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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 06, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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JTCR Ihe fonh f mi mil Fair ol YinUn coun
. t. to le held in McARTIiLR, ou the
FiutTusday in October next.
Bret Bull om 3 veers ok! 5 00
Scond do " do 3( 0
Best Bull 2 v ears old 4( 0
Second do.
Rest Pull 1 year old
3 (JO
3 CO
2 00
2 ;0
I 10
1 U
rceonil do
K. st Bull Calf
Second do
Best Heifer Calf
Best Cow fite rh'fs, out 3 'cars old
Second do i
Best Heifer or Con 'i jenrs old
Second do
. an
. . 3 C(
. . 3 ei
.. 2 ii'
.. 1 00
.. 2(0
. . J (0
.. 3 tl)
. . 2(0
Dipl'll li.
2 00
lJsl 1 It-ifcr I uur old
Second do
Best milch Cow
Second lo
Best yoke of oxen
Second do
3'est steer 2 wars old -
Second do
Best steer 2 ears old-
Second do
Statement of Milch Cows to le lv weic.hi
for ten day uitihed by one or rnoie petti ns
in w litiii".
CLASS l?-l!Onsr$,JACKS(f' Mi irs,
Best stallion over 1 vears old I') ( 0
Second dr...' 3 0";
Best stallion colt 3 wars did 3(0
Stroud do...'. 2 (Hi
'Hist Mud colt 2 years ol J 2 W
Second do 1 It'
?i'hl stud colt I year old past 1 to
Second do I CO
.Best brood mure, over 4 years 3 0(1
Second do 2 (X
Rest Breed Mure end fcal ICO
Second do 2 W
Best sucking Colt 2 Hi
Be.-t Filly "I veil rs old past H CO
Best Filly 'Jyeurold 2lti
Best Filly 1 uar old 1
Best pf.it inutil.es lor general purpt EPS 3 1-0
Best liht harness Gelding 2 00
Bestsi'ddliGeMii'g 2 0J
Best Dial' yone 2 00
Pest Jut k cur Ml Lends Lij.li 5 f 0
liest Muleover Ml hniid 1 ij.1i 3 00
lutial l ilts iili(iil.li to jlr, in ds.
M.tn li ne is tut oi.e exhibitor, although
1.0 may show several sniiuu's in a class, only
one iireiniuin will be awarded that to be the
litst or olliprwi-e us the merits ol the uniHial
maybe adjudged hy iLe ci mniltie; and a
premium will not be u warded when the ani
mal is not wortby though there le no competition.
Best Buck of fine grade
Second do
Best Kwes, fine wool, 3 or moie.
Second do
Best Lambs, fine grade, 2 or moic
Second do
Jiest Buck for iiiiitlon
Best mutton sheep of unv gra'c
2 00
. 1 00
. 2 00
. 1 (Ml
2 CO
I oo
. 2 CO
1 CO
lest tl.rj.ortl dog 1 CO
The Board ol nianners w ill act as can
in it tea.
3'cst boar ever 1 ytarold
Second do
Best boar over G m. anJ under 1 year
2 CO
I 00
1 00
2 0U
3 00
2 CO
1 00
liest breeding sow
Second do
JJestsovv ami Figs
S.'i'uiul do '
Best iiilt i
Lest lot of pips not less than 5 anil not
over 10 months old-. 2 00
Dit-citliiiiiiii y premium w ill be awarded on
annuals ol limit not included hi the above
Best pair ol Shanghais '00
3 lest pair Dorkings I CO
Best pair Folai iU 1 CO
Best pair CarilL- 1(0
Lcjt pair ol luixi'd breed oi coii ini ii" 1 CO
Ail uniiiialu exhilite i it. pairsiannol cum
jcte for sii.e pn iiiiums
CLASS 1 I i. IT. KM IM S cj c.
Farm in List n j air, not less ihui IU a.. 5 (0
Bc.-t farm wiigoi 5 CO
Lett li:j.?v ' 0 CO
Best 1'ioiV 1 CO
Best Hurtoiv 1 00
Iiesl Wheal Fan 1 CO
Best Hoi.- Rul.o lor Lay 1 Ci'
LVt-t fcraier 1(0
Keyt Kit o(( bains 1 CO
Lest tett ol lii:rne--s 1 CO
Ilest saddle and hrridlo 3 CU
Lest ger.ls siiiuiiier boots I 0u
Best gcnis Winter boots 1 00
Uest t ecinien ol Dlark.'miihii.g.. 1 0(j
Best spetiineu of Tailoring 1 CO
Jlest fppi'imen of Cebinet Ware.. 1 00
33e6t bcdsiead 1(0
33esi specimen ol Printing 1 00
Jjesl specimen cf Wood Turning.. 1 00
15est side cf tanned Upi er Leather 1 00
Uest I mined Sole or Harness Leulh-
ei I 00
Eest barrel of Flour 1 CO
Discretionary premiums will here
commened eti fatmii g impli ments ol
merit not included in above list.
Lest discovery ol Mineial pro-
di'ets Dip.
