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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 20, 1855, Image 1

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-I" . If" U.J.I 'i'H I ' .HU'A.'. IJ J n w Ml II . m in mm
4i. , N A M :n him Hp Mm V- ''
a rag, li iii I rilM
temym-Tztl to fed
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r!iicr r. jitl Z'loyvloror.
Vol nine 4.
KcArlfcar, Vinlon Co., 0., .Thursday, Dec. 20, ilj.
TKRMJ-i.ofi rr.r. a:;:,;:
-A'uinJicr ID
Unlike Block,
No I. Fici:-. Sine.
r"l"MJii ro pattaetship ln-.ietofore existing
.1. 'let wwii Hi' t-ubscribers, under the firm
rf UaUs Ac litifnirlfj wus this day dissolved
by mmrul content. F. J. (Jakes having sold
his rnlii? Interest to Messrs. George & Chas.
I!. 1 avi, all claims will be rellled.snd debts
aollectrd by Kuskirk A: Davis, our successors
, F. J. OAKES.
a. wi rrixiric, uo. uAvig, ,chab. n. davts.
(Sucresirof Oekesox BuskirV.)
InrlifTj i;kk, Trout SirrrT.
I'oiiTujfiou'iir. o.
January P, lWJ.-tf.
tt'. MStk. O. D. Tewkhbubt
Vv Et Lt. Y tTAF.rT & ' CONS.
sex lp i eojmiiinM inriTms
Tot Mm Sal ofWcattrn Prodaaa
ttir toeaoco n.orp. r-Rovr5roNK,&. r
Nos. 85iib7is. CHAlvLLSSTRliST. i.
Betvmu Pratt mvl. Camden t iucU. twt the
Jebiict'i !Rjvi;tiuu Warehouses,
libit l nfr4ir jnii p contignnvUi.
N. B, We hare imi-nUy removed to our
r and efibiv Warehouses, upon South
Charles Street, where we have tho advantage
I Kail Roar', truck ol our own, (connecting
ear 1i:m villi the L'. & 0. Railway,) and
i thus enabled to receive ell our consign
ments, w lieii sent in car loads, free of Dray,
jur. We have, also, evey facility for the re
vipt and rale of Tobacco, Hour,' Provisions,
ao VUbtorn Produce, generally.
Vfi w-mU correct btulement of the Marltcts
oitihly, to our friends, orofumer if desired
Jiuxi 1 0-4 I y r.
Wlil-UfiAI.. ASU KrAlt IirALSg 11
hat: i) h Mm, qveczswahv,
RE A 1) i '- W ADK CLOTH 1 NG,
BITS. tmM,0i;W8ft!lCrB,
; .'., rt'r., '.;, J
diii f'n.f t, WcAriJnir, Ohio.
jacol; ::nxn ell's j:tatr-
V OTIC Kb hereby j.'iven, t!itt Jcb Mii'.h
x ' II. Atiiiii.iif-in'.ut of t;if ILittlc of j.
fMi't.i:e'il. Jr., loteof 0( c limy of Vin
tft. ri'-d'AfeJ, i.ith fi't.i ,a li.c. Iiobu'.c Cuiiit
ff s-.iil .:i:t:u Ms ..cv....U- .!. Tot.tlitrs a
a-tch a,ftni'iti..ti r ;r ir r..cr.o.i an'.l lluu!
't!'rr.iit. I'l' V.-A' f-: J !tu-.:sitM vi', Ixi
Tt t'j"n l. .;(! C i!,- c. !tf V?;! rtpy of
October, .Jo fc. t. ft r."S TIT.
tiit- J 3 Cv", l'.o, V.C. O.'
t It ! V 'I
4. ,4 v.
"It 1 T f.
.'-,1 1
mim FR0T ST.
i. i;.'riuuTr;. otuu,
Trif! (infinite liil! with any rtgulnr
iobsj.i.Ho.icf. i'i the U8t. Coimtiy mer
e!iMi:, fii':::ni:c propriet.Jif, inilit-v d coiitrftrt
toi. h,iu otiiirf,, vill(,iib;etv ihtirin:eres'.sbv
feiii' in a cnll.
V..;y i&. M. Jy.
Wilson, Childs & Co.7
(rfiicra to Hampton, Wilson J- Co.,)
Wholrsalp Dealers in
iiu. !i V.ifti i U2 Thld Strt'f(,
ABE rriv opening t ary complete afaort
ment of ly Ginl, and by the fust
fl)t;nHr will lie able to axbibaa ten' at
tiaciive stock. Tl.pjr re.rprcllnlJy inita au
arly call from ill ei.jji.ged ii the trad.
