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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 30, 1855, Image 1

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K. A. L'KATl'OX P ' " ' ' ' ' ' -'"'' "'!!' f ' 7 : - ' : . -. t TERMj 1 "'I i pT'il KY
Fdlior and I'roprloior. J '" " . -"EQTUi and exact justice to au. mcv, or whatb7ER stats on re basiok, mtoioct CB rouTioAt." Thoa loz.noa. " t IN AUV :;c.',.'
Yolum 4.
: McArlliur, Vinton Co., 0., Ihuisdiiv, ; August tft), i$oo.: -
' (5 I ,' I f-" 0
TOE niiThlll DEHOHIL .
OJice oic (oor easf 0 f,e Court
f'l.CO per ytur, and if no,' jwyd icithia lit
1'htit Terms mutt lit. nir-rtlu m,nrj;j
villi, 11 ml no jitiper will be discontinued until
ell amortize art v:iid, unless ul Hit option
,f 1 1 .,.,1 1 1 ... r
HTT" One squire, thirteen lines or leva first
llree iiit.crlwii ,1 (j'J
.r.aai vi uiiwiKu inaeruoa .b.i
Cttrdj t,r;r, .'i,00.
Atihrfnl dt due lion' Kill It mode, to pr
ions ndvrrliiirm L'.i Hit urnr.
All udccrlhtiiitnla payable in advanctcr
We, bio pnpMcd to (xcrute, upon the
shortest notice, in fie urutcst nitiniicrand on
tin clicnppht terms, oil kinds of I'luin and
Fancy JOU ITtlM'lNG, scih us
Ifondhilla, J'iW.s, IJtlrfs.
Curd, Ticl.eti, rngrnvimti,
Circi'lurx, Wi, Clucks,
'lull Hindu, J.libtl. Jl.llbC lhUt,
c, fc, 4C
CCf V'e respn tfuUf solicit the printme
Tatruna;;o of our LVii.o" rHiic friends, end all
others nquiiin; work, in Vinton county.
ji ills or the "IrJ illiiir Li mortal.''
Tl plo-lsCr.l!tan 11 Fi ct ive t d Puccini
fcr tiibnuj ilci'i uri. A.r..iltuu.ii. tur ikU It.
per, iti Viu:tu Cmniy. Li.io.
I'rvrn.v Cox,
V'm, TA VLl.lt.
Jso. L'l.uik, Sr.,
J. Hi 01 it,
J. Ciii i.i .v,
TInniilni riinmre.
Ml. I'U'u.-nnl.
lli'iii.-oTi Towiic'iip.
:!.'ctn Slori',
ii!.to ilL
li. r. Ji i:YITT, Jn.l;;n ol I'rol.iite Curl
W.L. KPMIi'.Tt.'N.ClHrk Coiii.l'ias Court
E. F. ri.NCilI,M,riosei-ulii;ii Attorney
"W,;. TilT., S,hcriir.
JOG ".I'll MAfiEE, Atulitor.
H. rAV:a", Trc;iHiiu-r.
JAM1.::; riAI.OM'., Km order.
KELSON r.lcllMOM). turvi-jor.
CEO. ULLGM, CiiiTiifr.
Coiintv ConiniiFint'pr!,
Scliool K.v;niinci-,
0. T. GUJvNI.N'G, (i. W. t-lUiCKEY and
"e. a. rr.A'i'io:;.
, I H (J h K-M.C E S ,
With their Tcs-t Office Adiofses.
Ciktiskati EiK.NAtt. rifl!t Slew
art f' Co. ManiilftiinrerR of tlie befct
r 1 1 e 1 i t y of Tig 1 1 1: ii . Karr.dcn, I'.cedf
Mill ().
Eagu: It I.SACE. Ilr:'V. I't-i'tley &
Co. MtjtiiifiK (mi it- of ll'o l-i tt quklitv
of rii; lion. .! Tost OXue-.
Vinto:: FtriiNAL?, Men hp, t'ltuk (,'o.
Maniiffcturcts of lest qusiity of l'ij,
Iron, VintO'i Eurnpce Posi Otlire.
IIatkn l'l-iiNAcr., Fiuzt-e, Trt & C.
rvppd'u Mill Post 0 If. i c
S.M) IritNACE, 1'i.rlU' II, lna
Co., I.'.uiiufacliuirs of tlie best qiinlit)
of Tin Iron. lost Oflre bt Alliens 0.
