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euted Br . a. innctt.
Thursday, Deceu. 27.
. OL I Cfc. OF ALLblM'S. it rude
td i.1 Ihr. try AigAai iumi IU. pried, on Hub-
UMl'tlCUur ,idlc1tlbllHtlllt,lU Hilt DJJIC4.
Aii,rv ialiul rtjVbttl.
nj ' Loni-retS, Lite, 2i, lt&O, not
. 3 ii orguized, alter spending the enor
mous sum of one hundred and twenty
tlitUfat.u doiiar?. truly, we are a
. law-ahidu g people to Hand all this,
WouluU (iii itt t blessing il'lrotu seme
tau.-c this Kuow''otUing Fusion herd
nvie oiowu
Without "why or a lerefore."
Ami mi diilereuce where to,
or better ilaie, jt' it could Le found.
The ac:a 01 (te.e Fubit-nists are tin
paralleled iii the hiatory of this Gov
Wonder if llie spirits of Washing
tos, Jackso.v, Clay, and their coin-
Btnois, t an iew.the aits ol these
mushroom tlaleMi,en of the latter pari
ol the 19th century?
With a nmjoiiiy of 127 cannot these
no-party FujioniMs or unze and go to
uoik, like honest mm should dc?
Any i eti-i 11 wmiiini- a room in tin- Court
11i ummi.i Ij to tl.tr tlit-rill'. Wes.ethat
Mr. Ftvi.tv hus opened out law ofl'ue it.
tiie enuili-eait corner room.
Wonder il liie eoule built this hou for
. the (urpwetil h llii gilie looms t ut, furnish
ing coal, &.:.. for privme iiiT!0ef? Will
fdurbod) plta: inloriii die public? Tie will
eudeauir lo keep this matter bcture t!.e pub
lic, i.uiil ii is lull uiuli utiKil.
D. Smart. We rail the attention
of our. merchants and business men ol
Vinton, to tlie card of D. Smart,
Wholesale Croier and Commission
and Forwardii g Houte, C hillicollie,
Ohio. jYr. Smart is well known to
many of enr Lush ess men to le hon
orable in all his business transactions.
.Tin se wishing to buy, or to forward
fiood-s will do well to give him a call.
To the Afflicted.
Our read is will notice Dr. Barbkr's
card -in lliii paper, and will see that he
intends to viml AlcArtlfur January
14th. We can say to oui friends that
Dr. Baiidkh is a gentleman and regu
jar"p)8kian, and" is a resident phys
ician of Chillicothe, and heme not one
of the many quacks that are continu
ally imposing up:i roinnwnity.
[For the McArthur Democrat.
Jutt alter the writer had finished the
leading d-y-tohi-al, in the last
Muddy Run Herald' giving the gro
cery, keepers and independent citizens
"Jits" who don't believe as the edi-
tors of the Herald, and especially all
w ho don't belong to their Church, and
who happen to Sake a glass of liquor
whf-n they see proper, without going
behind tlie 7oor, or soaking their liq
uor in bread, a? some of these would-
be-nioralis's and dandy reformers 1
say, just as he had finished .-aid article
the company present, to wii; Senior
. and Junior Editors, a K. N. visitor,
and 'Devil' a crowd well met sal
do n and formed a circle, when the
following communication was obtain
ed: Senior Editor ( With a grave and
solemn countenance,) "Are there anj
spirit present ( '
First Spirit "There am. sir."
Sr, Ed. "Are they good spirits?"
ii o ." oui tn rroor,' ana no
Sr, Ed. 'fsthe ipirit of Belshaz
zer presens?'
' 1st Sp.'WeN lie am, lioss.'
Sr. td. 'Do von remember the
fact when the handwriting appeared on
the wail?' .
1st Sp.'-; Well, I don't tecollecl
not hint; else,'
Sr. EJ. 'Were you unJr the in
fluence ol intoxicating liquors that eve
ning?' 1st Sp. Drunk as a bil'd owl.'
Sr. Ed. 'Did ou drink wine or
1st Sp. 'Neither. Owing to a gear
city of logwood, we had to go it on
Sr, Ed. 'Were the women tipsy?'
. 1st Sp.-'They warn't nothing else,
recloif. Mis. Eelrturzar - was bo
limb?r-like tint iii playing sntp-and-catcii-Vm,
she fell into a kettle ol oys
ter soap, and broke a turtle shell comb
all to smash.'
