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zriTTrr e v. a. jtaitcn.
luiKRDAv; I).:g;,i. 13.
FliOUlCr.Li AJ.LhLJJU.iaru-iif-a
at Iht. tery hihiii nmtttt f.nctn, oh Sub
i rpi'uii or Admtitmtiils,ut this oJ;!ce.
Money is not rtjuxil.
J and all L'un.s required under ihe Jun
ius' CoJe.for Justices uf the 1'cuce. art con-
ttanlly kept on hand and for suit ut this Of
fice. V. B. TALMLlfS
Jfewijiper Subicrlpllon end AdreitUlEg Ifney
Philadelphia, Ntw York, Huston and Bal
timore, is our authorized aent to receive and
receipt for subscription and advertisement fur
Tbe Democracy of Vinton County are
requested to meet iii Convention at
McArthur.on Thursday, t tie 25th day of
Diciniber, ISOO, at one o clock P. M.,
for tha purpose of appointing two Dele
gates to represent them at the State
Contention, to be held by the Democra
cy in Columbus, on the 8ih day of Jan
uary, 1856, to nominute a candidate for
Supreme Judge, one for Board Public
Works, and a candidate for Stale
School Commissioner; also, to put in
'nomination an electoral ticket for Pres
ident aud Vice Ptrsideut, and to ap
po'tut delegates lo the mxt Democratic
National Convention. It is hoped there
w ill be a foil attendance,
By order of tbe
r are now great need of Flour,
Meat, Wood, Coal, tjc, all of which
will be gladly received on subscription.
Can not some of our back subscribers
send us some of these necessary ar
ticles, for our comlort and their credit.
We will just say to those who owe us,
as a matter of convenience to them,
we will publish the names and amounts
due us, as goon as we can complete the
list; this will enable those at a distance
to remit to us and save us postage,
Action of the State Central Committee.
COLUMBUS' Nov. 22, 1855.
The Democratic Slate Central Com
mittee met at Columbus pursuant to no
tice. On mjtion of Major William Hunt.it
Htsolvtd, That the Democratic party
adhere to its time honored usage, of
meeting in convention on the 8th of Jan
uary next, at Columbus, and nominate
cue candidate for Supreme Judge, one
membarof the Board of Public Works
one Superintendent of Schools, fortysix
delegates to l hi National Convention
to form an electoral ticket, and appoiut a
State Central Committee for the ensu
ing year,
M. C. RYAN, Sec'y.
county the
above Convention to two Delegates,
ana jacuson to one Delegate.
Democratic Nominations for Officers
of the House of Congress.
In f(.lna (h. - . - ,1
in ui uur icauers may lnliy uir
derstand the ballo Org reported by tele
graph for officers of the House, we state
that the following gentlemen are the
Democraic nominees fur lb) various
o Bices ol that body:
For Sptaktr-nos. W, A. RicharJson
of Illinois.
For Clerk A. D. Banks, of Virginia
lor sergeant-at-arms A. J, GI068-
trenner, of Pennsylvania.
For Door-KeepcrZ, W. McKieiv.of
For Fostmasttr John. M. Johuson.of
For Tullie Prinltr Cornelious Ven
dell, of New York.
At the Democratic'jCongref sional cau
cus, following resolution, intoduced by
Hon. J. Glancy Jones, of l'euusylvar.iii
was unanimously adopted:
Iletohed, That the Democratic mem
ters of the House of Representatives
inougti in a temporary minority in this
Douy, deem tins a fit occasion to ten
der to their fellow citizens of the whole
Union their heartfelt congratulations
on toe triumph, in the recent elections
in several of the northern, eastern and
western, as well as solhern States, ol
me principles of the KansaB-Nebraski
bill and the doctrines of civil and relig
ious liberty which have been so violent
ly assailed by a secret politioal order
kuowu as the Known Nothing party;
and though in a miuor;ty, we hold it to
be our highest duty to preserve our or
ginizitiou aud continue our efforts in
the maintenance defence of thote uriu
liples aud the constitutional rights ol
every section and every citizens against
tueir opponent of every description,
whether the so called Republicans. Know
Nothiugs.orVuVionist;! and to this end
ve look with confidence to the support
uU approbation of alt good aud true
men friends of the constipation aud
ths Uuiou throughout the-counlr,.
