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fee. '
CROW DOMINICK!! Election Returns---Vinton
Right Side Up!
; s. The Democratic patty of Vinton
achieved one of the mott glorious vie
. tot ies, on last Tuesday, we have ever
before obtained in the county. With-
flit exception, tetter Demociats don't
live in Ohio. It mav Le set dotvn ' as
- a fixed fact, that the c itizens of Yin-1
' ton will ever be foremost in vindicating!
right and rebuking error.
. Tlie official vote is not yet out. We
give below the majorities ior all the
Democratic ticket in the county; it will
t,ot I varied three voles cither way.
Medill's majority, 139
Myer's 110
Morgan " 110
Trcvitt " 112
Brcslia " 100
"'Kennon " 109
- Warden 114
; iMcCook 103
Stcedman " 111
Anderson " .114
Uingham . " . , ' . -211
Uratton ' . J5
Richmond 137
Cray " 68
Official vote next ivcek.
Vinton County.
" TI;o MrArlhnr i'emocrdt is quite
. itvrre upon the State Central Committee
let mite of tl.e nciifulfillmeiit of '.he
' appointments made for that, county.
We very much lersi the
disappointment, but it could not he
avoided. Mr. Tatlmi unroJbl
' tleluiued ort the ti'ver Mr. Pugh was
tick and every other speaker was on
duty Co!. Mf.dart has negleted his
buisness, which was extremely pressing,
to fill the calU of the people, and is
now absent. lie wag also absent most
o( last week, and has labored nighr and
day for the good cause.
Kut wc are glad to learn lint after all,
they had i good meeting in Vinton.
The report of ihe speches of Messrs.
Hewitt end Bisghaw, show that ihey
' t.ndetstand the qebtior.s well. We
hore to hear a eood account yet, from
young Vinton, next week. Slalerman
The Democracy of Vinton appre
. ciate the above notice ol the gentle
, men named. Messrs, 1ewitt, Bing
ham, Holland, Muiiry, and others,
done essential service in the cause ;
their services will be remembered.
In lacr, scarcely a man in the county
who professed to be a Democrat but
worked. To name them all would be
"impossible. Many Old-Line Whigs
come out and honestly acknowledged
our tousisteocy and patriotism of tlie
.' party, and voted with us for tlis very
best of reasons, io wit: Because il was
dangerous to trust the Government in
the hands oj Fusion Fanatics-me
experimentators who had nothing at
- Btake but crawling into office.
Compare, if you please, the act of a
Whig voting the Democratic ticket
with D. D. T. Hard's ,ct in "going
over to the Fusionists, and on four
, dag't. probation acceding, to all the
Fusion doctrines. , ! .
An Animal Caged!
Query What will the editors
the Jackson Standard pay lor an ex
( hihition of their long jaced,' hypocrit-,-
ical correspondent, Black l'Hepubli
can,' who attempted to abuse ,us, and
- made the wonderful prediction the
; Traitor Hard would get 400 majority
, ; in Vinton county? Bid up, gentlemen,
we Dledtre ourselves to produce the on-
: imal, ears and all ; he is now perfectly
. fame and manageable.
Won't Have Him.
Some old Fusionists up street have
; inouired ot Democrats if we will take
Hard back; they say he dop't answer
their vvrvoscs! speaK ior oursen
and say roost emphatically, that we
don't want any sucn men iu me umy
- in whirh we belonr. ' Fix It to suit
yourselves, genllemenj you took bim'
"--under protest of many honest Whigs
pf Vintonmake the most of him.
Worthy of Note.
The -accidentai Clerk" of Vinton
county declared, at a meeting in Vin
' ton tp., that the reason he left the Dem
' ocratic party last fall, alter they refused
' to pominaie him for Treasurer, was,
': jjecause he thought when he voted
' with .the Democrats for the past ten
' j eW X.hat he w'aa voting for negroes!"
" ' R, c. Wb call attention to adver-
' 1 tUempnt.of; sale r sjock, farming
:.' -nu of RoBiRT. Bay, tlecmed h e8'
i..tate. - There will U cUupca P gei
Funeral Procession.
Il is said here 'hat procession in
honor of tlie political ileatli of a well
known traitor; vvi.l take place shortly,
arid that it Will Le .( and imposing;
headed by Stanley, Edsuston & Co.,
j accompanied hy the. McArthur linss
iDandr Isaac Kcss diiel mcurneil For
tparticulurs. sre small bills.
