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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 27, 1855, Image 1

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a msssa awn iLH g til
r a. ititiTi-oiv. )
rllfr niul .Proprietor.
: , :; :; - J.TRMir'-r.OO PKR. AXXUil
: ' - . ) , JN All VAN CK... .
VflIim1J " - - - - MeArlhnr, Vinton Co., 0., Thursday, Si'i,i:.27, MIX.; . ,; , . - - - IXumlcr
Office one door east of the Court
$1,00 per year, andif not paytd wilhinthe
jeur, $2,00 will be charged..
These Terms tnu&i be strictly complied
vith, and no paper will be discontinued until
oil arrearages unpaid, vnless at the option
j iic jiuuiisner.
CCI One square, thirteen lines or less first
three Insertions 00
Each additional insertion . 25
Cards one e.ar, 83,00
A liberal deduction will be made toper
Bans tdrcrtisine bu the veor. ' . .
, All advrrlmmtnts payMcin advance or
on atinupa .
TVe. tie jprrpird to execute, upon the
Mionest notice, in u nfaiest manner ana on
the. ihrarest terms. Bit kinds of Plain and
fancy iVli I KIMliNU, such as
Handbills, Blanks, Briefs.
Cards, Tickets, Prcgrammes,
Circvlurs, Posters, Chechs.
Bill Ikuds, Labels, Horse Villa,
Jc, t)c, f e.
CO" VTe respectfully solicit the printing
patronage of our Democratic friends, and all
others it-quiring work, in Vinton county.
Agents for Ihe "Mrlliur Dimocnit."
Th. following Gentlemen will Rsceiv. and Becslpt
lor Euoicripuoni ana Aavariiic menu, lor uii i
per, tn vinion uoun.jr, vuio.
Tf.ytoh Cox,
W'k. Tavlkr,
Jno. Clark, Sr.,
J. Elofr,
J. Giu.ri?,
Adam Lynn,
J. Easom,
Hamden Furnace
Ml. r least nt.
Harrison Township.
Jiloers store,
b. P. HEWITT, Judge of Probate Court
W.L. EDMISTON.Clerk Com. Pleas Court
K. F. BINGHAM, Prosecuting Attorney
"Win. TIS11E, Sheriff.
11. PAYNE, Treasurer.
J AMIS MALONE, Recorder.
GEO. L'LLOM, Coroner.
County Com m if sinners,
Scliool LxoinmerJ,'
Willi tlifir Post Ofllte- Ailrcsses.
Cincinnati Fuhmace, Vtiull, Stew
art J- Co. Jlanufac turprs ol the lest
quality of Pig Iron. L'amden, Reeda
Mill P. 0.
Eagle Furnace, Stanley, Bentley &
Co. Maiiufucturera of the best quality
of Tig Iron. .Eagle Post Oflke.
Vinton Fcbuace, Means, Clirk & Co.
lanufbcturers of beat quality of Pig
Iron, Vinton Furnsce Post Office.
llAi.nEN Furnace, Fmee, Tarr & Co.
Reed's Mill Tost Office. .
Bio Sand Fi'Bnace, Bartletl, Dana (J
Co., Manufacturers of the best quality
of Pig Iron. Poet Cilice at Athens, 0.
Merchant or Vinton, who ahe
Dealers In Irjr Goods Haidware, Qoeemwaie, Eooti,
Ehoet, Grocoiias, etc.
McAh7iiUB. John S. Hawk, J. K. cf- D
"V ill, Tonilinfon & Co., 0en Dowd, E. A
1' ration, J. & E. Dodge, Shade & Reynolds.
HAiurN.-Benj. Dill, D. D. T. Hani, H. B.
Moore, J. B. $ W. B. WilUou, Wiu. C.
Wilkesviile. S. S. Murry, John Gillen.
Cline & Gardner, Feltoi) & Last lev, James
Bleakely. Carr 6V Strong.
A LLENoviLLE. Peter Miller, Marcus Mil
ler, Joseph Wilcox.
Mt. I'LEASANr. Phillip Sain.
rATtsviLLE. Swepston 6c liwqstcii,
Aiken's Mill. J. Bluer.
