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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 18, 1855, Image 1

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."i-r-ft' "3 J
Volume' '4. -
lIcArtbur, Vinton Co., 0., lliiirsday, Oct. 18, 18o5.
v-3 . - Auiiilicr 9.
;V-f-Hini Ei ; W ;VAviW,:r" Jl t i iff 10 I tiW'Vi -
- "iiii" ii T 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ; - - ' ; , ; , ; ; "ir, - ..xiz:izrz.x: ..rfr. Tr" - TVT".
rdu'rjiniVrpHior. j i-qual vd'ixact justics to au. IKeh.' or. wbateteh (btats oV pehsuasiow, eeuoious or roLmoAL.".Thom.. j.irr on. ' ' - ' IA'Mic51'
Office one door east of (he Covrl
' House;
: 1.00 per year, and if noi jwytd within the
tr, 62,00 will be charged,
These Ttrmt must be strictly complied
vilh. and no paper will be discontinued until
till arrearages are paid, unless at the option
jf tke publUhtr.
CCf One squure, thirteen lints or Its first
three insertion $1 00
K EacK additional insertion 23
(2ardnone tot, 0(3,00.
i A liberal deduction will be mode toper
' 4M4 hdwfeitirb the war. .
JUl vtivrrti.-x.nunU MyaWi In adeance or
' UN ' - - .
We m prepored to execute, upon the
ilicrtest notice, in the nemest manner ami on
ilia rliespcst terms. ll kiiuls of Plain and
HundbiUs, . Blanks, Vritfi.
Hardo, Tickets, Programme,
Ctrruffo V , rod'.rt, Checks,
Hill XuJe, Ulcls. Horse Kills,
e., 4rc., J.
, fT 7t v,tcl!M7 solicit tlie printing
v'nirnitigeof our IX mnrratiu ffiemis, iml nil
niliCH icqnirius work, in Vitlton county.
, AernU for Ihe "Jlrirllinrftmcrrn!."
llcwmtCenlUrafn'wiU Blr and P'ctlpl
mi Jul t'-ni'lioDt una Ai!Tiriiiu.-ot, (or l)u3
j or, ui Viir.cn Cciuitr. Ciiio.
i'l Vf.iK Cox.
Ym. Tavmi:,
Jno. Ci ai.K, Mr.,
J. raoru,
Ar..M J.vsfi,
'J. i'.,sw,
ilar.irlf'i Tuniace.
Ml. rieasmt.
Ilurrison Townsliip.
l'.loers Slore,
HI'.'IIKWITT, Jmlgs of Probate Court
"y.L. RDMlSTON.Clerk Com. I'leat Court
li. F. BlNOIlAM.rrosecutins Attorney.
Wm. TISUE, SherilT.
JOSLl'll MA01.E, Auditor.
l. PAYNE, Treanurer.
JAMtS MALONK. Reroider.
NK1.S0N RICHMOND, Surv-)tr.
ULO. Ul.LOM, Cnroner.
'Cioiniy Cun;uiissioner8,
J. rOW I). J- K1NNKY, ft JOHN &WAIM,
School Kxaminers,
v. P. r.LNMNO, G. V. SHOCKEY and
E. A. JJRA'llON.
"Willi their Tot Cflice Atlresscs.
' CiNCijTitATi Fviinack. W'estfttll.Stew.
urt fj- Co. Manufatturers of the beat
iui.liiy of Pig Iron, llair.den. Reeda
Mill P. 0.
V.am k It it sack, Stanley. I'.ei.iley &
Co. MinufHCtuu-ra of t lie Irti tiuulity
it pilron. Ednle Pott OlTite.
Vintos FrnsACK, Aleanc, Clark & Co.
Mnnufiiriiiters of l'f quality of Pig
,,.ri, Yiutuii titUKte Post Ollite.
ll.iviiKN I'tuNACK, Frazee, Tarr & Co.
P..-dV Mil! Ton Olli(e.
J.ui ,AM) I'IIikace, llartlett, Dna ()
Co., Manufacturer! of tlie best quality
ol Pig Iron. PotOIIiceat AtbenO
Mf.kchant of Viktor, who are
I tj'.min r.if Goodt Haidwar,ineCfcwaie,BooH,
thou, Groteites, ic.
