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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 08, 1855, Image 2

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fji ' mi. -jrn.
h . . . . 1 .. .1 . i ihis question in :
tl.e pecuniatf ni, i. '. In u liicb it com.s '
to it. With liiu'ilieru wan 41 is quea- j
tion cf properly and-,f pcaitiry inter.
is. The fniuii which tlief e respec
tive view -e riftfri.lfi are the mod foi
ttin when they feet. that llm morals ol
th case are on their side. On the other!
hit I, the Suuth Tieu the jn?tin ui
the f tcnoiirr upset in which it comet
t??, Wild smith -rn. men it U ques
tiieil of properly and of peiutiiaiy inter
o-st, aggravated' by p.sious thus en;;ei:-
ttnigie lasts. U( Una there cau benoi.
toubt, And unless the wise mil ru
tf.it ntariir t ACrt't ..-til i. I.. I t .
it 1 .. at.-. .1
mid-Lie thut cnu .niui.te ll.e hoi... !
.,...c nr.iii. ; ..if
i..i.,.d iriiiiit.ii I.. ....1 .i.i.
Will either of such comb.r.m yield!''''
fcrce xNercr. wbil ha p to
Biriip.de lasts. Of thi. there -.. h. ;
mt. The ilisohLion of this Union
lermever peacesuiy d nun, i nue pe n
lent of f.e.ngry pa.sioni which will
liave ltd felt, what di-pothion c.n be ,
made or iheravy.of tiie ciwion trai-
v.r. !!,w c.n the public rioa.iu be
ij. i r
Ki-i, n.. .m. .i.'.. . -I-- .i..!,l,e
",w I - B -
liny portion of ihein tu the South would
lb 4i ceding Uat which under the Un
ion is now ileuiilj would be to yield
-r. . i i . .l
"ii-l v men io fate mo union ai
dissolved. But would tU South yield
ti5 public do
her icle.'tsst .111 .enlti pu
main? Wit Alliances v.auld be for
re I? what bitttt would be fought?
Acd alien commerce had been Hfitken
i'own, when maiHi.'actures had ceased, I
when the whole land. had been impov- j
ami the toil thoroughly ao&ked
with Jnalernal blood, when U war
tempest iad dai veil ita firy steel j
thinughout th land, then, when all v . eie
a foreign foe, tlin abol iiionisiii
might lt-arn how many iiegreesliad bteul-f
free-l. In this struggle the free Male
wouic not da unitej, lor strong ami pow
erful parties would rise up williin their
own borders to distract their toumel
tnd M-eaken their strength. Cloud
wtrti'd be ihed ithin themselves and
til for what? For what? Knl to. -emancipate
a r.egio, for.Uiat could not be
done! hut to ntercnt slavery fromestab-
1 1 h 1 11 rr .1 1 1 m 1 rurnlht mil I .ne
?W. ,i. r .1 1
LQOn Iha (lanr Inr llm n.liiiicGinn n
-r- .r
er.oi:ier,6ia-i e state nno.trie coniederary
What-! object for such a cool! What
is ltsualue? Other slave Stales
dinitted into the Uuion. In
ilireetion and ta what extent can 'he;l()
State pectiliary eflect the interests
f the republic? Jt is tru-e, l!wy
,iii.icdbu tue i r jjuwer hiiicu uuv no"
would. that eiTect-cither the rights,
liberty, the pecuniary interests, or
tappinnessof the people wiahin the
limits oi tna tree Males? .Mvaeholders
having n voice in the fedrabLegislature,
could tbat .iolUiefiee bo wieldedjhe
detriment of the peopleleilCe
within the free. btafes? What interest.
i, -, . 0 .. . . ii
rould it nrotectr 4v.hat interest
it strike down? Could il interfere
the delri-neut of fe labor, and to the
. r . i, . i.u-. .i.. .1.... 9
.iuici-iiuii ui itie iuuui ui mo mu.c i
. .-. .. .L . .... ..!.!
Howr laruw are in me Deneiu oi .nr.
manufacuiriag interests. .Does any one
lielieve that s(a-e labor win ever
llie manufacturing laboi of Us
The influeiicy of the slaveholdmg pow
er in the councils of the nation could,
from the tiatnre of tho thing, only
exertedoj.rotecl'slave property asjsuch,
and to extend by acquisition the slave-a-yer
holding territory of the Ulion. '1 his,
... .1 . . , Til.
wonui ne me Dounrig 01 us power, n:
rouia 111 '.ue leasi tueci me commeitc,
manufactures, of the free Stales, or.
political and civil rights. Therejion
i 111.. cn (np tta ill. fr.. SlatoB ATf
concerned, nothing in all this exriteJerally
ment which can really affect their rightslare
or interest. excDt so far as the moral
aspect of the question is conrerned.
As'l hare said, upon the question of
slaTeiythe-'North can never agiee.
