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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 27, 1855, Image 2

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TlIlTOAY llOfl.MGrSEl'T. 27
tki OJjICK OF ALClilSVS. ia receiv
ed at the nr highest market price, on Hub
unption or Advtrt foment, ut Uu vfet
JWonm is not rrfvstd.
ITHaTTK b k v., BLANK MokltiAGLS
J unrf nil lllif:l,M(nirul under the Jim
lima' C.xlr. fur J:;zlictt i the P(uct. tire evil-.-.Vjifif
A 1 2 on ho ud uud for uc ut thin VJ-
j re.
' Will JAM WJC1LL, oi l'Airnu.D.
Ti.ll '..'.l.tmAM ClVtllMJll.
JAMES MY US, cr Lccah.
ri'B avdhob orst.: le,
V'M. D. jMOIIUAN, or Ct nm i.ka.
It'll SHUl.TAl'V Of STATC,
YM. 1P.KV1TT, vr Fbamuik.
ioii n.r.uimt or state,
JOHN G. BRLSLl4N.-0rStsr.cA.
ron ji iwKs-oi- the scnu.jiE coikt,
(h'vr 'the jutl Term.)
IYM. KI-iSON. uk Bu-mokt.
( For the Vueuury.)
P.. 13. Y ARLLIS, or Luankli.v.
G. YV. MtC'OOlv or JiiuKw 5.
ri.s.iTon ron Stii distbict,
for svnvKvoH.
Serious Accident.
Dr. L. II ol In ml, inform in that (lie
Rb nil Fu mare Slack, blofd out litis
morning faltJI) burning a gemin and
0 boj, nliose iiomcs, vr did not l-arn;
eli-o, burning 1 lie npprr story of the
Inilding before I lie flames could be ar-ltbtfd.
That D, D. IIahd, before his rmmi
nation by the Fusion paityfor Pepre
fentalive, in an argument with a Free
Sol ei in Fk Mfi d trw t fl i. repeated
ly said, 4hat Slavery was the only
f roper place for IheKegro; that then
vas no harm in extending slavery j
into the ler itorics. and that e
Soiler is a preacher ol the Gog. 'j
anf 8 man 01 uudoultrd truth
jirrji w unore ii.e j eomr ' "ai
Traitor Hard, according to his own
nd mission, has taken the third degree
in the Know Nothing Older, and that
when he look that degree he solemnly
swore he would frown down tJI agila-
i .y.11 r 4' (U. LI n . . r. 1 r r . A . . HAn.L mII
iiu4i ui iiif tjintri Afvtrrivitii, rprfj an
sectional st ii ff, and stand by the Union
at all hazards.
Keep it htfort the Penph, That
Hard, on the present month, pledged
himself to the support of Salmon P.
Chase In order to semre the nomina
ticn lor Representative, and thereby
sluliiiicd the oath ol the third -degree
of the Know Nothing Order which lie
has taken.
Keep it lefort the People, That
IJa:d has teen on all sides ol' all po
litical questions that Imeteen belore
the American pp ople lor the last fifteen
years, and that like the I'addy with the
Tea: when any party or taction put
their hand on him and think they hae
li.'ui "he ain't there!1'
Tlietncniirs of the Dtinocncy are
ttcictly at woik circulating falsr hoods
tpcuthe Ditnccraticcanditaies. The
have alrercy ihaigtd m. Mkdm.l,
cur car.didate lor Governor, with la
voring horte ttealing! What is there
llun that is low, wan, and laise, tiiar
they will not circulate. Look unt lor
some Lug-Lear stories right on the eve
ol the election, and at the polls, when
it is loo late, or impossible to contra
dict them, cn some one or more ol our
candidates. Democrats ot Vinton
- toumy, jouknow who ) our candidates
are be prepared then to meet these
Lase calumnies and slanders that are
perpetrated by these -unprincipled Fu
bionists for the sake oxlelr suding you
of jour sufliage.
Our State Central Committee
Have been direlect in their out) in not
Jurnishing us speakers on the occasion
of the Mr-SB Meeting last Wednesday.
