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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 06, 1855, Image 2

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ncription or Aivtrtinmtnlt, ut thi offct.
Aloiuy u HOI rejvttd.
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f MlLAUklPAllA, NiW YoBB, BoeTOH and DAL-
tiuoas, isour authorued agent to receive ind
receipt fee tuUciijitiaji tea advertisement for
the DaeocaAT.
GOTiloa. Tuos. Iticiitr will please
except thanks lor copy of Messages and
Documents, ports 1 and 2, for 1854-5;
Alio, for vol. 3U of Con. Qlobe tad
.Appendix. : . .
0"."Gaham" tor December has
teeu received; and, oh! what a rkb
nd beautiful Christmas present! (jents
buy your girl copy. Call and give
ui $ J lor 'Graham" and ttia "Dem
ocrat" one year; you will not rue it.
Wife worth Having.
A uennan isoy, on one oi our
Western steamers, a lew dayi since,
gave birtli to four children tuee boys
and one girl. Their aggregate weight
was thirty-one pounds.
A Know Nothing on board swore he
would go home and move to dissolve
his council, at it was no use to contend
. agatoat such providential interpositions
as three voters at one birth, and all ol
them "bloody foreigners,'
. Ohio Farmer. We regret very
much that our true friends of Aericul-
tun do not subscribe more liberally for
ut tariatr. It is no exaggeration to
. eay to you, that it is one ot the best
Agricultural papers in the world, , All
, wuo possiDJjr can, should send on lm
mediately lew it. We will take pleas-
. . ure ja rectjirtng a list of namea for
the Farmtr. See advertisement in
Mother column. ..
Oca TiLioRArn, The reported
peecb ol Prof. W cnotsm will be trio
oed over by (be boys. The Prof, is a
.suiuw oonwning, ana pernaps, nice
someooar, ' ir tne wire stands we
way have another report. Has any
person a sort of double Dictionary to
loan ours gio out in deciphering the
. Nothing ! necemry for they play npon
a a instrument of rotten string, tha tpiritt
of mean men mads perfect. Muddy Rn
Jiirald. :. ' j
In reading the above, who is not
reminded ot an almighty big cloud ol
summer flttt which with "angry hum
and slender lance," on a hot summer's
ere, have beset the sides of a huge
rotten carcase? So (lure is a race of
simple-minded men who buzz about
in the society of honorable n.en, and
fain would drag the names ot honest
meii down to a level with their own.
But, alsst the hand ot Old Father
Time drives the fty race all away, and
their namea and acts descend to utter
oblivion, into spirits of Daumoou
wade perfrct. '
Gold Coming for our Produce.
All tight! A cotem porary moves off
thus :
"Initssd of ships of war from Europe,
the Philadelphia Ledger publiihea the
following extract from a letter received
by tha lait arrival:
'A letter from an eminent American
citiseo received from Liverpool, dated
. 19th of October, ita tee lhat the Baltic
carried out 100,00 ia gold on her last
vcjage to New Yorkjthata aingla Greek
home ia Maocbetier had shipped 60,
000 for tha purpose of purcheeiug grain
to export to. Europe. The earns geu'le
men expresees the opinion that still
" larger earns will be exported ia buillioo
from all parts of Sa rope for tha same
, purpose.'
There is a goo d deal mora eenie in
this, than in the bluster of the Britieb
Press about ienJIng fieeta to maul ua to
pieces. But Just ee they wieb. We
aan forniab them corn and wheal if tbey
. want it if not., we can give tbetn pow
der and lead Ya have plenty of far
mere end plenty of fighting men, aud
they can deal with either aa they like.
We shall furniah them with a read
Market, and tha bt$t of ariitltt I
TiuriaAios , ; DiMAaoaociau. the
Trenton Qaxette, aitberto fneudly to
. the aoactment of the Prohibitory Law,
thai speaks ofthe conduct of tba Tern
jereoce man duriug the receat canvaa
la that State:' It eays:
'Thty bare continually forced pro
hlbitton into collieioo with tha will
f the people, aad the cooeeqoeuce is
the elactioa ef three antipiohibition
Benatori, and their own defeat in Bur
. 'lington couoty Only twomambaraol
'tba Aiaemkly ptsdted the'' prohibition
' ' ie far as we are a wart have bean re
' tarried, tod not more than tan or a dos
"et ' favorable to It, Thia reiult baa
been caoeed, Jot somuchbv-alr-ifCaiadher
vf a dtefre among the people to mitigate
the avile and restrict the eiercis ol
the liijuor tratSc'.as by a determination
- 'pot to so mil to tbe arbitrary coercion
' attempted by tbe Temperance party,ana
J dligall with its pyporjisy and Incoo
sisiency." af the Ten)perce peli'.ic
, )ao ba?e follosd :fcetr own. infatua.