Young ladies who wish to look in
(eresling, should commence by eating
pienlilully ol slate pencils and chalk
-ltould (us fail, let them resort to vin
as a beverage, and let tliem chew
creen tea." Should tin's fail, let them
give their corseJsarijuaja-tur-Tn'il
'ITrrnnestTIjoes (hey can buy,
Mpspjailyjn cold, damp vpafher, To
fcv enre,thiB may jnduca copstmiptjon;
but (hat mailers very little- the 'inters-
twg" re ol o little use in the world,
(hat the looner they leave1 it, the belter
lor (.hemselvej and eyery one around
fh'em.'fjarsh, but true.". Lady loafers,
Kf'j'oifi m hew pointed at
WASHINGTON, December 31—P.M.
Tlie House u ti called to order at
'twelve oVock by (Jorney, (Jlerk.
I New members were sworn in, and
l!ie rr l lulled, tw IhiiiImJ and twen-
Itj-li-. e nit-in I cis .u'.sut-rcd.
' On iv.niion ot Mr.Jones of Tennes
see, ttic 1 1 . . ti - e proceeded to tlie elec
;tioii i j-pt-aker. On tlie lirst Loltnt
K'uUi.lfi!), nf ill., Dem 7 I
Ful'er, l lYnii., Op 17
( MHplxll.ol O . V 53
lYmnii&iou, ol M. J. .0,1 7
M..i.-luili,ol K'v.. 0,i 30
h:ilk, (Uliu4.. O, 21
Various otlins were voted lor, and
;t!iucli interest wus tiMr.ilested. There
was however, no election, 113 beinj
necessary to a choice.
The Senate nu t at three o'clock.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4th—P. M.
Tho Rational .lutiU'ujcncer, con
lirms the reports received from Kansas,
The despatch from GoveriioShanuon,
making a demand lor troon?, was re
ceived by the President jesterJay.
It is Elated that civil war was threat
ened, and requctud rrcn.jt assietan
An order for the immediate transfer
of troops from all (lie nearest posts
was trausmiltted by telegraph by the
The Senate waa called to oidci at
noon Messrs, Hale, Drake, (Duikee
Yulee and l'earce were twcrnin,
Kev. H. C. Dean was elected Chap
lain, when the Senate sdiournad.
House On motion, the balloting
lor Speaker was renewed, and the
di'Ft ballot resulted as follows
Eiil.ardson, of 111., 'Dem
Fuller, of 1'enn., Op
Campbell, of 0., Op
Marshall, ol Ky., Up
Bunks, of Muss., Op
Cumpbell &7
Murshall 1
Bii' ks
Fc ler
Campbell" Banks
5 I
There being slill no choice, the
House, on motion, adjourned.
No Speaker yet Excitement contin
ues ftlore Ualloungs.
a ¬
tion requesting the President lo inform
tlie Senate whether he had received
any evidence of such resistance to the
execution of the laws in.Kausas as to
requite the interposition ot military
force lor its prevention or the restora
tion ot Jaw aud order in that 1 errttory;
if so.to lay the same before the Senate,
Also, copies of any order which he
may have issued tor the employment
of military forces in that Temtory,
The resolution lies over.
Mr. Adams submitted a resolution,
which lies over, Icr the eleciton ot
officers of the Senate on Monday next,
the lUtli inst.
Mr. Bell offered a aesolution, which
also lies over, referring all private
claims and biils on the calendar to
the Courtof Claims.
Mj, Adams gave notice of his in.
tention to introduce a bill to amend the
Naturalization Laws-
The Senate then adjourned.
House The voting for Speaker
was resum cd,ai;d the 11th, 12th, 13th
and Htti ballots resulted without a
choice. The following is the
fifteenth ballot.
