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: .
PkUhlCE OF ALLKlfiDS.'ianrelv-
tu oi in wry highest murktl pruts, on Aufr
c fytiou or Advertisements ut thit eJJ'.cc
Almny is not refused.' ' '
A J and. all lilauks required under the Jus
tices' Code, fur Justices of the Peace, arecyn
tanlly Kty t on hand and for suit at this Of-
f'L- iL
Democratic Ticket.
FOR 00VKRN0R, : r
roi avditok or stats,. $ ,
-uJj..Oi M4uai Of STATS. '
Fur the full Term,)'
I for thf Vacancy. .
Tot Attorney General, . ...
Q. W. McCOOK. .
For Mem. of the Board Pub. Works,
For Senator,
J?or Representative,
K. F. BINGHAM..: . ... ,
For Prosecuting Attorney, ., ,
X.JL. BRAXTON. . , - .
For Surveyor, ' ' '
For Commissioner,
DCTWa call the especial attention
of our readers to the speech of Col.
Allin. on the first page ol to-dav'si
mi ' Tr '. XT ". I.
paper. ine uoi. gives anow. xoui-ingi-m
a withering rebuke. , - ; .
Our readers will recollect that we
published in the Democrat of Septem
ber 20ll following charges against D.
D. T. Ha no, viz:
lit We charge that Mr- Hard, since
the 13 lb of July (Chase) Convention, has
repeatedly said that he wag a Democrat
of the Old School, anl in the most sol
emn manner aujiounctdhis det-rn inalion
to rote for and support the whole Dem
ocutic State ticket.
Sod We charge that since the 6aid
IJth of July Con veil li on he has denoon
red lb Republican (Chase) ticket -and
platform as rotten and corupt and uo
worth' of the support of the people of
tbt State of Ohio.
3rd We charge tha t Mr. Hard -af er
admitting to certain' persons that he
last fall joined the Know Nothing Order;
as be eaitl.for the purposes of preventing
it form injuring the Democratic party and
finally bak it up since the 13th July
disclaimed any connection with the Or
der since last falt.and deneaticed-Know
Notbinjjiso in thS severest terms, and
called upon God to witness - that from
that tim heuceforth he was firmly and
nafiinchingly attached to the Deroucfa
tic qpaity and its principles.
ih We charge that during the same
period this D. D. T, Hard de-nied:o oth
rs that lie had evei had any connection
with the Know Nothing Order or auy
ascret political society whatever.
- 5th We cliargt that during the same
period, end previous to the meeting of
the Democratic Convention on 25th of
August last at Harnden. Mr. Hard, as a
professed friends of E. F. Bingham, ad
vised and counselled his nomin.tion by
that courentiou and after Mr . Binhg
hara.s nomination be expressed himsell
well satisfied, and that be coi'Id and
would most heartily suppurl Mr, Bing
ban for Representative.
6tb We charge that on Saturday.
September lst.I653,aftr the whole tick
at State and count) had beeu nomi
mted, and not ten days previous ti the
, 4sta of Mr,. Hard's -nornination by the
Fusion Convention, ha ej-pressnd him
self as being well .salisfW .with the
erholeDemooret ic ticket-the.), he should
rote for . tbe entire .Uckelrr-apd more
thed that (aod -with great emphasis) he
aid be was going a vork, lot the sue
C4ss.of the entire' Dewoctaic ticket,
7th We eharga that D. D. X .Hard
Jtai'told himsalf to tbe eeltstlei Re
nublieao partv that tbe consideration is.
: tbatbs should be thaii canduljteor
Eepresentatife aa, it ievidence.d-by..thi
foregoing i facts: a pd , the fact that in
accepting the noininatioj oi Iondy
last, he said, that.ba heartily approved
of tbeCkase tkkeland- tbe platform on
erbichr it stands. , . -. . i
- . 8ib-FiDslly, aa a repult of the fore
-j. cioc, cbaiia Mi. Hani with- bejiDA
at corrupt demagogue and office -etker
- iai Um market HSoutany sincere pn-
. lltieal 4cinclplea aubjiK-l to be , bought
i- by, end Mid, to tbat patty wtticn is tn
highest bidder. - ,i '
For want oi lime and apace we refrain
frAM sarv ss k I n rr fHLhf -dteraM at this timf
a v ua fk - O -
but promise to tecur to tbe subjectsgain
several times before tbe election, mean
while. invite; tha- serious attention
of tbe peoule of Vintua sni Jackson
t ODBtiestO the iacta above slated.