BlHKHlllMnB'8 Nl ILL. WilllO m T'lSUP.
McAbthub. E. P. Eothwell.
McAkwph. G. B. Will.
Hamdeb. Davis & Collins.
WiLKEfcviLlJ! Cline & Gardner.
.McAlthur.-J.G. S.wetland. B. C. Cegtwe
Atlo r ncy at Law,
Will practice in Vinton and adioinine coun
ties. Office three doors West ol the Pot
Office: '
Feb. 9, 1S52. 34 tf
AltoriiCTs al Law.
.Will ptectire. in partnership in Vinton Conn
iy. Ofiire, lour doors east of Sissou&Hul
rt HOtel. . ..." , ,
Eeb. 21. 1854. '. . T0
Allonicy al Law,
Vf'ILD practice in Vinf&q ap.l adjoining
cuiiiiiies. vmce, one uopr east ol tbe
lu Corner,,
AS now sn assortment of Wall rper.
. Borders. Window fJurlnins nrl ir ;
Screens, that can hardly - U surpassed in be
Vest. RficeslpTf. No. I Union Block, t
Fiikd'kick leaves the land of France,
Homeward hastes his stpps to measure
Careless casts the parting glanco
On the scene of former pleasure j
Joying In his prancing steed,
Keep to prove his untried blade,
Hope's gay dreams the -soldier lead
Over mountain, moor, and glade.
Helpless, ruined, left forlorn,
Lovely Alice wept alone;
Mourned o'er love's tond contract torn,
Hope, and peacJj and houor llown.
Mark her breast's convulsive throbs!
See, the tear of anguish Hows I
Mingling soon witti bursting sobs,
Loud die laugh of lreuzy rose.
Wild she cursed, and wild she prayed;
Seven long days, and nights are o'er:
Death in pity brought his aid,
As the village bell struck four.
Far from her, and far from France,
Faithless Fred'rick onward rides :
Marking, blithe, the morning's glance
Mantling o'er the mountain's sides.
Henrd ye not the boding sound,
As the tongue ol yonder tower
Slowly, to the hills aiound.
Told the fourth, the fated hour ?
Starts the steed, and sntifis the air,
Yet no cause of dread appears;
Bristles high the riders hair,
Struck with strange mysterious fear?.
DespVatc, as his terrors rise,
la the steed the spur he hides;
From himself in vain he flies;
Anxious, restless, on he ndes.
Seven long days, and seven long night
Wild he wandered, wo the while!
Ceaseless care, and causeless friglit,
Urge his footsteps many a mile.
Dark the seventh sad night descends;
Rivers swell, and ruin-streams pourj
While the deai'ning thunder lends
All the terrois of its roar.
Weary, wet, and spent with toil,
Where his head shall Fred'rick hide
V'here, but in )Ontuined aisle.
By the lightning's dash descried?
To the portal, dank and loir,
Fast his steed the wand'rer boundj
Down a ruined staircase slow,
Next his darkling way he wound.
Long drear vaults before him lie;
Giimm'rii'g lights bre seen to glide!-.
" Bletsed Mary, hear my cry!
Deign a sinner's steps to guide!"
Often lost their quit'ring beam,
Still the light move slo before,
Till they rest their ghastly gleam
Right against an iron door.
Thund'ring rutcei from within.
MixeJ with peals of Uughter, fosa
As they fell, a solemn strain
Lent iti wild and woudroua close I
Midst the din, be seemed ta hear
Voicce of friends, by death removed;
Veil he knew that solemn air,
'Twaa the lay that Alice loved.
Hark! for now a solemn knell
Foui times on the still night: broke;
Four times, at its deadened swell,
Echoes from the ruins spoke. '
As the lengthened clangors die.
Slowly opes the iron doorl -
Straight a banquet met his eye,
But a funeral's form i: wore.