Aug. 33, '&.i .iriiti.
u Jo a-xTs oiv,
(tfccrr'.st.fi To.KijjpiiMrs,)
Ki'(!ifp.!..TIi(ilIt);ri!, Blank nudTfNft'.fc.'.
tia oii., i'Uiitintry ncd Wall Tap t,
Bo.'ks received from Ibe Eist-rii Mar-
kttl rieir.rarlifat 'fublicatiou, or ordered
rtmn dt'tiwjt.--
riIlK subtcriber having leased tho above
.L Home, (formerly tlte United Statea Ho
tel.) and having mad complete renovation
pubre furn'.:bedtb Iioum with new Furniture
throughout, respectively invitea tbe traveling
public to give nitn a call. " . '
' his;table
"Will always contain the best that the market
alTordo, end no means will be spared to make
all comfortable.' -1 ' JOHN ROW.
Oct. ICth, I6S4-. '
(Scc?s?or' to Bmjth and Holmes.)
! Tiu, Slitcl Iroa, and Copper Wnrts, ' '
Stoves, Grates. & Hollow Ware,
April I IBik ly: - '
CltAt. A. M. UAHABIJt.
wnoLrsALi: jhocek '
tNo.55. Front Ejsci.t,
T 0 ft T S M O U Til , OHIO .2
Jauuary "JO. 1S51. Iv. ... , . . ,
a 1 1 v,f
to, P. jwjrix, T.'M.-t.mcncs, jko: BABCOCK
CcmiTrissiflh crchanls,
5a. fr&brtfttitr.SlriTt, XEW TOPX.
,Tvbtn'rj-l7, 'M, lj
kOice on door east of the Court
Hoy ft.
. il.OO prr ytar, and ij nut payed within fAt
uar, 82,011 will be chameJ.
TUnt Terms .unlit tlric'h tamnlitA
with, aul no paper toillbt discontinued until
all urreurazci urt 'paid, unless at the ojtwn
oj lUt )iuoi:iir.r.
TERM 3 OHa5u RT liNG.
CTT On aijwirf, tliirtten Unit or lu firnt
thru inir.rlwiis CI (JU
tnch udditwiial imurtinn 25
tVirrfioiii vrnr,.. ' &3,Uti,
A Mitral dtdvclion will bt modi to pr
tot tdvtrlitine bj the tear.
All udrtrtimntnta payahltin edvanctor
on a man
joa WORK.
We. s:! pu poriil to enei tile, ni'Pti the
llmiUel nut lie, in lit: ncutcvi ruaiim i nd on
the ihctiH Fl tirinK, ell kiiuli; v 1'iatn unit
Fa, icy JOil l HUiTlG, such as
hundlillt, Viands,
Curd;, Tiduh,
Circvlure, 1'ol.Te,
ISiil, Heat!, Li,br!,
fXi Wc repf'-ctful'v tcli.:i: the mintinr
j-atronajre of cut iJe.nr.c-K-.'.ic fritiuls, end all
otbers lonuiriiip, wcrS, in Vinton county.
iginU for lite "XtiSrtliur Cimutrut."
fa following fteuiloia.il will Roiv and Htcolpt
(orSubncrif if ciir vnd A.lvuiin.nicou-, for tiiia i
p.r. in Vin'on Covntr. Ohio.
W'u. Tavlf.r,
Jbo. Clakk, Sr.,
J. Blor,
Adam Ls,
Hamdrn Furnace.
Mt. Fleasint.
Harrison Towiishin.
liloers Store,
' Swan.
b. i'. HEWITT, Judje olfrobate Uourt
W.L. LDMISTON.CUtk Com. Pleas Court
T.. F. BiMiliAM.rrogflcuting Attorney.
Wm, TISUE, Sheriff.
H. PAVNK, Treasurer.
NtLSON RICHMOND, durvkjor.
(VacftLt,) Coroutr.
County Cummiasioners,
C. D. G?..U, J- RINP.Y, & JKO. SWA1M,
School l'.xaniincr,
0. T. GUN.MSO, G. W. SH'JCKEY aud
'"ill O H U K JN cTTTT"
Vith tiieir OT.ce Adre?ses.
Circ!i'jATi I 'jn.-.Atk., V ebtfiiH, Sla'.v
crt ij' Co. Wam-mcturera of tlit burl
V-t lily of 1 15 lion. ham:'..;D, Reeds
M.u ,, !. . :
L.4Ci' I i.:::'acf.4 lau!ey, iStutley it
Cc. i'.di.uritctvtars of tbe best qu-.ll y
uf l'is Iron, y.aia Tctl Otiice.