Best lot of Butler 1 CO
Best light Liea-J 1 CO
Eest Cheese 1 00
Best 10 yards of Carpet 2 CU
Best Rug Carpet 1 00
Best 5 yards Jeans 1 00
Best 5 ya rds Flannel 100
Best needle work Quilt 2 00
Second do 1 00
Best Coverlet 1 00
Eest wollen knit Seeks 50
Best 5 lbs. Maple Sugar 1 00
Bst 10 lbs Honey taken not kill-
, Hig bees 1 00
Best Corn crop. not less il.au 1 acre 5 00
Second do dj 3 00
Best Wheat do do do do do 3 00
Second do do 2 CO
Lest piece Mea tlow, do do do do 5 CO
Second do do 3 GO
Best Potatce crop, do do do 1 acre 2 00
Second do do 1 00
Pest bushel of A p pels
Best bushel cf reaches
Best peck of Tears
Best specimen ol Grapes
Best Lushel of Sweet Potatoes
Best lot ol Quinces
Best Bcquet -
1 00
1 CO
1 00
1 00
1 00
l oo
All persons wishing to compete lot
premiums, must become members of this
kociety ten days preceeding the day ol
lair, Ey order of the Hoard,
B. P. HEWITT, Prest.
O. T. GUNNING, Se'cy.
Aug. 23d, 1855.
SHOULD recoliect to j,et iheir Double Rt
m'ED Sails ai us and Cohbokated Soda
KrtbpiTely for bakiag purposes, at
gym iinuguwwimcM.'x1'!!
H. BELL & COi,
W holetttle Mannfactiirrrs and Dealers in
A'o. 6, 1 verr rie Llock, Front St.,
r"B AVE lip v'''Mlrp n'roniicinR In the
X 1 tiin'e in prtier"!, tbiit they ure now lill
ii j; ll.i ii lerf.1' s-l re vvxt hriip. willi .1 iikmp
Hl'inii'iml niik thin ever, r'iieii frnn lie
(iKiilsrf the left n hi nfnitiiier. Fi.st, si il
ll.eii CW ii Wcil.-f'O; ? ul heme; ri r;r-linE rf
Creiil vnirty of it e N tt c!i.s ul ' pi-i 'Is fnitfi!
:o 1 e i i,t-- of il ri ni'irv let ll e Full Tri.de.
All (iti.lers at VH( I I S.I ''are eiirnenlv in
iled to nil I lefi re pun bis'n. i:n.l fMimini
'or li Pipstivrs n.e ir exu nine f icrii now on
I and. Hid t'iill ii inii j; in. a? li t y fi el h.-M,rei
(.!' their ubilily to p'ei tr in r.imliiv and priif
ll.eir li-rj e IV ifi n n. il liaiV al.onls i ne f-v
d. ne of lA'1 'ever vii'h l.icli thi ir n ai iu
ol iioirj; in sinev- r-.- ix en iei ivim, hum v iu t
tl:'-y tisiiiy lo lie li'cieliiy of their palroni-
Hi d luenils, ll ey iciiirale Ihe asMin iKe (I
ll ev ill fi ure no inins to render mine fcul
iln( lion. 1 l.tir fc'.pi k is lioj;e, inmitiliK line
iniftly in their own rlmp. nil by conlriK
ro ll.eir i rt'i r. 'I hi ir Ui i.iliis lur iloinu
laice biisini t-s aie abnndMiilv amide. 'Ihi v
.-vll only at i lmUsh. hnve but ink tuck
. lid will varan' all ttit-ir (."('il es ihev irii
resent tl em, An ex'.iiiiuatii n ol their gocdi
unit price, is re ei tliiily Snllclnl.
St pleinber 22, lb5l. "n:o.
No. 1, Front Street.
ffHE co-paitnmriip heretofore existing
X 'letneeii Ine fciilifccnccrs uncer tliC linn
of Oakts & 1'up'kiili, o? ibis day dif-soivei
by n'liuiul conwnt. F. 1. Cal;e. Lavins' sole
Ins entile interest to Messrs. Georj,ei Chm.
11. I'aviii. all claims will I e settled. and debls
collected by Lusluik & Lu i.-. ( i;r sik cissois.
v . J U i K I'S.
A, w. BcsKirn, oko. davis, chas. h. d.wis.
mShlTiK A I) WIS,
(Snrres'-or of Dikes cic Bnskirk.)
Jr. LImK, Mr id.
ivm sjuuuT, o.
Junnary 19, If.
TmTalvi um7
rii.ltr ii! nil lviiiils cf
1SAILS. cc. AUu,
Aent h r
IS just receiving Irom Ciociiina'i. one of the
Largest a. id best helectcj slocks of e.
i''a.'hionahh' iil
CHEAP coors
Fver broi'tht to Mi Arihur, ex. rislv for tin
Win'cr trade, Lit li I:v is derermined to sell
on the n ost ie,H nuble terms.
Just lall and ti e my tw Goods bekre
pun basing elsew here.
liiint alone vour rroiluce, for in the way
of Waiter l.ewili jjve jon a? jood bargains
llini.jiii von liroulil the vaMi,
Nove'mler 17, lirCl. 1st. c. ly.
A 1 wLlic lini U.ticm
HHI.OCK & l!ro.,
rjAYING Just 0 rued a Vt l.oletaie auo
1.1 Retail II AT Vt OUt'in PctImikmi'm
on Front Strict, between Market and Jt her
son, they invite All to call and examine thei:
stock ol
Z... LUs mid rnps, Straw Coeds, Trunks. fi"
i Uiiii'S, tu'jft U'A. lTi;hrrilf.s ir,, i
or r.vmv i.tprit-nios.
riirciiarers run at all limes (iiul at mire?
hli.-Ln.ent a Ii 11 and coti pUtr afwirimen
ol theriihe.-t find inot OeMrable styles. a
ull as the must common labrics. Our Iodl
exptrience in ti e bi!sii t"-s. and knowledge ol
i.iiiMileitliriiig, with the laiiiities lor puccha
silt:, are pik Ii ihtt we are iii.fi. lent we iai:
sell i.owkr lhaii any other House iu the W est.