.Coffins for the seats extend
.All with black the board waisprtad;:
, Girt by parent, brother, friend, '
, ' Long since numbered with the dsadl ' ' '
I V v:
c ...... , : --.
ii . .Alice, la her grave-clothes loondY
. . uoastly smiling, points a seat ; ' '
AH arose, with thuqd'ring sound i 4 ;
i , All tb' expected stranger greeti
..! .;....:
Hish tbairmeasra arms 'thr- ' '' ' v- "
V ' ' J - ,
Wild their notes of welcome swelh-i' ' 1
j,,'t Welcome, trajtor, to the gTavel" ' 111 J' :'"
ferjnred.birtba Iyjht fare wall!'
I.I . . i
'i I i s i; t J
' i i i t. ; i .
Affecting Tale.
6Cp)ATHER will be. done the
JjJ great chimney to-nilit, moth
er," said little Tom Howard, as he
stood waiting for his father's break
fast, which he carried to him at his
woik every morning.
He said he honed all Hia
;.j .., i , , , " . I , .
f . dp.WA' ";'',S,'.' answered
! T a 8 K'";
iltTbi d 1 ve',J,n? - tl,0u3e
farvr ? Tr.1 , 80 ntky
lau.i'f IS to ho 1)10 lna mi .
,,( l . r, f l Li' t
andVln i ' , ' &? ' -h7
mnW, t : Pi t i ,w, WB
? tl r?,W"',8aAd J0'"! , - ,
men, tuiiiiiiuL-u ins moiiier,
'il all coes nVht we are to have a I'm I
ic to-morrow, and go into the country
and take our dinner, and spend all the
day amongst the wools.'
'Hurrah,' cried Tom, as he ran oil'
to bis lather's place of work, with a
h Ijin i n tl j ,?',d 8m;
at.tir n r ISn,0,,7 stood
n ,rL wl,i -?l ,7 " h1We"!
nilltlly WlltstmL' down tlrt strop! am
imiKfia ii.. t.f ,i j ,. I
l.e 4,,tJ ii, ,J ,1, l,e, l,Jrt
'i. ' . ireas.
WPS, . ' ' .
iu '-M..IM.I1 . ,.
ipm, with a light lreart, pursued his
wav to lis lather, and l-av l,in, i,u
lirpViifr .., a i L i
waJS Y iohli0.v"
Was Some dist.inrp. In Win ntriiii
nn l.i. .,7k. i " .'.""'"
luj way home, he went roiinil in
M i, i,;,r,i .. "
sec low his father was gettnur .on.
ber or n. lir I '1 . nnd a."Uu'
oerol other workmen had been Inn h .
illffm.fii ,u,! r. i- r. ,
72, ?L 11 y,C l'!,un:'8wl"c.
Hi OUr (TP, It rnnnnlii.'liii'in.. Hium n
mnci'.17. r.r.. t '""""'-
riet f tV T, T0111"'
ncultural beauty.. That chimney was
that had ev V.r ,nd
. kt c .i i .
shading his eyes Irom the slanting rays
toV nP ln'' r,, lV 0 '"I
top In search of his lather, his heart
alinos; sank withia him at tlia appal-
I...! I . rn I I i . II.
i iingiu. ine scailoiuing was al.
mostdown, the men at the bottom
. , .
i. "an,..napoics.
ii. - i. i
mg nght, and waved his hat in
1 5lf a"? 'T a,,s1welredJ,",,
with a loud oner cheer, lull,. Tnm
,: . .p ' . .
shou .ngasheart- asanyot them.-
ill... V o I yZ ' ,,uwt ver'
they heard a verv diilereut aonm a
. i ii . .
cry o alarm and horror Irom above!
iTl,. , II tl iii i
'Ihe rope!' Ihe men ooked round.
,i . , .. , , '
andcoiled upon he ffronn.l av ..
m . i : i i ! .i 7.. i J i
ope which, lie lore the scaflold.ng was
iiP ihi n i t i e'i 'aSteUCU 10
the chimney lor Tom's at her to come
j. i,i Ti rn- i i , r
down by!- 1 he sci.ffolding had been
takeu down without remembering ' to U
-1- w . w -..ue i ilic nas t nt'itii i
silence.' Tliev all k IIP IV if n; la i nnna I
Slble to throw the ronn nn l.i,.li l.