What, then, -Shall be done? The an
. - - L . .1 , . I. .. I.
ir 'la'oov'oua auu -easv. 1 1 lias uet n
iven, iit wai girea when the Nebras
ka bill pMFcd. ltwas given when il
was asserted that -every people had a
right to govern thetaterVes. Deny this
principle, and we attack ".he foundation
of our government; assert it learestiolh
Ing for the Aorth and South tu quarrel
about io relation to the local laws
the Territories or the States of tne Un
ion. Shall a geueral principle, so just,
so wise and Df the last importance, be
assailed in order to accomplish a par
ticular object? And yet free soilism
has done this in regard to the Nebraska
bill. It would override the elementary
principle upon u liitli alone our govern
ment, all our governments, State and
national , iest to accompbish a (desired
rssult. Cut can the cool, reflecting
judgment -of tbe people sanction cdu a
There is no safety for this Union but
to leave this slavery question in (he
Territories to be settled, as all other
question of local law are settled there.
There ia no other war: abolit.ior.ists
and Ultra man of the Souih have
(Jriren the public mind to pl.rensy on
iis subiect. and tiler will continue
t-heir -labor as long as there shall be
-rurnsrun-t nf Individual reward Tin
cumsterrt egitalion must sap the founda
tion of the federal government, and the
evil should be cured ai once- Let the
crisis be went as it deserves. These
men who Meg to dlssolva the Union
chonld ha rawardad with a traitor'sJ
doom. Let the halter execute in func
tions. Caunot patriotism and tbe love
oUibarty of the white man excited as
Ions as ardent as those w-hich love ut
office and negeo freedom can in -flame
Let us try Let us vindicate (he great
elementary principle 0 freedom the
,right of jb people of every community
(b gown ljn)tIvfi. And if any essay
Iff uwyiligjcjus bauds upon the alter
fif out Uttio, Ul tbi; fate be ipedy,
and jiuch as will Wen 6hnddei
j hB t!ly sea it.
J irilt AurrUdif, and illmut care
at to fornj, Riy rrin deslra beinjs to
procUirp jr,j adterance to the seotiin.nl
pf the iittKQil ackson, 'Th -Union,
t must and sbU be preserved."
I hive the bonor to be. very respact
CEos. nd K. W. WtfouiTiKsds,
Pomaitu of lariutioo,
II.tM AJllllJ.l jlJlVUiiVtli
l( o v vi' i. ywf i' i( 1 1 1 a y 1 mi j r iff c .
I t I A 1 I I. I I V II 1 k 'l I -I I. I'.-. I. t
' "vY"" ' ,V
M unit ml f i.i ti . 1. . 11 1 rti iinf.e A Inc.
- ...... ... .vmmv im.i'imo rni'ii .. w mo
rhdlil Ci: ur Al.l.hixr, . r,;t
' th't'rv hf:l.nt muHtt.fi if(.o .Vi-6-.seaU
Yrf,0f ''';-'-'".'' V '-
" u """''"f"-
.r,Ywi huud and fur .. .-Sff O
" . . Yh I M hiu
N.w.r.r.r Sub.crip.ion id ACrmi. .,.Bejj&c.
ritaii.i.PHi., Ni.w i.k. IUto .ml lMt;!0r
T.-oaa. w .,l..,.,,l .,,1 to ,,,e,v, hu.I
'"''pt f fitUuii'Uon iinii btlvcrtiHimnt lor
... i . i .1 i
dartdal ordef t,?.f,.,ow tlie Ueniocrats
allU "onesl "mgsana rreeooue.s
We copy entire the J'ol!owin com
munication from th last Jac,soi Slan-
ot V niton to what i.ow, mka.v, cow-
a r dly lying these Black Uepublican's
can resort to, in order to keep afloat
their if.?, knowingly published pre
teeding the late election in this coun
eriehed, ,iy:
Mrstni. M-atucws & Latnu:
I . lid uot expect (0 trouble you or the
rPaiers of 1 he Standard again, by nolic
to jg ,,e siiu- aui ulnrt of the edi tor
,;1C MtArthur Democrat; but as he
jappeors to think he has got the animul
. i... i . 11 ir
COU,U5r; DUl W"el1 1 8laleU ,n" l"e '""
...r.L.i i:..i. 1.... .1 . 1 . 1. .. .1
lur ui 111.11 uiue iuw Tuiyar mcci imu
lhat the animal is not enlireW subdued
yet, and to bew are.aa it is dead, on Rreen
thing, especially w hen they are as vet-
dam -the editor of the w'uisitey
Vinton county, i atKnowledue tha'.lthe
neter hfeeu Lmurn In mihlisli '.nil one
,ru,h gtal(1 hl)t trf r)tlM llial i(i
were,Cm,ditej v 1 1. Uratton, or knows any
wiiatjti,ing ,,f tie character of his paper.kivows
be true. Please Mr- lirattou to iu
slave form )our reader of any on truth(w here
minluiatter of tact vas involved that has ev.
rr hppn nn c i in mnp ivmpr un urn1
I was misuiten when 1 predicted
llarj would gel a majority in in '.on
the;extept tie Pne t.xpresHe(1 j,, lhe f0i0w-
ing brief but comprehensive langnnge
-ani o ,,ow true. "The editor of the ileni-
ocrat is a Jiitkass." Cut -forgive him 0
jshades of blackstone, lie knew not
did; the first and last truthful Fen
that he has ever published, May
t perpetuate his memory till his paper
. .. . .... - '
nu inin iUn hnn.l. r on,..
!--! ......... u. ai... ... ....
.u-lin Cn.ll iMrp,nllJ,I,,f ll,.
, " .....-........ .v...
