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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 06, 1855, Image 1

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i:. a. iti:Ti1.
TililMS-ei.O'.i FK't ANNL
l ittler nnd front iuinr.
POLITICAL.' '.--TlioM Jeff noa.
Volume -1
McAi'Ilmr, Vinloa Co., Q.;, lhursduv, - Sept. u, ISoo.
" THE li'AItllllll. DEMOCRAT.
r n w a i: i a . a u a t t o h .
OTra' "! roor mf e Me Court
t,C0 fir y(ur, utul if i t,: i: rci iu'.7ij;i i.'u.
,tar, JWr-llii" i(: i;;:ir(.
'i"7ime Terms mint tie strictly Cumy'dat
ui'.h, avJ no puj cr ill U di:coittinud in,;
fil rrrirfa ai t jmid, vt.iets ul the vlHuv
nf the pulli Ju r.
T r f? sf c iF "7l urui re
CTT" O'K S(ii(ir, thirteen Unci or (sj nf
tJuc iii&crtion fx
E'VP'i urMi.'iiii'iil iiftjr . . i';
Cards (fitt rur,'".' ",(10,
' Aliberul deduction u iil It made lu pir-
UunvnOvtrJikii.fi 0y r A -, -1 -:.
We eie liquid !( .on rfPv vy-r.ir t;c
slim:el iK, l he, in tic i urst u : i j if i id en
lhe'theiiyeet Win, nil kiln1!. mV'uih ruin
t'ctidlUh, I'Uvl's, 'f.Jttirf. '
Cr.idf, Tiri(ti, rrtgrvir.r.fS,
CUculin, r ' J'uUre, Chuks.
frill L'tG(!, .tilth,- Jtorot Lil't,
;- CO" 'e repp fflfully tolii it th printing
Hirciihe of I'tir JVrnotiatic fiioiids, biuI ull
oilierj if(:iirhi; woik, in Vinton coniuy.
i. .
The fcll.iwIrijOer tlic.cn Kcciivt ai i Peculpi
Irrtubrti ,ilutnn Ac'vijUunnult, lor lit Is
I r, ia V.iniu ColbI) . Ctiu. 7
rmr.i (.OX,
, W.f. 'J'VLLR, .
J.vo. Cl.uik, Sr.,
' J, 1'l.OI.B,
J. (Jll.l.IN,
..ium Lv:,x,
J. liAtCM,..
Hannlfii Fumuce. .
Mi. I'ltiifuiit.
llanifi'ii TcuMibhip.
i!KcsvilL '
va ti. f
1. I. HEWITT, Ju.l&e ol Probate Cour
W.J.. l.nMISTON, Clerk Coin.Plms Cotirt
E. F. lil.NGU AM.rrofcituiins AUufuey.
V.'m. Tibl.'E, Hierirr.
II. PA ME, Trrofurer.
JAMF..S MAI.OM-:, r.ecoiJcr.
00. ULL0.M, Coroner.
County Commissioners,
Sdtcol KxamiiiPtf,
1 li O N
Y'i'i llirir
Tott Cfllte
Ci.vri.N.sAii Ft'C.NAcK, Wi'sifoll, Stew
art () Co. Alaiiuluttiirera of tl.e l-ebi
qublity of Pij; Iron, Ihn.der.. Ret At
Mill P. 0.
Eagle Fiknaie, Stunley. Eomley
Co. Muutifiiciniprs of the Lest quality
ol l'i Iron. Kd(;lrt Post Ofl.re.
Vintcn F l k k ace, Metiis, Clurk 'c Co.
M.'iiuiiiicluiers of lest qtulity of Fij;
J run, i it ton Ft.iiinte Pott Ctiue.
llAs.rr.w Fuukack, Fre, Tut 6: Cu.
r.red'a Mill ToM UH'n e.
Em fcAKi I i'Iisack, Eurilell, Eiina i)
Co., Mn r:ii(ucturi'rs of tlie ttst qnalit)
cf Pig Iron. FoslCHirC ot AlUii-, 0.
W:IUHATs ck Vj.ntcn, who abb
rca'.tiiu riyGccc, Ilcitwiic.ucctiiwio, tuoio,
ilea, Gntci.o, en,
.ViAni.n:.-Jdm S. Huw'k, J. K. J- l
Will, 1 ( iiil.liMli & to., tjurii Loud, J A
liutlili, J. E. 1 n'e, SI. id. i, l.ijiioUlf.