Mi AmHt r. Jdni S. Hawk, J. K. cf- I)
W ill. ToinliiiKn & Co., Owen Duwd, E. A
L'itil leu, J. E. Lorffce, Shade & lleynolds.
l!Aii TN.-lYnj. Dill. D. D. T. Il'ird, H. B.
iV.oore, J. li. .tj- W. D. W illscn, m. C.
Wii.kkmiii.f.-S. S. Murry, John Gillen.
line 6c tiardmi, Fel:on& La6lley, James
IMiiilvely. Cvrr & Strong.
Au.t;viLi.E. relei Miller, Maioi! Mil
Jobepli Vilrox.
Mi. Pu.ASANT.riiillip Suin.
J'riAni-vu.1 t. Snri'Flon & tsqfkn,
AlK'. Mux. J. iiloer.
PiiiKHirMAn'H JiiLL. William Titue.
1 I R N 1 I'll It K ROOMS
. McAmiu b.-E. P. Eolhwell.
McAmnuB G. B. Will, t
II AJiDta. - Davis & Collintv
AYiLKtbvitLF.. Clinc tx Gardner.
McAiitiii'h.-J. G. Swellund. B. C. Ccgswe
:. E. Fi BINGHAM '
At to r.noy at Law,
WiiniVdttirein Y'inlon and edioinine coun
ties., .Office three doors West ol the Pott
-Fel).. 1852. "31 If
JU1.T0H l.CWBE.'ti...JonKP, PLYLE
. Attorneys at Law.
WJil practice iri partnership in Vinton Conn
iy. uince, lour iloors east of ti6son 6t liul
bert's Hotel.
Eel?. 21. IS54:
;.v Atlorncj at Law,
'ITtiniLL practk-e in Yintoo and iidj'oining
T counties. Office, one door eaut of the
Wire Comer." -
:,J.;R, hittemore:?
HAS riow in !S6ortment of Will rape?,
j3ordert,.vindowCBrtairjs,iud Fire
tcreeiw, tb.at.cen brdkbe4uri8Sed in the
.Vest. Prices low. Js'o. I Union JSddt;: .
jrmlS.M. ChillicptKc, Ohio.
Fe banqueted on luxiir?e,
Produced in eery ctiine, 4 '
feasted on rich turil? eoup,'';
And up'ped o'n-oyarers piimc'i1 '
But uothing io deliciOu it
Within a world like thll. '
At loft earessei seasoned by :!
A. lovely woman'! kin.
I've gloated o'er tee foilfre boa id,
And drank rich 'draught! of wim
1 listened at tlttt open ' ;
' To melody difine; . , .
But oh, I never, norei mett
8ucJ iweet.excesi of blissy , ;
As tlirilla th ahul -when lipiteceive
A loteljr wonian's klia.. ... .
Iu glitterag halls of iplendor rate
1'ra pasted the midnight houm
In gardetia beautiful and frit
l'e wandered 'mid the flowers;
But ther's a detrer jov than tliee
A joy I wruld not miss . i.
A heaveily tapiuie which is fouud
In lovely women's kiss. -
In my last hours when death draws near
la darsness and gloom,
May woman's smile my pathway cheer
And light me to the tomb;
And when m soul shall taxe its flight
To other world's than this,
May it be wified to the sines
By lovely Ho.nau's Kiss.
From Ballou's Pictorial.
flT we near the clese of a leautif'ul
JJ October day, in the 'cr of 1GS6,
that a man approached tile 'town ol
Hartford, in Connecticut, by the road
lei.ding to New Haven. At that time,
the vrilley ol the Connecticut was
dens fly wooded, affording, it that gold
en seaFon of the jear, every variety ol
tint that nature can display. The ma
ple was goigeo jsly beautilul; the chest
nuts were of a deep yellow; other spe
cits of trees had put on a niotly livery,
and the elms that bordered the high
way, were clothed in foliage of varied
hues, Irom a lively green to the deep
est orange, all mingling, by tlie nicebl
gradation of shades, like the prismat
ic coluis. As he. entered the main
street, "the western waves of ebbing
day" poured a flood of glistening light
upon the dimond pnned casements in
the eastern fronts of the houses, while
bpyond was the broad Connecticut,
sparkling like a mirror, Tlie over
hanging arch was of a lovely azure,
Etudded here and there with ileety
clouds, while high in zenith was the
"filver moon, only awaiting the ; retreat
of her eclipsing orb to shed i more
chaste light upon the lovely scene.