Ikuciiam of Vinton, who are
realculr. Ijy.Gccc'i I'.siui.sie, O'-s''1". Eool,
Ci.oe, G:utet!e, tt.
McAl." I!l I'. Ji I'll S. V;iU, J. K.JD
loiiinii i n c ( ii., t'vin U'.Hd.h. A
I'.ut toil, J. iV E. l.'i t ;c , rl.itd n lii J nolils.
IlAyrrs. i:ri.i. j'iil, 1 1. 1. T. Ilioi, IE 1?.
Merle. J. H. i)- . L. W illti.n, iii. C.
n.sF.'-VM.i.r. S. S. Mnrry, JoVn fiilUn.
, Ciine ft ISitrdmi, Eilaiiitc Lastli'y, Jau.t'k
Uliulii-ly. Curr iV Hirorj;.
Ali.i Nwn.i.f. liw Mil'.cr, Maicua Mil
, l:r. Jok'.i -i;iox.
Mt. l'i.i.Ai-;v:r. ri.il'iii S.iin.
I'liAllfViLM. Sv.ej ell l: tut'ptCII,
-ikin'i iViu.. J. IVuvr.
EiisKiiif..v.iit'n Mu i.. William Tiiiie.
YlTiUs'T'l L K L H O OMS
McAiaiirn". E. V. I.'othv.cll.
JJli U G G 1 1 T d .
Mc.'.nTi uii. G. 15. iii.
Hamdi n. L'.'ivit i'i Collins.
YVn kh-vii.lk. L lire & Canlnrr.
McAi:tiilr.-J. G. Swctluiul. 5. C. Crj.fwt
Alio r ncj at Law,.
Will practice ill Vinton and adjoinine crntn
ties. OUke tlnee doom V.tst oi tl.e Tost
Feb. 9, 1S52. 34 tf
Alloriieis at Lt;w.
TVill practite in farlnelup in Vinton Conn
ty. Ofi'ue, lour doors east ol isicton Hul
bert s Hotel.
'5 Eeb. 21. IS54. I r9.
E. A. E F: AT T C M ,
AUgi'kcy at Law. -.
Wf ILI practice in Vinton and adjoining
f T counties, nice, oue uoor eait of tl.e
Hue Corner."
J. R. Y;l;lTTEf.CrE
HAS dow en SHoitn.ent of WW Paper,
Bordeis, Window Curtains, and Fir
Screens, that ctn bardic be Mirpn:ed lrr"iie
"Wst. Trices low. Ko. I. Union Rlork,
mjVti, C illicothy, Objo,
Selected Poetry.
Yhat if llie little rain slioulj say
"So small a drop as I
Can ne'er refresh those thirsty fields '
I'll turry in tlie'akvi"
Wba t If a shining beam of nooa; '' '
Should iu its fotintuin stay, ' ',
Eecaus' its leeble liglilttlone, '-'f' '
Could not create a. day? ."
Doth not each rain-drop help to forta '
The cool, refreshing aliouer;- -.
A ud every riy of liiit to warut
And beuulily the ilowei?
. Go. thou and strire to do thy slitr;;
Oiib talent less than thine ' '
I in proved illi steady zeal and care,
Would ruin ten aril d iv i tie.
Garnett Andrews for Governor
of Georgia.
The following comnuinication we
dip from the Star of the Wtst. . The
Ohio Statesman is requested to copy:
"LflttfZf, Walter county, Ca.
Br. Quinby; I am n man who doe
not tltU in politics, nor do I desire
to lon e the subject into the columns ol
(lie Star, )et, if it meets jour appro
bation, I should like for your many
readers to fee the following remarks:
In the year '39 or '40 there was r.
case of murder l-rnuht up foi trial in
i he Superior Court in Oglethorpe coun
ty, Georgia, Garnott Andrews, Judjje
Our present United States Senator,
Hon. Robert Toombs, was counsel for
me deleridnt. A Mr. Bell, his son,
and his son-in-law, were the material
witnesses in the case. They were all
three firm believers in the doctrines ol
UnivertsdliBin, ami all respectable men,
in good standing n society. The couo
m;I, Mr. Toombs, raifed the question,
"whether a man, profewiiisf the Uni
verbalist taith, should be allowed hi
oalh in fc court of justice or not?" and
the aforesaid Jtide Andrews decided
'that he should not." On (his ground
the above uamed witnesses were de
barred from giving testimony, and the
result was, the guilty, or at least the
accused person was set at liberty.
