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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 06, 1855, Image 4

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, ewitj!9.',, ';' C'coeswiu.
REl'.l ihtir uaceie tl.iVa to their
-uumetfDSifiiciiiU uJ customers, for
"file xeintmltri igc extended to them
" in.tV pr's!m'. fciid tale j lrastue ir !
KWiifc 'Vat tljrar now rei living at their
v J Foot )h1 Shoe trt th luigtst and test se
vrdrcll Etoekoflt .,.': -...'
JJqols4 A Shoes- ; ,
i i Wt'sWp . Mc AMur; counting j P
lf,'Mi:.. - , I ' si
. ... 6ENTLEMEN8' DOOT8 &, SHOfTB,
' "'GeiitlCuckskiu Gileis litm. Congress Gait
J "orer,Qent Faoct Slirea.Gent Oxhwd f unips.
'-Genti Enameled Nulif.ers, Gents Enameled
Congress Guiters. Cents Pate nt Lf fiber Kill
t Tojrrib AlherrV Genun rtent Leather,
i -'brtetarti: Kid top, Trime Albert's; Gents
. . JJm.kkiihoe9, Gents Opera Slipper;
Jt j7uV1tJ -t 'very, variety , of Fine and
.' '-Vrse calfskin, Rip and Morocco Boots mid
LsdiesTtiiskin Gaiter Boots, Ladies enamel
' -el Jenay-Lind's R. R., Indies Morocco Jen
.;: Li lid's R.R La dies" Congress Gaiters,
r? Ladies. Fancy Jenny J.ind Shoes, Ladies' en
amelled Morocco Shoes, Ladies' Victoria
FanfY, t'0,S.J vVp' Fiwn Tnn UnnU .J.,
dus raricyTlukJiTiia, cuoued tops, Ladies
.'; -Blue Gaits,' Ladies Colored Sander's Gaiters.
;j fUsot Misses Boots and Shoes,' Misses Kid
v... Boots and- Gaiters, Misses Fancy colored
.rlGaiterSr-Missea enameled Fancy Boots; also,
,Cbilriren' Boots and boea, Childrens' calf,
' ' '.eged Shoe Childreos' Fancjr shoes, Chil
iiens Fancy Gaiters, and every o'.her varietv
'tIT Ladies', misses' andcbjiilretis' wear, Fine
""and COatse. .. " f,
""We' hate any number of Workmen en
-i gaged, that is necessary, and ate prepared to
, nil orders at tlie shortest nonce,
.ttaii try All of our Goods will be sold atpri
. , . -ft Wist will give satisfaction. Call and ex-
j( . smjue for yourselves- . ... .
..-T A NNQUNCES . to tha citizens of Vin
' ' ix ton county, that he bas iust received a
i-a. naw dock of Eooks and Stationary, cinsisting
In nart of. . ' ' !
FAMILt BIBLES, at prices from tl 50 to
: ;m Sound it Morocco, gilt and common bind-
'j '.sir.:.' t ' I
K VYetua' Life of WisnmoTon,
,'i.ii .. FsAmttrjf. '
tYHJi.c, Maio,;
i ,4 Life of Daniei, Booac,
' lltica: Hawk,
.:-'", Brr.israriAi'i worki complete,
.;. -.KtBnoi'a- !- .
a . s Life of V. T. Bar ndm.
! .-. Da AcBiob.tS History of tha Reformation.
t I0UNO MAW'S JJ00K OF Ksowiidoe.
' ' RufAEoo EiirAUiiirA, a Romance. '
j...:.; . une8 Histpp, 0( th0 Urmed States.
Grimshaw's History of the United Stales.
'. Child at Home, a Moral Tale.
... MA80N1C WRK8.
"'' t The Craftsman, the Light of the Temple,
ana meiotiuiea tor the trait, containing an
"' excellent selection ol Hymns and Odes' suita
' ' bla for cvry occasion.
. . The Ameiicari Soncster, Parlor Sonester,
J;, Exiie of Erin, Songs of Old Ireland, Negro
Bones, and a variety ofotuer bone Hooks.
,- ' Moral aud Instructive story books for chil-
dnn.PicloiialToy Books for children.of every
. ' .oeaenpuun. , ;
' rlJuatices" Dockets, Lege rs and Day Books,
DODUd m katner and hall binding, of all sizes.
