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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 06, 1855, Image 2

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utis M'ARTHiia demscSal
td ul 4ht very higher marhct prices, oh Suo
"uriptionor Advertisements, ut this oke.
Money ia not refuted.
I 1 niul all h tanks reauir id under the Jus
tices' Code, for Jvbticca oj thtteace. urecon
htanlly kept on hand and for Halt at this Office.
Newijipfr Subscription tad Adreitliint Agmcy
rHII-ALKLPIIIA, NliW Yl'JIK, liohlON Slid liAL-
timobe, is our authorized agent to receive and
receipt for subscription ami advertisement for
WILLIAM MLD1LL, ok Faiuiielo.
JAMLS MYEKS, or Lucas.
VM. D. MOKGAN, or Columbiana.
WM. TKEViiT, op Franklin.
JOHN G. BRESL1N, of Seneca.
(for lie full Term.)
' WM. K.ENN0N, or Bllmont.
(For the Vacancy.)
R. B. WARDEN, or Fbakklin.
G. W. McCOOK, or Jtmnsfi.
0 li. A. BRATTtN.
Democratic Mass Meetings.
lion. John A. Corwin.lion. J. W. Taylor,
and otuers, will actress die Democracy us fol
lows: jucksou, Tuesday, September 25.
McArihur, Wednesday, September 26.
Tomeroy, Thursday, September 27.
Uallipolis, Friday, September 23.
Irontou, Saturday, September 29.
By order of the
Democratic State Central Committee.
Democratic Mass Meetings. PROBATE COURT.
This Court commenced its Septem
ler Term last Monday, with a num
berof cases on the pocket; and the
business was dispatched by Judge
Hewitt with accuracy and in a very
satisfactory manner to all concerned,
in the case of
State )
Caleb Karns. )
Assault and Battery.
The Jury returned a verdict
'Guilty of an assault," when the
Court assessed a fne ol one dollar and
Petit Larceny,
Robt. Baily
The Jury in this case returned
verdict of "not guilty," and the de
fendant was discharged.
The Fusionists, with a large pre
ponderancy of Abolitionists, are hold
ing their meeting in the Court House
whilst we are penning this article.
The meeting is small considering
immense exertions made to drum it up.
"We called in about the close of a speech
made by a man by the name oi Hor
tos, who said that several provisions
ot the present Constitution of Ohio
"were enormous mistakes!" that "the
principles of Taxation were
wrong" that we 'wanted more banks.'
II e lliougui uu ims uujcli lie ijiuc
according to his own interests, as we
were told he was one of the stockhold
ers of the old Gallipolis bank, that
swindled the people out of thousands;
or perhaps he wishes more of the same
kind ol Indiana paper that we had
bio wed up in the past sis and twelve
months a few more Circleville banks,
d-c. Perhaps his hearers appreciated
his remarks, but we concluded he was
one of the most consumate demagogues
that we ever naa tue pleasure oi uear
Among his closing remarks be said,
"as True Republicans, let us follow
the wise policy of little Massachusetts,
and not lollow up the idle whim-whams
of county andaie-nouse politicians.
We SQDPOse he alluded to a policy be
Imp inoken of that as the State
Massachusetts had extended the right
to vote to NEGROES, that we in
Ohio should do the same thing,' and
'idle country politicians" are 'small
potatoes since be was elected last fall
to the Big Congress.
s Mr. Stash now introduced to the
meeting a fopis'i-looking individual,
with very tight pants and large goatees,
by the name of Kimball, who, Mr.
Sta iev said, was a .candidue
Attorney General. This Aing in the
- J
tight jai:!s r.rd li if; fjcatets, co.n-
ni ciiti ii Ins ypt-f c
l!i lv telling ilia
dienie I list "he had bti-n a Democrat
ail his lilt- that the Democratic tarty
was the party ot h: lather that he
had abandoned their principles because
iIipv had hecome rorrunt.'' At this
juncture of the sDeech some man in
tne crowa uawied out "qooav l
11 i . ... lit mi Ii
was quite.unexpected; and many good
whig and nonest men ten tne. woou
boil in their veins, and the faces of
more than one showed too plahiy that
the stripling had got into the wrong
locality, to thus, in open day, declare
himsell a Traitor in the sight ol God
and citizens ot Vinton, then present.
