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IiimswY Moirig, Oct. i8.
ei at the rtryfoghfii market lViia$, on Sub
Ki if (ioji or rfterlismfKf,(i thi o7?c.
lMvn,y m rifli refused.
A- ami ud.Blank required under the Jus
hce Code, for Justicn of tht Peace, art con
stantly left on hand and for tale at thu Of
Jlc. J
Pennsylvania has gone Democratic
-y a large majority The Pittsburgh
5.'iio says:
"Tmc State, Our telegraphic col
umn indicates how the election lias
gone generally through the State.
The Democrats are triumphant. They
have swept the Commonwealth elori-
ously. The Democratic majority in
me legislature will be large."
Indiana lias also given the Democ
racy a large majority, and rebuked the
midnight Order. ' This is cheering
-news to the friends of Equal Rights
and equal laws throughout tiie Union!
Court of Common Pi-bas. Thii
court commenced its fall teim here
last Tuesday and -adjourned on Wed-
nesday. The Hon. W. V. Peck pre-
sided and we noticed in attendance,
Hops, John Welch and H. Y.lson
xja. Amelia uuu. j. xj.
llanna nl' Mirran f!n . Hon O C '
Moore of Portsmouth, Dungan, U1111
dy and Sampson Esq, of Jackson Co.,
Clark Esq. of Kos., all in good health
and spirits. The business of the
Court was disposed of with more than:lelt
usual di;palch. We had no criminal
cases, nor jury trials.
'Jeai-Oisy and PATniOTlSM.'" jf
Lrgcnd of the Charier Oak of C'o;i -
ttctievt.-nx BtN pkplv moorb."-
We publish with pleasure, on the first I
..i-..i ' i.:...!ii.i!HiiiUy
page of today's pnper, a beautiful
Romance, under the above caption.
It ii every way interesting, and should
be read by all both young and old.
f5"we hope to te able to announce
to our readers in a short time, an ar
rangement by which the Democrat
will have more attention paid to it,
than we have been able to give it, iu
the past six months.
Election Returns.
The returns came in so alow no cat
dilations can be stated positively, more
than to say, that Chase is elected
Governor, and the whole Fusion State
Ticket is elected by a large majority
in the state
CtTThe meeting of the citizens of
Vinton tp., who we addressed and
pledged Gov. Shannon right on all
questions, and the letter oi the Fusion
ists a forgery, will please rend the following:
Sept. 26, 1855.
My Dlab Sid; I lu-tlus moment re
ceived (information that they are circu
lating a cbarg ega'nibt me that 1 made
pro slavery iweth at Weitport, in
M'ueouni. on my way lie-ie- There Is
not a word of truth in this cbarge-it
nbolly false. In the few re mark
mau iv ii caipuri, in reply iu ins kti
.. - i. ... -i u i
tome thy gave me, I taij nothing cwi the
subject of slavery; on the rontirary, i!
remarked that that was a qvea'iou 1
would notdiscuri. Since I came here, on
all occasion., I hare Uft tiiat question
where the Kausas bill leaves it to the
people to determine for themselves
and 1 have on all occar-ions so itated.
Tliii report, no doubt is put in circula
tion to r fleet the elections in Ohio, and
eltewbere. 1 hope you will give it ai
comiegfrom me, a prompt contradiction.
The Kausas Herald of the 22J,a strong
po tlatary paper.uotices this charge and
tets me right iepresei:ting me truly on
Wlis question. I will send you copy
-if.! can une. Your friend,
Of votes polled at the Election in Vinton
county, held October 9th, 1855.
lUK. For Governor, m. iueaur
157 S. P. Chaset 161 A. TrmbleUO
Lieutenant Governor, Jas. Myers 153,
T. II. Fordt 170. Auditor b'.ate, W
Morgan 153. F. Wrightf 169. Sec-
retarv State. W. TreviU 153, J. H
J3akertl68. Treasurer State, J. G.
Dreslin 151, Wm. Gibsor.t 170.
Judges S. Court, W. Kennon" 103, K.
Warden 152, Brinkerhooft 169, C.
Converst 170. Attorney General, G.
McCook 152, F. Kimballt 170.
Public Works. J. Steedman 153, A.
Conovett 169. Senator,X.ndrsou
1A2 P.: Haw evt 170, Kepregenta
live, E. F. Bingham 159, D. D- T.
Hardt 157. . Bratton- i, .-r,
Plvh-vt 172. Surveyor, N. Kith
jnond 158, S. Bartletlt 164; Corn-
liisioner, V. uray- iui, .ro.i...,
RioHtip. Governor, Wa. Midlll
,126 S. P. hie 45. Lieutenaal Got-
Wrigbt 49. 6ec. State. W. JttflU &,
J. H. Baker 49. Trtaa. Statf , , 0 41fM-it-
i9fl Wm. Git son 49. Judees .