Thecatewas brought up before the
next Li ginlatuiv, and by that body the
decision ot Judge Andrews was pro
nouiiced vnroimtitutionul, at the ex
peiipe'tif ninny dollars lrlhe Sute.
But whether the case was ever tried
ayain in Court ot not, 1 am unable (o
And now, in this enlightened day,
Dr. L. F. W. Andrews, (no relation
of the Judge) editor of the Georgia
f'itizrn, (publibhed in Macon,) and
a prember of our glorious faith, IJni-ven-lifni,reconin!Ci:ds
this same Judge
And:ew as a fuituble man to fill the
executive chair of our Slate. And
inst, but not hast, the "American,"
alias "Know Nothing" jattv, at a
council or convention, recently held in
tnr rity of Macon, for the purpose ol
inniiiiaiinir a suitable man as candidate
lor the tllii e of Governor of the State,
( at our next October election,) have
nominated this same Judge Andrews
as their candidate.
I am informed that this Fame ques
tion or decision of the Judge above
named, was I .rought up in the conven
tion, but thry tried to plnter it up and
smooth it over, by saying that there
u as a statute in the laws of Georgia at
that time, which authorized the Judge
to make the decision he did. Now 1
would thank any member of that Con
i cut ion tojtoi.-if out that law, if it ev
er exiuod, as 1 do not wish to injure
any ht.man bring on caith. But I
must dcliiiii my own rights, and 1 do
believe that Liniversalifts as a class,
and as a denomination, have borne, do
I ear, and are still willing to bear in si
leiue, as much as any other class, or
as can be expected ot human nature :
jet there is a point, even with them,
Le)ond which forbearance ceases to bt
a virtue.
Supposing that there was at that time
a law (which 1 di.ubt) authorizing
(not compelling, Lut leaving it option
ary with tlie Judge in stall cases) to
decide, as did Judge Andrews, or oth
erwise, is there a Universalis!, is there
aiy trvc'heartcd republican, who can
hnd in his heatt to support lor the ol
lice of chief magistrate of the State,
a man who could thus invalidate his
oath, set aside and .trample upon the
dearest and most sacred rights of man?
1, tor one, would notsuppoit my own
brother under such circumstances.
UniversaliMs, as a sect, are as religions,
as pious, as honest and as just as any
other sect in Christendom, in point
ot vntue, good mora!?, ana veracity,
they will lose nothing by comparison
with any denomination of Christian?.
And I would caution Universaluts es
pecially, and all mcu generally, against
putting into oaice. sucu men as the
Judge above named, and. the Hon.
Senator, too, if you please, tor they
are both of the same kidney, it. would
seem, with regard to religious tolerance
and lile;ty ol constieuce. . Acd 1
would say to the Utiiversalists oi
Georgia, "before you cast your' votes
next October, recall some ot the' bloody
tragedies and M enes that have been ex
acted in thef ast uncier Uie lullueuce. ot
the same spirit of intociaut.aGi.-re
ligious prOTcriptioaJ'
I would send a copy of this ai tide
to the Herald, Ala., for publication,
but I see'a notice of the subject in that
paper a!rcady,-and it-goes to endorse
the above facts. You can see it, too,
by referring to the number of that pa
per, dated June 22 J, '55r and if you
think proper to publish this article, as
1 hope you may, (or at leait, the. facts
indorsed,) I hope the Heiald will copy
it, that all may see. Justice and fair
play is all I nk. These I consider as
my right, and these I shall contend for
sink or swim while the good Lord
permits me to live, and to retain inj
reason. .' - r.,
, Yours in the faith of the CJofyfl,
Very Late from Fort Laramie.
From the St. Louis Republican, Aug. 11.
' Mr. li. F. Majer, who has been
established for years in business at
Fort Larimie, arrived in this city yes
teiday. lie left the Fort on the 16ih
of July. Mr. Miyei represents eve
rything ad qniet in that quarter no
outrage hiving been committed by the
Indians since tlia murder of Captain
Gibson, of which we have uheady
given au account. Mr. Miyer does
not confirm the stories which so oiteu
reach us through other channels, ul
large numbers ol discontented and hos
tile Sioux Indians being colleced on
the route ot the emigrant trains, with
the intention of murdering and robbing,
nor have they assembled at any place
withi.i lis knowledge, to make war
upon the Un'tedStales troops, now
rapidly concentrating in that country
with a view ol compelling the Sioux
to obedience. On his route to Fort
Leavenworth he met no Sioux Indi
ans at all.