Sr. d.- Was it flight that mad
- your Knees mute together?
t 1st Sp. 'No eir-ee 1 wag follow-
- ng i:i the footsteps of Solomon reck
on you ninnies are not any wiser than
li? And ourg was a chosen peoprej
see Deut., 14 chap., 2 v.: And the
Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar
people onto himself, above all the Na
tions (not Know Nothings) that are
upon the earth; and in same chapter,
trse28, We were ordered to beetow
oar money 'for whatsoever thy soul
Jeth after, for oxen, or for siieep, or
lor win, or for strong drink, or for
whatsoever thy. soul desireih,' We
were tome, vt was.'
Sr. Ed. 'Was Cyrus ona of the
1st Sp. 'No great scratch; he look
advantage ol us, when wer all on a
Lender. He was a cold water fanatic
and an-' enemy to the constitutional
ihn of man. . ' '
At t!ii5 Jttjp ol the eommunicitboj
the Junior Editor thought he would
try his colloquial powers, and here 'is
tue result :.' '
Jr. Ed.'Isthe spirit" of Balaam
I resent '!' ' t "
24 Sp. 'What do you "want of Ba
ban:? ' . t .'
Jr. Ed.--'Are j ou in favor of the
Maine Liquor Law?
2 J Sp.'Not by a jus full.
Jr. Fd, Dt'y ou get anything where
you aref
2J Sp. Pevil a drop. , I have
hankering for a sniffr.'
. Jr. .Ed. 'Hovrld was that Jack
ass ol 'j our'u?'' " .
2J Sp. 'He wouM hive been four
leats next eeneral training.'.'
Jr. Kit 'Are there any 'Jackasses
in your sphertf
2d 8p. 'No, you impudent pup;
ne leit all the Jackasses on earth to
idit Know Nothing papers J'
This unmahnirly reiort of the spir
it was received W illi uproirious raps
by the tpii'ii, and ended the coniiuu
uncation by upsetting the table. ..The
spirit! left in a hut!,. U hen the spirits
get in a belter humor, I w ill report, -
The Adventures of a Missing Girl.
The Lnqiirer plVWcdnesdAy con-
tamed a romanlia storv of the advrn-
t nes of a losijivft which seemed more
like the Bdventutes ol Dr. Hamblen in
earth of her than her own. It will
be well lor the public to see the 'true
vers ion of the story.
borne weeks ago this girl visited one
of the clergjnieu on Sycamore street,
and inlormed him that she was
child ol a Catholic mother and a Prot
estant father, that the lather had nevet
allowed her to attend Catholic worsh
ip, nor to receive any instructions be
yond those her mother had covertly
imparted to her, that her lather was
now dead, and, being tre, she desired
to become what her mother was a
The tlerg) man cave Iter a catechism,
desired her to bliidy it well, and then
come back. She took it; and a week
ngo last Sunday came back to him, ex
hibiting a competent knowledge ol
Christian doctrine, but say ing that her
mistress had taken tier catechism aw ay
irom her, ana wistieu to lone her to go
to another Church, which bhe had re
fused to do, giving the lady to under
stand that she was going to the Catho
lic Church. Ihe clergyman baptized
her, and told her to go -back to Iter
mistress and live with her. . Site went
back, but shortly aiterward returned.
baying she could not live there any
more. He promised to try and procure
her a situation in sunie other, family,
and in the mean time requested ihe
Superintendent ol the Orphan As lum
to allow her to board. Alter she had
been at the Asylum a lew dajsf jhe
Sister Superior told her that she could
not be allowed1 to stay "any longer, un
less she would inlorn; her lormer mis
tress of it. She started to do so, in
company with one of the m an-servants
ol St. John s Hospital, entreating him
all the way tot to allow her to be kept
On her arrival at the door of Dr,
Hamblen's house, on Fourth st.,some
disputing took place between herself
and her mutre?, and at last she was
pulled into the hall forcibly, and
door was closed.
The "lively scene" between Mr.
Hamblen and the "elderly lady" is
purely imaginary. No one was injN.
company with the girl when she went
to nis house but a servant w Uo went
tliere will) hr-ras he would lute gone
on any other errand; aivJ wneu he saw
the door closed on linn he went home.
The young girl is rem rkably intellU
gent, and does not exhibit any signs
of having been "tampered with," but
seems to be Irritated extremely at not
being allowed to follow her inclina
tioiis towards the religion of her moth
er. Such are the particulars ot this
story, as we have learned inem Irom
tlie priest on Sycamore st., the Super-
intenuem oi tue urpnarj asylum, ana
the servant who accompanied the girl
on her visit to Mr. Hamblen's house.
Will the Enquirer have the kind
ness to give this version of the story
Catholic Telegraph.
Bill Poole His Cuabctek a "Go ser."