The people lelt confident of some ol
our Iriet.ds w ho have had the hdra ol
Staie in their hands, being here,' and
having a tilk with the Democracy as
to the canvass in other parts of 'the
State,' &c.
AVe will never again publish a Mass
Meeting and announce speakers lroni
a distance until we are assured by some
means more certain than this that they
will be in attendance. If Judge Cob
win was seriously hurt by a railroad
accident, and Col. Mkdaht badly jolt
ed, on the same occasion, (we won't
admit the Old War Horse can le de-
(..i.il in nntnir In 1 )pm nrra t mppf-
ing,) then and in that case the State
Cfcntral Committed should have s'art-
nut cnlrpr to (ill their annoint
VM. CI - - ' - - - -
- ienis. , We give all concerned nonce
that u don't want tODublisli anything
but ttnth iu the Democrat-, so, gents ,
look out in" the future..-We would
liLo In Lnnur ulic' trtPiVprt rnnlrt nnl
-.vjire. us wica pey couw aot xvsti
-. . i -
Our State Central Committee About 1000 of the People in Council!
'paid by tiie people ot Vinton, lorBlate
Government, was only $160(1, .wlulst
We,pay.a tax ol about J23u(jQj that
these taxes were expenOed lor tne ex
,oUisimicnt ol thebtate debt, linish
Free &our Siale Jouse, .building two ad
ro, andjdfioJB Lunalic Asylums, building
jour Court House, building our school-
Wednesday last was a day long to
he k inemheied by the Democracy ol
Young Vinton. The number in at
tendance at our Mass Meeting is vari
ously e;tiiuaicd at Iront eight to ten
hundred; and e never had ttiepleasure
ot witt.esaing a Mass Meeting where
the audience paid more attention to
thei: speakers. There u, in Tact, a
reat desire ',o hear nil that could Le
said in regard to tiie true positions oi
politics in Oliio.
On mo:icn ol K. A. Bratton, the
meeting was calhl to order, and iS. S
Mt'rry apoinieJ President.
Esq. Slurry, on taking the chair,
made an arrolo'v lor the , absence ol
speakers lroni a distance, and in a briel
speech showed up the character ot the
opposition and their secret mode ol
usrlaie in the piesent campaign their
base deception towards our adopted
citizen?, &c.
Alter which Judge Hewitt addres
sed the fretting in a speech which
told well lor the principles, consisten
cy, and mural honest) ol our party.
The Jidgc held his audience in strict
attention lor ntar two hours, with the
exception ot occasional rounds cl ap
plause. The Judge effectually exposed
tiic Know XNotlimgs and their lusion
with the Abolitionists their base de
ception ol the people in their last tail's
campaign their midnight counciU
their trying to decoy Democrats into
their ranks, &c. He showed up the
inconsistent ot the tut-ians, in oppo
sing tiie Kansas Bill at the same time
thai Giddings and niscoadjutators vo
ted in March, 1853, lor tne identical
principle they now oppose, in the or
ganization ol the WaalungtOQ Terri
torial Bill.
The Judge then proved beyond cavil
that the Democracy were the only Na
tional Party, and the legitimate repre
sentatives ol our National character
and Constitutional rights. ie cant
oot, lor want ol time and room, do the
Judge an) tiling like justice, in thus al
luding to his speech, wtiicii was re-
iplete with argument and illustrations
ol thel usiunistti.
.IE. JT. Jiingiiam next addressed the
meeting in a clear, aigutueittatiye
speech; in which he reviewed our
State policy showing clearly that our
StKte Delnis.not. chargeable upon the
Democratic pari), and consequent!)
the "Fnsioijists cannot think us oislion
est in paving up the debt that the) cre
ated. Mr. Bingham next reviewed
die nrinciules 01 taxation ol' tne (Jon-
stitution. and showwl mat all the taxes
houses, buildin; our bndues, schooline
our children, and in deiru)ing other
incidental expenses ol county and
The remarks of Mr. Bingham were
well received, and showed .tuat our
canaiualc isnvcll -gualilied to investi
gate and Itgikiate on tlte jue.-iion ol
taxation and biate polit), generally.