' t' We then challenged srfid Hard
dant the troth of the'same in any news
"piper 'publ.fshcd ' in this ' Legislative
iVetrw-t insteiA Jcf sd "doirnr. .we
'"' understand 'that he' is going arount
li; rjrivaUjr.denr!iruth.ff those
.-.chtrgei, pdryBftto. piss .it off
. t newipipw lang, got qp .forelection
a etiDg purpoaea. - We hav: lo just
noticed a communication in.the 'Jack-
$tfi Standard, igod "KeputJicMi,
rurportinjj lo have bferj Written at
llamden, Vinldn co.t in wUirh it i(n-j
cidenlally tnd Very alyty remarked that'
theiej8 noi a word bi truth 'in the
lotechagp?4 : " J
Whether Hakij in. hi tools - will.;
claim that this is a response to our
challenge "we do not know; but one'
thing we do know, it ig far -from heinjr
w. , LC.the charges, we pubiiklied. ( be.
ing plain, (Ji.eU and unrquivicaLcharg
fs, u..(tat hing Mr. Hard's polilicaf
dne sty atlJIiitegrffy, and lad ing to his1
charge base hypocrisy and political
trickery, ) were Dot true, he owed it Jo
himself to the men who composod
the convention that put him in nomi
nation to come out ' like a man and
deny Muni LeTorfi the'pullie: 'We'll
knowiiiL', hpftever, as Mr. Hard did
aim noes anew, i,'1."' as fooa as lie
should; publicly deny'. these, charges
they might be. pcoyed against him bv
a host Ait witucssrs, lie lias not darr-d
to deny them publicly., be tore all' the
people. : lielow we publish the atnda
vita -ol JoskPii M agec,' who has been
the Auditor of Vinton county since
iis organization, and Mr-John New.
ton, bdrli' of whom are known to be
men of rjtidodbted integrity, and wiicse
character tor'd'uth and veracity have
never lieen questioned. They fasten
upon Mr. Harp unequivocally awl
beyond question all the igpomioy with
which we ha've charged, hint,. We
might, had we the time to gather them
up and the space to publish them, ob
tain a dozen niore aiEddvila to the
same e fleet as those of Messrs. Ma
d ee and Newton, but it is unnecessa
ry so to do.' ';' :' ' ' 1
Let every vote'rln Vinton and Jack
son couiilics read llio lollowing affida
vits before casting his vote. They es
tabiun (he political baseness, Ireaihei)
atd hi)Ot'ricy of D, D, T. Hard be.
y ond a cavil. . They shpw him an ol
tice-teeker, who is willing to make any
sacniu e ot pimciple lor the sake of an
cflue who would sell his birthright,
aje his country, lor loaves and fishes.
1 hey show him an unprincipled, un
blushing demagogue, lor who but such
an one could sell himself and princi
ples tor the sake of a nomination lor
cilice, and then even undertake so to
jtieiiiean himself as to cheat men ol'dit-
lerent .political faiths into his support,
and stand ip leiore the very people he
lias so grossly outraged and insulted
and ask lor their suffrage.
It should be remembered that this
conversation with Mr. John Newton
was only three or lour das belore Mr.
Hard's nomination. What a won
derlul conversion. On Thursday Mr
Hard isnilavorof the whole Demo
cratic ticket no fault to find with
Democratic principles, Democratic
Administratioii8 or candidates on the
very. Monday tollowmg Mr. Hard ac
cepts a nomination from the enemy of
the Democracy; subscribes and endors
es the Chase ticket aim Chase platlonn,
and will vote ouly tor men that will do
the same, and denounces the Demo
cratic party in the severest manner.
