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Iht rem hiehut miikct price, on Sub-
ion or Alur:imtita, ut I A is ccr.
v m not refumd.
enrf off blank r 'quirt J under trie Jut
' Code. for Jut':c t of the Ptaee. art eon
. y kept on hand und for talc at thit Of-
't will be rtoticed by 4he Governor's
" lama'ion, in to-day's paper, -that
'a ..L-sday, 22d inst.,4s set -a,part as a
; , v of tharikteivinz and -prayer. We
rely hope this day will be observ'
: and that all eood Christians will
. ..; for th safety of our National
-. J State GovernnTents, We believe
. there never was a lime that tne
'. ..ite and the National Governments
. 0(3 more in need of a special inter
jiLioii of Providence, than at the
r;it4 save and except the time that
I; luioilal Vashinoton appealed
. he God of our Fathers in our be-
''jr. MtDiLi. would have been do
; ;.. .hing !?ss thin his duty to call
! .-ople Ic prayer, if there never had
. sudi a precedent set; all men will
c nviiiced of this when they reflect
t'.ie urch traitor, S. P. Chase, is
Governor and that we have a com
.able Fusion Legislature, perhaps
thirds of which are .oath-Loond
tors to the State Constitution, andja
. : .te delegation to Congress who are
: favor of a dissolution of our glori-
Union. If it dont require Hood
r, ell as prayers lo save us Irom the
vrith now brewing, we missouruess.
Hurrah tor the S..& II. V, R. H.
The track on this road wae completed
o the "junction," at Hamden, under
tbe tuperintendance of our worthy
friend, McDowell, on the 10th inst.,
and lat the M. & C, Road in the lay
ing down of the (rack some 'two or
three hundred yards. This completes
the two roads to Hamden, within sev
cn miles of McArthur.
The work on both ot these Roads
pushed on with the utmost vig
or, until the M. & C, Road is finished
to b ind Furnace and tbe S, II. V.
Road is completed to McArthur. We
hope soon lo announce the lime tliat
Bro. McDowell will cause the loco
motive to snort within the limits ol
our incorporation. We believe it will
not be long, as no man is better calcu
lated to drive on tne work; and we
have every reason to believe, from what
his already been done by the President
and Board of Directors and other ol
beers of our Road, that the means
push it lion? will be raised. So mote
it be.
Oua Court House. This building
in its completion moves very slow.
The contract with the Commissioners
was to have it completed by the 1st of
January, 1856. The lower rooms for
officers are not yet completed as was
expected by the 1st of November, '55,
It will hardly be finished by the 1st of
t Them Taxes. Wonder if "A Seek
er After Truth" would like to have
tbe expeoditmcs ef lus brother Whig
upon the Court Square, curbing, pav
ing, steping stones to the tavern, mill
stones in the centre of the curbing, use
less stone walls, &c, with oUter un
necessary expense. This might be in
teresting to the tax-payerss. Can't
somebody answer? The people are get
ing waked up on these matters.
Graham and Godey.
corning on and the evenings afl'ord time
for reading, our citizens will h well
paid by subscribing for either, or both,
of the above Magazines. The No
vember numbers ot these works are
rich and rare specimens ot Magazines,
Our friends should remember we can
furnish either and the Dimocrat one
year for Z 00, Send in your names.
The friends of War Golden, Esq.,
ot Alhens, sympathize with the family
: &( Bro, Goldkn in the loss of his son
Elca, who died at Columbus, on the
C.h ult,, after a few hours illness, in
tii 21st year of his ag. At the -time
i f his decpae he hd charge of oiie
pt' U.e lUlii ot' thy Lu;,alic A'j!uni,
nd was a young man' of niucb prom
irt ix4 flsejuln1.'
Post Offices.
Mr. McManncs it informed that
his Road Notice came too late for in
sertion in last week's paper. Our mails
in this county are geting to be more ol
a nuisance titan anjtiiing else. Per
haps e have loo many Know olh
ings in cflicej if any iu the county we
wouJdlikeio know it, so that we would
not sf nd an) thing of any account thro
their offices, and that we might advise
our friends not to transmit money or
anything of value iu through llieir of
E.scoubaok Home Industry. We
call the attention of our friends to the
card and advertisement of friend Mc
Laughlin, in to-day's paper. Mr.