During ihe trial ot Daker for the mur
derof Bill Poole, which is not yet con
eluded, the character of Poole has
necessarily been developed. It is
uo longer regarded throuuh the Iu
minous haze of glory anid which be was
burred, with th national flue about
him, but ihe facts in the case come oui
and it appears that he was one of the
rhefiegrah"vnwt -enerowr of men -
i drunken, quarrelsome, thoroughly bru
tal bully. The N. Y. Post says:
"Quite a number of witnesses testified
io the brutality and qua rrelsome dispo
sition of Poole, while Raker was de
"cubed asieaceful and inoffensive man.
one w ho rather bealed quarrels itun pro
voked them. Poole, on the other hand,
tppears to have practiced 'gouging'am!
wag utterly merciless sgaiust aneuercy.
The court room continues to be crowded
and tbe doog are consequently besieged
by persons anxious to obtain admission
Baker looks easy and conflndment. and
is attended by several of big associates.
H is father, respectible old man, with
strongly oiarked Welsh physiognomy,
also occupies a seat near him. and seems
deeply iaierrsted in "be proceedings.'"
The telegraph informed us on Satur
day of the. tact that tbe jury were dig-charged-three
er for rendering ver
diet ot murder, six for rcau-slaughier,
aud three) for acquittal.
"Hang, whal's the milter?"
"Miue Cot, de sorrel -w agon has run
away mil de green horse aud brose de
axle Ire of de brick bouse what stand
by da cuiuer - !mp post across it tele
ryb. Miut Cot vot bttptts!' .
the'lLautnler'l 11 e believed that if the
V Tiiluue oi ihe date of te Pih
it-l signed 11. G , commeutiiion bi
Senate not-in esiou,TiTii'g djorn
eJ uvcr until MnuJdy. - t
11 o is.--After culling the roll Mr
il: . i ... . tv i . .
nieiiDun onrrcu irsuiuuoii tUat no
person thai I not be sun'oned'ai nurh
nfier Ihe sixiie in oie; after that bl
lot all but the tuo highret (inJiJstes
hull be i)ropird and lb chofce made
between theoi, the. coe obuiaing id
l.reel toteto-it Speakrr. ptoiided be
got a majoiiiy .of ihe quorunl erf the
lluuse. . .(
Mr. Letcher suggested that the Clerk
prepare a ieitetyu be xignrd by-yaeiabers
I inn nous restiun thf i rie.ts, iu
order tlml new election sbufl i held
in all l tie States and Territoriei.
Criei of Agreedi'-Thara rigWl'.We'll
land by thai ! I Laughter.!
Air. Singe propoaeil, as a substitute.
that the geutleinau (ruin VerAiia tet
ihe exajiiple by resigning liiar.laiiJ ihe
other j;e:u'eiuu follow, uoiil Wll gel
through. (Luiif,htr.J j
.Mr- Letcher tiiid he would wtllintrlr
jgree to that, if the centlemAi from
.New lurk would give blui
that be would play lair.
fUutt nee
Mr. Sjge wui unwilling to ihiii pbsdit
nimseii. leeliuii that he had timcieu-
lousiy peiloimed bis duty: be 4aa act
lug wlib Ihe majority iu opoeiiiua to
(he Adui!uUlraiion, '
Mr. HousioaIhea w by don't
Mr. bage li'tnot my fHu!t-(
Mr. Giddinga ihougbt that the pro
position rame I row au appropriate quar
ler irom a uciion wDicn lor two
weeks, has been standing out and pre
venting the organisation of tM House.
iJemucralg woulj retire from Ilia
ibey would soon elect a Speaker.
Letcher thought the Ha ppi .Family
in rather a duudwted couditjbu, and
his oi'jeel wan to restura iuj former
atate. Laughter J . ' (
Giitdings assured biui thai t'fUba De.
mociatg4w ould step out Ihose're liaining
vuuld toon effect aii organizatiin-
Mr Letcher As th geltleman
teems to be Iu trouble 1 will ncibdraw
il. .. . - v
Crin of -No!" 'No!' 'Thil's right.' '
Mr. Wade Let tbe Presideut tesign
If they refer matters to tbe peoplo 1 am
wiib the in. .
After lurtber debate Mr. llickmsu's
rasolutiou was tabled by acclamation,
aud the House rtsutiid balloting, j
Two ballon ensued, tach tiom reaul-
lirig as follous;;l!ukg 105; Hickardson
74; fuller 39; scattering 6.
The lluuse then a djourued.
WAbiiiKCTOH, Dec ''7' .
StNATE. Jones gavs uoliua of! bis
iiiteuiiou to introduce a bill for tbe
Patent Lavg,v
Foute pretented a petition from Capt.