Freemen ot Jackson and Vinton, we
do not address you as partisans, but as
honest men; we appeal to you, can you
conscientiously cast) our sufi'nge tor a
mau who has proved himstll to be des
titute oi principle ready lo sell mm-
eelf to the highest bidder,
! It is no pieasant task for us to be
obliged to place belore the public the
evidence of' such political baseness
and bla k-hearted hypocris) , but our
duty as public journalises compels us
so to do. 'In ' conclusion let us say,
read well, consider well, and act wise-
TAe State of Ohio, Vinton Coun
tq ss : On this 2Sih day of September,
A; V. loot), personally appeared be
lore me, J. Swep6ton, a Justice ol
the Peace in and lor said county, Jo
seph Magee, who says that on or about
the 23d day of July, A. D. 1855,
met with D. D. T. Hard, in the town
ol ilamdeii, who introduced the subject
ot politics. He asked me if he was
generally suspected in the town ol
McAilhur of being a Know Nothing.
fold him that he was. He then ad
mitted he did join the Know Noth-
ngs last fall and t00lt lw0
that he did so for t..P purpose ol saving
the Democratic par'.y and preventing
it from iemz iniured bv the lincw
- - - - O . af , , 1 ,
NotlHugs; that be aiuceeded in part
accomiiliehing Ins objects; that he left
the Know Nchings alter the election
and' had not met with them 6ince that
time, tie aenounceu me .uow com
ings as rotten and corrupt and danger
ous to the existence ot tree institutions,
and that he should not and called God
to witness that he never would have
any lurtl.er connection with the Know
Kolhincs, or oe in any manner associ
ated with them. He spoke of the Re
publican ticket aa being composed
demagogues and political tricksters,
and denounced Salmon r. uiiuse
unmeasured terms and said, that the
platform of the Hepubhoao party was
rotten and contained oangerous uoc-
( r
trines, ana ne sua ue was a jjeiiiocrdi
anrl that tie should tiencctorth. and
Uod let him live, he would work Only
lor Democrats and Democratic princi
ples: that he intended to do all in
power to elect ana snoum inmseu vuie
lor the present Democratic ticket;
as he had been ' connected with
Know Nothings he did not think that
H would be good policy for him to take
ili ctumn this tall, tie called atten
tion to lle subiect of nominating a can
d'date for Representatie lor Vinton
and Jackson counties, and expressed
great anxiety that the Democrats slio
nominate their best man, and express-
ed the opinion .that' E. F. Bingham
was decidedly, the .proper person ;
i i.ar nniiii nation. . He expressed,
'i4diaaalifilau:tii)u with the course 'of
."lr.- 'i . Ci.i. A rlminicfratinn
ivaticnai ur wiaiv nniM-
actotmtof ihc Nebraska Bill,, high
taxes, ir anything else, but repeatedly
and jo the mpst earnest and solemn
manner assured me of bis attachment
tor (he democratic? party and its prin-l
Strom to before ine by Josegh Ma
get and subscribed by him in my pres
tnte tits 8 A day vf September, A.
J. P. Elk tp., Vinton co., O.
"TheSfale of Ohio, Vinton Coun
ty $$ : On this 28th 'day of Septem
Ur, A. D. 1855, personally appeared
before tst J. .- Swepston, ' a Justice
ol the Peace, for said county; John
Newton, who being swbrq says That
during the week preceding the 10th 6l
September, 1855, (the dale of the Re
publican Convention at Hamdeu which
nominated D. D. T. Hard for liepfe
seiitative.) he believes and'is very pos
itive, on : Wednesday or Thursda)
evening ol snid week he entered into
conveitution wicii D. 1) Hard, af said
Hard's store, upon t'le subji-vt oi poli
tics. The entire Democratic' ti(-K,'t
lor the . bl.ile and Ooiiiity of V.iiK'"
was then in tbe lie Id; atliiiU asked'
Hardtiowhe was uleased with tV
Democratic ticket; In, the said lllirt
it, and should vole the whole democrat
ic ticket, lh. thA said HarH. thon
. .
marked that he did not tuink there was
any danger of the election of any of
the democratic candidates, except .
A. Uratton; that they fmeinmg the
Kenublicans) would make a strong
etiort towards deleating hiiuj but lor
his (iiard's) part, he was to
vote lor Bratton and do all he; coiTM to
secure his election- In this- or fiW
Other conversation, previous to that
time, I did not hear said Hard express
any dissatisfaction with the Adminis
trations, either State or National, ur
with ol their acts.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 28A day oj September, A. D.t
State of Ohio, Vinton County ss :
On this, the 3d day ot October, A,, D.
1855, personally appeared belore me,
J. W, Swepston, Justice ot the Peace
within and lor said county, Nelson
Richmond, who being duly sworn says;
That on or about Saturday, Septem
ber 1st, a, d. 1855, he. called upon D.