Captain Foote's Company of Infan
try had arrived at Fort Laramie. Coi.
Howe's command, consisting of seve
ral companies of dragoons, w as met
fifty miles west ot Fort Kearney, get
ting along finely. The road was iiued
with Russell &. Major's trains, con
veying Government stores' to Fort Lar
amie. They were progiessing well.
From Fort Kiley, tlie new military
post recently established by the Gov
ernment, we have deplorable news.
it will be recollected t fiat (lie Govern
ment determined to make this a prom
iueut j)o,t, on mo Wcaieru border, and
iJnhu'purpose a laigs number of 'me
chanics were employ ed to proceed thith
er and construct additional bai racks
and other houses. On Sunday last au
express reched Fort Leavenworth with
the intelligence that the cholera tad
broken out at Fori liiley in a moit
virulent form, uitdthut meinben had
died evtry day since it made iti up
jearan e. Maj. Ogden, U. S. A.,
and a niosttllicient oliicer, was among
the victims ol tnis scourge. All the
persons about the Fort were panic
Mricken, and fled to tne hills lor re
fuge Irom the pestilence, leaving the
ick to die and the dead unburied.
The mortality is represented to have
heen very ,'reat, one report which we
hope is exaggerated stating that as
many as forty had died in one diy.
By the Polar Star, yesterday, we
received a letter dated at Fort Leaven
woith on the 7th, in which reference is
maue to one written on the previous
day, giving all ttiat was then known ol
the extent ul the ravages ol the pesti
lence. 1 nat letter has- not come to
hand. In the one before us, (he wri
ter says:
"Since my letter ol yesterday morn
ing 1 have learned some further partic
ulars of the .state ot affairs ut Fort
liiley, and I gave them to you as they
are received by persons coming in from
there, one by one. It is to be expec
ted that there is no more cholera at tuat
post, perhaps lor the reason that there
is no victim left in fact, so lar as we
can learn, the post is abandoned, all
who did not die having left panic
stricken. As yet we do not know tiie
exact number of deaths; it is enough
to say that it was awful. Lvst Fn.
day men were offered $10 to (Jij; a
grave, and nobody would do it. The
last man from there, who came in yes
terday evening, says, w hen he felt he
saw four or live dead on the porch,
and no man to bury them.
'Honor to whom honor is due,' gen
tlemen, and I cannot omit to sp-ak ol
one instance of true "COut age," though
you may think it too soon. Mr. J.
O. Sawyer, Architect and Builder, of
St. Louis who went out to Fort Ri
ley with Major Ogden, to superintend
the buildings isthe only man who
kept his place and took charge of all
the public property, and declared- that
he would stav until relieved by a com
missioned officer. I am not able to
describe to you how much everybody
here admires such trusty heroism.
- Our correspondent proceeds to reflYci
very severely upon the conduct of Home
of those in the public service, and
which conduct, it correctly represent
ed, was . highly repreheusible; hut it
may be '.bat, in the flush ot excitement
and alarm caused by the sucldeii ap
pearance ot the pestilence at that ex
posed point, exaggerated stories have
gained currency. At all events we
shall wait for details before passing
c'otidemnatiorvuport men who onght to
have known tfieir duty1 -better and to
have performed at all hazards. ' t
The New Dome on the Capitol at
!he Wshin.'on Vniok of the 2&:h
.fiie workmen have fommenrcd fra
mi ig the scaffolding for this nnv.; nn;l
ma jiiificer. structure. '. About twenty
me tare employed preparing tin? ti.nber;
the worker, building the s raV.'iding
wil be commenced in; tlie roluwdai' Hie
fir week l:i Angdsf, and a month at
leapt will in occupied in putting it up.
Afierthisi-the old dome will lie taken
doWn, and t!e new one romm&tu ed.