; Are the reade m of tho Standard apprised
r. i- - . .i .. . . .
mi me iaci uiai i:us same oral ion iy
. ... :
small majoniy, v.a, elected l'roseculing
Attorney of A'inton county, Rut it may
i'oie askeil how it rame I lid I a man
couii'.ry?chardc!er of Crattmi, w ho does not
sess the legal abillity to fill thin or any
t ,nnv-tiiPs
t p)S.
other ollice, who never -was employed
Iwjas at'orney in uny cace except in some
1 low vulgar dirty case that no respectable
would be einploed in, Has the
Democratic party wl Viutmi county-come
I.----.1 tir.it J .1
10 auiu a ,bi vv en, 1 cn aiBsure
reaucrs 01 nit om liiarci.iuai uie re spec i
the table portion of lhe Democrats of Vin
(heir io consider themselves bored over
lliu .li.nllllil l,f Ttr.ll-in fhpv fint-PDPll.
elected meu in this county
honest, capable and true; but no
'man nte.teinls to claim unv of these ntc-
jessary commodities for tho Prosecuting:
n ttomey elect 01" Vinton coun ly; and
the great secret of his election may be
(explained by sm'.ing the fact that
! I ... 1 . . n .. f !. . I.
, uugery anil w iusny innueiice oi uu"'
.....ia .1. ........ I. i ... I unit
.... iii.uwi. I...... ""
....... f . 1 r .... . . I. I -
- ..e u. u, , c; uiai M ,pi,,
ueuiocrats uici not erase :11s name, and
1...., 1. 1, r..
ly on election day Hut he w ould not
Igec one fourth the -Democratic strength
in any town-hip in the county; mid by
offcarelessness in those who were anpos-
ed to his e'ection in not erasing his
na.i,e,one of the best of lawyers waa de
feated, and the Jack elected, to the dis
appointment ol every body but degery
keepers and grog bruisers. Hull un
derstand that he hit lhe promise of lhe
legal advise and counsel of an emi
nent old lady ljvingin the eastern part
of this comity, w ho-is to attend to busi
DesS of iuiporiancP.anJ also take (heed-
toriol m'iiiagm,:iit ol 'lie M Arthur t.ein
.icrat; ttirrclore e expftl ol) who via..
late any la-A-, by kcepinga doggery gelt
ing drunk, theft, robbery, or any other
crime, to be dealt with bjK. A- Cratton
il-co in late-st and movt approved
CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Oct. 22. 1855.
There you have it, foader! What
a beautiful, chaste communication, for
a writer who starts out with restrictions
on our vulgarity. What think vou,
fellow citizens of Vinton whether
Democrats, Whig.?, or Fre Soilers
to being' charged as doijijcry-keciiers
and crori Lf liters, because you voted
1 Jt . . i......,.i .
ior US.r IS It hot FViutMiie, utjuuu n
doubt, that the cause of this corrupt
opposition is on the wane? But this
couimwjical-inn, reader, unfold noth
ing new to us; it i the sania that this
Republican scoundrth and some ol
his co-laborers, in flanderinjj their
neighbors, published, merely to catch
votes precctdiug, and 011 tlie morning
of, tlie late election, at divers points'in
this and Jackson county, lo wit: Thai
E. V. Binwiiam had bought votes up
with whiskey. We have no doubt
soaie men voted lor Habu upon the
strength &f these representations, for
they were made by some men who as
serted it in positive terms, and by merj,
too, who professed to be bonxtet men
and Christians, (Heaven gave this
mark of their character!) But no
man, wiu) is at all acquainted with'
Mr BixQHiiS, telieved it for a rao-ita),
ment, .
Aaother kcowo and vilfu! lit; pnb.
llished in an eMra that written and priii-
l,,,l .v SNI I,-.!, .I.n- inr.l i.Kt IIP.
More the election from the StanUtd 0!.
liie i;i Jackson, is cf the same ilnr.
act it and no C.nM Jiom llie tainp
source, to wit: "That Hinuiia Slid
;li8 woulJ lather vote J or a red inotiliied
j Irishman tlisna VIii." Ami agaio,
jot' our present Auditor, liotliey d in
'not attack under a responsible dime,
lin minni niniic shepf. tti-T av. llO
is Joe Mi;-c Ua i AmLtorol in-,
lou county, aa l a Kouun HtUolic, as,
;all nKa here knowto lie lalse; and lion-
patties, put their
north-east CCIIier Ol Clilltoa to., thatl
; I..:.. . .1 1. ;.. ll... , . rl
i"e -.
ir . .1 - I. i" I .1.1
1 1 ,1 t'i iit niii 1 1 1 1 n r it- .inn r it n r
f ' 1
;U nreu here k
'est men here ol
of condemnation on the authors.
Again, it was reported of u?, in the
) north-east corner ol Clinton to., ilia.
' we rounieflancec aim up am oiuerj in
iVi "
idelended damkards and dn.ukeness,-"
We would not contrulirt this in;
own ccunty; hut as it has hreu her-
j ,Jfd e tt
j , , 1
.,..... ... "v-. ... ...
I 'IMIi:i-f III LilC ai.tl i;L'l 3 Ul L 1 1 1 a HkMt.rLI
"lvepublican," we deem it a duty we
owe to onrsclf, vur family, and our
friends who supported us in the late
campaign, to state, that there is not a
man in Vinton county who ever sau
is under tlie influence of liquor: and
that we do not use, nor countenance
the use of ardent spirits in others; and
further, we cm, it it were necessary,
pjoduce tlie affidavits of every client
we have hr.d in this county, i i these
.i .t ..! -...1..
e8 "luor KLlt 34 l,a appear .i me
' 11 .. . 1 . . 1 1 . . .. 1. .. .1 ...