"K1 v"u"g
toreach.the top of.tlie cliininev: hr ill
they could, it would hardly have been
sale. Tl.;y stood in eilece and di."
may. unable to oive any heb or think
. 1 "
ol any means ol salety. .,
And loin i lather.. He walked
round and round lhe little tirrilp. iIip
dizzy height seeming every moment to
firrtiv n.n.a lV.n.ti.1 1 1 1 . . I : I . I i
feiv" uiwic icuiiui, ouu me soiiu cart u
furtherand further Irom him... lie shut
his eyes; he lelt as if the next moment
he should be dashed to Diews 'nn tW
ground below. ......
r... . . ' . ' ' . : " 1 I.
I lie day passed ns industrious y and
swiftly as usual with Tom's moir at
i ' ...... ........ . .. rdl
..u.r. o. was a.ways nusily cm-
ployed for her husband and children in
some way or another; and to-day she
had been harder at work than, usual
Ti.H 1 ! A I m a I. - I . I ' 1 . ' .
6. .....g icouy iui iiie noituay to niDi-
row. She had iust finishi-il all Iier
4 ... i
rirpnarat im.c anI' I.e.. il.M.i..l.i..' .llllii
i-...-....v,l.., , ;nivujiiia ( h eie
atleutly ,th,iii!ii,ig God lor her happy
home, and lor ail (he blessing ot hie,
1..... 'J' .... :. . i.' i. " l
n urn i uin iau in; n a iace wa
c' .
while as ashes; he could haidlv pet h'ii
r - i
wotdiout. : A nt iPr -n.fiil.or i. ...
, Anu n
V'i "'''' 1 ii .i , .-:"
'lhey've lorgotten to leave him the to
rope, answered rom, still .scarcely
a Kit 0- If! tnoa tf Ilia r.rt.'r. o. n i .... la...
tuuu. mil iuviiici iiaiiru uu.
horror-struck, and stood tor a moment
as it paraly zed; then pressing her
hands to her lace as it to abut out-ili
terrible picture, and brea:hin" a prayer
r- 1. 1 . . . .
to uoa ior neip, sue rusuea out or the
house' if.:'- .!., c'
it, 1. Li.,, .. I
When she reached the nlace' whorp L.
l 1 j , ; . , : .
her husband was at work, 4 crowd had
collected round the root ol the chininev. ii,
an 1 cttinrl 1 1 .or a miiti- Ixolt kLeo r. I
Ufit Willi .iaccstulliOf, sprrow, 41e
GAVft lp'll thrnur Itinicolf . ifmim A. I
claimed they, ai Mrs. . Howard camel
lllk :.ll4d la r..: nr. I t w ... I . I II f
1" ' v ii gvmg v. iuivw ' iiiiueen i
down.'1' . .i ii - i . ,.t ;
Hhe munna do that, lad!' cried the
wile, with aclear. hobelul voiced 'thee V
n.unnadotbit. Wa.tabit: TakP fl-
, i.., .. ... ,, . 1
hy stockihg lad.and unravel; it, ' and Le
ici uown me inreaa witti a mt 01 mpr-
tar Dost hear pie, Jetii?. ,
..The man niAde a sign of assent." for
seemed as if ' he fjoiild not sneak! anil
takir.g'ofr'his stocking,' unrayeUed th a I
t. A .U'..J . ' ' m, I
people 8too4 rouniJ tatatalm ,
I ' tiie worsted inreaci, -xxofl
pull it up, slowly,' cried she to her hus
band a,ld s!ie Rradually unwound the
stri"Sathe worsted d,ew it gently up.
41 stoppecl-the string had reached I. r
i i i ...."..
"u?'Jani4-,VJi.aw.Uoia4Ua string ast,
H VM li UP' String
brevv 'cvy ana Hard to pull, or I'om
hnd ''is inothor had. hid the thick
lence and sii.-pense, wondering what
Tom's mother could be thinking of,
and u hy she sent him in such haste for
the carpenter's ball of twine.
'Let down one end of the thread
with a bit of stone, and keep fast hold
ol the other,' L-d she to her husband.