Court; W. Kennon 123, B. VU W.1
on!""'18 lu''c.t00 Kimba! 10.
Ste.dm.n 4. Unorar I0.- Andr.on 24,
iWj'wS'r f'l'
Z 1
LWs:-Medill 61, Ch.se 51, Myers
s,i Gr4' 81 Karns 51-
. " , ' . r f"i nu,frS(!u
147; Aflgham 51: Hard 142;
&nr.l, O. Mc-ok 128.K. Kimball 4a.
4uk. Aork., J.Sirertmm 133, a. Con
or 40. .Sei.rtoi. L, 4idVraon 129, C.
Hawley 49. Rr prfntxiTe. K. F.
Bingham 133. D. D. T. 4td 27. Pros
Atl'y. K. A. Button 124. J. r. Plyley
03. Survey,,,, fj. Rithnt,j 4 30. S.
Bartlr u 47. -Corqmii.ioner, C. I). lry
t2-7, C. Ktrus 49;
Cainto Wm. MofliU lit. B. F
rOise&2; Ji Alrt 113, T. II. Ford 63;
m Morgan Ml. F, Wilfcht Ci; Wm.
Tretill III; J. H. BakwrUS; J. o. Bres
Ira 111; Wu, aibim68j Wm Kennon
11 1; R. Warden III; Brinkerhoof 6S; C.
Convene 68; O. MtCook 111; F. Kim
bill 66; J. Steedman 111; A. Conrers
C3; L. Anderson 1 1 1; C. Hawley C8; E
F. Bingham 118jD. Hard 67; E. Cratiou
98; J P Plyley 7J, Ricbrronil 1 10; liarl
lei 68; Gray 105; Kami 69.
Wiuttavun. Mrdill 109; Chase 7 1;
M)tx lll;Forl76i Aorgan HI; Writ-fit
iu; itevm in; u,r78; Brealii, 111;
uioson iu; Keonon 111; Warden 111;
Briricthovf 76; Comers 76; AcCook
III; Kimball 76; Sited umn HI; Converi
76; Andersou 110; Hawlev 75; Bincham
120; Hard 63; Bratton llj. pyey 75
uiKiimonu 114; uaijifit 7a; Gray 106
B.tlns 7&,
Yiktoit. J7edill 62. Chase 25: My
en 62; Ford 25; Aorgan 62; Wright 23;
Tretilt 62; Baker 25; Biesliu 62,Gil,6o.i
25; Kennou 62; Warden 62: Brinker
hijof 25; Com.. 28; AkCook 62; Kim-
oali id; bteedmau 62; Cooover 25: An-
Jerson C2; IJawley 25; Binghaoi 63; Hard
22; Bratiou 63; Pi; Icy 24; Richmond
M Harwell S3; Gray 57; Kami 25. .
Madisok: Medill 67; Cha3 12: m-
en 07, Ford 12; Morgan 67; Wright 12,
Trevilt 67; Bauer 31; Urewlin 67: Gibson
12; lieuiioii 67; Warden 67; BrinKerlioof
li, tonveia 18, mcCook67; Kimball 12;
Sleednun 67; Conover 12; Anderson 66;
llawley 10; Bingham 69, Hard 13, Brat
ton 67, Plyley 12, Richmond 67, Burt
lell 12, Gray 67, Karns 12.
Ktio:--ilfdill 24, Chase 9, Myers 24
Fuid 10, Morgan 23, Wrialit 10. Trevilt
24, Buker 10, iireilio 24, Gibson 10,
!fe,,uo" ?4, W"" . lfrliikrlioor 10.
hi, tora 91, Morgan 81. Wrisht 51:
Tieviit 61; ;aker5l; 2reslin 61: Gib
ion 51; Keunoa 81; Warden 81; Zfrlnk
erboof 51; Conover 51; Anderson 81,
Hawley 5 I; iJinghain 81; Hard 51; 2rat-
1011 ez; riyiey Ol; Kichinoud 81; tfart-
Swan Medill 51;.Chaie 144:TrimbIo
2, Myers 51; Ford 147; Morgan 51;
Wright 147; Trevilt 51; tfaker 147.
Bieaiin U Gihsoa 147, .Kennon 51;
vvtl,n ol ?"ikerhool 147; Convera
,4i cG"ok 51; 1V-rab'." U7; SleeJ-
Bratton 50, Plyley 147. Richmond 47,
sa-tlett 151, Gray 49, Karns 148.
