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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 20, 1856, Image 1

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.....'.. ' 1 , ' - ' :
;.T i. . . .. .. - -
. . , . ,,.- . I . . i . ; f
Ode to Washington.
Welcome tothe d returning, -
Detvfer itill age floi :. i; )
While the torch of fith U burning, .. fc
Long a Freelpra' lter glow J .
'See the Hero that it gave o L,.'
Slumbering on Whre breast: "
For the arm he etretched to aave ue, ;
jiu ita room forever fcteat.t.: -.)
lle'ni the Uto of youthftil glorr, ' ', '
Whtle'cf Britain' re wued band -Friend
and foe repent the story, -
Spread hie fame o;cr eea and land, ;. .
Where the red cross proudly streaming
"; Flap's above the frigate' dock,, ,
Where the golden lilllea gleaming,
Star the watch-tenors of Quebeo. -
" t ii, Tim tthndow on tho dial
Marks the hour of deadlier strife
Day of terror, years oi xnai . (
Scourges nation into life. ' ,
Lo,' the youth, beeomea her leader, i u
- All her bained tyrants yield ? - , .. ;
i Through his arm the J hnth freed her
Crow n him on the tented bold . : ,
iVft'hlsEmpire'emaJtornptatian; . t
. Not for him an earthly crow I ; i ;
He whose sword hatn freed natio ji, .
" Suikea the offered sceptro down. . . t
" See the throhelcsa Conqueror soated,
Rule by a people's choice; " '
. - fii. the butrlot'e Usk eomplotedj
c'. Jlear the Father's dying. voice I' -!..
' By'lhe name that you Inherit,
' Uy the sinTVriiigs you recall,"
Cheriah.the fraternal spirit) '
-i Love your country first of all I - i
.i.itn not to Idle aiipstione Vi ,:.'! i a
If ita bands may be untied i
Doubt the patriot whose sugffrnt.'ons yi
. ' 'Whisper that ita profs lUAyi.dq!'?
Fo'herl We whcee ear have tyiglcd
t i
With the dro
lilTnouehw our beard no UvotIoJ train .
HiMl boar tlie gorgotnii foiul npalu,
t' Jy 'With wllliughonds will I prcpero
t Stnir, The frugul maal thou art to uliaro,
,., (Aod joy to find my hoiifowifocare '.
. J ' Is not In vain,
nt HKI i '!
J. -And lovinff voice shall bo hero 1
wv "With eovlul mirth thy bronst to chocr, "
Wblil Modtoandaof boueehold minntrolcy,
Lo' hyniD, the song, tho woll known gloc,
'How often ahull they win from Uioo
ho bitter tour.
That though onr brightest hours be past,
A nd ItftsV lair noon HOvcrcBt, ;
1 5 j j A paeeful may our ovooii)g provo, -A
Journeying on with thoso wu lovo,
We look to reach onr home above 1 '
.In . U.I i. .
The Opposition to the Democracy
The Opposition to the Democracy---Its History.
j.U is iu' 1W pages oflmpartial histo
.TY Bavs i the Cincinnati jtij!e',tliat
(IiIiQ ainpcnor .widoiij , patriotism and
rije American feejingof the Demoerat
.prgaatiti'k evinced over that
. 6 its .ODDorietitaTl Democrata can ' an-
.poarjwiAicpnfidcnce to tho records of
.cy,.wiilq:thy yorcorao onr antaj?6
jyB''.itK '.6tima and confusion.'', Wp
jroposa' tq 'jot' twn in brief article
Tew.frtue historical reminiscences'to
pwWji 'rvtef'J -They can bo read
j witty-profit by'.mod'qrn politicians.'
JijT8P tTw opposition to tho Democ
c)rjaqy',weTe in fayor pf a 'strong govern
injjnt'rBb strong ,aa to almost auiount
ip a"cpn8tihtijnal rooharchy, ,J ' ' ' ;
;:lp,j7?athey were in 'favor of. the
Ajlqn and.8cditlon laws' and the other
'fyi'gr -banned rjipasures'of Jphn Adams'
'jfldmipitrafion.',,' which, .destroyed the
Ijreedopx 6',JhQ press and pnt . ahrioet
fajitcT'powbr, pbe.liatids' 'pt . .the
yresfdbnt.' ,,','Tliey, vrere .also,' pposqd
'jto.Jth'e .immigratiorj of foroignera,and
'cstended tlipnatiiralization laws to
oprcen 'fum.X. . .'.',' 'r..;'.! '..