e4:pounself,apa ins raiuit it tost tostr
priaaisatlon is scattarad to the wis (I,
' , few perineal measurfS barf bseu reader
ia ur;iieble, eni thir;owa power
t ltf Jtet ts!Bi4enfi;
Gold Coming for our Produce. Reported Expressly for the McArthur Democrat
By the "Snapping Turtle Express and Bed Cord
Line of Telegraph."
Delivered before the Boarfunhum
Little Airy Siety of Swelltown.
D D., S. S., F. R. S., K. E. I. A. H.
Mister President and Feller Bore-s of
the Funkum Society:
Youe'e all 'eard the gellorions news,
ain't you? The ked'ntry's safe and
sound as a United'n States'n cent in
ibegripof an ugly averacious old mi
ser. vuoorani who's aieerdf rre
rayaing you all know what you've
heard, I'll jest drap the hish foollutin'
stile, and in words that'll cos yer 'arts
louiriii wun me msgnuuae oi tne sun
jec , addreta you on the inspihered
tueme ol rbizioloey, Here goes :
i'nysioiocy, my irens, is a enrijecK
of no small limitation. Its boundaries
are not languid in limpidness, and it is
also contagious to the contemplative,
and eradicates inveteracy. It is not
disproportionable to the disruption of
llia fourpondcrate od - hornogcencooe
uomcuiiure, uia is not less so to tur
conspicuous conspiration. Although
some may lee hallucination, still the
harbinger can most harmoniously har
mooize the estrangement by not es
chewing the melancholy and iiterary
ftdagogut and uiing proper medicinal
discumtnent; ana, by so doing, melior
ate the iiidu'gent approbation of the
indoctrinator. There are also some
wuo by indiscretion will cause inex
haualible inferiority to the eallicism of
the progenitor of this proffuent prog-
nosticator oi internal, applicable and
compound literary improvement. But,
should their lascivious lethargies be
lavuniy espoused to the considerate,
and conform tlieir conscientious4 con
lormity to distention, it is our opinion
we snouid confabulate and perform the
elementary and almost Indispensable
wora oi transformation, and elongate
their centrifugal t'orce.until they would
conjointly unite with the inlander of
mhospitality. Although we should be
indeterminate in our infatuations, yet
we are deletrious of linquescer.t ejac
ulations, by the immethodical flippant-
ry of disciplinarians. But to discolor
the equipment of the combustion, and
contaminate the apparently contrapo
sition, is certainly contaminous to all
conventicle confederacies of antiscor
butics. This study familiarizes fan
aticism by fanatical devastations, and
dictates diagnostic detraction, by de
viating from the diabolical diction of
dinereot gramimverous ana omniver-
ous gormandizing grattac lions ol tne
aimftJcuIar as well as maiicuUr pro
geny, Dut if this should not prove
consolable to the constitution of the
flagitious, you must decapitate your
decoction uid evacuate your mitiga
tion beyond the incorruption of indi
gestible indignation. Now, we devi
ate from the incumbent luditterence oi
indeterminate indemnification, by fluc
tuating in the iluency of flury, and
flourishing in the nighty ousn oi tn
lantile emasculation ol the adult pro
Later from California.
Later from California. INDIAN WAR!
NEW YORK, Nov. 28.
The steamahipSter of tha west, from
Sen Juan, arrived thia afternoon at
three o'clock.
The Indiana bad made a stmultan-
eouaattack npon the wbitaa, and maa
tacred large numbers, Volunteers ere
turning, out in all directions, United
States troopa, undei Major Fitzgerald,
bad alao turned out in pursuit, . JNeeri-
all tba .tribal north of the Columbia
River bad confederated ana swoie 10
inpport each other, and exterminate
tha Ameericana.
A band of.l 900 attacked a email force
of United Mates troops at fugela
Sound, under Major Heller, and forced
tbem to retract.
Fiom tha libmue wa leera that Gen.