The ChilJicoi'heCJerniaii JJiass Laud
was in attendance i and enlivened the
occasion with most excellent music.
A Roarbackā€”Base Forgery Exposed.
The last 'Uackson Standard," tme
to.the instinct ol all papus that op-
pose uie ucmocracy, puuiislies the el
iiisious -ol -lying icaje-goal, who
assumes to be a coi respondent of the
"t. Louis Democrat." The same
Roarback is now going the rounds ol
the fusion pitsses. lu regard to the
Slaver) Questiou he makes Goernoi
Shannon speak as follows:
"liis (lliciul lilp-uml cirrecr vveie -not un
known to a portion, at leant, of the riiizeus
ol Kansiis. He I ml no intrution of cliang
inD Lis poiiticul lunli. he tliotbi, with
Mertnce to siaery, that us Missouri and
K.nisere adjoining Stales, us much oi
thai immense tcinincice up U.e iMisouri,
winch wm ueilv rualrng rfie eonnr.erce
between ibe Jviiiied Stales and some Earoi-
mi -oounlne., must necessarily lead to a
tieaj liace.aud jjtrietual ui ieri-our.se. telween
u.tiii, it would beuell il tln ir nigiituiioiis
shoulit hairrioiiue as ollierwise there woulil
lie couiiuual quarrels and border feudd. Ut
vcutjor turnery in hunwa. Loud olieeM-J"
(Jur associations with Uov. Shan-
nos lorthepiast li. teen years, socially,
pruiesMonan,) auu politically, warrants
us iu SB)ii,g tht the above is a base
blander, besides this, here is Whi
authority, lor we cop) the same idei
ncal tpeecU entire lroni the Ut. Louis
hepubluan .auO d-Line W hig paper.
Gov. han.non spoke as lollows in
reply to the welcoming address ol
Hon. O. H. Bhowisk :
Sia: Iror tbe er friendly lecept
ioo J niet with on the present oc.
ebiou, 1 beglee to tender jou and
iuio jou ttiuiizeusoi Kansas you rep
renl,u)jr : banks, lo entering upon the
Janes ol the office to vhith I he
been snjOiiited.it is bigliljjgrdtifying lo
me, to bud to much gooa Itelmg pre
vailing among tbe ciuzeni ol the Trri
iotj. Comiug. as you do, from almet
ererypartol the civilized globe, with
uinereut manners, customs, tnd modes
ol thinking, it mwat be expected that
ihee will be som conflict of opinion
i-j witling the polrcy whirl is to cou
ttol the dextiues of this Territory. Bui
wbilv may difler in opinion on ques
tious ol publn: f olicy, the cbjeci ol all,
il it to b truped, in the samethe ad
Tsucf metil ot the best interests of the
ieiritury. By respecting the opinions
and even prejudices ..I each other, sod
lullittiiiigesocial leeliug.ne will soon
harmonise, and learn to. act together lor
tut Oeneiiiand advancement ol our high
ly favored country. Looking at maiiv
ol the public paoers in the State, one
wuu Id be ltd lo bclieva that Kansas
tft ttu see o of UwleJi rfoufyiioo ia4
disorder. No greater error couKl be
committed. 1 will not crili.-i ' the
in ouves that have induced these! un
founded IrpreseulJtioul, but 1 will say
brcanse 1 believe it to be true that
there is noi a more law abiding people
in tb United Slates Ihanihe great mass
of the citizens of Kansas. There is no
State in the Union where person and
property are more secure than in this
Territory. That some irregularities
may have taken place in the heat and
mr.iieuienl ol a fiist election, is true ;
but they sink into utter insignificance
when compired w'uh the bloody iioi
i lit t have characterized the elections
in some of the Stales, and lawless mobs
tlial have disgraced some of our large
cities. While the latter have received
out passing notice from the public
pres, the former have been held up to
ibeworld as enormities without pre.
ccueiit; this is wrong aud calculated to pre
juJict the best interests of the Terrilwy,
oy deterring a large and resectable
class of emigrauts lroni coming among
ua. 1 duly appreciate the w-.rm aud
generous leelings that have ever chaiac
lenzed our hardy, intelligent and enter
prising pioneers in the Wt.
