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lUlUl" BY E. A. BBATT Of.
Tiicrsdav, January 8.
f;: ox? rcu of all kinds, u -
st ( rA uryhilut,t wurkcl price, on Sub
scription or Advertisements, ut this office.
Money M not rtjuKti.
U anil oil iitanAra required under the Jus-
iciJ Code, for Justice of the Peace, are ron
ton tly kept on kund and for salt ut this Uj
fict. .
Democratic County Convention.
At a meeting of the Democracy of
Vinioii, oa the 25th ult., the follow
ing tesoltition was passed :
Resolved, Th it . F, Bingham,
Esq., and Dr. L. Holland, be, and
tliejrare hereby appointed Delegates
to represent Vinton county in the Dem
ocratic State Convention, to be held
it Columbus, on the 8th January,
E. A. BRATTON. B. P. HEWITT, Sec'y. Ch'rm'n.
We are told our notice last week
made tome of our political opponents
very wratliy, because we alluded to the
matter, and named out Mr. Plylky.
We have only got io , say, it is not Mr,
Plylby we blame about tuts matter,
bet the Sheriff it is the setting of fucli
precedent that we are opposed to.-J
1 tie oourt-nouse and public otlices
were put up at the expense of the pub.
lie, and are for the accommodation of
the public, not lor private purposes.
So tat as Mr. Plylby is concerned.
we think as much of him as some of
those who are his professed friends,
and have always treated him as a gen
tleman; and if our own brother had
taken a lodgment with any countv oi.
ficer, we would protest against it, as
we would any other such precedent
and pecdation. We have been told
another effice has been, or is about to
be, appropriated for private purposes.
"Hamden Gift Society."
As these are holiday times, it will
be very agreeable, we have no doubt.
to buy a Ticket for the Januarv, 1856,
UilU of the above society. Mr. Je
hi el Fhazkk says the drawings and
inanagment ot the distribution will be
fairly and honestly conducted. Mr.
Frazie's word is sufficient to warrant
us in saving that 'all's right,' and that
the distribution will come off soon.
Buy a Ticket and draw that house
and Jot.
Chance for Bargains.
Our readers will notice a chance to
buy tome good tracts of land, in this
county, by reading the advertisement
of Mr. Hamontree, in another col
umn. Some of these lands are very
President's Message.
Wednesday, Dec. 81, 1855.
The President's Message was read
in the Senate this day. The Message
is eulogized by the Statesman as an
excellent document. We will lay it
before our readers next week.
President's Message. Men of America---Men of the Age.
The greatest man, "take him all in
all," ot the last hundred years George
Washington an American.
The greatest Doctor of Divinity
was Jonathan Edwards an Ameri
The greatest Philosopher was Ben
jamin Franklin an American.
The greatest of living Sculptors is
Hiram Powers an Americau.
The greatest living Historian is Wm.
H. Prescott an American.
The greatest Ornithologist was J.
J. Audubon an Americau.
The greatest remedies known to the
world for popular use,Ayer' Cher
ry Pectoral and Chathartie Pills,
were invented by Dr. J, C. Ayer an
The greatest Lexicographer since
ill! time of Johnson was NoaU Web
ster an American.
The greatest Inventors of modern
times, were Fulton, Fitch, Whitney
aud Mor.se all Americans.
President's Message. Men of America---Men of the Age. Stand by Your Guns.
The seventy-four "Regulars" who
stand by Richardson in the fusion fight
new going on for Speaker in the House
of Representatives, but from their foes,
Tbe whole country through.'
They are the model men of the Na
tion, and are fit exemplars of a party
that kcows no north, no south.no east,
no west, and which is pledged to stand
by the L'uioft in this, iu hour of peril,
They have placed themselrsa upon
plttforin which is eminently national
nd republican, egd ou they stand like
statues of adamant, indifferent to all
1'i.ions and fanaticisms going ou around
- So will it be with the Democratic
paily now organizing lor the coming
residential campaign: With no pre
ferences for men, but an ere sin tie to
(treat priciple, 4tbe sovereignty of the
people,' this great uatioual party will
ea iuith 'with such a simple slina.' to
conquer and to conqueet.-- Tlain, Deal
Shinplaster Swindle.