McLaughlin is a new citizen, a first
rate mechanic,& a gentleman in w hom
our friends will find entire satisfaction
by patronizing, we believe. Call and
examine his siock,and encourage home
Real Estate Agent. A. II. Samt
so it comes out this week with a new
card, which see in another cdlumn,
Mr, Sampson's motlo is, "Second to
none." We wish him success
More About Slavery.
The.slave Demotiscy of Ohio
sere rely rebuked, and we hope the re
buke m ill not be, by them, unheeded.
Iheabore is a specimen of the slang
Lirh t-!! th .boliiioa i.riiits of ilik
slate. 'Slave Democracy,' 'Slave cxten
sinn JJemocracy, end oilier equally uig-
niCed terms, are useJ by the disunion-
isia in the abbeuce of facts an l argu
ments. -Slar Democracy,' quotha!
When or where did the Democratic par
ty of Ohio, or any ofiis members, ad-'
tocaie Slavery! We repel the charge
asfalstvind caiijoa. In thf last
Democratate Contention, which as
sembled ktTfr)MW)utwithe 6th of Jan
uary last, our party took the true Con
stitutional ground on this subject
declaring thai while we are opposed to
Slarcrj and wish to see its aril removed
br all fair and legal means, yet, at the
same time, we will not interfere with
the Tlichts of the other .State, or engage
iua fanatical crusade against members
of the same confederacy.
'The Slave Democracy of Ohio is tti
erely irebuked!' How are the Democra
cy 'rebuked?' pray tell us Acorn
binatiiKt of opposite e ements, unprin,
cipled charletaus oath-bound fanatics,
and office hunting demagogues, by uni
ting together for .place and plunder,
making all sorts of lying promises' and
practising all kinds of low pickery, ac
cidentally succeed to power. What
'rebuke' is therein that! 'Certainly
none lo the honest and unflinching De
mocracy. -who always contend for priu
cfple, whether success smiles or defeat
frowus upon them.
'Slave DemocbacVJ' And this Ian
guage comes from men who ore "the
veriest 'Slaves' thatever trod lh foot
stool of the Almighty! It comes from
the A'now Nothing Slavet, who swore
away their lihertira the moment they
entered a Know Nothing lodge! Tom
Spooner holds absolute control over the
mud, consciences and acts ol more
'slave' 4 n Ohio, than can be found in
any State South of Mason and Dixon's
Line! ibesa 'blares are compelled to
vole just as Tom Spooner commands
them, or be branded as 'perjured scoun
J re Is.'
iei us bear no more aoout 'Mave
Demoracy,' from oalh bound Slavet.
Mt. Vernon Banner
Can a Runaway Slave own property
—Important Decision.
The Philadelphia papers mention a
curious and interesting case now befor e
the District Court in that city. A
slave by the name of Robert Thompson
Tan away from Virginia about 1832 or
1836, and came to Philadelphia, where,
in the oourse of a few years he purchjs
ed a lot of land and built a house. In
the mean time he had sent to Virginia
fo: his wile, .free woman of color, by
w hom he had ten childenr Before her
arrival, however, Thompson contracted
a marriage viih a colored wqinan in
Philadelphia- The Virginia wife on
arrivin g and finding how things were,
Uo married another man. Thompson
and his first w ite dted, and the house
and properly were left iu possesion of
the second wife. Now, however, a
daughter of the first or Virginia wife
has -brought an action of ejectment, to
recover lh property "of hei father.
The first question raised by this action
was: Could a wuaway slave hold pro
perty ia iFeimiylvania 1 The court
decided that he could, except that the
maBter might come and retain him and
take possession of his propei-iy. Jiut
until proved a fugitive, and reclaimed,
the colored man. The next, and more
difficult question was: Whether the
cohabitation aud -refutation o f the
parlies in Virginia constituted valid
marri sg, and tnad lha pWdviff in this
rase the legitimate child tad ieir of
her father? The Curt was rather in
clined to -believe the marriage valid,
and the child legitimate iu th eye of
the law, Tbe jury brought In verdict
for the plaiutilf' The question whether,
upon tha whole evidence, the -plaintiff
is entitled to recover, was -reserved tor
the Court in Sauk,
An i peal to the European Democracy
(Republican party) has been made by
rvossuth, Mazzini nd Ledru Rollin, an
uouocing that by the fall of Sebasiopol
Uie war l irrecoverably aud indefinitely
j ioluBged it bting imposible lor Jius
si to treat after tir fet, without sink
ing into a fiird rats position, and it
oeuiz impossible fwr Uie allies in the!