Jacksok. Mdill 96. Chase 77. Mrers
j36,Foid7tf,irgaii 36, Wright 76'Treritt
Baker SO.Brealio 3d,Gibson 76
H, Warden 36, BrioKerhoff 76, Con vers
76,-JUcCook 36, Kimball 76. Steedman
, Conovr76, Anderson 36, Hawley
76, Biaghtm 32, IJarJ 76, Bratton 36,
Plyley 76, Richmond 36, Bartlett 76,
Gray 56 Karns76,
Uabbisok ed-'.ll 22, Chare 31,
Myers 22, Ford 33, Aorgan 22, Wright
32, Trevitt 32, Baker 22, Breslin 22,
Gibson 32, Kennon 22, Warden 22,
BrfnkerholT 32, Convers 32, McCook 22,
Kimball 22, Steedman 22, Conover 32,
Andersou 22, Han ley 32, Bingham 23,
Hard 30, Braiion 18, Plyley 32, Rich
mond 26 Baitlett 28, Gray 23, Karnes
EAOLt.xVrdill 40, Chase 60. wyers
40, Ford 60, Morgan 40, Wright 60, Tre
Tilt 60, linker 4, Breslin 40, Gibson 63.
Kenuou 40, Warden 40, Brinkerhcff 60,
Convers 60 McCook 40, Kimball 62,
Steedman 40, Conover GO, Auderson 40,
Hawley 60, Bingham 40, Hard CO, Brat
ton 40, Plyley 60, Richmond 40, Bart
lett 60, Gray 40, Karns CO,
Nanrea marked with a star () are
Democrats, those marked witli a sin-
fie dagger (t) Know Nothings, and
mrktd wit,, a rf fc j " f .
IL.i.:.. JJ
For the Democrat.
Majok Bhatton: Your last num
ber has ju.vt come to hand, by which I
am informed that the Democracy of
little Vinton have nobly done their
duty, and carried the whole Demo
cratic ticket. You may well say that
"better Democrats don't live in Ohio
than the Democracy of Vinton coun
ty." I am much pleased to see that our
good Inend and vnjunching Democrat,
Bingham, has a majority over the traitor-
Hrd tUituiust make (ho ; tnisera
Hi trickster see himself as he is, that
i, it there is anything lelt of him.
Long may the Democracy of Vinton
lire, and their noble efforts be covered
with success as herctolore "and more
As was expected, the Democracy of
Old Athens are beaten, but not dis
heartened. As well as Vinton, we
had among us some renegades and
traitors, who, in times of prosperity,
could rally under the Democratic fiag
but who, coward like, went over to the
enemy in time of threatening adversi
ty, and are now "dead for want of
principle; still we have a spartan
Band Jelt, consisting of over a thous
and good soldiers, who stood up to the
charge during the hotest of the battle,
and although unsuccessful, have proved
themselves to be what they profess,
democrats, ''good and true," aud can
hereafter be Hied upon as such, while
suck reuegades as Hard, ol Vinton,
and Dtdlie, of Meigs, with some
names in Alliens, will be looked upon
with diatrust and detestation, by goJ
and thinking men of all parties. Let
them 'tlide;' we ar happily rid ol
We have nothing new among us save
and except Jack'i valedictory a pre-
Cioua production, which you nave pror
abl seen ere this time. Jack has dis-
poaedcf all bis interest jo and about'
the Mtsrtitrer,"tn his "good will!
to "Gtorqe S, iV-alti, Esq-," and re
port says, intends to leave the country
Well, it may be for his country's good.
r II 1 1
j ins news is joy runy receiver oy near
ly all the readers ol the Messtoiqer,
and I have heard no regret expressed
by those who do not read it, at least so
far as Jack. doiiir'tlie editorial man.
Ule, is concerned; but the disnosimi of
his 'good will' is another thing if
that has to accompany the young gen
tleman who has taken charge of (he
Messenger, Heaven pitj him; for
Such -pood will" as Jack can doft"
Help uh, good Lord, to shake it on".
How much this change may be lor
the better, remains to be seen; one thing
is certain, it can'l bo for the worse
that is among the impossibilities. The
new editor is a very respectable young
man a practical printer and in all
probability, will make an clhcient ed
itor; he has at least one qualification
over Ins predecessor; tnat is, he is a
gentleman 5 and, therefore, will be
likely to give the messenger a clmrae
ter, such as it has not had for the last
eighteen months at least, its readers
hope so. Yours truly,
Athens, Oct. 13th, 1855.