Some ot the citizen ot Tiffin bave
issued card, cautioning the public
sgaiostthe elunplasters wbicu nave
. jeccri'.Jy nooaea me west, ana pur-
porting to be issued by the 'Ohio sar
Itiga Aufuiute. ; a ucre is uu uju iu
. atuutioD in existence. , It is a com
P.4l1.,wi' 4 wyU pt . it ibe
- :y'm;;w-yapxpptf it, .:
i The House continued voting, and
four more ballots were hid. Tue 82 J,
resulted as follows:
Banks, ICO; Rirhardson,5S; Fuller
30; Pennington, 5; scattering, 2 The
whole number cast, 2C8; Decenary to
a choice, 105
"Mr. Smith, of V'a," made a brief
statement, that Mr. Banks, had left
the American party, and joined the
design ot resisting what he clurges.aj
the sggrassion of slavery, ;
Mr, Grow in replying said, that
thoie voting for Mr, Banks understood
their duties without instruction or ad
vice from the other side of the House.
Mr. Smith responded, that he wish,
ed the country to understand the char-
acterofttie man the Fusionisisl were
voting for.
The ballotling was then resumed
and two n.orevotes had. The last or
84th resulting as follows:
Banks, 98; Richardson, 66; Fuller,
29; Pennington, 6; scattering, 4.
Humphrey Aiarshall, then, at 5 o'
clock, moved an adjournment, which
was negatived by 47 majority.
Mr. Orr subsequently moved an
adjournment which prevailed by 10
majority, and at 6 w clock the House
Riot at Leaven worth City, Kansas
—Ballot-box destroyed—Hose
Burned Down.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 29.
Lexington, (Mo.) Herald, of
(be 22d, says, on the 15 inst., the day
the State Constitution, adopted by the
Topeka Convention, was voted tor, a
collision took place between pro and
anti-slavery patks at Leavenworth
Uity, wined resulted id im destruction
of the , ballot-box and the entire sus
pension of voting.
The house belonging to an anti-
slavery man was burnt, and the pro
slavery man charged with the act was
arrested and lodged in Jul. His
Iriends rallied, broke open the jail, and
kn. 1. ,j I. - J O . i .
ment prevailed. Both parties sent for
From the Albany Atlas.
Gen. Cass. Sen. Douglas and the
The Detroit Free Press, of Wednesday
pub lubes the iollowiog correspondence;
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5. "55.
Hob. Lewis Cass Mr: As the time
is fast approaching when it will be nee
essary for the Democratic parly to select
delegates to make their nominations (or
President and Vice President, and inas
much as we, the uuedrsigned.feel great
interest in selecting the proper canuidate
for President, and believing you to be the
most competent and most available can
didate, and one that we feel satisfied
the people would take pride in electing
if nominated, we therefore mostrespec
tfully tsk yon for an answer, in reply to
our note, laying if you will confer a
favor friends and fellow citizens.
And others.
Detroit, Nov. 23 "55.
Gentlemen I bare received your
etter asking me if I am a candidate for
the office of President of the Untied
States, and expressing the gratification
it would give jou to support me far that
high effice.
, While thanking you for this manifes
tation of your kindness and confidmce,
of wkic h 1 shall always preserve a great-
ful recollection, I reply that I am not
a candidate for the Presidency, nor do
desire that my name should be presiuSed
in cennectiou with it to the considera
tion of the Democratic party of the Un
I era, gentlemen,
With great regard,
-Truly yours.
Andiew J. Webster, Esq., and others,
Philadelphia.- . .