( itecorus 01 our isouii.-: lile uiu
. .
lujuorcases, that ve Have earnestly
, . . i i . . i i
uut in Kindness io tnc erring i auv seu
and counseled theuv. to 7ci-c off mild-
liuj hquor. C never did believe that
tcu.pciance cO'i'.d be ptomoU-d by '.eg-1
lislation oo tin; subject, simply because,
f,d. e 11 ai )'ou w 'ou ,m,il "viuepapen
;0,1J ol our natural rights; and we now ,
submit whether the present excess m
orRaii'drinkiiig, that we witness daily, is not
lesult ol this attempt to lorce men
this or that particular course ol J
moral conduct iiut let us lool; l j
of the State vs. Junks it was com
menced before Esq. Sisson, a Wiiig
Justice of Elk tp., and consequently
will be claimed as one of the temper
ance decency men of the county what
did he do? Why, just what the Dis
trict Court of your county, by Judse
1'kck, who pfaiiounccd the decision.
said he ought
not to have ooue, aud
just what we conteiii.cd, as the Atior-Lre
ey of Jonks, he ought not to hue
what!done, lo wit: bjund said Joaks over lo
I Court, when he might to have dis-
'charged him. Why? Because lie'is
h,i ;,,,..li,.tmii l...l.i. I... .......
imu ii. iui .jv4.M-.... . .v ii ao
i . i .
...i..,..., i ,.i .t ii-nt , iia iiiiiiniiu ii
' . . . .1 I
nn c inn, I 1.1 Hi .-jo
4 IIV AV- VVI V4J Ww ...... tiasu VIKV
, , ' . . . ,. in
: inn. ipiI nnil Iwpiitv.llCP do .lis.
: , , , v- ,
M? Ux-payers ol V iton-
Hie noiiesi tax-payers oi v inion
would hold all of us concerned, equal-jtlle
' ly M popular if this case had been dis-
LiiwJijU.ail.a .I.KiiiP. wliPi-P. i
all reason,
llie!l,ave tlmg Cctses-done?
whoTlght, to wit: take more care of the
morals ut our youth; adv r and coun.
sel them; and enjoin it 0.. jn.ni, as a
du'y they owe lo tbems-jl'.i..'
j alives, friends, society, a:.d '
ltyf (0 glmn dissipa'.i . -..
lieiVour deceit and treael.-rv;
' . . .
t onuwp I ipse tllllKrs II. , . u r-
, sorial circ cs. nor 1. 1 I-.;
" ... 1 .
1 ur.im ilm wliPi.fi
missed -beloic tue Justice, wneie, in,
it .1011 ,1 Iuvp t..mi nam .
, .. w - v-.
1 ake the case, too, 01 tue cnate vs.
Mim.ehj this case cost the couuty the
sum of over Iu(J. j
I We ask the question now, what good
Do man dunk
a single diop less than if tlipy never
had been commenced: We Ihinl: not,
and feel that our own course has been
.heir rel
i ir coun-
e. . -side
''. coun-
f. tmiiies,
oolitical associ.it ons-nodilhiicuce
' , . ,. ,
. ...i.i ...tt...i
iruni wiiiiw i-.wiM.-u
blanua llii.-y may
and our word for it, order
and g0d citizens will crown yuiir, ef-
torts, .
Our neighbors, and all with whom
.we .have either social or business as-
sociation, know that we strive to act
upon these principles to liieui we sub
mil the matter and other lies set albat
against us we can outlive them all.
That we neglect many moral duties,
we are free lo' admit; but, at the same
lime, we would be sorry to exchango
chaiacters with the cowardly scoun
drel, who will attempt to slandtr any
man under the assumed name ol -'Ke-
ublican." "
Oil, thou slanderer!
"Foules-. w help of sin:''
"With ton"u sel 011 lire ol hell--
With heart black as death
Willi legs luint with haste,
To propN'gute the lie your soul has framed.
Vou, wlio destroys lln peace of lamilies;
Who exults in leproached iniiocuiice;
Who tiiuniphs in broken frindsliip, "
And joureieated strile ol BioiIkiIiooiU,"
Read these! Then go seek the com
pany of those lools, forsaken ol Goo,
and to themselves given up. Then, 011
the morrow, early rise and make more
"hellish meals ol good men s navies.
And when vou are brought to reflect,
think of your appearance, w lien called
upon at the final recoiling to hear judg
ment against all ''who bear false wit
ness against their neighbor;" when on
your lace, 4,in cliaraciers of ever-blush-ing
shame, shall appear ten thousand
slanders, all your owu!" ,
--As to the old lady iu the east part of
the county, "'J-ior.iiifoxLi'.. that.lhis.
Black 'KepuUicaa' is the bastard prog-'
eny oi her'i, that has waudered tar
Irom "the household of the jaitlilul;"
atidAe regrets that her dun horse was
so worn down in tlie last campaign,'
that, she ca,tinot visit' her iileguihute
olfpring. ' ' ' v
The old lady of the dun hone, with'
ail her pareniial affection, regrets' thai
her progeny should ' attempt to tnake
Himself so notorious as.fo suppose he
. . , a a
ciinb "up the'stKepspf lamn -by,
writing p4ralogums lor 6uct a tyUfj
,i,eet a the Standard ! - '
Woman's Rights.