Ham ix.-Fn.i- Li!l, D. L. T. Jim;!, 11. 15.
Mooie, J. li. i) NV. Fi. Willsui, Mm. C
Cilii.bon. ilk'.vii le. S. S. "Mnrry, John Giiifi).
C!i:iy& iiurdi.Pt, Fcl'.on 6c Luiiity, Juti.ts
Eliukt'ly. Curr Strong.
Aii-i Krvn le. Ftitr Miller, Marcus Mil
et, Jisi It Yv iliox.
1 M AK.UN i. Phillip Suiii.
Fl!ATlt 111.1'. bv.f HI . V. t J E t C 11 ,
Aik'ij Mill. J. Elocr.
Eu.fci;ii;:ink's Mu l. William Tisuo.
I L li h 1 '1 V K I. ROOMS
McAmi:m. E. F. Eothwcll.
M (Ai;iiaR.-G.E. Will.
Hajiukn. Eavis & Collins.
Y ii.ki.svn i.e. Cline & Gaidner.
McAkTiiLR.-J. G. Sweiland. 15. C. Ccpswe
Alio rncy at Law,
Will practice in Vinton nnd adjoining comi
tics. Office llnee (loots West ol the Post
Feb. 9. 1852. 31 if
Attcnieys tnl Law.
Will pracliie in r artnercl.ip in Yliiton Conn
ty. Ofbce, four doors cast of Sisson & Hul
wrl s Hotel.
Feb. 21. IS.-J. Iv9.
Al(crnc) tU Law.
T7ILJj priictice in Vinlou onil luljoining
t - counties. Office, one door et of the
Hue Corner." ..; . , ,.
HASjnbw en afsoiin.ent of YVll, rpr,
Forderf, Window Curtains, and Fiie
fretEfc. that tan hardlv re fnrpasinl in the
V eA. Prices low, Ko. 1 Union Block,
rislSTi. Cbilliccrthe Ohio.
Selected Poetry.
From the Pennsylvanian.
Tl a followin
platforms in I ml
b (if r tl e 1 1 1 in-r j I ol
ly il l' itiiiijimi
tun ty a waruoi
Many drums were In aid and tl.e fife s bhriil
ii'.i-, '
As I. is coipc tothe culvert we. hurried;' ,
Mi:v tlironii. wtie wet. uii.i iiui'y u ioit, '
Oil the i.ihl that lit ib.-uil w bland.
W'c InricJ Vim oVU' at deJ.l of n:'V,
Wl.i.e tin' t;f in in ilio iUIi.l.4 ww jmurin,
"fi till ijiMlrolinij iiiooiiU'iiiit's'iir.sly
Lui the liniuiicr iH.eaut louniK.
i 8ni.frin i.rniliif iHilfa.t.l' '
t e ibidl.im iiuvj us wi' ( .in id him;
A h.I lu- lay like u liner ti-kiu bis itot,
. U i.li hia tuttcreil r..i a.MUnJ li.i.l.
Ino l.i n;i was sung. an:l no pmy-rwa w.id.
tiliuj.tu in U e tear ol s. rrow;
now t.idt oiir i.l.il wi hojtir.alj dead.
U u had other ilioiiuhit for the niouo'.v .
'Tis true we all stove tok.ep him alive cr ;
vita biucit ilrojia on I niilaenrUwi l uioitr
Cut too miit h h sic li.is.t'tilcd his hush,
And, like Ins ineiid Poole, he's a goner1.
Hark'y and jjriinley we lai.lliim down; . , .
In thedeii ol bis shume (l.nk unJ hourr;
Wc runeil not a line, we raised not a atone,
Bui v e left him ulouu (he old tioy.
And now thn tour dirty work waidone,
And w lib luiiituis we wuru retiring, -
Wc heuul the booiiiiiit; and nii-taul luii
Tim vitioiiciib locob VMie filing,
Lightly they'll lauho'er poor Sam who is
1 g,one.
A i.il or his durk crimes will berate him;
Iilll little he'll reck and douttles sltvp on .
W hue the huudi ol the traitors have laid
In in.
2 was tumui on onn oi trie
I'lH udcnceSiiMure. laM nij-ht.
Uam I ad Uei, ...'joun.ed
THE BURIAL OF SAM. Philadelphia, June 6, 1855. P.
Political Reading.
[From the Indianapolis Sentinel.]