We pittiedthis Medina Attorney that
he had no more respect lor his ances
tors than to turn traitor to their princi
pies, inertly for office! Wonder who
that man was that so signally endorsed
tins Youth's treachery by the exclama
tion of "good? W e have some upec-
imens ot treachery in politics too
near home to endorse it up in Medi
na county. We, with many others,
hecame disgusted with the iraitoiism
of this speaker and left.
We are requested to slate that Gen.
T. Woiithington will address the
True Whins oi McArthtir and vicin
it y on this (Thursday) evening, at 6
o'clock, on the present position of the
Wina I art v j and, it possible, save
the parly from being sw allowed up by
Sambo.' The public generally Are iu
vited to attend.
We call the attention of merchants,
furnace proprietors, and dealers to the
advertisement ot IIa'mpton & Camp
bell in this paper, and fully endorse
the following freni the Buckeye State
as we have known these geLtlcnieu for
"Messrs. II. C. have, for many
years, been known and recognised by
the business men ot the country, ns
among the moFt enterprising and hon
orable Dry Goods dealers in the Iron
City. Of course, their long experi
ence in this kind of business will prove
beneficial to the purchasers in the cer
tainty of obtaining a sound and sub
stantial article for Heady use; whilst
all who have heretofore had the good
fortune to deal with these gentlemen.
know that they have always been sound
on the great popular principle ot the
day Low bills. The Heady made
Clothing btib'ine.-s in this country is
rapidly becoming one of the most im
portant branches of trade. Misshapen
cloth, without stitch or seam, does not
appear to meet the demands ot the
moving million. We are a last, pro
gressive, pushing, steam-propelting
people; hence the necessity tor last rail-
toads and ready made clothing. Send
on your orders to Hampton & Camp
hell, iNo. b3, lhnd btrcet between
Wood and Market, Pittsburg, Pa."
Ladies Gazette Devoted to the
Fashions of Paris, London and New
York, by Frank Leslie, No. 12,
Spruce street, New York. Terms:
i wenty-uve cents each, or ?J,UU per
This work should be in the bands
of every lady of a family at least.
surpasses any thing ol the kind in the
Union; and when we reflect that
takes just as long to make clothes with
out either a fit or a fashion, we cannot
divine why it is that our friends don't
subscribe. The dralt for a ladv's
dress iu the August number is worth the
subscription price.
On '.lie 2nd inst Mrs. Rachel Pieuce
of Swan township, in this county, who
has been in a very bad state of health
for some time past, committed suicide
by hanging herself with a strip of mus
lin on a clierrv tree near her late dwelling-house.
We can learn of no cause
lor the act. Esq. Swepston held an
inquest upon the body, and ihe verdict
was, "Death caused by her own vol
untary act."
. ....
An error appeared in our last paper
in regard to the vote on last ballot ot
the Hamden Convention. It should
E. F. Bingham, 25
S. S. Murry,
E F. Swift.
Graham and Godcy For Aueust,
are the Lest numbers we have had for
some time; though late in arriving here,
they are the most acceptable ol the
magazines. Three dollars will get
either of them and the Democrat.
Send in your names.
Arthur's Magazine. This work
for September has been received, and
is an excellent number. "The old
Farm Gate" is an excellent engraving
This is certainly a cheap magazine for
?2,tJU per annum.
Cocnsel. But few of the reading
public are aware how continually an
editor is called upon to advise his pat
rons on every subject, from politics to
the breed of cattle. Through the
whole range of our duties none has
perplexed us more than to tell our
readers what to take for a cure when
they are sick.- Hitherto this has been
a severe trial to all our skill, but it will
not be hereafter. We have been tak
ing, and have seen the evidence from
others that have taken Doct. Aver's
Cherry Pectorial and Cathartic Pills.
Ihey need but a sligut trial to con
vince the most sceptical how far they
are superior to the other medicines we
nave had m use. i ney nave one sin
i mi ? .
g!e property of great importance to the
[For the McArthur Democrat. ]
"How Goes the Battle!"
This is a question which every
Di-ir.ocrat, every lovr of freedom and
of this Union, should at this time must
candidly and earnestly ask with refer
ence to the present political canvas.
Are the
Democratic watch-hres all
Are the people of our coun
fully and generally advised of the
importance of the issues before them?
Is it generally understood that if sal
mon P. Chase and the fusion party
succeed in this election that negroes
will be allowed the privilege of voting,
while laws will be enacted practically
denying white nun who happen not to
have been born in the United States,
whether naturalized or not, from the
same privilege? The Know Nothing
Abolitionist legislatures ot Massa
chusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine
have done tliese things; what better
can we expect ot a Know Nothing
Abolitionist Administration in Ohio?