Richardson 71
Campbell feO
Banks fci
Fuliler 19
Marshall 6
renniman 7
Whitney 9
Smith, of Alabama 9
Pur j ear 2
Thurston 2
Nichols l
Oliver 1
There was nochoice,and the House
The members of the house, other
than those voting lor Richardson, are
sadly perplexed as to their course to
morrow. Speculations are various,
and politicians are intensely excited.
It is generally admitted that Mr. Cam
pbell cannot be elected, and hence the
triends of banks, Fuller and Penni
man congratulate themselves upon
their better chance.'.
it is new understood that Mr. Mer
rick, of Washington, has been appoin
ted to fill the vacancy ia the United
Males District Uotirt in the District
of Columbia, and A. G. Seamon
reappointed Superintendent ot Public
union of morning
the correspondence by le legraph, be
tween the 1'resident and Gov. ahanon
of Kansas. The despatch of the lat
ter says:
I desire to call upon the U' S- for-
ces at Fort Leavenworth, in order to
preserve the peace of the Territory, to
protect the Sueriff of Douglas county ,
and to enable him to execute the legal
process in linds. ' lithe lows are
not txerntcd, ciul war is inevitable.
An armed lorce ol 1,000 men, -with
all the implements of war, it is ai.l
are at c'ort Leavenworth; lliey have
rescued ill J pjUoner (torn the Sheriff,
burned a nunil.er ol houses and threat
ened the live of the citizens. Iinedi
ate assistance is des-ind; this is the
only way to prevent bloodshed. Par
ticulars by mail
The President replied as follow v.
All the power vested in tlie Lx
ec utive will be exerted U preserve
order and enforce the laws- On the
receipt of your letter, the preliminary
measures necessary to be uken before
calling 011 the troops, will be promply
executed, aid tou will Le fully advis
ed.' It has just been ascertained, be
youd the possibility of a doubt, that
a despatch has been received from
Buchanan relative to the Crampton
difficulty, the tenor of which is, that
the Untisri uot eminent, in a courte
ous but positive mauer, decline giv
ing stall explanations as were de
manded by our Government, regard
ing the alleged violation of our neu
trality lan s by British agent. This
aspect of affairs imposes on the Am
erican Government very delicate oh
ligations, and it wiil require all its
wisdom to extricate itself troni the
present deleninia.
1 hejgovernments ot Urn Salvador.
Honduras, and Costa Rica, have pro.
tested to this Government agiinst the
recognitioti,by Mr. VVheeler.tiia Uui-
tied States Minister, of the present
iwcaraguan Government. The Gov
ernment of San Salvador predicts that
the present order ot things on Nicara-
gua will not long continue, lor reasons
stated, and declare themselves ready to
extreniinate all foreign adventurers
who may invade their soil.
Senate Hale's resolution caltns
on the President for a copy of Kansas
Lorespoudence was taken up.
Hunter remarked that it was unusu
al to make such calls before receiving
Annual Message, which might contain
the information desired.
Hale consented that the resolution
should lie over, and moved that when
the Senate adjourned it adjourn till
Hunter hoped not, as the House
may organize to-day.
Clayton remarked that such an ad
journment would delay the reception ot
tlie Message, wlncli tlie country is an
xious to see.
Several Senators urged Mr, Hale
to withdraw his motion.
Hale said: 'In view of the fact stat
ed by the Senator from Delaware, of
which I was entirely ignorant, that
the country is waiting.witli great anx-
ay tor the Alefsagc, 1 withdraw the
motion. 1 Lau'hter.J
The Seiiata then adjourned.
House. Whitney wiiiidrew the
name of Humphrey Marshall as a can
didate for Speaker,
1 he balloiiing tor Speaker w.v then
resumed. We annex the
Campbell" 71
Smith, of Alabama
The members of the house are inter
changing views to night end endeavor
ing so to anange matter that au organ
ization may ob made uitboul further
delay, but then figuring cannot prom
ise them a favorable prospect. The
Democrats are resolved to stand firmly
upon their platform recently adopted
in caucus, 111 the nope of eventually
cucceeding. Seeing the majority of the
house in opposition lo them, but some
of the latter ire comforting themselves
with tbe assurance that alter several ol
their number have been complimented
1 ith a heavy o'.e an electiin of Speak
er will easilyfollow.