Graham, ol ftooklyn, teliine furin hia
seriice and sufleriugg in bthnlf of bis
country,, aud complain of the acHou of
. L ' . . I f l i it - 1
iub iavai uuani. Jtooie satu. 4- war
not hi purpose to pass siri(.turen it
stilt tees to imnuEiriu moitreBj'turnr;.7,:
vaa not tii b dtsgarsed or ,deun-ij, ui.r
nau ii escanea public observation, in
j.omu iiiatmices at least, that the lliourd
had sadly misjudged; previous inikukes
had been in.iile, and gri.ss wrcuj jiullic
led on meritorious otliceig. Li nhut
maiii.er, or whui measure of reliuf Con
gress should extend to the aggrieved, he
did not consider il bis province to in
dicate, but regarded it lit pro pdir sub
ject tor the cousideratiou of the com-
miitee ou Naval Atfuirs, uui ;he (natter
was so rslerrej
TtidSe.uie then adjjurneJ.
II n . .
House .ur, huiiii, risi.i to la pet
sriial etpluutioii, read extract! from
the Wiisliiiikton Corresuoudence iof the
course in tt-e election ofSpeaks.r, and
satel that notw iiliflandiiig the attack,
be should not (urn bis balk 011J1U culm
try at the rxpeuse ol true manliness and
honor, though Horac? Greely, -or tbe
devil, or bulb together, bid hint do it.
iiuksrose mid cries of 'Fair play,
near him, etc., aud remarked that he
was uut accuuutuble for what.trte New
York press said ol him, never having
solicited tneir support. He ret ed on
hi IHIK 1 1 H Inn A . H Hit hMITU hiiiln tint t
I , ...... q U VUUU . IIVI V
nold him responsible lor comulemeuts
or censure in (he New York Tjmes oi
Dunn distuicly stated that be did
not do so, but wag opposed o him
(Banks) on other grounds, relating hi.
course while ihe Nebraska bill was pen
ding, and said he would surrender to
the opostlion the moment alt tbe anti
Nebraskaitei came loge'.lier. j . '
Banks resumed, laying be was lode
pendent of the New York press' io all
respects, aud fun her ia his reply, iu;
ted that he never yielded a particle on
tbe Nebraska bill. Meeting bis con-
stitueu8 face lo face, they gave Jiiiu at
ibe last election 7000 majurity, which
was the la rgest known on political his
lory of Mus'.achuaeits. Applause. He
had acted as lie thought right regarding
tit likd biilaud. .they .aiMUiuad
Mr. Mullen sffered a proposition to
com promise, eayug it was the product
of hit om ii humble imagiualioa. Laugh
ter. j He b'ged the geutlemau lo re
member that lie did not iu submiltiug
it, design building for himself popular
ity at home.
Tbe proposition which wag then reau
is to the fleet that alter Jhe ortau
iialiou no buisnes' shall be (ransac'.eJ
except ibe passage ol necessary apprtf
prjaiiou bills, the members Idea resign
aud go home:
A blank iu the reoolutjon to ke filled
with the usm of some gentlemau lo aci
as Speake until the aluresaid purposes
are atcorapliBlied.
Uuiiu auggeated mouiUcatious or
tbe resolution, providing lor ttte repeal
of so urucb of ibe Kausas Nebraska bill
as destroys Ibe Misauuri Comrouiise
ILaugbistr ' . r
Houston Ou!y glight modiflcat
Much merriment eusued.
McMut'.eu said he cuuld uol think the
gentleman from ludiaua, mad tbe sug
gesiiou in good taltb. ' '
- AlcMnlleo s resolution wig tablsd.
M tct IJousg then rottd twtee. On
: .'- ' ' . - i . . . -
the list ballot ihe vote .stood: Can kg
105; Ricrurdaou 73; Fuller 33; gcitter
tit:. 6. V .
Mr, Erooine sutmiited a ptopositioti
to leaift il.e uutbiiou at to the power
ol X nfcrf 3, on ihe 'sul jeif-of Slavery
in this Trnitores. to the deci.ion of die
Supreme Coini, w hit b elected cousid
ersble (liscus:on. . -.
The llousg then resumed voting with
iht following ifs ili: Dankt 106; Rich
aidsou 73; Fuller 39; Scattering 6, 112
aece'ary to a choice.
Thoringiou offered a resol utioh. prd
viding for the election, of a Speaker by
plurality, peudiug which tbe House ad
jounced. - ' . '
'the ra-oluiiou by
Ti",.". ,:v !
SiNAre. Mr, Pfatt gve notica', of
his iiiteuiiou to introduce a bjJl for the
improvement of Patapsco ri'fr.