Besides, we may plainly infer that it
was a part of the bargain between
Chase, Giddings & Co., on the part
ot tne Auoiiuonihis, ana l om spoon
er and others on the part of the Know
Nothings, when they lormed the jU'
sion on the I3th ot July last, aod dub
bed Uthe "Republican party," that if
success crowned this unholy alliance
the privilege of voting should be ex
tended to negroes. The Abolitionists
always advocated this; and they now
boast mat ll-CUase and his gang are
elected they will cousumate their
schemes. It is said that the fualtrs &
irire- workers of the old whig party in
& about McArthur,alter having almost
unanimously joined the Know Nothing
order last fall, are now ready to vote
the Chase ticket, and that every effort
will be made by them to boo!, spur and
drive every Old Line Whig and K.
Nothing into the support ot the fusion
ticket. It r -m; i is to be seen whether
the honest voters of Vinton county
will suffer themselves to be driven and
dictated by a halt dozen Kno'v Noth
ing Whig Fusionists about McArthur
into the support ol men and principles
that they utterly abhor and detest.
We think we fusees in Vinton county
will find 'Jordan a hard road to travel,'
But said the immortal Jefferson, "Eter
nal vigilance is the price of liberty!"
Then let every Democrat, let every
Whig, and every friend of his coun
try's laws and Constitution, be active
and vigilant from this until the 2nd
Tuesday of October. Let no man lay
on his oars thinking his neighbor will
do the work. Let every man do his
duty.! Talk with your neighbors rea
son with them show them the evils
and disgrace which will, result from
giving tne lusiomsts control ot our
State and count see that all are post
ed, and that all go to the polls, and
there is not the least doubt but from
and after the 2nd Tuesday of October
next, rusionism will be known no
Agricultural Meeting.
Pursuant to previous notice, the
Board of Managers and members oi
the Vinton County Agricultural So
ciety met in McArihur, September 1st.
1 lie meeting was called to order by
llie President, B. P. Hewitt, who de-
Iivercd his inaugural in a brief and
pertinent manner, thanking the society
lor the honor conlerred, and showing
the necessity of the united action ot
the citizens of this county for the pur
pose ot carry out the object of this in
stitution. On motion of A. Bothwell, a com
mittee was appointed for the purpose
ot leasing or purchasing a Fair Ground;
whereupon L. U. Brown, John Rob
bins and E. F. Bingham were appoint
ed by the chair as such committee.
Mr, E. Waltz submitted a proposi-
Hon to lease a Fail Ground for a se
ries of years to the Agricultural Soci
ety of Vinton county in consideration
that said society fence said ground.
Un motion, the above proposition
was recommended to the favorable con
sideration of the committee appointed
lor tne purpose ot leasing or purchas
ing o 1 Oil VJIUUUU.
On motion, a committee was ap
pointed to procure grounds lor the Fair
lor tne present year. L. U. lliown,
E, Waltz and A. Bothwell.
On motion, the first aforesaid ap
pointed committee weie required to re
port at the next annual meeting of this
society, and the next committee to re
port to the Board of Managers within
twenty days from the present time.
On motion, Mr. Pearly Brown was
elected Marshall at our next annual
On motion, the following persons
were appointed Awarding Committees
to adjudge premiums lor the present
Messrs. Jones, (Gillespiesville.O.,)
Jno. H. Davis, ( Kichmondale, U.,i
Charles Morris, ( Lee, Athens co., O.)
Washington Dennison, Dan'l Wat
ler, Chas. Traphagen.
John Robbins, A. W. Bothwell and
Henry Brown.
Wm. Tisue, Thos. M. Bay, Wra
F. Felton.
John Swepston, John Wyman and
Robert oage.
E. F. Bingham, Jno. P. Pit ley and
E. A, Bratton.
John Morrisson, Hiram Denning,
Abraham Johnson, Peter Hoop, Wm.
Gold.. i
C la ?s G Mineral Products
"J. It. Brown, David Jones. Cvrtist
Newkirk, Reese Thompson and Solo
mon I-mninger.
CLASi II--Domestic Manufac'rp.
Mrs. Mary Richmond, Mrs. B. P.
Hewitt, Mrs. II. Dinning, -Mrs, E.
F. Bini.iatii ami Mis. -Win. J imc.
Class I Field Chops.
John Rankin, Lewis Clark and Jno.