From the Washington Union.
Threatened Hostilities in Kansas!
Rumors have patted into circulation
to the effct that '.he President has au
thorized tbe employment of the troops
of the United States in the Temtoiy ol
Kansas to aid tbe local authorities in
the execution of the laws. No such au
thority has been given. In order to show
exactly what lias transpired, we have
obtained rennssiou to publish the fol
lowing despatches:
WESTPORT. (Mo.) Dec. 1, 1855.
I desire authority to call ou the U. S.
forces at Levenwortb to preserve the
pence or tins lerntory, to protect the
sheriff of Douglas county, andienable
him lo execute the legal process in bis
hands. If :h laws are not executed civ
il war is inevitable. An armed force o(
one thousand men, wi'.h all the Imple
ments of war.il is said, are at Law
rence. They have rescued a prisonerlfrora
iha sheriff, burnt houses, and tlirelried
the Uvea of citizens. Immediate assist
ance i tiesireu. ltiis is the only means
to save bloodshed. Particulars by mail.
To his Excllency FRANKLIN PIERCE.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9, '55.
Your despatch received- All the Dover
vested in the Executive will be exerted
to preserve ordtrand enforce the uw.
Un the receipt of vour letter the ora-
limiuary measures uecesary to be taken
belore calling out tbe troops will be
promptly executed, and you will then
be fully advised.
Governor the Territory of Kansas.
[Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.]
The Free State Kansas Convention
in Confl c with the United States
Laws—Governor Shannon authorized
to call out the Military—Congress
not going to admit the new
State—The division in the Know
Nothing Party—The contest for
WASHINGTON, November 25, '55.
The danger of a. r-nlluinn hptween
the federal government and the free
VktlfA r .'r ... A a.l T. n n 1 ...
Jiniv 1 1 mucin ui jvaiisuj is immi
nent. The free Slate convention have
adopted a constitution which is to be
approved by tlie anti-slavery voters on
the loth of December.and cut in one-
ration in January. Tho laws of the
new State will, of course, come in con
flict with those ol the territoricl govern
ment, and Governor Shannon has sta
ted that he is authorised by the Presi
dent to call unon the militia. and also
the U. S. trooufi. for the maintenance
of tho laws of of terrtorial government.
We were never before quite so near
civil war as we are under this state of
things. The militia to be called out
will, of course, be the Missonria men
the verv men who hav iinilprtak-pn
the task of nmking Kansas a slavehold-
ing State.
1 learn that Mr. Pomerov .who N
a prominent candidate in competition
with Col. Lane for the U. S. Senator
ship, is to be the military leader 01
tlie tree State troops, in case ot war.
The Kansas constitutional nnnvpntinn
have adopted the example of Californ
ia, ami propose to create a State gov
ernment wlipther Conres dm 1 1 n.imh
it into the Union as a Stale or not.
I he is no nrobabilitc that C.
will, at the COmillcr KPficinn nitmit
Kansas as a State, whether with or
without slavery. The population is
at most not over thirty thousand.which
is quite insuflicient to entitle it to a
representative, to say nothing of the
admission of two rotten borjtigh Sen
ators. Besides, the anli.sllvprif nirli
desires and intends to light the Presi
dential battle upon the Kansas ques-
huh, n ne seined at present.
The Freesoil holi pra (Vrmi ilia till
null! IHW
adelphia Know Nothing Convention
nave, in considerable nuiubers.tranied
a platform at their I.i(a f'nm-nr.tir... ot
t vuimviiiiuii nt
Cincinnati, upon the issue of the ex-
elusion oi any new slave State from
the Union. The Southern Know Noth-
ings will not, of course, go into Con
yention with them on this platl'orom
in Philadalphia next February. They
have also widened the breach between
the Southern and Northern member
representing the order in Congress.and
rendered their co-operation in the or
gaizatioti.of the House impossible.