1-u.a u( public opinion to offer peace on
tt naerous condition. They call upon
lie huii"wu Democracy now to unit-
6aiusi their eneuju. ar:u act, prucuim
tug liberty tad fraternal association for
Rail Road Verdict in Common
Pleas Court.
The causa of the Pittsburgh, Maysville
end Cincinnati Railroad Company
against John Foster, on hia stork sab-
scriblion.was argued before Jude Alei
ender. bv Messrs, Cowan od Grimes
for plaintiff; and Menrs. Gitton and
Feruuson for defendant. L'elence was
thai plaintiff's charter was defect!? ;
and that def e..dent was to par hla stock
subscription in sawing lumber for plain
liff. The Judge decided both points in fa
Tor of the Company. and judgement was
imdered against defendant for$2,2S7,33
princi)Ml and interest--with fiv per
cent penalty, and costs of suit, Ueiend.
ant appealed,
It is curious what efforts hare been
and continue lo be made through the
column of the Guernsey 7"fa to
poiann the puplic mind against this im
(irovement, iu the success of w hich so
Urge a part of this county is interested.
Will the public good be promoted by
creating a continued alarm about the
stock and bonds of this Company? put
ling forth gran opinions that the char
ter ia void, and all such nonsense.-
The decisioc of the courts ought to si
lence a'. I such legal Jopi niuns. The
President of the Compauy has been
charged with buying tha Editor ibia
paper, So far as such cnarges are concer
ned, we can neither 6e bought nor sold.
All articles.appeajing in our columns,
as Editorial, we are responsible for, and
will not shift their responsibility upon
(Guernsey Jeffersonian.)
Whsat is Enolasd Au able writer
in the Mark Laue Express, of October
8th, retiews in a lengthy article tne
state of the crops, and particularly of
the supply of wheat in Europe. The
conducing parag raph, -which we quote,
Rives us in biief the conclusiou to
which he arrives, tic ays :
It will be teen by the above that I
anticipate higher prices for wlieot and
I do not liesiia'e to say that if we wWh
to have a much higher prices iu the
ne xt summer, the sooner we advance so
ai to insure foreign supply the belter;
lor whilst our pnets are behind those ol
France and Germ any, that supply will
inevitably be intercepted before it reach
es our shores.'
The same paper states that the
merchant? of Gopre witch have pet! lio n
ed England and France to permit the ex
port ot grain from the Sea of AzolT, in
neutral vessels and under the protection
of the Allied lag.
Piisoxebb ik Jail. There are one
hundred aud fifty prisoners in the Coun
ty Jail at this time, the4iumler increas
ing daily for several weeks, in conse
quence of no Crimniul Court being in
session for some time lo offer the usual
means of clearance. Of the above nura
ber about thirty are females, committed
mostly iu default of lines and for disor
derly conduct;, very 'few for vagrancy.
There is but little sickness among the
two cases of were ou
Cin. Enq
William Medill, Uoverjiob or the
State of Ohio.
In pursnance of an usage, established
and sustained by the annual recommen.
dations of the General Assembly, thro
a long series of years and which usage
has always found a sanction and cheer
ful acquiescence in the hearts of cheer
ful people
I, WILLIAM MEDILL, Govebfob or
the State of Ohio, do by these presents
appoint and net apart THURSDAY,
VEMBER next, to be observed as a day
GOD for the manifold blessings of the
year which is about toilosa.
While war, with all il attedant evils
has been convulsing the nations of tbe
old world, and pestilence has been per
forming iis work of death among a portion
ol our own brethren in the south,
the people of Ohio have beeu graciously
exempted from t lie desulute cosequeuces
of either,
The laws of the State have been duly
respected; national Union, in all its
integrity and force, has beeu preserved
the fields of the hubbsuman have yield
ed an unusual abundance, and industry
in all its channels, has been appro
priately rewarded.
