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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 13, 1856, Image 1

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J TERMS -11, 01 P--.R ANjrti w
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Number 3D,
Cftce ont door fast of .e Covrl
r rr inr, nwrf no; puyid within the
. CO vill be thuraed.
Tirmi mutt It ttrictly complied
no paper villU ilitcontinutd until
' reset art paid, unlet at the optiun
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KrV.Si OB- ACVthl" ItlrVG, "
i egtiurs, thirteen line or tus firtt
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ear,"- . 3,00.
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I lti in 1 1) CiccJ. l.iiwn, l.tiiiiwui, covit,
A.tAkija, Jtlui S. lmk, J. K. 4 L
mil, 'ii.iili!t'ii & Co., Lnvru Lowd, L. A
i:iton, J. ik. L. l-ciiLe, fclitili & l.tj polds.
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Vistoii I us acs, Means, Clark & Co
AJauufatiiireis ol but .qunlity oi Tig
livu, Viiniii turn see I'ost Cilice.
. llAkDEM Fuuhacs, Frazee, Tarr n Cu.
Eetd's Mill t'oatOllue. '
l!i Sami IviiiiAcs, llurtleli, Umi
Co., Mvnulkttuters ot the best, quulit)
vlfiglron. rosiOUitekt Athens, 0.
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McAiiintB. E. 1'. Bothwell
: McAethcb; G. 13. ill.
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AitAkiii ik.-J.G. iweilunil. U. C. Cogbwe
: ' -Ea-h BINGHAM '
Alio r ue) a lla ,
.. McAKTHL'K. , OHIO, i .
.Vill piactiLt! ni Vinton and adjoining coun
ties, Vfiite llure doors Vmt ol tlie l'ot
Cttiee. , . ,, .; ..)-...: -t
: Feb. 8. 1652. t'l'i i 34 tf
fclUHk t. tLAkk...
. . l join P,
j Auoriies at ta. ,
i J.iilMiAk'ibtK.Hl'o.-
"ill pratiuel in LunjiUfcliiD in Viuton Conn
l a Ofl.ie, ioui uuurs eabt ol bibkon t Hul
-44 lb r n e j; a Laii
'"McAKTlIlJR'OHlO., .
17 ILL (.tkLtict iu'iaton' and adjoining
'IctnvYattvrets and Whohsalt-
ROOTS, 'SHOES," h ats, :
i rl Tun A M e ik.nm.irs
win, in(, niiw.., r iiunM'-.
. Cdb door bdo , F. Ilontr k io't- I'ank,
. frpnl Street, MQR I SMQ VTH, O, '.
: f.1 )'" ' " 1 ' '
,, n. fcnur rfipe rlanber,, , ,
' Ai.(lciiertlipc)imtr;, , ,
Tl.f f1iuriilr.'s6 t'iriirj tnd lone
"' Wlw',teith,ifffk!j clofed lips. " '
' j And km iii?cliif,
M bioihur 11m tiiiOrr tln stone. 14 '
u c ' '. c i .. j i ' 1 1 . . .i :
.., OhxtwletJ,ww;.'! ..,.1, .t ..
. Jhe , narrow idf.f over. t:; ,. .
OH. cof r tlie.Wjfi.loiv.nud door! , , .
ror tievir tliel'lits,
Mkf W.tloti icioss 'the floor!
J? Mofimllig,! li'.ie re white,
nrre in j,m)' Haunts Used to
i be;
, And the infer rherrv tflosoms
pillow iit over, the beoms, i , . i"
..O'iJsinheoiajoonre. .. .,.
. When I h(rbr the the fti out of the
i iv; storm-Mj i ti;i -'.jt. ' . i '
In U yallejf, ih rof of the rivet,
I hiycr mid !ihjif 0 ti.e hHrth-Mone wrm
' Ai I u.iA of hiscold ' forever."-
1 HJ yljiln!msJsare ioKVd; nd neremgiin
i ,l" Of the robin or p!oer, .
;yiir the summer bna come; with her bee
, lw-.fm! hef Sr"i. .
11 ill he ply a, mcadoir-iloYer.
i j r. I i : ) i . i i'i i . j . . y . . . .
Oh, dear liitl'e brother,- ) .