FI RS of all kinds we.i;tcd, for which the
hij.l ett piiies ill be paid.
rottsmouth, November 4, 1653. lv
AYasMiigkn Inicn Insii
rniic (kn.r.iij.
CL'ue in fcciiu's l'ctk, rorrtr Srftrior St.
ni.d IcLlir r'qmiit-,
capitl- - - - - mm
rjlilSwell krovvn Hoyr Ccmpsny is jrc
X. land, as iifiii l, to take ril s on (he ia
hr clasns of Projerty. Tl.eir n.e.iis are
ample, end their ruts ate as ittscuaUie as
those of any sound Company.
D. B. Dunham, President,
Geo. My gait, Vice President and
1 reasurer,
O. N, Skeels, Secretary,
Geo. B. Seu'.er, General Agent,
George Wjgait, Cleveland,
F. T. Biifkus, do.
A. S. S. nil lord, do.
Jacob Perkins, do.
Benjtmin Northrup,do.
Geo. B. Sinter, do.
O. N. Steels, do.
D. B. Dunham, c'o.
C. W. Cook, do.
Timothy Baker, Nor via lk.
JuhnCiuik, I'runswiek.
J. P Kc binn u, B- iiioul.
W. M. loveil. Cleveland, (West side.)
july0'05 Cmj Mr-Arthur, Ohio,
Ac, Ac, Ac,
Main Street, McArthur, Ohio.
At 1 P.A1TS71ILE, wish to purchase Hides for
which tie highest Market price will be given,
4 suuary vxtnw:?ti7
GIFT limillRt'TtoJC.
The proprietors inke great pleasure in
aniiounciiig to ihe titizen of the lrnion,
ihut iu coii-f iiienee of the grenl salts
lilt i ion manifested by the l ii kel-hold
ers iif Iheir first j:reat Distribution, and
the iTiany tlii'iiand solicitfltions irt.in all
iHrisof the founir?, in relation tn
l.eilier thev intem'ed gelliitR up snoth
er Dislribiition of Gifts lor the people,
the; have, en i m meie on (la , been e n
abled lo offer to Iheir thousands of pat
ions the follow illii valuable, maguili'
rem, and un piecedented BRILLIANT
SCHEME, to be distributed as soon as
the SCO 000 feautilnl Engraving ol the
C'Ai'iii'L ol Ohio are distributed among
their Patron. The price ol the EiiRra
inj;s is bui Oi.e Dollar, and as a parlor
ornament il rannni be surpassed.
Read alleiitiveiy the follow in list of
beautiful and costly jtifis, which will
be satisfactorily iiistributeJ by a rom
inillee ol leu, selected one fioui each
S'ale where the largest number of sub
tciibers are obltiined:
1 Farm iu the State of Indiana & I0.0C0
1 do in Ohio 8.000
1 do do 6,000
2 Four siorj Briik Dwelling and
Lot, in Colnmbs, Ohio G.&CO
I do do do do---C, SCO
1 Beautiful lesidems iu the
town ol Mt. Vernor SOU
I Two-Story Bitck Building in
O.illicothe 3,500
t BricH Cotiape and lot in Col-
umiiiis 3.00't
I do do do S.Clil
1 Frame do Ho do 2.&C0
1 llumiiiiine C'luntry tesidence in -Sej;n,
priry county, Ohio.. .. 1,500
4 Splendid buildii'K lolt in Col
umbus, at &2,C00...-. 8.C00
10 do do do &1.5U0 15.0C0
4 do d.i Cleveland fi.CCO
1 Grand Action Piano (Chicker-
ii'K e 1.20C
1 Gold Watch, set with Dta.
mends I.PC'j
5 Gold Wai'.hes, at fSOO ev h 2.f'C
10 Rosewood Pianos, at fcLC0"5 ()( (,
10 do do at 400 4 000
10 do do at 3(0 3.0C0
50 Gold Watches, al ij.150. 7,000
100 do at 100 10 COO
100 do at 70 7.5(0
1C0 'do at 40 4 000
SCO SUer do st 20 6.000
SCO do do at 10 7,000
ICCOLaJie's Gold Breast Fins
ai J4 4,000
00 do Brocha shawls at 25 5,000
500 do Silk X'resa Patterns,
at 20 10,00(1
5000 Gull! Pencils, at e3 15,000
ICCC0 Gold Fens, with Silver
Cases, at 2 20,000
20CC0 Gold rii g,at 61,50 each 30 (0U
1'tCfrl do al 1.10 each.. .12. OS-4
Eiery purchaser of the splendid l.ir ;e
Lul l j,t hie Li (raving, will receive a
Certificate of Ainiiherhip eutilliuj.
them lo a chance in Ihe fcbore list ol
valuable aod cosily Gifts for the Peo
lie. I Le Figratiogs (an he sent hi
mail (wll out ttii.g damaged,) lo any
j-art ol the country.
hist c c n J. HI fT !iniK
Persons w ishiiig lo act as Agents for
us will pleae send t recommendation
fluted by the Postmaster or some uthei
ii fa.ential and well known person in
tlie lace where ihey reside.
To tiiose perse ris who have been act
inj; a Agents for ns in our fiuiner Dis
tiibution, this is not required.
All or'lers with the money enclosed,
Mee of postage, will meet with prompt
tie u lion.
In order to prevent mistakes, agents
ai:d others transmitting money to ns
will please have it scaled in the pres
erne ol the Postmaster, and the amount
enteied on the way bill.