Yimou Fcssa' s. Mcau3, Clark Ct Cu.
ManufHCturiTB of btst quality cf Pig
Iri.ii, Vinton Fura-ico Pest Oifice.
Hamikji Fqkiiaci. J ruzee, Ttrr . Co.
Reed'a Mill Pot Office.
Bio HAit Fiiskacb, Rurtlnt, I'u!t f-Co.-,
itanufactuor of ihe Lett qui.lity
of Pig Iron. Po.t Off.ie at A?ht.iis,0.
5jKiiciu ii'ov V'jktok, who akk
tuiciBln trrCtoodi. lUiiiwm, (;un,.wai, Boota,
i i A K'iH v b . J oh) S. Hawk, J. K. tl; D
Will, Toroliiifon f Co., Owen Lowd, E. A
Eratlon, S.f-.Y. Dodc.e.Sliuriea iV KeyuoUls.
II AMum.-Rtjij. Uiil. D. D. T. lUiu, H. B.
Mooie, J. B. - W. is. Willson, Wm. C.
Vn.Kt-ti.i.r. S. S. Mturr, John Gillcn.
Cline. & Gar.iii!i, Fel'.nn it L-asiky, James
bleakely, Oirt Strong.
Ai.LLtfvn.i,r. IVUi Miller, Marcus Mil
ler, Joseph Witccn.
Mt. I'LCAt-ANt rtiiiiip Sain.
PaA'invii !.:. ej'tMii tV fewer-Urn,
Ainrs'i! Mil.?., i. liiwr.
BiHBhinjiMt'ij Will Wi.liajoi Tjsue.
V V K N 1 T IT P. E Tv O'OMS
M.;A inn t .:. V. RotHwell.
McAi tHiT.-G.P. Will.
HAHi'ts. ravieAr CuiMus.
Wiikisviu.t. :!ine & Ge.rdner.
r.'-Auvii rn.'-J.n. Swetlmid. R. f . Cngwc
MAIN ST., XcAllTIIUii, 01110,'
Sicrckaut Tailor,
- A5D T) KALF.lt lit
Sliirls, Umbrellas, Cravats,
Bosoms, . Suspenders, .' Scarts,
Collars, Under Shirts, Drawers,
Slocks, Gloves, Hosiery, &c,
; Nov. 15. 1605. ly.
At lo rncy at Law,
Will practice in Vinton and adjoiuin" coun
ties. Oflice tbree doors West oi the Pot.t
Ofirce. .
Feb. 9. 1852. : ' - 34 If
, Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in partnership irvVintonCoun
ty. (Jlfice, lour doors east ol busson & itui
berl's Hotel.. . .. . i
Eeb. 21, ISM.." - Iy9.
Attorney at. Law,
ILL practice jii'Yinton and tidjoininj;
couiitits.. Office, oue door east of tlie
HAS now an aMrlmeut of Wall Taper,
Bordere ; WiridoTV"Curtain,' and Fjre
Screen, that cn hardlv be surpassed in the
Wfst. TriLTbiov, 2o. I Lnion Block,
iT;avllrV Ch'llicotVn, Ohio
A Victim of Mirthfulness.
I may safely sy that the organ of
mirxnimness nas teen the cbuio of most
of the misfortonei of my lite. While
still a small child, I exhibited the pro
pensity of laughiug at anything which
sirucK me as Demg ludicrous, no mat
ter where, when or how it was.
At one time,I went to a funeral with
my mother. It wag the funeral ol a
young lady who was very much be
loved, and of course lamented. Every
one was in tears when, on turning to
wards a window, I taw two men sit
ting, one of whom was noted for his
length of nose, the other because he
had none. It was too much for my
ritiblc-b I choked, coughed, aud
sneezed but it would not do; laugh 1
must, and laugh 1 did. Suddenly a
shadow loll across rny eyes.and a fleshy
protuberance ressmblimj a barbed hook
travelled some distance across my nose,
ana J tie aru these words pronounced in
my ear :
"Child, you may be the next victim
to the fell destroyer!"