Ve had yesterday ttn opportunity to
examine t; phns and ' rl rawing, of
whV:h. we' make the following brief
derCrtplirtu.:-Tiii!.lild dVwU to fce
t ikeii down entirely to the roof of the
Capitol, and a hue cointrn ;ted 2o feet
in heigth tud 132 in diameter,"' some
what of hti octagonal form. On this
siands a nvhle colon ide 123 feet in di
ameter, consisting of v9 column, with
appropriate entablatures, balustrades,
&C, frorxwhich rises & enriched at
tic of 33 ht in heigth by 107 in diam
eter. Til t, attic forms tho b uo of thp
cupola, t!s diameter of which is 83
feet and tlia htigth 66 feet. Tua whole
is crowned; by a gracefully propor
tioned. Iur)tem, snpporliiv' a colossal
statue of fhe Goddess of Liberty.'
The entire elevation from the groiind
on the eastern front of the building is
300 feet.,
The interior is exceedingly rich, and
the ornaments are of a bol J md sli ilt
ing character. The present rotund
is preserved as high as the top of the
cornice; above this will be a Rilley
over which a belt of sculpture 9 feel
high, and nearty 300 feet ling, ex
tends around the entire dome. . Above
this there is a succession of galleries,
colonades, entabletures, attics, and
blustrades, surrounded by a hemispher
ical ceiling, crowned with a lantern at
the heigth of 218 feet from the floor.
The highest point of lookout is 275
feet above the ground on the eastern
fiont, ami the highest point from which
the interior m iy be seen is 218 feet
above the floor.
The whole work i to he of iron
Irom bottom to tp, inside and outside,
it w ill be the first structure ol the kind
ever built entirely ot tiiis materia
I he design as well as the workin''
dewing-, J, by Mr W'allpr, the rt-ln-
tecj of (heC'artjtol extension, and (he
execution ot tlie work is under the di
rection of Captain Meigs of the top
ographical bureau.
Fight in a Church.
The Gallipo'.is Journal has the fol
lowing local religious intelligence :
The Presbyterian Church in this
place has been in possession of the
Old School body for some weeks pat,
and the New School, thinking they
had occupied the building a sufficient
length of time, on Snlutday evening
last made ai attempt to retake it from
that body. They succeeded in break
ing a panel out of the back door, but
the hole was not sufficiently large to
admit a man's body. It spperrs that
the Old School members were absent
at tlie time, but while Mr. John Smith
ers was endeavoring to elfert an en
trance, Mr, Miller, an outside mem
ber, remonstrated against the proceed
ings, and finally struck Mr. S. a severe
blow on tiie head with his rane. Find
ing an entrance more difficult than
they had imagined, they quietly dis
persed. For the past ten days or tw o
weeks the church has been in charge
of Capt. J. S. Myers. On Sunday
morning, Rev. Warren Taylor, the
New School minister, took occasion
to walk in while the door of the
church was temporarily (brown open,
and ascend (he pul i(. Myers peremp
torily ordered him to leave the house,
but no attention "vas paid to him, when
he repaired to the pulpit and ejected
Mr. T. by lore. Mr. T. offered no
resistance further loan to hold on to a
knob that was attached to an oru anient
of the pulpit, Hiid, breaking his hold of
It, lie tot his balance and Ml over t ie
railing to the floor.striking on his back.
We do not know that he sustained any
serious iniury l ue cliurcli has not
been used for public worship since the
Old School body his had possession
or it. dince tlie dilii -ulty, it is their
delenmuation to keep it closed until a
tjer-tsnm mar bv iiaii at to - nzht
ot property.
Abolition .Treason and Blasphe
my. We find the following paragraph
in a late number ot the Vermont tee
man, a prominent abolition paper:
v nerever slavery is found we
claim the right to assail - it, and who
ever or w hatever comes between us and
slav ery to delend it w livthvr President
Pierce with his constitution, or Presi
Ufibi. Auril wall ins Bible toncw no
quarter. Our motto is: humanity and
us rights, above all books and cousti-
i -''. ''!.
Comment is unnecessary.
0 Fovetyl thou art.iudeeJ.orauipotent,
i'hou. giiudesi us. iaio . despeiatiou ;
vhou coufouuuest. all, p.nr .boiijlsd . and
uiosO- .deeply gaoled principles; thou bl
lest us. to tbe.ve.ry. brim, with malice and
Mvengexul reue'ereit, us. capable. of acts
o(urjliuov n horror! May, I ueve,r b visi
ted by Idee iu lhe fullaeisof the
Caleb Williams.
The Horrible Burbarities in Kentucky
---The Know Nothings the
Cause of the Riots and Murders
---The Fully Developed.