V e prepay alt our letters, circulars,
if f., to our ajieiiis and correspondents,
ai.deipecl them to do the same with
Aents wanted in every (own, whom
ve will fuinirh mi'h posters, circular.-,
ithelules, ii.fctruciions, &c, on appli
es tiun a, our cilice, or by mail post paid
For tunl.er parliculais see the den rip
live hills, &.C., or enquire at the oll.ee
No. 2. Calculi's Llotk, Town Street
Culumhufc Ohio.
V. M. Si Aim..
G. D. TMVKsii'itt
Icrt'ie Bale ofWmcrn Tro' oca
trF TcbAf.co rLcrjE. ifiovi5ict;,&e.
Nos. ;0 fc7 S. CliAhLi SSTKLET.
Between I'ruil Hiid Cumde n stieeis. near ilie
Tobacco Inspection Whr- houses,
L.U1 iUriL,
Liltral odvaticf s mudt on coHsi'nmHa.
N. B. We have reieutty n uiovtd to nm
new and extensive Warehouses, upi.n South
Charles Street, wleie we have the advauti-ge
ol a Rail Ri nd tra k ol our own. (ennneelmj.
our House with the B. & O. Railway,) ami
are thus enabled to receive all our consimi-
meuu. when sent in cur loads, free of Dray
ete. We have, uho. evey hicilily for the ie
ceipt and sale ot Tobacco, Flour, Provisions,
and Western Piodnce, generally.
We tend a com-ei statement of the Markets
monthly, to our friends, or oilciier if desiied
June 10 01 lyr.
CL0. StlllLIim si CO.,
V iryihia K hintvdy Manvj'acturcd
No. I, bucKKYE Block, Fbont St.,
llitt cp Stairs.
October 3. 1&54.
t.;,s. a. r.-. mnm & co,
t liOLI.SALt (,Kjll.b
No. 55, Front Street,
January 5.0. 1654. ly.
every descriplicn furnished at short or-
utrs and lair prices. A large supply ol
Paints and Brusii lor
lainieis, Toy Paints and Best Water Colors
onnanu. j. k. W H1TTEMORE, '
pisyll; Second . Chillicovhe, Q.
1855. NEW STOCK. OF . , 1S55.
B have just Teceiveil m Sptipg Stor'
j rnmpriripn a preat rarietv of FANCY
ami STAPLE NOTIONS. Dealers and
others are invited to tall before porch
ain elseu here, as they w ill find a com-
I plrte assortment, and at prices ihnt will
I compare with anv F.siab!ihmeiit of the
kind in this section of the country.
The follow ins artic les comprise a part
nf my extensive assortment:
l.'iO iacks pins.
200. 000 percussion caps.
PG0 dozen spool cotton.
50 gross buttons.
50 dozen suspenders-,
151) Hi skein cotton,
12 lb seuing silk,
0 lb twist silk.
500 jrrom hooks and eyes,
dozen razor strops.
.'! 0 dozen combs, all kinds. .
'0 reams cap, letter and uote paper,
L'O.OOO envelopes,
300 dozen t pes,
1 30 doi'.en soa U.
10.0CO lish hunks.
25 grot-s li.-li lines.
'iO j;riiss lead pencils,
IOC.01.0 needles.
100 bundles wafers,
10 c'ozen knives,
30 cUikpii si issors,
10 gross spoons,
20 gross jews harps,
.'t i;ross Frenc h liarps.
"0 dii.pii slates.
MO slate pencils.
.')0 gross ihimhles.
1 00 dozen porte monates.
o()0 lb patent thread.
or ne 1 iu ii charms and rings,
Jet bracelets.
Ladies' work boxes and re'icules.
fine hairbrushes and combs,
(iuiiu pen ha. pufTsiid long combs.
., S S and S S S line combs.
Skirt sr.d dress wloileboue.
cr-et a ml shoe lces,
Siiilettnes, elastiis and sleeve bands,
leeth and nail bri. hes.
Meel pens an I holders.
Ii h sa tes.
Alabaster nrniinents.
Linen (St coitmi. Ilo's a crochet cotton
Zephyr worsted aiol needles.
Gold finger and ear rings.
Gold, plated anil common jewelry; and
other articles too uuineruus to particu
De-tlers and others purchasing Cigars
wili li ii it the largest Stock in the City,
varying from 65 to fc30 per M. As all
the line cigars are munuf ictured on the
premises, jurchasers of fine cigars may
depend upon gelling the quality of ci
gar they pay lur, as satisfaction is guar
anteed in all t'ases. Also on hand,
Caveiiiluh and Fine Cut Chewing To
bacco, Pipes, eje, at the Cheap Notion
Store next to the Valley Bank, Second
Street. R, DAVISON.
Ciiii.i.icoTiin, 0.. Munh 2, 105.
" ll V : I'.vi. r.l 1,1 R.-linnl V v -. ... i .. o ro n(
j Milton OJiity, will hold their re
julur meeiitgs for the examination of
candidates on the FIRST SATURDAY ol
each moii i h, at the school ronni of O. T.
Gunning in McAr'.hur, commencing at
IU n ci.it k A . M. Ate very examination.
a certificate ol good moral character re
tentiy signed by al leas' two responsi
hie per'-ous, w ill be reqoirer of each can
didate, and ihe Examiners would espe
.iully guard individuals against recnm
nieriiiing any person who is in the habi'
of using profane language or iuduliiip
in intoxuating drink, or in any othe.
social vict, or iuio.oralily.
Clerk Board School Examiners, V. Co
Feb. i, IbOO Ir.
flMlE suhsrrilier having leased the abnvt
X llou-e. (formerly the United States Ho
tel.) and Laving made a complete renovation
pubre-inrNie-hed the I c.iif e with new FurniHm
ihionghoiit, respectively invites the tiaveliuj
public to give him a call.