No one can listen tn the brief and qui
et announcement which withdraws the
name of Gen. Cass from the Presidential
contest, withoutsowe melancholy reflec-
ions. Even those who bave differed most
witb Gn. Cass on some questions oipu b
lie Dolicr. recognize in nii one of the
statesmen of the oldest and nest
school of the Republic, one of the last
the men who were brought up at the feet
of the Fathers of the Republic a des-
ciple of the apostles of the revolution
He and others like him withdrawn, we
bave to choose among smaller men. For
himself be has DOlbiug to regret in the
fact that be is not to be President. To
hare been the Governor of the great
Northwestern Territory, the mother
free slates to have been the represent
alive man el that section for so many
years in '.he Senate, and (he Kepreseuta
tlon of the union abroad, aad tbeorgau
of its foreign policy at home, presents
areer of honor to which the Ubief iSx
ecutive omce would add utile but
In regard to the Presidential nomina
tion we have before us an article in the
Chicago Times, which spaaking by au-
moriiy, says: oenaiur uougms ia uui
now. nor has he ever been a caididate
for the Prekideui ial nomination, ho
ma is now or ever has been authorized
bv him to use hi name in or out
that louventioa, nor will that author
ity be giyen."
put in regard to the views ol the ue
mocracy ol 111. in which their bretbreo
of other Western Statss participate, the
Times saw;
Illinois has no' eecond cho.ee: It
Douglas before all other men; yet
laDre&elalives of Illinois will eo
that convention with no other instruc
lions thac to vote for that man w bo de
serves to be the nominee of the only
party in the U S. which dare assert
maintain that thi Constitution is
only bond of the Union, and that
Union, without the Constitution practi
call v observed, is but a solemn raocken
of fieeJom, justice and equality,
Democracy ol 111. will support any man
who.U;iJie nominee pi tiwii tvuvjfutiou
and tbey forbear J-itsrn lii.g ihe naule'of
Ibeir o favotiie, b'ciu'e iliev altfj to
gu iuio iba( C'ioTniioo aa faihful.un
prrjudiced uujtiies o the choice of fcau
did.les.! I 4
.We assert, what ' we know to be the
fart, that Senator Doaglaa will not par
m it the lift of his Mime to diriiUfihe
National Convculion. Let those uho are
candidates be blloteJ for; if an ol
:lifin is nominated, alt well; and lieu.
khould it niifortnnately occur that no
candidate tail command the requisite
strength, then the Democracy can fall
back upon ibe man who nerer yet fail
ed tbem iu the hour of peril nbose
hand, whose name, whose voice, and
whose abilities are now as the ever
have been always at the service of the
Democratic parly.
It is this spirit -the spirit that indu
ces the prominent statesmea of Democ
ratic party to sink all personal withes
nd aspirations in their feeling for the
common cause, and, to withhold their
names from the tamass, in-order that
the representatives of the party shall
come together in national Convention
free to chose their leader, untrammelled
by prefrencea it is this spirit that it
to redeem the fortunes of the ptrty aud
restore its ascendancy.
Hon. Nelson Cabbiri, of Hills
boro, Whig candidate for Governor in
1853, met with a serious accident at
Newport, Ky., on Monday last. He
was stepping from the wari-boat upon
a plank, which was covered with frost
and ire, and his foot slipping, he fell
into the shallow waiter, breaking both
bones of his right leg, just above the
ancle, We also learn that his head was
bruised, by striking a stone.
End or theMabtha Washington
Case. The New York Tribune of Mon
day says, that in consequence of the
death of Sidney C. Burton, the principal
witness for the prosecution iu the cele
brated Martha WaBhington'case.the pro
secutlou has been abandoned, and all
the defendants discharged from bail.
It is said that :;jane was pardoned,
out of the penitentiary so Jsat his
evidence migut be obtained in the new
trial that was expected to taka place in
New York; but as the case now stands,
the guilty either gounwhipped of justice
or the innocent suffer under cruel im
Dark Time Ahead.
We notice that the colored popula
tion of Ohio are to have a state con
vention at Columbus, on the I6th oi
The object of the Convention seems
to be to consult over tha manner in
which 'things must work.' The call
says that there 'is an important crisis'
in their affairs. 'Our Jriends,' says
tne call, have now a majority in the
Legislature, Let ti$ demand our
rights, Whew! Will the Black Re.
publican leaders dare to assist their
friends, now they hav the power.'