'111803 they ' opposed tho purchase
pf uisiana.wnicb pmbracedthe' whole
jou frestcrn.' country. .and', gava . n's
jbtie 'ommahd of ,'thi'. month ' . of the
3Ii6si8srppv'declarin2 . that tho , land
fwas not, wprtl a dollar; but was a
mere barren "waste, . 1 '" r",: . " "
a'Tro'np ,1790 to 1816 they denounced
Jtli'o pflijiJrU tho 'French were mating to
opcorfic afree, people,and syhlpathi
xc4 withrigland and Uiq continental
aleipptSy, Vhp wcro laborihg to destroy
the royal bouso'of Bourbon against the
wishcYof the French people. Najx)
,lcon and Thomas Jefleraon wcrethe
'great' objects 61 tbeir hatred during
Nhatferiodv'a ,V;j ' Vr'V
l"'Iif18I2 thcy'6ppo8cd tho cleclara
Vi'pri of tha war'against Great' DH tain;
' prefei'ing td allow that nation to' Iih
jircss and carry off onr seameu upon
thd bigh Beas'and to commit the" out-1
. iae6u8 spoliations ' of our conmeree.
rhwk fluahins with bopo;
'copjiog to-piht to stay nntil Monday
two wholo.dyi. I'm so glad
'il?w lon U it sincn you paw utmi
inquirod Aut.it Jftnc, ; , . : : : ; v
Two' wliolu weoka, auntie jusi
think ofitl' said katy;
h BfiMimJ a uruat w nlo to hero' .
Ahl jacn!atod Aviut Jano,(ry1yT
I tlinuzlit it must been several uioutU
by Tour manner ot spoumnj. 1 ..
coni'oned. , - " j . . -' -
I'll tell von . what. chiLl,' the pil
lady eaid, alter iaue.;. flliwtlrejiJ-
tlu. L-intl tllflt
111! HOI IVU IDII l -
holUd out UmiBt.; When. I was
tuniLHl ol'tonrtoeu..! travo my promise
to Jard LeiHud.,, ,U -was .as oiavy
and liaudaoine a man us uvur lived
und I do snpiwso I twui a, limeu
oHiim perhaps nipre Kr I'd. no 'lather
nor mother thon.-rtiisniyo"
PhiliD: but Ihad lo.rart with .mm.
lr thoBO wa'n't uoaceahlo day noirli--
er. t'wa&tho time of tho U-volnlion,
. ..t ll t A. - il l.t. 4..
and he went with uw resi iu ii!tin-.4r
his country .miles and miles away front
. . i ii.i. i i i ..,,,1 i.i,i.
lite. 1 UUCKieil OH HBwwk u vmv
himO'cKl speed, and he never saw mo
with a tear in my eyes, ; 1' had tour
leUers from him in all that time W
was gone, and tor tho res L trtwted
to God to keep hiui from death and
true to mek"j ui : ''
Hero tho old lady paus-d a moment
and Katy went ' wj to her and laid
her hand on hor shoulder. . ; ; . ,A
. ,'llow could you bear it, Aunt J anr
she asked,' gtMy
Wiwn't.pur -'freedom worth moro
than hr8UifoominevpitheBin JUooj
b)u rpi)li(l. nroudlv. while a fire like
.i .i in .... l.!.- I'Tixoa
madd tfio'aamin-
dDcton all powerful
creased the ev
millions of dollars
istration at WsbI
sapped the foundation of publ
ality and virtuerolled up a great na
tional debt and entirely dcatroyod the
republio simplicity ofoor institutions
In 1837 thoy were' against tho poli
cy of the Government keeping its
money in national coin under its own
control, ;and doclarcd that it noVcr
conld succeed. . . : ' : . , ;
J n 1.828, in several of tho States,
they . 'got up a crusado against tho
Freemasons, and professed a holy
horror of ; all secret societies, even
those who were not connected with
politics, and tried to put them down
by law.' ; ; ''.