This completed my overthrow, and
my mother, shaking me violently by
tne shoulders, took me home, declar
ing that i should never go anywhere 1
again till 1 knew how to behave my
When I went to schaol the same fate
followed me. I received more repri
mands and more punishments than any
ether six pupil:. Once when my
teacher had been scolding me, and was
just pronouncing pardon, I looked up,
ana perceivea me remains oi a pinch
ot snuff adhereing to the eud of bis
nose. Then, alas! woe was me that
day. '
When our committee came into
school I was always watching my
master's great hand and feet, and the
awkward way he had of rolling his
eyes ana hanging out his tongue : and
many are the scoldings I received over
the school's back. I laughed my way
from girlhood to maidenhood. At
length there came a time to me,as there
comes to all, when I was in love.
Hdward Payson was a youth whom
any lady might be proud to love, h'e
was gtntle and kind, and for a timi I
was able to asntrol my laughing gani
us while with him. f ly parents real
ly hoped that I had begun to improve.
One fcening he was unusually go
ber, I unusually guy. He wished to
converse soberly, 1 would not,and tried
to prevent liim from doing so. The
more sober and grave ho became, the
higher my spirits rose, till at length 1
vns above the eajth the clouds dan
cing about in the broad expanse of air.
1 leaped from one airy castle to anoth
er, till at length my lover, tired, and
no doubt disgusted, said :
"Amelia," he said in a husky voice,
"I had hoped that you were the one to
control my destinies, one who would
be my companion tnrough lifVs thick
maze a Iriend a wile. But I see
my mistake. I am friendless and alone,
aud must remain so. r orgtve me for
thinking to tarpe your free, wild spirit.
You have said it is useless. I believe
it. FarewCli! hereafter we meet but
as friends."
I was ' timazed thunderstruck but
he was cone. I often met him after-
wards, Lut he was reserved, uul I waw
always gy and (rival in ins preseuce.
Oil, woman, thou art an enigma!
When thou fetlest most deeply, thou
seemest most gay! When thou lovest
most thou seerncst to scorn!
Then came another lover,light head
ed as myself. He was always joking,
always gay. l'eopie said: 'wnaia
match;' and looked upon the thing as
eettled. One evening he came to me
with a very solemn countenance, and
Anieiia, I have an idea in my head.'
Don't it feel funny?' said I; which
so frightened the young man that - he
was unable to linisli, in like manner
I have storued two others' confessions
Thus you see that my propensity for
making fun has made me what I am
P ,i i T I .
a lonely oia maia. a nave uui mourn
ed my flesh off, on account of it, how
ever.but on the contrary,!" have 'laugh
ed and grown fat.'
But still if soma machine could be
invented to keep my countenance while
I listen to another declaration, 1 would
be most happy to receive both the ma
chine and the declaration.
OCT A newly married man in the
Bowery declares that if he bad only
an inch moae of happiness he could
not live. His wife and her sister are
obliged to roll him on the floor and
spat him with a shingle every day to
prevent him from Doing too happy.
. The intellect was created not to re
ceive passively few words, and facta,
but to be active for the acquisition of
truth. Accordingly, education ishould
U"bor to inspire profound love of truth,
teacathe progress of investigation. .
. The Kreater part of the goodness at
any time in the world is the goodne-s
ot common character.' the chief part of
the good work done, must be done by
the multitude,
To have a clear conscience, pay the
A Bad Habit.
' 'Oil, raotlior I iun tinj to d:r.!i !'
said Jane Mills, as she threw ho.-seli!
a chair,on hor return from school, j
Tired todcath!' rcnt-itfHl lior nviti..i
er, slowly.
j 'Yes, mother I am; almosl.I mean.
sue ttuuen.
'iNo, iny daughter,not even almost,'
said Mrs. Mills. - .
' 'Well at any rate, continued Jane,
I would not walk from here to school
again to-day for anything in the
world l'
I-lO, yes, you would, my dear,1 said
her mo(licr,geiitty.
No, mother, I am sure ! would
not; I am certain nothing would tempt
'But I am certnin yon could be in
duced to go without any niging,' an
swered her mother.
'Well, motlur, try me, and see if
anything could make rue willing to
'Suppose,' said Mrs. Mill?,'! should
offer to take you to the panoroara this
evening? I expect to visit it.'
'Do you, mother,' asked Jane, with
great animation 'May I go? You
promised to take me to it when you
'l!intended to have done so, but the
place where it is to be exhibited is a
very long way beyond your school.
4 am quite rested now.dear mother.'
said Jane. 'I would not fail of coin?
for all the world ! Why do you smile,
motner r
To think what aa inconsistent lit
tie daughter I have'
What do yon mean by inconsistent,
mother ?'