We shall see, ,
To the call we notice appended tne
name ot Prof, Scott, Barber and
Hair Dresser, of this city, who is a
prominent member of the Republican
party. It the Professor has as much
influence in the Convention as his
Hair Tonic has on bald heads, some
thing will certainly grow out of it !
oen Advertizer,
Ikdiah Feeb State Men is Kansas.
During the late d i Uicul ties iu Kansas,
a Urge number of Shawnee aud Dela
ware Indians exprewed their willing
ness to join in the fight under the ban
ner of the free State men. The Law
rence correspondent of the A. Y. 7'imes,
writing under date of Dec. 2d,says their
head men and braves had arrived iu
that town; 'with the blood of war yet
running in their veins.'
Atchison, who made himself odious
by encouraging illegal incursions into
Kansas, is charged by Missoui papers
with belonging to the Know Nothings,
and we have not seen the charge were
concocted in a secret conclave. A6nny
(tT Counterfeit live dollar bills on
the Merchant's Bank, Providence, R.
I., are in circulation. Beware
Quaint and Bbautifuk Proverb
- He tli s t in the world would rise,
Must read the news asd advertise. .
As F.ditor in a bad Fix. The finan
ces of the editor of the Elkton (Ky.)
Banner are in a desperate condition.
In an appeal to the aubsribera to pay
up.he says: 'Friends we are almost pen
niless Job s turkey-was a millionaire
compared with our present depressed
treasure!. To day, if the price of salt
was two cents a barrel full, we couldn't
buy enough to pickles Jay.bird!"
Dark Time Ahead. HYMENEAL.
MARRIED, On the 1st inst,,
the Rev. E. P. Hall, Mr, G. BEN-
FRENCH; both of McArthur.
Well, Gkobqe!
How sleep the brave, who sink to rest,
On lovely Helen's snowy breast?
But, stop ! we do not wish to deal
fancy and poetry; but in sober tnth,
wtsb you and. Helen a Ion? and hap
py life. May you learn to love each
other, as only those who live to love,
and glide down the stream of time
such manner as to be acceptable to
All-seeing bye, and when time's
nore, gain admission to eternal joys.
t'hrlslian Ytagcr i Estatile. .
1IOTICE is hereby giveu, that John
w Bobbins, Executor of ihe last Will
aud Testament of Christian Yeager, late
of Vinton county, dee'd, has filed
in the Probate Court of said county,
accounts, and vouchers for inspection
and partial settlement; and that
same will btf passed upon by said Coon
on the 26'b day of January, a. d. 1856.
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judee,
LAND Fflil SALE, t.
IOrFKK MX LAND, in Vieion coun
ty,. Ohio, for kal: ; :
Que Lot, 6-1 acrei, i Cliulna Town
iliip. This Lot lies 8ue. and. is well
calculated for Agriculture, and is sup
posed to contain Iron Ore. It adjoins
Wm. Martin, ou the West; Mr. Land
man, on the East, and Geo. Craig, Esq..
od tine South, who can gits all neceise
ry information Id regard tn it.
Two oTuta Lots, in Richland Tp.,
lying 0 miles West of Mc Arthur, near
the Chillicothe road; one lot adjoinins
Mr. Crow, on West, and Mi. iUh.cc, uu
the South, who will give information
respecting it. The other Lot lies South
and adjoining the road, and South ol
Mr. Hawk'e, and North of A. Moore's.
This Lot lies fine for cultivation eud is
well timbered; each contains SO acres.
One Lot, ia Harrison Tp., in Section
24, adjoins L. Wiuegarner.on its South;
be will give any information in regard
toil. This Lot also lies well, and is
excellent Laud.
Also, One Lot, containing 90 acre;
one of 80 acres, and one of 40 acres ;
part of which adjoins the land of Mr.