Jl hat ham bi y lot to have mingUd
much with them In the course of my
uie and I have always found them tiue
and viarui hearted Iriends aud patriotic
citizens. J come amongst you, not as
a mere adveuiurer sue k ng to better his
lortuue, and then reiuru home; but as
one desiring, lor himself and family,
a pernjiueut location, and it shall be m
highest ambition to devote my humble
eiloris to the promotion erf the best
in tries), happiness aud prosperity of
this Territory. T ccomplib-h tbse
olve)ci,we will all admit t-hnt a govern
men i of law and order is abaolutely
i.ecese.ry.. JVe all feel the .importance
ol lius, mjju 1 trust will uuiiR in secur
ing so desi table a.n object -We hud
uo security lor .personal jropejrty, ex
cept by the iiiaiuleiiaute ol law aud
o.Uet; and iuleiesi and duty alike unite
m -colore ig on us tiie oblication to
main la i u bo'-h. Your Legislative As
ttfcuibly, , that .has just adjourned, has
provided a code ot laws lor the Terri
tory. It is my duty as an Executive
olticer and the duty i every good citizen,
to abide those laws so long as they re
n;aiii iu lorce. To maintain the Cun
binatiou of the United Stales; the or
guuic law of the Territory j snd the
latvs pa bed by the Legislative Assem
bly, iu conlonnity thereto, is au obliga
tion imposed on me by the oath of
othce as well ss by the duty I owe to
he Territory ss a citizen, in common
nn otners. uh ihe law lor rjur
guide, and the best interest of the Ttr
uiory lor our object, all uniting aynd
hariuouizuig together, we caiuiot fil,
under providence, to build up rat
oiai. lumishiug happy homes to thou
sand a ul our peopleaddinc additional
stxength to our .Union, -end opeuiug
tne way for the advancements ol civil
uatiouand relinement .over -our ast
lerntorial .possessions1 the West!)
The happy -shouts of this grateful peo
ple best lold-tliff llert ol his concluding
rem irks
Biggest Lie of the Campaign in
Two well known members of the
McArthur Know Nothing Council,
who were appointed a committee by
said Council on Thursday last to visit
tiiinton and -Vinton townships and poll
the 'Fus'ionists ol -tliee townships, re
turned in town on Friday night and
reported, "That Clinton and Viulon
townships are gome lor Hard." To
show that these Shanghais lied bit
it is only necessary to cay-, that we
con prove that this Committee are -old
Whig-JFusionists, and that they -went
straight lroni McArthur-to D. i, T.
Hard's store, and were closeied with
said tiiaitoh over to hours and then
returned to McArthur; thus showing
mat these Fusionists manufacture these
statements ot whole cloth, not having
teen over eitiier township.
it i .
nnat a ueautilul Ass-pect these two
Know Nothing Shangmus present in
company wiiIiHaro iplanninga cam
paign, and then and there -fixing up a
ticket lor the county of Vinton, in or
der to have il "cvt and dry" to spring
upon tne people in the morning ol the
election! Jjririgout your ticket, and
show lhe.peopie who you are. Dis
card .your cowardice and act the part
ol honest men.
The Last Logic.
The last herald s)s in ituhstance:
"The Democratic Mass Meeting -mpt
in l4e lJresb)terian Church, the Chil
licothe Brass Bnd w as in attendance.
The speaJters adver'ied did nm rome,
butMurry, Hewitt, and Binc'liani ad
dressed the meeting;" and then adds
'Want of space forbids any further re
port, though the above is the sum and
substance ol the whole matter."
Will Ute editors please inform heir
readers why they wanted more space
it the above was the whole matter?"
Wonder il the ickool-master is abroad
in McArthur?
Oh! the Cowards!!
We call the atteutioii of our 'Whig
(nends to the lact that a lew men are to
meet in midnight council end fix up
your County Ticket for you; and we
here distinctly charge, that a member
of tbe Order gave, as reason in the
council, "That tbe old whigs could not
tell whether the men nominated were
capable or not, and that they would
gul pit down tny ticket as they did last
lall." t
What a beautlfnl specticle Is here
presented to Old Lin Whigs. "Vouare
oo longer fit," says the Dark Laoieru
ites aud beardless boys, -to consult
about your candidates;" but must go it
oiiiiu, wunuui a -wny or wherefore.'