The young man was a fine speci
men of the sturdy colonists of those
days. Born in Deerfield, his inlant
slumbers had olten been disturbed by
the preparations of his lather for de.
lence, when the war-hoop of the sav.
age resounded through the surrounding
torests. The rifle was as familiar to
him in boyhood, and although he now
carriea on a larm at lUiddlelown, he
had nol entirely relinquished his lond
tiess for lorest sports. We have said
that he was voune. but his electrip
black eye, compressed lip, and gallant
horEeman8lnp showed that Everard
altham could both think and act for
himself, and was, therefore, well qual
ifjed to represent bis townsmen in the
General Assembly, then in session.
Entering the main street; even then
a beautiful avenue, Everard Waltham
rode slowly along, occasionally bevin-'
i 0v.c -aimance, or speakiriff to
One ol in? iafl8 w10 were HriviiKT hnmo
. n
the cows, kept at neuly every house,
ana mingled their shrill cries with the
musical tinkie of the bells. At last,
however, his gaze encountered a coup-
ii, which urew a nan suppressed oath
Irom his pouting lips. Applying the
.pur iu uis uign-memea animal sprang
to the other side of the road.' and hp
had good pretence lor neglecting to sa
lute them. ' In a few moments more he
had reached the famed hostelrie near
the site ol the present State House,
anu unmounting, tmrew his bridle to a
negro hostler. ' ' ,'
"Ah!" exclaimed an elderlj gentle
nun, who was pacing the porch, with
a pipe in his mouth, "the'member from
Middletowri has arrived just in time to
see the sport." : , . . . :
"It matters not," replied . Waltham,
wim a irown, tor he thought the allu
sion was aimed at the couule he had
met. Perhaps, that we may start more
lairly next time; we shbuld explain Who
that couple were.' ': ' ; ;
l lie gentleman was .Lieutenant Cof.
hn, a pert coxcomb, who had been
lent from'- the ; AlassachusetCs' Baj', a
few weeki previous in command ot a
detachment of " Royal Fusileers, .deV
tiped as a body.guaid lor the new gov
ernor.. Insufletably .haubhty. he keni
aloof Irom every one, until, by" chance.
ne ,qiei euueita jJiQrieyiiQ ahomi
be bad become so'intimme that, on the
evening m (jnestion, he had invited her
to ta.ke a social ramble. 'And Henri
fita-rhow shall we.describe her? Tall
and gracefully formed, she w as not
what. an artist'UouJJ call stiictly beau
tirul, but the absence of, classical lea
turcs is often more; than compensated
for by that sparklinc vivacity which
clothes the plainest countenances .with
radiant beauty, Her eyes were of a
light blue, a profusion of golden locks,
shading her clear red and white . com
plexion, , and a, pleasant smile ever
linred about her poutin? lips. Pas
sions al vays leave their wrinkles ear
ly in life, but over such features of
Henrietta-Mrely, years passed like
the flight of a dove, the surface look-
in 2 solter.lrom the touch of us wings.
Ad(lfl. tbj$ fijacjiilia sjie was hta
atiiinced bride, ana you wTlfnot won
der that Everard Waltham regard her
wim jeaious interest.
But his tavern friend never divined
wliat prompted his reply, and said, in
a snarp voice: , .
, 4'It does matter, though. Do voti
a pledged republican, iutend to let this
scarlehcoated popinjay carry off his
coveted Driza?"
"Not I," and as he spoke, Everard
rigut nana instinctively clutched at
uie mil oi ins heavy sword it was
one that his lather had used valiantly
in the cavalry at Cromwell.
"That's the spirit! Why fear the
light sleclof the king's minion, when
there issuch a precious charge at stake?
turner apply the torch, and Jeave him
but a heap ot ashes lor his prey."