, s ..Best Cap Paper, Llue Post Letter Paper
x a .l omniercisl Note Pa pur. Bill Paper, also Ink
- : -i uills. Steel Fans, Sand Boxes, Inkstands,
afers, iiting Sand, and Stationary of
j.-ery Hind, all of whicn will he sold at the
!ai -west figures, for cash. inay4 '55. tf
.-Wasbinglon Union Insu
.- ranee Company. ;
-.CHke it Eonsfr'i Blofkjeorncr Superior St;
a ,-e a . i tnd Pnblic Sduarr,
i Zi.ii CLEVELAND, O H 1 0 . ;
tl.'TIUIS well known Hone Company is pre-d--'
-L pared, as usual, to take risks on tlie sa-
t - let classes of frooertr. Their means are
C'-. mplp, and theii rates are as reasonable as
j uioca of any sound Company.
- . steam risks taken, jco
-j OFFICERS: - .
'."' V Hlt: tlnnlm Ptei!f!n
Gso.'Mygatt, Vic '. President and
. Treasurer, . , , ,
j. t. oaesia, oecreiarj,. ....;
is ti. Gt0' P Beattr, Osneral Agapr, "
- -DIRECTORS: : . - . .
' .. v t H...V.T.
Aa. - --j
s.s Vf:'A.8.8endfaid.
V 'Jacob rerkiis, 1 do. .
v Benjamin Noithrup, do.?
A' I" B. 8enter, do. -
O.K. Skeels, ' 4o. " -
v. p. Lmnnain, do."
-C. w.cookr ; - do.
Timothy Baker', Korwallu : ' '
John Clark; Brunswick. -
tf ?r-J. P. Kobinson. Bedford. ' " T
aii a: i W, M. hostU, Cleveland, (Westiide,)
X. K, DinUMAM. A015T.' '
Jtily20'55 tej McArttiur, Ohio.
WOULD bet leave to announce to the
citizens of Boss snd adjoining coun
ties, fbst be bas opened out a new end
complete stock, ( fall add winter goods,
selected from, the best, foreign sod do-
xnestic fabric,, which--b will sell at
wholeeale a net retail prices, lower than
any ever offered la- this .par of the coun
try. Helas alias 'full od Complete
Bjssortmsnt of furnishing;- goods of atrj
Ojscripuoa ana qnauiyr A"0U com
'' mission splendid lov pf woolen updet
abuts end drawers, .-which ha will
whole site at New Ycrk jSprices- he re
frains from pufSnglor-rtaiiirrr Cal-
. tnd sea,fi'yeTSlTei1a"n(! becopvlncal
fcaf yott will mik roopfy.pxj?uicfia"
liTnft "S8i Blockden't fprga
' Jh" pIicaTg ioms.Vestpf.Eallaitonw
r.A'isi)mt Pint and vft makers
waxrtaj, jgi wJoja-ih Jijthe-t prices
?UU psid. ocW liL,-4m
exclusively wholesale deal
er in. fancy and staple dry
AND GLASS, ,7-, )."'" . j'
No 1 EBtfijulM Buildings Faeat St., PoJtunasth.
U Inc'D5l, mi - - - ?J ingns!, l:5.
: - - NEW- COODS. T '
alE'UXD.F.BSlGNF.Dis uow in" receipt
. 'of hia I'iiII Slok of, Dry Goods,
BONNETS. Hats. Cups, &c, to which
Jlie invites the ciul attention of nier
tliaiiisaiid furnace ovmers, niilr the assu
rance Utal the Goods will be cold as low aa
i hey can be had frnm the New York and
Philadelphia jubhers, and at tuch prices as
will save the expense on purchases made in
Cincinnati or Pittsburgh. : , '
Ite purchases and importations of Glass
snd Queenswars make my stock rery Urge
and complete, all of which is olfeied at the
lowest rales sod on liberal terms. :
It ia the true interest of merchants aid
dealers to buy t5C0 per month near home in
pre fere lire to 13,000 semi-annually at a dis
tant point, thus. keeping their ftotks fresh,
and distributing their bills payable iu a shape
tlie more easily paid.
Portsmouth, 0.,Dee; 28, 18&4.