Will ahvovs contain the best that the marlipi
atTurds, mid no means w ill be spared to make
all comfortable. JOHN ROW.
Oct. 10th. IS54 .
FT H. IOHNSON. (sttc-ceshor to Joseph
.1 Jnne-) keens constantly on hand a
larte stock of
Whit li he. w ill sell at Ltibltm Prices. It is
his desij;ii to afford Country Merchants, ami
pmchascrs ginerully, suih facilities lor sup
plying tbeiiifelves with every article in his
line, us they have not heretofore enjoyed.
Additions are now being made to his stock,
w h'n li w ill make one of the Largest anc" Jest
in the Western country.
As a mere outline, his stock will be found
to consist of
BOOKS Medical. Scientific, Law, Theolog
ical. N liool, Uibiik anil IVlincellanecus.
STATiONERY Letter, Cap, liill and Note
1 a per.
ENVELOPES BuiT. EmbosseJ end Plain
W bite, ainl Ct'.t'ernment.
WALL PAPER A heavy and well selected
slock, at prices ranging from a crnts,
. to &1.00 per boll. A 'so, Donlers ol
the greate&t variety, and Window
CLN K LOOKS Ledgers, Journals, Day
iiooks, and liu.e Hooks, all ol every
PERIODICALS Those issued Monthly, and
MATS Lare Maps of both Hemispheres and
of the United States; Small Maps ol
each of the Western States, and ol
FANCY ARTICLES of difft rent kinds.
ALSO Slates. Cony Books, Conner Tlate,
Pencils, Gold and Steel Pens, Ink ol
all kinds, Inkstands, Wafers, &c, &c.
All of which win be sold low. at Whole
sale and Retail at Johnson's Book Store.
Jones' old stand, Paint St., Chillicolhe, Ohio,
Decembers. 1S03. ly. -
li;u ciwai e.
"I IPPEKC Oll'S Axes, warranted 30 dnys
JU or tl.e money relt.nued. llaitlieis vvur
Mil ted, Titlelsous handsaws warranted.
Door Locks, Ihumb Latches, Butts, (Screws,
Augers, Smoothing Irons, Curry Combs,
lioise Dilutes, iiles, Ra6ps, in shot every
thine iu tle Hard ware line, ut
3 h BBA!T' '
l-AJiiLV .fli:i)ici.i:s!
F,' 71. BBATTQNi
lilALY STREE 'i , McAR TI1LR, O.
KEEPc-niislanilv on hand ihe following
Genuine and Popular Mediciuest
Seller's Liver Pi Us. Dr. Lee's Ti!.
Scaler's Vermili n-.. Itrs. Jones u McL's do.
Ee'ler's ImiiT C. S.. Dr. J.).i".s' Cough Syrup
Leon's N. ce 15., Jm.es' N. & B. Liniment
Sloan's Oin I men t, Sloan's lusi. Relteldo.
FOR THE 11 A 1 11.
Iaoii's Rathairon, Vegetable Hast Oil,"
Bears Oil, (pure.) Eau IV Cologne.
C;islo Oit, S.ieel Oil,
RtililiOil, Oil of Spike,
Harlem Oil, M-'dicameiitnin.
Also, Godfrey's Coiclial. Iiiitesmau's Drops.
Slnan's Condilioii I'oiviier; imtl Fs-eiicei ol
all kinds. All of the above Medicines we
received direct from the propiieiors, and uur
ranted to he genuine.
April C. lfeSO tf
"CLLE k GA!i!)AtK,
y"EEP constantly on hand the Mowing
M piiuine and popular family medicines,:
PILLS. Sellers Liver Tills, McLaine's
Lier Pills, Aier's l ills.
COUGH REMEDIES. Seller's Imperial)
Cough Syrup. Ayer's Cherry Pei loral, Seller's '
Hive S run, Seller's Svrup) of Snniil-i. I
WORM MLDiL'.INI.-Suller's Vermifuge,
McLaine's Vemiifiift, ' ',
LINIMr.NT.S.-H.O. Frr.'l's Indian Lin j
inieiit, Gardner's Volatile Liniment. Railway's ,
i'.eany Relief, Pain Ctircr. Liquid Opidihloc. !
HAIR IONICS. Lyon s Katliuirun, G, S
Ai.so: A large and well selected slink of
Dags. Mi- iieines. Oils. Paints and Dye-slulls;
ail lur sale il the luuesl prices.
0,1. 27, h, lbol.-lv.
mm i shoes.
JUST received the largest anil heM selection
ol Coots, and Shies ever ojened in thh
market, fonsisiiuuof
Gents. Eninn-jled Bingons,
" Rtittoned Congress Gaiters,
" Mi rroc i n Slippers.
" Fiellt II Calf liiMilS,
Ladies Euameled Lace Boots,
" Goat " "
. " Sewed " "
" Laced Gaiters.
" - Patent leather "
" Enameled Jennev Lind's,
" Patent S.-a Buskins,
" Fancy Enameled '
" " Slippers.
Chihlrens' K.U Laced ilots,
" Fancy ' " "
" Roan "
" Kid Peg "
" Enameied "
" Goat " "
" Fancy " "
Mioses Kill Slippers,
" Fancy Laced B lots,
Tojrether with evetv iar;et of B"ols nm!
Nioes, of Mens, Women?, and chiidten;
wear, at the lout?t pricts, at
DriMrCA.TJI'iKM. A .,
f rtprrlrm mul WUli'Ciititl li-.'hiil Dialers iu
llmduiiie, :uMlcv, I rim, Ola,
Ae., Ac.
"1 XJ OULD respectfully informtheir fri-n-' .