In view of these evidences of Di ine
goodness, 1 most earnestly recommend
that the good people of Ohio suspend
and lay aside all business, upon and the
during the day oforttaid, assemble at
Ihair usual places -of worship, and re
turn their heartfelt tuakcs to almioii
tt God the Acthob of these and all the
other blessings we enjoy, and offer up
their prayers for a continuance of the
Given under my hand snd the
Great Seal of tries tne of Ohio
&$r at the City of Columbus, this
'jf,'lSjtftwe-nty-second day of Octobi-i,
&&P?A. D 1855, ana iu the eigh-
,:Ait. MAar.r iK. r .. .1 .. .: ....
ot tlie 4Jnitea Males,
By the Governor:
WILLIAM TREVITT, Sec'y of State.
In a loug panegyric on the huge im
portance of the huge inland city of
Tiffin, the ildverti&er uiudj up with
following:' '
'As s place of residence for fuu,
politics -and trade this city is unrival
led. We pity every body who don't
live in Tiffin,
Mistaken souls who O.n-ttn -of b!i3.'
In any other pUc. wwu Uiu, '
In the next column of the same pa
per tbe editor gies some of the fruits
of this blessed slate of things ia the
subjoined paragraph.
'During the last year we have pub
lished about fifteen petitions fur divorce
in our paper, and the L-jrd only knows
how many run-a-wty wives.'
C3An Irish woman in Portland, Me.
ave Birth to five clulclem o:i the 12th ult,
4)1 ot whom are alive an t healtliv.
Uncommonly intelligent are ihe Coroner 'e
juries in MissibSipi Recently twelve, men
in Warren County, in that Slate,, teluued a
verdict that "the diceased died from the vis
itation of God, r tebu ottr tfiMas,unlaiovvn
to VttivtjS .. . : , i
Aurora. National Democratic. Convention
A telegraphic deepattb, under rlate
of Washington, noveuber I, has the fol
lowing: 'The Uiiio of this moruing publishes
a call for a National Democratic Con
vention on the 6th of January next.'
Tbe Natioual Convention therefore,
for tbe nomination of Democratic can
didates for President and Vica resi
dents In 1858, will be hell id the city
of Cincinnati, on to 8 th Jay of January
Marbisd Oct, 9th, 1855, by the
Rev. R. Stefhknson, Mr. WILLIAM
PRIESTLY, Esq., and Miss EL
LEN L1NUO: all of Noble county,
We congratulate Bro. Priestly and
his fair partner on this happy occasion.
May they enjoy all in life worth pos
sessin;: including a dozen charming
babies! May spirits of love
minister unto them all, and God appro
ving, bless the Holy Joy.
Merchant Tailor,
Umbrellas, I Cravats,
Suspenders, Scarls,
Under Shirts, I Drawers,
Stocks, Gloves, Hosiery, &c,
Nov. 15, 1833. h.
lie Yo Clolhed!
" Merchant Tuilor, has just
opt-jitM a New and splendid
(ib.-"i'iriPiit of Cloths, Cuosi
iiu lejAScu ., together with Trim
niiiigs, Viiii)! lie is prepared
k) iiiauufuci'ire into every va
riety cf garments to suit cus-T
toniers. 411 work k warranted tojiitaiid not
rip. He also keeps on tand an assortment
ol UeaJy-Made Over-coats, Vests, Pants, ftc.
war ran tod to be well made. Also., Furnish
ing Goods, consisting in part of Shirts, Un-iler-shirU.GIoves.Suspenders,
Cravats, Pock
Et Handkerchiefs, &c, f-c.. &c. Experienced
workmen in constant employ, and all orders
promptly uucu. uaii at the old stand ol U.
w.ac A. J. Uunkle, opposite J. K. & D
Will, before purchasing clothing elsewhere,
. j.jn. Mclaughlin.