EcOT$..AMl SHOKi. We publish
tins neek tlie aoteitisfnient ol
!& Lour, in another column.
(gentlemen are prepared to finish
jivorkto order, and in a manner nrt to
be beat in town, with this addition
rcitup as tne ehcupw. Again we
say, support your owniiipclunics.
To Tead the announcements of In
dependent candidates for the October
election in the last Herald. I lie peo
ple like to see the nominations a little
earlier in the season, and to know
whethoi iliey are put out by order ol
the Order, or not. A few more gar
ret noininations.endorsed Independent,
will be furnished next fall; we are told
that wjM be more acceptable.
'Love's Sachifick; or, a Satis
factory Explanation." We pub-
lisli on the first page of to-day'a paper
a most excellent tale, under the above
title, from the pen ot 'Olivbr Optic.-'
The characters of this romance are
strikingly set forth. We ask for it a
carelul perusal of our readers,
INTERESTING. Orgin of the Names of States.
Main was iO called as early as 1623.
from Ma i hp. in France, of which Hen
rietta Maiia, Queen of England, was
at that time proprie'or.
Nuw Hampshire was the name given
to the lerritoay cooveteJ by the Ply
"" Companj to explain John Mason,
y Peni, oo. un, loaa, wnn re.er
eiue to the patenter, w ho was Governor
ol Portimouth, in Hampshire, England.
Vermont was so called by the in
habitaiits in their Decliration of Ir.ile-
pendenc, Jan. 16th, 1717, from the
French, vtvd nont, the green mountain.
Massachusetts was so called from
Massachusetts Bay, and that from the
Massachusetts tribe of Indians in the
neighborhood of Boston. The t:ibe is
thought to have derived its name from
the Blue Ilille of Milton. j
I had le&ru't,' says linger Williams,
that th Massachusetts was so called
from the Blue Hills.'
Rhode Island was co called, iu 2C64,
in reference to the Island of Rhodes ii
the Mediterranean
Connecticut was so called from the
Indian name of its principal river.
Connecticut is a Mocheakaunew word,
siguifying long river.
tew lork waa so called in 1664, n
refrence to the Duke of York and Al
bany, to whom this territory was gran
ted by the King of England.
New Jersey was so called in 1GG4,
from the Island of Jersey, on ihe coast
of France, the residence of the fumily
of George Carteret., to w horn the teriilo-
rv was granted. Pennsylvania was so
called in 1C81, after William Perm.
Delaware was so celled in 1703, from
Delaware Buy, on which received its
names from Lord de la War, who
died in this bay.
Maryland was so called m honor ol
Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I,
n his patent to. Lord Baltimore. . June
30. 1632.
Virginia was so called in 1554, after
Elizabeth, the Virgin Queeu of Eng
Carolina what so colled by the Freeh
in 1564, in honor of King Charles IX,
of France.
Georgia was so called in 1732. in honor
of King George II.
Alabama was so called in 1800, from
its principal river.
Mississippi was so called in 1600, from
its, western boundary. Mississippi is
said to denote the whole river, i. e., the
river formed by the union of many.
Louisiana was so called in honor
of Louis XIV, of France
Tennessee was so called in 1796, from
its principal rtve.r. The world Ten
asse is said to signify a curved spoon.
Kentucky was 50 called jn lb(J2,from
its principal ri ver. 1
Illinois wis so called in 1809, from
its principal river. The word is to sig
nily the river of men,
Iudiaaim was so called in 1609 from
the American Indians.
Ohio was so called in 1802, from its
southern boundary.
Missouti was so called in 1821, from
its principal river.
Michigan was so called in 1825, from
the lake on its border.
Arkansas was so called in 1812, from
its principal river.
Florida was bo called by Juan Ponce
ile Leon in 1572. because it was discov
ered on Easter Sunday j in Spanish Put-
cua lorida-
, Columbia was so calledd In reference
to Columbus.
Wisconsin was so called from it's
principal river
Iowa was so called from i'.s principal
Oregon was so called from its priuci
pal river.