Y f and the public that they have at let. kih
..ot into their sph ndid new room, and lane
tilted it up expressly for '.he Hardware trade. (in
.he burnt di-lrict) under the siu ol tlietiii.'l
VNVIL, East side of Paint, between Wa'er
nd 2d sis, w heie they are opening, in addi
ion to part of their former sloc k, a larue and
lesirable stock of Amcricun, German ami
.'.uglioh Hardware, Saddlery, Iron an I Glass,
"gether w ith all articles usually kept iu Hard
nare stores, and invite all to call and lake a
ook at their new room and examine their
Thev have continued a stock of Goods at
heir OLD STAND, sign of the Mill Saw, on
I'ageit's square, (under the immediate caieol
'tie of the firm) where they have been so ib
ritlly patronized the past year, for which the.i
iake this opportunity of returning their sin
eeie thanks, and solicit a continuance of the
ame for both establishments, promising lo
Keep as good Goods and sell as low as any iu
this market.
May 10, 1653. n-191v
RECEIVED diiect from New Orleans,
070hhds fair to prime N. O. Sugar;
20 clarified do.
16!) bis loaf, crushed & pulverized sugar:
54 bxs while Havana, lor candy and syr
ups ;
2337 bis N. O.Molases;
75 do "St. James" choice sugsr II, mo
100 do Common sugar II. molasses.
10 do Golden syrup;
55 Tes- Rice:
300 baas Rio and Java cotTee:
Which, together with a full and completed
sloe k of.
Woodware Buckets, tub.zine washboards,
brooms. &c.
Fi:uitk& Nuts Figs, resins' almonds pe
cans, E. Walnuts, filberts; Brazil nuts; &c.
Spices 'Ground and nngrotind Pepper;
applies; cinnamon; c loves; ginger; nutmegs:
Fish mackeral; dried herring, codfish; sar-
Teas A large jtock of fresh imperial; Y
Hv sou; etinpciw tier and black tea:
TortACco Fives; eights and pound pine of
good Virginia. iUissouri and Kentucky brands
also, Utiluc cj JJro s and oilier good brands
ol b twist tobacco:
Dye-stuffs Indigo; copperas madder and
Si'NDRiET Soap; candles, starch, chocolate;
saiaeratus; super carbonate ol soila; epsom
salt; lead; sliof; vvarnnini' nailer: &c-. &c.
We will sel at the ragular Cincimiatti
w holesale prices:
C. A. M. DAJ1ARIN &. Co.
Portsmouth. April 1 1, ISOl.
Steam Olincl liiclory.
Corner of Jefferson akd Second Streets,
CALLS the attention of the citizens of
Vinton and adjoining counties lo his su
lrior stock of ' m-j
which he oilers t wholesale or retail on reas
onable terms. Give him a call.
Orders attended to promptly.
March 24,1854. ly
iOXi W OKK, ol every itesciiniiou uwilv
lecvted, at this Otfjte,
IT 'IV . 9 ( J
J I V' I
V4 'W4 W .
Are riirin? the Slrk ia an extent ncxer
ULIUIV AUVMU VI aitj ill! (111. I lit.
JUIX IIAUP.L, F)., the Well kruun prntntcr, r.f
('lif-tiim firet't, rii.biifljiliii, wlii-e iIkhcc irt,Jm;
rp fun ml nt uliunxi avr (iU'I, n.iy ;
I am h tf v In kiv ul ymir aTimbih' Pili. tliat t
h.it f-e) i ml lufiii a Ih-mt f;iniil h:'itt ,ftd f.-r common
u-e, thau any oil-rr within my kit wld!;, M.my vi in
frtemU h.-ive rcitliivl in.it kcil l-etiBi'ttH (n-tn tli.-ih stid cC
itirttte Willi in ia ht'licviiift tlutt Ihry p ttriuirJi
n.iry virtue fi r ilnvii'S nut ili-M.-t- ai.l rniin iltt -(c)r,
TUoy are imi mily crtVchial but fe Atul i!ri.tti! to Vm
takwu, q'l.tlitKn Hindi niut in. Ui:il laiutU ty
Thr veitenbli Phuifcllnr WAItDLAW, tt'iitts frcni
lllliiii.-ft, l.'iili April, )C04t
' "Iln. J. C. Avi:n-?-ir: I Invc laken your PilU witii
mill Biliotig lifliiJaclio, ulm li Um oCluie uvi iii-n
lit in th cm in 4. A Cow tlw t f y-.tir I'ilN rurril nm
I Ii.it iiumI yutir riiprry IN.-ton I iiunv )cnri 1:1 n.y
f;innly (Sir rimlirf amJ f.,liii witii mil tiiuiw; r hc cm. V.'i
nt.iko nmli' iitt4 ulurli ettret ami Iff I it A pii:siMnj Ut
ci'iiiuiiiii jon t.r lite ciijt you Uavo Juite and rv tii'iJiy.'' ,
JOHN K. HKAT'I Y, Eu.f Sec o( Uw Tcun. VUiUi
P. II R. Oft!; rhUaMrhfa, 13, if&.
" " Sir I I. ike ila.iHitru iu my tf-iiniony ( t.'.a
t1rrny of J nr niftlirhi, li'iM( lirivtl vnv luMprrt
4if ut 111 frniM Ilia ne o! belli yicr I'etl.jnl ruU C'fttitirli
I'ilU. 1 nui never w ii!it,iit l hem hi my Mnul) , ik-t sli.t!l I
ever Ct'tt f nt to l.t?t ln! my iik-.i1: iv ill privitre llifin.1'
Tli r.MinM ne J 9. 8. bTZVENM, M, I.,of V. cut.