Protestant Clergyman.
follow ing coniniutiication lioin
i Rev. Air. Mitchell, of Jelferson
ille, will, we lioje, Le taken iulo se
lious consideration. Mr. Mitchell
was m Jeiiei'souvillu nn Monday Cm,
nnd in Louisulie on Tuesday and wa
tliiiitilati d to utile h) liieawiul scenes
nincli oiciitied so near hitn. We
lutik he isei v much mistaken in sup
j.ositi that so lew ol Hie clergy belong
to the loiies. Tlicir itilitieiue ha
Lrcti too mailu d in (Xciting tectniian
,(eliii'r, a!l!iuti!i inany ot llietu, we
coi liuenll)' believe, are misguided and
cielmted men.
One :act should of itself be fuffic-
leut to j t e v e ; 1 1 tint di.-pirt y ol anli
Clirtp.ti.ui eli'oit ti dust C.iiuolics, viz:
their n i uttnr-ul njci iority, and, oi
C(;t:iiP, tl.CII mill, II, I) 10 U0 llilllll.
By the Ua cein-us (lbJO,) the
"Church acton. mctiaiion" lor Unman
Catholics is only lor 675,7:21 not
ciic-mmIi ol t lie accciiiii.ou.iiiini tot
the j:eth(dists, nor one-uvtiiliitli ol
that lor nil the ticts coinl.ineu. Set
e liow's "Ctnsis," p. 137.
The number ol nominal Roman
Catlioiict. is one million one hutiUied
ai d &t etity -tin t e thousand, instead oi
l.eing us by n-lmal iucrc-aae II should
have Ltm, about lour million. ( Ceu-
SliS, p. 163.)
(For the Indiana State Sentinel.)
(For the Indiana State Sentinel.) THOUGHTS ON KNOW NOTHINGISM FOR THE
A piniul conviction oi duty, not a
desire to aiure, pioinpts Hie writer to
aGcitfss a uw tin. tights to members ol
the l'iclet'.ai.t ihuiciies, on the sni.jcc t
ol t tie attempt now being made to in
induce tl.en mnusteis and the Proles
ant ci iiimuiiity into a crusade against
the Roman Catliolic population ol tlie
country in particular, and all men ol
foreign biuli in general ; and Iheieby
to create civil and sccial disabilities
founded cn race and religion, whieii
attempt has engendeted a spirit ol mur
derous itrile, tue w orkings of wliicii
have been humbly illustrated in the
transactions of tins wceli in ttie neigh
boring city ol Louisville.
It is not our object to inquire w ho
have been the aggressors in this or
that strne, wlucli lias become ol but
too common an occurrence in the coun
try, U lit the tlnng we deplore, is that
such outrages occur at ail, and that
Protestantism has been implicated in
u hat looks like proscription and perse
cution lor opinion sake Hiat Christi
anity in its purest lorm has been drag
ged into the strife now raging tmougti-
out the land, and made responsible lor
that stnie by the adroit management of
irteligious men, w ho have no interest
to serve but that of party, and who
being devoid of tue true spirit of re
ligion,are unable to distinguish between
its theory and its practice, and are ever
disposed to regaid the injunctions ot
Clnistiau chanty as a refined transcen
dalitm, too highly sublimated to be
adapted to the latitude ot earth, and
lit only lor tlie society of Heaven,
In shoit, a successful attempt has
been made to place Protestantism in a
lalse position, and to surcharge it with
bigotry, and the spirit of proscription;
aud wtiat .is the most humiljating cir
cumstance connected pith the Ir&usao
tion, iaihe tact that, wily statesmen
vy mo ucu or mis wcri.l, w iicrewitn
(o P ;,rtb!e nnnstite Christians In rlct!
Z ., J ,.s.i
. kiniidom ol Christ and lor .the- adiifM.ofi.-uce
j who care not lor the success ol piety,
; liaxe iiidoctartiiated us witli the notion
that our Protesinnlism nt-eds the rusty,
delpnsive nnd oIl'.-nMve armour, used
in ii'iiin i nun-, wiiuu wns I'iriiisiipu
tion ol which Rmnatiists of other dtys
hiive been j'istiv reprobated,
: Hut tlie (piestion now presspa ' Itiell'
on the attention of tlie Ainerit'in piib
li,; ii (7t'f lite trtti spirit of Protest'
utlijti, or is it not? Are tno.se niets
ures, ,thu paiur'al' production ot, t'.iv
Vj i.'it, or'aje they loreitr graft.,1 tiu,
naitifitl and 'daugToos to its li:'a and
I'seiiilnesn? We rimintain the latter
A k w , a ad be I i e v e. i t fil 6 d j ' T t e vV t y
ProiVstant niniistrr to' use bpcr5)iiv
tiuiis to reueein l'rotisunt u;iriirrl.