Why dunt these man put out their Ti. k
el! Why can tbey not publish the
names oi mem mat is to fill your couu
j officest that you nut have time to
- i mi
euquire il they ar honest and ealiAtd
These are questions for jou, xestleta, to
lieiermine tor yourself.
CosCKBSiM-g. Vhy do Old "Lin Whiaf,
love to beat the music of Uilticoiue
Ger man Ji Band? Jo yon giTe it uix, iJe
kJ 'i,ud MJ iht "bweet Gwautu
Look to the Ticket which we publish
below You will find it the regular
I emocratic Ticket the ticket ol" the
only National party in the country
which wilt bring a lull ticket into the
field. There will be a ticket brought
into the field which its friends have
dublied the ''Republican Ticket."
Don t allow the ctinninc' deceivers ol
that taction to dereite you with petty
oames! bee that your ticket is the
regular Democratic ticket.
It is rumored that the Fusionists
have made arrangments to have all sorts
ol tickets in the field that they will
have tickets having all the Democratic
andidales for the State offices and the
name of D. D. T. Hard in lor Rep
resentative, and other Fusion 'Caudi
Jules for county trices. We warn
Democrats and honest men of all pai
ties to look out for these things in time!
Don't allow yourselves to be deceived
into voting the enemies ticket just be.
cause it happens to be called the 'Peo
ples' Ticket,' as hundreds of honest
lvuters iu Viulon county have admitted
to us thev were Jast year. Don't be
deceived into voting their ticket be
cause some candidate on it wasouce a
professed Democrat, Bfid may proless
now to be a Democrat, lie assured
that no honest or true Democrat would
evei for a moment sutler his name to
go on to such a ticket as a candidate
ol that party. Look to your tickets
then, and see that -every man is right.
Democratic Ticket.
JAttJfcS M MiliS.
ron i-beasuuer or state,
- For the Jull Term,)
tor the .Vacancy.
Por Attorney enpil,
G. W. McCOOli.
For Mem. ol the Board Pub. Works,
For Senator 8ih District,
For Representative fur Vinton and
Jackson Oouuties,
E. I' -Bl.VG H AM. -' j
For Prosecuting 'Ajtortiey,
For Surveyor,
For Commissioner,
C. D.G1UV.
Late Arrival.
At the Head Quartern of the McAr
thur Council, in McArthur, 'he tl j y at
ler the Democratic Mass S t eting, D.D.
HaTil, an assumed ranilitUt r ol-il e Fit
sionists fur Ut-jireneuiat he for Yiuirni
and Jacksm couuiii'u, lie w-os the
bearer ol iinportunt 'li spate lies from
4iie utiiHuii v.,uuiu:ii iu uie iviCAru.HU 1
Council. Thecoo.euu of ...atclJ
. t , ... .....
(Hi II l
is not to. be ni-iite public eet-.. -Hi
members'cf the Order, u ii'.il iit-. n om
ing of the election. A Sag Nicht iu
lorms us theie is trouble in the ramp
'.ii Jackson cihhiI-j; some ol the Jnow
Nothings are boiling lire Truitor!
OlrVVe uU the attention of our
reaaers to one ol Sir Wai.teh Scott's
hest ot Ltrics, entitled "Frederick
and Alica" on the first page -cl' to
da) 's paper; and more especially the
attention ot all untrue "lovyers."
From the Chillicothe Advertiser.
The Right Kind of Freinds.
Our Iriends will Jo us tiie favor to
read the lolloving and -see if il lii in
Friend Gill of the Ohio Pa triot. hue
the right kind of friends. The more the
Know Nothings try to decrease thecir-L-nlnlioi)
ol his excellent paper, the more
do his Mentis incrense it. He has now
one of the Urges: and best pitying lists
in theState.aiiil the consequence, is, thai
he is enabled rogei up o good iaer. li.
jume seciioii3 ihereappear to bp Demo
irats who seem lo act on ihe presump
lion that the mure indifference they ex
ercise towards their Democratic paper
ihe less they concern themselves in pay
ing their subscriptions promptly and in
mcreasing its circulation- the belter for
the paper and tiie farty. Tlase things
ought not to be.