Poetical. Avery suscytible bach
alor was passing along tbe street late
ly, and observing a silver thimble pic
ked it up, After standings moment in
mute meditation on the probable on tier,
he reverently pressed it to his lips, and
'.Oh, that this were the lips of the di
vine, arjgeucai wearer, ana me gomen
chords of love would ever encircle our
hearts as this beautiful iniplewt nt ol
industry oujU.1 tha loir Jiand Of tlie
owner! and aud' here he fetched
deep sigh for bygone-days, mittens. anil
such ike kmu oi tilings, unen a voice
from ao upper window arrested his au
eelic reverm
v . .. i t. j- .i r.
Bar. Dos. us Divas irow on uui
ble in da jejitry, 1 jis drap it!' cried
huee.usly. l,sheniKSer.
Miuues of departed rose-buds aud besu
ties. He cropped the implement like
hot potatoes, and beat a double-quick
march inttaaUr!
Tbe fellow who "cracked joke" has sent
It to be repaired.
Ciosmso Ins Atlantic in Thiue
Days. A workina engineer tr the
nam of Jolni Koss, raiding in Mon
treal, has addressed a letter to the May
u r of Button, upon the subject of a new
invention of an extraordinary character.
lie claims to hate discovered a new
motive (lower which will waft a chip
across the .iiUutic ocean in three Jays
AilJ further, M "hole were bored in the
bottom, the veti.il would Uoat with
"l1"' safety and free J our la order to
working model, winch is
nuiiy uiiif pemient ol steam, ne ssks
the assistance of 1,500 from some
gentleman's pocket. No j regrets, says
Mr. Ross, ha? beau made iu that dir
ectiou, (the tea,) tu keen pace with the
mm in m i s orr tsilroads, but ihisdesid
e r a t u in will certainly be accomplish' d
an I demonstrated iu Lis gtat discovery
Boston Adv.
Innocent Pleasures.
I have lived to become aincerely sus
picious of the piety ot those who do
not love pleasure m any lorm. I can
net trust the man that never laughs,
that is always sedate, that has . no ap
parent outlets lor those natural springs
of sportiveness and gayety that are
perennial in the human soul. I know
that nature takes her revenge on such
violence. 1 expect to find secret vices,
malignant sins, or lion id crimes spring
ing up in this hot-bed of confined air
and imprisoned space; and, therefore,
it gives me a sincere moral gratihca
tion anywhere, and in any community,
to see innocent phasure and popular
amusements resisting tlie religious big
otry that li owns so unwisely upon them.
AiM'lliing is better llian dark, dead, un
happy Focial lite a prey to ennui and'
Imorbid excitement, which results I'romj
iintuiugaieu put nanism, w.iosu second
crop is usually unbridled license and in
Rev. Dr. Bellows.
Vr.nv Ljkelt. "Ma,. I want n
do want a sled. Can't 1 have u
"A6k your father,"
"I don't like to ask him, ma."
"Why 7 what non-ense. A,k him."
"No. ma. yoit ask him you'vi know n
him the longest.
A young lady being told that her lover
was suddenly killed, exclaimed, 'Oh,
thatspendid golJ watch of his! give
me that give .ne something to le me tri
be r him by!'
A California paper gives the follow
ing ao the best title to a lot in that
"A shanty end yourself in it, with!
revolver. It the title neei's con
firmaliou, blow somebody's brains
out." ;
Good nature is one the s'weeiast gifts
of Providence. Lijte the pure sunshine,
gladdens, enlive.n and chetrs- Iu the
midst of hate, revenge, sorrow, and des
pair, how glorious i'.s t fleets!
In one ol the villages in the southern
part of Massachusetts, a merchant had
got painted on the fences -Go to Mark-'acteristic
hum's to trade. A keen. quick-Mine j
riral followed round after the painter, j
riaht under the line painted 'If you
t to he skinned.'
If twenty-seven ounces of snow give
three inchesof water, how much milk
w ill a cow give when fed upon ruda bagj
turnips? Answer Multiply the flakes
of snow bv the hairs in the cow's tail,
then divide the product by a turnip;
add a pound of chalk, and the sum will
be the answer. Milkmen take notice,
A cotemporury, describing a dance at
country village in nisneighborhood
says: 'The gorgeous strings of glass
beads glistened ou the heaving bosoms
of the village belles like polished rubies
reflecting ou the surface oi warm apple
dum pi in us!'
