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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 01, 1855, Image 2

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.D aUf. X. A.
r 1 rrV,. - s
lltinsOAY, " AuVtJiBtU 1."
WA" .UI.A','rlf'i?T
c4 t f wrv AuAuf rr.tr At I iiucm, on iui
4Trm it nor ryvsta. ,
XJ and aUulonktrtqMiru vM4Tth Jut
tictt' Code, for Juilica u) tht rivctrtun
tttntly l.ft en kand and for tult it thU Of
JCf-.iar EakrcrltitlCB at 'tsilialf
. i iiiucumw, l'..uord Hal-
TiHOis, la our suil.onwrtaci nt to rcroive aud
rtaipt loi si bat ration sod dveit:ta.uit for
:!; LrkKiT.
-Although, at tiie -last election in
Ohio, (lie Fusionisis have soceet-ded
ia electing their Governor, and a ma.
jorrty ia both branches ot the Legis
lature, jet we are in this no cause o'
despondency, but rather grounds upon
which Demccrels c.trt take hope and
courage lor the future. Last rar thr
F unuoisls carried tue Si tc by a clear
majority of isvXTT-x;oir? iiouand.
and elected ever) member of Longre
ty overwhelming m j-riti8. Tiiij
year tht ntaj jrtty lor Governor if only
tixtceii thouaatid, being t reduction ii
ttuir ruajontv in one jcartf SIXTY
lh Con2rc;:5nil Uirtritta have ken
iriurapliautly redmcd. The truth is,
that outing the Uu war, tlie tide lia
aet againtt Ki.ow Nothing Abolition
Fuhoii, a.id ti tiiy in lavor ot the
Ltoiotracy. Tnmendoua slaughter
. has bten made io tue .Fusion ruilw;
tut the deinotitacy had hard I) time to
. do ttieir whole work. Had t te elec.
liou been tnree montns later, the dii
ocraia would have made a clean twnji
lit tue state. Alltuatja
mg. IVeda uot ewertaiu t l-asi
doubt tut Ouio will cast her electoral
vote lor tu Democratic candidate lor
President in 1656 by a triumphant
CTT Below we give the rffieial vote
for KepresDtativ ia this Legislative
ts H
K o
802 685
785 827
I6&7 1512
Viafoo county,
Jackson county,
Mjority for Bihchak 175,
1 HE,
Vtt piid a flying visit tnthe Ancient
T.Jrtrctiolis this week, and are glad to
te able to announce the lac', that the
general health f (he cilv i.u o r good.
and business ct' H kinds brisk. We
found lr MiKella assor me nt f'
v.,... c ,.v .-lm
tiotwtthsiar.dtnp hia larr sn'lrR.
, O - r. -
Friends Dening, Campbell Q Co,.'H.
- D. Shu!!, and Allston & Rnodes, arf
it receipt ot large stocks, and what is
(till more impoitant, are doing a fine
business in way of sales. These are
gf&tlemen of integrity, and our friends
who visit Chillicuthe to purchase will
do well by calling on them. Don't
tcrget tht Clinton H"iis; Capt. Bar
viy ia ooe ol -the best landlords in the
Wast, and no pains are spared to make
the guests of his house com! ruble
and happy, with bills to suit the times.
Give him a call.
Court House Pavement.
V- see that the pavement is being
fut down at last; and we suppose the
peopla will bave to pay the Piper,
wbefl it is dcue, in a manner not here.
tofore calculated on. It is one nf those
jobs that w'a have ev e y reason to thank
Gcd that they do not happen often.
. We presume the additional tax to fin
ish up this curbing and paving will not
b levied in one vear efpecially for
tue extra and unnecessary expense at
tending it.
For the McArthur Democrat.
SIaJOb Bbattok: I herewith, en
close an Enigma for publication in tlie
JMziocTGt it ycu think it wormy ol
Miscellaneous Enigma.
I am composed ol nine letters,
Use roy 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, and 1 am the
destiny of all earthly things.
U my 3. 7, 9, and I am one of the
calendar months.
Use my 2, 6, 7, and I am a name ap
plied to time. . .
Use my 3. 2. 6, 8, 9. and I am one
the attributes of God.
Use niv 4. 6. and I am a conjunction
Use ray 1,2.8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, audi
. am something that must stand
. -; parallel w ub eternity.
X. & Z.
For the McArthur Democrat.
My fiiat oslf mans that hicb is, ,
siirtceond what Is ctsilv vkned:
Uy whole ks? t told avjtfi great pleasure,
.w ben tfJy reltjon is oui upnersuxsa.