D, T. Hard, at his store in llamden,
and the subject ot politics waa called
up, and parSialy the nomination of
L. F, Bingham or Representative.
Mr. Haid said lie was well pleased
witii Mr. Bingham's notiiinalioii; that
he 'vas his choice of the candidates
belore the Convention; that he could
heartily support Mr. Bingham, and
that he said he had spoke of him be
lore tne nomination as the best
to and subscribed bejare me
tMs the 3d dan of October. A. v..
W. SWEPSTON, J. P. Freemen Rally!----$50,000
in British Gold
sent to Abolitionists in
sent to Abolitionists in the West!!
It is now settled in our mind as a
fact, that Ohio Abolitionists have re
ceived, through the regotiations of
Chase, (jiddincs d Co., the enor
mous sum of $30,000 in British gold,
sent lo Ohio F unionists by H ale and
other Eastern agitators, lor the pprest
purpose of being expended in ilm
campaign iu order to carry Ohio is
tavor ol disunion. That this money
ins been subM-nbtd and sent here bj
Monarchists of London and Liverpool
we have not the least doubt. It
publicly charged in the New York
Herald that Monarchists are interfer
ing in our elections. 1 hat it was sent
over in the steamer "America" from
England we believe to be the truth.
It is not at all strange to us that
British should take any course to dis
sole our glorious Union, as a mattery
ot retaliation, because r great manv
ot our citizens telt a strong sympathy
lor the Russian cause.
Why is it that the British, in the
second steamer that came over from
Europe with the startling news ot
(all of Sebastopol, should thus trans
port their thousands ot dollars to
expended in the elections of, Ohio?
Is it lor any other purpose, treemen
Ohio, than to sow all the seeds of dis
cord amongst our people in their pow
er 1 here can be no doubt on this
point; i.othing would please Monarch
ists all over Europe more than the dis
solution ot our Union, nnd the conse
quent downfall ot this Republic! Will
.lien ot all parties rally to the poll
and vote tor men they can trust, and
consequently for the priuciples.ofil1
party luai has ever rouneci tins iiiuu-
arciiical spirit wherever and whenever
it has shown itself. Liet .JJeniocrats
be elected and our word lor it, these
British Fusioni&ls will get a rebuke
mat they will long remember. i
Adding Insult to Injury.
An old Fogy up street thinks it is
ding itisull to injury tot us to cbaige
'.raiiorisin and falsehood upon their Cau
Jiutiie and then turn rouud and pioe
it. That is not all, gentlemeu; we will
pledge our hat aod boots on il that
cau gel a verdict of guiliy againftt youi
caiiuiuaie, belore a jury of any'lweltr
meu. out of tbe Kiiuw Nothing Order,
thai you see proper to select. Wil
)ou put up the stakes t
We call attention to the advertise
me nt ot Mr. Griggs in this paper,
proposes to deliver Fruit, ot , the
quality, to all who wish to operate
goodiruit. His nursery ia said to
nfr'ct tbcLcest jnUbio,-- v,
MORE FRUIT! E. F. Bingham's Position upon
the Tax Law.
litis pf 'opinion'that some amend
ment as to' the details of this law, may
well le tnadf-'L-e Hf ii eppfed to parj
ti at deduct rotii tliarie'ol allowir.g o
man to deduct liis in'debteSnefS frefnr
hin money 8 afd crrdits and not
in? another to deot Irom
hia. horses, caUU?fc s.hcepd,Jtl?j"cj
debtedness. He does not;ot ;ct ip Cf-J
ductio'ns of fndebledhes's.lcut wantS'in
.... J - l'i..i.nt
tu cxirnu iu rvrry inaii auu every ayv-
cies oi property, so that every man
may pay on just what he i wortlvand
not so that one third may par on what
tlf y are worth and the other two-thirds
pay on a good deal more than, they
are worth. I
D. D. T. Hard's Position upon the
Tax Law.
.Mr. Hard said, when he accepted
the nomination and alsi at the Chase
meeting in Jackson, that he was in la
vor ol the present Tax Law as it
stand?, with the tenth section restored.