McArthur, 0.: Nov. 15th, '55. 4ra
OTKUATE by their powerful influence on the
internal vinccra to purify Ihe blood and stimu
late it iia hcnltbr action. Thev rcramt the
obstruotiansof the stomuch, bowels, liver, mid other
organs of the body, and, by rcHtonnir. their irregular
aotion to feealth, eorrcct, wherever they exist, such
dorangeioenta as are tho first causes of disease
An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professors,
Phvsicians. and Patients, hoi shown cures of dan
gerous diseases almost beyond belief, wcro thev not
substantiated by persons of such exalted position
ana cnaractrr as io roroia tue suspicion ui unirmii.
Their ortilicatoa are published in my American
Almanac, shkta the Agents below named aro
pleased to furnish froe to all inquiring.
Annexed we give uirecuons iur ineir use in tue
complaints which they have been found to cure.
Fob, CosTiVKNEsa. Tako ono or two Pills, or
such quantity as to gently move the bowels. Cos
tivencss is frequently the aggravating causo of
Piles, and tha cure of one complaint is the cure
of both. No person can feci well while under a
costive habit of body, llcnco it ahould be, as it
can be. nromotlv relieved.
Fob Uyspupsia. which Is sometimes the cause
of Coitirenest, and always uncomfortable, take mild
doses from one to four to stimulate the stomach
and liver into healthy action. They will do it, and
the hearhum. boduburn. and toulbiirn of dyspepsia
will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don't
forget what cured you.
For a Fori Stomach, or ilarUi Inartion of the
Bowelt, which produces general depression of the
spirits and bad hoalth, take from four to eight Pills
at first, and smaller doses afterwards, until activity
and strength is restored to the system.
Fob Nervousness, 6ick Headache, Natwia.
Pain in the Stomach, Bark, or Side, take from four
to eight pills on going to bed. If they do not oper
ate sufficiently, take more the next day until tl-ey
do. These complaints will be swept out from the
system. Don't wear these and their kindred dis
orders because your stomach is foul.
Fob Scbopcla, Ehyhipklas, and all Diseatei
; the .Van, take tho Pills freely and frequently, to
keep the bowels open. The eruptions will gener
ally soon begin to diminish and disappear. Many
eVeadful ulcers and sores have been healed up by
the purging and purifying ell'cct of these Pills, and
some disgusting discuses which seemed to Saturn'
the whole system havo comulctcl v yielded to th; :
influence, leaving the sulfcrer in perfect health.
.Patients! your duty to society forbids that you
should p;.raue yourself around the world covered
with pimples, blotches, uloers, sores, and all or any
of the unclean diseases of the skin, because your
system wants cleansing.
To Pt-uiPT tub Blood, they are the best medi
cine ever discovered. They should be taken freely
and frequently, and the impurities which sow the
seeds of incurable diseases will be swept out of the
system like chaff before tho wind. By this property
they do as much good in preventing sickness as by
the remarkable cures w hich they are making every
Liver Complaint, jAOtntcB, and all Biliout
A fleet iont arise from some derangement either
torpidity, congestion, or obstructions of tho Livor.
i orpidi ty and congestion vitiate tho bile and rendor
it unlit for digestion. This is disastrous to tbe
i.i a th, and the constitution is frequently under
mined by no other cause. Indigestion is the symp
tom. Obstruction of the duct wnicn empties tne
bile into tho stomach causes the bile to overflow
Into the blood. This produces Jaundice, with a
long and dangerous train of evils. Costivenes, or
alternately eostiveness and diarrhoea, prevails.
f evcrum symptoms, languor, low smriu, weanuena,
restlessness, and melancholy, with sometimes in
ability to sleep, and sometimes great drowsiness j
sometimes tnore is severe pain m tne sine; ine siun
and the whito of the eyes become a frreenish yellow
the stomach acid; the bowels sore to the touch;
tlia whole system irritable, with a tendency to fever.
which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious
diarrhrca, dvscnterv, &c A medium dose of three
or four Pills taken at night, ullowed by two or
three in the morning, and repeated a few days, will
remove the cause of all these troubles. It is wicked
to suffer such pains when you can cure them for 25
Rheumatism, Gout, and all Inflammatory Fe
rert are raDidl v 'mred bv the purifS inu ellccts of
these Pills upon .he blood and the stimulus which
they atiord to the vital principlo of Life. For
these and all kindred complaints thev should be
taken in mild doses, to move the bowels gently, but
As a DrNXEB Pill, this is both agreeable and
useful. No Pill be made
k fWfK
can more pleasant to take,
and certainly none lias been made more erlccttial to
the purpose for which a dinner pill is employed.