Ihere is scarcely a county In the State
but which can be made support a Demo
cratlc paper well if the members of the
party will but ute a little elTjrttoiu
crease the list of such paper w ith promnt
paying subscribers. It is impossible lor
the editor to traverse ihe county and
properly atteud to the duties of the of
fice, and usually he is not euableil i
employ an agent.
In these tunes when proscvi!rt- .j
fantiicism are seeking t tubTert every
thing that is good aui cble in our rnn
iry.it is the duty ,ne friends of th-IT,.
ton and just vrinciplss to do their at.uos-.
in tne extension of such journls M,d
yocate. the integrity of the Utnoo, and
war agaiusi rligious iotownc and pro
scriptioiu to account w( biafc, '"Vtloc
wiuea wa asm to tseulcate are such. we
think, as wilt commend themselv. m
th.. ppiohiioa of arery man of souud
V " "e: principles, A minis
ftuw is ilk lk.a . -i: .....i!
i in nut sum auilienc ,i
etjr little good, no matter how able
and earnest his preaching rosy be.ueith
er can sn editor, no mailer how able a
oos he may be.do much good. if, ihe cir
culaiion of bis papes is limited, WjU
our Inruda think tbessTtnau'ers. ortr and
set acctidtflkl1
The Right Kind of Freinds. HIGH TAXES.
The entire ?ong of the Fnleral lvnovv
Noihingi and .iboliliunisll, during ill"
present campaign, il Ilifh Tuxes and
Niggcrt! Now, w admit that the lax
es ol (he people are pie t ty high; but ho
is responsible' 'Hut is the quedion
that all candid men oiij;Iii to consider.
The taxes leied fur Mate uirpo.s,;
und collected and disbursed, by llif .
6m le agents, are Dut a nioieijr oi uie
burden borne by the people. The local :
taxts. levied h r coiuiiy, tOMiuhip.i
school aud borough purposes, are tliej
Examine the report of the Auditor of
State, recenliv published in ihn lijiiner.
a ad lbi fuel will be made appureullu
all intelligent men.
It would be a uistier of some in lerest
to the people of Knox county, if the
df nmgi'guea ubo prato so inuili abunt
nigh idxra, would go to the truunle ol
lelling the tax-uayers the Sirni of mo
ney drawn etit of the tieasiry by Jvnow
Nothing oflice hujurs not lorgeiting
the snug little turn of TUO lllUU
NINETY-FOUR CU-yi'S. which went m-10-ti.e
uockets ol that Know Noihiiig
Saint, 13. F. SuiiUi, law Auditor, lur a
single j ear's salary ! ben lias a great
genius lor economising, especially in
i lie hard earned bills ot punters; but
understands the art of taking cote ol
number one I
Let the demagogues also tell the tax
pajers ol linox county, the aaiount ol
tnoueyrtan il out of the county treasu
ry to nay the expenses of absurd Ungu
ium, malicious teinprauca jirusecu
lions, Jieliy sUidrrs and .neighbofhood
squttOblea, which uo seiisiole prosecu
ting attorney would encourage, 1 Vr
haps Mr. Fie teller tSuapp, the brilliant
and Buccetslul jtcrsccuLiug utiurney
could 1 u r li i tli a lew ileum under ttiic
head lor the consideration ol the neo-
It is a fact well known in this co.n
uiuniiy. that Fleichei Suiip has been
tingularly uiilortunate aud uusuccess
I nl lu discharging tne duties ol prusecu -
tor. He k4.ru coon guod authu.il
that, .in xuubequmce of tue toiul iiicoiu
,4fieiicy iol tliia otluer, not a single nun
hub been cunticteii ol au .illeme in tle'
.Court ul Coiuiiiuii I'teas since he was
aw om into ollice. Aud even iu the
late ui me aiaie b. iimu; ui uio lair
tet.n in which the prool was c,Vr ami
indiSHUiuble.eatabiishiiiK tiie guilt ul
ihe tleleudaiit, although the jury return-1
ed a verdict ol .-uiuy, ,t
couiu not ue p:uuuuiiteu upon nun in
consequeuce of the neglect ol ihe proa
ecutiug attorney; and the verdikt vvus
set aside.