Walker waa in.full poaseiaion of Nicar
Col. W.1eeler, tha .American jmc-
iater, had publicly, acknowledged, on
tba part of tha United Statea, the ,tnde
oendecne of tha new Republic, aud as-
eured ita eovernmeut of the kiud re-
tarda and well wiabea entertained Dv
the Chief Maeiatrata of tne Uoitea
Stetea towarda it.
General Corral, who bad been oV.ec
ted in a treeouabl correapondenc
with some of tha officere of tha late
aovernment. bad been tried by a court
marlial.and ebot in tba plaia at Gran.,
ou the 7ih inst-eigbv hours efter tbe
aryMt, Tba court muitial waa compet
ed su tirel j of Americeue. Other ar
reata wars made but lio namea were
givsn. 'j
NEW YORK, Nov. 28. Action of the St ate Central Committee.
. . sniitew, v
COLUMBUS, Nov. 22. 1855.
to ils time honored uiega,
'.The Democratic State Central Com
mittee mat pursuant to notice., 'i 1
'l On notion of Major William Huot.it
was , '
IT.sfllaariha the T)mocrstlc party
.n..iin In Convention on tha 8ib ol
January next, at Columbus, and nomin
ate. . , . .
One eandl data for Sopreme Judge .
One member of tbe fosrd ef Public
Works, .... v ,-
One Cuperleteeisat of shools, !-''
Forty six deleataa to the National
Coavestioa'-. sj'- ".
Fvrsa a a lleetorii Ticsev
And apoiat a State Central Cossittss
A [...] for, [...]
A rr oii(( ll.e emusi i. :,
Brhial pra;'1,.e , ufiUsu t ".'V ,
the London JJuify Aui. i. .; . . a !
mo. I eitigular-kiii'lc, r.tJ:. ;: 'o it
traitoriot our countn vrli . 1 .iev
the tttdA the HaritorJ Cone,r.in ii
them! it ia an epen bid iot itch
traitois as may -euat in our mijat.if ao;
there really be now a dare.
Tbe Xiieii t iriti'of Special organ
f thaBrltieb AdmioiWra tioo a mouth
uieca, far xjcccUcnct, of the nobiJ,ijy
Tbea 'Noble Lord' muat Leva been
reading a freli editorial of the Northern
'Black llepttbliraa' paperi, to have
couraea auoueli., to lay n'thiue of the
impudence, write auch an 'oppcal.' -
But it is worthy of going upon .record
We place it there for tha benefit of thoie
eecttonal appeala aimulatad it. aud for
tba t dificaliou of tba world ta gaoer-
al. . .
Tha Eastern papers aey it -waa 'He
following extract from a ipeech of Joh
ue K. Oiddingi, that lead to the hope
of another Hartford Convention, Great
timea, these : ', ',
1 look forward to tha day when there
shall be a servile insurrection in the
South : when the blank man,' armtd
with Britiih bayontt and ltd on by
Brittih otficirs.ahall aaaert his Ireedom,
and wsite a war of extermination agaiusl
h t uaatet. -Wneu toa torcn oi me in-
ceudiary ahall light up the cities and
lusaa of lb Kanlh ud JjIo au
vestige of Slavery. And though I may,
not mock at their celamity no laugh
when their fear comelh, yet I will bail
it as the dawn of a politicatjmillerwoai.
How little thsw Englishmen know
of the real sentiments of our people'
Stales man.. '
A [...] for, [...] ARRIVAL OF THE
Tha Atlantic arrived out at Liverpool
on the 11th; the St. Louis on tba eame
day at Soulharntcn. The latent dee-
patchea sent from tbe seat ofwar.reporr
officially from Lord Stratford Red
clifle. A victory gained on the 3th of
November, by Omar Paaha over a force
of 10,000 Russians, mostly 'Georgian
militia at the river Iogour, which Omar
Paaha, with the Turka 20;000. etrong
croaied at four different pointe, taking
60 priaonera, Jthree guns, and caduing a
lore of 'four hundred in . killed and
wounded.. The Turkish loss is 300. -
A desultory fire is kept up "between
the north and aouth sides of Sebaatopol.
Tbe foriOcationa en both sides are . be
ing augmented. The latest rlatea by
letter are to tha 8 lof november. The
weather continues to be very fine, i ,, I
Tbe Emperor made a brief addrce. ex
tol I ing the benedteof the exposition.