,..f My ffi liuie b,othMj -; , ,
In tl.c 1't.Urej.bove-ilieg.m, , , -"
Oh. prir the jood inreli,
nitklorionneMMivU. - .
1 T'l lake P.when liff is dons.- ;
Meeker vs Beck.
first days proceedings.
This case was opened up yesterday
morning.exposing tiiebeautjet of thelan-
tern ortler, much to the interest and de
light of outsiders, and to the chacria
pt Know Nothings. On account ol the
novel and interesting issues involved in
(In case the Court room was crowded
nithauentive spectators. . Alter a Jury
had bedn tnipanaelkd. the councel for
the plantifT propoaedj putting the fol
low ng questions to Jurors: 1st. Are
)ou a uif niber of the American order?
id. Accoiding to the principles of the
American crdrr.as underMood by )cu,
would v on consider a revealmeul ol
the secrets ol the said order as equiva
lent to pnrjur) r. l nt councel tor the
defendant oliecidto the questsons be
ing abked.' ' The matter was argued by
counsel, when the couit deliverd its
opinion a: some length, aud held that a
connection with the - American order,
and the opinion of a member as to
what constituted perjury,' we re'not sul
litiei.t cause for challenge, and relus-it-
allow the question to be asked.
' The counsel then proceeded to make
pieemtory challenges, which being ex
hausted, Judge Keith, tor the plaintiff
proceeded to state to the Jnry the facis
upon which the plaintiff claims he has
a right to recover damages, l tie plain-
till charged 'bat during the year 1855,
the. deiendant wrote a letter to W P.
Lilley, ot Hamden, containing libelous
matter. I he following is the leterre
teiretl lo: : - -
April 9, 1855.
Mr. William P. Lilly: I did not
ha:id your note the magistrate for col
ection as soon as you expected me
to; lor the simple reason thai I wished
lo get our claim secured first, which 1
have dope by the haroest kind ol work.
1 he result ot yours 1 am unable to
say what it mil be irom tne tact oi
lus demanding the beuelit ol the borne
stead exemption on my - claim. I
think he will do the same on yours
Besides hare the strongest reasons
to believe he will resort to anything
dishonorable lor the sake ot gain, ot
which 1 forbear to sneak now, but will
Ull you when 1 see you. He says he is
going to move in a lew ; weeks to your
place.. , It be does, I wislt to say to
the buisiness people of Hamden, that
he lias violated the tuost secred ot ob
igatioiiG.and by so doing has consented
to be posted as a perjured man,: 'not
worthy to be countenanced and trusted
by American citizens. It is no plea
sure lor me to abuse any body, but be
has forfeited every claim to hocor,and
1 feel it a duty to pnl people on their
guard m a; word, yon dou't know John
Meeker) 1 will see to '.your buisiness
the lest 1 can. and, try and secure
i or ypu J. expect lo pe in your town
on the tenia- oi Aiay,ana men can con
ler with , -
, The rlaiuff.trouehl, , suit, clajmin
tluee lumdred dollars damages. Ow
. - . - ,
ok to a rulii.K of the touiU I be deien
dant was allowed to open case, which
accounts tor the reversal of the order
ot tesiimbpv. i Evidence I lor the de
fence:')' j.jni1'
, Dill Aw acpuainted, with the par.
liesi Meekej.Korked i for me r io Jhe
spriug of 54j .oo the i s27tli May .'54
gaveiiirn; pjy. note forJ?l dollars; sjjort
de lorl OW''i'
Frsser mrt me in tlrt
time )tr that
street ihd'wanled n-e opfiy il;told liim
I could not ;y it ihe n; cou'd pay it in
bout a mouth: Meeker never Imd any
other claim against me; read the letter
Lf n.,i i r :n ... r mi., .i j :
ut juvi R tu Jjiiiv: ljiiiv siiuwfu ii ij
me, Lilly has teen bossing a Mioe shop
tor me for about two' year; am irali
mately acqtiiinted with ' the peopla of
v inion county. '
Wm. P.' Lilly Am animated 'with
panie. flave lioen resi Jinj; at Ham
din for a year, " Heen liossinfr slmr
for Esq. Dill. Been acqaatntcd with
Beck since rNovenibcr. , 1852. : Give
Mr Meeker a note to collect the
amount was about fourteeen dollars.