Why, when a little girl says one
minute that sho would not Jralk a par
ticular distance for any thing in the
world, and iu the next mirmtu says
she would not fail of walking still fur
therfor all the work',she not only talks
incon-titlently but foolishly. It ii a
very bad habit to use such expressions.
Yesterday when you carau home from
school, you said you were almost
frightened out of your life, aud when
I inquired as to tho cause of your al
arm, you replied that you had met
as many as a thousand cross dogs on
your way from school. JIot, I
wish to break you of this "bad habit.
U'h yL e trir-r:, -or hungry,, er
frightened, tisa the s;i;:p!c aoid.-i that
express your intaniiij. For iiutr.r.ce,
you may be tired, ot exceedingly tired;
or jou may be alarmed, or frightened,
or terrilicC. From this time K your
lips speak the thing you mean. The
Bible says; 'Let your yea be yea,and
your nay nay; and adds: 'that whatso
ever is more than thiscometh of evil.'
Will you try to remember what 1 have
been saying and strive to correct thi
fault my dear child V
Yes, dear mother,' replied Jane;
for 1 konw it is wron, and I feel as
hamed and sorry for il.'
Well my dear, added liar mother;
'improve! And now you may gil
ready and with rr.e to see the ¬
--Teacher's Offering.
'A Wictim.'
Mr- ftusael: formerly harie,
He now Uvea in Albany. Rus
sell appears to be the vic'.im of unpor
jt'.:0"s circumstances, Having an un
happy faculty of doing business contra
ry to'law. Oh Tuesday, Mr. Russell
was iil lii WW eleatjath time since
autumn set in. We give lus examina
W'ell.Mr.Bussell, you era here 61'D
I perceive.'
Yes, sir. The fact is, equiro I'm' a
wictini. Hiow me if I care what Bobby
Bubbelt doen.he is sure to violate some
law or other. When I comes to .41
bany.I says to myself, Russell, my boy,
we'll take a hunt to morrow and try
them fox hounds. Well.sir.ouul goes,
and what do you ihiuk 1 Refure 1 got
to the next corner, Barney Whalen.tap.
ped oie on the.shoulder, jaud says, 'old
feller that's brui the law.' What'e agin
tba law. I replies; and h , 'having
does in the streets without muzzles.' -
He accordingly arrested me and brought
me to the police court, inn iesuu oi
that piece of fun was a fine of five dol
lars. Well, what did 1 do then.7
-Can't lay
Well, listen, and I'll tell you, I sold
the fox Aound to one of 'Aunt Put's'
friends for twenty dollars. With the
proceeds, I bough: a sow and five pigs.
I took them home, built a pen In the
back yard, and thought all my troubles
trere at an end: but I was mistaken.
Officer Bradwell called upon me the
very next morning, and says, 'Russell,
keepiug bogs in the yard is agin the
law, 1 doubted it. This rileiij Officer
Bradwell, who had me arretted again.
This time I was fined five dollars.'
Well, what did you do iher.V
I sold my sow aud pigs, aud bought
a horse and cart, and undertook to draw
rodd,Tu very fiist load 1 nut on drew
tbe attention of Policeman Mckles.who
said that driving a cart without license
was agin the law.' He arrested me for
that offense which caused me another
fine of five dollars.'
' Wall, what did you do iiexil'
I sold the liorue and carl, mid bought
the half of a charcoal wagou,"
Well what success did you meel witli
after thaiV " '
. -
' 'The same old luck sir, The f.r3t day
I commenced pedliuij.Policeinau Snooks
took me by tbe collar, and says, 'Rns-
aell. that' in the la w, old feller.'
Whet'aa?itt,.n!av,l said. He reoliel,
'filing r.hrt-o! i.i woileu measure.'
1 h it cost a fine of three dolle.ru.
'Did tliat drie you out of tha cbir
into coal Dl,iins'",
' Ves, air. I sold out. aui taoutht I
wnill'l irv mv nrlvna in . r r n
- ...
tsrj oeiweca t.ie staaroboit and rv.I
n ed,- But vhit' the uc? I on!v i.om-
e:iccJ wonto-di?. aud rtt. liera 1
am a.iiu.' ,
Wlut fur, now?"
'For so!iuiin;j bej,'gi without a
reimit ft on, the mayor. As I iht belor ,
I'm wiaim, If I i.houl.1 i i-e a i.uu
fioru drowning by jump in;; into a whirl
pool, ddali my vii if I dua't believe the
rlist j)olii:eiii i mat iu I'eiaiig ashore
would up and aay, 'It's agio, the law
Itua.ell, to go overboard withoAif'i
license from tbe cctrouer.'