In allusion to the, war he said : 'You
deaire aa I do. a apeedy and deirdb!e;tjj,,
peace, but thia peace. to be durable, rau','
dialiuctly realise the objects cr which
tha war undertaken Kuroptf mur-t
decider who ia right and hoU wrong
A filial victory achieved by public op
inloo. . ..
From Washington
Tbe most intense excitement prevails
with regard to the organization of the
House, ..
Tha Democrati give up atf hopes of
electing any of tha officers.. '
Gen. Richardson, of Illinois, will be
the Democratic candidate for. Speaker,
end Col. Fome for Clerk.
Gen, Collura, of Tennessea, is cob-
sidered sure of an election.
It is underatood that the Democrat-
have resolved to vote first and lost for
their caucua nominee refusing ' ell
coalition with other parties. '
The Americana end Whig will coal
esce, and tba Americana calculate on
Saining some recruits from the Demo-
Crate. . .. . ' .- ..' a
Trouble at Sing
New York, Nov. 30
At Sing Sing prison on Wedneiday,
there waa a disturbance in (he quarri
ea. .; .
When James C. Urban, a desperate
character refuted to obey, the ordera of
tbe keeper, and aeizing a crowbar, eel
led on bis fallow convicta to oppose
tbe keeper. . , , , ., ,
All effort! to quiet bm having been
invain, it became absolutely necessary,
to lava their own livee end, -prevent
rebellion, to fire upon him.
a munei aan took enect, ana ne aiea
(a half a minute . j !; , 1 '
An inqueat was held, and a. veidict
returned uf 'juatifiable homicide-';
From Washington.
Tbe weather to day ia moat beautiful,
and tba city presents a holy day appear
ance. .
At an early boor crowda Commen
ced flocking to the Ceptlbl,' every ''por
tion of wbicn soorr beca ma thronged
The galieriee of the Houae are cowdaJ
to overflowing, and bundreda are unable
to gain admittance.
Tbe Supreme Court assembled at noon
All tha membera ware present except
the Chief Juatice,
When you should Take your Hat.
Young man, a word, ii'c want to
tell you. when you should - take your
tiat ana oe on. Ana miua what we
offer. It is: .u , -,!-
; When, you are asked (o take a
drink.' t
When you find out that you aie coiir
tiotr an extravBeant orslovealv ctnL.
' When you find yourself in doubtful
company, , k.
Wkn you discover that your expea
sea run ahead of your income. . : '
When you are abusing the confidence
ol your mends. t ;
Vhen you -think th&t you aru 'ft
great deal wiser than older 'ana mort
xperieuced people thai y LUirself.' ,
When you feel like ceuirw ! trusted
for a suit o f clotLs,iiecause you bivu't
the money to pay foe them. :.
When yon 'wait upon a lady 'i jus;
forthelunof ft.' . . - i , ....
When yoo don'tjjerform jour duty,
voor whole doty, and ' nothing but
Indiana Banks.
Thoi ip"u's Bank NAle. Kfprr'fr aeje
tt' t !'.!:. In Jiau a Banla, their
(iri;i'i -isving bten sold and totee
'.i!netl to the amount of prdceeda,
ba)e,tla circulation out atanding,
iir lii.'ii nokudji ie eccorntable, aud
nhich ih j State Auditor baa nolhiag to
redeem with.- it tbrrefore datht
theui,:. ....... ....
Bank of America, Morocco; , . . ;
. Druvera' llaak, Korae; .'.
. Govarameot Slock Bank, .Lafayat ta ;
Jterchenla' Rank, Springfield ;
Terry County Bank, Dannalton ; ,7.'.
. Public Slock Bank, Newport' '
Stale'Stock Bank, Loganaport ;
State Stuck Security Bank, Newport;
. Wabash River Bank, Jaaper; -
New York Stock Bank.Viocennes.
. The Government Stock Benk, Lafay
ette, waa priulpally owned by Howard,
Smith & Co., of thia city. Something
more than a year ago we warned tbe
public thatjiv waa unsound. Mr, How
ard, of the a.dova-named firm, is tbe
present fusion representative in Cong-ess
from thia district, having' bean
elected, before tha Government. Stock
Benk exploded, and when adme people
ueppoSed him to be an hooeat man. It
ia uederttood.thet ba end hie late (on
fedentee aie byno.meaoa poor, and
that tbey might meat their liabilitiea
were they so disposed. ; .As things now
stand with, bill-')
tenatng, laa de poet tore in this city
unpaid tney. seem very much like
awindlera In Eugfand they would be
deemed melefaciorc, and transported to
a penal colony. JJttroit rrn Prie.