. .-
, v y
daily deve oped iif ,. th coo lact' of lbs
Ki)(,- ' No' hi ill's of Lon is t ille. ' They
are etiO'Jh to sicken ' tin) lieurt of eveiy
lover c, his country.' .'Tlieir' t n f i tnly -ti
tiiiirtllelel in thi liistory Hfhdmii?
kviekedtieis and il vill set for agfti tike
auiiirabu upou tha fair fame and pros,
perity of that cty. ' lis rmn . com-
im'iit ed aiid If these scanei oT btitrugeg
and io!eiice ar 'to pervade 'our laud,
w may' data 'from' this-; crista in our af
fair tbe; commejeerreot of thadown
itiir'il course of our jloiifmwl rrtilutr'y,--h
la tlie A uoioti of. all. t!ia -lii.
bdlisftrd and disortltieit fucu'yns 4 ilijt
tlja country ana the LVnioejii-y thui
bve j loii ud suexeshfully. wiihuod
tlicir ult6! . ' ,t'
[Correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Post.]
More Facts about the Louisville
Siill more of thn ruts. I h I (iionf;!it
und hoped 1 Mas done with '.hem Kut
thins teak out slocvk; and tho sino!;
ot bailie m it claif aivajr bff.ire yo i ;
can e . distinctly. Whit I burn now
la my must correct portions of my last
tetU't, dated the liiii. . I
Some ytuts iiuce, the Kentucky Leg
isUtuie. patsrd a law tljjtone judges ol
eUciiun irom each of II, e grr-al parties, a
special deputy of the Sneriff, an I a cleik
should preside at each poll. Tint In lrs
eta oppoinied by the Circut Jude
When b statutes wera reised, .the
cUiiiM providing that the judges should
be taken from eilher party, was omitted,
by oversight or intention. There ar six
teen pull iu Louisrille and county, and
four offices to each would uuke aixly
lout in all, Of the thirty-two app.iiu
ted by Judge Garluud for the city, twen
ty eight were Know Mothinj. Som
of the leaden of the democratic party
had givn him a lint to select from, lor
their side.ot if be should preier others,
im img'it il j no, but they aslie I an rtnul
jiiu uir leprtfbeiKaiion, ami Ju mn
proinihed toivo the mutter !it3 atten
tion, which lie di l.as state 1,'jy apiiir.
ing lour democrats to twenty eii,ti "Xu
iie." The Kentucky state election are con
ducted tivu voce. The practice hereto
lore has been loi the voter to hand in
Ins ticket Cieiiiy. and the judges wonid
copy lioin it, not requiring tlie tiilet
to be read aloud. VitU. ...the inleu'. t )
deprive ibe foieu populatioii to their
e,Wy 'tlai.idctl' at -t iii e!-riu.n ii.,t
every nun should read his ticket, a.ul
that the polls should bs nidiseJ fio.n
the voice. This dulnucliised all who
could not lead, or who ere unacru
lomed to the language, excepting orly
so far as Unit meuiory mibt serve
Votes were (ejected, because citizens
well kuowii.tlid not brine their
liatuidludtioii pjner, tothe,noll
Joseph liiitMCom who bad been a voter
lorty three years, una required bv the
judges to piodi.te his papers, The in
delimit old man threw his ticket com
temptuuuly in their faces', and turned
away. He was loo highly 'respeted for
any man to dure strike him. . " '
The poll fr the 5th ward, in which
there are about seven hundred voters,
is at the Court ltnue. It was sue
rounded by. Know Nothing bullies with
weapons, before si o'clock in tho morn
ing. At eialit, up to which time was
no lighting here but much noisy ihret
eniug ami profanity; two Irishmen were
eii qme(y tonic (o the poll". The crv
of "move bun," Was raised, and Ihe'v
were pursued by the rr.ob. They fled into
the Court bouse and jumped out of a
high window at the west, and so escap
d. Older Irishmen atieino'efl to vote.1
and were beaten hick, bearly. esoapinv
with iheir live?. The state of thin;;
continued forihre hours' Al noon, an
inoUeusive Uermm was beet and so
beaten, (hat a physician who explained
iiiiu declared he could not live five min
utes All these thiiii; oi curie l several
hours before the murderous attack on
Doesticks, Instigated by Damphool
and the Devil, Joins the Know
Knowing more abouselling grocetirs
then about politics or religion, but was
..-acred to dealt) by D iraphool and others
ol his kin and name; told me if i did'i
join the Know Nothings I'd burst up,
broiled ongridrons by (he Caihulics,
also, that the Irish burned natives, then
fricaseed them as a choice foreign luuch
li.U thi i J join.