During the winter sent to Meaker for
the money. ;A gentleman advised me
that Mocker had made, an assinmens
andJapprppriated ,rthe i)ofcfA' tor his
own use.- Had conversation with Mee
ker alter thai 1 in Janmry. ' Admitted
he liad pot the money and used it.said
he would pay il a soon as he could
wb u!d not tell me when he would pay
me. H? offered me a note, first relii3
ed to take it, finally took it.. On the
last .Tuesday jii February applied for
the money -asKed iilis bould pay any
thing on the note, he said he cvild not.
1 handed to : n alker.' Walker and
Beck were in parlnersliipV Told him
to ha.'.e it sued upon. Did not see
Beck that day. ' Meeker r.cvcrtoldmc
that when I "at the money I would
know it, (The Utter was shown to
me wuneis, sent io mm uy pecs, iue-
" . . I -ktl
milieu .it.; mtne wuuer or ruif; ut
1W, Beck called on Meeker various
.imes. ; ateeKcr paia mm some, dcck
called on Meeker and asked him for
money.' Meeker told him he had'nt
any money. ' Meeker told me imme
diately afterwards that he had money.
Asked him why he' did not pay Beck,
said he wanted to look over his book.
Told Beck what Meeker had said alter
suit had been brought by Beck vs. Mee
ker . Meeker told me Walker & Beck
had turd himin 1853 for a balance due.
Heard them both speak of it. The
amount was something between twelve
and twenty dollars.
Lilly continued Letter was writenl
ten to me reference to claim against .
Meeker. '-Was member ot 1 a society
ktiowsasan American order previous
to the receipt of letter . from Beck,
Beck belonged to the same order-the
general reputation ol Meeker is not
Croc nam i nation. - ,
Got Beck's letter llirougrt the 1 os.
Officedon't know whelhei the ditfi
cullies between Berk and Meeker had
been arranged previous to the receipt
of letter to my wife and Esq. Dili
nevef told Meekor that had shown let-
ler lo three different persons Meeker
complained that it cantained hard cha
rges against his character and that
he wanted (he letter to make beck take
back what he had said. The object
in snowinu uie leuer to luecker ws iu
i .i i ....-. i
;iave the matter compromised between
urn anu uecu meeaer ioiu me uiai
ie had arranged the difficult) wilhl
ueck alter he had read the letter he
peisisted in keeping the letter have
heard a great deal more said about
Meeker's reputation since this suit
commenctd than before. Ke-examin-
Called D in the shop am not
certain whether I locked the door or
not showed the letter to him in confi
dence kept it a secret don't think
showed the letter to Joe Hieliards
it must have been cnother letter from
Beck that I showed to Richards.
Beck At the time that Meeker aud
myself were vl law received this note
Irom Lilly wrote to Liny mat i
would make my clai m before 1 would
proceed to collect his that tie had
1 aimed benefits exemption law ana
that he had broken lhe most solemn
obligations and consented to have him
selt posted as a perjured man, qc
intended that ietlter to oe snown omy
. . . . . - . i
to members ot the order wrote ether
Uttsra aftvr that tnlLllley. ( 1 he wit
ness then proceeeded to narrate an uie
dealings that the 'plaintiff had with him
since tooo, at lengm. urn 1
ih. onni mil innfa n ina nnv.hllol
VIS V V 1 AAitJW SklVJ) V W w wH . -j-
r ....l joci i. nmti.H
vi "" - - .
Beck Arp a member ot the Amer-
ican order, (Mr. Clark, counsel for
the deienaant, statea mat m uau
a . 1 . . 1 . I I . I - .
word SI explanatiouiomane. iimigm
oe inougm mat iir. cet& wru.vioia-
ing4his obligationsjlo the order and that
some imputation might' be cast upon
him for tessifiinff as to the secrets ol
the order. ! He would state that Mr,
Beck and others who would testify in
the progress of the case s to tne se
crets of the order, the a dispensation,
when the witness proceeded.) . Have
a permission from the order to testify
in reierence to its pruceeuings. i ue-
.- i: 1.-
cam a member ot Richmond Council
in 1854. Meeker joined the order the
same night that 1 did. k 'The order
commonly know ' as Know Nothings.
it was a secret orgauizauon wnen
. - . ... . t
connected myselt whir It and when
. . . c - k
wrote the Jetter. Was prent when
Meeker went id; heard Me? ker take
lia nh iirfttinna.. Ha took it before tha
presiding officer.-. (.Witness ler:was
lked the CTntents ot freoath,
3 Vtir- " ,
good. oer is assea wtielhsr he .belouas or no.
could rot fully affile llse sulflance.