ity,"lrotn the lalse position in M.i
iir.thiiiliing inti would place h?r.
if has been slid that all. the jJa
est.iiit ministers '.of the cotiiitif are
niembeis of-the secret political orinw
i . i iv. ' . v, .. . .7,.
i.jwuii, (.iincu iviiow ii Jttuns. iiu
we deny, lor we know many who's
they are hot, and we knoW ttiem to
meti oi trutll, W ln speait the Iruth in
tlie heart,', and w.outt.not make a lalse
impression t6 deceive, auci w e believe
the number of such to brta greater in
tlie Staled, ttmrt ' ihbse who have - be
come members of.sucii ai order.' D.it
that some have entered this political
organization s riot qtiestioited, yet we
maintain that they did so more from
tlie persuasion ol interested pattizjns,
than (rum ttie mature convictions ol
tlietr jjidgmeiit, and no doubt ere many
moutiis have elaped, the great in tss ol
such miiiisters will reconsider their
ground, and withdraw their eudorje
ment of all proscriptive policy, or
measures ol any kind. Dot of ihoss
who chouse to give the hig:i sanction
oi their sacred illice to political pro.
scriptioti, we must say, that sucii a
muioitty cannot be the legitimate rep
resentation ol their brethren, or then
churches; and I apprehend they make
no such pretension.-; and if they" do;
we deny thai a traction of the Protect
ant ministry, or churches, have the
right or the power by any act ol theirs
tntix the charge of a proscriptive spir
it on the whole collective body o'
Protestantism. ' i ,
To iucii, however, I would respect-
luiiy aooiess a wontot -renionsliantr
in humility , actuated not so much in. in
sy tiipatliy with but lor the sullering for
eigner, althoiigli that would not ne an
uiiwoitny motive, as by a jealousy for
Hie character of that system ol religion
which claims to Le the most tolerant on
Can any evangelical minister point
to the section in his cominusion re
ceived liom the Great Teacher, which
authorizes him to become an active
member ol a secular or ecclesiastical
urbanization, having lor its olj-ct tin:
depression ot any leiigion, however
Uipe, by the use ol political measures,
coersive or proscripiue in their nature
is there a section in the great com
mission that enjoins this course nl con
duct even when the government and
laws ot a country jusulics the adoption
oi such measures? We know ol none.
But w hen the spirit of Hie Constitu
tion and laws ol the land lorbid such
conduct, where is the divine commis
sion to ministers ot the Gospel that en
joins such a violation ot them, and lor
such a pnrposef 1 lie commission is,
"Go, teach all nations, baptizing them
in the name ot the Father, and ot the
Son, atid of the Holy Ghost, teaching
Uiem to observe all things w hatsoever
I have commanded you." And prou
n.etit amongst those sacred orders we
hud the following directions : "Swear
not at all," -'resist not evil, but whoso
ever shall smile thee on thy right cheeK,
turn to hitn the other also," "Love
your enemies, bless them that curse
you," "Judge not that ye be not judgl
ed." And Christ thus speaks oi his
great mission to earth, and the mission
oi his lollowers. "The Son of Man
is not come to destroy men's lives but
to save them," "behold I send y ou lortn
as lambs amongst wolves,' "whatso
ever ye would mat men should do to
y 6u, do ye even so to them.
' Mow the question arises how did
the early teachers of Christianity un
derstand those precepts, did they seek
tue political ascendency in any land, so
as to weild tii arms ot civil or politi
cal power lor the advancement of the
truth, or did tuey use physical ' force,
as one of their arguments in convert
ing those who opposed them. Hear
tiiem, as their voice comes over, the
expanse ol eighteen hundred centuries,
clear and heavenly as when first lilted
onatuibulent aud disordered world,
y et refreshing and soothing to the dialed
and angry spirit. ol humanity. uTho
I spean wim the tongue of men and
of angels, aud have tiot charity, i am
become as a sounding brass, or a tink
ling cymbal." "See tual none render
evil lor evil to any man' - "the ser
vant of the Lord must not strive,' but
be gentle unto all men, apt to teach,
in meekness instructing those that op
pose themselves, it God peradveuture
will give them repentance to the ac
knowledging ol tue truth."