lai,,, i0. iiiv,.met with
. DR. L. BARBER would respect
fully announce to the citizens of Vin
ton County, that be will be at McAr
thur Tuesday and Wednesday the 18th
Mnd lSth pf December; at which time
. - a . .1 ilT 11 I
he will'beouna at tne jvesieru notoi,
and can be counseled ironi 9 o'clock
A. M. to 9 P. M. .! .- .
.The treatment of. Chronic disease
is a branch of tho profession that has
by physicians been much neglected; in
fact it is necessary for them to oeglect
it: no physician in regular ptaotic.' has
time to devote that attention to f.he
treatment of Chronic Diseare that they
deserve and which, they, must have if
they ,aie 'successfully., treated. This 1
know.from experience.. WhiU 'en
gaged in the regul&r practice, I was so
frequently called upon to examine and
treat these diieas, that I found it
necessary for meo, giwj them less aS
tention, or relinquish, my practice. I
frelcred the Utter for, t lie .reason, that
have always takejni.uch iuterest iu
the treatmeflt of Chronic Diacas.'s
have altfavs iriven' thatil mttch atten-
5uC success in curing mem; tnersiors,
.niirtiereiter devyte.rjy exclusive
rtieiuion tij.itie treatment, qf old, long
at Milling and qbstinate.diseases.
. My braiuvi-jind partner, . Dr. J., W.
Sarbxh,. vvill remain in Chillicothe
ii.ii auend to all who may wish to place
tiU'tn selves under our immediate in
8pec(ion while under treatment.
I will visit McArthur and tome ol
the adjoining towns once every month.
Those, in lhat vicinity who may wish
to avail themselves of our treatment
and not visit Chillicothe, can avail
themselves of these opportunities.
. Hie following are among tne Liii
eases that we have been uniformly suc
cessful in curing: ,
vyspeptia,Liver Uomplaint, liheu-
malsmt Lpilepsy, Spinal
Disease, bcorJula tut via, (,anctrt
Diseases of the Eyes and Skin, de.',
and will also give special attention to
diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
These diseases are treated with de
gree of success excelled by none.
I have Ions; been in the habit ol
using Electricity in the treatment of
Disease. 1 have found it a valuable
remedial agent when properly applied
and Diseases ol this class, will be
greatly benefitted by its use.
a - - i , i .1 .. .... r
I wouia aiso can tne . attention oi
he oublic to the method of detecting
disease aruaciectro magnetism, n
nhvsician can prescribe successfully
lor a Disease until he is certain of its
location and nature. ' With the aid of
Electricity, I can accurately and posi
tively detect tbe location ot any dis
ease, without asKingtne patient a eia
ele question. This I will guarantee
to do in every case; and when once
done, I can prescribe with a certainty,
that my medicine win nave tne aesi
red effectj " ' - ;). ' ; ' '
-1 have not space to speak at length
f Vinv 'Disease, but will be prepared
to prescribe lor any lhat may. be pre
sented, - i ' '
i$4 Meward!
CjtoIen from the stable of the Subacri-
kj ber, situkted in LODI Townahip, Athens
county, Ohio; about eight ' milea South of
Atbens. on naay.ignt, rov. JUtD, a uars
Brown Mare, of medium height, black mane
and tail, wel) made, and carries up well; no
shoe on the left fore foot , h ta rfuuooeed that
Viil Man etoUu b'bov bv the name
of ORVKL SLOAN, a'g'd about 13 years. Of
slrlidef hiuke? blfccK eyes and dark hair, bad
..a i
nn.wnen ia bean a cioia cap, rea rounW'
htiut, antt bnetsni T a. j 4
1 will give the above reward for the deliv
ery of teid-MareendTliirf to me in Athena
i u - ty. or for the Mate and confinement of
l e Thief in any Jail ia Ohio. ' "" ;
- ddreES rrlc at Athene, Ohio. ' '
f WANT 6000 SIUNQLES. for which
L the Uiitutt Frit will ba giveu-at
11' 1 IllIll
If 1
C . f - .,
"THE OHIO FARMER," will commence
ita Fifth Volwn.a. January 1, 1806. It ia
now ao well and eogwrally known, that
little nerd be mid in ita behalf. With the
experience which liar a.iid in editing
ii, ror tne paat lour ytare.ami witb trie know
ledge of the wania of the publi:, wbi':b much
travel and Correeprmlenct h given ua, to
gather w ith tbe terr manv able Contributora.