The little thread came wavering down
the tall chinjney, blown, hither . and
thither by the wind, but at length it
reached Ihe outstretched hands that
were waiting for it. Tom held the
ball of string, while bis mother tied one
I r 'a . .1 . .
euu oi ii to me worsted thread. 'iVow
rone to it. Tlmv r;iifliPl if
ly and slo wly uncoil ing.f'roni the ground
as i ne siring whs driwn higher,
There was but one coil Ic'lt.' It had
reached tile top. 'Thank God! think
God!' exclaimed the 'wile.' She', hid
K i . ...
tier iace m iier nands in silent uraver
a"d trembling rejoiced. The rope wal
"P-. The iro3ns to which it should be
,ast(,ei were there all right; but would
i i t r it . ' '
ner imsoana oe able to make use ol
., ,' " "nM!"'1 - I"-
know the strength that the sound ol
. o , . i.. . i i
er voice, so calm ana neauiast, nan
mwt tlim ;r(!, i;l(u
. .
carried iiim llie Hope ol U te once
more had conveyed to him some por.
. n . 1 . . . . . r .
"on oitnat laitli in Uod which not i
on : j j. . . . i .
'k ever aesiroyea or shook in tipr true
i.0, i.j:... l..... .i... u;
wai,ed lhere,lie words cam. over him,
nn ,i , A J
"y anuiou casi uown, u, my sonr
andwhv art tl.ou disquieted within
n . . .. ' . .
mer liope tliou in tiod ' She ted
"Phor. heart to God fori h,po and
Jrr,i St.- .,i,i a
iu uou, anu.resieu on vhu aa on a
rock. . '
There was a great shout. , ''He's
8af .., PrAA ;uv.m
iaiF...v(Jv - VfV V I 11. U I Skt IV. A LliSt
iTllAn'ol B.iia.I n.A tH.
. nun DA.ru nit', tAtljr,
husband, fold i ne her in his
'.but what ails tlieer
uui wnm nus
,re sorry lli.n chd about it.' Dm
rtim oi hit iiusuana uau not neiu uer
U)1)S,1C woulJ luve hUen ,heRround
tlae sudden joy, alter such great le ir,
i... i J ' v A, ? '. '
uau overcome, iter. iom, si U s
(alher, Met thy mother lean on thy
shoulder, and we will take her home.'
:.. i ' .:. .. . :
"I iiieir nappy noi e t ey pm rc-u
irtrli. .,..1, n ..i
Mini iii'iuni .u j ;ii lin in. liirni
i ... :.i :
nwuuutfss: aim uieir na pay n e IOJ" tuiT
T.... i - ' i r) ., .
ii ii uearcr auu uoiier lor.tue pern it
,iad Leen in a,ld lhe iean,J thal
11,0 danes hd hrotightthen, untoGod.
...i .i... i.i:j... .i .
'"a ; iminiay ue.i oy was. u not
. i , i-,,
said lier
Thou see m'st
S. Magazine.
[From the Seneca Adevrtiser.]
Gov. Medill and Col. Medary at
, ft0P . wefe eul! From "etjr'nooli
ZiTl V" ",-M: io the
R ,r . . 1 lh
mim .ne c i ice is in uu r ii i r we re .alive
Wlth ,, ,. neshout. ormulutu.de.
-the soul sirring music-the starry
Utemly told the Fusion, Know Nothing
k... .1 . .
men wn wine (ii me people still
wi""g to go Democratic pTinriiples and
'n';n Upon some of the baunefi'we iiot.
itei' appropriate mottoes, such as iEau.l
Rights tu all, 'Liberty of Couscieuce.
vi,..i.n n... - t.-
.' ttC,,otc' A
y.toteb3,onf was l"""1 i"'con. the
Governor from the cars, where hp. hml
uroCeeded to meet Cl- Medarv' Hesdwl
by ,bo Wasiug.on Guards IV JarShe!'
through the atreCti. whilo cheer aTter
cl.eer.irom a thousand voices awakened
.1 I ' '. a. -
ierrof ui tne nearis ol the miduight cpn
syirators auniiml riclits nf n..
o ..mw. pK-vr.,r
. 00 i )0r)
m-riiniii nf ilm -n:,l....
y. ....w ai.kiuciii.r.ou'tjoa
c"'g' uolei1 ia an olber plte, Col. ,Med;
"rjr V88.e turned until rather late in
bo uliriniiiiii. tri l.'iu.i k... v.