In 1839, forgetting their assertien
that military rresidents wero so dan
gerous, they nominated ono-an ex
periment which they repeated in 1S10,
1348 and 1S5SJ; in tup two Jatcr in
stances going to the regular army af
ter them und chofiiug men who had
no experience as civilians. , .
.... In 1840 they elected a President by
tho 'hard cider' excitement, and, in so
doing opened tho floodgates of intem
perance and drunkenness throughput
tho land, . ; . ; , y
In, 1812, under pretense pf protec
ting American in austry, they passed
a high tariff, the effect of which was
to make) tho whole country pay tribute
to and.be faxed for the benefit of a few
hundred manufactories in-Kew Eng
land and Pennsylvania. .;. ; -1
In 1843, they opposed tliQ annexation
of Texas to tho. Union. ,
In 1816 they opposed- tho . iloxicao
war and topk the sidd of the -enemy
during the .whole contest, with a few
hpuprablq exceptipns. AVhcn Deacc
was mad.e; tkej dcQlarocI that ;our tor-,
!i.r I'" Vi i I
iii,oruu Bcquisjtions, . piciuaing uau
fornia New jyiexico and ;Utab, 'were
not worth a dollar an cvidenco of
shortsightedness almost nnparalloled
in. history, :.-;,,,;) r, ..
In 1850 they very generally refused
to follow their great leaders Clay and
Webster, iwljo favored a peaceful and
fair adjustment to tho slaverv nuestion
to keep open which ;menaccd the in
tegrity ot the Union,, ., .;uf. ...(. jj;,,.,
:'. in 1851 they opposed tho Nebraska
bill, whick ; carried out tho - principle
of the adjustment oflS50,.andrepeaI
ed the odious and unconstitutional Mis
souri restriction ipon popular sover
eignty.! -,.rf .,'r.-.-i v-l-J-.-v
; i In 185i tbey also orgaht.red them
selves into a secret political ' society,
and made war upon the fnudamontal
principles of civil and-religion liber
ty.'' Toe j tnds of that ' organization
wore narrow; arifilocratical and bigot'
ed, while its manner of procedure was
as hatdoland anti American as could i
po6siblv conceited. ' Through its -in-'
.....I .... . r ?
brother who has recently lost his wife;
-vet. even were she to remaiu:witb
J ' ... .19 i J'-..-
ns vou wonld navo notniii..iu i;ur.
She is vury amiable, an 1 diposjd -Ht
lovo you like her own sistor. now
let n havo no more presentiment R
night, dear Kuty.' And thua Katy
waa iksced i i . . - "
Tin first few mouths of Knty'a mar
ried life realized hor brightest dreitm
of happiness..' Her husband warrfrH
. i : a,
over- ike in his ulteiuion to tier bum
,sf wishes, BhoVas surroundixl by
every luxury; anda-large circle of
(riJu ad.nirod and earosSed her
m:... i j io ,,.! l truinid
JIIBS Ijlllll'r I'linim ivn ......
' mka happy, lhilt fiw not- trouuie
, t. t,, ;,,i.1it iiiNV fViiunsiL'a. nh-
, unusvu w ""!"" , l i '
j til, when the six' months bills-' wen
I a'.'wi1 ordered house
hold, when she wont away, and Katy
bpgai'i to tliink that Aunt Jane'a fears
were quite unnecessary. ShG almost
persuaded lierselt tnat sue was a y o.
hourtokeopcr, thouglf eho knew the
kitchen only by naine ; and aa for the'
btore eltwet,' -Pridgi-t was a prfeet trea
sure, and knew all about taking t-are
' It Woll n'lwiHed tJ'seo his ybiina
til .l.,.n Iih si months' bills were
ui-rif in. the aiuoiint startled him.