H(rihT S. ll.y wrium :
" ll.i viriu n r. I yi-'ir I'atmiiitic Tiim in my vlrtifp, t
reilify frviu uxiN rionrp, Hi.it t! iy are rn u ih titlv tir- .
fnrivp. In rjfti ut (li-nnlcrcMi 1'iiiiriit.tH u die licr
i;nif inx hc;ti(tu Iif, iiHlij!(tti'tti, rostivciif ss, fetid llrrt'trirnt
vii rii l) of riiHejuci Hi it billow, lin y at u ircr rrijictlr
thin hvy ithir. In ml raei w licit a purir-it'vo rnft
l rrMit 0lf I ri'iintieiiii) rrrnnnnoiMi timu iiiim iu ur
Mililir,n4 unjiorinr tn any oilit jr I have vvr faitnl. 'i'Uvy
arn Mire in tin'ir oppwiinn, nml )i'rf'jrt!y pxi'v, qnH)iuej
which make them an hiv.iitiuMa itriiels tir nil!;c 1
Itavo It if many year ktmtvu juitr Cheny I'vcV'rtil a- thn
U Vt nt'li nic.hr nit- in thri w.tiltl, i.ii-l these l'i!s tM9 itl
mi Hir intetii.r to that ,atlmiMb:u iearaiiuji lr I'ii
trcutiui-nt ot'ilisenxa."
4i d.i.. ir. a. fit trm
"Da. J. C. Ama-Mcur Fir: I l;.o betii ti'iic l
fr tn my tun h with rernnilit id il vvcr fiirni, nv.il m
alter tweniy voars liul, ninJ an mitht of auiuiml of out.
ftiiijiL', tirivo ()' n fcniilolf ly iMrtjil in a l-w wvi k hy
VMir I'illtt. itli ivli:it lajlimv il' rrioiriti'i ( writo. ri
only ho tni.iniboj when yuu tt-alue wlut 1 Juvu ui-mJ,
ai,i how l.ai.
Kor imiil now hive I hfn frte (V"m r!iii htithwm .
di-rii.-o hi Mtuc lnK', At Immi - it ailrit ko.l my i4,
ami iiMtlc mo ulinti-t Uhnl. he hli4 tin nnf ndiiriil'ltt
p.tnii at nilivn i fciilfil in the h-uIm )' my IiohJ. ami
Ji-iri'y-if ihv Inir, ftint U:m k- l me irily I- ihl ill iuy
da w.inoljtim it came cut in my lam, and kpl h liif
BH'iMli a raw m ti,
AImii I nine wcflts ,t!:i I ivrmv.MirpiI Irklnp your Ti
tharlir Piih, and now am entirt'Iy lire imtn (hp otiiiihHtiL
Aly rue weil, toy nkiii is i.lir, ni-t) my hnr hi rmu-niHix-ctl
a Le.ililiy CMWlh j all of which iu:tkn mo Kil
lic.-nly a mw perMji.. .
' lldjiliijT thin i.itrmtnt rtny W thfl mirtn.nf ronvcj iiin
liifnrmntHui licit il.uh to g.nnt to ctli.'rs 1 nil, 'itli evty '
avnlimeot i (jratiMUtf, Yuuri. & i, , .
M ART PTf'KWt." '
' I hhvr known tlii almvc iintnei! Marh U.rkur Irom hur. ,
cIuMIkxhI, no J lie r etalpnicnl i-i -Trlrlly tn'p. .
' AMHti:V J. Mt'.:C!lV3, v
Ovorfeer tif tit r'urtMuoiith Alaimuutunug Co." 1
Capt. JOIM. IMt ATT, "f tho ahip Maiiuii, writej from
lln-r,ni,l:)th Ajiril, MAi
; Your Pill lure cured in from 8 Ijilhrm nrfnek frliili
Jiroe Irciti iltrnoL'?mftt of Ihe l.tvcr, whiHi In-! l-ei'onia
vorv ktiihis I li-iil f.tile.l of any Miff hy my I'liy-iriniij
ml iVo'ii twry rnneily I coohl try, but tr hv tl'" m ol
your PiiIh h ive roiiiil-lt'ly rcl t.mI mo to l tiii. I ln
pivfii thrm to my ctiit-irefi hr wnnm, w itii h lie t '
eit'ert. Ttiy wi-rn prtuMtnly coreil, 1 r(rtinnuiitl'"l
t hi in tit a frirml fur ftiiv?m-' , w hit h h?'l tnuib't-il hir.i
f i r itintitlM; hp idlil iu in n tew it ty iloy Iml ritr'il IiImi.
Yt'ii maks tiit host uieJinito in tiiu wttrM, itmi 1 uui Irco
to ay ks"
Reatl Ihit (ruin ths li4flncnMiPil ?.'li',itnr of iho Pupreipn
Court, m .ia lirillnnt nliitttteH h.ivn m.i !o him well
known, iiul only in (hit hn t' vtuliu riiit: .l n.ir-'.
41 Pir : I h:t crrnt s.iti hicimti in a--nriM(f vt.u ih:ii my
I' ami family hive Imhmi ph um. h ticiiid h yot
inrliciiie-, Myuire wan citn-il two vn: Mitee, of a
levcre aixl ihiutTt'ii c-neli, hy y iir rucnttv I'scr jr.,
ami Mure ll.eu Imi f-njujeil per lee t laUli. My i'lnli(riii
have tevrral Unw hivu "cure i trui nii.uk.-' of I lie influ
enza and Tnttip hy il. It in no in -ihiahiw rt'irudy tor
thosr eiimplaimM. Y"iir ('athabtio Piim hafl ti liiv!.
