wise policy tu extend the
protection of our laws lo ull who shall
settle among us, of whatever nilioti or
religion they may be, and to admit
iiiciJi iu a pa s 1 11 1 pa nun ui MIC urucuio
of civil and religious freedom;" that we
inereiure piuciann me language or Jei
lerson as our party creed, to wit:
"Equal and exact justice to all men, ol
V4 hatever slate or pursuasion, religious
or political;" and we hereby reiterate
the declaration of successive Democrat
ic National Conventions, from 1836 to
1852. namely: "That the liberal princi
ples embodied by Jefferson in the Dec
lara-.ion oi indepedence and sanctioned
by the Constitution, w hich makes uurs
the land of liberty and the asylum ol
the oppressed of every nation, have ev
er ben cardliml nriiwinlpa in ihH Dm-
0cratic faith; and every attempt to
abridge the privilege of becoming riti-
.ju iiic unncrv ui auu aiuung us,
ought lo be resisted with the nine spir
it which Swept the alien and sedition
laws from our statute books."
Retolved, That we will labor for '.he
election of a Democratic majority in the
General Assembly of Ohio, pledged to
the lollowing measures
1. A law withholding the remidie'sol
our State courts from su-h banks or.
Banners as reiuse io pay i.ieir taxes ac -
coromgio n.e uonbinuiioii auu laws oi
Ohio! and forbidding the Slate Tuasur -
er or County Treasurers from receiving,
tne nous ot such banks or bankers in
' payment of taxes.
2. An exercise b, the General Assem -
bl) of the power granted by the Consti -
tution, lore.trict the taxation by the
authorities of cities and incorporated
villages, as well as of county com mis
sioners. thereby preventing the abuse ol
1 such power.
Resolved, That we recognize in the
Democratic Administrations, State and!
iNalioual, learlul. consistent and patri
otic auxiliaries in the above aud kiud
red measures of Democratic po'icy, and
therefore worthy of confidence and sup
port of every Democrat.
On motion, the thanks of the Con
vention were returned to Messrs. Shear
er and Dungan, lor their interest man-
ilesieu in responding to the call ut the
Democracy of Vniion in addresses,
. On motion, it was atequested thai
ihe proceedings of this Convention be
published io the McArthur Vemodrat.
When, on motion. Convention ad
S. Pres't.
Keep It Before the People!
That Salmon P. Chase is
COT In lavor of Negro Suffrage!
(Crln favor of Negro Jurors!
(QIn laver of Negro OUke-hold
COT In favor of conferring upon Ne
groes the political privileges of White
If Mr. Chase does not favor these
propositions, let him so state, whilst he
is addressing the people.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Aug. 8.
At a special court held yesterday at
est Bend, lor Hie trial ot Debor, the
murderer of the Meter family, a ver-
uicl of murder in the first degree was
rendered by the jury, While he was
ueing conveyed oacK to jail, guarded
by the malitia, the mob made a rush
on him, the military gave way, and
Debor was felled to the ground by a
stone. The mob then fell upon him,
beating and mangling him horribly:
iliey then tied him with a rope, drag
ged him. through the streets, and hung
mm li;aa downward lo a tree.
Latist Fismoss. Not much alter
ations io fashions during the present
month. The waists of ladies' dresses are
becoming shorter by degrees, while the
skirts are expanding as palpahjy. has
Deen sslislactorily escensirrj that fortt
yards of silk will wake a .fstb.iona.ble.
(Herald correct 'fourth" annual Fair.)
'UK tne loitn aniiuni Uair ol Vinton coun-
I1 I,,. 1,1 HI,.' UTUl'D .1.-
-iret Tuesday in October next.
class--A cattle.
Best Bull over 3 vears old &5 00
Second do do
3 00
4 00
Brst Bull 2 years o!d
iSecond do
3 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
Best Bull 1 year old- -
Second do"
Best Ball Calf-...
Second do
Best Heifer Calf 100
Best Cow line class, over 3 years old- 5 00
Second do 3 0')
Best Heifer or Cow 2 vears old 3 00
Second do
Best llcifur I jeur old
Second do 1
Best milch Cow
Second Mo
Best yoke of oxen
Second do
Best steer 2 years old
Second do
Besi steer 2 yean old
Second do
... 2 00
... 2 0O
, . . 1 00
. . 2 00
. . J 00
. . 3 00
. . . 2 00
. -. 2 00
... 20J
Statement of Milch Cows to be by weight
for ten day certilted by one or more persons
in writing'
Best stallion over 4 years old 65 00
Second do
3 00
3 CO
2 00
2 00
1 00
1 5f'
3 00
2 00
I 00
3 00
Best stallion colt 3 jforsold--
Second do
Best stud colt 2 years old-.