"' Katy t "- he called; rather shortly,
'conie hero,' will you?'.
to his'Hide; '1' '-r;' '; :
Just see here 1" ho continued,
iKiintirig to tho foot of a long-bill,
rGrociries' jor six' nifnth3, four hun
dred 'dollars and market-; bill three
hundred mbro I 'What- does 'all this
The - new
plece of music -.which sh 'was practi
Bin'y.wa's left' untried; and she sprang
-KWhyLr don't know anytomg a-
nai;n;0' 'i gronrnf,'
- , 1 1' 1 1 in nnn.ia nm
4 - ..1-..J 1-1 -
Indiana, "
IiOnisiana, ,
Missonri, ',
North Carolina,
New Jersey,
New York,
Pennsylvania, :
South Carolina,
Texas," ,
.Virginia, , ;
n compiled
i i
Total Dora. vole. ! j .: . . i ;
': 4
. 0
: 35
', ' 8
' .4
. Delaware,:' .:u . .
Kentucky, i i.
Maryland, 1
Tennessee,'.' ..- -.' . :i .
TotalK. N." vote,:'
V : 3
; ,12
i 35
. Connecticut, .
Alamo, "
Michigan,' ,," :
OluO, :;'!. .
! Iihodo Island, ;
Vermont,- .. .' . , r
Wisconsin, ; i
'-'' 6
. '23
tTotal Nigger Worshippers, r. .- ,75
s In tbeio estimates ; it will bo per
ceived that no Stato is put down as
doubtful.' This js. done in order. to
give 'the probable results .in a com
plete and definite shape, and as strong
ly, as possible against tho democratic
. - J y-w.i t f XT tT-
party.: uincrwiae,juoiD!,ew Hamp
shire; .Michigan, : Connecticut , and
Wisconsin might have been as - safely
placed among- the doubtful, or even
tho democratic States; as for the nig
ger; worshippers,-becanso tho nomi
nation of Mr. Fillmoro ;dividcs the
anti-democratic forces between him
and tho Seward alliance in all the
Northern' States, . where there aro any
available remains of the old conserv
ative whig party in existence, h.:! .
-At onr last fall election tho Amer
ican party carried ! their. Statd. ticket
by sorno' 12,0001 plurality s but this
was chiefly done, npon the merits pf
Livtf Oak UcorgO." as tha prcsnmp
tivo American candidate for the succession.-"-
llis antecedenU are demo
cratic, and -licnce.' the fusion of some
forty odd thousand hard-shell demo.
crat8-with the' Jinow. Nothings last
November, as preferable to a rc-union
Wth the ' soft shells in behalf of Mr.
Piercer and his administratiort.Next
fall, tmlesi Pierce)' Marcy, Ctishiug;
or some guca ofnoxlous taPinetnom
. . - . y
came jn.but thp ki ho lelt on :ber
? IJcar I'hilip, Blm.Baidv. don't you
know Wforo wo wr. niarried vou
said wo would limn, with ono annhnr.
And we-must ;ot !.nk M jifcctiouf ,
I runiHiibcr, Katy nnd.yoij have
l.orno with jiie,.',' replied Fhiljp, draw
ing his arm around her;'.' You -.must
lbrg i v niOv Katy v I spoke ,vpry. hursh-ly.'-
.Ytuilittll.ki)ep,13ridgct, and !j
. 'Ah. hut slm-won't 6tayI will pot
... . i if . . I
ni'n hit: l . i uii Jini w mi.-
r , r" ' ' pnpa w:'tu
DQw.rdate. her Jrj Pence Ah
servants to her husband ,
' Tho next inormng, however, all
ICatv'a tronblea returned; lhp collee
und her face was flushed. She glari-1
I An,'nnr9rr V t .lirtli llliaVkfllnV Kilt.
he could not restrain a hearty lftitgh,
t.i.'v i.A'rt-'Mhort -in -rnakirir1r'omii
una muddv. tho eirirs boiled so hard
thoy resisted all attempts at breaking
tho toast was browned to a criep.