Though Congress is to meet to
morrow week, we see lew members
here as yet. A caucus of k'now Nnrh.
ings Members was called to meet here
on Wednesday, probably in reference
to the organization of the House; a
lusionupon the latest plan, that of
Cincinnati, will no rlou.M I
A prolonged'contest for dm ?nl.
ship may be expected, and, if Mr.
..v.. uuu onuuiu ue me uemocrat
ic candidate, he may be chosen, as he
was in 1&49, after niore than sixty
baiiotings, and at ast. a rhon n,wt.r
a special vote, ,for effecting a choice
oy piurauty.
Great Indian Fight at the South—
100 Indians Killed—Escape of
Miss Pellet.
We stqp the press to say that by Wella
Fargo &Cos Express, we learu that the
tiluens and miners of Jackson county
have taken the field. They have already
killed one hundred and six Indians.
I'hey spare neither age nor sex, but are
deleiiniued to make a clean sweep as
ihey go. They say they want no assist
ance or interleience from Government
oflicers; that they are determined lo treat
all protectors or sympathizers with the
Indians, as common toes.
Major; Lupton, member elect to ihe
Legislature lroin Jackson county, was
kilted. Miss Pellet SCa)i?i1 A Taut n in
- - i m sat u -
utes before Waggoner's house was at-
.atnea. ureal excitement existed aSainst
the regulars and others who had shelt
ered and protected the Indians. Ore-
gonian uct. zu
CO" A Persian merchant, rnmnlain.
in? verv heavilv nf enmo nn;.ict
O J J Miijuab ecu-
tence.was told by the Judge to go to the
the plantitf.
" 1 lien you can go to the Grand Viz-
"But his secretary is your cousin!"
'Then you may appeal to the Sultan!"
"But his favorite Sullann is vnnr
"Well, then, go to the devil!"
Ah! that la a still rlospr rnimoHinn "
said the merchant, as he lelt the court
iu ue.-pair.
K. N's. vs. Methodists. .The Know
Nothings in misouri have joined tha
crusade against the Methodists, and re
fuse . to tolerate their preachiug aud
camp meetings Ind Sentinel.
Why not? If any suppose that 'dont
with the Catholics !' will satisfy this
organization, tbey k now little of the
huuimi Tiger when once let loose and
woe be to thos that loosen him.
Miss Pellet. CINCINNATI, Dec. 3.
Ai Memphis, this morniug, the steam
er Geo. Collier took dre and was entiely
consumed. The steamer Mayflower aud
the wharf boat of Duvall' Alglo and
Co., caught from the Collier, and were
completely destroy ed. The boats' car
goes are reported a total loss-
rjCTIn 0Tet t give tne t the stom
ach, it is recommended to swallow the
dinner bell.
(ET'Dkclinb is Cottox Batten;
the 'young ladies' laying by stuffed
'j ni m
I.ol(ro, l'o.
I, V-
W M . Ill
free ami ftc
a reRularCommiiiiicatioiial McArlliur. Vin-I
ton comity. Ohio, every Saturday evening on,
or preceding each lull moon.
v 1 AW
E. A. BRATTON, Sec'y.
Mineral Lodge, No. , holds a reg
ular Communication at llamden, Vinton co.,
on, or preceding
D. T. HARD, Sec'y.
Orpliairs rilend Lodge, l'. I).,
holds a regular Coimnuiiication at Uilkes
n'lie. Vinton toiin'.v. Ohio, every Satuiday
or ench full niocn.
H. H. BISHOP, Sec'y.
McArthur Decem. 13.
IGO.Iron, o9
J8 leather. 8aM
Apples, D.,
Buttei per lb.-
Smoked Ha ins,"
" Shoulders,
" Sides,
Lord per lb. 10
Molasses pr gal. 1)5
Nails, 3d to lOd, PolO
iOats.-" 20
Beans, V. S.OO 'rolati-'S, IrWi. 3U
Colle 15 reaci.es, I)..