Mr- Bajard gate notice of his inten
tion to introduce a bill relative to the
improvement of the piers aud Port Penn,
in the Delaware river.
The Senate adjourned.
House. Mr. Walker rose tot person
al explanation, aud defender the Sou ill-
rru Know oihiurg fioin the attacks
of t Ii 8 Mobile Iiegisler, saying lhat4h)
had nut only been ihe target for the
presg of the country, w eie used bere as
battledoie aid shuiilecot k by tbe Rep
ublicant on one side aud the Democrats
ou the other,
The Democrats here, with obstinate
party exclusiteaess, before the House
assembled, uoniiuated their candidate
nd adopted a resolution which many
of the more coiieidef,la auioii j tbem ad
mit wag an insult and gligma ou the
members of this floor The fact must
be lealiied that, if the Southern Know
Nothings, at the opening of ibis coulest,
had thrown themselves iu tbe ranks of
the Democrats, the result would have
been a Freesoil organisation. They
have pieveuted ibis. Mt. I Walker den
ied thut the Democratic w as a National
party, aud clalmej uatiouality for the
American party,
Mr. Joneg. of PeunsylvauU.said that
his State .instead of being represented
by an iNauonal Democratic votes to
day, would have bad seventeen had ii
not beeu for Know Kuihingifin whiih,
ii.was understood, was perlectlv synon
ymous with Freesoilism. The centre-
man certainly ill I not mean to impute
to him who offered the resolution in
caucus an invention to insult any indi-
vidual or class. They stood on what
they believed to. be priuclpld without
Air. Allison indorstd tbe ideas of his
colleague, a bo is a national uiau, an
said tual bad il not been for the fac
thai tbe people of Pennsylvania condem
ned ihe action of tbe last Congress there
would now be seventeen Democrats from
that Slate on this floor, but the Fr-e'soil
aud Kuuw Nothing patties united, and
lbs consequence is that Pennsylvania
ia now represented by majority of
members who coiideiuu the Nebraska
Mr. Walker replied, and ia the course
of bit romarHa said that the adoption of
th Democratic cou-
is by no means uucoin.
nion, namely, lh progress of all men
lowsr l fcufouudiiig principle with par
ty, seeming to forget that ihe two are
essentially difl'crcut. He wag willing
to wait wu!i ull.o.i acenernl m-e i iiiK,
who iviil abide by the present laws on
the subject of slavery, aud admit, new
Siate. wiib or w iihout slavery with a
view to accomplishing the elecliun ol
Mr. Washington, of M-iins, claim.
ed that. the party voting for Bauks wiis
the ouly national parly here.J
Campbell Jones and Allison and
Pennsylvania, iudu'ged in a lively irt
ngular debute Willi reference of the
politics of that Stale involving the
merits of the Speakership.
Mr. uiddiugg delivered Ins views at
lei.gtb on ibe Fieesoil question.
..Mr. Humphrey Marshall defended the
cause oi the Americans, stating that,
like the Democratic party, they have
no terms of compiumise o ifTVr or ac
cept. - Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, then obtained
tba floor.w beitupon the Home adjourn
Later From Europe.
Later From Europe. ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA.
The Loudou Times' aud D israeli's or
gan aseit that peace is at liacd, that
Austra is about lo address an ultima
tum to Kusaia, summoning ber, uudei
ihrealot breaking rff uegoliaUoiis with
her, to accept such conditions of peace
as the wes'.ero powers are uotv willing
to assent to, but which ibey will not
agree lo alter another successful cam
faigu. Private Utters from St. Petersburg!:
indicate uo desire on ihe pari of Rus.ie
lor peace. The overland trade was prolir
able and mony abuudaut.
Advices from the Crimea s'ate that
weak fire was still kepi up by the bel
ligerents, but nutbiug ot importance oc
curred. The north side of Sebasiouot is
rapidly assuming gigauiiu Uiuieusions.
fr pern lions lor- oesna ylng Tli'e docks
-are uearfy complee ted.