Inn illpiiiimii. v. .
ling llunCTCT
. V01 ! dd'esa the crowd; 'The p0
iwa rri.ruAAs' ' an . I
r.ir urouuas in
ll,e ruoou n Gov. Me4W defly:
We have not the time. nor tb
space to sketch his temarMi- S.iffie.it
eay that our eailaat st.uJard bc4Mr
Uusiaineti every position that he. look.
I A..y.l. , I I 1.1. ... .It .....
"uu oiiwniuru u s luuivuti wiLn .tr.
'"'islle! 'c Wsat be f resuted. . His
c'"r Dd coooue expositiod. 0 the .Tax
Kue:iou put ihe blush o( shiuia -uoon
ll,e Fuioa demag'-sues who .go about
llhlrillinlrv Driitelv anil inlb.i -.. 1 1 ..
' . . . MIU,",M'
jmisropreseoluig on this subject- ,
uov, aieditl was prepared with th
.. tp
uo'ueuia 10 suora.iiuie-Brerv word be
Loke. Ue admitied ih.t th, W. il
ai nrnla Uara aahnhitanlla L.:J.L
. . a ( . '
wished to see the saildie placed iipop the
riuhi hiucL . I4 eh.awoil r th. -...r.. '
liui1 oC evrey one peseut, ibt, the sat
1 ftft D f & 1 1 1 Cl ill f M. W h I C h 1. m.rl. 1 1. m
bugbear .by .thee Fusiou ema-
65"".are but a.mera drop ia the, buck-
01 .sb b",den.f. t"-Tthat: ol
" WDo . B,a ""'r' "a wo
mousaim uouara ei . uxea collected, lu
state ol Ouio last v.ar.onl, sixlhun-
dd .qd six thousand eight hundred
fifty we applied for the General
Revenue purposes of the State. woifh
iucludei the oav of members nf lhn
LegislaUire, of in Governor, . AuJUor,
r..... ... i.. ..... f r ' r ..I
la.T5r. PS"-: f?ineJ.t4 f j!!? .!1
gorerment, even down to the little
in the expenditures ' on the
house, the building of two
asylums, tfje support of the
and dnmb asylums. &c,&c. In a word,
the SC06330 expended by Stale authority
under the head of General Revenue Pur
poses included every thing but the prin
cipal and interests of the public (!epr.
vnat then becomes of the nine millio
and nlntytwo thousand dollars? We
shall 6ee. The figures, as presented
Gj. Medill from the Auditors' report,
show that upward of six millions
dollars went to locsl purposes orer
which the State authorities havn nn
contfol, and which was levied by coun
ty, township and district. offi:er3.
Leaving over three millions of dollar
as the amount levied bi State aullmritr.
of which nearly.two aud a .halfuiiHio'i
were for Common School rurooies anl
for interest oa the public dept. -
fhe following figures from the S'.ste.
report exhibit the whole nut
ter m a clear and truthful light:
Total expenditures for all pur-nose-,
in ISM. ci cxi IT) r,
i - - ..... VVi..)UU v
Of which was levied by local , -
outers C.01 1.723 03
Leavinr? a. levari hr Sini Hin77r.di At
Of which was for com. schools. 1.3S7.033 95
tor intrrpst on public d.-bt
1,033.062,17 '2.470,713 43
And for gen. revenue purposes, 6006,937 03
Beinz less than 23 cents honrf
the people of Ohio, for general tctenue
Gov, Medill also siid that r n
ton he me. SenaloT Chise in bebatc.