Wintgamer.on the waters of Salt Creek,
iu llarriiou Townkbip.
The aoove is good Land; Mr. our
Clark will show it to any person deiiir
ing to purchase.
Also, 80 acres in Perry tp., Hocking
county, Ohio, within 2 miles of lleuua
Vrsta, with 6 acres cleared.
For Terms, &c, apply to E. A. Bret
ton, McArthur, Ohio, or address the uu
dersigued at Deverly, Ohio.
January 3, 1856 tf
Announces to the citizens of South
Eastern Ohio, the following splendid
Scheme for January, 1850, to be distrib
uted as soon as the Tickets art all sold.
Read attentively this List of useful
aud valuable Gins, some one of which,
eTfry Purchaser or Holder of a Ticket
tliall la en'-led U, to-wit:
One House and Lot In Ham Jen, 06
cupied by Jehiel Frazee,' 700 00
1 Yoke Oxen, (large.)
125 00
110 00
1 Horse-
100 00
75 00
1 Large Ox Wagon
1 Gold Lever Watch 100 00
Two-Horse Bueey
100 00
30 00
16 CO
16 00
12 00
12 00
6 00
Set Double Buggy Harness
Side Saddle
1 Man's Saddle, Half Spanish
2 Brass Mantel Clocks
1 Parlor Stove
1 Falling Leaf Table
1 A'et Chairs.
2 Silver Watches
6 00
27 00
246 Gifts of ftl each, 216 00
232 " 50 cents each 116 00
424 44 25 " 106 00
1230 44 10 44 123 00
The whole of the above is divided in
to 2,150 Shares 11 00 the pries of
Ticket, which entitles the Uolder to tins
All of the aforesaid Gifts will be
fairly distributed, and due notice of
the lima and place of drawing given.
buy your tickets in time for
Said Property can be examined at any
time, or particulars given and Tickets
obtained, by applying to the Agents,
List of Letters
REMAINING in the Post Office at Mc
Arthur, O., Jan. 1st, 1856.
Brown James Megee Samuel
Brown J A 2
Bebb D M
Barcroft Wm
Bennett Martha.
Bishop Wm
Barton Wm II
Moren John Boin
Miller Peter
Martin Robert
Mainard Harrison
McCarthy John
Murphey Michel
Markbam Stephen
O'Riley Ellen
Ogburn George
Pickering Francis
Pindell Emley
Price Wm
Philips Pierce
Rouse Wm
Roush James
Roach Thomas
Republican Pub
lishers 2
Bowles W L
Barber Dr. L
Collins W A
Csstees James
Cramlet Anderron
Chidiiter Mias E
Cushingcc Armes
Davis Jabez
Dulan Simon F
Ellis John
Ellis" Jemima
Eveiat Henry
Ewing Ruth M
Gould O L
Grim Thomas
Hartigan James
Haisiiugs Wm
Hastings Wm
Hams Miss Cath
erine Hass Isaac
Hill R C
Heddennan James
Hannpn Alex
Hale H
Rodgers Edward
Richardson Jas
Reagou Jtmes
Sbelden E W 2
Sims Simeon 2
Showers Miss E
Salmons L R
Shepherd Mis M
Sir.teiz Luther
Smith Robert
Smith Isaac
Savely Edward
Taylor Arazeita
Hixon Albert F "
Tannatta James
Vaudo'.er G W
Wilson WB
Wilson J B
Wilson J Bey-WB
Wilioa Moses
Walker David
Wolf Barrick
Welsh Timotbv
Hader Ferdinand
Hollouan David
Irish G W
Jones Adam
Johnston David 2
Jones H C
Jones 4c Lord
Moore Eli
Mills W E
Witham Samuel
Persons calling for above Letters, will
please state that tbey are Advertised.
J. W. CAL.UW2LL, P. M.
jan 3 '56
George ledger's Estate.