A Live Hacoo.i in a Bale or tobacco
Two Custom-bouse ulbcers were one day
last week unpacking a bale of tobacco,
ia the bonded warehouse, Liverpool'
when ou jemoveing the outer eoveriug
of raw ox bide, they found a racoon, thin.
t ideed emaciation, but atlt alive, It bag
existed probably, for mouths, by fib
bling at the raw ox bide, which thus at
uiice became its food aud prisou house
Il bag siuce beeu allowed more generous
tare, aud is rapidly Recovering Irom ibe
effects of .ill long aud hungry coufiue-
raeol. ' -
Kaow Nuthihoism i as the Jubt Box.-
At tue last Green County (New York
Circuit, ao indictineut again; one Mar
tin Morrison lor rape was tried. This
was the second trial, and excited great
deal ot interest. Oo . ibe . first trial ibe
i riji-jiier bad. been convicted. The sec
oiid' trial resulted in disagreement ol
the jury. They stood eight for convic
tion aud four for acquittal. The Greeu
County Whig, in commenting upo ibis
resultr states that tbe priioner.was the
Preside jt of the Know.Noibiug council
... . . i . . i - - . ' t..
si li.icou, ana tne sour uisaEreain; :u
'rjmen were Know Jtothifigt! ;, r,
"Vamose the Coops."
The time has now arrived tor Dem
ocrsts, wlio have been inveigled -into
the Know .Nothing 'coops, pr who
have gone into them for motives of cu
riosity or to see what they are piade ol
to back down, to lake 'French JeavV
of the motley crewand return to the
ltie sal i h. ,' Ever) where the 'coops
are caving' in. : Aowjiere doej-the
ocganization prejent the front of a res-'
pectaJde pobtical party. In Maine,
slfiliating with Whigs, .Fusionisln, and
jjiesoilers, Abolitionists, and Maine
law fanatics, they are beaten down and
dispersed by (he old line Democrats.
,The6amels Democratic Pennsylva
nia. In Virginia, (lie 'Old Dcminion,'
the indomitable Wise (rod their dark
lanterns in pieces under his feet. Ten
nessee has repudiated them, and fXoVth
Carolina has 'ci usher) them ont
Carolina has 'flushed them out.
Scarcely a 'grease spot' of thein is
left in Alabama, while Texts, spurn
ing the ftpogtat;? importunities , of , the
'hero of San'' Jacinto,'. scatters them
to the winds. Georgia has overthrown
them in a body, while in Ohio they
were too weak to divert .sufficient
votes kto insure the defeat of Abolition
Chase. Even in Kentucky, the late
Uibralter of Anti-Democracy.the o'di-
ous.nionsler is terribly ecolched. The
die is cast Know. Nothingisrn is a
deiunct party.or rather faction. De
mocrats be wise while you may. Cast
from ou the wretched shackles with
Allien desperate adventurers have
sought to bind you, ramose lh toons
at once. The lime isniglj when Know
moiumgism vill prove a taint as odi
ous and repulsive as the leposy You
are Democrats at heart yet; it were
lolly to suppose (hat illegal hen-coop
oathe8 can wipe out the conviction of
the mind, which time and observation
have copied there; it were an -intuit
to be lieve your bosoms filled,' with a
craven fear of Jesuits and Popes, and
foreign influence. Then be wise while
Ohio Pennant.
Confessing their Weakness.
The N. Xi 7'imta, ol Saturday, says:
We cbu scarcely expect any-united
and patriotic action during tbe session
Irom a body of men whoeviniesolitile
devotion to ihe public good" as tlie Op
tm rititn bate thus fur shown. We pre
sume that no party bag working ma-
jorily in tbe House. The sessiuu u like-
ly, therelore, to be spent iu factious
wrangling, as discreditable to the part
ies as it is to ihe country.
When your party is satisfied it can
not legislate lor the country, just ael
out oi the road, and Ihe Deiuucruts will
taka the responsibility.
Poob Devils. A writtr from Wash I
ington City gays: ' '
There are some new members In the
present House, who would be great
gainers it they could change natures
with .the cbanelloD. and oui1 Piier
green, when sitting la gieen objects. 1
o!servsd one yesterday caifuriiirf with
ihu old apple-woman iu the Capitol,
filling her that three cent was "good
gracious to use his l-giit fi Initia
tion, en "awful" price for an apple, and
making a feeling appeal to ber tender
bosom to sell him two small ones fur
three-teuts, as it wis all the money that
he had.
The Plain Dealer
IS again abroad, beming aloft the mottoes
ol Democracy. For lifteen vehM havt-
we been in tl.ehubituf annually making our
bow to the American Peopto, bixt prerouiin
imp. cianns oi litis piipcr to their support us u
j.iuuuniu itnwcriiuc journal.
Happily do ne announce that from tlie is
sue ol its first nu in In-r until the niest-in
lime, its circulation bus steadily increased,
until ncftv it tun bout-t with having subscri
bers iu every Stat j and Territory ol thin Un
ion, and is in muicim:. in cikcuLAiuur. ami
in rkputatiox, emphatically u A-l TJ'JS
The new VoIiunJ w ill commence on the
first duy of Jdiimrv next, at which time it
w ill apjicai egain Enlurgul, and on
It will contain lull sua faithful records ol
Markets, Agriuultural Intelligence,
Blowing up of Banks, the Presi
dent's' and Governor's Messages,
Proceedings of Congress and the
Legislature, Abolition -Kows aud
Know Nothing Riots.