J. O. AYUXl,
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
Sold by GEO. a. WILL and E. A. BRAT
TON, McArthur. O.; J. Vorhee, Albany; K
Culnw. Loaan; Dr! J. H. C. Miller, Jackson
C. H., end by Dealers in Medicines eserj
AUorncy a I law,.
WILLatteud the courts in Jackson,
Vinton, Hocking, Athens, Meigs.
Uallia, Lawrence, Scioto.Pike, and Ross
cou ties. All buiair.ess entrusted to
his care, will, bs promptly attended to.
Persons entitled to Land Warrants,
undtr the late act of congress, will do
well to give him a call, as he has pecu
liar facilities for obtaining (he same,
The highest Cash price paid for Land
Warrants, and ffeal estate, bought and
sold on reasonable terms. Persons wish
ing to sell Keal estate, will consult
their interest by patronizing hi in.
Oak Hill, Ohio.
IIAIiriiK'S sew J10M IILV
DURING the last six months there
have beeu issued of Habfee's Ncv
Monthdy JIaoazins over Eight hund
red and fifty thousand Numbers. The
Publishers may safely to this fact as
evidence of the UHparalled aud conUnt
ly increasing success with which their
efforts to publish a cheap, iuslruc'.iva,
and entertaining monthly have been at
teuded. They renew the expression ol
their thanks to the public for their
constant confidence and support, and
especially to the press for ih substan
tial aid it has afforded in making their
efforts and; publication known to the
American people.
It can scarcely be necessary to add
the assurrance that the plan of conduct
ing the Magazine, which hasproved so
successful, will be continued with in
creased assiduity and care, The want
and tastes of the great mass of the peo
ple will continue to be con suited; and
no labor or expense will be spared to
give them,, every month, the largest
amount of the most interesting and in
structive literary matter, original and
selected, in the best form and at the
cheapest price. Special and increased
attention n ill be to the series of origi
nal illustrated articles, descriptive of
American scenes and historical inci
dents, prepard by tbe most popular wri
ters, and accompanied by engravings by
by the best artists in tha UnitedStattS.
Iu every department of the Maga
zine renewed efforts will be made to in
crease itsability, its utility, end its at
tiacliveness for general readers.
Though it has not yet completed the
sixth year of its existence, Harper's
Magizine has a circulation greater by
many thousand than was ever attained
by any other publication ever issued in
any part of the world. It is the deter
miuatioii of the pulishers that it shall
continue to merit this unparalleled and
still increaceing prosperity.
Each Dumber of the Magazine will
contain 144 octavo pages, in double
columns, each y-ear thus comprising
nearly two thousand pages of the choic
est Misce lie neons Literature of the day
Every Number will contain numerous
Pictorial illustrations, accurate Plat es
of Uie Fashions, a copious Chronicle of
of current Events and impartial No
tices of the important Books of the
Mouth. The Volumes commence Mith
the Nos. June and December; but Etib
scrip'.ions may commence with any No.
Terms. The Magazine may be ob
tained of Bo oksellers, Periodical Agents
or from the Publishers, at 63 a year, or
25 cents a number. The Semi-annual
Volumes, as completed, neatly bound In
Cloth, are sold at Two Dollars each,
and Muslin Covers are furnished
to those who wish to hcue their back
Numters uniformly bound, at Twenty
five Cents each. Eleven Volumes are
now ready, bound. 'Harper's Story
Books' and 'Harper's Magazius' will be
sent to-one Address, for one year,' lor
Fivt Dollars.
The Publisher will supply specimen
Numbers gratuitously to Agents and
FostniaBt errs, will make liberal arran
gements, with them for circulating the
Magazine. They will also supply Clubs,
of t'vo persons at Five Dollars a year.or
five persons at Ten Dollars. Clergy
men supplied at two Dollars a year.