Kenor.'gersaiu'ofllcersof tms society, in re-
Pursuant to previous notice, the
members of the Vinton County Agri-
cultural Society met in McArthur on
tho 13th diy ot October, A. D. 1855,
n n ii,...:,. n-,.'t r ' t -!
u. 1 iich 111, 1 ici ij aim w . . v mi
ning, Sec'y,
Til- President called the meeting to
order, and the society proceeded to the
business ot the day.
The committee appointed at a pre
vious met tins;, made the following re
"1 he committee heretofore appoinu
ed to secure a lot for the further use ol
the Agricultural Society, have exam
ined several situations, and report that
the corner lot, owned by Elias W iliz
haa I ho lire ortnfii nn1 Ihaf snin IV II
has the preference, and that said Waltz
agrees that the society may have the!
use ot said lot for the purpose of said
society,60 long as the society wili fence
and keep up the lences in repair. 1
aigned, j
L. G.BKO WN, I n ......
JNO. KOBBINS. I Committee.'
Wherevpon on motion of A. W.
Bothwell the said report ol said com
mittee was approved, and the same
committee were instructed to close the
contract with Mr. Waltz for the leas
ing of the lot named in their report, by
obtaining a lease for the same lor a se
ries of years, And, that said com
mittee enter into a contract with some
responsible person for the fencing of
said Fair Ground, in consideration of
the admission fees at our next annual
Fair, or on the best terms; and that
said committee advise with the mana-
lation to the malting said contract as to
'fencing said Fair Grounds, &c.
1 he 1 reasurer, Mr. P. Brown, re
ported tfiaths iiaJ received, during tiie
present year,
From members- thi 00
" County Treasury-........ 46 50
Total, .100 00
The Secretary reported Premiums,
for 1855, amounted to $116 50.
On motion of James McGillivray,
it was ordered that the expenses of the
Cnninlu in lire Tnd t r A a 1 1 a smw n ft J a
' V' . 7 7 u " .
lUiviucnu uc biiuciv lur mc puijiuao ui
Pa) l"S ,e r P1
hereupon, the lollowiug bills were
presented and allowed, and orders on
the Treasurer given tor the same:
. A. Bratton, for publishing List of
Fieniiums, &c, $10,00
Edmiston & Stanley, do do 10,00
Pearly Brown fixing Fair Ground 3,00
O. T. Gunning service as Secretary 2,00
. Total. 125,00
Leaving a ballance in Treasury of 76,60
A dividend was then struck, and the
amount paid on each dollar of Premi
ums, was about 66 cents.
On motion, the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
B. P. Hewitt, President; John Rob
bins, Vice President; O. T. Gunning,
Recording Secretary; W. L. Edmiston,
Corresponding Secretary; A. W. Both
well, James McGillivray, T. R. Stan
ley, Joseph McKinnis, and George
Sisson, Board ol Managers.
On motion, the following persons
were appointed a Soliciting Commit
tee: A. W. Bothwell and George
Sisson, Elk tp.; John Robbins and L.
R. Sammons, Clinton tp.; William
RadclifT, Vinton tp.; Wm, F. Fellon,
VViJkesville tp.; WiiJiam Gold, Madi
son tp.; George Holdren, Knox tp.;
James Gibbons, Brown tp.; G. V.
Johnton, Swan tp.; John Shively,
Jackson tp.; Peter Miller,Richland tp.;
John Swaim, Harrison tp.; B. M.
Walker, H-agie tp.
On motion, B. P. Hewitt was ap
pointed a de'egste to attend the meet
ing of tlv State Board of Agriculture,
to be held at Columbus, in December,
B. P. HEWITT, Pres't.
O. T. GUNNING, Sec'y.
At the fourth Annual Agricultural
Fair, lor Vinton county, Ohio, held in
McArthur on Tuesday the 2d day ol
October, 1855, the lollowmg premt
urns were awaided:
Best Bull, over 3 yrs. old.Henry
Huffhines, $5,00
2d " " " A. W.
Bothwell, 3,00
Best Bull, 1 yr. old, Thos. M.