The justice bavin" heard Mr. Russell
lo the iid,udniiited that he was a 'ivle
tim.' aud let him oil' this li.ne without
a fine. Russell left the oilici, saying
thut he would gu au.l kill hiuisnlf 'jf it
weia not for one tiling. ' On beiiig at
ked what that was, hi rep'.ind thit
some policeman world di.;covor I'jat it
was agia the law to commit uticid,
and undertake to coIUct the fino from
his iiiisfortioit children.' Russell's
case calls fur sympathy. V. e hope it
--Albany Police Gazette.
Mitt. .
--Albany Police Gazette. EXCITING NEWS FROM KANSAS!
--Albany Police Gazette. EXCITING NEWS FROM KANSAS! The War Begun!
Outrageous Conduct of the Abolitionists!
GOVERNOR'S PROCLAMATION!! Militia Ordered Out!—Missourians
Hastening to the Rescue!!
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30th. 1855.
Kxciting ami highly important news has
just been received.
On Thursday, 'Nov.' 2Qt!i, reir Hitkorj
Point.three abolitionists armed with Shurpc'a
rifles, went to tho claim of Mr. Cokuinn,
and pcramtorily ordered hioi to loave, al
lowing him only ton minutes in which to do
so, and threatening to shoot him in rne of
refusal to obey. He. immediately leil, but
.shortly afterward returned well anuo l. One
ol the three abolitionists tlh'a .'ttwmptj i to
shoot linn, but his rifle liro. Co't1-
man thereupon shot liir.i d- h1, 1 :nnnli
atnly i.ive himself up to the .'lathoii'.u-j fir
A mob of ol.oll'.ir uir'.i,
rifles, soon gutilT,:d. uu I r
r.fii'si l'.tms;, r'rov; hi ; " 'r
at;!, f'.ri' to the buildiii-' riiit
ui'-.-.ed with,
!'.'r!;; to 'Jjlr
mii.' i u:i
tiiuliicr with
lie l.uus:s cl rvher i r j-elu- ..rv
tutu :u ttitr MCiin'.v
U-p..l; Maihliii .iouci tr'.'jfr I t'.ic le.;;Ur
rf t.'io m)b,aud oui : hr 'iv,u,and oaula
ed thi. ii!iiuaof twenty ol i!w mob.
The abolitionists are now athurin in force
at Ii(:onipton,aud have dtr.uauttcd the relcasi
of tbeitoo.nradesad th-J surwuder into their
hands of Coleman.
0:vernor Shannon has erJered out the
militia to aid the Marshal iu ru'.aiuin the
These proceedings have cieited til? niost
intense cxci'.enieiit among tliocitieus in the
border comities in Missouri, and they tire re
pairing in large numbers to Kansas to ufor
their services to the Governor lo aid in main
taining the laws.
Some sixteen or seventeen houws in all
liuve Ixen burned at Hickory Point, ari l sev
eral citizeus in tliat vicinity aro miain.
The Uovernor of Kansas issued a jir-.icla-nintior.
railing upon all law abidiui; citwin?
in the Territmy lo suppress the mitl'toak.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30th. 1855. STILL LATER.
Great Excitement Lawrence and
—Men under Arms, &c.
A unessei ger arrived at Sn.iwnt'.e Missimi
last n'd,ht, witj stnt.s tat i.jfnuv Marshal
Joucb had fifty-two men villi him t '. L,-:;jin ,i -
ton. lie also eiats tliat all ui i-rsuc ia up
1:1 arms, loit iliu ir.ru i.r drilling Cor.bU'i
ly, and that t!rey imu U th;
it pji&.tioii five
pieces of artillery.
Outrages of the Abolitionists—House Burnt
and Women Driven Away—The People
Determined to Enforce Law and Order.
WESTON, Mo. Nov. 30.
The Abolitionist outlaws iu Douglas coun
ty have burnt a iiiimler of houses, m ml driv
en a number of families, con-usting of wom
en and children, to Missouri for iwfugs.
The latent accounts report that the law and
order people of the Territory are rallying in
large numbers to the assistance of the Slier ill'
of Douglas couuty, in the execution of the
laws. ' That otiioec liaa by tliia time mi oval
whelming force at bis command.
Blterili Jones is acting as Deputy U. S.
Marshal, foe Douglas tad Johnston counties,
The Excitement Increasing—Missourians
going to Kansas by Hundreds.
WESTON, Mo. Nov. 30. P.M.
The greatest excitement continues to exist
iu Kansas. The otlicers have been resisted
by the mobocruis, and the interposition of
the militia has Ikcu calied for.