Started at l? o'clock at night, went
doao town, ib- up Sown; met watch
man; Damphool aud he turned round
thre times, thea stood ou uno leg;
Damphool then said, 'tlorum scoruin;'
watchman said, 'highcatalarum, go
ahead;' Dimphool sii t watchrn ia was
oue ol'eua.' Weut through seveu back
streets, thea along cross treet to near
where, e started, dived down cellar
a.epsdoor; Daruphool whoo-whooe I like
uu owl taiee tuuei, knocked door uiue
itues; inside squalled like a torn cat
iiUti knocked door three limes; door
6i0Ud; 4iJt. ;S Hrytf ti&d hmaJktr
ehoif over ray eyes; auother door epea
ad, (atiliug of chains and strong tutll '
ut sulpbu:; thought my time bad come,
aud tiled iu pray, but cauld'nt (hiuk of I
any tiling but. uww 1 lay me (Iowa t
steep, , They leJ me in, threw ue dowu
ou all fours, bit me uiuo" cracks with a
paddle ou uuiaeutioiiuaMe place, stack
two, piua iu the tame, b.Ialed like a bil
lygoatr then - ganeial caterwauling by
the wh'ole'com'jiaoy." ' liaised irie up sad
took "olTbauttkerchUfi Urge crowd
wivlf fo6r 'caps" on', ble'ars sticking up. 1
Big picture hsilging ou (he wall,' Uir.t
etuciaed ; . caflerneata irx large Icrtters
:f Ci t !i 3i ic;
tViufhl . bffofoi 'twas i'..". J m'.s, wisu't
ritii1 ti .'n'oiv i rinpiiauV -tea me t,i to
(dp mi with
; -e-'t' eir of ortr, bj-
..!,;... .. I. 1 . ... A I- I. .. I .1 ...... . . . .
I 11 Mi ' ' 'ii ,r - iii i t.r i:. c ft I' r u : I u il j ; l.l n
in ly
S'A-ear; l"!J Im.ii I'd ei r lo u ii y ! ;
dou't know what I di l fc 1' i ;i r , v; i
srj"J. ' ' ,1 i'i with bi ; eirs IjH i. (
was a iiieu-.Vf 'of tr.ificiH au l hi
..r' k v... i. , . . ... , f
him a bow, lold him ( vv u;i gi,"'?
j!i a
tli p.d,--snJ ttoli ,t
whole hou?:
,'.',' - .'Poiscrrt up a g-mi $t
,- i.i:ccoon in a ijoiiur, j-c,
; After lini .eoiijt, lln mill xvj'.li tU I
ft otlereil
up a sli';rt pr,i yt
r ; -'!lV I:
the deii..ti. from, fnrri.if.rt iu ,.!:! t-
a1." ft VVniitl SuIiIl' 's i Id d mm-o.K.im Iin.
tlie wnfj. ' Tim '-ti nrir
vo, ana a lew eiir.ir?' ;.iin witn t:io l
liin, ears (lin-et.tted that the business fc
llut iii r;hi was lo 'cieoide upon a'rer.di-
.Idle for (Jiioti; aiiJ "ibejr Lid tiino
hundred me nibeii, a n J tlicre wete nine
luiti'lrod and twenty 6even candiddtcj, '
Dida't know huiv It wa?, J? (n't un.lej- (
'tan i 1 1; jut ona t li t ci lia Unowed li
wflni'l suing to n'ive his claim, wislnt.l .
buiii;hibrt tetotully txfluncticated if
le did." Several with sm iller earj then
fiid.'them was exactly their ucntimsut,', ;
but tiiotight a Utile delay wouidu't hiirf
newer count noties liist. ' . .
Meeiini tlienbrote up; went bnma
anlFentioan a puthecary for Je w Di
..ir c.nee days, ell'ect of ptii'.Jle. ( '
Oaniphool called lo see me; Ulked pol
itics; told him t should tots foi Ste
phens. Ilesuid I shoulita't, had sworn
not to; told him I'd quit; said if l did I'd
'"'J .ww.w..
!oa my custom, lv. X. a wouldn't trad
win oie.eafieJ uia 'traitor. perjurer,' and
alt that.. Dju'i know whit to do; reck-
on i ii nave. 10 sulk 10 'iin. .