An editor in Ohio thus writes to his
subscribers: 'We hope our friends wil'
overlook our irregularities for the past
few weeks. We now permanently lo
cated in the county jail, w ith sufficient
force to insure the regular issue of our
paper lor the fulure. The jailer's wife,
good soul, has kindly offerd to patch
our unmentionables gratis during our
sojourn. Evidently a are in luck's
Jollev bones says his wile is a sweet
thing, though a peifect spcrimeit ol
lemininity. The other day he went
shopping will her, and to save a penny
in the purchase of two yards of tape,
she visiteJ seventeen stores, spent
seven hours, got tired and rude home
without purchasing.
The man who was bent ou matiimo-
uy, after ha had perperaied the same, by
some accident got straightened up.
Jddoe, what's your opinion of hanging
for the crime of murderl'
'1 think it a capital punishment
Officeb 'Didn't you guarantee, sir,
that the horse wouldn t shy before the
hire of an enemy'' Horse dealer--'N
more he wont, 'tisn'l till after the fire
he shies.
Thf.be is kind of vice, that some
persous will shun if they are ever so
bad that is ad-vice.
"You gnod-or nothing feller! whit would
vou have been had I not marrieu yuu
Whose was ihe baking kiver.whose tne pig
trout.1i, whose the fryingpan aud iron-lild
Inicket.bu! mine wlietl you uiurneii uic
F'air questions six weeks alter marriage.
h ilmnilprintr old bachelor asks the fol
Jowina question and answers it himself:
-What is the most tliffieult oration a s.
take tlie
jaw out of a woman!" Did vou ever!
(Tonn ran tciiuiiu. -w
blanket a la
old llUnK 6I10U1U uc w:sni iu
Tub Ul f.
A young lady being lold that her lover
wan ti.ililenlv kUled. exclaimed. "Oh. that
snlenilid eoid welch of his! rive uie that
n-m.-a mA e.n.of1iS ntr n Wt ITlP III 1 t f h'llTl Hv'
gtC IIIO PVJlH-.m'1'f, ''J l " J '
A man in Maine stole watch, aud gave
as a redson v ny, uwi wnen sick ins jinysioiun
advised him to ' take wmtlhing."
Two men went to California. One re
turned without a rag to bis back; while the
other cuids tack with uothing not even iank
rags. Wanleato Know, wmca succeeded
thebcstP ' ' : '-'" '
Later from Europe.
Later from Europe. ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIC.
Further Details From the Crimea.
The Purine, with Liverpool dates to
Saturday 22d Sept.. trrivnl.
The British go eminent received dis
patches from Gen. Simpson, desctibing
the (Mail of the assault and capture of
the MalukofT. He says- that ut eight
o'clock on the morning of the 8hSupt.
(he French columns, under Bosquet,
MeMahon, and De Lamartinge, carried
the Malakoff w ith the most impetuous
The British columns flormed the Re
dan, but alter a bloody conflict, found
ihev could not hold it, and retreated.
A second assault was organized the fol
lowing morning, w hen the Redan was
e vacua let by the Russians. The lor
of lile was dreadful, particularly of offi
cers. Lour thousand cannons, fifty ihou
f iiii! lia'lls, and immense stores of gun
powder were taken possession of by tiie
allies at Sebustopol.
tzar Alexander, in an address to the
army, says: "J rely .confidently upon
your courage to repel all future attacks
and in letter to the king of Prussia
stales that he w ill accept no conditions
of peace derogatory to Russia. The
Czur, with the three Grand Dukes, sig
uilied their intention of proceeding at
once to the Crimea.
The iiiiingralioii of Dm) Pedro, King
of Pcrtngal, w as celebrated on the 16lh
Willi gieal eiithiuiacii),
The King of J.'.ii'lrs sent apolngies to
France end Knclaiiil for the recent in-
kiiltstu their functionaries
It was rumored at I'd rid that P.aroii
Prokrsp had arrived with the ultima
tum of Austria. This is said to be a
proposition to meditate if the allies
agre?, between them and Russia, and if
the latter declines, Austiia will declare
A diiipulch from thu Crimea, dated
l lie 11 ih, says that Ihe greater part ft
the southern foriilicatious, left stand
iug by the Russiuns, lias been blown up
by the ullie3.