What!' exclaimed Everard, Why,
mat would be borrowing Irom the Iro
'I care not; but I would rather hear
the skin crackle in the flames than see
it prolaned by his hand.' '
'No, no! He can, perhaps, make her
happy,' replied Jverard, in a choked
tone of VJ'ite, as the couple rpproach-
ed, apparently in earnest conversation.
'Happy!' repeated the cM man, ga.
zing alter Everard with a doubting ex
pression. Is the young man sane?
Surely I do not see what happiness the
royal governor can confer on a parch
ment charter!' and puffing resolutely at
his pipe, he continued to perambulate
the poarch.
Fool that I was to trust a woman's
vow!' said Everard to himself, as he
bolted the door of his chamber, to
which he had retired. Here this
maiden hasentwined hercharms around
rajt heart, and now a stranger .usurps
my privileges, merely, iorsooui, be
cause he wears a scarlet coat, and is,
perchance, like a potatoe the better
portion ot him beneath the ground, in
the graves of titled ancestors.' And
sittmg'nioodily down, he brooded lung
over his faithless fair one.
At length the bell rang nine, and
Everard, when the last stroke had died
into silence, went out. The round
moon was floating in the heavens, and
the shadows of the many gabled hous
es lay darkly upon the fooUways, save
where the clear beams stole through
the garden spaces, checkering the beat
en paths with the Mosaic light and
shade of intervening trees. All was'
quiet, for in those days people retired
cany, io rise wim tlie sun, and iiverara
met no one as his step insewibly led
him to the residence of Henrietta Mor-'
ley. The plaint of the whippowil, and
an occasional hoot from some wander
ing bird of wisdom, or the busy hum
ot nocturnal insects, alone broke upon
the ear.
But calm as was the night, it tailed
to soothe the excited feelings of Ever
ard, and when he approached the house
of her who had thus won his love to
trail it in the dust, he witnessed a
scene that gave a demoniacal expres
sion to his leatures. The door of Mr.
Money's house was open, and on the
threshold, with a candle in her hand,
that illuminated her lovely leatures,
Stood Henrietta. Nor was she alone.
Standing OR the door-stone, and thus
with back toward the street, was a man
wrapped in a lone cloak, with whom
Henrietta was earnestly conversing.
.cverara ieii an electric tnnii or rago
convulse nis iranie, lor lie had nol the
least doubt of the man's identity, and
with flashing eyts he clutched the sword
hilt. . At last the interview was ended,
and the stranger walked rapidly away;
but Everard followed, his cheeks ashy
pale, arid his lips compressed savagely
together. He would obtain salisiac
tion,' or the man who had thus stepped
between himself and happiness should
die like a dog. But the unknown evi
denlly heard .pursuing footsteps, and
q-tickened his own into a run. Eve
rard followed, but when opposite the
"VVylys Mansion," he lost sight ol the
object of his pursuit. . The great oak
stood clearly developed above his head,
and the beautilul river, a short distance
beyond,' was plainly discernable thro'
the openings of the trees, jet there
was co'sign 61 any human being.
Alterwaitirig some time, he slowly
retraced his steps to the tavern, where,
in agitated slumbers, .he dreamed ot
Hennetfa and his more favored rival.
LVhen Everard arose in the morning
he found the town in an uproar, and
learned, ioi the iirst time, that Sir Ed
mund Androg was expected to- arrive
Iron! Boston. In vain had Ihe colony
plead iM cliwtered rights to the king
he had determined to subdue the per
verse Puritans, and had given full pow.
eYlbhis representative. These hid
already been executed in Massachusetts
and Rhode Island, which had been
despoiled ol their charters, and Andros
was now on his way. to Hartford to
abolish oil vestiges ol republicanism.
Printing presses were to be subject to
his censors; Episcopacy was to be sus
tained, and every officer, both civil and
military was to be of his own appoint
menu The R-ople felt almost disposed
to retrjgt, and ill was conlusion.
. Abjut, noon the -dear notes of the
trumpet came floating in the air from
the direction of indson, and soon the
troops quartered in Hartford marched
in that direction, to join in the expect
ed procession. The streets were crowd
edvjnd there.were.few residing wjthin
fifty miles 'distance wlib-Vere i.6Ttfiat
day in Hartford.