J. K.& D. AV1LL ;
A BE now receiving and opening the larg-
er brought to this market. The senior
partner having spent considerable time in the
cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York
and Boston in selecting and purchasing, and
having paid careful attention to the latest
styles and most improved patents of all ar
ticles of dress goods snd wearing apparel,
they ara confident their stock cannot be sur
passed, either in magnitude or variety of
styles by sny in this country. It consists in
I art as follows: - Ladies' Dress Goods, and
shawls of every variety and style; Cloths,
Cassimerts and Tweeds of all kinds: Ready
Made Clothing of every description, for men
and boys; an extensive assortment of Hats,
Caps, Boots and fchoes; Hardware, uueens
ware, a very larce slock of Groceries, Wall
and Window Paper, and a complete assort
ment of Notions, Trimmings, c. In short
iheir stock is complete in every department,
snd will positively be sold at the lowest pri
ces. Produce of all kinds wanted.
sept. 13 tf.
rpiIE undersigned desire Bgain to tender
X their thanks to their numerous eiutom
ers for past favors, and advise them of the
fact, that they are now receiving ana" open
lug at the Brick corner, a Large and Splend
GOODS, consisting of every variety aud
quality, suited to tlie wants of their custom
ers and the community; which they pledge
xtMtotelves to sell as cow as they can be bought
"i iis or sny of the western markets. They
ill not boast, lung, or banter, but they do
not intend to bt txctlUd in qanlily and quali
ty of their Goods, neither do they intend to
be undersold.
And while inviting the attention of their
customers la the prospects which are ahead,
they des ire to remind them of tin fact, that
some of them are in the arrears thaf'short
settlements make long friends." That their
Auction Notes, and lung standing account
should now be paid. And in view of the
abundance ol tlie crops, aud means which
are at their command, it is hoped they will
pay up the old score, or at least settle by
note, aud commence anew.
; sep. 13. '55 tf.
School Books.
CPELLEES, First, Second, Third Fourth
kJ and Fifth Readers. The He men's Young
iauies readers.
. .Pineo's Primary G rammer,
" Analytical "
" English Teacher, t
Ray s Aretlimatw, Farts Vi ret. Second ana
1 hird, Ray's Algebra, Parts First and Second,
McGufley'a Electic Primers. . '
. The Elementary Speller.
Webster'a school Dictionary .
, Mitchel's Primary GeocraDnr. '
Mitcbel'a large school Geography, latest
Copy Books, Slates, Pencels and all kinds
of 6tauonary for schools, for sale at
no. o. matrix,?. M. BABCOCK, JSO. BABCOCS
Commission Merchants.
No. W 4 67 Water Street, NEW 70RK
Febuary 17, '54. ly.
CP. TXACt.- ., r. J. OAKtS,
Manufacttttert and WhohtaU
' ' tJEALEl TV.
One door below P. Kinney k Coi Bank.
.front Street, tORTSMOVTH. O.
April S7, l655.-ly. .
5000 Lbs. Norway Nail Rod.
M Kegs assorted out and wrought Nails,
uvt, ewuaio. iuuou ana nriaonri.
duxi. jtisi receivea aiineuui AQvil.
July 20.185J.
jr.MOsjur, r
; u
ImDOjters of.anif . llonlpra m t , "
felGVoFTnE FftOM ST.
" " . PORTSSrtOUTH. OHia. -
rTE will duplicate bills with anr m,lr
jobbing House ,.in the West. Country mar
chants, farnace proprietors, railioa d contract
tors, and Qthers, v,iIlsubseiTi their interests br
way i. 34 tf. '
Mrs jut,jecired a new supply pf VVau
. -nd Cooii the largest lot,. tVfir
hought tq McArthur, .. ....
TJAIw, COFFEE, Bici, MotAaars, To
jSLZABiCCO Ac all of which I will sell
at me jowrn ngures.- ; JS. A. B attoit, -
U w rtjrepfgtreTi.j tbatthf upoVriign
M fPpolldiWldulf flualifled
ae Adruiqf,trtri)i p( tb Esreta of Margsmt
Cesfil L late of Vinton county, deased.
RAiig.85itf WlWmX, JWQQ$,
, i NEW STOCK. Of 1855.
I have Just tetJ mt Spring Stock
compri'ing a r-eat variety of FANCY
and STAFLE NOTIONS. Dealers and
others ara invited to tall before purch
asing elsewhere, as they will find a com
plete assortment, and at prices ihat will
compare with any Establishment of the
kind In this section of the country.
The following srticles comprise a pert
of my extensive assortment:
150 packs pins.