. For though) we walk in tho flesh
we do not war alter the Cash, lor. the
weapons. oi our tsaiiar are jqqj, cacaol
iu coniuesia hv no of ipr mcind nor
1, Vi .b - V'W
oi- delen.-e. AM oihnr .n.
btft mighty Hirougli God to the pullin
Jovvn ol strong holds."
Vfmn those teachings we gather
;t!iat Christianity is to conquer by t!B
iQr.. ot (tutu, anu love ana to retain
ocs whetiierloqej in earth or hell,
.oraicd in the Ii!it,as in the dark,
plt.iucd by monks or statesmen, will
piralyze the niuisteriil aiin ihat at
tiNO'iU to wiulJ mem ail other ivnver
f 'oii'.'iice or defence, partakes not of
;ue spirit oi UPiveu, but ol irlh,
itid is e irt,ily seiHUil and dev'lisli i:i
its workings, aud will result -ia alrii'e
..'n'! Mo-.iJ. - . , . ' ' ',
VA-p'-'iTpot io to bring us the pbjvc
lion U'.'iatI shall wu quietly 'submit
to a pap d invasion? sliall we submit to
tue subversion of Protestantism,' and
the liner if institutions of this couutiy?
VVe have no fear of the subversion of
Protestatitism, it siie wi.l behave her
self and keep her hands free Iron) blood
as to the institution of the country,
they' are in more d liiger froiii the ram
pant spirit of proscnpfioii,' and the
curd yf ati 'oflonJed Deity because
ol oppression, than Iroui any .otiier
cabse but it the arlt o( State requires
steady iujr let us have a care who they
avj (lit in mad haste thrust out 'tlie
uiiauthbrizcd hand, least Jliat lutid be
vviCiprV.I. ' .' .''
', It i wit't'a shudiler we see the" k
veiny oi thQje di-tresBing scenes,, and
hp.art-rending outrages.that have, mark
ed tlie history of Ireland for years past.
A war of races hijjh! y embittered, , jV
religious bigotry4lus een the curse ol
that uuloitunatecouutryr., The Saxon
'ias presenied the sword : ip one hand
and tlw Protestant faith in the other,
add demands that j the. Milesian be
comes a convert or submit to many op.
pressiv'e disabilities the , , Milesian
properly revolts from lh;.t 'system ol
couversion, aud can see nothing in the
iciiiou oi ins aaxnn enemy that is
worthy ol his admiration or love, , but
tiiniKs he sees therein a l enijine ot op
piession, aud cousequently shut his
heart againsi the truth, and clincs with
louder hold to tlie svstem ot errors . lor
winch he is Uuis proscribed, and to the
piresn oi mat system, iiiut the evil
uue. not slop here; a system of armed
piofjtipn ui'ist be thrown around, this
uuiicU Pi'ote'tamnni, and hence, we
have the Orange lodges organized
tiuougtiout that conntr) they are se
cret political associations of armed
men, bound by solemn oaths to defend
the Protestant faith, and the Constitu
tion ol Great Britain then comes
their antagonists, the Kibond lodges,
likew ise secret, oath bound bands o'
aimed men formed to delend the Cath
olic laith. Such are the secret orders
of Ireland and their o"ijects, and many
have been the acts in this drama ol
i heir strife, that will compare with the
Louisville massacre; such are the po
litical societies of Ireland, which have
hermetically sealed the Irish mind
against the truth, and makes the Cath
olic church of that land the strongest
citadel ol Rome in Europe, and con
Mitntes it a Papal Sebastopol to the
Protestant world.
Now permit me to inquire with a
sad heart made sad by the circum
stances ot last Monday the dare ol
burning bouses having hardly faded
from the eye; ring of murderous lire
aims, Hitting in the brain, and the bru
tal threat, and cruel, cruel jest of the
lawless youths, who have just tasted
blood, and yet feels himself secure in
the midst of his sworn supportersstill
iiratinjjon our ears, together with the
angry scowl ol the maddened foreigner
-7 pei tint us to ask, in a temper of mind
produced by such circumstances Are
we prepared to transfer this Europeao
system ol proscription, and the so-call
ed religious inllueuces of such nations
as Ireland, to this country and give a
permanency to those tactions louuded
on race and reliiMoii? May God lire
serve-us Irom the calamity. And let
ministers ot Christ forbid it. - And let
alt men unite in driving the curse
JEFERSONVILLE, Aug. 9, 1855.