Rape Casb iDRSTtriCATiow or
the ScncsDiiax. The Pittsburg Post
of tlv? 15t!i inst. his the following:'
"Tho shocking details which we.
gave a few days since of a rape com
niit'.oj upon the person of a young
w hite lady, by a lie-no, r.to still fresh,
in the minds of tur readers. All ef
f'lils to ferret out the black-hearted vil
I wu proved futile until yesterday.--'
Miss Mary Singer, lha unfortunate
victim, had so far recovered yesterday
as to be able to ride up to Mayor Ad
inl's oflice, and give a drscripllon of
tlie sc'cuath'ol.' Sha represent him
is haviitsT Im'J long Lair, whfch curled
around hi neck? tint he vrore spolteU
pann, ana nt she Uaicieu a se?cfo
ratcli on one of his cheeks during
the scuflld. This confirmed the pro
viotjs suspicions of Mavor Adam.
win was almost convinced that tho
ruili in was no other than John Russell,
the bui'ifUr. who Wa3 Clllvlit nn Mia
imiiday morning following ia the act
ol robbing the' dwePing-house of . Mr.
McUreiv, iu 'Alleghany! Oilier Scott
accompanied the lady to the jil yes
terd ty, and reqites'ted' JRa3sel to be bro't
to the 'bars.' 'When his eyes tnetthoso
of thb lady, his countenance ell, and
his powerful frjnie cecnicdlo quake.
The lady became deadly pale, and
exhibited, symptoms of swooning.
5'he was seated iu the Jailor's office,
while High Constable Soott accom
panied the fiendish wretch to his cell.
He made no confession?, but manifes
ted great anxiety to know what the la
dy wanted,. and altogether exhibited
unmistakable evidences of guilt. Miss
Sniger is confident that he is the man.
ISiie stated that he was on hie way to
Alleghany wiien she first saw him;
(hat immediately alter passing her ha
turned and caught, her by tho waist,
when a desperate struggle ensued.
Finding th lady lo mike such nian
ml re.-iitanec, with brutal ferocity h
seized her by the throat, and .with his
nnrclouting grasp choked her until tho
blood oozed from her ears, and lie fell
almost lileless to the ground. The rest
ot the story has already been told, and
we desire not to repeat it."
Gov. Meiull's Toct thkodoh thb
NouTii-wEsr We hear from all quar
ters (hat Gov. Medill's lats trip through
the North West one of complete tri
umph. He was met at all points with,
the utmost tothiisiasro; and by crowds
of toteis who had left their farms aud
Gov. Medill himself expresses tbe
it t m o s t i r a t i fie a ti u n w itb- be tiuusa a
uud beard through his wholo route.
liis election by a triumph mt vote is a
II ted fact, aud all the scurrility of such
scur.ilous shset as that of the Chase
organ of this city, cannot charge tbe
stubborn tesult. That paper iucreases
in um&nuess as its hopes diminish
TJeCiay. A little mirth mixes well with
both busineis and philauthroohr. llow
stupid hie both in labor and pleasure, would
bj without that git ty within us vhich,rei
ponds to the choerless and beauty around us.
Njt its main curients run all tha deeoer ae
well U9 leshcr and purer, for tha lirtit rill J
tftaV!aunfnS"aTl'l Wit j' flow'fntd fliem.
Itnj river wout.l stilS"al' into pools if. the
rivu'.eia ceased th-ir pl.iy. - Fhilosoplicrs and
men uf business save (heir souls alive.audken
.iocir luteliect liesh and healthy by mingling
mc miriuiuiue.ss ot youm witn tnq sooe;ues
61 at; aul'cteu futi ttn.l philanthrope are
Often loaud in tite earn chrattt. - .
i . 1 . ..
. Never marry for a fortune. Ve OTerh'r.ri
a poor unpoiuiiate get the following sorkdot-a-r.lhe
other dayk from his tetter jmlf;
"Vou good-for-uoibiiis kllow!" se.id sh.
"what would rod have b-.-et, had I uot w u
rtedjit; VUoc watiie bikiug-kive,'w'-,.i.
tUi plg-trou'l, WhoS'. tiie ffytii.':-purt 1 .. I
irou hodpeUbiulut; bat naiirf, it: i ii.tr
ried fflet' ' " '

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