X. & Z.
A snbecripiioa bockwaa opened io
Co tord. Is. wlen fipur U celling
at $1) 59 par barrl.ad wbeo iOQ bar
tela were subscribed for. iptlman
weet out West asal tetpmed witb tbe
tmunt, at IWerioj it to the siib'critars
auai ae ' ;),
[From the Owego Gazette.]
Letter from President Pierce.
1 !h? J.HU r which , we .publijh be.
low wai riueii,s its dale .imports,
sumtt'iHig mere Ifean yeir ago. It
had relerence, of c ourse, to the slate
a . a . . . .
uungs HJfn Mtutmg, but it is no
l?n applicable to tint of the uresenl
time. Though urittPti Ouly lor tlif
perusal ol.the individual addressed, it
so briefly arid ro r'aii.ly and so well
rtrpreMf s4:,e i w's of the Piesidrnt
upcm-aqueti-v.,- ct interest to the public,
cud Up:, which we have diflerni from
a r'.rtmn i.l IIi-isp in ihia Vn n idi
- h. n.' we'luve acted uol.ticallv. -dial
we drero its ubliiation at tins lime- as
cot only proper, but due to ihe cause'in
... 1
wtticli we are engaged -tlie cause, aa
wc lelieye ol our comnion country.
Washisuton, D.'C, Am?. 25, '64.
Mr Una ih: Accept my thanks
lor your kind tetter ot tue 22a nut., in
the general iews "of which 1 heartilj
The members of our party can onl)
act toguier tordiully aiiu'tfliciently
wiien tnet can uiualiy -reccenizt' a
cctiinicu plat.orm.
1 he piinciple ol 'non-intervention,
which constitutes the leading ienture
ol tlie Nebraska and Kansas bill, re
ceived the sauctioM ol l a Democrat
of (lie Kepublit lu it was rf-
aira.td bv riiore man seven tenths ot
tue Jjen.ocrai-y ot the. Houseaud Sen
ate upon tee pisage ol tlie bill reter.
ted to; and wil ni liiu eighteen months
.urnun, ircmi its inherent soundness,
;iie strongest issue we canteuderto our
OppO.i nts.
But even if it were otherwise, are
we to abandon (he right, or maniiest
our ;,iui laitli in the intelligence
i ana patriotism ol the people by titjnij-
leant mltnce.
1. we, ). tue Northern and Middle
SmuLci-, aie unable to susuin ourselves
upon tue ground oi maintaining lor,
unu t curing to, me peopie ot every
Mate anu Territory oi mis Union all
tneir constitutional rights and immuni
ties;, our nominal ascendeucy would
cease to be citner Uouurable to our
selves ur useiul to tue country. Be
iuea, so tar as Hie Ucmoi ratic party
ig l ouLeined, all experience proves that
.,' 1
luekstous to
enor itnu iMiaiuiMii, ii.tve only
ea at uiumate distraction ami weak
nets, ludiviuuais who desire to retain
uomiually a pOMtnm iu tlie Democrat
ic ranks, but who are unwilling to
stand injon a national ulatiorm. suould
uikJeiihua. Hut whiie tue masies can!
veii a fcpenfe with ilieir co-operation,
Ihey cauuet, b silence occupy a doubt-!i'iue
lul position upon fundamental ques-.
tiont a Heeling the cordial and perma
nent union of these States, without los
ing public confidence, and with it sell
1 am, with high esteem, your friend,
Hen. J. TAYLOR, Owego, N. Y.
Later from Lurope.
Halifax, Oct, 24. The Africa,
iwiiu Liverpool dales tu the 13th, ar-
.rttrl lli.fi tnrpiir.nn rita Miao
iat - uve on the Danube. Kars still holds'ly
out. a 81i,i,t tn-aeeiueut occurred
near Kerisch, wuich lerminaied lavor-
ably tu the allies. The .allies are
jucaieiiiiig Perekop. .J he bombard-
menVoi Ouessa bythe aliied ileet, i
expected to take place immediately.
I ne ailifg have been mrealening
Perekop, but the advance is checked
t.i I
ior me present, ihe irench troops
are concentrating on the Danube, the
aliied l.ttt is. bf 1 ore the walls of Odes
sa. The bombardment which is to be
coinnieiiied immediately. Ten thou
sand men are employed in making a
oaa Irom Jialaklava to the allies c-mp
at Sebaslopol.
A r ranKiort paper asserts, that the
Russian army tug been withdrawn
Irom the pl.iteau on the north side ol
Sebaslopol, towards the heights ot Bal
kee, only a lew tuuusand men are now
in garrison.
Tue noitheru f crt3 in the neighbor-
hood o NicoUiefl' have 45,fJ0u men
A Bring" ileet of five ships has been
sent to ihe coast ot Italy, proceeding
nrsl to tne V3y ol 4 a pie, i ne dllia
lleets anchored before Oddesa on the
8lU Ol October; it consisted ot 8 ships
01 tiitf Hue and a aiearwers.