' A penlleniaii in a neighboring city in
pursuit of a gmisi for hi dinner was at-tn-led
by the i,h ifi plump, extra
sized one .
,1s that a young one?, said he to a ro
sjrheeke.l lass in attendance.
'Tea sir, indeed it i T.
'How mrich do you want foi itt, ask
ed the genllemtii.
.'A dollar, air."
'Tbit it ton much, say five-eights, and
here' your money. .
' 'Well, sir, aa I would like lo get you
al a steady customer, I'll tane it.'
The pon was carried home and roast
ed, bill fouud to be so to-jgli aa to be
. The following day,, the geulleman ac
coded the fair poulterer.. . .
'Did yon not tell . me lbt goose wai
young, which I bought of youf ;
'Yes sir I did n-t it in. -No
it was not.' . ; '-
'Pun'iyou nil m a young woman?
I am only etueteen. , -,
'Yes 1 do. ' ' '
Well, 1 have heard mother say many
a'time.'hil i1. waa ait weeks younger
khan me I
1 . . .. " ! ', j i :. .
TJlVCia- pleasures n Mon gonel
Multum in Parvo.
water ii uu wbolesome io,
loo, is standing dpyv ," .
' Tattlers and hypocrites are twins, and
the ofiVprliig of the devil.'
I)j not for one repulse forget the pur
pose you resolved tu effect. .
The tcfioul teacher stands at ill
fountain, guingdirecWoiis to the slroam
of life. ' ; ...
The Veil was given to !lin to hide
the vvi.H of blushes.
Itasb oaths, kept or brokeri, often pro
duces guilt." .
Coquurr. A.uiiD.i Wrsu that tries
lu pot ustjlf ji'ur lc ' .' '
" : ., : .- .
'"Martha hireou hilug up tb ctnthes?
'No madam, 1 placed it in a stats f
suspension hung u vulgar. ''
, , . i . - . i., .. . .
Wby a a colt like a roang )ily get
litijj married? llecause she is going
llnougii the bridal ceremony,
' Pillows stuffed with . feathers from
the u lugs of Tiinej are said to be excel
lent for the headache.
It la supposed by Dr'Francia that the
first person thai had the itch.waa the
Devil hence the title " The old
Scratch.- . - . '
, Tin futlavviug tuaat wa raceiiily giv
en by '"stricken" toOng inan; fhe
ladieiMajr we kill the girls we p U a sey
aiui piease iu gnit we ill.
. .1- .1.- . i - . . : I
t , - - Tt
The man nbo imagines himself. wise
btc'ause lie detected some lypbgrapincat
trjOrn iu a newapaper, has gone tail to
get. perpendicular view of Hie rainbow.
if. ' : ; ',' . -r
.Lorenzo Dow c't lined a death bad ol
repeiitanca to be burning out tha caudle
of Hie in the lertice of the ' dei', aad
then blowing the snulTiu the Lord face.
i i ...... .
ElE3AJT lllPBOMPTO : i . .i' '
; Truth i mighty, ,
So ia cheeae; .-, , .
, ." , Carolina's llight f ..
So ale flea. . . .
. Fig are "some,
And au'a a figure;
Steel i. atrong, ,
And so 'a a uigger. ' '
What ii that which is abote all Iiu
man iinperlectious, and yet shekel the
tlie weakest and, is well as the wick
edest of all mankind? A hat. ,
' riuQLTT. "VYdinen ! a i '..alt t' ivies :
u lieu they are young, because they (ear
they will be old maids, and when they
are old maids, because the men stare
Rumor says an old maid in this place
lately sneezed six'.een false tteili out
into her plate while at dinner. Colds
ire a netatious kind n'lhiugs.
Potatoes Almost unbounded as ia the
crop of w heat Ibi season tlutof potatoes
promises to be still greater. Prom ina
Eastern. Western and Middle States, and
the British protinreMhe report is every
where the ame "there. was uevet8ui;b
a year for potatoes."
Truthful Simplicity. One of our
physicians, making his morning calls, in
pasaing the residence of one of his
fainiliea, si w a piece of crape attached
to the door-knob. Naturally interested
in the lircumstance, and -teeing ..a
little "five year old" girl, belonging to
the f amly, itaudiiia, on . the rvaJk, he
reined up his horse and asked:
' 'Mary, who is dead at your house!'