IMiilip did not cotm.laiibut lie could
not eat, and lUty was tnorongiuy un
comfortable." Put dinner was botore
her with' all its terrors, and breakfast
sunk into nothingness before, the dis
mal rl.nrWht of that.' Tftc BCcoud girl,
Ann,1 knew just as niueli as heraoir,
ind toecthtr ' they' nuiBt try. ' Philip
was particular ahout hi8 dinner,' and
she dreaded so much the recurrence
of yesterday's scene. 'Added to all the
rest her brother apiMjarod fluito'r un
expectedly, late in the forenoon, and
liis ridicuio wi- moro' to' bo dreaded
than' anything . else. ' Philip carao
homo at two o'clock, but there was no
symptoiu-of dinner, and it waB an
liour luier .iuau usimi wuvu iu ucn
rang. -' -'
Katy had worked hard ; "sho liad
silent all the momina in the kitchen;
. '. , ... j.
n.'ii i, 1 111 1 1 1 . l . . . i v i
gooypii scejbn
Y 11 IV, II I -v - j
iorideir and. more pitile5i.
bad, arid Katyt burst
. "If von badb't W.t!tf
to sit oo k wur vVlLU.u
i ..-Jbih nun hero, after what
he's said : and done.
Sohn JSull.lnm out Crampton?
Why, I'm perfectly satisfied with
Svnatharv Cut I' m not. Ho can't
stay hero, I tell you: and if yoa don't
call him homo, 1 shall bo under the
disagreeable necessity of telling him
to go to Halifax.
3o7cn Bull (aside).--What a boy
it's grown- to be I An impudent
young rascal; but I like tho dog the
better for it. I wou't send for Cramp-
ion, uiougii. 4-10 uiuiinucu tuu uuug
all wronz, it's true; but I'll not bo bul
lied into turninzhim out of his place
A Hoosier at the Astor House.
, I met on the train an eldcrlv IIoo-
eier, who had been to tho show case
exhibition at New York, and who bad
also Seen the nipt drome as he called
it. , 'Did yon remain long in New
York?". I asked hip. : ' . .
.. "Well, no,": he answered thought
fully, J,only two days, for I saw there
was a right smart chance for starving
to death, and I'm opposed to that way
of going down. I put up at one of
their taverns, and I was allowed I was
going to be treated to the whole." -
"Where did ; yon stop?"- said I in
teiTupting bint . - . ,.:,;. :,!(
"At the Astor - Ilense. I allow von
don't ketch me going to no such place
agvnv.r.ihcy rung a song as they
called it, four times afore breakfast and
thenar -when I went - in to oat, there
was't tjary.vittleson tho table. . . . .'M
.. "What was there 4" I ventnred to
inquire;, n- .: ;
. 'Well,' said the old man, enumera
ting tho items . cautiously, as if from
fear of omission, "there was. a clean
plato wrong side up, a knife, a clean
tmcel, a tplit spoon, and a hand bill
and what was worse,' added my com
panion, .'tho insultin' nigger up and
asked me what I wanted! "Vittlos, says
I, bring in your toittks, and I'll help
myselfi J ..;-:,; y. ', . .'.:;
; DC Ope to tbk - SnAtroHAis. Co
ver, of tlie Grant County llcarld, has
been writing .an "ode to theShan
bais.' The following is the first verse
which is as much as ' our readers Will
be able to bear at once l . : .; .
Fetlired girnifo I Wha fcnt yo ij)gl : !
' Who furnuhed yon Hkk Jftwf , ., ,
How cp()1J such cvorlnoting tlnpgr , j " ','-,!
: AslbasttconiaoUtofcggiri -' :
'.Beware I" said the potter . to the
I il - ' - . , I
clay, and it became ware
'A8 much as your mother was, lit
tle wifo" laugScd" Philip. ' K 1
Morc,' for mother never knew,- by
sad '-experience tho" ' need there i was
f . . .i ..II i
that a ffirl should do as tnorongiuy cu-
ncared at liomo a at scnooi.- - ji
- Katy was an good as hor word.
Th. four daoghters,: who frew to wo
manhood tinder her care, were early
taiirhtto; depend:', npon tlu insolvcB ;
and if ever raboops. wr.pl riirtitU'r-
cu, tlicir motiier,moti wiiimivmy
e'd with' tho most deVbted , affection,
had only to r'elato to' them her first
year's- experience as & iiOuseKeeper.
Dew Drops of Wisdom.
. If you w'i6h to. succeed .in life, gov
ern your temper t . ; ,
Tis ever the least in talent who. be
come malignant and abusive . .,
P.lr-nr writers. . like clear fountains,
An iw,t Bppm tso deeD as they are ; the
turbid look the m'oBt profound.