200,000 percussion caps.
600 doiei spool cotton,
CO gross button. '
50 dozen suspenders.
ISO tb skein cotton.
13 lb sewing silk,
5 lb twist silk. '
500 gross hooks and ejes.
30 datan rasor strops.
300 doten combs, all kinds.
50 reams cap, letter and note paper,
90,000 euvelopes.
300 dozen tapes,
130 doxen soaps.
40,000 fiBh hooks.
25 gross fish lines.
20 gross lesd pencils.
inn niin mau - - -'
100 bundles wafers.
40 doxen knives.
30 doxen scissors.
10 gross spoons. ' : '
20 gross jews harps.
3 gross French harps.
30 dozen slates.
3000 slate pencils,
30 gross thimbles.
00 dozen porta monaies. '
200 lb patent thread.
ornelian charms and tings,
Jet bracelets.
Ladies' work boxes and re'.icnles.
Fine hair brushes and combs.
Gutta percha, puff and long combe.
S, S S and 8 S S fine combe.
Skirt and dress whalebone.
orset and shoe laces.
Stilettoes, elastics and sleeve bands.
Teeth and nail brushes.
Steel pens and holders.
Match safes.
Alabaster ornament.
Linen 6t cotton, floss crochet cotton'
Zephyr worsted and needles.
Gold finger and ear tings.
Gold, plated and common jewelry; and
other articles too numerous to particu
Dealers and others purchasing Cigars
will find the largest Stock In the City,
varying from 85 to f 30 per M. As all
the fine cigare are manufactured on the
premises, purchasers of fine cigars mar
depend upon getting the quality of ci
gar they par for, aa satisfaction is guar
anteed in all cases. Also on hand,
Cavendish and Fine Cut Chewing To
bacco, Pipes, 6c, at the Cheap Notion
Store next to the Valley Bank, Second
Street, R, DAVISON.
Chillicothi, O., Match 3, 1855.
Irsler in all iindi of
NAILS. &c. Also,,
Agent for .
TS just receiving from Cincinnati, one of the
a. Largest a4d best selected stacks of Kew,
trashionable and
Ever brought to McArthm, expressly for the
Winter trade, which he is determined to sell
on the most reasonable terms.
Ju&t call and see my New Goods before
DUrchasijiB elsewhere.
Bring atons your Produce, for in the war
of Barter lie will give you as good bargains as
inougn you Dseugot we vesn.
November 17, 1854. 1st, c ly.
A Public Invitation.
U1CK0CK & Bro.,
HAVING just opened a Wholesale and
Retail HAT ITOBEis Portsmouth,
on Front Street, between Market and Jeffer
son, they invite All to call and examine their
stock of
wHati and Caps, Straw Coodt, Tmnti.rf
alj Tallies, Carpet Bags, tmbrellai U, U
OP EVERT Dtlcsrpan.
Purchaarrs can at all times And at nnr m
tahlishment a full and complete assortmen
of the richest end most desirable styles, at
well as the most common fabrics. Our long
experience in the business, and knowledge of
tuBuuiBbiuilllK. wiin inn nctiitlM in, mirrlia.
sing, are such that we are confident we can
sen Lowes, man any other House in the West
tx uko xi au Rinds wanted, for which the
aignest prices wiu be paid. ,
Portsmouth. November 4, 1853. ly
W. M. BTABg.. .(j, jj, Tewkbbvb t
GRmi 01,111103 BEECHim
. Nos. 85&87g, CHARLES STREETViT
jeiwrcn rraii ana vamaen tt reels. ness (be
opb.c WspectloB Wwhowes,
f6sroIft)ones warfi on coMfjtnmsnrs,
' N. B. We hawe recently removed to our
new and extensive Warahouaea. nmin Snnth
Charles Street, where we have the advantage
of Rail oad txack of our own. (oonnectinK
our House wl toe B.ii O. Railway.) and
are thus enebled to receive all our consign
menU when seat in carloads, free of Drav
Sft i)Vah. alao.a AWlir for Ih.