Judge Keith cljcctrd, unless state the
s ul'5tanrt of the oMigation as taken U-
fore ilia t Grand Sachem.) ' ' By the
oath, members are ''not allowed to tell
any of the secrets of the ' order state
names of tne members or ne existence
of the order. Heard Meeker take this
obligation. The' penalty. of a; vtola.
tioool this oath, is beintr posted a per
jured man, and a withdrawal of the
rountance and anpport 1 ol members of
the order, : Heard i1eek,er violate the
obligations which he took on two oc
casions. The first time was two or
three months from the lime he joined.
Philip Griffin was preset the fiirst
tinie, and Dr. Shaw was . present thb
second time. .Philip, GritUri , ia not a
me'inbcrjol. th order.., He divulged the
existence of the order And that he was
anq that, he was a member oi the order.
It's the privlege ofany member of the
order to report aiiy one - who violate
thq. obligation to the order. , Was told
that Lilley was a nieniler; . Cross ex
animation. ' '
Conidrabl dealing betwttn Meek-
i aul rnpeif in 1853-84 ani as late as
claim mi secured betor J
w'ruie the letter to Liller dou't know
wbethor E1. Dill belonged to the orJ
er or notdou't re membef .' nhr I ie
quested Lilley to Inform the' bnslness
meii or uiarJsu uittut no one out of
the order. ' ' "' J
Judge lveiili'askeJ the lyitneis a ' to
llie objec, of lhe io,ie,-;. Tn CO0,1Ml
for del'i objected. Judge Keith remarked
vh u,e (Mandeut.a counsel n4 opened
the door for it .it arrejrad! thst the
I'ope of, Home,. or the Grand Master,
had given a' dispensation "to ilia def't,
and the ont-siae barbarians had son
curiosity on this subject. , Candidly.
however he contended' that . he had a
right la Inquire Into the object ff the
society. ......
The Court rernaiked that ft was a erv
commendable curiositj-, indeed, and the
Court vvo'd ba pleased to gratify it, so
ftras the rules o( the lave would psrujit.
lion t kuovr.whera the presiding .offi
cer derires authority to (dinis'.ar an oath
The nresidine officer is seated when tie
administers an oath r the Bible is before'
bun dou l know bow the presiding on?-
' elected have not got so far al-
one; "iheoidana ew , Testemtut is
u" W" "Cfa Bo?k-11 law
" ! "V ,oem.r,, BU8,! D,01 l"
he :an eitt what nswar h. ole.aes.
provided he does not admit tV-(Judge
Iweith hers asked the witue.s if a person
should ask him if he belonged to the
Order, whether the Society did not im-
upuu mm an obligation lo deny
it ; This was objected to, but the pourt
allowed the wituess to answer tbt ques
lion, lhe witness answered, "ip all
candor 1 do not kno" 1 uadsrstand
the Isw of scecrci has been temoTsd
to soma eiteoU-receited mi petiuit
fl... ..f s,.,,, rIIMrli . , ...
K, (ot defeudeut ottered to produce
tb dispensation, bulou counselling his
tliaut refused to show it Judge h.eub
lusistsd upon its production, but wait
led its. production upou the statement of
Mr. Clark. Dou't kow how Meeker aot
out olOrder ;uot posted as to whether
member can be sipelled without trial
a iu not so far along as thai.'
The Court adjourned autii this saoro
mg at $ o'clock, -
Wt uift,iuiii h torn of.th.
Heltk.v 1 '
Pefendant recalled: question by . the
defendants atl'r Is ibere any thing
in the prorisions of the obligation ol
you. order wuicn connicta witb your
duties lo your Qoc, your countrr. oi
your felow citixens'I cant sty fro in mem
oiy; 1 know of none, Question by Judge
Keith; you say you hate a permit from
Tbos. H. Ford. Will yuU please inform
MS whence said ford derives bis author
iiy to grant tucb dispensations) Ans
1 do not know, vines. Is there any rules
i : -
ot directions in writiua or otherwise
which authorise any officer iu your ord
1 er lo release member from the oblige
tions oi nis oatn ior special purposes
otherwise! ' Objected to by defendam's
I T" . I L
v-oun cuuia tea no BOOa OT BO
, , ... w . . T
,n8 ,u, tuese luquirea as lo principles,
.: nt ih. . -a.r k.it ;r -......-! :.k
. " ...... ,. . ".:'"
. " V" k '
i a -rw. v
gh hi, inquiries as far as he uleases.