Bay, 3,00
2d do do do - do Jas. Dodge, 2,00
Best Bull Calf, A. W. Bothwell, 2,00
Best Heifer Calf, do. . 2,00
2d Heifer Calf, Jos. McKinnis, 1,00
Beit Cow, Hoe class, overd yri.
old, Joseph McKinnis,
2d best Cow tine class ovpr
3 yrs. erld, Jos. McKinnis,
Best Heiler or Cow, 2 yrs old,
George Puffinbarger,
2d best Heifer or Cow, 2 yrs eld,
Thos. M. Bay,
Best Heiler, 1 yr old, Jos. Mc
est yke Uxen 'n- Hull limes 3,00
best yoke Oxen, A. V. Both-
well, 2,00
Best bteer, 2 yrs old, Joseph Mc
Kinnis, 2,00
Best Steer, 1 yr old, do do 2,00
Best Stallion over 4 yrs old, Phil
lip Sain, 6,00
Best Stud Colt 1 yr old, L. R
Sammons, 1,50
Best brood Mare, E. M. Rice, 3,00
Best brood Mare and loal, John
Robbins, 4,00
Best sucking Colt, Jas. Crow, 2,00
Best Fillev, 2 years old, A. W.
Bothwell, 2,00
Best pair matches,for general pur
poses, James Shry, 3,00
Best light harness Gelding, L.
White, t 2,00
Best saddle Horse, Peter Shriner, 2,00
Best draft Horse, Chas. Brown, 2,00
Best Buck.fine grade.David Bay, 2,00
Best Ewe,fine grade, A. W. Boths
well, 2,00
Best buck Lamb, A. W. Both web 2,00
Best Boar over 1 yr old, David Bay 2,00
Best Sow and Pigs, Geo. Puffin-
barker, 2,00
Best pair Carrills. fowls, J, IC.
Jones, 1,00
.Best pair mixed breeds, George
Puffiobarger, . 1,UU
.Best -Buggy, Arch. Arnold, 5,00
.Best Harrow, Geo. Puffinharger, Dip.
.Best sett Harness, Jas. McGilli-
vray, 1,00
Best Saddle and .Bridle, James
McGillivray, 3,00
J?est specimen of Printing, Ed-
,Qt 0, But( Mrs Ge0 puf.
.. . '
miston & blarney, 1,UU
finbarger, 1,00
Best Light Bread, Mn. Jacob Mitch
ell, 1.00
Best Cheese, do do 1,00
Best 10 yds. Carpet, Mrs. J. W.
Rannalls, 2 00
Beat 5 yrds. Jeani.Mrs. J. S. Hawk 1,00
Best5 yds Haniiel, Airs. John
Kearns, 1,00
Best needle-work Quilt, Mrs. H.
Sinister, 1,00
Second best needle work Quilt, Miss
J. M. Smith. -1.00
Best Coverlet, Mrs. John Karns, 1,00
Best woolen knit Socks, Mrs. Peat-
ly Brown, 50
Bit Corn Crop, Thos. M. Bay, 5,00
Best specimen of Grapes, Phillip
Sain. LOO
Beit 5 vds Linnen.MiS. J. S. Hawk. Dip.
Best Stand Cloth, do dtf do 1,00
Best Blanket. Mrs. John Huhn. 1. 00
Best 8 yds Diaper.Mrs. Jno- KarnsV 1,00
Second best Blanket, Mrs. A. vv.
Bothwell, Dip
Best I pair match Mules, A. W.
Bothwell, Dip.
Rett 3 yr. old Gelding. A moil Speed, 1,00
Best 3 do do J. W. Rannells, 1,00
Best Steer-Calf, James Dodge, 1,00
B. P. HEWITT, Pres't.
O. T. GUNNING, Sec'y.
O. T. GUNNING, Sec'y. Truth Triumphs---Another Letter
from Gov. Shannon.
The following let'er, whic h we find
in the Richland Shield and Banner,
was writen by Gov. Shaknon to An
drew H. Pattebson Esq.of that county.
It is conclusive, and placet the base
conspirators who have misrepresented
him, in no very enviable position!
Now, that the election u over, and the
tricksters have gained power by fraud
and deception, will they admit the
Shawnee Mission, K. T., Sept. 26.
Mr Dear Sir: Your favor of the
inst., is this moment received, stating
that you had a report goiug the rounds
'that I addressed the citizens oi wes
nort, Mo,, on my way to Kansas, and
that in my speech at that place I gave
as 8urances that in my official position
as Governor of Kansas, I would use my
ciprtion8 to promote the interest of
Slavery in the Tertitory.atid if necessary
to further and maintain their object I
would call upon the people of Missouri
toassist and support me.,
This is such an unmitigated falsehood
that there is no other way to reply to it
to denounce it as such There is but
one truih in the atatement of the re
port, aud that is," I make a speech a
very short one before I reached KansiS
Now, Westportis on the line, or with
in half u mile of it, between Missouri
and Kansas Territory, and it is two
and a half miles from the Shuwoe Meth
odist Mission, where I am located at
this tiuie.and where the temporary teat
ol Government for the Territory is estab
lished. For thirty miles west and
twenty-fiive miles south, th,e Shawnee
Indian Reserve extends, iu which, ex
cept at this Methodist aiisiiod, no
whites are allowed to settle, the con
sequence is, that every body coming
into the Territory at this point slops
at WeBipori, in Missouri. I done so in
common wi'.h every body,el se got into
Uifl pUce about sun down and remained
lieu day, which was Sunday and came
out here Mo udy morning. On Saturday
evening the citizens called in front et
the public house at which I stopped
and desired to give me a welcom to the
couutry. In making my appearatce b
fote them, of course, I made them
(hurt speech, in the course of which,
look occasion to sav.to tbem expressly
that I did not intend, nor would they
expect me on that occasion to discuss
the question of slavery. This was the
only allusion to the subject that
left that to be determ ined as provided
in the Kansas Bill.