Class J Hobticulturk.
Joseph McKianis, Thos. B. Davis,
A. Wolf.
On motion, two Discretionary Com
mittees, each consisting oi live per
sons, were appointed--D. D.T Hard,
James Gibbons, ueorge Johnson,
Wm. S. Wilson, J. S. Hawk, one
Committee. Miss Martha Murdoch,
Miss Eliza Richmond, Miss Rebecca
Wilson, Miss Elizabeth Briggs, Miss
Helen French, the other.
On motion, a committee of one in
each township was appointed to solic
it members to this society; and there,
upon, the following persons were ap
pointed such committee:
George W. Sisson, Madison Tp.
John Rohhins, Clinton "
William RadciilT, Vinton
A. W. Bothwell, Elk
Wm P. Felton, Wilkesville
Xflin Swaim, Harrison
Wnj. IU
jMin Ki
Irseph '
Uuvid J
tJnj. M. Walker, Eagle
hn Kinney, Jackson
Wilson, Richland
Johnson, Swan
James Gibbon, Brown "
J. J. Allison, Knox "
l On motion, the proceeding of this
Wheeling be published in the McArth
ur Democrat and Mineral Region
The following resolution was unani.
mously adopted:
Resolved, That this society are in
liunr liavlnrr a nil Klip nrldrPSS On
.u.w. va . ' "n " p-""- 7
the day of holding the Annual Fair,
and that J. P. Ply ley, E. A. Uratton,
and 0. T. Gunning are a committee
tor the purpose of procuring the orator
of the day.
W hen, on motion, meeting adjourned
sine die.
B. P. HEWITT, President.
O. T. GUNNING, Secretary.
[From the Sidney (Shelby co.) Democrat.]
Catholic Church Distroyed by the
Know Nothings.
nd eleven o'clock the people of our
town were aroused by a report similar
to that of a camion, which upon exam
inations into its cause resulted from the
blowing up, with gunpowder, the ci ilio
lie Church in this place!
One er more kega were placed under
the north end of the building, probably
ten feet (rum the north side, a train
powder extended probably twenty feet
into the street, to a bunch of shavings.
The sharings were fired which com
municated with the powder leading
the Vtg or kfgs under the building, end
resulted as ahure announced, in blowing
the buildiiigblmost to atoms'
Au examination, by order of the Town
Council, wiis held before Mayor New
man lust Wednesday afternoon, for the
purpose of getting a clue to the perpe
trators of the act, but no fdcts were elic
ited other than the community were pre
viously aware of. We have not room
publish the testimony ot the wltnerses,
as reduced to writing by the Mayor.and
bumied to us lor that purpose. We
will give all the main points:
Michuel Mountain was firm sworn,
who testified that he lives on the west
side of the canal, nearly opposite where
the church S'ooJ, was in his house
the time of the explosion, ran to the door
and looked out. the smoke wes so dense
around the church he could nut see any
thing else, lie heard two parties
persons running, one parly down the
canal, and the other party up the ca
Wra Serviss testified that he was
his door shortly tiler the explosion,
party of four boys or young men were
running dovn Ohio street, Mr, S.
aides on Ohio street, about seventy-five
yards to the north west of where
church stood.
Thomas W. Stephenson was next
sworu, who testified that he wwoin"
home about ten minutes past ten o'clock
on Saturday night, when at the conne-
of Ohio and South ftreet he noticed
flash of light, followed by an explosion
so loud as to completly stun him for
moment. The Catholic church was sit
uated on South street, about one square
west of where he stood. He ran across
Ohio street and saw four persons run
ning Irom South street into an alley be
tween the church aud where lie then
stood. In a few minute", a uartv of four
persons came down, and passed along
by where he stood, pauiingas though
they were nearly out of breath. The)
crosfed Ohio street and proceeded
warJs the South part of town. They
not stop to look at the church.