By Keith. You took it for granted
tnat tord bad that cower, without in
quiriugasto whence authority was d
ried. Answer, yes.
ftu. 1 there any thing io your con
sututiou which requires one member
slaud by and assist another member?
This question was objected to.
tlues. is it part ol lb principles, :
pari of the obligation, to adhere toro
brother in every atremUyP-s-Answcr
1 think not , ,' ' ' '.'.1.--
Ques." When the oath ia administer
ed, doea not the applicant bold up bis
hand, or place il upon the Bibiet
Answer: I think he lays his' hand upon
the Bible.' (Judge Keith here proposed
to inquire luriner into the form of ad
Ijmiuuienng the oatb. The question
liscksinktiirl,1lrlsiiilsiflff nski tt a A i an na.
g9 lttt or, ih. p.,! .
planlW, ,nKa siQ., f CtarkVr.id:
r .... ,l m..--7.. . i .1 .
lania, iue wunna was aitywea
to a us
Dill. ,W riaasina shep end LUley
railed me in; Idont know whether the
door was locked; Lilley,! : think tV.d
my advice about the eieniption law.
am. e justice of the peacr-r-l think 1 ad
vised Lilley not to say anything about
the letter have lited in Hamden ill.
my life, with lhe eiceptinn of thee yrs.
t don'; think the people generally
knew about th Utter had forgotten a
bout it entirely, until Msekar aaked at a
if I had tvevsee il' , .
. Cross examined. , few day after Lil
ley received the letter, ahowad ll to me;
advised him lo ssy nothing about it
I done ,ao because I thought trouble
might be made cut of . it Lilley asked
my advice as to whether Meeker could
nt up exemption;! advised that he eould
; John Davis.: I am a Know ; Nothing;
belokg at Richmond Meeker ot Back
were both members; ..administeied the
oaib, from, the Book the oath ia aub
stanre is that, he ah all not reveal the
existanee pf Older none of its members
nor his owq inernbe'rship the penal
ty is if he violates lhe obligation, he
khall be posted sf a, pnrjured man tbf
applicaut stands' before the President,
and lays his right or left' hand, as ye
chooses, on the Bible 1 tegerd the oath
which 1 have here tiltn, t binding.. .
' Cross examined. When ' I answered
Mr. Sloan, that there was nothing in
the obligation that conflicted with the
duty I owed th my Maker, the constitu
tion, and the Slate of Ohio i meant
that there was nothing, iu mv opinion;
1 don'l remember whether 1 ever read
the Constitution of the LJ. S.j 1 bellve
the Cpustitutsop.atlows forsigri ci'.iaeoi
lo be uaturalized. .
v -Quta by Judge Keith". :.lf -there was
a neureliird tiliie'4 running; tot Office
noufJ you rot', i a member of the K.
N. orgaiiissation, be bound by your obl
igation lo vqte and 'iise your "KitTuence
against himT-lA tart discussion hare ar
ose between Judge i Keith ot Sloin, in
which charges wrre handle, pro. d cou.
to the in Qnitr delight "of spectators.
lhe Court adviaaq forbearance, and,ad
vised ceunsel on both sides' to occuqy
no mote time tl.au was reaUy necessary,)
Was presiding officer when Mr, Mee
ker joined line was tuotLer rat I
administered t him it - was ad-
mlaisteied 'la; the .adteiufia.j j Before
tha oath was administered to Meeker )
did uot (ell him tbetlhers was nothing
iu tha obligation that would coflict with
his religious or pultjcal opinions ' '
Uues. by A-ttth 1 W.s it psrt of the
priyciples or obligatipa of your order,
that jrntl mutt arihataii. 4 k.oitiar ia
ery exrtemity and emercencyt.'" "
Ans. .There is aometbiug taught In
the priqciplse of the order, that where
the order is eltacked the order mar be
called together, to defend itself.. I cau
not say how it would be in a siugle con
test between a brother and one l"barba
rian"! not a member.