A secret letter from Secretary Woodson to
Gen. Fastin has been written iu wtikli the
writer .-equesis Gen. K. to rail for the Rifle
Company af Platte City, Mo., so as not to
compromise Governor Shannon.
Four hundred men. from Jackson county,
Mo., are iiow-th route for Douglas county,
Kansiis Territory. St. Joseph and Weston,
in Missouri, are revues led each to furnish the
same number of men. The people ot Kan
sas are tu be subjugated at ail Iioirui.-
Tlie above is luken liom tliu Louisville
Courtfr.whiou received r. iroin private bouic
es albt. Louis. 'The tolUr.viug we Uike fiom
the regular dispulclies to Cieveian 1 pars;;
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30.
Iudeiif n.lenre tlites to-day slate that tl.ree
armed Free Stale men attempted to drive
Co'.eiinn, pro-slavery ft-tller. liom rns claim,
near Hickory Point. Coleitiin killad one of
them, after wtiich a mob jtatlirrivl and drove
him and other seulew o:V aud burned their
houses. The. ringleader J wre. arrested and
taken to Leconiito!i. Gov. Shannon lus
called out the miiitia. Many 'citizens from
liuieneudenoe., Weston and it. Joseph, bar
rug gone and offered their services. LiwreDCe
is in arm, ami has li pieces of artillery.
A number of huu'ws have been burutd iu
Douslas couiii)-. and several lamihes have
t'i-il dti vett to Missouri and take.i rrfr". '
Thi. law-au 1-urJtr piMplj of ti T-n.Ao'y
have rallied i-i Ur. u-nnbera to us Ar. tV ' .
SUeri.f in executiii tha l.nvi. Six'js-;i r,
eswtro burnt at Hi- koiy sud i-jru(
ci'.i'i: arx mlti;:.. .
The S:. L.-ui9 Rep j'j!ic'i of Kri.lo)'-t;.nr.
bp. tl' 30th . mtik-2 only brief a',!;t!;i ir.t i '
'.!u.ve Jit!icu;:i'-. but tl-wa lnn e iUvj'.-i
irtirii gu ill jpueral a oj aiii in it-
iefiitory as louu.r.i. S,i ci.ij if t!i. (,
stit.tliuii adjpte.1 by t::e M..f!tt F,-"i :;:
Cjtireiui.(i, ?! o"
' l".e;, i! .!:.-,. vvj-e i: .'.'.,; ;j it rj,;r!.
sliiutiou i'.Mir l.innke it otij.!c-li j:ib! , th'
vry LUt-.uy i f in form .tiou, imi tUt it was
deiii:ui.l.l ly otiiy a fn-.r citi-ns of th'i T--ritnr
would etisura iu condemtiauciu. Hut
a, before that tim, the ftltlbiutpr v i?t Iu
itiale a new govtunmant by tlu elcrjtU,,i of "
Governoi and other e.tectitivd oirijer. thi as
serubliiig of a new Legislature, and tlie t.
Mfteof other laws, and tho appNi.aiiu; o.'
new uwh toexicuta them, m hjtuan ji v,vtr
can stay the collision which must ri;i!t ft j"i
these ecu. tiov. Slunnon cannot Hlirm'f
from tlieoMi M-.lioiia wbio'l Iu hu taUu uju
on biir!l neither can tin Judgj u.ir f
otlwr oflucts wbo have sT'irn to ee. )'.e U.
Th. pn'jlic aliould urfdeiitan.1 that th'v
condition of ttilnirs has been broutit ab-.iu:
Ly tho Abolitionists in Km-us, ure.l o.i b;
ilwir iuwn-ie counsellor m thi F.-JaiSu.;
that they bavj put them-wlvca in a pT,i;i jii
of o!u liostilitjf to (lie. eximing Uovern.iKnt,
and have arm iii tlieir huna to resint the
mandates of the law; and, come what mar,
they will be responsible for it. If ilo.id la
shed, they must I held to bar provoked it
by tlieir own acta, au l thia will be th" j'C'p-iiu-lit
of tue ouu'.ry. lik'tfuly coti'se left
for them to pursue, ij to nbaudou their unho
ly project?, au l wilt ii.itil such time a iu'l
popult'.ie-n shall Juutif", and ;iro;i-r j.i'.'ion
ty has trtau give.) tor ttm lor:atio.t rt e t;:-s
Another Letter from Henry A.
Another Letter from Henry A. Wise--A Gushing Reply to the
Boston Mercantile Library Asscociation.