Beni. McLean, of the firm of McLean
& Taylor, testified that they had
kegs ol powder sto. en from an out build
ing where they had placed it on Thurs
day evening preceedin the destruction
of the church. The powder was
found missing on list Sunday. It
the Dupont F. F. F. Z. rirle ponder,
kept in oak kegs. The powder generally
sold in town. Mr. McLean testified
is Austin & Kings, lie saw one of
keg heads picked up near the church,
"hich was the name of J. W, Donohue,
Geueral Agent, Cincinnatti, for Duponl's
The foregoing is a sketch of the main
points of the leuimonv taken by
Mayor. We refrain from comments
regard .o (his atrocious act, for the
sent. Manr are the rumors afloat
the community, how near any of them
are correct, we are not prepared to
consequently we give none of the many
flvitig reports. A rewurd of $300
been offered by the Mayor for thesp
prehension and conviction of the ptrpe
iratorsof this OeiulUh act weun
deretaod a number of our citizens
also offered liberal rewards. We
hope the guilty persons may
speedily brought to justice.
acisioiBiiing to the UDeanaci'ao
cy of Viiatosa coasaty that
- Wo TAYLOB, - '
address the
the day5 ot SIcA&'thur,
on .
IjfA there be
If mi the eeassi25 such an
mm as wosa laurels for the
cmoei'acy in
h.verv man w ho cherishes the principles
RIGHTS every man who is opposed to the mad schemes ok fanaticism and
t,e j, principles of the Proscriptionists. Let the men ot every party,
everv RELIGION, and of every nation, come and hear discussed the great
and important questions of the day, and
Ample accommodations will be maue
words, the Latch String wilt be hung
one, come all! and bring your wives end
order of
a rain! Ha!
days gmi
then decide.
lor an tnose at a distance, in ouiei
nut, and all will be welcome. Come
daughters alonj,
Ohio Pksnant. We have receiv
ed in exchange the first number of this
sheet, from Portsmouth, Ohio, pub
lished by Nelson Si IIoHnKi.; it is ed
ited with tact and ability, and presents
a beautiful mechanical
Success to the Pennant.
Not an Abolitionist, tu! The
Chillicothe Advertiser thus demon
strates the absurdity of Chase's denial
of abolitionism:
No Abolitionist! Chase and some
of his conlederatea on the State Ticket,
are stumping the Slate and indignantly
denying ih.it cither one of them is an
Aoliiionist. This is very much like a
continued ilruukutd dedying that he is
. .i.i .-. i
a Urunkani, or tnai ne urinas more, liq
uor than is good for hi in.
'No Aboluioniit?" In what manner,
then, dues Chase piofess to be more wor-
t I. u tlia un miiirl fil ilia tiPiititrt itlMII plltl.
er of his opponent.? I'.y his indignant
denial that he is an Abolitionist he gives
the people plainly to understand thut
he duas not propose to releat-c one negro
now in slavery, Neither Governor Me
dill nor a uiigle candidate on the De
inocratic Stale Ticket propose Xotndavt
one negro now free, nor do they advo
cate the propriety of euch a thing; aud
yet Chase s fi tends have the impudence
to assert that they are 'Slave Democrats.'
To our comprehension there seems to
be no ditlereaie in the views, on the
subject of slavery, between the muu
who does not, by act or by speech, ad
vocate the enslavement cf a free negro,
ivmiD m& rii3iun..i.in wi ,',
and the man who takes special pain, to
deny that he ia in favor of
from bondage one negro who is now in
slavery, iun. 11 unutii. na bii iuciub-
i v.... :..n
b!c tons jqtie nee, thai if Mr. Chase is a
more thorough anti slavery man than
Governor Medill, he must be iu favor of
such a policy as will free the negroes
now held ia bondage. Otherwise '.here
is practically no difference. II Chase and
company don't want to iuterfeie iu the
subsisting relation between master and
slave, why do they prowl over the
Stale and do their utmost to excite
embittered feelings aguinst slave, hol
ders? Shall we be told there is uo pur
pose in this, and Ihut Ihe purpose is
not the consumatioii of the darling
scheme of treasonable Abolitionism'
Such a conflict in Koiession aud in ae
on won't answer, Mr. Chase. Ihe man
who is disposed to treat his immediate
neighbor honorably, aud not to inter
fere with his domestic relations, will
not put himsell to the Double to do all
thcl lies in his power to einoiuer an
other naighbors against him; nor will
a man who is nolaa Abolitionist join
in a mad crusade against the South, To
suppose that he will, is a great
Ik a Quasoahy Undoubtedly many
respectable whigs are bothered to kuow
how to act in the present slate of poli
tics. A Louisiana paper relates that
an old gentleman wa iu IMaqueiniue
on Sunday last, and got iuio a little con
versation abou) kiiow-noilitngism lie
acknowledged bis former love and at
tachment to the tvbig party and its prin
Cipies, uu 111 Uliuut iciiim uruuumcu
. i - X .. - ...i.,
"but says he," wliat
cau 1 do? 1 have been quarreling with
the locos all my life. The whig party
it dead; its leaders and leading jouruals
say so. If I do not express my seutinienis
treely.laio suspicioued a 6'amite.