"iptj'idsale of Tobaoco, Flour, Provkiona,
m siwwm. sjBperaiiy,
s We 66od acorrectsta teraentU the Market
imuuw.it, iu our mjow, Py piunef V desired
!. POSTSMdVTn.onin
PHE subscriber bsving leased the above
, uouBe, riorraeriy tue United State Ho
tel. and having made comnleta nmnTatlnn
pnbre-furnished the house with daw
ihroughoH,, mrcUlf iq?lts tha Uareling
WJll always contain the best that die market
afford snd no means will be spawslfo TPk
All rnmf,irtM " ' WitlM vnnr
. .Oct. 1 Dth:. 1RM ' -T ' i
r- ... ryi.,1 Aun.
f '
The proprie tore take great pleasure in
nnonnciiiR to the citizens of the Union,
that in consequence of the great sat:s
faction manifested by the ticket-hold-
r r,f their first ereat Distribution, anu
the many thousaud solicitations trom all
is of tha country, in relation to
whethei thev intended netting up anoth-
er Distribution of Gifts for the people,
they have, an immense outlay, been en
abled to offer to their thousands of pat
rons the following valuable, magnifi.
cent, snd unprecedented BRILLIANT
SCHEME, to be distributed es soon at
the 300.000 Beautiful Engravings of the
Cafitol of Ohio are distributed among
their Patrons- The price Pf the Engra
vings is but One Dollar, and ae a parlor
ornament it cannot be surpassed.
Read attentively the following list ol
fi.nntifiil and COIlU ElftS. Which Will
h c.tUfactorilv distributed by a com
mlttee of ten. selected one fiom eacn
- . ,
State where the largest number of sub
scribere ere obtained:
t Farm In the State of Indiana 1 10,000
1 do in unio o.ooo
1 do . do 6,000
3 Four story Brick Dwelling snd
Lot.ln Columns. Ohio.. 6,500
t do do do do-"6,600
1 Beeutiful residence in the
town of Mt. Vernon 5,500
1 Two-Story Brick Building in
Chilllcothe 3,500
t Brick Cottace and lot in Col
urabu ...3,000
1 ' do do ' do "3,000
1 Frame do do do .2.500
1 Handsome country tesidenca in
Sego, Perry county, Ohio. 1,600
4 Splendid building lots in Ul-
uuibus, et ta.000 8,000
10 do do do 1,500 15,000
4 do do Cleveland 6,000
1 Grand Action Piano (Chtcker-
inR's 1,200
1 Gold Watch, set with Die.
monds 1,000
5 Gold Watches, at 6500 each 2,501
10 Rosewood Pianos, at tS00. 5.000
10 do do at 400 4,000
10 do do at 300 3,009
50 Gold Watches, at 1150 ..7,500
100 do at 100 10,000
100 do at 75. ...... .7,500
100 do , at 40 4,000
SOOSiret do at 20 6,000
500 do do at IS 7,500
1000 La die's Gold Breast Pine
at (4 4.000
200 do Broche shawls at 25 5,000
500 do Silk Dress Patterns,
at $20 10.000
COOO Gold Pencils, at 3 15,000
10000 Gold Pens, with Silver
Cases, at 12 20.000
20000 Gold tings.et 61,50 each 30,000
12084 do at 1,00 each-. -12,064
Every purchase! of the splendid large
Lithographic Engraving, will receive
Certificate of Membership entitling
them to a chance in the above list of
valuable and costly Gifts for the Pec
pie. The Engravings can be seat by
mail (without being damaged,) to any
part of the country.
Persons wishing to act as Agents for
us will please send a recommendation
signded by the Postmaster or some othei
influential and well known person in
the place where they reside.
To those persons who have been act
ing aa Agents Tor us ia our former Dis
tribution, this is not required.
All orders with the money enclosed,
free of postage, will meet with prompt
In order to prevent mistakes, sgents
and others transmitting money to us
will please have it sealed in the pres
ence of the Postmaster, snd the amount
entered on the way bill.
We prepiy all our letters, circulars,
dc, to our sgents end correspondents,
snd expect them to do the same with
Agents wanted in every town, whom
we will furnish mith posters, circulara,
ichelules, instructions, ore, on appli
cation at our office, or by mail post paid
For farther particulars see the descrip
tive bills, &c, or enquire at the office
No. 2, Welcutt'a Block, Town Street
Columbus Ohio. '
Buheye Block,
No. 1, Front Street. . '
THE co-partnership heretofore existing
between the subscribers, under the firm
of Oakes&Buskirk, was this day dissolved
by mutual consent. F. J. Oakes having sold
his entire interest to Messrs. George & Cbae.