RIOTICE is hereby given, that Maha
Iu la Yeager, Administratrix dtbonit
noi.of the Estate of George Yeager, late
of the county of Yinton, dee d, has filed
in the Probate Court of said county
accounts, and vouchers for inspection
aud final settlement, snd that the same
will be passed upon by said Court,
the 26tbday of January, a. d. 1856,
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judge,
Jan 3 3
last received, a New Edition ol
above Work, with Forms complete
Justices' of the Peace. Every Justice
Officer akeaia.aavseae. uii soon, at
1ft sniff
McArthur January 3
Apples, v.,
Buitei por lb,-
JO" Iron,-.-V
!8 Leather.
Smokrtt tin ins,-.
1 LenTW Iki. MO
" Shoulders,
ViMolesttprftal, -5
44 Sides.
Sibils, 3d to 1UU, Miu
Brooms,. ...
30 OAts, 25
Beans, Y. -2,00 J Potato. Irish.
CoCe 15, Fescues, D.,"
Caudles, .v 24 Pork pvcwt.
vhriee, lU.bugar U.,
Jlovemeed bUt
Corn 30
EgKS pel Jox-."-12
Louf, .. 16
Crushed,- 10ol2
Salt. rr bbl- ' S.SO
lour per htm,
4.tKi Ttiblf. tr Sack, -37
Flour ,per bbl
t8,00Soep per lb ...3a5
Flax Seed 75
Tes.V. H.
Feathers, .-40
" Imperial
Wheat per bu.
Wool perlb-
. 12
' l.M
Fish, White,-.- 8
" Mackerel,.-. 810
Hides 4
Portsmouth Price Current.
No. 1 Buckeye Block.
PORTSMOUTH, Jan 3.1855.
Apples, Dried.. 175
Brooms prdoa t2u50
Bkcoii Hums per lb. 12
" Loaf 12
" Crushed. 10
Salt, Kanawha, bu. 45
Shoulder .11
Teas, loose in packs.
Sides 12
" i. H., lb. 0Ua75
Beans, W. per bn. 3,00
Candles, mould-. 15
fiar 24
Cotton Yarns. 161
Cheese, W.R. lb.8Jati
Coffee, Rio 13
" Imrer'l,-50a75
" Gunp'wdei 75
Tobacco M&K. cav.25
" Ya.cav.20tt30
Oil, Lard pr gal... 80
Oil, Linseed" 100
Oatspr, bu. 30
Cloverseed.- 6.0C
Hour pi bbl-.. 48.50
Feathers pr lb..... 45
Flaxseed, pr bu. 1,25
Fish. Cod prlb.... 5
Peaches,Dried 2,00
Potatoes, Irish.O50
Saleratuspr lb. 5u5
tallow pi lb.. I
Mackerel 12u2 1
Lard pr lb.. 11
Tar pr bW. 5.5Q
Timothy seed, 3 Oo
Molasses, N.O. gal. 40
S. H. 45
" G.S. " 60
Wheat pr bu... l,&o
Whiskey, Common 3o
raonnaia, so
4 Rye, 6fl
Nails,.. 10 to 8d 1)4)
Sugar N.O."" 7ab
Cincinnati Markets.
FLOUR Very dull, and no sales; nomi
nally $725.
HOGS Dull; sales of 400 head at t5 50.
PROVISIONS Flat; sales of 3,000 green
Hams at 0 t)07.
GROCERIES Sugar unchanged; Molas
ses unsettled. .
THE following list is corrected every week
just before putting our paper to prtsf
New York
Bk. of Mobile, 9 dis
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent banks, pa
All banks, no sals
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, pa
Small notes, I dis
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, pai
Bk. Circleville, 40 dis
free bk. old plate.5 dis
Solvent banks, pai
Solvent banks, par
Solvent banks, pai
Rhode Island,
Solvent banks, pa
Ky. Trust Co. 78 dis
pate bank, and
Drenches, par
Free banks, 5(350 dis
Solvent banks, par
Bk. of Conners-
Ciew Jersey.