this whole story except that I made
.speech it Wesport, is an out and out
fabrication: : substantially the same
nory baa been put io circulation in the
East, and the Leavenworth Herald,
ibis Territory, a, strong and powerful
pro-slavery paper, meets the charge ful
ly, and state my arrival in that Territo-
with entire accuracy. 1 Would tml
you a copy but I hats tent the only copy
I had to another fritud-the tru th i,
these- abolition papera had repriented
in a not only as a pro-tltiery mm but as
a blavery propagandist before 1 enieruJ
the Territory. It is necessary to make
Gov. Rerdera martyr iu the cause ol
liberty. The abolilioniti are running
him for Congresr It ii represented
that be tvaa turned out of office on
count of his free soil views and to pro
pitiate the South,, and this position
could be made lo gull no one, if a free
oiler, or one who was even neutral
on the subject, had been appoiiited a
his successor. Hence the absolute
necessity of making me a strong pro
slavery man, tent out to iii that in
terest and to gratify the Souili. tins
was the grouud taken befure I armed
at Weiport, and it aiifuven a inosi
conveuieut purpose, especially o;i the
eta of the Ohio and Pennsylvania
elections, where it cannot be coutraJic-
tedbefore the elections take place.
It is convenient for the ami-admiiris
tratiou paper io the free States, because
it gives tnem a ciunco io asim me
O . . ' ' . r . L
administration, ii is coniemcni ior wir
bolitionists, because it gives t lit in
material with which to agitate the pub
lic mlud on the subject of slavery and
abuse the South. H i convenient to
Gov. Reeder, as it enables him to retire
as martyr in the cause of freedom, vn
lirely eionerated irom m cniij "
non aianc, mii featunce, or mul
feasanct in office. 1 he only objection
1 have to tt is tnai u is uueuj mac,
and places the administration " myr-ell
in falie position. But I must close.
Thia.il a good countiy.and in my opin
ion the peopl. take them as a whole,
are more ordeily lhau tbey ate in Ohio.
They have as much reason or noiumg
mebtinirs to take into consideration the
atae ot affuirs in Ohioaathay have in
that State to hold meetings to take into
consideration thing! iu Kansas.
lour mend,
Up to October 18th, 1855.
paid to
E. Fletcher,
11 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 50
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No. 43. Vol.
do 1 do
do 7 do
do 28 do
do 9 do
W. Radcliff,
Phillip Keck,
Westen Pierce,
Benj. Shriner,
Umphrey Clark,
do 29
do 31
do 7
do 27
do 32
do 1
do 26
do 49
du 52
do 30
do 30
Jno. McCartney
Jno. N. lrvin.
John Tidrow,
Joseph Crist,
George Tarr,
llonzo Tarr.
John H. Perry,
William Morris, 1 00
J. Bloer, 1 00
M. Swaim. 1 00
TT .1 ...;;, Vinlnn riiiill'l' 111 -
teresled in the establishtneni ui tna
. . , Tl 1 J
R, K. and by the village L.onuouuery unn.
terminating in v niton co., near ihe,
house of Ezekiel RadclilT, are hereby no -
li'jfied that the Commissioners of Vinton
co.. ,t their ........ on the firs, Mo.;U,
' n.omh., n.tl iv ill hpur I III" lifirtif
o ;"' , J,. i f
in laror or 6" ..
said road, arid the application for dam-
aces of anv pe.Y80u' or persons on ac
countof the locetio'l of said road through
his, fer. or their land-
J. MilGEE, Auditor V. Co.
Oct. 18lh. 18554 w.
proposed new Slate loact.irom "'"""
by the Londonderry nation of M. &.L.:
. . . .11 W 1 .1 1
mil T I , f., t ,l
uun; org iec iu.... -
tiiiiiuiuu...m..r o .
ties, that he has opened out a new
complete stock of fall and wintergoods,
selected from the best foreign and do
mestic fabrics, which he will sell at
wholesale aud retail prices, lowei than
any ever offered in ;his,part oflbe coun
try." he has also a full and complete
asiortment of furnishing goods of all
discriptioa and quality. Also on coin
mission a splendid lot of woolen under
shirts and drawers, which he will
whole Bile at New York prices; he re
fraius from puffing or praising. Call
and see for yourselves, aud be convinced
hat you will make money by purcha
sing at the Phoenix Block; don't forget
the place, 2 coori west of F'allerton's
old stand ou Water Street.