Second do
Best stud colt 1 year old past
second uo
Best brood, mare over 4 years
second do
Uct Brood Mare and foal
Second do
Bo.st sucking Colt 2 00
Be.,t Filly 3 years old past 2 00
Best Filly 2 )ear old 2 00
Best Filly 1 year old 1 00
Best pair Matches for general purposes- 3 00
Best lii,hi harness Gelding--- 2 00
Best saddle Gelding 2 0J
Best Dral' on 2 00
Best Jack over 14 J hands high-- 5 CO
Jet Muleover 141 hands hih 3 00
Limnl Hulls ii!ilitublt lo Animulr.
When there i but one exhibitor, although
he may show several animals in a class, only
one premium will be awarded that to be the
iiist or otuerwie as tne merits ol the animil
maybe adjudged by the committee; and
pieiuiuni will not be awarded when the ani
mal is not vtorihy though there be no competition.
Best Buck of line crude 82 00
Second UJ
. 1 uu
. 2 0(1
. 1 00
lt..t 1'ii'ac fi.i.i .t-ml fl.tr mma..
j Lambs, fine grade, 2 or more
2 0J
1 00
2 00
1 00
.Second do
best Back for mutton
Best mutton sheep of any grae
Best shepor.1 dog 1 00
The Uomd ol managers will act as com-initie,-..
I uesi ooar over i jear ora
n..i --- . .. il
2 GO
1 0!)
1 0D
a uo
l uo
3 00
a uo
1 oa
2 0)
Second (Ii)
uoarover o ,. anl under 1 year
I lit-st bieediug sow
Secoud du
Ittbisowuml Pigs
Second do
,Jest tH- ; .................
1101 piffi nr i w.e uuu -am, ..ui
Discretionary premiums will be awarded on
uuiuiuls oi uierii not included iii tlu ubjvj
Best pair ol Slmughuis
Best pair D j.kitis
Best puir l'uiuuds- 1
I Oi)
1 00
1 Ull
1 uo
best pair Lunlls-
l'a,r,jl mixed breed o. common-. .
i Alt Mmiii. U: vlii hi i i ii n,nrs ratine
All amiiiiilti ehtbiie i in pairs cannot com
pete lurbingie reniiuiii3
r (jL juxEMEXTS rf-c
u-arm i(1 besl , mifi 1WI lujS inan 10 a.. 5 03
atlll WU1JU 500
uesi bunv-.
5 00
1 00
1 0:,
1 0.)
1 00
1 0J
1 0)
1 f..i
; Best 1'iow-.
I Best llonow
, for hay...
'jje!(l saai.er
j ittaol chains
Best sell of liarupss
II . .. IV , C- ...
! Best saddle an I hrridie 30)
best gents summer boots I 0D
Best gems Winter hoots 1 00
liesi specimen ol Blacksmiihing- 1 01)
lies', specimen of Tailoring.
1 OH
best sped men of Cabinet Ware-. 1 01)
Best bedstead 1 00
Besi specimen of Printing 1 00
Best specimen of Wood Turning 1 00
Best side of tanned Upper Leather i 00
Best tanned Sole or Harness Leath
er I 00
Best barrel of Flour 1 00
Discretionary premiums will be re
cominened on fuming im plemeuts of
merit not included in above li.-t.
Besi discovery of Mineral pro
ducts Dip.v
Best lot of Buiter I 0O
Best light Bread
Besl Cheese
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 oa
'i 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Best 10 yards of Carpet
Besl Rag Carpet -
Best D yards Jean.
Best t y. rds Flannel
Besl needle work Quill
Second do
Best Coverlet
B;st wollen knit Socks
Besl 5 1 03. Maple Sugar
B:sl 10 lbs Honey taken not kill
ing bees
1 00
Best Corn crop. not less tbau 1 acre 5 00
Second do do 3 00
Besl Wheat do do do do do 3 00
Second do do 2 00
Best piece Mea dow, do do do do 5 00
Second do do 3 GO
Best Pots toe crop, do do do I acre 2 00
Second do du 1 00
Best bushel of Appel 1 00
Besl busbel of Peaches- .' 100
Best peck of Fears 100
Best specimen of Grapes 1 00
Best bushel of Sweet Potatoes-... 1 00
Best lot of Quinces 1 00
Best Boquet. 1 0Q
AH persons wishing to compete for
premiums, must become members of this
ociety ten da)s rreceeding the day of
lair, .. By order of the Koard,
B. P. HEWITT, Prest,
B. P. HEWITT, Prest, O. T. GUNNING, Sec'y.
Aug. 23d, 1855.
1 have just received a large lot of Groceries
that 1 warrant good or no s-ile, at thu
lcwtC'asb tfincs.

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