Every utimbet will contain a lame amount
of Misiellany.such a Tales, Correspondence,
Discoveries, Travels, Jokes and luveuiio.iS:
making it the mwt coinplttc Family" News
paper in me nesi. . ,
One Cony, oneiear'i 62 00
f " six mouths-. ........ 100
Te t Copies, one year, to one office,. 15 Ou
Fifty " x , . .i,.j,o 00
Aaj one senJuii? us a -Club of Ten shall
receive the elevenui cony Gratis.
io pieiuiums aiioweu lor t-tuw ot. nity.
All subscubeis to Chubs must begiu al tlie
same tune. Pay HivurwtJIy iu aavutue.
Money ui ui iiik if registered.
It beiiig Piesideniiat year we have put
Clubs ul cost, in order lu give, the most gen
eral circulation possible. Post Musters will
coufci great la vot by acting as Agents.
Address, J. VV. UKA.X,
Clcvtlandt Ohio.
Aflliclcd Attention!
DTt. L.' BARBER'S appoint
ment for January In McAr-
thur, is Monday the 14th, at which
time he ran be found at bis Rooms
at the Westers Hotel.
Dr; L. Barber devotes his exclusive atten
tion to 'ibe treatment ul Chronic Dio-
ense ( such as Dyrprpzia, Hheumatirm, p
ilrpsy, L.IUT Complaint. Uancr.r, titluM
Vistau of the by; akin. ry e. . He also gives
special attention to Hie trenimerit of Dc-ease
ol the 'throat and Lungs, aud meets with ex
cellent success iu their cure., dec27 3vr.
TVTOTICK is hereby given, that Mal.ala
i. Freemin, Executrix of the Will ol
Daniel Freeman, late of the county of' Vin
ton, deceased, has filed iu the Probate Court
of said county, ber accounts, ind vouibers
for inspection snd Dual reitlrmeat; and that
tbe same wilt be paicd upon br sii) Court
on the IBlh day of Jmiusrv i.t.'ko6. -
eetrr im R p. Hyviir, rro. Ju,;.
.. .. r r . . .
a. coiiecuou oi.De'.vjnaper idcu ailJ stalK-s
tics, contnouiit
. IH THB . -
' Tlit eity reliable work cf ihe kind in tins
roild. An itivaliisble esfiitiint to tie Edi
tor, Book Pnbiebe'r soil General Allvertiser.
Beautifully i rimed ou fliw white pa r r. oc
tavo siw. ' This book will be promptly sent
to any pert of the couniry on the rtteipt c'
THKLE dollars, addressed to .
No. 73 South Fourth St., above Wdlnnt.
; . ' .rUlLADSrttl IA.
McArthur. Decem. 27.
apples, D.,-i 100 Iron. ' 8u
Bullet per lb.. IS Leather. -1831
Smoked tluiiis.- i 2 Lard per lb. 10
" - .Shoulders.' 9IMolsres prtal. 65
9 Nails. 3d to 10d; OfllO
30! Oats. 2
Deans, W,
2,00 Polalors, Irish. 3i
, 10 Pegcres, D.,-
20,Porkprcwtt 6,0t
., ui-simar n. v.. i
.. .. 30
Loaf..." 10
Crushed,- lOnl
Ems net doz 12 Salt, Iner bbl 3,50
Flour per bun. - 4,00 Table, pi Sack, 37 -
Flour .per bbl tS.OOlSoap per lb 3a
Flaxseed 7o Teas, V. II. 7
Featherv .-.40 j -lrrfperiuf "ilOO
Fish, White.. . . 8) Tallow. 13
" Mackerel,... 6ol0 Wheal per bu. l.W
Hides 4 1 Wool perlb-.-'20u5(J
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1. Buckeye Block.
PORTSMOUTH Dec 27.1855.
h ' i .n an
Brooms po v--uou
Kncon Ilmiu er IU 12 Salt, Kanaw ha, bu. 45
Shoulder ' . II
leas, loose in pack.
Sides " 12
Beaim.W, perbn. 3,00
Candles, mould-- 10
Sar 2-1
Cotton Yarns- IfeJ
" 1. 11., lb. Ua75
" Imper'l.-bOuT.'V
" Guiip'wder , 75
tobacco M&.K. cav.25
Va. cav,..20n3O
Chcese.W.R. Ib.Sju'
Oil, Lard pr gal." fcU
Coffee, Rio
13 Oil, Linseed "
Hour pi bbl
Oatg pr, bu..