H. Davis, all claims will be eettled.and debts
collected by Buskirk & Davis, our successon.
; " J. OAKES,
: . v; ' . A.W. BUSR.IBK.
a. w. voaat, oeo, davib, Jchas. b. davu.
(Successor of Oakes At Buskirk.) -
' ' Botteya Bloefc Front otrert.
January 19, 1854(-tf.
fl. He JOANS ON,
(ftlOCXSeOR T9 B J J3,; -
HjJIraJ. Ttcolofltul, Blank md BlwUa
ttow Books) 8mUon7 ,D(1 VU ftp t,
. :'.-... CBJLLICOTBE, OHIO, - i ,
Booka rATJ.lvid frnm lh T.Dro. t-.
hAf1 PttWptioi),, pr ordered
" a-e-wa aie -, . t
. - (Successor to Smith and Holmes.) ..,
; ." : Tin, Wtrt Iron, and Copper ?art,' I .
bMtt, Grtftu & JMov Ware.
omMouiu. omo. i'"
ApiUl 1554.1 jr,f ,, 1syj
. Fr h rf)14 Cuia f ...
corens, colds, iioirsexess,
' ; ' '
TEIS remedy is offcered 'to the com
munity with the confidence we feel fn
an article which seldom tails to realise
the hampp lest effects that can be desir
ed.' So wide is the field of its useful-
neis'and numerous the cases of its) cures.
that almost every section of the country
abounds in persons, vublicly known,
who have been reiaored from .alarming
and even, desperate diseases of the
lunggs, by ite use. When once.tried its
superiority over every other medicine
of ite kind, is too apparent to escape
observation., end nbtie its virtues are
kuown. th rwb,Ifc n a6ar -hesitate
what antidote to employ for the distres
sing and dangerous atiecitona oi tne
pulmonary organs, which are incident
to ou climate, . .
- Nothing hta called louder (or the ear
nest enquiry of inedUal men, than the
afarrcing prevalene and fatality of con
sumptive complaints, nor has auy one
class of diseases bad more of their Jn
vestlgstions snd care. But as yet no
adequate temedy.bas been provieed, on
which the public could depend for pro
teation from attacks upon the respira
tory organs, until the introduction of
the Cherry Pectoral. This article is
the product of a long, laborious, and I
believe (successful endeafor. to furnish
the community with such t remedy.
Of this last strtement the American
people ara now themselves prepared to
judge, and 1 appeal with conndeuce to
their decision. If there IS any depen
dence to be placed in what men of
every clan and station certfy it hn
done for them, if wa can trust our own
senses, when we see dangerous affec
tions of the throat and lungs yield to it,
if we can drnend on the assurance of
iutellieent Pbviicians. who make it
their buisnesi to know, in short, if
there is any relanee upon anything,
then is it irrefutable proven that tbia
medicine does relieve and c'.oei cure the
class of diseases it is designed for, be
youd sny andall others that are known
to maukinJ. If this be true it cannot
be toojreely published, uor be too wide
ly known. The afflicted should know
it. A remedy that cursec, is priseless
to them. Parent should, knowit, their
children are priceless to them. All
should know It, for health can kejrriced
to no one. Not only ahould It be cir
culated here, but aveiy wbere.not only
in this country, butjn all lounlrirs.
How faithfully we have acted on this
conviction, ia shown in the jacl that
already this article has made the circles
of the globe. The sun never sete on iti
limits, " No continent it without it, and
but few peoples, Although-not in so
general use in other natious as in thu,
it is employedjby the more intelligent in
almost all civilized countries. It is ex
tensively employed in both America
in Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia and
the far off Islands of the sea. Life
aa dear to its posaeisors there as here,
and they grasp at a valuble remedy
with cvon more aviditr, Unlika moat
preparationa of its kind, it is sn expen
sive composition of'costy material.
Still it is afforded to the public at
reasonably low price, and what is
vastly more imparlance to them, ite
quality!-! never suffered to decline from
its original standard of excellence.
Every bottle of this mepicine, now
manufactured, ia aa good as ever has
been make heretofore.or as we ere capa
ble of making. No toil or cost inpar
sd, in maintaining it in thai beat par
fection which it is possible (o produce.
Hence the patient who 'procures the
gennine 'Cherry Pectoral, can rely on
having ae good end article as hse ever
been bad by those who testify to its
cures. ' ...