N'tw, it slmulu be .understood by all,
thnttliis 8 .lid tenth tetion pi o ides
that individtinhi.wlio may have inon-
vi and crt-tiits on hand, at the time oi
stingttie.tr pwpri, may. dedu-itheir
tlettednevsherdrom, but it prohibits
M" dfd" 'jT irom 8liy otl,er kind
r!!"0peWrBtrihat it the tenth teetion
J....U , , . .
should or could b restored, two-thirds
ot the people of Jackson and Vinton
counties could not, under its provisions,
deduct their indebtedness at all. But
it should be further understood that
this same tenth section contains a pro
viso (hat the , property ol banks and
corporations shall not be sul -ject to de
duction The Constitution of the
State of Ohio provides that the prop
erty of corporations and ot individu
als s tall be taxed equally by a uniform
rule.. . !
The question as to whether this tenth
seclion was Constitutional or not was
brought belore the highest judicial tri
bunal in our State, the Supreme Court,
in the winter of 187rTand was deci
ded by that Cobit, and very justly, to
be unconstitutional, flow, it is avery
o bviocs that an unconstitutional sec
tion or act is utterly void ana1 ot no
torce whatever, torn this were not the
case there would be no sense or propri
ety in having a Constitution at all.
Now, Mr. Hard si)s that he is in fa
vor of restoring this unconsti'utional
section, What does the man mean:
Does he mean to say that the tenth sec
tion is not unconstitutional, and that
his opinion upon this matter is supcri
or to that of the live Supreme Judges
and all of the best l.iw ers nnd Judg
es of our Slater We can hardly sup
pose him to be quite so shallow brained
es that. Does he suppose that this
tenth seclion will be any more valid
by piissing it the second time, or any
the less unconstitutional? No man of
common sense would contend for such
a thing a moment. What then does
he mean? We believe this to be the
key: Mr. Hard was in the Legisla
ture and voted for the present Tax Law;
when he accepted the nomination he
thought he must find a little fault with
the law and so he raises a war witli
the Supreme Court and the Constitu
tion in order to sneild his own vote.
ana with his customary audacity ami
presumption he supposed that he coultl
lool the people into the belief that he
was sincerely in favor ol a practical
amendment of the tax law, and theicby
catch their votes. The truth is,
however, that Mr. Hard is in favor ol
'the present tax law just as it stands,
j j,,,,,,!, 8S lhf, ot)y amendment that
ip .n.i.nct.a ..;.. it . ..
he proposes (unjust and impartial as it
i) is an imposiLile amendment one
that cannot be niade without milium
smack agun.-t the Consiiiu ion and
to the Sujireiin Court have decided.
itiesuits, then, that all the talk that
some lew ure trying to get up about
Hard being in favor of m amendment
ol the tax law is complete gammon,
nothing more nor less.
Jackson Standard Falsehoods.
Hie last Standard, in an i-iliional.
sti j 6 that Mr. Bingham, in a speech it
son, declured himself in favor ol
the present Tx Law... Mr. Bingham
authorizes us lu say there ia not a womi
il truth in the statement. The object
of publishing this lit was, we doubt not
to make the impression that Bingham
as in favor of the Tax Law in Jack
son county, and egaiust it in Vinton
county; and to show how nicely. the
Staudard men get out of it,' when" put
ut them, we will slate that Mr- Nat
hews was called upon for his authority
md he replied that' he .was absent,
Portsmouth, end knew iiulhinc about
i tie article, and when LAifiD tvas called
.hi he said . be knew nothing about
diid did not hear Mr Uisghau. but wat
told so, but could not ghe his author
We hone those eeuWemen who heard
Mr. BitfGUAM speak at Jackson or else
where will pul 'his inatter . riJiUlpr
Av. Bimin'"r'iTrc well under
siood on the Tax question bv all who
hear bim speak. Mr. Bingham's char
atter for ttulh and cindor'can not
effected by the Standard's falsehuodt
'lew : 1 ' '! ; ' 1 i
All Rioht We see arrangement1
are being made in Cincinnati , to pro
if ct ballot boxes; this it ell fight.
he approaihes to wie foils be
lueu. bo that eterv American citizen
mar be able to vole. Let it be djn
i.eaceably il possible, but if nothiiik
Ue will do, let it' be done forcibly.
Kt I we would say, rattier tbau
ilie Polls blocked up, let the way
jju'ved w itb, lbe'C(.rcases of those
aould dart take from any ciliten
highest act of Buvereigntr. -
A Capital Joke.