Candles, 20Tork prewt C,00
Cheese, 0 Sugar N. 0., 12
Cloverseed C0f ' Loaf, 16
Corn 30 Cnuhed,- 10nl2
Epgs pel doz 10 Salt, per bbl 3.0U
Flour per hun. 4,')0 Table, pr Sack, -37
flour ,per bbl fcfe.UO Soap pT lb 3a
FlaxSeed 75 Teas, Y. II. 75
Feathers, 40 " Imperial 6100
Fish. White.-. . b, Tallow. 12
... 4
Wheat per bu.
Wool per lb"
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
PORTSMOUTH Dec. 13 1855.
" Loaf t
" Crushed" 10
Annies, Dried" :!.
BroomRprdoa .25t
Bacon Hams per lb. Hi
' Shoulder It'
" Sides "
Beans, W. per bu. 3,00
Candles, mould- 10
Sar 21
Cotton Yarns-" Ibi
Cheese.W.K. lb.6it
Coll'ee, Rio If
Cloverseed,- fi.H;
Hour pi bbl fet
Feathers nr lb.-.-. A'i
Suit, Kanawha, bu, 45
leas, loose in packs.
" Y. II., lb. 4rn,G0
" Impet'L-bOiiGb
" Giinii'wder 05
I'obacco ftlcVK. cav.V5
Va. cav... S0h30
Oil, Lard pr gal." 80
Oil, Linseed " 100
OatB pr, bu. 5U
readies, Dried" Z,UU
Potatoes, Irish., l'i
Flaxseed, pr bu. 1,01) Sulerutus pr lb,
Fish. Cod ir In. i'
fallow pi lb." 1 1
' Mackerel ft 1 2u2l
Lord pi lb." t
Tur pr bbl. 5,00
timothy seed, tJ UU
Wheat pr bu."' 1,5q
Molasses, N. O. gal. 41)
" S. H. " 4ri
0. S. " 00
Whiskey, Common 3j!
' Mou liula, )'U
' Rye, bo
Noils, .. lOtoSd tii
Sugar N. 0. 7nfc
THE following list is corrected every week
just before putting our payer to prrss
New York.
Solvent banks, psr
13k. ol Mobile, 5 dis
All banks, no sale
Solvent banks, pur
Louisas a.
Solvent banks, par
Small uo'.es, 5 dia
solvent banks, par
?ew Hampshire,
On io.
sjlvenl banks, pat
Solent fauns, rnr
I!!.. Circlevillp Jfl,!:1
Solvent baiiks, par
Fiee bk. aid plato.S disj
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent bnukd, par
Ivy. Trust Co. 70 dis
solvent banks, pai
S'ale bank, and
bohent banks, pai
Solvent banks, pa
Kew Jkkey.
Free banks, 5(u,C0
lilt, of Comiers-
ville, 30 dis
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent Free bk.
5 dis
(State bank and
Solvent banks, pai
Tien. Allegheny, MdiJ
Kaiiahwa 10 ui.-
Solvent banks, 5di
NoitTii Carolina.
Solvent banks.
5 dis
Solvent banks, 3 dis
Small notes, 5 dis
Solvent banks, 3 dU
fc.xc.ept Adnun Ins. Co.
Vmall notes, 5 din
and Macomb Co. bk.
South Carolina.
Free banks, 3 dis
Small note-, 5 die
Texas 6c uikaksas.
All banks u doubtlul
val e.
Solvent banks, 3 dh
Solvent banks, 5 di
olvenbauks, 10 dU
New York, prm
Philadelphia "
Baltimore, , "
3 prm.
I "
i "
Buying at J prm. A'elling at
JOHN KYSER, Pl'tfl',) In attachment.
against (tjivii action.)