Ciiii'd iii'i In in a tii : io(i ia iti.J en -livelier, hi !t !!.:
pmnii upon me . r nom itm, hulfeil this ruro unniflt
mure iiiiiiriant, In in mo i il:at I hul l- nt-.l tr cm tvl.if
fr. m tho lie-t l'it firms win !i ihi stvimu ul lieu r niintry
Irt.r'lf.aitd from mi) "I thm iimcniii remc.Iips 1 had taken.
11 Yuu Ftem I- "h, Imi'im, 1 1 lie ,i proviiltntial hli-'.iiiia lu
our fn oily, and yu i ni,' well ftpjjo-o e are not 11111111111!
ful of it. . Your fc-1'L'cui !n , ;
" $wtc Chtimt'rt Ohin, Jlpe'd f)A, 'dS4. t
"Pa. J. C. An a Hoimrp.l Hir : I havu io;ule a liior
OMfrli tiiu 1 1,1 ihe t'. 1 h a lit 1 c Ptti.fi, loft mo hy ymr n;enrt
and li.iv !( n cuiud ly theiito! thu tlm.idlul Kliumali'm
under which he found ma .-iiir.'riii!?. 'ills tir-'t ihwe ro
lievrl me, nr.tl a few m.h rrpHMit tlos h.ivo entirely
rvinoved it. 9 ih ea. f, I It ti hi I utter haiih miv than ir
auitic yi nr l-i'l re, wliiiii 1 atfrilmte eHt.rt'iy to llio f rfect
of vour Cath tunc Pilli. Ymir w-Hh (frrnt nperl. 1
LL'CiU'd U. MU'i't'ALK." I
The ahov am nil fr in persona who r.ro pnhlirly known
whnre ll ev re-ho, rtml Im wmihl m't maUe lln?'e t-t-i o
niutiu wiiliout a tlnrcuuli cnuv-tth-n ihat they n uro trua
ITrparcd hy J. C. AVK22,
Fractical and Analytical ChcznUt, Lowell, Ua:3
It - Hi , . . I ll ('!. it. .t. I '
TUN, M.tAnliur O ; -I. Vurli.--, ALuny: R.
Cull w, Lo'vm; Or, J. 11. U itlsl'.er. JncK--o:i
(). II., ami hv'Dt'uleis in Midicines euy-
1 July 'J7.'.r-S Imo.l
J. G. SWfll AM)
n. c. ciir-j-vvti u
M A X U F A 0 0 R V.
0 pof i'e the Mc itlur House,
KTL'i'.N their simero. thanks t:) their
nitiP'Mnus f r ir-nfls ami customers, lor
lite veiv liU'ral J t'tioinif.c extended to them
iu the i.st stjiM-n, ti nil tuhe pliastne in u
iiounciiip I hut ihey are notv receivin;' at tl eit
Root and .'"hoe Depot the lur-st and beat se
lected Sloek of
reels & Shoes
Ever brnojd.t to McArthur; consisting Tj7j
in part of
c: MTL''c ccots &, shos,
Cent-.I;ucl.fltin Gnileih Gt -ms. Congress (iai!
ers,Cieuts Fi-ucy Mioes. Cents Uxl'oitl Rump",
Cents Lniin.eled jS'utifers, Gents Kname'.eil
Congress Gaiti r.-t, Gcnlsl'ateiil Leather Kitl
'lop I'linee Allieit's, GentJ Rutc nt Leather,
Diiib Cloth. Kid top, 1'iiine Alhe-it's; Cent.-j
Jersey Rut K.-Kin Mines, Gents Opeia Slippers;
toj.cil.er'' v itli every Miriely of Fine ami
Coarse call skin, kip a ml Morocco Roots ami
Mines. Also, Ladies Coon a.ni Shoes;
Ladies Buskin (ijil'r Roots, Ladies' enamel
ed Jenny Lind's It. K.., Ltidies' Morocco Jen
oy Liml's R. It., Ludies' Congress Gaiters,
Ladies Fancy Jenny Linil Slioi s, Ludi.s' eu
nmelle.l Morocco Shoes, Ladies' Victoria
Fancy Shoes Ladies' Fancy Top Roots, La
dies' Fancy I'uskins, hioned lops, Ladies'
liluc Gait?, Ladies Colcned Soulier's Gaiter!5.
Also: Misses Hun Is anil Slices, Misses Kid
l5i.ol8 and Gaiters, Misses Fancy colored
Uuiiers, Misses enameled Fancy I'ooLsjalso,
Chihlrens' Boots and Shies, Childiens' calf,
leed. Shoe.?, Chihlrens' Fancy shoes, Chil
ciiens' Fancy Gd iters, and every o'.her rariety
ol Ladies', misses' and chihlrens' wear, Fine
anil Coarse,
We rune any numlx-r of Workmen en.
gaged, that is necessary, and aie prepared to
til ciders at tl.e shortest notice.
CCr"AU of our Goods will be sold .it pri-.
ces that ill (jive satisfaction. Call aud ex
amine or yourselves-
. , , DEALER m" ' ' y
Kcdital, TLcolcgifal, tlimk nnil Misri Ma
uitus Luis, Muiioi.cry untl Wull Tup r,
Boi.k8 received from the Fastern Mar-;
kel at their earliest publication, or ordered
when dcsirrd. . . ,
' K1T.IX At PTtHTII l.'B :
Manufacturers and Wk'oUiult dealen in
t -
No. 310 BALTIMORE STlttliT,,
Bktwees Howard akd Liujcbtv-sts-
- '.; -''-. BA LTIMOK.
Julj 8,i3. ly,

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