. TO bear D.D, Tv llABn say hd
uot "atqou"' lo 'coniradict' ut."
teason for it: the man Is sunk to low
i ha estimaiion of all boherabU" meu
that ll is impossible 'foi him to'etoof
.ur loveir intu tbt depths wf Political
CotiBr-titm,1?' ' rn-jumr
A Capital Joke. TO METHODISTS.
Vi31 anV rriitn wM dal's himfr lf i
lover "of jjhe. Methodist C'.itjixU,
who is a lLwsher df thafA church
VDte. lheM"iE-;licketi ' alter ytjadini
thejfolloftjr.eexicacts ficfo VJsJteii.Q
tltrmiLS. tt)STE,8n Intidel-AUp-
allovvMifroifXec liner and cobfidentaT "adviser
tbeyaJwBtHjTriffua w(irhi 1844 and '45.
wUi Ui4Atid.-biiMuiil$-
fefeorL-aniiuiig the Liberty, nowKe
publican Ntgro RiL'hts tmrtv. This
! ':. .. rr1'!' "ar
liotoifous' Fos t t a" hini- vtTi -autii
iii a mee'fing,,andw'l3'f1fj alter
whicn he . wroteTcT 15ahne ai
iuarcy as iwt.',. :,!:,,,!!
MAre bfitktriU and rotlen .QggSithe
weapons of truth aod Christianityf
Did Jesus say to his.Desciples 'bles
sed are ve when the tnoh shalhspak
well of you and defend jou?" The
church, slavery and the moti ate a
queer trinity, and yet that 'My are a
ilinity that- thev all "agree in one
cannot le denied. Eerv assault that
we who? Chase, Giddings& Co.?
have made on' the bloody slave 'sys
tem lias been promptly met and re
pelled by (he t hurch. , I said, at your
meeting that the American church and
clergy, as a body, weie thieves, adul
teren, mun-steulers. pirates, and mur
derers; that the Methodist Episcopal
Church was more corrupt and proflig
ate then any house of jli, js;iE.inirie
City of New" York' that the Southern
Ministers of that body wen desirous
ol perpetuating slavery for the purpose
ol supplying themselves with concu
bines, and that our clergy were guilty
of enormities that would disgrace an
Algerine pirate!" .
Will auy. man, after reading the
above, go and vote for, Chase, Gid-
cikgs it- Co., on next Tuesday, and
then look an honest Methodist in the
lace and say he done hid duty to that
(Jhurdi. tan Bros. Bundy and Hard
show the people why they support hJ??
who denounce their tUurchr van
they be ignorant pf the fact? Gentle
men, don't say it is a lib of ours.
Cull on us; we will show the docu
ment and prove the facts we state to
any member of the Church in.the
Wrtbe Athena ili8engr and Jack
son 6'(flidT(Mnt our. with their alii-davitis-
BiA'aJiow . bow much money
tbty have efch received from Colum
bus lor advertising, the Fusiuii Aboli.
lion cause in Ohio. We firmly believe
that both of these presses have received
a portion of that British Gold, and here
sav, that they dare not come out over
their proper signatures in an affidavili
auu deny this charge. Guilty or not
guilty? If not guilty, out with the liv-
iiieuces; file your ajfidavys gentlemen
we dart you to ueuy it; and add by way
of postscript who that English
man. with the whitt hut on wts, thai
lollovved round the Chasb meetings
ilut a number of our - citizens seen al
Jtiikaon ami Mc.Vrihur, when Houtoh,
Kimball, and others, spoke hre. Our
c ulms here reccullect that brandy nose
colored individual with the' white hat
on that made such anxious enquiries o!
some of our citizens Please stale if
he is not the Treasurer of 'this British
i nnd'. and if that was not the reason thai
the Standard Editor, payed such par
tu uiur attention to him here. Gents you
dnr :iui. denv these things. Are, the
citizens ol Vinton couniy prepared to
be Hi u bouclit: up like ; Sluves t We
think not. Let the Ballot Box answer
"Birds of a Feather Flock together!"