Gen. PelliMier's latest dispatches
says. We are beginning to occupy the
town of Sebastopol, the material l-fi by
the enemy is even more extensive, 'then
was at firt anticipated-
A report says when the Russians saw
the Freuch w ere mutters of the MaUkoff.
they blew up the Redan all the towers
were ruined but they hud no lime to
blow- up the i alakolf.
of the students of this col.
ilege, to make a perfect scholar. He
was a niember of the Athenian So
arid fl9 ., tf,ntrin( rpsnlntini.s.
lILD-At the Ohio Universitv. A'.h'iis.
Ohio on the IKh inst., Mr. SAMUEL MAlt
T1NDILL, ugi:d 21 years; late a resident o!
Vinton county.
We had no personal acquaintance
with the deceased, but are informed
that he was a young gentleman of
promise, and that he was an industti-
ous student the qualification so char-
Ilur.lu U Mr Tnvi-a will dmu-
handed us by Mr. Jones, will show.
The committee of his society, and a
number of his fellow students, attend
ed the corps to its final resting plat e.
May Ins leilow students emulate lus
[Published by Request.]
YVhkrkas, it has pleased kind Prov
idence to remove from our midst a
highly esteemed and beloved friend
a tellow (Undent and brother Athenian
Samuel Mabtikcill, therefore,
licsotvcd, That we deeply sympa
thize with the bereaved in their un
timely loss bowing submissively to tlie
will of Divine Providence.
Hesolvtd, That as a mark of esteem
lor the deceased, our Hall be dressed in
mourning lor the space ol thirty days.
lltsoLvcd, Tha: a copy ol the above
be sent to the Athens Messenger aud
McArthur papers for publication.
f II. C. JOiNES,
Committee. J. II. MOW Ell,
p EM A1N.NG in the Post Olnce, Oct. 1st,
Austin A C ITIcClain T A
Duirett William Muter John
Couiier William iWorguu lieujamiii
Culeuiii.e Margaret Moiuson Joseph
(ju.oiieiof Yiuiuu co.itic.irlliursiown, 0.
Davis J M
O'lineii John
Duhwtvvuy P 3
Lvuiib Jdiues l
Gray M M
O'dulivuu Patrick
Piuiu.ey Dr A
Pouei A
Piuiiey Ezra
Pae A L
Uui il U 2
tlu.beri W 11
Hubbard James 0 K
iieiauU Misa Mary
i.-iiiiiryr Suliiiuon
Kuit Michel or James
Uuiuu cc bun
Ueuoucaii 6
Swill It A
bliuip Hubert
ibcjUiii Vv in
Si.ju.-r W m
bl.oea F
Tiioiiipbuu John
W ailer Jopb S
Jiuiii Luttoiph
juiuinlull blUaUtll
colter l.ll
CkUii Ami lew
Lubey UcurBe 2
Luuis Ihoiuas
dove John
teoiiard James
.vijer Abigal
.'viuraii iMarliu
AkUrapli Al E
.Viu,ee bliZabelll
VeUull. Stewart Co
W on Joseph
Wilson Mouses
WUilleuiore J R
Wliaiey Timothy
.viuuoouey Uwen I
J. W.
Oct. H'55 3w.
YOTIC& is hereby given, that (lie personal
Is nrouerty. belonuiiiK to the fcstste of Kih-
lor.iaicut tue comity of Vinton, de
ceased, ctnoibiini of Horses, Cattle, Sheep
Hons. heat, Corn, tins, Oats, Bad farming
Utensils, will be sold at public vendue,
the late .-e6ideuce ot the said ttouert J5ay,
on the 25 ih day of October, a. d. tb55; coin-
mincing ats ociock, a. m. oi sum uuy.
All funis of three dollars, aud under, Cash
iu hand; and on all sums over three dollars,
a credit of lime montlis will De given, pro
vided notes and- approved securit) are given
urtoi to removing the property.
Executor of ll W ill of Kobeit Bay,
Oct. 1 Ith. 1S55 3w. -
joli V t"fjlv.ofev8rydedcriutujO ueaily
jecuied, at Uus U3.ce.
WISH to inform the public. generally,
that thny will keep on hand, and
manufacture to order, on sliort notice:, Gen
tlemen's ilorotco, Calf, Kip, and Coaise
P.nnismirt Klines, end every description ot
Ladies' Leather and JAiroceO ware;-, ell of
w hich is put up in the highest styles of Wo'k"
manship. and at piices as CHEAP AS THE
Give us ii call and be convinced as to the
fuels herein set lorth. Produce taken in ex
change for work. (Oct. I Ith "5!). tf.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the under
sinned has been appointed ami quail-
lied .Idministmloi of the Estate of Moses
Kav.luteof the county of Vinton, deceased.