1 Ue tiinperur ot Uufcsia arrived at
Odessa 011 me ti2d ot eerHliei, -but
ielt the next da ior Nlcoleof.to attend
a counsel.
Detailed accountn show the Russir-n
lossek ior three weeks, previous to the
(all ot 8ebastopol, 10 nave been over
32,01)0 nien, without counting the
deaths by disease,
The Austrian Government issued a
circular to Us tepre&euialivfg, in whicii
11 says mat, ihougu Prussia is at liber
ty to aa a meuitator, tne present is
uot the proper tune; that the Western
Powers must loll iw up uieir advantage
anu noiutiar. witn ussu till sue is
expelled irom the t-tuuea,
In the Baltic ilia Kus.-jans are re
pairing Sweaborg, witu great activity
k fancb. 1 he lime correspond
eut (ays, ati alliance be! ween Prince
Napoleon, and Princess Royal ol Eng
laud, is rumored amoi g tue . political
ciTIt. , . ,
peumark announced, that the Dan.
-isl GpvcrpmePt has invited all mari
time powers, including til' United
oiat, tv wicct iu vviigrrva as uopeu-
Uagen to settle the question of the
Tue Gtc ministry 'b reilgncd
And c cue Lartccs timd,
. l J ' '
Rocky Thompson in a Balloon
iesulti'Wuctiie8, ordinary conversation trom
nm.Auii wiivn It crriii-Lr it c.itfiHal i .:...l.r
like rain pattering on a rool nuere
We copy the following from the ac
count ot Mr. II. Thompson, of his
ascensioa in banoou wit'i fifcns.
Godard. It is quite i merest i(ig: :'
The ballast being arranced, our7r
rtstial friends on Kus Hill, by orJer,
let go of the ropes, and gMir fully we
ascended -to a north. easterly direction,
when a panoMma'was snread uu: be
fore our vision, which, to be drs ribed
perfetlly, woukJ-require the pen ol an
angii, -aiieis use pens,) U.'iieatli
were fields of standing corn, and fields
wliicti give evidence that the harvest
er hadgathered his golden grain, towns,
villages ur.d hamlets, forests, roads and
rivulets, all appeared in a diminutive
form, and, as we att uned a hignei al
titude, men seemed pigmies, houses
tovs, forests shrubbery, road.' and nv
ulcts threads, and the noble Ohio, with
its gorgeous wateriastles, -teemed al
moil as small as Ben Bolt's brook be
lore it had. gone dry.
Our view, beiore the rising of the
moon was glorious; but when night's
mantle gatiieiej over the earth, and her
queen appeared, illuminating the lace
ol nature, the scene waj so grand and
oeautuut to my mind as to compare
lavorably witn my pre-onceived idea
ot H eaven, Looking up from the
car into the neck of the balloon, with
the moon's rajs tailing directly on tue
nui;e glow, it seemed a hall ol bre,
while tue rejection Irom the outer sur-
lace of the cuiial ship .wag equally as
brilliant as the reflection oi a gas light
Irom a mirror.
Never did a happier party start forth
in pursuit ot pleasure than ours. J no,
Sharp, tsq , went into tits of ecstaey.
1 clasped uodard a Hands, and the mu
tual slukuu; came near costing both
tneu ngiii arm, Bellman, whose ex
'perience in ballooning is greater than
aii) ot.ier amateur in mis country, de
clared pubilively inat it was the grand,
est trip hi had made; and our gallant
Monsieur and his good lady asserted
that tue last, the two hundred and sixty,
seventh ascension, was never surpassed
in point ot sublimity and grandieur.
Several times during our voyage, we
conversed with persons on the earth,
i whicii conversations 1 proved to niv
ajiiwud conclusively, uus lact, that it is
a very easy inauer to near with dig-
earth, wncn one mile and a quarter
irom us suri.K:e.
1 will state two or three facts more,
viz: It lie over Mr. KulTner'a larm,
near Cartilage, 1 enquired iu a loud
voice, "Vho lives heie?''
home man
"Is it Ma.
replied, "Mr. Kutfner!"
Ivurluer?" i taeu i
asked. "No ;
f raiiK,
was me response. A icmale
voice men invited us down to supper,
which im itation we heard as distinctly
aslrieiKS can hear each other in com
mon conversation. Mons. Godard du-
charged a email quantity ot gas,
we descended in a Held near to Mr.