Ah! what docler did you have to at
tend lier?' 1
"Oh, we didn't hive any; sister man
aged '.o die without one.'
Sau Slick upon happisf.su. task again
what is happiness? It ain't being idle,
that's a fact no idle man or woman
was ever happy since the world began
Eve was idle, and that's the .way the
got tempted, poor critter; employment
give both appetite aud digestion. Duly
makes pleasure double sweet by con
itaat, When harness is oQ.it the woik
ain't too hard, a critter likes to kick up
his heela- When pleasure is ihe bani
nefi of life, it ceases to bepleaaure;
and w hen it' ait labor ami no play,
work. like an unstuffed saddle, cuts iulo
the bouet. Neither labor nor idleuei-
has a road that lead-) to happiuesi one
has no room for the heart, the other cor
rup's it. llaid work, ia the beat of the
two, for that has, at all events, sounJ
bleep; the other rcsileca pillows and
unfreshing sleep; ouaiaa misfortune end
ill other a curse; and money ain't bap
happiness thai' a as clear as inuJ.
Jochua R. Giddings, in the Ashtabula
Sentinel, continues to talked about the
Know Nothings thus:
"For month before the uotniiution
of July 13th the Sentinal opposed the
A'now Nothiugi a a political party,
and protested against any coalition or
fusion with ihe in as a politieal pirty.
But we held the Republican party opeu
to new recruits, aud were prepared to
unite with any individual w bo would
join US upon the platform we had pro
poser!-- The Know- Nstbing sought lb
make their views and mend prominent
in ihe-coctest of this year; and the Ke:
publican so'.ghl to entirely ignore1
ihe n as a - party. By tacit couseut it
was on all haniU understood that if Mr.
Chase was' nominated and ' resolutions
ignored ibe Know Nothing part, tlie
Republican ' took the lead in the Con
vention, (fiid, to farai the Stale ticket
icd concerned, tht Know Nothing) dis
banded. J koat of then 'who look -pa r j'
in the jCententio nirlually itudedjroxi
U Qfitr, ai v regard .,'V. "
Some 12 jinn-ti r Npo!eon, l.i I
wait cejebraleil jfpr,Hr r- thiii,-One i
ilia carousing propensities of its citiaen
and the oibai fnV-'.tiie.. great nU i;ler oi
cross rtad9 hi its 'vfeitiity It ' ,? mt
i 'ii t cn -it r!i tollrct rr 'iiil f p o rl a
Daj;o-.i to speitil thq'niht 'a't.l ci i
some inform! iiu abo.jc; lii fti:jr
course. During (In! evening lij Tf)y'c:ir -. '
ucquaintcJ vvnh an'oM droier v!i ap
peare.l to he welt posteJ ii tntliogci
lapliy of ilifl country, and the coilectrr
(bought he mrglit 4s' we It i nrjuire as re'
garda the best ntirtlb ditTereiit points to
which he was destuic t, . '. , . . .
'i wish to go, to Gien2Miil Hi
collector, 'now which' will tij my slur-
teat way?' - j.
'..Weil aie.' $jiJ ihe Jr et 'yon ha J bet-'
(ergo lo-Nnpoieon air.f lalr i.ij roal
ieuuiug nearly NorriT."' . v . .
The trawler rioted it down
..'Weil fir 1 wislv to gi t. E.l ,t
' Then go to Njpolcou aod i His
rod loaamg west.,'"' . ,' , ,
Well ill y. ishet to go to YernO u"?""
'Go to Napoleon aud liVis t'.i.i roJ
Miitii-w'est. "- . ' - - ' .. ..
Or '0 ludia-jif (Jin-' kf , tlie co'Ieti
toreyeing the 4ritri,rjsel .auti think
ing hi waa being imptnie.i on'.
'Go to Napoleon aud "lake the roal
oortli-'est. ' ''. ' -
The collector looked at'kia note book
every direction hud Nupoleon cM it;
and ha began to feel hi? me ttla rise,
be turned once more to the drover with.
,'Suppoia mjf'frk'iiJYi. Want to g-J to
The dxotai nevei amilaJ.but icratchad .j
hn;4 Jv : and aftw a uiuoieul'i hesita-
tion said :"...- . , ,
'Well, my, dear sir, I jo'u't ,kiiu'w rf , ;
any shorter road you 'could .tuke thau ".
to go to;.Nipo1eoil,' ::.,- f
t .... . ' , .. '. . .