' At length the roll of the drum was
heard and soon the detachment of Roy.
al Fusileers came in sight, their ranks
extending clear across the street, and
the matches of their tire locks alight.
They were commanded by young Cof-
!n, who appeared in a new scarlet uni
rm, richly laced with gold, and car
ed his bright halbert with a haughty
ir. Then, glittering with a jewelled
rder of knighthood, came Sir Ed
iond Andro.s who is described as
rect and soldierlike, followed by his
mmcil, those 'hitler foes of New Eng
And. The malignant Randolph, the
fcnegade Dudley, and Ihe profane Bul
Ivant, rode scornfully along, followed
by another detachment ot Fusileers,
equally ready for attacks as well as
were their comrades in the van. They
Waited but the word to deluge the
town with blood, and thus enforce the
edict ot their vice-regal master.
The scene that ensued in the Hall
of Assembly is one of the most sacred
pages of America's history. All the
afternoon did old Governor Treit plead
that Connecticut might keep her char
terthe guarantee ot her rights, which
had been purchased by so much blood
and treasure; poured out in. the wilder
ness. But it was of no avail; and as
the shades of evening darkened the
hall, candles were lighted.
Sir Edmond Andros rose to conclude
the session, and at his biddins, the
Secretary of State had laid alont' box.
containing the precious parchment, on
the table before him. AW at once, as
by concert, the candles' were sud
denly extinguished, and some slight
contusion ensued among the spectators.
When a linht was brouuhl, and the
candles were re-liglited lo! the char
ter had disappeared !
Kun to Lieutenant Coffin.' shouted
Edmond Andros to the usher, 'and tell
him to let no man pass.'
1 he oihcial hastened to the outer
door, but tlie officer was not to be found
and after some delay, he so reported to
o: i-j i
oir .uniuiiu.
What! The officer of my nurd
absent. Can it be possible that he is
conniving at this loul robberv? A
hundred pounds reward for the appre.
hension of the traitor!'
'May it please your excellency.' said
one of the lew royalists in Hartford.
'I do not think that the young fellow is
one to blame. He has been capti
vated by Goodman Morley's daught
er, and I saw him not long since, es
corting her Ircm hence to her home!'
'Conlusion!' muttered Everard. wim
had lost all interest in the ereat oues.
tion, so buried were his thoughts under
a load of grief. Returning to hid ho
tel, he found a pressing invitation to
go that evening to the house of Will-
: iy'.j 171. . .
mill ttuswurui, tipommportant busi-
ness. An association ot 'libeitv mpn
were to meet there, and he went as one
of them.
The meeting was well attended, and
when they were all seated around the
hospitable board, Everard learned,
rather to his surprise, that the royal
charter h ad been abstracted in accord
ance to a preconcerted ; plan, and by
their host. ; .
'But where is it?' .'
Where Tfobk-'slie'lter" fast nrg!ir;
when a jealous niortil pursued me,' said
Mr. Wadsworth, laughing. Ere Eve
rard could recover his astonishment,
he continued: ' 'Alter all, geiAlemen, I
did not feel- certain of success, until
Henrietta Morely informed me, late
last nightthatslie had so' far carried
out our plans as to have obtained a
promise from her pompous admirer
that if she visited the Assembly Hall,
he should escort her home. This ren
dered armed resistance out of the ques
tion,' as the royal troops would not have
fired without orders from their own of
ticer. So I will give -you the young
lady's health, as our most efficient al
ly, although tlie, advent of a favored
lover made it a difficult task for her to;
entrap that glittering lop. and at Uie
same time I will propose the -long ex
istence of t'ie old hollow. . oak before
the Wvlv's mansion;' the best oftiid-
ingplace8 from a". pursuer or fori char
ter, r. Long may they exist.', ,,, , jj
Ere atthour. had. elapsed, Everard
Waltham had sought and obtained for-
giveqess; nay, be had even made the
lair Henrietta nlnie.tbe wedding Iday.
You have done your share of the
work, dearest,' said he, 'and I do not
like to expose you to 'the fascinating
qualities of royal officers.'
'Jealous man,' she. 'A'p-'red. '1 sup
pose that when I anpyonr rile you
will lock me up when cm-leave home?'