One year ago' the Athens Mtstengcr
denounced D D. T. Hard as a "Desna
gugufc a pulitical trickater," (pc, this
as peihaps the truth if the adage at
the head of this article ia urue, but it is
mi old saving that tha "Devil will
quote scripture to establish his King
dnui," and we dont see how Jack can
ubtish a paper without accidentally
tumbling upon the truth once in
great w h lie. liut oht the consistency
ol . uck; in the past two w eeks he comes
out and calls on all of the honat
Whigs of Vinlon and Jackson ' counties
to vote for traitor Hard. Jack things
that Hards four daj's nrobation as
fusionist has made a wonderful honest
man out of him, so much so that be can
endorse him to the whig voiers of Yin-
ion. One of Jacks father s friends, who
has been a w hig for 30 years, luld us the
:hcr day that. "Jack must be a b.gger
rascal than Hard to thua endorse him to
nneat men." ful that in youi pipe
ltd smoke it. .
Brand the Traitor!
.We have beard .from several quarters
that D D. T. Habo is going round and
stating in'a sneaking manner that he
will not stoop bo low as 'to contradict
the statements v we made in the Demo
crat, in regard to his position as an hon
urable man aud a man of truth; . that
these statements were mere lies of our
toacoctiug, &c, We nave repeatedly
said that when we say ought agaiust the
haracter of any man, we want it under
tood tu be the truth,. Now. for tbe
PmWof fljtln'g'uie' tit on' Habd and
nrovisg our sutameul,. we this week
Put-list) the affidavits of three witnesses
men whose truth and ' Varacitr Mr
iIabd and his saieli'.ea dare' not1 bring
in question. We ask for them a care
lul peroral by every voter in VintOn aod
Jackson Counties, and then,' if they can.
go to the pnlla and vow for Mr., Haid.
TO the Work! To the Work!
Democrats ol Ohio I But a few days remain
until the canavss will have been closed. Upon
vour enrrsy.your oreanizalion,and yourvigi-
laiite in bringing every Democratic voter
the rolls, depends tbe result. ' Let' no time
bf lost now in vour flnobt important dutv.
rallying the VVtlOL tlrtngW of the for
ty I '. : L . u '.
In vain will have been our meetings, our
speeches, and our whole labors, if tbat most
important feature of our duty be now neglec
ted ! We asura our irionds that our proa-
pect'j are biibiening every day our reports
horn all parts ol IheMjtLi ace so encouraging.,
ibat we lear our friends, being over-aanicuiue
and confident, willnegtect tbat THOROUGH
OKCAMZATION whnb alwayasecurti Sue-,
ceaai iDunocraia fc.htnceioiward, Jet- your
eltorti he di reeled . to orrf object tTH
ALL i. At l AVhU -wifcutan,
Another Skulking Coward.
A ceriirTi-viiiJ M Dj!!cIiTif olli
can cf this rcsrifyj' tfrdl iA a ccftmun
ication lo iFj To tk'.on . Standard ,hn
ss), "ibaltl ej epullicins ar.t fa
saining &onif ; i tVUi toBT ThU ialie
No. 1, ss4y-"-3iy i VlntcfTviell
kjiowa, ..AgkiaJie.says, ibat - j
"Tlietditoaof tttsl 4(S' J'lP0' W11"
lished in Mcirihuil couies.Qul u soine seven
jPLej.jiile4ljniyajiit foe-,
Reprrseniaiivetiictiliasnol thq least fsitinda-' r
ttan in truth. See the ttfst buiuucijoC lua
AVIiicnoflartliur ... . , t
in ere, rtaoerTou lint iso. . it
Iu 0
liiralifj irad the eviJeoca
HaTd a guili; publisfied ' in this pa
r, aiidTifiJtJ rlbttially'do T.bBslr this
in0i'f.al5iiIto rad:'It'rBrerclly
d.theivtlSAk ('cm -the light i f
!ay, even from Budr Jtja cowardly cogt
omen, assumed fur the occasion of tbua
stabiagtiVa'nCCSCrMii s.iiaied nam,
Oavk tO -Bmde where t yen belongs
and instead of bJnv'ifttOmSi that tin ;
publish vfiiik' prgah b've little
care the next Urne' ymr" staflont on art "
electioneering tbuY thaltob Bori'f 'carry"
a daab in your pucte) ad ss.k tbq'wroitf ;
crony .to lake -a.awja. fWejrike, to sea
such base liypocracyrfas-wieUxpuachiH
tempo ranee whilst aaviog .unuer -Ui.niv'.)
flueeces of J?nm"Bn'4all' fenr political ef.
iect. 'Again te sal's!" '-v -'' 'v'-1
; "Five espectnble Dcm'ocmti irif tlfhftetilfr
ment who intended to vote f6r Mr-Bihgtiam '
have now come out-siuce' seeing the slanK
ol Bratton. and declares their tntentiort f
voting for Hard, aud suppcrtfiia the Eepubli-
chn ticket. ' '
This every Whig and DembcroHn
the county. lyiows is f.ti No. 3, audit'
requires no comment from ui o piQya '
what all know to be false. s .