Rullner's residence, as easv aa a hird
k'uu aitgOt on a tree top
Aboiuer experiment bcaiiug on (his
poini, v; lieu nail a mile above the
eaim, M. uouatd let i!l a small stone
winch we nearu very plainly strike tue
And still one more fact and we are
doue witu this part ot the subject.
. . al
threw out a lundiul ot sand aud earth,
no ceiling obstructs use sound.
Alter taking a lunch with Mr. Ruff-
nerskind lamil), Mr. Godard dis.
cuarged more ba. last, and ag:vin we
arose to enjoy tue beauties uf a moon,
iigut (eriai ride. Far, lar behind us,
1110 shadow ul the air snip follows I a it 11
iiully as man's shadow at noon-day.
111 . - . 1 I. . . . .
.tiiuic uaauuuoi nre Deneatu us.
A I.. ... 1 I, 1
visible ten thousand fields their fences
looking like a seive.
Dense loresis, immediately beneath
and over their topmost bougiis we glide
gently; lor our daring Captain has in-
vitea us to witness tue perlect contro
which he hag over his balloon in fair
weather. Then we ascend to the dis
tance ol 8,000 leel, and alter traveling
the Lord only knows where, chan"in"
around witu a score of dillereut cm.
rents of air. we linallv descen.tPil on
Mr. John Coxe's farm in Butler coun
t), six miles Irom Glendale, alter hav
ing been two hours among the clouds,
111 celestial regions.
I" It ii
roni mi, loxe s larm we went to
Wesiciiesler, tnere remained all night
witu our good host Daniel Avery, aud
tue next morning repaired to Glendale
iu a wagon, took the cars, and are sale
amoug our iriunds, ready and willing
to taa&c; a second voyaje to Sxvland
ai auoui uie same aitituae, .Mons,
QovtanuB 6iiii.iON'a Positioh.
Got, Shannon thus ezpliina his position
n a Utter to Mr. Liudsly, late ftlemder
ot Congress from tbe Saudusky district;
'The truth ia, Isiaud 00 the Kansas
Bill. 1 balieve the Teuilory should de
termlue lor ihemsalve tbe cbaiactrr ot
their domestic uistituiions; and 1 do
not think It would li hi oner and in
accordant with the principles of the
ivinns Bill, for the Chief Executive
o Hker of ihe Tr.ritoij, grnt out by th'
Federal Government to ue any ari'idsn
lal influence that olJt:e miht give him.
to control tlie public mind on tne que
,11011 ol slavery, either one way or ihe
other, but to cave tne people of the
I'eirit.iry to 'determine tkal q.irstiou
uiiinUue need byaut Ona.lor ill' i trl ve,
iui n ate my virus, ant 1 hut ul ro
octanuii, mner expres'i or eii on
any other, since ni) arrival ia 'i-uuu-
Julius, "bow do ;rr feuh lti Uii
tuder 1
'flow do I frtch tier latitude why,
you bring de pirrplix of dei hoi rum on
poaite 10 der pode of df nf misph-ra, and
Irom de right angle struck by da. con
vtrse propornon. you nna tie ououeot
de lunar caustic, luttlud from tbe crbiii
[From the Cincinnati Sun. a neutral Piper.]
[From the Cincinnati Sun. a neutral Piper.] Banks--Bankers--Banking.
r pteasa d to set soma g ps tbi t
clearly progmiicate an awikeulag o(
uWieopimoo'Uion-4S.racit vital tub
jfct that in Cinrinnsii that of Banks
u users, and Uantms ive hart our
hopes strung and sanguine that es
penetce, loo biMtr tor lar too rar nr.
haa forced iiiuml concluaions, where
uolhing but dangerous-assumption got
enied '.hat men begin al last to oprn
their eyas, and aee it ta jiot a'l 'goM
that glitters'.' uoteTety institution ihit
hasadszzllng aignbostd Bii frown
ing suspicion into confidence safe .
:iopla now ask one ano'.her, 'Did
ou read what the Sun says Ms it nC'
tha tru'h the stem. honet, untottuiu
lelv admitted truth; that our Bunk sy
ten) like Aaios's rod, lias 'Swallowed
up our industry and anlerprw. and fa'.
tened upon our deanuciionT' ls not
mone.t the bred of cummereial lile
o monopolised btr the Shylueks of our
city, that they thrtateu to nt pur teM
ttart out. so '.hai Uiev nn have their
pound ofTIesh V 'la itnot true tbst the
veryfinul of trade confiden ce is alto
getdcr bani shed from amoneat -Us; and
to save ourselves. w are compelled to
look on every man as a rogue V 'And
whilst such is the stair of thit.aod who
tan dany it whilst that which has blas
ted our prospects and character still ea
ists, is it to be expected our enterprise
should expand or our industry ftourisht'
'What nianulscturer, or merchant, or
uiethauic, can aay there is encourage,
menl for his labor tinaenuity.or scitt'yj'
'What bare Banks done to promote our
manufactures to encourage our merch
ants or to promote the prosperity of our.