'Indeed I may--ad Vliere is there
a better place thn in the CharterOak?'
Coaie -coin,' '.saW; Mrl. Grar, 'you
jhave been moping, tliert Uitg enough, ne
phew., lorjjetinijj j maimer, i an J every
thing elt . . Ilr are ilie apples wait
ing, and no uue lo . hand them around,
for wheu I once get, settled in this easy
ohdir ' here the' good !.uainan.gire a
am'iling survey ot hL iitipla pero,
which cerUinly overflowed the chair at
every point, leatmg all bur a ridge of tlie
buck and the curving aT-ns quiiA.invisi-
b e 'it. isn't a verjresy thing. lo gel up
again Now bustle about, and and while
we tild womer ' imotelvM. -you
and Julia, there, can try your luck with
Ihe apple- seeds ' ( ;....
'I remember the first time I even
surmised that Mr. Gray bad taken a
notion to me was ouce whan wb were
at an apple-jutting .together dowu iu
Maine. Somehow. .Mr. Guy got into my
neighborhood whqn we range round the
great basket of eppUs. I felt my cheeks
burnt the minute he drew his leat io
close to mine, and took out 11113 jack
knifrt to bein . work. He pared and 1
quartered. I ntvat looked up but once
then hit cheeki was rrddet than ruiue,
and he held the jack-knife , terribly ur.
steady. By and by. he. got a noble,
great a pple.yellu w.as guldaud smooth
as a baby's cheek. I was looking at hie
haiids hidewise from uuder my fashej a id
seea that he was paring carefully, at
if every round of the skin was-a strip
of gold. At last bd cut it off it the
seed end, and the soft rings fell down
over bis wrist and took tne apples from
his fingers. ' ,
Now,' said lie, in a whisper, bending
his head a little, and raising the apple
peel round his head; ihe company
were ell busy with one another, and 1
was the only person who. law the yel
low links quivering around his head,
once twice ihree limss; Tl.an he held it
a moment, and sat .looking rijiht into
my eyes- 1 held my breath and so did
he :
. . . . .
iiow, says ne, anu Ins breath rime
out with a quiver, 'a hit if It should be
your name?' .
'1 did not answer.ind we both loolied
uackal the same time. Sure enough it
i .... . . .
usb leucr o. , o pen ever maue one
more beautifully. 'Just. as I espected,'
says lie, and In. eyes grew . bright as
uiauiond, 'just as I ejtpac.'.ed:! 'That was
all he said.' , .; . "., v .
'And what answer did you make hiih
aunt?' lilted Kobert Otis, who hidLbdrnK',
listening with a flushed face- 'What
did you say?' - .'.':
'1 diun t'speak a word, but quirteied
on just as fust as I could. . As for Mr;
uray, lie kept paring, and 'paring, liica
all possessed. 1 thought he would nev
er stop paring, or speaK a word more.'l
By and by he stucic lie point of his
Kuifeintu an apple, and unwinding the
suin from eround it, lit Imnded it ov er to
me. It was a red suin, 1 remeoibtr, ind
cut as smooth as a liblion.'
'I shouldu'n bit wonder iQhat droo
ped into a letter G,' says Mr. .Gray.
'Suppose jou try it. , . , , . ,
Well, 1 iook the red apple, EKin. and
whirled it three limes rou.id my head,
and down it went on to the floor, and
curled up into the nicest capital thai
you ever set eyes on.' . j
'Mr. Gray he looked al the letter, and
tticnsoit of sidewise into, my face; -'S.,
G.,' says he, taking up the apple
f1.:, aiiu eating ii, as if it had been the
first mouthful of a Thanksgiving Jinnvr
now woum you line to see them tvo
letters on a new set ol silver tea-spoons?