This B luck lie ciifciican and Kcgra:
Bights communicant of the Standard
ia the only man that dared, as ye I, to.
contradict the allegations made in tha
Democrat same two weeks sioca.
ficad tha evidance in another column-,
That eveiy man on, (he so-cjled He pub-
Stale Ticket. -excepting Chase, is au
oath; bound member of the Ttnow'N'oth
iug order, and given private pledges to
Kuow Nothings that they will find hid)
ll .V'.i-'l.!. ." . ' . -
ii rigm alter iue election. , .
That the Kno Nothings destroyed the
ballot bex the .palladium of our liber
ties el the election April last. In the
ity of Ciucihhatti trampling it in Ihu
dust, and drove With clubs, end revol.
vers, and cannon, peaceable and uoof-
fending Germans and Irishmen to pla
ces ol reiuge, simply because uiey
60ttgh' to exercise privleges guarauteel
them by the Constitution of our couu-
' ' " '
That the Kuow Notliines drove tha
Garmani and Irish from the foils in tha-
iip of Louisville shot down at noon.
day in the streets over FORTY FORE-IGNECS-butchered
their wives blow
out the , brains of their children, and
burnt to ti e cronnd their heretofora
peaceful homes, solely because ibey
sked to vote and to "worship Ood ac-
ording to the dictates of their con
sciences '
Thai the npponeiid of theDjin i'ralic par
ty aie now striving to obtain control of llui
iifRislatureol Ulno. and will, il succtastui.
dislranchise foreieueis. lake steps touanla
conferring the right of BuD'niRe upon the ne
groelect a disuuionisl to the Unilen i totes
Senate- exempt Banks from "taxation
increase the burthens of the Farmer, and com
mit othr outrages" too numerous to niu
That if every Democratic voter w ill turn out
to the Polls on the ninth dav of October, that
the Democratic tickot will beftriumphantly
e foe ted, a Nil the pie-bald hostsof Know
iSolliniE. Abolilton. Disuniomsm win o
buried so deep that the hund of resurrection
will never reach ihem."
Read Everybody—Chase in favor
of Negro voters!—The Proof at
Constitutios or Onto: AbticlkS, Sscstoa 1-
"Every white male citittn of the Uni
ted State, of the ge of twenty-one
years, nlio shall have been a resident of
the State one -ear next proceeding tin
election, and of tha county, township
or ward, in which be resides, such time-
as may be provided by. law, shall have
the qualification of an elector, and so
entitled to vote at all election".
I embrace with pleasurt this opper-
tuuity of declaring my disapprobation
of that clause in the Constitution which
denies to portion of colored people tht
right of svffragt. True democracy
makes no inquiry about the color oj I as
skin. - . . Whenev
er a Convention shall be called to re visa-
that instrument,' trust that this auti
soffbaob restriction as to tiegroes!
will BE ERASED!" S. P. Chatt.
Svetch ? ta tho , usirroca of Cincinvat ,.
(wfto prtstnted hint a tilvtr pithtr,)HIay.
"The exclusion of
from the schools is. in my Judgement,
clear Infringement of the Constitution
aod a patpablebreach of trust, ax-
tract frotajht same spttch. '
i.Aitornoy at law,
WILL attend to all buisiness thot may
be entrusted to him. in Jackson, Vin.
ton. Gallia, Lawrence & Scioto Countii.
MR. GRIGGS will be at McArthut witl
a large asortment of fruit trees, and Or
ni mental shrabery, which can be obtained of
him personally at reasonable prices on tne
28tb.-29th, end Oih, otfiovember. 1855.-!.
And :b will .also deliver to subscribers at
20ctr per tree; 'wbo -may hand , their natter
trtl the-following Agents: . William Gold,
Vinton furnace, B. E, tiewilt, E. A. Brajton,
Mc4tihur.M - v,,j QJJS..S.GRIW
AlrS-tetJlMVMf, .... ...

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