A few first rate pant aud vest makers
wanted, to whom the highest prices
will be paid. oct. 18ih'55 4m.
T wish to call the attention of friends lo
A the fact, that we are compelled to raise
some money. WTe have waited long on some
notes and accounts due to us. and nave been
at considerable expense in sending a person
to call on some who are oweing us. We
must have money and earnestly - ask out
friends to call and pay us some, or we w ill
be compelled to leave their notes for collec
tion. Come help us a little.
Examiners of Vinton County,
will meet in McArthur, on Saturday,
the 27th day of October, 1855, for the
Lxamination of leachers. . -
O. T. GUNNING, Sec'y.
Oct. 18th, '55. 2 w .
The firm of Frazee. Tarr & Co., wai
dissolved on the eighteenth ultimo, by
mutual consent, Ephraim Frazee retir
. m r . i t 1 T? . . -
mg. ine Dusioess oi m nimuen rur-
nace will hereafter be carried on under
the naroei of Damarin, Tarr tr Co., by
whom the business of the old firm is to
be settled.
October 18, 1855. tf.
VF everv degnrintinn furnished at short Or
& ilprs nH fuir rtruwa A In roe foddIv ol
Paints ind Brushes for Poura it Landscape
Painters, Toy Paints and Best Water Colors
,i t. tit i ii Tn punnr
on nana. . j. k. ivnuiMiuut,
mayl8,'5a. Second at., Cbillicoibe,0
JOB MY OBK, of every descriotioa neatly
xfcted, at Una rjmce. '
iTjr ev oXf!: 207, of Free and Ac-
Safe' VU repted Masoni, l.olds
a regular Commiinicat ion at McArthur, Viu
lon conn ly. Ohio, every Saturday eicning im,
or each full moon.
E. A. BRATTON, Sec'y.
Pllt.rrnl I.nrfiic, o. , holdaaroa
ulur Con. n, unit Minn at llarr.drn, Vinton ro.,
D. D. T. HARD Sec'y.
Orphan's Friend Lodge, V. P.,
hulilg a legulnr Cotninuniraiion at Wilke-
ille, Viutnn ronn'.y. Ohio, every Satuulay
h full
H. H. BISHOP Sec'y.
McArthur, October 18
C5Imn,-..'-"-. 5ui
Apples, ).."
Buitei pr-r lb.
Siiinl.ed Hi" ins,
" SliouldfrB,
" .Side?,----
Kpdiis, W.
Cofl'e ......
pfl doz-"1
12' Leather, 18(i3l
M;I.ard per lb."
lJ'Moltftf5 prgal.
9 Nails, 3d to lOd,
30 Outs,
2.00:PoiH(os, Iiibh.
15 lVaci:es,U.,."
20 Foikprctvt
'12 Sutar N. O.,
COf.l ' I.ouf.
Pit 10
651 ' Crushed,- lOdlvJ
6 Salt, er bbl 3,r0
4,0i'j Table, pr Suck, -37
?, (Snap prrlt)
-75 J'tBH, V. 11. 7i
. ..-10j " Imperii ftlOO
SITallow,-. !!
eaio! Wheat per bn. 1,0!)
... 4! Wool per lb-- 205t
Hour pn tuna.
Plulir ,prr bbl
V 5k-:d
Fish, White, -.
" A'ackercl,'-
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block
I'll Rl 110
A rs..
liini.iiKi.rdrz 1M
l!;icnii IIjims ; r II).
" LuvcldL-r ' 10
" Sides "
Bears, W. per bn. 3,00
('.audits, mould-- 15
Cottin Viit.es-- lb
CI:efe,W.l!. Ib.biuV.Uil.
CoHi:e, Ki-
CIomm'.(I.- i
Hour pi bbl
FtuU.erH .r II).- 4'
FliiXM-i d. pr bn. 1,01;
Fih, Cod i-r lb. I
" Miii-l.i-.rel l2u2l'Tar
Liitd t lb.-"
MuUw .s. N. 0. fcu. 4(j
S. 11. ' 4r
" G.S. " 001
Nails, -.10 to 8d H ij
Suar N. O..- - "!!;
uiir,". Oct. 13.