which we have- been conatantly adding to
our heretofore long liet, we feel that Tht
Ohio Fariur ia mora than aver worthy of
me patronage oi tne entire country; and we
can assure all, that however excellent it may
have been for the past year, it will be better
for the year to come,
The Ohio Farmer will continue to he issued
weekly , on a Urge folio iheet, of cleae, white
paper, and on clear type, and illustrated witb
Cuts of Domestic Animals, Implements,
Trees, Housea. etc.. die. The New a end
Miscellaneous Departments. Market Reports
uur., y w., win receive careui attention.
mviausLr i 4dvakcb.)
Single copy.l yr8
1 Copy 6 months II
j cupiri a year, v
& conies 1 year 8
b copies 6 montha i
10 couieafi montha 8
. 4 , . -
len Copies, one year,.. .-1ID.
A club of five subscriber, at AS, will en
title tbe person making it up to a ropy for
six monioi; a ctuo ci ten, at sjio, to a copy
for one year.
OGTOId Bubacribers. who wish to renew
their subscription, can do so at anr time, bv
getting a w subacriber, and sending ts II,
wiucn win pay lor now one year.
OGTSubscbibb withoot dixat.
THO. BROWN, Proprietor and Editor.
Clevelaud, Ohio.
Teigue Bay, Adaar. of Probata Coart.
Mosses Kay, dacaaasd, I Petition to
againat sell Land.
. Calia Kay, at at. j JOHN BAT
of tha State of Misaoari, end Jens Kay
of tba State of Illinois, will take ao-
tica that on tha Sixth day of December
A, v., 1833, tbe afortsaid Aduiaiatra
tor filed his Fetiiioa is tbe Probate
Court of said Viuton county; lbs objec.
and prayer of which Petition is to ob
tain au order for tha assignment of Dow
er of Celia Bay, widow of decaaaed,
inanlfor the sate of tha fo'luwioj
Real Estate of tba laid Mosses Kay, de
ceased, situated iu Yinton county, Ohio,
to wit: Tbe Nortb-eset quarter of tbe
South-west quarter of Section Thirty-
iive, iu Tovroiuip number Nine, wf
jBaiga number Nineteen, in tba Chilli
cothe .lud Diatiict; coatalniug Thirty-
N'ine and matyeisal Kuddredths acres
Also Tba South-east quarter of tha
South-west quarter of faction TkUty.
fiva. ia Townab'ip nnmbar Sine, of
Range number Niue ea la Chillicotba
Land DijUict--conte iniog Thirty. uiaa
aud Seventy eight hundradtha acres
tire ana axcep: so mucn ua oi aaia last
mentioacd tract as '.s laid est sod plat
ted as part of tha Town of Aiyerilla.
Also; Ths following describe? Lead,
siuat:i ia tbe county of Jackson, O.,
to wit: A pait of tha North-east quar
ter of the North-west quarter f Sec
tion number Two, ia Townahip number
Eight, of IUnjje number Nineteen, be.
lug iu cmi Und conveyed by Tbomai
Ray ami Diuab, kia wife, to decedent,
August S3, 1631, cootaialng Twenty
five and Fifty hundredths acres tave
and except all that part off of aaid trad
laid out and platted aa part ol the towu
of Hayavilla situated in Jackson coun
ty, Ohio. Also, the following Town
Lota, aituated in tha couuty of Jackaon,
Ohio, aa laid out, numbered and platted
ia the Town of Usysville, to wit: Nov.
Ode, Three, Seventeen, EIjhteen.Twen-
ty tnree, twenty four.tweuty gve, twin
y lis, twenty leveu, and tweuiv eisht.
Said Petition will ba for bearint on
ma iu aey oi January a. 4. 1B36.
Dee. 8. 5 5.-5 w Att'y for Petitioner.
Andrew Jarvis, Pl'tff. ) (Civil Action.)
in Atiacnment.
Bashaba Sollars. Deft. S THB Defendant
will take notice that tbe Plaintiff in tbe
above case, on the 27th day of November,
,Stat.a . . '
m, causea en Urder ol Attacnmeut to be
issued by Robert Aiken, Kaq., a Justice of tbe
Peace for Richiand townihio. Vinton coun
ty .Ohio.againat tbe goods and chattelatocks,
inieicBi iu iiocKi. rianu.creaua. moneva.ena
eOects of said Defendant, a non-resident of
said county, to satiafy the claim of the Plain
tiff for twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents.
and twelve dollars the probable costs of suit.