Solvent banks, pa
Solvent banks, pa
ville, 30 dis
Solvent Free bk. I dis
, Missouri
(State bank and
Solvent banks, pari
Branches, par
Trim. AlKgDiBjr. dlM
&auahva IU ui&t;
Solvent banks, & dis
Solvent banks, 5 din
Solvent banks, 3 dis
North Carolina.
kmall notes. 5 dis
Solvent banks, 3 dit
Except Adrian Ins. Co.
Small notes, 5 did
aud Macomb Co. bk.
South Carolina
Solvent banks, 3 disl
Free banks, 3 dis
Small notu, & dis
Solvent banks, 5 di
Texas & oIkabsas.
All banks u doubtful
olven banks, 10 din
val s.
New York, prm. J nn.
Philadelphia " I "
Baltimore, . . 44
Buying at i prm. Selling at I
Delia Lodarp. No.
Z 207, of Free and Ac
cepted Masons, holds
a regularCommiinicatSon at McArthur, Yin-
ton county, Uhio, every a&turuay evening on,
or preceding each full moon.
E. A. BRATTON. Sec'y.
mineral Lodge, No. , holdsa reg
ular Communication at Hamden, Yinton co.,
O.. evervThnrsdav evening on. or preceding
D. T. HARD. Sec'y.
Orphan's Friend Lodge, IT. D.,
holds a regular Communication at Wilk.es-
ille, Vinton county, Ohio, every Satuiday
or each full moon.
H. BISHOP. Sec'y.
A collection of newsp aper facts and statis
tics, containing
The only reliable work of the kind in the
world. An invaluable assistant to the Edi
tor, Book Pnblisher and General Advertiser.
Beautifully printed on fine white paper, oc
tavo size, inis Dook will be promptly sent
to any part 01 tne countrv on tne receipt
iti&JU!. turners, addressed to
No. 73 South Fourth St., above Walnet,
Afflicted Attention!
DR. L. BARBER'S appoint
ment for January in McAr
thur, is Monday the 14th, at which
time he can be found at bis Rooms
at the Westers Hotel.
Dr. L. Barber devotes his exclusive atten
tion to toe Treatment of Chronic Dis
ease l such as Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Ep
ilepsy, LAver comptomr, Vanur. Fistula'
Disease of the Eye, Skin, cj-c. He also gives
special attention 10 toe treatment 01 ihsease
ol tne inroat and Lungs, and meets witb ex
cellent success in their cure, Idec27 3w.
NOTICS is hereby given, that Mahala
Freeman, Executrix, of the Will
Daniel Freeman, late of the county of Vin
ton, deceased, has filed in -the Probata Court
of said county,, her sccouots, snd Touchers
for inspection and final settlement; and
1'ie same will b passed upon by wid -Court
en tr IMtrj day 01 January e. . lw.
.4. 1856. r.,
It?7l-I. eUiWlTT,
i, . v..nur,
The PlAin Dialer
IS again abruad, ! bii inialoft the i ottoes
of Deinoirery. 'For .fifteen yea'm have
we been in tl.ehebitof anmmlly making out
bow to the Arwfk.io People, and prestinr
the claima of jUiil per to their suppurt u m
National Democratic Jovrnol r .
Happily do we announce that from the i-"
sue of ile fliat number '-uhlil 'trut'' present
time, itscirvulefivabas steadily jiirred,
until now it can boast with-havlngattbSCrl
bers iu every Sut and Territory of this Up
ion, and is in rsmciPLe, in ckculatI.-s.' a'ncf
in EPUTATtoa', emphatically Ail 17 OA"-'
AL PAPER! . .. . s "
The new .Volume will commence on the
first day of Januarv next, at which time it
will appear again Enlarged, and on
It will contain full and faithful records of,
Markets, Agricultural Intelligence,
Blowing up of Banks, the Presi
dent's and Governor's Messages,
Proceedings of Congress and the
Legislature, Abolition ' Kowa and
Know Nothing Riots.