Oct. 11 ih 3w. Tt.Afit'B Ray.
VJ OTICU i-i hereby given, that the under
1 1 i-ipie I bus Ixeii appointed Executor ol
thr last Will uml Tt'stiiin-nl of Robert iay,
late ol the co.uity of Vinton, doceased.
IVi. 10 "w. Thomas M. B.-.Y.
V OTICE is heieby given that Carlos GooJ-
L 1
Amos Robert?, lute of the county of
Court nig, cteteaseit, nus iiicn ut me rroDaie
ol Vinton county and state of Ohio tlie ac
counts, uud vouchers of the 'aid Amos Rob
erts, deceased, as lormer Guunliun. ilmos
Martin, Keliecca Martin, niunda Martin,
llextinder Martin, and VVillrain Martin, lor
inspection uud tinul settletnent, and thut suitl
in counts will he pa-sod upon by said Court,
on tlie 'M duy of November, a. d. 1805.
13. P. Itliwm, Pro. Judge .V. Co.
Oct. llth-3w. .
Oclta Lodge, No.
OOr. i,r I.'rps nn.l Ac.
l2Lepted Masons, holds
a rrgulurCmnmiiniculion at McArthur, Vin
ton cniiiity. Ohio, every Saturday evening on,
or pitccdiiig each full moon.
E. A. BRATTON, Sec'y.
tliiicinl f oils, No. ', lioUlsa reg
ular Con.nniuii ution at Humdeii, Vinton ro
O.. Thursday evening on, or preceding
D. T. HARD, Sec'y.
oi iii!tn's riifiiti Votigp, it. i).,
hi.hls a iej.'nlnr Communication at Wilkes
ville, Vinit n (oun'.y. Ohio, every Satuuluy
evcnii g on, or j teiedii'g each full iiiooim
H. H. BISHOP, Sec'y.
McArthur, October 11
C) Iron, &ui)
12 Leather. 18u.1l
. llfbird per lb. n
'J Mohisses prgul. UU
D Nails. 3d to lOd, 6ul0
Apples, D.,r
Ktiitci per lb..
Smoked Hums,.
" Shoulders,
". Sides,-;
30 Outs, 40
2.C0 Folates, Irish. 50
I'euns, W.'
Com -
Egjis pet doz
Flour per htm.
Flour .per bbl
Flax Seed
I'Vu tilers, -
Fish, White,
" Mmkeiel.-'
s- Irish. BO
D., 1-5
15 reacces,
20 i Turk prewt 4,00
l'-iiSm-ar N. 0.. 10
C0b ' Loaf. 15
05 ' Crushed,. 10ul2
.. 6, Salt, per bbl 3,50
4,0tj " Table, pr Sack, -37
fcfe.OO Soup per lb . ...3a5
. ..75! Teas. V. II.
. -401 " lmperitt 6100
6'Tallow, -12i
6ul0 Wheat per bu. . 1,00
4l Wool perlb-.-2050
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block
Apples, Dried .t..;75
liiooms pr tioz (2u5t
Uncon Hams per lb, Salt, Kanawha, bu, '15
Shoulder ' 10
leas, loose in packs.
" Y.H., lb. 45a60
" Iniiei'l,-50oGri
Sides "
Beans, W. per bit. 3,00
Candles, mould. 15
" Gunu'wder 65
' Star 2-1
Cotton Yarns- lbi
Tobacco M&K. cav.25
Va. cav.-. 20d30
Cheesn.W. R. Ib.6jfe Oil, Lard pr gal
Cotfee, Rio-- lc
Oil, Linseed
Cloverseed,. 6.0L
Hour pi bbl CsV
Outs pr, bu.-
t caches, Dried
Potatoes, Irish.
Feathers pr lb... 45
Flaxseed, pr bu. l,00Snltratuspr lb.
Fish. Lod pr lb. - E
Tallow H lb. - II
Tar pr bbl. 5,50
Timothy seed, fc3 00
Mackerel &122
Lard pr Ih.. t'
Molues. N.O. gal. 40;
" S. II. " 45
G.S. " 50
heat pr du.. l,Ou
Whiskey, Common 3u
" Mon'hula, 5U
" Rye, .... 6
Nails, 10to8d ti-IJ
Sutar N. 0. 7ob
THE following list is corrected every week
just before putting our paper to pr?ss
New Y'obk
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent bunks, pal
Solvent banks, par
New Hampshire.