n. uieuu, wuu is prruy wen jxiriru up
4 : I ...1 - ! ... II 1
t lie .mailer, cues it b Ins opinion, tliut;
the cot is oi uusuccesslul prurecuiioiis.
since Fletcher tSupu was sw orn into ul
licftf will a mount to at least T WKNT Y
l- i 1 1 v i ,ii 1. 1 1 'unit ii'ii ii.
Lttl.U IIU.IL'IIL.I IV4.4"!
LUU1EC 11110 DU1II IllUili 4.4MII.' 1.U4 4.1 ...4
puckeis of the lux'-pujers ol Kuuxcuuu
.t.:. I ,i !.
Nolv ithslunding Fletcher Sijppb,
Plundering and uunucieoslul career, he
has hail hi sulary uici eased two liiiii.lrel
dollars abuve thai received by any lor
trier prosecuting attorney: and )el iliii-j
man when on the Hump, will rant lull-
ously about "high taxes," and charge
all kiuila of crimes and deliuiiiein i
Mt. Vernon
The Earthquake Shout of Victory.
i Theiesulis of the elections iu
iSlif8 since Know Nuthiiiieiu t . . I.
! i lie fielvl uiuy be tuuiuied cp u Iol
i . ...
M S!
... .... , , i ,,,
"et,c wSjoriiy) 10,4 I .
Nuith (.ati.iid." " S 000
Alab-ma, " " .la.SuO
lexas. " ' 5.00U
We luive not a word of comnietii
the figures speak for themselves
'I here they are! behold tliein und judge
lor yourselves. How braiililutlp the)
illustrate the truth ol the solemn dec
I station of iSam's delega les in the i'hil
artel phia convention, ilmt the Know
Nothing parly had risen yes, risen
on the ruins of the democratic party !
Echange Paper.
Further Testimony.
It will be. seen by the following from
the Sandusky MrrroT, of Monday even
ing last, that Mr, Kirrss, of Intelligeii
Hluit, insists that 1iis teraun of the
Cliiii-e letter s genuine
Chase's Letteb Its Qescinkn-kss
Chiise has lelegiaplie.'.i lo the b 1 u ' f Jour
nal that his Sdtuluelty lellei, ms publish
ed, is so inaccurate that it "might us
well have been a forgery." This is tmi
u mount lo a back-out, and makes his
predicament woise than ever. So fur
as concerns his veal views, we leave, the.
question to beseulcd with those whom
he has attempted to deceive. Tint
to the substantial accuracy o the lettei
it is a clear case. It was tra is.iM tf
Iroin the original by Mv Uuens, the edi
torol the Jnielligenz Blatt, vho is
excellent scholar. Mr P4Uess. insists
tnat u is co'.rect,. and republished
i Zcit Suturduy't paper !
NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 22.
The fever is making terrible havoc;
at Natchef,Yicksburgaiid Walerprool.
At the latter place all the inhabitants
are sick,
NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 22. Barrere---Johnson---Vinton.
The former Whig candidates foi
Gotvsrnerof Ohio, viz; Hon Nel
son Barrere, Hon. Wmv Johnston, and
Hon. Samuel F, Vinton, are all no-v
stumping the State against I lie- Aboli
tion candidate, Salmon P. CUase, and
in favor of th election of Allen Trim
die. Straws show' which the
Mt. Vernon Banner.
K. N's Attempting to carry the
' We have just teen advised taat a st
cr? tittultrr has bi?en issued by Tom
Spoouer,. President, ul ihe K IS. iirand
Council, advising the K. N'a. to noini
uate, and support no person for the
Legislature that ti not aor raenhor
of the 'order i : ;
. DEMOCRATS ' Cf Ohid ! Sound the
iltni !.
. Tl B
jf JJJ g J
VL?il .iflfi
, Tl?a (TV Y't:
V 3 ViVji JLki(CJ?