citizens V What have they not done by
their .unscrupulous failings and rob
lries, to destroy our enterprise and to
blast our hopes? Theis Millions ot
our hard farted dollars, have been
plundered lnim our labor and enterprise:
and w here has it gout?' 'Had we throwu
it into Lake trie some Greenmighi have
restored it; but it has been thiownin
to a bottomless vortex 'Who can
measure the depths of misery caused by
the rascalities of banks the woes the
desolations the despairs tht broken
hopes of the thousands who Wusied only
to be betrayed?' 'And w hilat these thou
saou irom uonesi suiuence have been
reduced to beggary by unscrupulous
speculators how can that ntiural love
olfjusiite makiud possess abide to be
hold the causes of wrong of bitter
humiliation and distress of unknown
misery; Malk secmely about in rrspec
table! indolence and almost commixera
ted roguery -id), the enjujers the;r
victims, ihe sutler-! '
Speech of John Van Buren.
and'.Coineiuion m Osweo.on the Jttib iust.,
ti.lholdtfg Spates Thei policy, then,
.nmng the gratilying igus of the
times, we chronicle tbe position of J no.
Van Buren, in New York, on th side of
the Rational Democracy. Thoei-.pres
idem has returned Irom Europe, and we
luuk upon the zeal of Prince John, in
ueliall of the Consiiuuion and ilia (Jnt
oi, as Indicative of the feeling nf hU
venerable faihcr. At a Demorratir
Mr van uiueii made a nn and able
'speech. Irom the close of which we
make the loi Kiwing eslrarts.
Nor ia it true that the Southern met,
tel all other Questions aside, Slid make
the question of slavery predominant.
everybody kuows that the labor of for
eigner competes with '.hat of the sis v
aud dtives it out. It is true, too, that
they -pieler the fiee Slates, and build
tneni ap. to me prejudice ot tlie auve
would ue iq opposition to foreigners.
and in lavor ot Know Nulhings and
vet, with a single exception Hiey array
eil ttieuneMea leariesaii aun loldly in
oppuitiuou to ir.e.Kuo.v Nothing poli
cy, 'laae iniilier instatue: Mr, VVise,
who Dug juni bveu elec.ed Governor cf
Virginia, was a m lu;Jrof t Uc last Vir
gima Loiuiituiioual tonvfiiiiou, aud
arrayed himaelt against the ptoposed
mixed basis of representation-- baais
l siae property and white .ersous
and advocated the white basis
lor is 11 true vtia t tlie Southern peo
ple desire to extend alavrry to Ir e ter
ritory, -Southern politicians may
I line ere political umif'"itu8 u lio
must tie the cha-tnpiuns ol some iiuer-
est. and they cannot be i'he chemplon ol
an interest, unless you tirt prove that
il has )eeu assailed. They assert liiai
slavery is iu danger, and upon that cry
become-tts champions. But the peace
iut ci lizeus ol the South do not deBire
the extension ')! slavery into free tern
lory, llicy say all they waut is to be
lei alone in Ihe-eujoy went crt tntir just
constitutional rights, aud uo more, i'liey
do not oesira to be drireu into a crusade
lo extend slavery mio Iree territory,
tins whole crusade, then, agatusi the
South, is basrd upon a misapprehension
ul the puiMic seulimrint aa it exiaia in
tliui pari ol the country. Tncie has
uever been two uptuiuns as tu the dan
ger ol these two sectional parties, trom
tlie lima ol Washington to the present.
II such parlies are tormed this Union
is al an end. tins ureal and uluriouc
Uuiou, to w hich we owe so much, can
not stand under auct) an itsue. it wc
are to be denounced as atfomioiiiais be
cauao weculctiaiu mess views, and H
the South, 011 accuuut ol alavery, are to
ue denounced aa rulifte ra and piraies, tue
cuiiaeijueuce win be we mual aepala'te.