Said cause haa been continued for service on
aaid Defendant and will be for hearing before
said Juatice at his office in Richland town
ahip, Vinton county, Ohio, on the Stunth
day of January, ito, at iu o clock a ra.
Deer) 03 . AiUJBJlVV JAKVIS.
FTl HE Boaid or School Examiixrb of Via
J. ton county.will hold their regular meet-
r . L . t. !...; r , I . .
ingi ror ute ciBmiui.iuu vi cauuiaaiee, on
tiiet irss saiaranyoi every montn, at
tne Hcnooi rtoom iu aicArtnur, commencinx
at 10 o'clock a. m.
At every examination, a certificate of aood
moral character, recantlr aiened bv at leaa t
two responsible persona, will be required of
eacn camtiaau.
By Oboes or thc Boabd.
Dec63ly O.T. GUNNING, Stc'y.
AUornoy at Law,
A0 BIAt, BBTATB aout,
lif ILL attend the courta ia Jackaon,
If Vinton, Hocking, Athene, Meiga,
Gallia, Lawrence, Scioto,Pike, sod Boss
cou ties. All buiainsss entrusted to
his care, will be promptly attended to.
j Pesoni entitled, to Lend Warrants,
nnder the lata fat af coogreii, will do
well to give bim a call, as ba haa pscn
liar facilities foi obtsioini the eame.
The hlgbeat Cash price paid for Land
Warren ti, and real aetata, bought and
aold on reasonable terms. Persons wish
ing to sell Baal estate, will consult
tbair inlereet by patronising him.
Particular attention paid to, COLLECT-
ING.,,.'-.: . , ,v-. ;
Beftrto , '
- Col. HiciMAf Powct. Oak Jilli
Baira Liar, Eaq., Iron ton; (
TL F, BiaoajAM, Esq:. MeArtbw '. ; ..
ColrJ, W. DAvraand , - i
, W, A. SiCTacuns, Eeq PorUujaoBt.
Oak Hill. Ohio. . . .
JOB WORK. raw7 imaiplot
i 1 1 at i Mie. na.
'i2-l i OT.of Kf..ai Ac
" cepted Maawia. fcolda
a frgularComrounicatlon at McArtbur. Vin
ton tourny.0hto7verf Saturday evenings,
or preceding each full mooa. .
ffllueral Letts. rVo. , holds a reg
ular Conimunication at Hamdro, Viatoa re.,
O., every Tburaday twging on, or precedio
D. T. HARD, Sec'y.
Orphnu'e FrlesacI Lodge, V. D.,
bolda a regular Communication at VVilkea-
ill. Vinton rouoty. Ohio, every Satatda
evening on, or preceding each full nooo.
H. H. BISHOP Sec'y.
Mc Aether.
iVaea. a
Apples, D.,-'"
Buttei ear lb..
Iron, "
Lard per lb... 19
MoleiaesprtaL 01
N.ila.ldlolOd, (lalO
Oatefu...... M
Totatoee,IrUl., M
Peaciws, D.,.l.7
Smoked llama.. 11
BJiouldera,... V
". ..Sides,.
Broome,. JQ
Beana, YY......-9.00
CetTe ....... 15
Candlee....... SO
Cheeaa, 10
Cloverd...."V 60C
Coru-...... 10
Egga pal dos....10
Flour par bus. , 4,00
Flour .per bbl IS.OO
Flax Seed-. 73
Feathera, 40
Fiah, White,. 6
Mackerel,... 8al0
Hides 4
Pork piewt"" 9.09
SugaiS.O.i i
Lcf..J.. 19
. Crnshcd. lOalt
Salt, pet bbl 1,39
" TaDte, praacx,-ar
Soap per lb ...
Teai,T.H. 7
' lmiXiieJ IU0
Tallow,, It
Wheat par ba. l.w
Wool pas-lb--S0l
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block
PORTSMOUTH. Dec. 6 1855.