. TIT ' M "
ele..cegUg HSlS
.,.,irrrVv i n
! iffe-6ftf S Rl
LOOK Oi l' t'Olt 1'O.lltlJt.r-U.S t
It is a favor
ite 'gauic, for
the opposition
on onr eandi
dates" on thv
eve of tSiccSee
tioii9when it is
to late to "'com
tratikt tkvm
TSae FsbIo nisi
liav.c .their .in
faifiious: .'plan
laid9 and will
the eoiatj 9with
sSl kiasd of
aaad spoiioisB
.y - wpje n . jl n
' fl'BlP.SSftE.S K fD 6M.
Let BjO
"'(j (JJS
TU 1J !J 1
all .
t lie
t'l A
ft "r lb li
u. Q.V 4.
rq pj4-s8"e"'
fo osa
k3 1
wSsose Baaiads
i.i r
will he
Legal Notice.
I"JV ol un order to nic t'irrcled from
J the Probate Court, within anil fur tin
count' ol Hanison. snd State of Ohio, I will
sell ut Public Auction, ut the dour of this
Courl Hume in McArthur. in the coiinlv of
J Vinton mid State ulon-sjid. on Wednesday.
ihcSi-vi iilli liiy irrv'.vi'llibc',lHTv.t.
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. ni. and !
octotk p. in. nl laid duy, the following land
rtiid premises, situate in said Viniou comilv
a tut Stale ul Ohio, to wit: Bein;' the N(,ril
hull of the Soinli-Ksst quarter of wjtim
thirty one (31), in lowiisli'ti) auiuir nino
li , of rnie, eighteen 1 1&, ol hvAs d'trec!el
to he so!A at thillicothe. Ohio, containin''
eiuxv seres. except so much Hieitol as was.
s0'd by William Ii.kiii, deceased, during
uis uifcuine to one tteorgs racKer, ami dtw-'
' tibeaas tullows: Ujing a part oJ ct S.
Wesi side of the North half of the-south-east
quuder of secliou Uiiity-oua 31 . ia town
ftliili uinc 'Jl, of ruii;eeighteeiillS,of land
directed to Ue sohl at Chillicovhe, Ohio, con- "
luiuin" filly-live acres; together with all o
ihe piivklec' thertujito balonjr.tiii.
'ate-in t-hc cwm'.y and Suita afoteiii, un.V
Uescribwl as lollows, to wit: Being t!k
iNortli bull ot tbe soutli-west quarter ol sec
tion nuisber thirty-two iu township
nuiu.ber nine 'J of taoe eighteen ll& of
lauds disected to b? sold at ClulILcolhe. Qliio:
'jcoiuaiiving eiijhty acces.
Saul luiuls wert) appraised ol the- sum of
SGiCi.bO, subject to the Dower EUuti ol Law,,
esm Lukin, widow of VYilliain Lakin. dee'd.
Tkisms or S.Lt: One third in Jmiul, un
the remaiuuer iu twoequut annual pavr.ientt
with iuierel thctroruto beseewted by tu'Jtt
gage upon sajd Ileal JjUtitj;
N. 13. The Jjower interest of Iwessa La
kin will be sold ou saiae. (JLay a.t juiwte ib.
I'erms, Cash. - ,
Uy Jesse H. "vic.Muth. f William L. PiicW.
' his Attorney, ) Adai'r of Estate of
- - - - (, Win. Lakin.dcc'd.
sept 27tli,a54T. -
TV O T1CE if- hefeby given, that Iinuel S.
1' Payue, Executor of ihe last Will uni
Testament of Isaac Morrison, late of Vinton
county, deceased, has filed in the Vrobe.te
Courl of said comity hisaccQiuitsaml vouch
ers lor inspection and fiual settlement, and
nhat said accoaals njil be vaeseit nptvtv by
said Court ou tiie22d duv .of Octoler, ISOi.
. p. HKwrrr-'rw. Judge y.c.
..sepl.13 3w. ; . - , ..,
-A CV rr lb. jwid fov ItACjnd cannok
M lilMt ewouch! Call at tttt-a

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