1 rt Ily believe you could have lit
candle at my face, it burned ' an; but 1
couldn't epeaK no more than if I'd been
tongue-tied. '
'But did you 'rts'ver answer about Ihe
spoons? asKed Julia. , I
. it ii ....
wen, yes, i believe .1 Jul, lie . next
Sunday, night, ' said the old lady, de
Fashion and Famine by Mrs. Ann S.
ulj A "middy" lias been visitinj
Niagara. Inspired, by the sublimity
of that great demonstration, he seizes
his pen and dashes off the
for the Home Journal :
Nexc crime the horrid desire (o
write something something eloquent
ly touching ana &Cmiinr,:ai and in a
moment of thoughtlessness I gave way
to it. Regardless ol consequence, "I
took my pen in hand," poetically
speaking; but tr"Uthfully my pencil and
in the next instant the fojlowing simple
but beautiful lines were gazing at me
from the paper:
Niagara! Nipgxra! o'er much of Molher Earlh
And much of Father Occiu, 1 have stumped
it from mj oirth ; " . '
But never have 1 witucssed.from old Gothaih
to Peru, - . . v.
A creature play the "drop game" as complete
ly as you do."
fX2T.An. eastern editor, in an obitua
ry on a young lady who had recently
died, closed bv saying: "Site bad an'
amiable temper, and was uncomnleily
fond of ice cream and other delicacies.'?
, A go6d ladt, who had two "children
sicKViih ihe measles', wrote to a friend
for the best rtmefljr.- Tba friend had J'jst
received a noie,trom enotne., liitf,-Hi
quinog-rhe way to make pick!'. i-Trt-
ibe coufusioo. the lady who inquirer
about the pickles, received the . reraedr
for .the njeasles,;and the eojiouiiweliiaj.
of tne sick chtldrea. read -with .but tor;
the following; : "'Scald . them ibre'e .,ot
ivu- imv im, vi lUCgvi, si 04 I
sprickle iheun wall with salt, and to
few days they will be cored.' j
four tiroes in. very hot vinegar, ah J
.... .
' The Brandori (Mississippi) Regriter,
ieportsHe, following curinus sermon,
pr'chr'l at the ton of Waterpruofa,
uot far fr an Brandon ;
I my say to you', :u v
t'lai I a in hot aq e-Iecated m a n , an! I am
not one, o'thcin as llofvts liul e.leta-.
lion is necessary fur a gospel iniiii'.fcr,-U)ttJlijfcllia-..l.orXJt(cale
pieeckrs jest as he want! 'cm to be ti
ecated, an', a.ttiou;h I say' Ulhet ougli
tcn.t to sf I'., yrt in the . State of
Inlianny, whai 1 live, tlur's no imu
as gits a bigger congregation nor whit
i gits'. ;'. '
.Thar may i some, here to-day, my
breethren, is fo'nl inow what persua
sion I am ur, . Well, 1 may say lo you.
my breetheritigVthil f am Hardshell
CaPl'HKW44-ll: . jM. dhm'l
like , the. HarJaUell B.ntit. but : I'd
ru ther have a hard shall ua uo ahalL at
I'. You i t n.t be:a '.o-i'ay. mr brteth
ring, drasl, qp in fine close; you niout
think I was proud; but I am not proud
my brelhrin'; and although I've been
a preacher ov ihe Gospel for tweuty,
yeersBn' although I'm 'eapting uv
the flit boa, that mw list at your' Ijii-
din , I'm not' proud mr bre'.hrine. 1
I'm n6t gwlne to toll : you ifeteA-Iy
wharmytext may brjfounJ; suffice it
to say. U's in the ledsof wis Bible, an'
)ou"tl And it toinewlur 'tweeu the Cist
chapter of the book of Generations, aul
the last chapter of the book of Revolu
tions, and ef you II go and sarcli Scrip-
tcrs, as I have sarclied (he Scripters.
you'll not only find my (ex thar, but a
great many uther r;xc a will do you
good to'read, an' my lex", when you shill
lint it, yuu shill And it lo read thus:
And he played on ahnfn of a thousand
strings speiiu of just men madj perfeck."
'My lex breethnng, leads me to speak
of spcrits. Now thar! a great many
kind of sperits in the world iu . the
fust place, tlur's the sperits is mm
folks calls ghosts, and then thar's tho
sperits uv turpen time and then tlia:'
ihe sperits as some folks call liquor.in'
I've got as good an artekel uv them kind
uv sperits on hi i fljt boat as ever was
futched down the Mississippi river',, but
thar's a great main other kiaJ of speriu
for the tei: "lie played oi; a harp uv a
(Aou-fan I strings sperits of jm rnaii
made perfect."