Every number will contain a large amount
of Miscellany,such asTaleS, Correspondence,
Discoveries, Travel.. Jokes and Invrntioiia,
making it the most complete Family News
paper in the West
One Copy, one year $i00
4 six months l 00
Ten Copies, one year, to one office,.. . 15 00
Fifty " w" ....&0UU
toy one sending us a Club of Ten shall
receive the eleventh copy Gratis. .
No premiums allowed for Clubs of fifty. .
All subscriber to Clubs must begin hi tns
same time. Pay invariably iu advance.
Money at eur rUk if registered. '
It being Presidential year we have put-'
Clubs at Coat, iu order to give the most gen
eral circulation possible. Post Masters will
confer a great favor by acting as Agents.
Address, J. W. GRAY, ' -:'
Cleveland, Ohio.
wm hi
Wholesale Grocer," ' '
Water St.. between Faint and Walnut,-
Dec. 20. 1855.-ly
NOTICE is herebv given, that James L.
Turner. Administrator of the Estate of
A grip pa Turner, late of the county of Yin
ton, deceased, has filed in the Probate Court
of said county his accounts, and vouchers foe
inspection snd partial settlement ; and that
the same will be passed upon by said Court,
on the 18th of January, s. d. 1856.
B. P. HEWITT, Pro. Judge...
Dec. 20 '55 3w
Of th lata Arm of Hampton, Wilton Si Co., '
Ko. 83 Third Street between Wood fc Market,
ARB now receiving their stock of Fall
and Winter Goods to which they call
the attention of Western Mebchants.
Among their assortment will be found ,.
Of every possible description; alsoTrov snd
Hartford Shirts and Collars, Wool, Merino
and Cotton Undershirts and Drawers, Silk
and Linnen Handkerchiefs, Men g .Hosiery,
Suspenders, Cravats, Neck Ties, Stocks.
Gloves. &c. Also. a general assortment of
We Intend this stock shall always be one
of the largest, the best furnished, and the
most beautiful and complete to be found in
the United States. Our connection witb one
of the largest houses in Massachusetts where
the utmost care has been bestowed in their
manufacture, gives us advantages which will
enable us to sell Goods at Eastern Jobbers
prices, which we are determined to do, and
also enables us to offer '
A greater variety ot Goods to our cus
tomers than has hitherto been
found in this Market., ,1,1
We respectfully solicit the patronage of all
buyers visiting this city. The orders of our
customers shall be promptly and satisfactor
ily filled on terms as liberal as by any other
house in the countrv.
Sept. 6 '55 3m. '
I 1
1WANT 5000 SHINGLES, for which
the Highest Price will be riven et
Price, - - - 93 Cents
Che HIS celebrated and very useful article,
ofie the invention of a celebrated Engliih
1 u j - ..
muni, aim mucn u&ea in r.urope is now
red to the Public at a price that places it
he reach of all.
tsZT No Housekeeper should be wi thout it,
with this article they can. immediately re
air any ankle of Furniture, such as China.
Glass or Wood, that may have been broken
witnout ine trouble and expense of sending
u 10 tne iDinei maKers. . for fa le at
- .- E.A. BRATT0s'
GUARDIAN'S SOTICB.-Notjce is here,
by given that Peter Strawsbaugh, Guar
dian of fiialinda, Abraham and Catherine
Strawsbaugh, has filed his accounts aud vou
chers tor a partial settlement of bis accounts
as such Guardian, and that 'the same will be
passed upon on the 22d day. of December,
iooi, . ij. r. uiiwiiT, rro, JiK'ge.
NctT.29,5. 3w :
dOOO Lbs. Norway Nail Rod. . -t -?
SOO Kegs assorted cnt and wrought Nails.
SOOO Lbs. square, round and octatfnn
Steel. Just received at the Gilt Anvil.
July 89. 1853. - :Z lm
.fi K
j rTANKEl Ox Yokes, at tha GlItjA,,;
Jui29 1833.
; io&WOBK.ofeverTdtsJUoar,.eitly
- Hturj , ai na user. - - - -tr

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