Tvindnefisea are stowed away intlio
heart like bags of lavender in a draw-
er,' to sweeteu every, objectj around
them. .'.'...':.: . . , ,.
Homo 'is cmphaticallf .tho poor
man's paradise Tho 'rich, 'with their
many resources,", too often HVe awaJ
from the hearth-Btones. ' '' ' 'J " "j'i
True politeness may' be - clicnslied
in the hovel as well -as in tho palace1,
and thrf most tattercd dra)try cannot
conceal its winning charms.- "Vr""
'. A man nmst poescfls tire In himfltslf
before ho ean kindle up the electricity
that thrills the great popular heart.-
: lie who is not handsome at twenty,
r.or strong at thirty, nor rich at forty,'
nor wise at fifty, -will .never oo nana.
' WflTtA ' fitfimfti TlCh Or WlSO. M ' ' ' '
. Neither men not women can be
-in -rnakirir1r'omii what thov were
vv - ' 7 r i r y
;It .was, too
into tears.
by carpeting their,
vet ) real etrengtb.rA
There wa9 n suppressed snortins
sound, and Jim (Juigglo rolled over
on tho soat, red in bis face as boiled
lobster, while your correspondent
picked up in a state of violent parox
ysm of langhtcr, and laid him npon
tho scat. After sacrificing all the
buttons on his vest and waistband, he
explained to tho wondering Judge
tho ocasion of tho cachinatory Bpa&m
Tho Judge had been' exchanging
salutes for twenty minutes with an
iron grey maro, whose long tail, as it
napped away the nios, nau been ta
ken Vnr hm far ft tctiitn lmndlrorplilof
waved by a lady in a grey silk dressl
The Judgo didn't swear, but he
changed the subject to saw mills, the
only portion or which that was intern
giblo being tho frequent repetition of
tho word "dam." .
The Governor won't Eat.
Chase has declined the Cincinnati
dinner invitation. He is notbumrry,
He ;won,t .eat. :lle don't believe
In soup, but accepts :the committer's
soap. v ' ' -
P. S. 1 Wo learn that since Chase
saw onr 'Bill of Faro,' he regrets that
ho did not accept;
f . a. jno. a.Tif is - reported that
Coleman, of the Burnet House;- has
sncd Chase fordamages.onthegroriud
tnatit is tne auty ot -puone -men' to
eat. '- On common law ' ground Coleman
is right and must recover. Day
ton Empire. :. ; :- - ' w
CoUCSCAir, -i -.p.!..:s :c;'J:J: lj ;.';.
: -'--'.- 1
':'. ':: '! : i , i r. ?
DiscovEBiES.. is . Aet.A7 little
frouj Paris to tho New York Picayuho
says that a lady has discovered a pro-
toba jor iiquuymg ivory,, ana casung
it in moulds. '"', "'.','., , V
' A photograptiistlias also disebvered
a method ibr fixing on any canvas
prepared for bit painting", likenesses
of the 6ize of life, so that all an artist
needs td do. is to- ask ono sittintf pf
wo person wno acslrcs ftia portrait,
and the portrait,,' may bo completed
at leisure. ! 'J k:K'-v- -: : 5
: J. Pechlgri8 do Frondin. of Asrcn.
France,' has obtained a pattent for
making paper from tho" stalks of the
artchoke and Stalks of the sunflower.
They are said - to make a " beautiful
quality of paper.-
- atinMWMSjMfWMMi
' 'K Vktebak Su'ir. The ' fine old
ship William Fane, which nearly' a
hundred years ago bore Genera! Wolf
to tho ' fconjuc6t of Quebec, is "iiow
lying in; the dry docks at Newport
nglaijd,'to undergo a fw refy Blight
An Intkkest't k(j .54 P Eti'ivsV
Wo have heard ' a boo!-1 rtory wh-
cerrjing a certain 'to n liqhof )cncv
uot an inuwred miles trom liartiDM.
which will doto' ftint.': A fre'u: and
t-asy looking co6tonu'r 'applied toJlm
storo-keepcT P)r;''plnt- ;otlnm.tr.