Il wuuid be Uidarui lor a lainily ro lite
together butter audi iircumaiaucta, an.i
a lamlly ol ataie cannot no 11. 1 aay,
a man wbo goes around the uuuutry gci
Uug up m sactioual parly, is a trallur to
tlie peaca ot In a country, auu shouid be
ao leaa'ded. (AppiaUse J LUoris lo
create a secltouai parly will invert I Hie
people ol Una State more decidedly ibau
ant eUori lo lorm a party. wbich na
oeeai uad wiiuin- lbe recoliecliou ol
tne oideol uiau iu lha room. Caiiuoii.
liars ue.er uccaded tu luuiua Ihe
popular juumeu'.. aud ihey mutt laii
lAppuuee.) And now a wulu in Irler
euce lo 'be ippfuaihtug oietllou, We
r uuw cxuiiug wheu (Da pnoiic iniud
io uutneu,.aud wiien very mai.y ot tU-
fOliic ipfu yt iDia country are usiug
fcvwf pokitiuus. . s Al- smcd- m uin il. oe
comes imponsoi io ioo Daca aua sec
ihalaS Ostn W h'istdry ol jbe leuo'
cratic party dutitig' soma 'of ! ihe mga
imuOriaUi srrioaa ot me nisiory o: tne
'6iMaiu Cf n,a XtK'i: " I air sVnia
rratic party of this State is'pne of the
treat Alastitutftps cf ' the (CoaBirf.
(Great applause ') .'YVVloreto honor it
lor the good i. baa dona, aud the gotil it
can do.
In'theetrlv Ti'islory of our 'politic!,
wltert the first civil rev6lulion was a.'
chieved, Jefferson was elected by the
vole of the State of Hew York, in
1812, the most gloomy period of -our
State's history, Mew York cpholj ihe
honor of 'the plate, and under i amp
kins, rimed us through the war. In
1817 the same party abolish slavery
in the State of New York. In 1821
the Democratic party altered the Con
stitution so as to extend tbe -right ol
vrting to mechanics. In 1824 and
1825, and from that time to 1846, one
great system o( internal improvements
was projected unaer uemocratie aus
pices, and has been carried triumph
antly through the financial ; policy of
the Stale being all thewhile conducted
witn signal success, ana its crean up
held. In 1844 the Democratic party
of the State ot New York elected Mr.
Polk President of the United States,
who achieved brilliant results during
his administration. In 1848 that
party took its position in relesence to
'he extension of slavery over free ler
ritory, and they have adhered to it
front that time to this. It has, too,
one peculiarity, and that is it has the
courage to protect those who come to
them irom other pajties, 1 here nev
er was, in this respect, so liberal an as
sociation as the Democratic party.
(t is curious to look back upon the
men who have come over to us from
other parlies, and the extent to which
they have been honored. I nfcd only
mention such names as John Q. Adams,
Ambrose opencer.Uhiel Justice Teney,
who were p romoled by the Democratic
party to the highest stations within its
gilt, even abov? older and perhaps bet
ter leaders in the Democratic cause.
On tbe other band' look at tbe party
of our opponents. Take tbe rase of
any democrat you can think, and yon
will fiind that his course has been one
ol uniform ruin, As long as ha is useful
he is cast a.ide No man waa more
emphatically the idol of the democratic
party than Mr. Clav. during the war.
....ik:. .. L. i. - . .
ma uu wnoie me previous, in one
hour h ihrew away all thst populsritv
and strength, and joined the whia or
federal party. Attain, in 1813. when
ourdivisions made iheirancresi certain
he was set aside aesin.and a successful
soldier, who never had held a ciii
office aud had nver voted a whig tick
at, w-aa nrelerted and Mr. Clay, with
jusl streBKth enough to drag his feeble
torm to vvabUingtoii. died fairly at the
door of this old whig party. This is
till of instruction lo any democrat who
is preparing to join any .party which he
supposes to be stronger than the damn
eratic party. It is giaiifying at thi;par-
icuiar unie io tntuK that thera never
was an ocraaion when there :as poorer
encouragement for leaving th!,dmortic
ranka than Is just now. (iliy''
Georgia, Tennessea.Vereinia.Kojih Cur-
oiiua, South Carolina. Miasissippi.and
every Southern State, at the teceni
elections. in favor of ihe democratic par
ty, luenew ri apr-lauae.i The aan U
true in tne dst. Ma,tte has declared
herself in the ranks, aud Massachusetts
will io so at its next election.
A', the 'V est, Indiana.aodiu the ceo
rer.tlie old Keystocm Slste.t omes to us
n i:h the tidings of illd Democratic
victory, burying Repablicans, Know
Nothinas, and my old friend Wilmut.all
under tbe Itean. 'Cheer. The, o.ipa
tion now is wbers will New York be in
----- n
litis cumpaigu? 1 n ill tell vou. Demo
ctatic by a nnjoiity never known before
(tireat applause.) In tnr portion of
the Mate., tncluJing Kew York aad the
ciiunly of Kings, polling a vote of from
seventy to eigiity thousaiid, 4 Uo not
think the Republican ticket will have
one vote in ten. In the center of the
Slate the same is trie. I should not be
surprised, should the Whigs nominate
a in-set, ii ti should pott more votes
than the ftipuiilican. My Know Noth
ing fiiends feeing gloriously flogged out
in every otaie in the Union, in IV mm
tenia Maine, Indiana. &c, michl as well
take iu ilieir signs and go along with
us (Laughte.r ) .