"But" I'll tell jou the kind uv sneritV
sris.meant in the tex, it's rmr. ThiU's"
the kind of sperits as ment in the' tex,1
my bree'rhring. Kow, ihar's' a jreal
many kind uv fire In ihe world. .In
the fust plafe, thar's the common sort
uv tire you light your segor or pipe with,
and Ihen-thar's cam fire, fire eefore
f.it't laJ.aaJ fire and f, 1 1 buck, aiid'
niauy oiber. kinds of fire,! for the tex
set; 'He played on a harp uv a fAou-'
sandetriMy s-)erils jf jus t men made
perfet'..' '"'' ' '
! But I'll te'.l yi u the kind of fire as is
meat in the -teni my brce.h ing ii'j
Hklu nut ! .n! .that's the kind uv
fir,? as gieat many u- you will come
lMef ) ou don't do be Her nor whaV you
!!e-'bin' ilodi' for "lie plujed on a
li.irp ii?- liou-ijiil strings -sperits of
usi men made perfeck.'
. Now, I tin different sorts uv fire iri
the wgilj may be likened until the
diflureirt ,,periii!ibions uv Christians in
thoi w o; IJ, In the fust place, we have
the ri sea pa I id us; an' Ihey are a high
fiilin'., and a high falutin set, and they
ii)ay'ballivije l unto a lurkey buzzard
'.Ua t flics up into the air, nd he goes
up and up, aud up and up, till c look
uo binder than jovt finger . Dr.i!, iud
Ihe first thing you know.he cums down,
ind is. nitiu' hiuuelf on the karkisi
uv a dead boss, by the side uv the road
and 'IU played ou a harp tv a Ihow
saud si-rings -spe tits of just men made
purfeck.' ,
Aod tbea tlur is the Methedis; ind
they may Le likened unto tho squirrel,
runuiu' up into a tree, for the Methedis
bleetes in gv ire on from one degree of
grace to anoiher, and finally on to - per
kcsbun,.aud the squirrel .goes up' ad
up, 'and up and up and he jiimpa from
lim' to lim, 'aud branch lo brtn h and
the fust thing you know he falls, and
down he comes kerfluiiimtx, and that'!
lUe.the Methedis, for Ihey is alwavs
failiag from race-ah! And 'He play
ed oc a harp uv a thou it mi . aitiojs
sperits uv just men make perfeck.'
AnJ lba, my brehring.- tfiaT8""TTlV"
Baptist ah! and they hev bin likened
unluB-possurn on a simmon tree, and
the Ihundeia may toll, and lbs twW
may quaie.but that possum clings there
still ah! And you mar beke one foot
looe,.u ;!.; Z'JtZl'Z itiL ion. miV
shake all feet loose, and he la pi his tall'
around the limb, and he clings, f f r,
for 'He played on a hard uv a then
sand strings sperits of just men aide"
perfeck.' ; ' . .
"jj)T" . ' t utlail CVCIIJ rVCi
apby covering them with a "leayj eoaf
of varnish. . ,
A DoCTon was employed by a poo
man toaileod his wife, who was dager-
outly ill- The docler gave a hint
'that he had fears of not being- paid.
'I have-five pounds.' sail the maa to
the doctor, 'aud if you It ill, or uretjow
shall have them.' ,''..' '"
The, woman died'in the doctot'i hand,
and alter a reasonable lime be tailed
for his (live pounds. The maa
ihe doctor if be killed his wife,
fcH-KV-Tx .' , ; v.- ;i
'DiiycHl'cSrel' . : .,, i .'
..'iNaS.. I - - '
asked4 '
: .
' ,vf
'j.'Tbth, 'said the poor-rnaoiTTyos Lavef
uv. iegi aarnana, -' v
TCSnWhe1!! we are.ryo'ing,
; wti
sliviVHIysMrtploved in DTocurinr aom.
Ai vtteVeby-w maW lite comldriil
m..i.,a i' u. . , i - j
wren wt.-grvv oiu, aim wnen wirtre--fclVfiereive
it is too' late) ta 'live
vU,atermelon'r can be , pre served1
jn4aU ftieir liisciousnesi iiitil Deoeriiber

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