meclianiea; piu-yoseM. u ninii
ed lo'm, and bo 4dif-npp'aro l.'binpt
hirg' uftrw-uv'dij aj-aiii p'r.fleitel. hfmT
auU'Atth cuuutwfctwr Auwdnf iit-
thial"' askiHlllie bar'toiKh'A..:---.-
'OsauL the.. cu(dvtrr.r..Vyt'e. are
usin" it for mechanical purposes
juct up. herein b'eit str.ttV;jt"'r
The Jiquwr. was-' u?anr' Diifr-jwi
-ln.i'ie -.wwfm
f)r. fili'l. 4lifrdirfrttd
of ail hour .the eauie :. cusVoiner oiieo
more niinearwd for a tlrrri-piijC - Ull
the ujMii thniilit b"t t' retnsa Ima,
uutil he was putter oatisnea or, iuu.PW
to whic-h it. waa ajprj rit',l ' r 5
V hat are' you do; n ; y itli' sd pU A
mm t 5 , ' iV . i v. v ''.
"0, it's all righta psrty.7. w Kri
trying an-cxperian iit. a:i'i ar- koii;-
to use this in carrying it out i!(t'e"uU
ly." .-' ly '-:Vs;. ;.-v
The agent : handed over the liqnof
an(sked aaU' - cotftinvr;-.MVJJ'J
' " W facf liZ HA:d 'MV C --n,
v . . . . ..... M I J 'I T . J
overcoat ocR4i -i
trying to gauwuiiR ; vour i xn
Wo hawipuni8hfta.iiirtCi.l'' i'nr
without, :-MUch . sueeesj,., -au'l Wther
we or tho nun FU; givo it. up o" this
pottle." . , -
4 ENOLiail-5ortoot? .rTwoniKO.1
"K '
progress wiUachoIors ought to bo taxed,"
said a lady to a resolute evader of tho
nooso matrimonial. ''I acrea with
yon pcrtoctly, ma'am,'! was the reply,
.......... ... ..... .v..u, j .j ,
Why is a man makim? love to a
married woman like a sheriff levying
on tho wrong man's goods? Becauso
he's the victim of a misplaced attach
ment. :
Tho man' who "held an office,M
got tired, and let go for tho purpose 6f
resting himself a short tiiho,: whert tho
office got away, and has uot been
heard from since, .
If yon wish to euro a scolding wife,
never fail to laugh at her with: all
your might until she ceases tlieh ki'St.
her.- Sure cure, and no quack mcdi
cinol. : , :'.:..
"Old ago is comincr UDonma.ran.
idly," as the nrchin said when he was
stealing apples from an. old man's gar
den, and saw the owner coming furi
ously.'witb a'cowhido in hand. : . .
If yon wish to attract attention, to
into church, somo Sunday, after tho
services have begun, in a pair of .qcvf
squeaking boots, and . toaradq' hp tho
'' "Tlie proper stud v' of mani:nd, i
man, says. Pppe but . the popuUr
study Is bow to make money out ' Of
' v. -..' r,
1 A Yankee editor says: "The march
of civilizeation is onward on WArd
like the slow but intrepid tread' ef
a jackass towards a pock of Oats.'''-
j , .nt ;!:
, . At wHat time of life may a inauf be
said to belong to tie; vegetable king
dom I v" , TV boo. . experience . has . inadg
him sage, j. .,-, ,.; t litf.t v n-,
i : ,-.
.-Sammy, why ..don't, your, mother
mendtliat rip , in, your trpwsersj'Vh
4l0h, she's gono to the sewing cir
clo, to mafo.. clothes for poor: chit-
' .'A man ceases fo be a "good loITowV
tho moment bq refnses to do procisoly
what other people wish bim to do."
Eemarkablc that, so much money '
has been sfelcn 'bji railrpad ofiiccrs,
and that .Ajo kAc,. stato pr3-
!.-;! iins ; vn&ls oJ.Jr-i iJje !'i t
',' Extempore jreactuhg is like extonj
pore fiddiing--ndno but tho most fn
rslicpoiioruicra should attempt it." ,
Genius - will !- fjways Work itsclV
through, said a poet1 when, he f ti 1 1 1
his coat was out At the elbows'

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