To' provide for the width of sidewalks upon
that part of main street m tne inrorparatett
Village of iUcArtliur west of Boundary
41. Be it ordained by the? Council of the
Incorported Village of AcArthur that the
width of the sidewalks upon that part ot
main street, in 6aul village, we6t of Boun
dary allev, be and is hereby established at
10 ft, and the owner or owners ol lotsabuting
upon the aforsaid part of said main street,
who have not already nutuow-n their curbing
for sidewalks, shall thereafter put down the
curbing for sidewalks with reference to the
provision of this Ordinance, so far as the
width of tbe sidewalk is concerned.
L. G. BROWN, Mayor.
E. B. rccii, Recorder.
Pclia Lodge, No
SOT, of Free and Ac
cepted Masons, holds
a regular Communication at McArthur, Vin
ton county, Ohio, every Saturday evening on,
or preceding each lull moon.
E. A. BRATTON, Sec'y.
Mineral Lodge, No. , holds a ree
ulor Communication at Hamden, Vinton to..
0., evry Thursday evening on, or preceding
D. D. T. HARD, Sec'y.
Ornlmn's Friend Lodge, IT, I).,
holds a regular Communication at Wilkes-
ville, niton countv, Ohio, every Niturdav
evening on, or preceding each full moon.
H. H. BISHOP, Sec'y.
Nampar Snbtcrlpttoa ind drtrtlilnf ifancr
1 II1LAUKLPHIA, r.tW 10RK, ii08T0Kand li&L-
timore, is our authorized agent to receive and
receipt for subscription and advertisement for
10,000 lbs ol Wool Wanted.
I WISH to bur all the wool I can get, and
will ray the highest market prices; '
roar 83,5.-11 J Jt. B. ABBATtOS1.
McArthur, Novem. 15
15 Iron,'"- , . 5ut
:LfBtlit-r. 18h.H
: M'l.anllHl lb....... 10
t .Mol pr rbI. '
.. ,Ndils,3dlol0d, ClO
30 Outs. 4l
2,00 Potato's. Irish. SO
l&.lYoo es, D., 1.2
20 Pork rrtwt 4,00
Apple, D..
But in rn lb..
Smoked 1 1 ins, -
" Sliouhlers,
" Sides,
Beans, V.
Colle ,
Cheese, .'
- lO.SiiKnr N. 0.. . 14
. ' Loaf, lfi
Crushed,- lOnl'4
&.H. ir bb! 3,50
" Tat.le.nr Sack, -37
. C
KfMis pel do-'
Flour rWrhnn. 4,0i
Flour ,wt bhl (fe.OOSoap perlb ......
Flax Seed ' .7.VTeas, V, II. -
Fish. White.
" Markerel,..- fuIO Wheat ptr bo. 1.40
U ides 41 Wool r 1 b- 20a5O
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block
PORTSMOUTH, Nov. 15 1855.
" Crushed.. 10
Apples, Dried :'5
Brooms prtios 4i2u0
Citron Hums jier lb. Ui
Suit, Kanawha, bu. 4i
teas, loose in packs.
" Y.H.,lb. 45a60
' lnier'l,.&5o6r
" Gunn'wdei C5
robac:ot&K. cav.25
" Ya.cav.--20o30
" Sidos
Beans.W.perbu. 3,00
Candles, mould- 15
5Br 21
Cotton Yarns-... l&J
Chueca.W. K,
ll.6,ul. Oil, Lard prgal... 60
ColJ'ne, Rio-
ioui!,iiinsceil" 1UO
6.0t Oats pr, bu. 00
Hour ri bbl St
l'eachcs,Unc(t... 2,U0
Potatoes, Irish.. 125
Foa tliers ir lb... 45
r laxseeti, pr du. l.ooiSBifcmtus pr id
Hsn, tod prlb.... r I allow pi lb.
' Mackerel f.1 22 l iar nr bhl.. .
. 5,50
3 00
.. 1,50
LBrd in lb..... t Timothy seed,
aiolai-scs, U. gal. in lieat pr bu
S. II. " 45
Whiskey, Common 3i
G. S. " 50
Mon'lmla, 50
llye, ... Gq
.. 10to8d ftli
N. 0.... 7ab
PORTSMOUTH, Nov. 15 1855. NEW VOLUME----1856.
Established in 1827.