By parching tbis 'cuse,Ihsvejthe hope
of doing some good in the world.es well
as the satisfaction of kbelievingathat
much has been done already.
Pr spared by J. C. AYES, Practical
. and ' Analytical Chtmiat, Lowtll,
Mats. .' ,. . i . ,
Sold br GEO, B. WILL and E. A; BRAT
TON. McArthur. O.: J. Vorhee, Albany; K
Culow, Logan: Dr, J. U. C. Miller, Jackson
C. H., and by Dealers in Medicines every
where.' - July 27,'65 4mo.J
RECEIVED direct from Nw Orleans, j
575 hhds fair to prime N. O. Sugar;
20 . clarified do.
' . 169 bis loaf, crushed & pulverized sugar.
' ' .54 oks wlute Havana, for candy and syr
V. . 233Tb'lsN. OMo1aeei' I
) 75 do "St, James" choice sugar H, mo
; lasse;s ." !
" 100 do , CommorJ sugar H, molasses, )
-, , 10 do 'Golden syrup; , , .r , T. "
'-SS TerRlcej- - " - ',
800 bees Bio and Java coffee: '
. 'Which, together with a full and 'completed
WoopWABiv-Bucltets, tub, zlne washboards,
brooms, fas. . ' .'.',.!
Fruits & JfrnrH-Figa, raslns almonds pe
cans, E, Walnuts. filberU': Brazil nuU: dec.
Sfices "Ground and uneround--Penrjer:
alsplcesi cjnnainoni cloves; ginger, f oeai
.-FMH-rjnackfirar; dried lieuing, codfisbj sai
UlUMf , . 1 , . . j
Tias-A largi stock ,of ftesh: Imperial: Y;
Hysou; pnpowder and black teai
TobacoowFIfm; eights snd pound 'plug
gooti irginia, Missouri snd rientucky brands
-lso, fledga J. Bro'e and uthej good, brands
u u iwwi uioaccoi ; ,- t ;t - )
, PTE-sTprrt-JfldlBoi copperas madderand
alumr ' ' i ,
salsBratuf; super . caroonareof sodai -epsorn
ii wauj wjui; warpping paper; oto, eto, f-
will eel at tft ragulsr Cinclnnattl
wholesale prices ah ; m-.m a
C. A. -t- DAJrfARlK k Co."
"PorUmouth, April!1 1, 1854.- - t
1 ( YANKEE Ot Yokeset tne Gltf.Anri
!UX!2V 15. i its: . i
rJURINQ ihe list 'slxmopth '.there
haw been '''iaaue'd " of HAsrEt'sNs
MoKTiipr. AJAatix overEfgAf Aund
red 'and jtfty Jkontani Nurtberl.' Thi
Publltfieri may; saMy .AO-is - fact as
evidence of )he yuparnlled ai.d contant
ly IheVe'asitig success "whk whicl).heir
ellorts to puDtisna (neap, instructive,
nd entertaining monthly hve beao at
tended. They renew ih axpraaslo'n of
their, thsnks -to tha-public for their
constant confidence - and support,-, and
specialty to the prvss for the' substan-
ial aid. it hse afforded; in making their
ffor'-a and publication known to tbe
American people, .
It can scarcely: be necessary to add
the assonance that the plan of conduct
ing the Magazine,- which hasproved so
uccessful, will be 'continued vuth in
creased assiduity and care. , Tha want
nd tastes of the great mass of the peo
ple will continue to beoon eulted; aud
no labor of 'expense will be epared to
give them," ' every month, the largest
amount of the most interesting and in
tructive literary matter, original and
selected, in the - best form ' and at the
cheapest price. Special and iucreasei
ttention v ill be to the series of origi
nal illustrated articles, descriptive uf
American scenes and historical inci
dents, prepard by tbe most popular wii-
ere, and accompanied by engravings by
by the best artists Id ths UnitedStatas,
In every department of the Masa-
tine renewed efforts will be made to in
crease inability, ita utility, and its at
tiacuveneis for generel leaders.
Though It bis not yet completed tntf
sixth year of iti existence, Harper's
Maglslne has a circulation greater by
manr thousand than was ever attalusd'
by auy other publication ever issued ir
sny part of the world. It is the deter
mination of the polishers that it shall
continue to merit this unparalleled and
still increaceing prosperity.