V- t. r . ...
- .V . .j. J.. & Illllllllll1ill.il I 1 1 fl .
,1.;. ,,,,... i, rr,. ..:,u ini,.,.Ki
j, pUrj,.jts to he a reply to snifliiinrj
t;Mt nppearvd in llie . Kmv N.it'.iiii
iiee, . iuri.Ucd n.iffficf. Wean'
srjiris,'J to see Woman's liiits advo-
Lale. ,v1jie fleralJt as n.e A79 loKI
J-ditors have been ,i:i nikclo'li and
ias,s since (l0 (- election, and we
' .1.:. .1 .. , ..
VV'e did not see the -article in tlipliu
Itrau arKl woud ,-(, ..v. & ."
s;iai 1.,... .1.., .,.;.:,,. nmi rA.en, tn
.jlcll9 Tiiese are serious times we i
jve jn ajlj iia ex.)ec serious nues-
,ioM .
McArthur Politics.
There is, as w e a,e i 11 for m e J ,e general j
" " ri m . now rtn.,i
" . -; -
'"(,5''M'I'',,S' ""'I
' ' ' .'".l.e. li. ' been ItTfZ
,.s,"dl t,u-lJt' . ." Marle.t lor (
I purpose of p.tn.g h.w -lov,-,, beca.ue
, he made a reitia.k -about hanup fome
unnocraiie litef, on the day prece eiliiia
business: Some two or three blierid'j
sales in cases where we -vere the A.tt'y
and stated to the eherilT that wa wanted
10 do our 01m printing, are puhlihlied
in the lust llearld,ti profess .leutral pa
per.but vhicliwas started for
lo t.r k g t limc
the Lleoiioii. This spirit of opoi lion ;
las been carried out by some of them
in every sence of the v.otd, we have Isli
it 11 o t -a 1 j 1 1 1 e in our press opperaiions
So far is this thing curried, Unit we
cannot even have the control of our own
press. It
iiiieiiiizn .il nn inn ,1 n t.- n n,, ri"3 II ic
j'u,vn VI I'UUli UUltll I'll! '1.31, ( U
lhe nr4. time i u out life (hat a sheri ni
.ag ever t,tnA ,,. f ,K
recll)lg our w blls;lie3S. ailll llie ,vho
we have done buisiness for have asked u
why we did not nulilifch ilie sales in the
Democrat as ihey did not take the other
u e woinu iihc louate
excuse for t ils matter put ,
" public- A wing slloo1'8
T "s""1 "e wou t t i T ,"s.
If?, j.. '1. ,C., .. V. .;'..: i , .. "'"'and
,,(1,isle(n L ' "n0. :,frs0ll1l r I
1 0o k -d i r. to this thin, b ut have some unison
Herald's Politics.
ny man w no uouuis tnai me ivnnw
Xoiliing llearld of this place is not a
political sheet in di,guisr ..let l,.,r . ie...
I rU'w iLtUtt
t.:i ..r c......
(Mi)iiur, u nmiuiia ouciiii ut cmi.
Ifonl letter writer.lo cast blame upon the
t ()flire d .-.fln:Pit b,.CBUKe ,, ey send
m(lils ii:Porjillg ,0 ,v aiu i,ich,they
gworn lu ju. This letter is of the
SBIIie Mripe as the one that the ciirW ,
, jeu rereiveil from Kansas, lies "fta tnd '
tu enV but the beauty ol thu matter !
to see menir.l sheets publishing!,,
IiIifkh n,,liii,-l uitacks noon Die udmiii-i
i .
. .
!we receive reularlv manv I
J "rZiu l amioun.'
n ti a ,co
l. j ill 1. 1. 14. II III h. l 1 A I I . V f 1 1 r. 1 1 1 i r. i
-Tin's spirited an I ah'c sheet ( winch j
.1 . . . x . I
tliallkS lOi
- . ' - r ' v
propr.e ors,) has announced a nw.
co-partnerslnp-the old firm having as-1
! wcwted with them Mr. Form an, air
;'snc a en w in ineni .wr. r orm a n, bu;.
muuMrious nnu rciiiuic uemucmi.
, .
Messrs. Esiiguun S Bollmkybu
still continue editors. Our friends'
1 . 1 - '11 1 11 1 !
ivishinrr a ' Dai v' s ion d sn h.'cnbe.
" - v -
[Written for the DEMOCRAT.]