A Jealous Wife.
Aa auecrtote-i relateit of a wifa wh i '
was very eafbua of her' htilband, whj
wa worthy inniber of lhd J.Mason.
One evening a ' btiildle Cam a to the ' ' ,;
bouse for him.'ahd labeled "PilTat'e.t' .
Of cour3 this was Wufljcieut for female. v
curiosity; and " therefore she ., indulged
in an iivspeclion. Horror -ol"4iorrors j
Blanket, baby's' Huen, birds' e0, &c. , ;
greeted Jiei atbisherJ eyesight, and
dream of two fathiliei' floated llirou'i
her brain.' The husbaud soon came ia, . "
and, after tea, when h ia'wifft discovervl
in his fy the "treachery of his conduct
as she siypnsed."h (ool tfiolmndlo aud 1
went out but not fclone.for the jVulou f
wife ivai on hla track. Thi i'.iilifHv-'. . '
husband liula i n. a no J that
'!.. vliJV,,
Mipjffria.t herself aa JiiulLuimr7,JV
hovering after him. He topped at the
house ofa friend, who also joiuedhim.
carrying a similar bundle. The.vvifi
became doubly excited, for the proapecl
of hating a' companion in misery, did
not impress her wall tho idea ul a di-
vision of her greif.but only an addition
of it. She followed - closely, and soon
th ey hulled lelore a smalt .teamtnt
which 'hey entered. ' Here he 'paused
tobnld a council of war. Wrh'jt tactic
to follow she was in doubt, hot fjetir--mined
to siorm the'i'i1adel,vtlie krtdek-
ed and- liuaiitr brushing by tho luila
hild. in. Lin a' second burst - upuit lha".
astonished husband, tb embfldioient of..
injured innocent, (Her feeling wero
about to express theniselve. when tha
scene before her caused liet to rttlcct.
poor, wyiiiiu oil a sick Eu.l, a bab
nut old enough fur chrysteuiiig, a child
i.l a cub, two I u lid girls tu a bed met
her eye. ' She re!n ihe story at a glance
and returned home under t.io escort of
her lord an I his friend, who! assured her
th.it she had (flscoverod the great secret
ofMjsoury. She never arrived at a'fals
cuuclusioii from appearances aiin.
Later from Europe.
Arrival of the Canada.
NEW YORK, Aug. 29.
The Canada ha arrived at Halifax.
We have, intelligence by ! her. "lb at
Mvtaboig wss deauojed by Hie Allie
on the lttlt. -' ' ' '" '
LipFhndi had a'tachert the Tehernaya
lines, but it wa reported, was repulsed
by the French end Sardinians with a
loss of 5,000 men. ".
The Canada bring intelligence of the
bombardment of Sweaborg continuous
ly (rom the" tftu to lltji-
Sweaborg is , iepn(ted to have been
destroyed by the. : Allied fleet, wUb a
trifling loss to the Allies, but aa im-
iiieuce destruction of property to the
Russian. . , : '
-,--( . .- v
The battle listed three hours, when
the Rossianswefe-repelled by the French
and Sardinians with ' a repotted loss of
5,000. and 100 prisoners.'- i .-- ,
' ictona ws visiting NapoleOrtj
The latest from .the Cr'unea- u a.aia-" "
patch from. Geo. Simpson, -who tele-"
prapbs that the bombardmeut wjud re
open ca ihe 17th.. . j
The LuuaviUe- Itimocraf-'elr-ft ' the'
folio ing iample f jhe riov--enaU:
We putjliilied yesterday mor.iinn; ail
the evidence taken at the police Court
in reference; to Curge'a casei. It fully .
HbTanliated te staterneut A'ade ii) thu
Courier at thatini.a.iud.as cmsluti ve-
fy.eibipited th loisity of he tiatemeri
oade( by ' "lh Journal-. ."'Bur 'wlnu '
knocked Ijow n, was in a part cf Hio ci'. t
far dis'iant ' from'" wl-.ere V : live .I'm I
WiirkPd arid' 'according lo tl.e evi !r . :
of hie own witiiess, was r. i th-; i! ..
full pursuit of an Irish m :, , . ,
endear.urigg to escape fro. n !, i.
as tti trilill, IS reveal. I, . :
shown (o me i ti r;" : "
Virtufurf acii'ti-is, v ; '
fill ", th ; r t w - rd,

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