I remain neutral, 1 am called nobody
Ou the w hole, 1 iliiuk I am in nearly
bud a predicament was Gen. Scotl
oue lime when he gut between two tires.
1 do not know thai I shall go lu the
polls ; but il I do, I'll chop off every
:hing 'liil t veil r Kit-1 ie lite Duulliuism,
ua make clean thiiigul it; but wheth
er 1 go or not democracy will wiu any
how.' " irosungfoa Union.
Success to the Pennant. The Conspiracy Confessed!---The
Know Nothings to the Ohio
Legislature."—The Foreigner to
Legislature."—The Foreigner to be Disfranchised and the Negro
Legislature."—The Foreigner to be Disfranchised and the Negro Elevated!---Freeman Beware!
, -ir ..I .,ni.,.i
ered by the veil of secrecy, and protecl-know-uoihini'isin:
i . . ' ., , .,
At ihe Slate Council of Know Noth
ings held ut Columbus on the Cith of
August, the following rrsolulioiH ivero
udopieJ. We find (hem in the i lliciul
proceedings, n9 published iu ihe Slain
1st. Recolvtd, That under existing
circumstances we deem it inexpedient
to nominate u State ticket fur the up.
prouching ele ction.but leave the niutti-r
fur each member of 'he Ordf r to vole as
lis conscience and judge nieut nny die-
21. Httolrtd, Tli" I we recommend r
Urn members of the Or.ler, tliimi' hoot
the Sisie, Id keep iip an t p ilei l iheir
I organization, mid to prets lorwurd in
'ihe great work "f Ametiit'iiiAing Amer-
, ica.by securing Hie .....nin-tiou and dec
In ll.uii r.:n.r.'iiii ! II II 1 1 f I P . I T I ll f
lii'li, i.i in ii ii rj.vi... -
Stale Legislature, of men u!io hill fiund
open and endnibe the. pluljorm of l!:e
American parly in Ohio.
They resolved not to nominate a can
didate for Governor, but privately de
termined to support Mr Chase and we
are informed that Dr. Morton, of this
city, has stated that he advised tho
councils to acquiesce in the support of
the Fusion nomine?! An open nomi
nation of .Mr. Chase by this secret cabal,
would have injured hn prospects anion,';
a large number of voteis. therefore their
determination to support him is to be
i .. - j
P' profound secret until after t.,"
I ... . I -f .V.
i lint ina nriini mnrp nr u ui a i at
i their Brand oroscriimve acneuie me
coup dt main is developed in the sec
ond resolution. They recommend ilia
members of the order to keep up and
perfect the organization and to secura
the nomination of candidates to the
Legislature, who will stand upon anil
endorse ihe platform of the American
parly? W hat that platform is, will be
neen by reference to the Cleveland Con
vention, w hich declared that a foreig
ner must remain iu this country TWN'.
TY ONE YEARS before he could be ed
milted to enjoy the rights and prirleceg
ofa ciiUeu! This is what the Legisla
ture i f Mafs chusetls, (the only Know?
Nothing Legislature that has yet hod an
opportunity to show its hand) did.
only it does not go that far. In Mass
achusetts, they agreed that no foreigner
should hold an office in that State and
that none should ereu vole, until ihey
had lived 21 years iu this country !
And more and worse thau all this, they
passed a law admitting negroes to the.
rights of citizenship! The object then
of the resolutions above quoted, is to
secure a Legislature which will d
franchise the foreigner.aud ea fraucuifct
the negro!
The people .of Ohio should not look
lightly upon these things. A more for
midable and dangerous combination
against the equal rights of the people,
and so trample upon the spirit and let
ter of the great character of American
liberty, was never before entered into.
Its real designs and operation are cov-
ed by oalhi of the most horrid nature.
But enough baa been disclosed to devel
ope its dangerous tendencies, aud tyran
nical desires and the I'EOFLE, with,
out Uiaiiuciioa of par'.y. should rise up
and nut il ilowu! We shall recur
Sandusky Mirror.
An old tadv, looking at the curiosi
lies in Uaruum's Museum", came "to a
couple f large sea dogk.and after gizi'i;;
at them in wonder, inquired of a s ;
who stood near, if they ever bailed.
"No madam, "said he, Lot now, their
btik is ou'the tea !"

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