Mr. Van Bureli concluded by pjopos
ing ihree cheers for ihe Democratic plat
form, add three more for ticket, which
given most heart! y.
Thre cheers were then given' for
John Van Bureu, and lha ineeewng adjourned.
fact. acid Tn mas D .hct McGee
lectured in New York, last week. on tlia
prospects of Ireland. Among the pro
positions laid down by hitn.we find firrt,
that Railroads in bringing both ends ol
the Island together, are making the Irish
one people has walled up their Intel
leoural faculties, dispjlled ibe fairies,
and encouraged habils of industry. and
punctuality. Secoud, the language ol
Ireland i being ruperceded by ihe Eng
land language last year mure I ha a a
million ol pupils were learning the Eng
lish language, and Kugiish cheap pub
licatious are in great demand among the
Irish people.
Tbe ibtrd elements of change in Itr
aud is tne new social relation between
agricultural classes iba proprietors
uu ;ne cultivators ol the land The
old farm labor system is gona with the
year The lorm laborers that have
oeeu tell by the oinigra'ion to America
.:au almost oiciate tneir own prices.
limy are paid in money wage, and ihet
make their purcases al markt: piics.-
iMdtan meat baa supplanted ihe potator
auu this is also au improvement. The
K,enllemau'a gentleman is uoi now the
lormideble power that he was. The
lamina was a great lotecloser of mor
gagea. - It squeezau up the Spongt
excrescences cl title.
Ibe incumbered Estates bill of Sir
Robert feel did a great deal to redeem
tue character of the English front' the
uirgrsce incurred by their neglect of tbe
Irish iu 1&46. No less than lour million
oi acres,' or one lourih of the cultivated
aurtace f tht island, has been sold by
lha incumbered staie Court, and
- ifJa1 ie-beit cttfce purchasers are
native reiy little interaal at-tivett a
dorqettte polities. jTba aaw proprtetitrs
art busy'hs manag'.cg their estates, ani
the labonnl classes are fsvolably lev
ptessed 4kh tbe eivelt; of tbelr sitea
Aired feelirg and a itod of ea
dering interest prevails in regard to the
war. Ireland looks at . lha contest io
much the time spirit as its women win
stood ky and saw ,er liege lord, ju a
tight with a bear, vvbeo the former was
uppermost she cheered Mm, but when
the bear wis on top, sba cheered Bruin
just as heeMlj. ...
' There Is a ao;i of Sullen, taciturn
wanner about railroad men, w hich w
can attribute io no ether causa Ibsa
thai of their being scj cootlnuaUj bar
raised by tbe importunities of the spec
ulatlve and 'curious people ly j,oia
they are constantly euiree nded, We
have long siuce learned out to expect a
direct tuswer fro a aa ttUcfce of a fail
roid, unless we shape our fuesliona au
as to be strictly pertintul to our kusl
urss who ibe compicy Cf the road.
Yesterdsy, a young men of nenteil
appearance, hough,e.ideatl soaewhat
reniaut in raiiroad mattes, a pproe ehed
so engines on .one. of the roads for Ihe
purpoae of having bis curiosity gratified,
when the following questions and an.
atvers ware pnt and givaa to rapid tat
Qucbiit. "How far is it sir, to XeoU
railroad 1'
tKoiaita. .' Fifty four lallea:
Q. 'What is tbe distance by tbe fikel
K. 'We don't run oo the fike.'
Q 'How long does It take too te ran
. 'Do you n-lsh
to go there y the
Q. 'No, 1 merely Influfred for Infer-
maiiou.' . , '
E. 'Wtll.it generally occuoles tla
whole time that we are on tbe wi.,
Q. 'Did you ever try boar Oukkiea
couid run a milel' . '
E. 'Cfuji.' . , , ; .
4. 'Well, what is the quickest Has
you tver mads V .
L 'Plenty quick enough fori!', prac
tical purposes.'
Q 'This Is '.be fl jest enaiua of routs
that I've tver lean: what ia It worth 1
'it's not for sale.'
Here tbe young man's attention wse
diawnioanotlirr uutrter by tht blowics
ol a w histie, and the engineer porceedea
to abject mattera preparatory to Ofdera
lor stsitiog the train,
Speech of John Van Buren. NEW VOLUME----1856.
Established in 1827.