The iotlowing Utter has bee ft r.'ir,l
fiom Hon. Henry A. Wise, of Virij'r.' i
by tha Boston Lecture Committee, iu
answer to one of iheirs, requesting hi"
to lecture before the Me tea utile Lib rn
ry A( ciatiou during present caurje;
Sunday, Nov. 11th. 1855.
GasTLtrtCM Yours of fie itut. itaa
"awaitinj my arrival at h'm jpsferjur
from a temppiar a'tticem-e iu '.Vi,'.
iugton City,'
I irataiully acn-no'Tledi Uit 101,.
plirneiit ol" your invitation to deliver
one of a course cf ict u rs. duttnj t'U '
preiient Wiiiler, .before tha MYrruntiia
Lib'iry Asjciciatpa, r.f Tl.ot-jn.
J ktii veil i.neu-.ad of the highly r--t;
-ot:L!.! cl.a..c: 'r a;i,l nf thi h'j-.faMj
'j! 'cr.it iff ycu: Hill ary A5thti-!j1s.i.I
no body : of the kind could ave btdi
murj honored thin yjuhave been'by !.
illustrious craters and statesmen x -have
ahedupcu your lecture ths iii,1''
of their jrcat minds. I have no ily.
too, of tha 'cordial welcome.' 1 waul !
receive from 'very many' of yonr lmspt -able
cUina; but ir. is not in my pow
er, gentleman, to acpt jout iry itatiou
Tha situation of my pnatu adiirs, rna-,
tliu du'.y Of preparing for mouths tu
come fur r.ew sceius of public aeivlrt,
will engross all my tiuia and ailenUa-i
the whole of the coming Winter. 1
beon conipfclle to decline every cull cf
the same kind from many qtnrte r 1,1
niy owu S'.etr, aul c!her S'atet bfi-!i
yours. ,
I siccaYuy rcg'et Vli lb.' mf, b '
cat:ee i Imib mar ji. set my fool ci?
th btlovtu ttl of tLat r''r'l0u "f '.7
c.ouu'.ty cii'.ieuNiw Fiiif-lsnd. This has
tl'jl L'-jeu rwiii tj a3 l: il '.iconic in o.i
in y I'-ut tOi"nrdj that iuvoied Fciio i.
Mja-'-jcliu'-eite f;f i till. I have bs"a
ttf-iv'it t-i.e i ii a .1 cl criii a tut
ct.iar slxler t f Virir.U., Aha I Tefl-et
TpO'i llwii 6l'.i;u(ld aui ;u!tij.i- 14
dJue and tUiora of tlm nnh. of
1 1 vol j-.iott; when I iifieit Ij uu.; jiu.
sister ti later- Vtrinia to Alas.-aciu':'-Sct
t-t, JIsiichuvt!s to Virginia i.i
the "times wbirh tried men's souls;"
when I WRtch the fires kindling on tha
heights ot JJos'.on, and see Virginia go
ing forth across the rivers and over th
land, by the sea, leading her best belov
ed son by the hand, dripping Ulool ani
tears at every step there aud bic, lea
ving Ai-a there on post to U-ir.l jumt
very eify, and to make the oppressors
evacuate il!-aud when I coutrast this
picture with tbe present state of thing!
iu our confederacy, vhich makes jou is;
sure me "that th feelibge of the peo
ple of Massachusetts towards my Stat
are not lUose of autagonisrd," ( gujh.
forth in anguish and ask Why a ns '
cesoity for such assureaarel Why any
Slates of llJiicock and V.'ashing'.oii?
May 0 od in His mercy and in love guide
them, aa of yoits! My they ever be ce
mented in union by tha blood of the
Revolution! And whenever another
night of gloom and trial shrill en;n,
may they hail aud cheer each other on
again lo victory, for civil aud religion
TO CHAS G. CHASE and other Com. &c.
Beautiful is the dying of the sun,,
when the last song of tbe birds fade in
the lap of silence when the islands ot"
the clouds are bathed in light, and.il(?
first star springs up over the grave or." ,
lay.--. Gewlnlikins anJparike:-!
Right in ona thing become prff!.rini'
ry lo'vartla right iu evaryhin j; ilia
Kauistiouia nul disunt fuin the faeb
iog which tells us that we thould do i
oudo all men,- ' " '
' Served Him Kiunr. Tne gentle
man who kissed a lady's 'snowy brow'
caught a severe cold, and has been I a;4
up ever since.' ''Ahe.n 1 . -4 JlY'-
"Visible avians oi aupo.." bi

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