Mr. Editoh:
A few weeks ago, in norususing
the "Mineral Region Herald," I found
a contribution from an unknown Den.
on lhe subject of "Woman's Higlits;"jthose
and, nlthougli lam not aware who the!
sublime an J penetrating author is, I in
ler from the general topics ol the sub
ject, and the manner of treating them,
that, though the author may arrive at
that point in life which looks upon the
generality of mankind as beneath their
feet, both in a literary and an intellec
tual point of view, as yet can say very
little from experience, that best of all
For my part, although 1 do not ex
nect to -treat the subiect in a manner so
eloquent and sublime as it has been
heretotore, ana even uy my young
friend, the author of the communica
tion in the Herald, I must respond to a
call which is calculated to be of such
minute importance to mankind. It is
not my desire, however, lo enslave the
lemale sex; I, too, am a female, and it
is not natural to suppose that a - person
utterly detesting "Slavery" in every
torm, as I do, should encourage the
binding and enslaving of their sex,
I, too, am a lemale, and I have lived
to see the world for me arrive at full
maturity ffnd age I have witnessed
the rising.and setting of many suns 1
have enjoyed hours of pleasure and
yet, I have not lived this long without
many seasons of biterness and regret,
and why should I not, in common with
the world of mankind. If we were
doomed lo witness nothing but unceas
ing pleasure while residents of this
'mundane sphere' if our moments
could be nothing but raptures of har
mony and bliss it we were to dwell
in the suushiue of endless pleasure
it' wu were impenetrable by tho attacks
of temptation and sin, and consequent
ly by nature fit objects lor Paradise,
how could we enjoy the pleasures ol
that eternal state of joy and peace in
Heaven, in the language of Holy Writ;
"These lisht afflictions which are but
Tor 5 "Tliorrrent -work--out-.-ior. ui a far
more evceeding and eternal weight of
glory, unless we participate with Uie
rest of mankind in the sorrows and dif-j
liciilties of this life, how can we ex
pect to share with them in those joys
which render earth endurable and heav
en desirable. - v . "
'Asa female,' I have often drank to
the dregs "the cup of , lu'icri'oiUy. .
have" sometimes' Ireard men say, ' we
educate and train the minds ol our
sons aod daughters in such a manner as
will redound to their hduor aud ox Al
lalinn imnil f nl'inrl i, lliair roc nail i l a '
' ...I. . .. t ... .11 I. . . I 1. ., . I
s ' llTfs 1)11 IVC SO hj'l II IfSr UI IIIUJI-
'children rimless thpir mindi are dis-
; posed lo shallowness) aspiring after
.uiy tiling iinliccomin:,' to their respect--her
uo'luosft. rv' seid 0111 do tve finJ n
man (unless lie lie one wiine heral ,
Ihe.ltni.wl.-d i limited) cd'fatitr,'
fdKi;hter ex luivelv to tlie !mv or 1
llie a, and dent iivr'tlieni the ntivilep;
t..r ..1 .:.:.. .t.- ..T :.. .
culinary orransPiiieiiti, &e., which
iis neceisarv to calculate them lor luliire
.-oninli-te: and emiailv dm seldom
we (ind parents raisin': their sous ex-
iivr nt those d.vmrees of moral nnd in.n'ip
. .r ....
itellectual excellence, which adorn the
clusively for lemenine dutiec, ami de.
'pricing tl.rm of the pricilege of nniv-ori-inaliy
, a ii.ncn ,t.,nrA r m,,! .,,,!
u' 1 r . ... 1
,,c iimi- a irw (ill 11 li-nriiiJuuiu
w nre tiankful to say their num.
iiif r islimilpa, ami we Hope the day is
last approaching when they will he !
lt0,"e gradually and "heaulilully Ics."
- j 7
s a o ,r.Ic, we tU'
imir fena in tue op.nmn uiai seems so
particularly einpitasiseu in toe article;
and would 1 not hedoing injustice to
liny sex, to myfi'lf, and to prsterity, to
iicny any sum a sentiment
l,i-o7(ij is viitn's r!(ir''
F.s mat
Yes, 1
teel that Ironi all tune a-nd to all etern--idratioii
she must and will be so. Uut the
Cjiiestion arises in what that (quality i
in what way and in what re?-
peels this equality is so vividly seen?!
Are lucre not circumstances in wnich ,
il is as iipof?sibI for man to discharge:
isillC d'.i'ics ol the female sex and "vice
LIU UH:: S U I LIIM 1 I III il 1 H SH Hill "I 'H
- - - - .
versa," ns it is for the cardinal points.
oi space east aim wesii io mcci; i,uo
also answer Yks!'
We find, by relerence lo "the Boolt'jthe
of Books," that in the beginning Cod
createa all tilings, ana "lasi oi e;i i
... ..... . . i I
jaud lie man alter Ills own likeness and,
jn,asV mul to him gave He the pow-
tr and "dominion over the beasts ol
itl,e litld and over t,,e ''owls ot 11,0 nir
over the lisli of the sea," and that
He gave the control of all the things ;
the earth into the hands of man.
...I .i ... i . . i i .i i.
i lien nils is to ue consiuert u me spneif
of man, He w ho cave the hsh their
ihniln in lli liollnrnli'ss dppn. nnd to
t,e )ows ttieir alj0(lu ln tle a,r anj
Li n,,n i.;rt reyneclive dominion.
jjcsined it 810UJ JC maintained and
And as fish when deprived
lot their meai)3 cl sustciuui'e and su!i-
. . . 1 .
I" 11 "! ll,.c ;u"uu ul T ul 1 ;
ed to dwindle and perish, so is man
when out of his respective attimdo anil
Isphere. But women! '-Oil thou vast,
incomprensible being!" from whence
hast ll'iou derived the power to conlin
how ue jr, or leave the limits, at thy pleas
T.ecuWarytoth at-.iIU,d you by a just and all wise
1 1 -P v .t... ...... .i. . .;... I .i.