Devoted to Literature, Art and Fashion
THKNeiv Volume camir.earing withtte
anllary lounb.r. J3S3. Will tontaln suf
Tiri t Uundrtd Pvttt of th; choileit read
ing reatier, S:evl and vVood ij)grvin;., acd.
music. t
Kach uumbt r will contain a anlendiJ fi
Eiiiiraviug, a Piu? of the faris Faihioni. Oil
Sieel, elegantly colored; one at more articles,
richly illustrated with wood eii!rnrine,. -cell.meiHis
I'rui- fitity; 'All tdi'.or
table; Hcv.ews ol ew Book-; .Mouthl.
Sitmna.ry; Hints on Fashion. an i Fashiontibi i
Intelligence; Patterns for ecdivvorll, and
new. imic.
1'he Sn-el Fnttratirirs will enjlr.tre finelir
excruied portraiu ol tlm eelebrnted ladt-
twitcrs at trie tiny, interspersed with a aii
iy of other Etibjet-ts of gcnetal interest.
Tht Fasliion Pbfes arc entraved oft t'.
aftrr ihe luiest Paris Faahiuiis. uivhu out
and in d jor costumes for the month. T.
have been prommut ed stif-eiior to l!;osc put-
iiMieu iu any ouier Arn.'rictn t eru-ticai.
Tue Wood liiictaviuts will I of tlie blah-
est finish, and by our lst urtists.
The Literary mstwir will couiist'of Hixtor.
icl, Biognijilm-aland Literary Jlas.ivs.sketto-.
eaol Travel, Fiue .4rts. Novels, t.tlej. lij-
maiicca, etc. J Ue rtjreis nud noir.aiicos vf
Uralium are universally acknow lclM,! tu e-
ibI in baauty an I iuier-jt an,- oiWa tutLlia.V,
ed in America.
The Iklitor's Table, ii made up of lc.tr,r.t.
ousSkclchcsaad Anecdotes, Foreign, l)mi.
tic anu iuerary uossip, etc, .
The mouihly Summary of Current Event,
prepared by Win. Dowc, gives a coniienae-l
uc:ouiitot the priucipalevrnu, which bat
Ukeii place iu the .World, during tLi ore'ttd.
iiionih. i .
I he Reviews of New Bonis from th?
of UieKreui critic, E. P. Whioule.
The Faahion article by Qenio C. Scott.bre-
-ieuls a correct and comcrelieuMre aci-oin-.t nt
the new styles of iirestea, Bonnet, iVatttii
ms, Siiawls, Linbroidexies.andcvervth'iii.f r.
iHling to Fashion of interest to ladies.
The Needlework fit terns for CoIIbm.TJ.i.
dersleeves, Caps, Be.rtb.is, .Ikiru, Embroider
ies lor iiiuiiiKercDicta. and penr..ai '.t..
W0!,oe,.un,crous ",d 'u'ifully oVaigned.
. iUCC.' Ihis atone at a music- s'.cre
ouiu cost more mat! a year's subscription.
I LKAls. One Copy, one year, ia
advance, 13: T 'vo Conica Tv-i
- - 1 . HB
uopies, tend one to Aijcnt or setter un
ot uie club,) $10; 11 copies, and one
to aeiit, 20; lor one copy will be
sent a uree i ears. Addition to c ubs
at the same rate as club sent,
Itr&pecimen copies sent Gratis to
those desiring to get up clubs. . . -
a. uHi7r.icoit07is to oe addressed to
No. 106 Chestnut St., Phila.
1 HAVE just itceived a good stock of New
Goods, suitable for the season, wnlch I
will sell low for Coin; consisting in Dart, of
Boots, Shoes, Hats', Caps, Fresh ' Groceries,
. j-c, cy-c, sc., ccc.
Flour, Wheat. Corn, Pottftoes. 0c. taken
iu exchange for Goods. 'E. A. Bbattos.
N active honest Mao in each tection of the
Slate, to Uke ordpn Viv "RAM PIT.' t.
.-alary of t300 prr year, and a small commis.
fiou will be paid ''Salary payable month. .
Iy." For particulars address Da. : M. Vil
rEAV,422 Broadway, New-York, enclosing
stamp to pre pay answer. ; .i
Cov. 1st, 'OD tVT.r '''".
" i
Hill lit ill C. . ) k
1 -IFPENCOTT'S Axes; warranted 30 Jsyo
I J a. lis nMat aaakt"MJ J Tt. a.L-
- tap u atbse rv
ranted. Tilletson's ' HandrtvcS ' vramutei
Dtor Locks, Thumb- Latc'-es, Eutia, Bcrewe
Aup.rrs, , Smoothing Irons, Curry Comt
lions Bn:shea, F'det, Rasps, in shot every
tbingiu sla ILtidwara ..-"' -' " '
.vjJ ,r4:a KWLTTCvJl.

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