Devoted to Literature, Art and Fashion
THE New Volume commencing w iih tho
January nnmb.'r, 1856, will contnin over
Tvcelvt Hundred Pages of the choiceet read
ing mutter, Steel and Wood Engravings, ami
Each number will contain a splendid Steel
Engraving; a Plate of the Paris Fashions, on
Steel, elegantly colored; one or inore articles,
richly illustrated wilh wood engravings; mis
cellaneona Prwe and Poetry; an Editor's
Table; Reviews ol New Books; Monthly
Summitry; Hints on Fafeliiou.uml Fu&hionabli:
Intelligence; Patterns for Needle-work, ami
new music, .
The Sieel Engravings w ill embrace finely
executed portiiiits of the celebrated ludy
w riiers of the day, inters)iersetl with a varie
ty ol other subjects of general interest.
The Fashion Plates are engraved on Steel,
after the lutcsl Pur is Fashions, giving out
and iu door costumes for tliu month. They
have been pronounced superior to those pub
lished in any other American Periodical.
The Wood Engravings will lie of tlw high
est finish, and by our htl artists.
The Literary mutter will consist of Histor
ical, liiogiaplneal and Literary Essays, sket li
es of Tiavel, Fine virtu, Novels. Tales, Ro
mances, etc. The Novels and Romances of
Uruhum aie universally acknowledged to ex
cel in beauty and interest any otliers publish
ed in America.
The Editor's Table is made up of Humor
ous Sketches and Anecdotes, Foreign, Domes
tic Diul Literary Gossip, etc.
The nior.ihly Scniuiary of Current Event,
prepared by Win. Down, gives a ciunlenseil
account ol the principal events, which liavtr
taken place iu the World, during the preicd
inonlh. I lie ueviews ol M-w liooKs irorn tne pen.
of the great critic, E. P. Whipple.
Ine fashion article, by UeinoC. orc-if, pre
sents a correct and comprehensive account of
the new styles ol Ureases, l.mniels, ilantii-
lus, blmwls, hmurniderie8, and every thin" re-
luting lo Fashion of interest toludies.
Ihe JNeedle-work Id Items for Collars, Un-
dersleevcs, Caps, Bcrthus, Skirts, Embroider
ies lor iliiudkercmcls, and general Needle
work, are numerous and beautifully designed.
iULidiU' tins alone at a music store
would cost more thuii a year's subscription.
TERMS. One Copy, one year, in
advance, $3; Two Copies, $5; Five
Copies, (and one to Ayent or getter up
of the club,) $10; 11 copies, and one
to agent, $211; lor ?b, one copy will oo
sent Three Years. Addition to clubs
at the same rate as club sent,
(ETSpecimen copies sent gratis
those desiring to get up clubs.
All Lommunicaiiona to ue addressed to
No. 106 Chestnut St., Phila.
THE following list is corrected every week
just before putting our paper to press.
New Yoiik.
Bk. of Mobile, 5 dis
Solvent banks, par
All banks, no sale
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, par
bjinall notes, 5 dis
Solvent banks,, pa
New Hampshire.
Ohio. -
ajlvent banks, par
Solvent banks,
Solvent bunks, par
free bk. old plate. & dis
Solvent banks, pa
JVentcck r.
Solvent bunks, par
Ky. Trust Co. 70 dis
solvent banks, par
Khoob Ulaso,
iSiale bank, and '
solvent banks, pai
Branches, par
Sol veu t banks, pa
New Jkkxey.
Free banks, 5(3,50 (lis
13k. of Conners-
ville, SO dis
solvent banks pan
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent Free bk.
& dis
IS tale bank and
solvent banks, pai
Trans. Alleghenr, IS dlsl
ivanahna - IU (lit
Solvent banks,
Solvent banks, 5 dislSolvent banks,
3 dis
riORTii Carolina.
Solvent banks, 3 di
Small notes, & dis
Except Adrian Ins. Co.
Small note3, 5 diddud Macomb Co. bk.
South Carolina.
SoKeut banks, 3 dU!
Free banks, 3 dis
Small notes, 5 dia
Texas Ac oIkansa.
All banks u doubtlul
val e.
Solvent banks, 5 di.-1
olvcn banks, lOdif
New York, i prm.
Philadelphia i "
Baltimore, i "
1 prm.
! "
i "
Buying at ) prm. ' -' Selling at t

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