Feather pr lb.- 4ft Potatoes, lrish.405(J
flaxseed, pr bu, l.ioSaleratuspr lb. &(&j
Fish, Cod ir lb.
Tallow pi lb..- J j
Tar pr bbl.-- t,Dji
Timothy seed, (3 Ur)
Wheat pr bu.--" l,5()
Whiskey, Common 3j
" Mon'halk, Oij
" Kxe, ...'ej
" Mackerel 6l2n2 1
Lard pr lb. fcl
Molasses. N. O. g.tl. IU
" S. II. " 4I
" (i. S. " 50
NViK . . 10 to ) Mi
Suiter N. 0. 7u.'s!
at Pet la lodge, nto.
t 207, of Free an t Ac
cepted Masons, bolls
a regular Conimiiiiicution at Mc Arthur, V in
to u county. Ohio, everv Saturday evening ou,
or euch lull moon.
E. A. BRATTON, Sec'y.
Ullnernl f.nalcr, .. , holds rej.
uhir Conm uiiicetion bt'Rnii.itpp, Vinton ru ,"
O., etfry Thnrsda) evening o't. or preceding
D. T. HARD. Sec'y.
OrhHV riit isil l.n,;r, 1'. !.,
Iioliln a rruihr Cmiuiiiiii:'iiioii al Wiilt'.e
i ille, Vinton t'Minr.t, tlhio, everv alullar
levelling on, ur icrulini', e.ti.li full moon.
H. H. BISHOP. Sec'y.
1 HE foil, wii -jt list is I'tiirecteujrteit
just before uttiu our -vt to pn-n.'
Nr.w Tm.-K.
Solvent hiiiiks, hi
Solvrilt linnK.'. t in
ot Mobii.
5 dig '
niirkiskii f i.
Ul banks. - ou es'e '
- -
boheiit bank. tr
Sohent t-utks, a
NtW llAMI'aHlHS.
mull iios, 3
rjvent tiuiik-i, a i
Solvent banks, rir
Solveut bank?, p1
Solvent bunk, ja
lik. Circlevillc. 40 di
fiee bk. old plate. 3 (Ii
Kf.ni tc k r,
Milvent banks, rsr
ivy. Tiust Co, - 70 di
ooivt-ui tmiikv, pai
iillOllt ItLAU,
Stute bunk, and
Solvent bt) ii 1.3, ra
oiautnes, . , per
Fiee bunks, f jr;0 dis
Solveut banks,
Lk. of Coiiiiers- '
vilie, 33 (lis
EW Jticty
Solvent bankK,
Lli t WAKE.
.Solvent Fne bk.
Solvent bunks,
(Stale bank and
Solvent bankti.
pa i
tun. AlUghnjr, IS disl
r.auuliua IU ill
Solvent 'bauks, 3 di
. .Canada.
Solvent banks, 5 di-
Sulveut banks, S Hi
Mliall notes, 0 ll:
Solvent banks, J di
Lxcept Adrian In. Co.
6 mall notes. 5 u i.-
aud Micumb 'Jo. bk.'
Souiu Casolima
Free banks, 2 dig
SoUeul banks, 4 Ui.-
Small no W, ; Sdia.
Solvent bauks, 5 di.J
ltlAS& UKAftiA..
-. , LABAilA.
All bauks u . dvutUul-
tiiit Uiiks, tOdiiJ
vat e.
' --ttimn." 'Et.tiK. 7 .
New l'ork, orin.' '. '' J piui-w '- -t'biladelphi
.' -
Baltimore, -i" '- . - J " '
Buying al i pnu. filing at t
i .-, i . , t c
Wholesale Grocer,
fORVYiBDlNG m cQisrssioi'
' Vitcr St.tftwecn Paint and Walnut. .
Dec. ?0. lS5.-t, ;
NOT1CB is herebr given, that James L.-.
Turner. Administrator of the Estate of' '
Agrippa Turner, late of the county of Via- '
to.i. uecfcaf!, lias filevl In the Probate Court .
of said county his accounts, aud vouchers for
iuspeciioa aud partial settlement ; ami that .
ihe same will be passed upon by sail Court,
on the 18th of January, a. d. i8oQ.
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judge. '
Dec. 20 '55 3io .
uci received, a -Newf Edition of b '
above Work, wi'.h Form complete for "
Justiies'of the Peaitv, Every Justu find
Officer ihould.kjfvroa. fall sooo, at . ,
! t t -Ji-:. - UrjtiiVa'

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