Each number of the Magaxine ' wilt
contain 144 octavo tiges, In double
columns, each year thus comprising
nearly two thousand pages of the choic
est Miscellaneous Literature of the dsy
isvery number will contain numerous
Pictorlsl illustrations, accurate Plates
of the Fashions, a copious Chronicle of
of currant Events and impartial No
tices of the Ira porta ut Books of the
Month. The Volumee commence wlttj
the Nos. June and December; but sub,
scrlp'.ions may commence with any No.lf
lerms. the Magaxine may be ob
tained of Booksellers, Periodical Agents
or from the Publishers, et 83 s year, or
25 cents a number. The Semi-annual
Volumes, as completed, neatly bound In
Cloth, are sold at Two DoUars each
and Muslin Covers are furnished
to those who wish to base their bat,
Numtari uniformly bound. at Twenty-
five tents each, fcleven Volumes are
now ready, bound. . 'Harper a Storr
Books' and 'Harper'i Magaxiua will be
sent to one Address, for one vear. for
Fivt Dollar t. -
The Publisher will supply ipeclmen
Numbers gratuitously to Agents and
Postmasterrs, will make liberal arran
gements, with thern for circulating the
Magazine. Ihey will also supply Clubs,
of to persons et Five Dollars a year.or
five 'persons at Ten Dollars. Clerur
men supplied et two Dollars e year.
NEW VOLUME-----1856.
Established in 1827.
Devoted to Literature, Art and Fashion.
THE New Volume, commencina with the
January numb., 1856, will contain cvir
2 uelvt Hundred Paget of the cboice.t read
ing matter, Steel and Wood Engravings, snd
music. ' . . . .
Each number will contain a splendid Steel
Engraving; a Plate of the Paris Fashions, on
Steel, elegantly colored; one or more articles,
richly illustrated witn woodengravlnes: mis
cellaneous Prose and Poetry; an 'Editor's
Table; Reviews of ' New ' Books; Monthly
Summary; Hints on Fashion.and Fashionable
Intelligence; Patterns for -Needle-work, ana
new music. ' . ', ,
The Steel Engravings wijl embrace finely
executed portraits of tbe celebrated lady
writers of the dsy, interspersed with a varie
ty of other subjects 01 general interest.
Tbe Fashion Plates are engra fed on Steel,
after tbe latest Parle Fashions, airing out
and in-door costumes for the month. They
have been pronounced superior to those pub
lished in any other American Periodical.
' The Wood Engravings will be of the high
est finish, and by our best artists. " ' '
mi 1 1 Vf-.-
Aoe i.iierary matter wiircuniisioi nisiur
leal, Biogiaubical and Literary Essays, sketch
ea of Travel, Fine -rts, Novels; Tales, Ro
mances, etc. The Novels and Romances of
Grahani are universally acknowledged to ex
eel in beauty and interest any others publish,
ed In America. . r t
The Editor's Table is made up of Humor,
ous Sketches and Anecdotes, Foreign, Domes
tic and Literary Gossip, etc. " ' .
Tbe monthly Summary of Current Events,
prepared bf Vita. Dove, gives t ' condensed
account of the principal events, which have
taken place in the, .World, during the preced
month. 4 ' " ? ' "
: ' Tbe Reviews of New Books front the pea
of the great critic, E. P. Whipple.
;Tbe Fashion article, by Genio C. 8cott,pre
sente a correct and comprehensive account of
the new styles of Presses, : Bonnets, AantiU
las, Shawls, Emb videries.andeverythjng re
lating to Fashion of Interest to ladies.
The Needle-work Patterns for Collars, Un
dersteeres, Caps, Berthas, Skirts, Embroider
ies for Handkerchiefs, and' general Needle,
work, ere numerous and beautifully designed;
: ' ilftWC.'T-TtiiS alona'at s music atom
would cost mom than, a veuVsubscrlDtlon.
RjlS.r-Ona Copy, one yr, ia
Copies', (and ftn.to AgRX&fl
of, tbe club,) ?10; 11. cos In, and on
to agent, $20; for 18, : one my will be
sent Three- Yeara, Addition to slabs
at the same xkia it club sent,
-CT SpecLTjen cppieieut pklU to
tboie desiring To get up clubs?..
ABRAHAM H. SEE, No. 106 Chestnut St., Phila.
w wtvrmxiTTJa at tne Will ARVUf

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