David D. Drake, Deft. J THE Defend
ant will take notice that the Plaintiff
in the above cause, ou the 26th day of
November, a. d. 1855, caused an Order
of Attachment to be issued by J. VV,
Swepston, Justice of the Peace for Elk
township, Vinton county, Ohio, against
trie goods, chattels, stocks, interest in
stocks, rights, credits, moneys, and ef
fects of said Defendant an absconding
debtor to satisfy the claim of said
Plaiutiff for Fourteen Dollars with in
terest from the 8lh dey of November.
1855, and Twenty-five Dollars the prob
able costs of suit; and that said catse
has been continued for service on said
Defendant, and wilt be for bearUg be
fore said Justice at his office in McAr
thur in said towuship, on the tOth day
of January, a. d. 1855. at I oVIock P.
M of said day lat aforesaid.
Dec. 13, 55. JOHN KYSER.
NOTICE is hereby given' that George
Holdren, Administrator of the Estate of
George Richey, late of Vinton County
deceased, has filed in the Probate Court
of said County his account and vouch
ers for inspection and final EeUUnt;
and that the same will be passed upon
by said Court, on the first Monday in
February A, D. 1856.
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judge.
Dec 13, '55 3w ...
WANT 5000 SHINGLES, for which
tbe llithut Price will be given at
JOB W OIIK. of every rlescription neatly
WW I I It!
xfcu'eo, at inisutact. ..7
The Oliio rarnicr for ISJjO.
"THCOlllO FARMER." will commute
V..I 1 - t lt,,n a.
, ., , , , .
Jhltle need be 8Hid In its behalf. With th
experience whirh we have gained in editing
it, lor the past lour yrars.and with the know
ledge of the wants of the yublii. ivhkh mucn
travel and Correspondence hss given us. to
gdlier v tilt tlie very many able Contributor',
which we l.ai been constantly adding io
our lieretufnre long list, ho feel that Th
Ohio Farmer is nn'ra than evtr northv of
the paiirnupe cf the entiie country; ami re
ran as-sure all, t lit. t however excellent it may
lrae ken for the past year, it will be better
for the year to crm e,
'1 he Ohio Farmer will continue to be wsnel
weekly, ou a lau,e folio sheet, of clean, whi'e
paper, and nn clear type, and illustrated with,
tuts of Domestic Animals, Implement?,
Trees, Howes, Ate, &c. The News and
Miscellaneous Departments. Mailet Reports
&c, Jc, wilt receive careful attention.
Single copy.l yr,,t2
I Copy 6 months tl
!s copie?fi months b
10 copies G mouths ti
4 copies 1 ycbr. 0
5 cc l ies I ear 8
Jen Copies, one year,-815.
A club of five subscriber? , at 8, will en
title the person making it up to a ropy lor
six months; a club of ten, at t15, to a copy
fur one ear.
K3"Old Subscribers, who wih to renew
their subscription, ton doaoal anv time, br
getting a new subscriber, and sending us M,
which w in pay lor Dom one yeur.
'1110. 1SKOVYN, Troprictor end Editor.
Cleveland. Ohio.
u" ' ". wile to ilecedeui,
(August 2'4, l&Dl, conluiuiug Tweuii-
Teegue Ray, Admr. of "J I'robate Court,
Mosses Kay, deceased, I I'eiitioa lo
against J sell Land.
Celia Kay. etal. J JOHN RAT
of the Siate of Missouri, and Jesse Ray
of the State of Illinois, will take no
tice that on the Sixth day of December
A, D., 1855, the a foresaid Administra
tor tiled hia Feiiiioii iu the 1'robi a
Court ol said Viutun county; the objttt
and piaer of which l'etiiiuii is to ob
tain an order for the assignment of Dow
er ol Celia Ray, widow of decrastiir
ui and for the sale of the fo 'lowing
Real Estate of the said Mosses Ray, de
ceased, situated iu Yiuton couuty, Ohio,
to wit: The Nortb-easl quarter ol the
Suuth-wesl quarter of Section Thirty
live, in Township number Nine, k.f
Itiinge uumber Miueteen, iu the Chilli
cothe Land Disliict; containing Thirty
ine and N i n e t e ih I hundredth acrat
Also The Soiitli-toet quarter of il.e
South-weot quarter ol Section 'thirty-
live, in Township uumber Nine, if
Kauge number Nineteen iu Chillicolt.e
LanJ Disiricl--couuiuing Thirty nine
and Seteuty eight hundredths acres--save
and excep. so much oil" of said last
mentioned tiact as is laid out and plat
ted as part of (he Town of tUjsnlle.