" Laf I
- Crushed.. la
Applea, Dried 173
broomapraoa eesv
Bacon Hams per lb. 9i
Shoulder IU
Sidaa "
Salt, Kanawha, bar. aj
Teaa, Ipeaa at la packa.
i. n., id. aaaew
" lmrar'l..eBall
OuBD'wdar CA
Beans, W. par bu. 1,00
Candles, mould- lb
" Irar 4
Cotton Yarna-"- 16s
Tobacco MaJL cat .M
Ya. eav...afia1a
Cheea,W.X. Ib.BiaV
Coffee, Bio- IS
Cloveraeed, flOC
Flour pi bbl IV
loll, Lard pr gal... In
Uit.Uneeea ... iua
Oelapr, bu o
Feactna,Urie4... S.Uf
Potatoes. Irlah.. Ma
FraAheteDr lb.... 43
Kl-.uaed.pr be. 1.00
tfiah, Cod pi lb.-. t
- MsckcrelliauSI
Satarituspi lb.. tsl
Tallow pi lb... 1)
Tar pr bbl. '.,
Timothy seed, 14 Of
Lard pr lb.... V;
S. U. M 43
Wheat pt ou....
Wklskey, Common lg
Q. S. " 00
Moa naia, on
Sugar N. O..." Tab
THS following 11a t is corrected every esJk
just Nlora putting our paper to posse.
New Yon
Bk. ef Mobile, I ire
Solvent banka, pari
All banka, ataala
Solvent baukr, frf
(Solvent beaks,
Ivlvent twuks, parpmall noa, a
SslvAnt banks, pa
Solvent baaks, fart
Bk. CircUviUa, 4341a.
free k. old plaUJdtav
Solvent .vanks, pari
Soltent banks, ra
Solvent beaka. Mf
Ky. Trust Co. 71 aM
Solvent banka, pa
Bbods IsLAJa,
Stale baak, aad
Solvent banka,
Brauchee, Mf
Fra banka, tl 4
Mai i.
Solvent banka,
ok. U Coonaaa-
New Jaaaif
Tilte, ft dia
Solvent banka, par
ItuBota. .
ISolvent Frra bk.
Solvent banks,
(State baak and
Solvent baiue, pari
Tnu. AllilM7, u aiJ
Kanahwa IU all
Solvent banka, litav
Solvent banks, Sdi
SoWaat baaka, I lift
Nobtb Caboliba.
(Small Botes, I die.
Solvent banks. 1 dial
except Adrian las.Ce.
omall notea, . 3 dn
Sooth Caboliba.
end Macomb Co. bk.
Free Uaks. t dla
Solvent banks, Jdu
Small pots, I die
Solvent banks, I dial
Tbxas ot oiaABua.
AU basks u doubtlal
Tal ,
ohaabaaka, tOdla.
New York, i pra
Philadelphia i
Baltimore, i
i -
Buying at iprm. . Alltaf It t
Janes HeGilliYniy,
t kia ia SiaoS ayplia . X. a D, WUl'a,
RESPECTFULLY informs Lis numeroae
customers and tbe public generally, that
he ia aOw prepared to aupply all de- rI
fH manda,in;tbe way of Saddles, V
V-Buggy, Coach . and TeamjDTil;
Uarneaa, Collara, Whipai and Spare, aad ev
err other article conuected with tbe Trada-
all manufactured out of tbe. baSt tnateriala
and by the best of. workmen. Give bias a
call and examine work and prices before ye
purchase elsewhere. - '
tOT II Wee, ficc, taken la exchange lot
work, at tha highest market prices. -
fOHN C. RAYS ESTATE. Notice la
hereby given, that Jamea Ray, Adminis
trator of Um Estate of John C. Ray, lata of
the county of Vinton, deceased, has filed ta
tha Probate Court of aaid county bis account
and voucher! as such Administrator, foe ia
apection and final settlement, and that said
accounts will be passed upon by said Court
on tbe 32d day of December, 1359.
B. P. HEWITT Probate Judge.
KoT.S9th, W.gve . -.- -. .
mottcb is rwTTOT given ipai aitib m im
ney, Executor of the last Will and Testamaat
of Branch ChurcbVJ, dee'd, haa filed ia tha
Probata Court of Vinton county bis accounts
and touchers for inspection and final settle
meiit. and that the same witl be pea ted vpoti
by aaid Court, on the 83d day cf Pecmbet,
i8. b. r.uEwjTTrio. Je.
e. r. tbact. v
'. i. ba i saw
C. P. TRACY & CO.,
lianvfaeiurtrt and WhoUuU
BiAtia i
v X00TS, SHOES, HATS, . ,
tit ifZiL'.-mVlntr I Ce InL

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