Sjlvenl banks, pai
Solvent banks, pai
Solvent banks, pai
Solvent banks, pat
Rhode Island,
Solvent bunks,, pai
Maine, :
Solvent bunks, pa
New Jersey
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent banks, pa
Nil vent banks, pai
Tr-ot. Allghor, IS dji.
Kunuhwa 10 dit
Solvent banks, 5 di
North Carolina.
Solvent books, 3 dip
6'mutl notes, . & dit-1
South Carolina
So Lent banks, 3 dir
Knlraut bunks, 9 dlf
oheu banks, 10 dis
Bk. of Mobile, 5 dis
Mississippi. .
All banks, no sale
Solvent banks, par
Small notes, 5 dis
Solvent banks, , par
lik. Circleville, 40 dis
b'ree bk. old plale.5 dis
Solvent banks,, par
,ivy. Tnist Co. .7.0 dis
Kiate bank,1 and ' t '
urancnes, .... par
Free banks, 550 dis
lik. of Couners
ville, 30 dis
Solvent Free bk.
5 dis
.... i
(Stale bunk and
Tenn esses.
Solvent banks,
5 dis
Solvent banks 3 dis
Small notes. ' & dis
Except Adrian Ins.Lo
uud Macomb Co. bk. -;
Wisconsin, .
Free banks, .3 dis
Small notes. & dis
lEXAS fir. U KAB8A8.
All banks tl doubtful
. val e.
New York, i prm.
Philadelphia i "
Baltimore, 1 "
. belli NO.
J prm.
!:.". .
Buying at'J prm. ' ' Selling at
OF every description furnished at short or
ders and fair prices. A large supply
Paints and Brushes for Portrait Landscape
Painters, Toy Paints and Best Water Colors
ou Hand, . jr K..inuinwuftii,
i : mejl8,,55, ; : gecond stY Cb illiioite,
Legal Notice.
BY virtue 'of ffn order to me directed from
the "Probate Court, within and (or the
county of tlariiaon. and State of Ohio, 1 will
sell at Public Auction, at the tlooi of the
Court House in Mc-Aithur, in the county of
Vinton ond Stale aforesaid-, on Wednesday,
the 'Vf nth Iy ef Novcinbr,IMJf,
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. in end. 4
o'clock p. m. t ( raid day, the following Uuds
und prtiuist s, situate iu suid Vinion ouuly
and Stuto of Ohio, to wit: Teing the N'(rth
half of the 6outh-Est -cuarfler cf section
thirty one (31), in icwnship cuicbcr u'ue
j l, of ratine eighteen 19. ot 1rds direc'id
to he sold at Chillit ctl.e, Ohio, cnntainii;
eighty arres, except so much thereof as was
sold by William Ikin, deceased, during
his lifetime to one George Packer, and des
cribed as follows Being a part off cf tl.c
West side of the North half of the south-east
quarter of section thirty-one 31 1. in "Mown
ship nine of range eighteen 1,181, f l"1"'4
directetl to be sold at Chilliiothc, Ohio, t on
luiuing fifty-five acres, toother with all of
the privileges thei'eitnlo belonging. - ' .
And also, the follow ing Real Estate, sill
ate in the county end Slate afo'iesaid, in I
iescribed os follows, to wit; Being lLo
Ncrrth Iiulf of Ihe south-west qnmtcr tl fee
tion numticr thirty-two o'2J. in to'wnsHp
uiimbei nine (U) of runr eighteen '1BJ of
lauds directed to le sold ut Cbtllicoll.e, Obio;
containingeiijhty acres. .
Suid lands wet .appraised at the sum of
6625,10, subject to the Dower Estate of Lew-(si-h
l.tikin, widow of William Lakin, dee'd.
Tr.nM or Salk; One tLiid in bund, ami
the umaiiHier in twocqual anuual puymenti
w ith intt'icst therron. to be secured Vy mort
gage ui on taid Real Estate.
N. 15. The Dower interest of LewessaLa
kin will be sold on s me day ut private sale.
Terms, C'whh.