Also; The following described Lsnd,
aiiuatcd in the county of Jackson, O ,
towii. A part of the Norfli-taat qur
lei ot the North-west quarter of Sec
tion number Two, in Township numbrr
tight, ol Kairge number Nineteen, hi-.
ing the same land conveyed by-Thomas
live and Fiity huudredihs acres saia
und except all that pari off ol said tract
laid out and plaited as part ol the town
ol Ruysviile situated in Jackson coun
ty, Ohio. Also, the following Town
Lots, situated in the counties ot Yin
ion and Jackson, Ohio, as laid out, num
bered aud platted iu the town of Kara
ville, to wit; Nos. thiee, seventeen,
eighteen, twenty-three, twenty-lour,
twenty-six, tw enty seven, t wen ty-c ight,
seven, eight, nine, ten, and nineteen.
Said i'eii'.ioij will be for heaiing on
ihe 7th diy ot January a. d. J85G.
Dec. C. 55.-5w Atl'y for Petitioner.
Andrew Jarvis, Pl'ttr. ) (Civil Action.)
against In Altai hmeiu
lWhaba Sollars, Deft. ) TH K Lelendunt
will take notice that the l'luintiii in I ho
above case, ou the 27th clay of November,
lt&5, caused an Order of Attachmeut to ba
issued by Robert Aiken, Esq., a Just ice ot the
Peace lor Kichiand township, Vinton conn
ty.Ohio.iiguinst the goods aud chatlels.stocks,
interest iu stocks, rights, credits, moncys.und .
ellccts ol said Defendant, a uou-resident of
said county, to satisfy the claim of the Plain
titl'lor tweuiy-seven dollars and filty cents,
and twelve dollars the probable cotu of suit.
Said cause has been continued for service ou
said Deieudaiit and will be for hrcring Lcfora
said Justice at his office in Richlaud town
ship, Yiuton county, Ohio, on the Sivtntk
day of January, 1856, at 10 o'clock a in,
Dec ti 'id ANDREW JAR VIS.
fFMlE Board or School Examiners of Vin
X ton county, ill hold their regular nuet
ings for the Examination of candidates, on
the First g.ilurdny of tvery month, at
tlie School Room in McArthur, commencing'
at 10 o'clock a. 111. -.
At every examination, a certificate of good;
moral character, recently signed by at leas t
two responsible persons, wiil be required of
each candidate. ....
Er Oroer of the Boaro.
Dec 6 '55 ly O. T. G UNNING, Stc'y. . ;
.Attorney at" Law-
oaibill. : jKinr cocin. bn'io;4.. .
ILL attend the courts in Jackson,
Vinton, Hocking, Athens, Meiea,
Gallia, Lawrence, Scioto, Pike, and Ross
cou lies. All buisiness entrusted, to
his care, will bs promptly. atlndd 16."
- Persons entitled to Land Warrants,
und.r the late act ' of congress, will do
well to give him a call, as be has pecu"
liar facilities for obtaining the sajne, ' 1
The highest Cash price paid for Land1
Warrants, and i?eal ) esUta, bought and
sold on' reasonable terms. Persons wisb-1
ing ' to sell Real estate, will consult ,
their interest by patronizing bim. .
Particular attention paid to COLLECT-'
ING - : ,
liefer to - ;' ' ' -V x:
Col. Hicrmah Powns, .Oak Hill; ;
" Rai.pu Leet; Esq., lronton;' '
. E. Fi Bihohaii, Esq., Mc Arthur:: ! h
! ColJ. W. Davis and ; -; ' :l " .
i W? A. SLCTHCNue. Esa.i PorOwimiia? I
Oak Bill, Ohio, V . .. . . .

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