Olt'iltui; ii ue ki; la uii vcu i idi iiuh
. .
... ...i.:.i.
ilJ "-
i over an
seemest disposed to
agency, appointed and
. . , rv . . t
ordained by t eaven irom -t.ie begin-
nimr n nil w nidi i nsi open ai'knnvv Ipi irpd
o . c ,
and revered Irom lime 1:1111
1 -......
I , ,
1 at thou 111
, , .. ,. , , m i .1
this land ol light and liberty art degra-:
.10 vui. ... ' - :.. ,i.
lmniemor a'jler
gency " has
... 1 , I.," tin..
ue nnu, ' 1
Poim ,' or "ie1,tt,jr ' U 10
II.IWU. UV wiiiCK wir 01c i'i uiypt-use
.... I
with the present mode of Government '
and submit the jloor with the "itnmci'
tionabhs" to tue female sex? l'ermiti
me, my lemale fiiends, when this I
comes to pass, to make a prediction:'
I I he very moment we submit ourselve:
. to crave su;h things as these when.
vr w -submit ouiselves to forsake
duties, more obligatory upon us !
whenever we permit loose household,
and parental ties lo go to want in order
to meddle with things that don t con-
cern us, tor the purpose ol intf-nnix-i
ing with the alluirs and business ol
men, then I must say farewell to Re-nnlilir-nn
institutions farewell to even
thing we cherish as near and dear to
us by the ties of nature farewell to
evei) thing that we, as females, should
respect and admire as amiable, -lovely 1
and sublime!
"Woman hasamind equal to man.
She can gaze with a heart swelling
with delight upon the brilliant rings 01 1
Saturn, and the Satelitcs of Herchel, 1
...,d 1p insnired with the same nleasti-!
C , , I
rable feelings that "nature is all sub
limity;" and I am thankful that this is
one of those inestimable blessings of
which no power on earth can deprive
her, "Go visit the lamily circle, and
behold there her influence. Look how
alio trains (hat infant mind and prepares
it for future greatness," and there again
we see the predominant feature ol wi-
man s true sphere mere we lioliold
that development, which is beyond the
power ol man there we witness such
results as can be seen nowhere else.
But in return for all this, who does not
do them homage? What is there on
earth and I had almost said in Heav
en! more worshiped and adored than
woman? What ;s there that receives
mote care and attention than the female
sex? What man is there who does
not sacrifice friends, house and home
for the purpose of receiving her too
often deceptious smiles? Where is he
who in the words of "Holy Writ,''
will not "leave his father and mother
and cleave unto his wife?'" True,there
are some exceptions to this as there are
to all rules. Woman, after she has
lelt friends and home for a man, 1
will hot say husband, must undergo
Uie trial of having . nor fond hopes
blasted, upon the shrine of her tirst and
fondest devotions. But is there no re
dress? Can she not pursue a course in
this land of light and liberty, it sue is
truly meriting such redress. and demand
revenge? Is there any land which can
boast ol the emoymetit' ot ' civil and
religious liberty, but what provides lor
the wants and necessities of the female
sex, and thereby bringing them upon
an actuality with Uieir co-Ubocer,
4 - . . . .. 1 .
"man?-. Most certainly, if she locls
disputed to exercise the power ; wjett
I II IllT 1 1 V llltl 1,1 AS 1)1 I '.IB l.tnil. &llfHll
.... ...t I ... Lot --ni I n I.;.. llltl3U iaU
lici. nr U'l nn.'n , in uci iiv.nrirw,,
and Inr posti rit v." sm.-!i a !orce of ie.
'pi-ital.ilry, inllueiipe and r-si.-em, a
daily vvU and cl.'j) irl::K'..t 'ia!l
! i-ilv mnit an i d.-nnnd.
Tlieit ll is my i! iiv moM a?iJireJly to
h'sVlsim all for my e.t wliirli i:i the t-yes
of j.tii p and c.j'nlriy i doxnalile, ami
iii u w ot ym-li cr-rir!i v.-M'nn I ar
.1....': 1 .11 . ,.u- . r.: . ...
an:' l,nt tli it tlie urv.ii.iiuMi. ot thin
iconl'edeiacv. or even the coni.. ol do..
.d.iiiln.uld le .'iven into the hands of wo.
m an, 1 cannot lor one moment ai'ice (
control ol these matlera wai
.)iilpiri"l ii-nu mtii. ivil!iiit
oou-pr nt ' Irniiklr-iiniT llutii In nnv
.1.1. . . c J
other c and ll the conlro o house.
'for if tin? c
,m.Ur ,
.. .1 iv.: v . ..i- 1
nuaii?, ixi H iis l .MHrrrli IIUOII
woman, -without the power of transier-
in ' tlienMo wlionisoevcr they may
please, (hen we arrive at this conclii-
'siou: that there is one of two thin-
im-ontrobrril.il- true "n--- H,n ll...,-
ol fv m ,
imiM ie a revo auon ol oiim
ally Jjn me and I ure, or that mic.i
things never were upon record. Hence,
we me brought to the.;ouclusioi).whic!i
alone (an bo drawn 'horn th.? truths
'lueseirting themselves (n;ni a due coil-
ol boili sides of the ques
ity, (ion, which i, tlmt there is a wai.t
of ndaptness in the oiiginal ami organ
consists ic s'.rtictute of the fenuilc sc: fortho
a r.ayculino
f crforniancc cf duties
natnro. ai:d hence an imnionrielv in
their rcnuii ing any such reform in tho
original and prenent state of th
I1T1 M m Qt.il li-.iLf.i,f k -i n t nnn-
. -0 i, i kik) i;irpciu ruir; m 1 1 I j
and not only this, but what shall'we
ior a snusti.ute tor woman in her
original and respective sphere? Shall
i.-istitution ol an aged and rctiownrd
social circle be forever dispensed with?