" Loaf l
" Crushed-. 10
I'i.Snlt, Kanawha, bu. 4-"
Uai, loobe IU piki-.
" Y.H., lb. 45alil
" Ini ft'LOSoOTr
" Gunn'wder b.
StiTobacco M&K. cv.S5
" Va. cav.- 20u3O
Lard pr gal... bO
i:Uil,Linseod " 10O
OLjDuts pi, bu. 50
t'.llVacliei.Dried-.. 2,00
Potatoes, liiah.. 125
SHlfcwtin pr lb. 5u5J
Tallow pi lb.-- II
pr bbl. 5,50
ViTimothy seed, 3 00
VVheat pr bu 1,5
Whiskey, Conimou 3o
Meu'hala. 5
" . Rye, . . . . 6t
I THE folh.'wiiig liat is corrected every week
I just beforu pulling our papvi to pivsa.
.Utui bunks, i
' New Yoric.
tSoivniii uks. jar
i I IS.WltAMfl,
I 1J A It I "
Sjhcnt uunln, pm
: .Solvent uanKs, pat
... '
cioivtnt Diuiks, pai
, i;Hi,uk Im.anii,
! So!vnt Imnl.s
Nl:w JkiiM.v
bumiil biinkv, p,n
Solvent banks;, u
solvent uau.is. phi
Tr,.iu. Allien)-, 15 du
Kuuulnta ID it i.-
Canada. '
.,.l,-.,..l l,..,l,c
5 di.
K Carolina.
uui.v.111 u..nn
i mo vent Dunr.i.
...,.. -t i;
6'mull notes. 5
South Carolina
Scl.'ciil In uks, o ULs
So!ve;U banl.s, 5 tlhl
chin bunks, lOdik,
Ii U. of Mobile, 5 di
All banks, no rufe
Sol will Im nk", par
MuuLl uo'.t s, 5 dis
Sol i en I banks, t ar
15k. Circlt'ville, .lOdis
Frce bk. old plate. D di
Kentucky. Solvent baukm, turn
Ky. I niKt Co. 0 di.
S'utc bank, and
lliauciiet, pmr
fieK banks, 5(i',0 dis
till, of Conner
vtilf, 3D dis.
Solvent Fret! bl(.
LStale bunk and
Solvent banks,
5 dis
Solvent bunks, 3 di
Suit! 1 1 notes, 0 di&
Extent Adriun Ins .Co..
und Mncoinb Co. bk.
Fn q banks, 3 di
Sinull iiotv., 5 dis
Texas & o. kanas
All bunks n dun I. til' I
val e.
BCYfStS. Stl.LtNrJ.
New Vork, i prm. 3 pnn.
Philadflphia i " J
Baltiniorc, 1 " j "
Buying at J pnn. .Velii)i, at I
Ii. I. LIX VS& IV. LOill),.
WISH to inform tho public generally,
that they will keep on hand, aiid
manufacture to order, on short notice, Gen
tlemen's Morocco, Calf, Kip, and Coarse
Boots and Shoes, and every description of
Ln dies' Leather end iloroceo ware; all of
which is put up in the highest stvles of Work
manship, and at piices as CHEAP AS TUB
Give 0s it call and be convinced a to lie
fuels herein set forth. Produce taken in ex
change for work. . Oct. 11th '6f. tf.) : -
NOTICE is hereby given. that4 the under
signed has been appointed Executor of
the last Will arid Testiment of Robert Bay,
late of the county of Vinton, deceased.
UCt. IU 3W. 1 SOMAS Ol. CAT.
J net received, a New Edition of tnt
above Work, wiUi Forms complete for
Justices' of the Peace. Every Justice and
Officer should have one. Call soon, at -
Bratton s.
NOTICE is hereby given that Carlos Good-,
win, Administrator of tha Estate of,
Amos Roberts, late of the county of Hock
ing , deceased, has Cled in the Probate Court,
ol Vinton county aud Sta leof Ohio the ac
counts, and vouchers of the laid Amos Rob
erts, deceased, as former Guardian, Aaitt,
Martin, Rebecca Martin, Amanda Martin,
Alexander Martin, and William Martin, for
inspection and final settlement, and that said
account will be passed upon by said Court,
on tr.e 2d day of November, a. d. 1855.
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judge V. Co. ,
Oct. 11th 3w. . . (
NOTICE in Lereby given, that the uuder.
signed has been appointed and qualified
Administratrix of the hrtate of George At,
kinsun, late of the county of Vinton, dr-.
. sep.15 Jw. ; :

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