Ques. Where a man, like Mr. Meek
er, wno naa leit tne order ana was on
bad terms with ill members would ge
into e fight or lawsujt With a good mem
ber, would It uo! be ' Ibe duly of t b
members ot the order to take Ibe part
of the sdhereing brQltier; Tt)is was rul
ed out as being improptr. :
Fniltp Uutno. Heard Meeker says
tbak be was e member of the order; told
me some of the names of the members
sid that tbay met at Beck's tanvard.
He told me that Audrew Tomliusou.tlar
rison Wilkins and John Thomas beion
ged. saw bis ceri4 cate qf membership
uot certain whether he'sbawed it to aie
or not. but think that be did. Ue kuew
that 1 wae not a member. He told me
that Clara Ticknor bad went in aud did
not approve of the oatb thai be bad to
lake, aud backed out. Cross Biausina,
Told me that he was dot going any
more; did not pre less to be an adhering
member; this jonverseliou was had
Oct. 1854.
Ques. Have you ever asked Mr. Beck
whether be wae a member! (This ques
tion drawn by plaintiff's counsel.)
Have known Mi. Meeker for JQ or
years; have heard some good acd some
evil spokeo of him. Paior to the wri
ting of that letter by Beck 1 bare beard
peraoua charge him, with . dishonest
aud have beard some speak ia bis la
Poty Tomlinson -Am , acquainted
with Meeker 1 am hot' a member of
order; ' had some eoiversatioa ' witb
Meeker ia 18S4 or 1855. He meulioii
ed the name of Mr. Beck as being
member of Ibe order aud said that
was a member, lie said that they be
longed to the order at Kicbmoud; told
me they bad to take hard oaths; that
Clark Tickuor'weufperl of the way aud
backed out. Cross Examined, . '
He told me he had ceased to Attend
the order. Re-examined.
Depoy was present: be Q outsi?
Richard Dougherty Am a member
Ibis institutiou; there is ap oatb taken
by applicant of peipelual secrecy; the
peualty is that . ba comets to de posted
as a perjured mau.and not fit lb receive
lhe countenance and support cf Ameri
ca il citizens; belonged to this body'
this township and got a transfer tuBicb
mond; (ton t kuow whether l was pre
sent when Meeker joined or not.' Crosi
" 1 joined in this city, I instituted
lodge at tyichraoad wpea the $J
kttacled as a party, the memoers
bound to stand by each other;' there'
uothing- in tbo principteir of Kuow
Notblngisui compelling its members
side with each other io -laweiut.
i nii'i'ira! belief in in. of tli tiitai
vHni'WMn. I am nit an expnundar
f ib ritiiM(n. h it rcnciiii to ar
rrde v r i r t f thai i"rtfment. there
-is rn'Vii-s frfl'rff ,ig WtHrrn ibe ok
liilirp epi? tke c oriiiti'Tijfifin.' The pre
er putcMif err odr ii Amrricsn; we
7II of th'n who'cla iinf bp'ong to.lka
it-'er i Kati; tbere is ro general
nine bv which 'bttbtriens' or outsiders
irk known.'' ' -' ' . '
H.I) Catver Wisronstab'e lo 1831 ,
ml 1951; had exeruiitins in mr hen
ngfiiist Mofk'f; th a t wa branght '
v Wilker Berk, hd a ronrertatloo
vA MceVer about it time In which
tlaimed exemption, f; healsoaaU
he wn-not going to pay it and be was
not able lo pay It.
The testimnny .-if this w Itness pr!noi
psii7 reneciei upon the rirng. mn'l.lr
defendants lef.er, tht the pUla'.it
has been guiltr of 'dishonnrsble eon
duct, and won 1.1 do anything for tbe
eke ofgain-' Owing to the want of
interest of the erUcnfe, an I the insbll '
ity of the rtporitt la h(;i r the tps'l'fl ay
it hs,i not been ioor'e1 1 '
Bn. Jones. Have knowa Meeker 11
or 1? yeir prior to !h' iu!a etiout' this
slsnder aui t.' I heir I i.im puk of hi mi
as on honest, uprigfit mm; others ess
(ha.rhe, wis n it; hue hejrd some of the
best miMi i onr neinb.-rh m. rhsrgal
with reporting to-diihonnrbli" mesns l
avoid their deptt, hie character I my
pese i as gnod as mm In rir.tral, ia.
his cirrumtsne. '
Samuel Qriffii: Have been a rattle
trite; the character of Meeker before
funs last vvunot so aoo;' have heard
some speek gnol of him. and'otheis vlt
under air the eircunutances could'nt
say'that his ch-trariter' wis as giol as
men ' in. eeneral'. ' Cro Einniiisd .