..in a ll the car v laidin-' am slinniii?? or
. J I c
llnwig, so lar-rly Hpoko-.j of in tlm
-ilcald," be lo.everdoue own)? And
Icon her prayer, tears an I svmpuhies
't0 ioUvu Vlie deathbed seen, be Int;
o( !i..hcd Irwu the annals of liiit-irv?
Certainly not. lint, peril ing it i'j tlie
intention to have m.in step into their
, i . . ...
sii ties anil perlonn the dudes whicii
nre obligatory only on the "pm
s?" If so, j my Jicfirr.il .fjr-
js a want o adapt-
nt woniiin to
fHi j( l!l(,r0
'i..iiir,ttc .., il.
perlon,, the ilu.i'n'of man, there is
Lblo a want o. competciuy on tho
n;ut oi men to i,e, oiiii He . -m and
i i . '
mmiiy mnics in Mi-I
would red urn lo
kind m, ( :uih, and tho
n manner as
wllareol inan
c'Mopl'.tioii ot
tue ill-sign- of (Jod in rejer.-m.-e to
man's Micial and denial 'intfresf.
And u'l ''woniRfi i man's equal;''
and 1 am proud tint an Oiniiieient
Being .should so exercise the govctV
meat of His el'eaiures that "Deniii-
a-Htiu" in Mcinles must forever l ie-
vail. Eiu.-iions may com:: up, and ut
iU.d tor a short time meet the fn.-ndly
j ,l, i" i i. ,.,..:
i""muii ui a mi jit-.suuj nii'Ji ij-
tin n, l n
-o -o
, ,..iV s.;,i(. ni ii.,, m,Ps!ion. butuii :,i
,i due consideration they are loimd wai.-
111 equal lights prcpoudei-
way fin day last hasten, w in
women ol America vliail Icam
I 1 ir
J. llOUl,
i'n. in wl.fuu: tun; cojiUMiliuciit spring.;.
Il;':ir',ttlls' 3 "f b,l,','i
placed iu o:.e cr and stir'.el lor
Jii't us we urn going in press we Iuvb
received reliihie iifcws of another hirt
ren.iiu dijusier ou 0:10 of lhe St Liui
we rn
liouis. one cu L n i 01 iiu it m.i te 1 -,m
started ut ihe s,nn tini.. Th D
were 1101 all taken from ilia
when lust hiitnl from, the ar-ci-
dent happened by the filliaj; d nva of a
we clip the following from the
.St. Li uis Democrat, of last Friday at y
'0 clock r. M.
When the engine had jn.u reached the
'erlgp of the. (eemid pier, the weight if
"iiight or ten of heavily -laden rm
too grpat.mid the timbers g-ive way n,i
rrih!n cmsIi. .Tha fall wu nbj-it
lhir'y lhe pace between .tlm
I,iers w,",e Ca VVf,re V'viM
.. Biirr..- 11I nrvhiiiil t'fit-nr.iil vvithmnl
.liendi-:,. ;
rocks and smd. instead of water, as.w:e
have stated above. All the train was
pipcipitaled, with 1I13 exception of una
'f the liiudmost car3 and llie locomo
tive attached iu rear. The cra.-h and
iho shriek of tho passenger as lha
bridge g:ive way, are reprcsmited as
most terrible. 1 The forward , engine
hiving just reached the second pier,
wenldowu with the train anil a it felt
turned completely over and back upon
the nearest cars, crushing the timber!)
and passengers in the most appalling
manner: ,"1 he . middle cars were badly
crushed by llieir'own weight, and iho-je
iu the rear precipitated witli greil vio
lence over the abutment down upon thn
ruins beneath. One car which had been
set apart for the company of the St.
Louis Gray, by some kind fortune,' was
hrown over 011 its side am ao preserved
from being crushed, and its passengers
from the terrible fatality attending the
other cars. The carriage also badly in
jured, and cosequeiuly its load of rrtnnan
being saved from such dreadful injury.
At the time, of the accident a severe
thunder storm was prevailing; and it ii
related to us that the merciless pouring '
of the rain and the roar arid flash of lhe
angry tempest mingled. with the. crios
of the wounded aiid dying, ftiade tip a
picture harrowipg beypnd any "thing
the mind can imagine." -
Tliore; ho. were able-to extricate
themselves from llie" fuiiiB, and were
unhurt, immediately joined in superhu
mi a exertions 10 rescue their- coinpen
ions and frieuda from their terrible situ
ations. At the time tbe train Jeft rtha
sceiieVthe work had not beerr-finialied,
and toaoy werejBtill buay in exploring
the rubish of tlife dlsjoirfted "and broken
carriages, and ministering teliaf tha
suffering, whila other eruployed-ihem-
selves m disposing of, tlie bq'ilieoj-tha

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