He enquired of Chase.
of the T9tori,tion ol the Mice,,;
, III -J.Jl-
promise?' Chase wss silent as th
grave- Tke Governor again enamrp.?. :
Are you in favor of Negro sufrraet"
un Mr. thase was as dnm asanevs.
ier. Then said Mr. MpiIIII i.r .-n
proclam yoo over this hrnnrl .r.i .
advocate of negro suffrage, and oppose!
to the restoration of the Missouri com
promise, senator Chase was still tllun'
as death. Tho speech of Qavernor Me
dill was replete with telling facts and
arguments. The Governor closed his
remarks by an eloquent appeal to tho
Demoracy to stand by the Constitution
ond the Union. He was warmly ap
plauued throughout bis entire speech.
Colonel Mnil III then lr.nl. .. ,
.. . ' ...v.. .wv iuc oian't.
trie -01.1 War Hoise was t rif nrnn .Im
greeted with three tremendruM rho
ws b'rief in h is remarks but he fin. !
centre shots. . Ha rsoirll .k-.
effect of. Know Jlothininft prioclples.as' '
illustrated bv tha mobs and jlnin,..
feedings which have recentlr diracej
OUT COUIltrv. lift nrorprl Ilm.
M 'I IS C , ,
ado Co. were advocatine disnntnn
sentiments. The Colonel hastilv.
a masterly manner, touched'on U
the issues before the pecple, and closed
with the hone that Qld Sn
ugaiii enroll herself in . tha democratic
rmiks. , The closest attention was pail. .
the large crowd tn ih n.mi., r
the gallaut chief who has led the dern- "
ocratic hosts of Ohio in a , hundred .
contests. 'It done ilm Ot,l ria... .......
' III vtl 1 h 1
Soo.itoiook at the veritable 'SAM.' '
whose pen and voice is now aaimitins; 1
democratic party iri the ' present
contest for Equal Rights. No mnn
Ohio has more friends iu this connty
Col. Medary, and his speech will .
have n excellent effect-. After thrm
cheers for Medary, and three more lot.
Medill, the meeting adjourne:!. ,
"She Thought She Had It."
Thai sprightly little shceMhe Pe'ers
burg Express, has the 'following
ard woke up m affright, called to her
servants to make all .hasio anJ fetch
'(one or very talonted phy
sicians much patronized by the ladies",,
she thought she had it! . .
'Away went' the negroes with fu'l
steam up, and alarmed tho doctor, ex
claiming, "0, make a ht.rry doctor
missus thinksshe's gotit!" '.
On arriving at the lady's residence,
doctor enquired of the first maid
how her mistress was then? "O sir
thought she had it," wa,the r'ep! '
The doctor hurried up stairs, rumina
ting in his mind on every kind of ail
mem the faculty luxuriates in, and
pathelogy mystifies mankind aboal.and
l"und the lady en robe de naif, some:
what calm and collected. . :.s.:
' Well,doictOT,"exciaimed she.ffrace-fully,-
"I really thought I "had it" -f
'.'Hid what, madam, in tha . r
goodness? V ' ' 01
" V hy, the yellow fever, doctor." 1
If aAAms iKaI ll.. : ' '
.vi... maiiiie cause oi thu very
ludencious mistake took it ric rJ
. .T-W.W..HI5 ajiui.
lows: ...
.The lady in" auestinri ' hA
coiurneoded a wash made from ochre as
against ynusketo bites and
o solten the skin at this season She
had rubbed the wash ovr her'face,
neck and arms, and had . relired to IW-
but as the iauid flriprl nn iirr
a yellow coating on the skin, and give
the lady the appearance of a magnrfi
lent bright veilow bill. 1UnnL:
to rue iu the night to get a glass of w
(PI- cha I l. T . ..
er, giass (aslarates
will ever do I and hvth
night lamp, saw herselt $tr angclu col-
Ortd. and thinkinrr tli . . . . .1..
she thought she had it! The
doctor left.
A Yankee and s.tmiifKm '- t.
t. were pi.'S
poker on a sw mboaC ''1 haven't seeivao Ice .
for some- time," leroajXed. Jhe aonHierner.
VVall.Iguesafou baiot,", siid the Yan!e
"bat i cau tell yoo where th?y are, Dae' of
in is up your shirt sleeve,and the etiior th-i
ara-Mj ow.t- Piv IvaSe,? .. . - -

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