Hrve heSrd'DiU'" Walker ant Rslliff
speak ill of him before June last. ;
Sjimnn Ri'nlfr.' L'e 1 i Lon lerrr oa
lot No.'l:- hae baen a merchant' end -
have had intercoqrae wi'h the people
generally lof that cqiUKimitv; am coo
stfainea to aay iht; the ' character of
Meeker belork lait June wae riot ' tool
Cress Examined:. Th?re hvs " nroVibif
been more talk adoit Meeker'e characltf
for dishonesty siuce last June then tot
fors. ' ' ,''''
H. D. Csf ver The chxrvcter of )ohs)
E.'Meeker for ho'iestt and dp'rjght.nesi
in his neighborhood Was naf goad be
fore laat'June. ! Cross Rtimined. "'
Hard more aVoiil Meeker eabVaglBa
leather before last June than' 1 have
heard since, he had friends snd enemies
like any otbar nan. Re-eiemioed.l
There were other chsraM than cab
baglug leather against' Meker. The
witnoa here rUi,l Jrimartlnri h.
i ween him and Meeker, tending ta
ahnw that the plaintiff had been dishoa
eat in his dealings. ' . " . ,
Jese H. Walker Am acq'iaiatag
with Meeker; he went to Himlen Is
1853 or 1354 to Ret snm money which
he claimed that Eq D.'f ored him;
was afier him for mnuer.l am pretty
well acquainted with the folka of Meek
er's heighhnrhoo-l; hs elurai:tr for up.
rightne-s aud hnuestv i not so good as
men's in ge erat; Crois Eiimi'ied,
' Am a partner of the defendant."
Baker Have known Meeker for 19
or li veari; I have ' heard b J reporte
about him before June -last. Cross Is?
I know nothing rayielf as to his
character for dichniity; don't remem
ber whether I aver heard much abont
his diihonesty or ugt, before this salt
was brought.
Thos. Corkea. Have known ateaker
for sometime; I have heard bad reports
about Meeker before this was, brought.
Cross Examined.
'Can'l enumerate who those persoas
were that spoke badly of Meeker;! have
not much peasonal knowledge of Meek
er; thought that he did not give me proj
per credit on ray account.
IJohu H. Davis an I Joseph Thomas
were examined as to the reputation, of
the pla'utiff for honesty and upright
ness which corroborate testimony ef
the defendants wnetses upon last
point, -i
The defendant here reeled.
The testimony closed on both sides.
at a late hur laat evtminit. but we are
unable tu preduce it entire iu this morn
ing's edition; the remaining portion
will appear in our next. To morrow
will be occupied by ' the alterneys la
gutng the pass to the Jury." The pe
culiar character of the cue ae well aa
the eminent counsel employed, will fill
the coixrt llll at an euty hour with
anxious specatpra. Though devoid of
incident yet, it is sparking with the
liveliest' interest, sod furnishes a Jwid
field for forensic display .! Tbe opening
argument will be made by Mr.' Clark. '
John 5- Meoker. I The Vportei was
uol iu wheu the pUntiff opened bis case
and did not bear . lhe Ural uart of thin
witnesses' testimony. , The' substnece of
ih tin. pirt of bis testimony related
to the Jealioga between tim and, Beck.
also the yerois flifljcoulties. Tbe plal.
utifXtbeu went on to relate bit initia
tion in the American order hie -under
standing of the obligiuou od their1 to-
ipeakoi the Beck fetter, and tha "man-
uer lo which he obuiued poskeskiob.
r -.11..' inl.l i.. ikii-L' L'l" t.
uii.bj ,u,u wb iuii an uu iituwa me
felter to Red", Benj.' Dill and bisr wire--.
i never claimed exemption except uddes
Deck s execution X woutd not hers
done se if 1 had not'lhouuht' Mr! Hark

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