By Jcs.e 11. MiMalh.r William t. Puctcr.
his Attorney, ) Adin'r of Ftute of
I Win. Lakin, dee'd.
fept 27th'6.Vw.
A. El,
Adorn cy at Law,
oaeiiill, nam mm. OHIO i
ILL attend to all buisines thot mty
H lie entrusted to him. in Jackson, Vi.i
ton. Gallia, Lawrjnce&Si i'ltoCoun'Ifl. '
V R. GRIGGS will be at McAnhnr with
IvX a large asortment ol fruit trees, ond Or
nimenlal shrnbery; which can be obtained of
him pernonally ut reasonable prices on tliu
26th. 2Uih, and 30th, of November. 1855.
Ami he will also deliver to subscriber nt
iOcls per liet, who may hand their rarr.c
to the following Agents: William Gold,
Vinton furnace, lj. P. Hewitt, E. A. Bratton.
McArthur. - E, S.GRIGGS.
Oct. 4th. IS')3. tf.
K. i D. W ill
ARE now receiving and opening the hug
. en and best elected ttock ol .
ever brought to this meiket. The senior
j-artiit r l i.virg sjenl considerable limehi the
, ol Baltimoic, Philndelphia, New Yoilc
und lii.ttun in selecting mhI pure Tiiifi IT", and
having pnitl raieltil ottentirn to the hitect
styles und most improved pulerns of all r-
ticles of tin ts gootls und weorinjg tippurtl.
thry urc (OhfuU'iil tlie.ir slock emmet be tt.i
j pissed, either in magnitude cr rcricty of
I styles by any in this country. It con.ist;; in
t pbrt as follows: Ludiea' Diees Gocd3, ai'd
sliaulsol eveiy vunety and Hyle: Clothr,
Chssimercs and Tweeds of all kintls; Ready
Muile Clothing of every description, ior men
and boys; un extensive assortment of Iiats,
Cups, Roots and Shoes; Hardware, Queens
ware, a very larae skik of Gioteiies... Wull
end. VViudow Paper, oud a compute as.oit
ment ol Notions. Trimmings, :c. In short
their siorh is complete in every department,
uud will positively he sold at the lowest pri
ces. l'rtKluie ul ull kinds wanted.
Sept. 13 tf.
CP. TRACY ft Co. are now leceiving
their full stock of Boots, Shoes, Hats
and Leather, and they beg leave to invite the
attention of wholesale and retail dealers to
examine their stock, teeling u Tiling to assure
you that they can give you gooda upon such
terms us will le perfectly satisfactory.
Their stock was. mostly ordered of the
manufacturers, and ii 1ms been their chief de
sign to select an assortment of both
but adapted to the approaching seuson. They
also keep Custom Work constantly" on' hand,
and make work to order, upon the shortest
notice tocether w ith an assortment of Huts
of varied styles, ull of which they will sell
at low ngurcs.
Two doors above the Frsnlilin House,
Front street, PORTSMOUTH, O. . '
sep. 13. '55 6w
No. 1 Enleipnn yjulldlogi, Trent St., Foitcmcuth.
2d August, 1855.
, ;.2d ingnsl, 1853.
THE UNDERSIGNED is now in receipt
of hia Fall Stork pf , Dry, Goods,
A-t BONNETS, Hats. Caps. &c, to which
Vlie invites the special attention of mer
chants and furnace owners, with the assu
rance that the Goods will be sold as low as
they can be had from the New Y'ork ami
Philvdelpnia joDDers, ana bi sucn prices as
w ill save the expenses on purchases made in
Cincinnati or Pittsburgh.
Late purchases and importations of Glass
and Queensware make my stock very largo
and complete, all of which is oliejed at tlie
lowest rates and on liberal terms.
It is the true interest of merchants and
dealers to buy 6500 per month near home in
. rtj.r. . II . - .i:
p re le rente to bjj.uuu semi-annuauy aia uis
laut point, thus keeping their stocks fresh,
and distributing their bills payable in a shape
the more easily paid. - 1
rormoulh, O.. Dec. 22, 1?54.
bais, tArs, boois, snots, reowiB,
Ac, Ac, Ac.,
Main Street, McArthur, thiol' J
No. 55, FkoNt finitt,-
roKTSMOuiar ouiq,
. January 20, 135ttt-lj,.t J ii .i ."
r'Yi .;-i f. -. y.ir. '

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