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The West Taxed for the Benefit
The West Taxed for the Benefit of New England—Speech of Hon.
S. S. Cox.
Mr. Cox proves that the peoploof
the West are taied one hvnarcd and
ifly jtr cent for tha benofit of New
The House of Congrfsa Wing in
committee of the Whole, considering
the bill "To provide ways and means
for tbo support of the Government,"
and the tending amendments, Mr.
Cox obtained the floor and said :
I move to amend by striking out the
words," except duties on imports.'
The reason for this amendment has,
jut donbt, been suggested to the com
) mittoe ol Ways and Means by the
gentlemen from Fennsylvania Mr.
Stevens, and others. Payment ot thu
public dues ought to be nnilorm.
That is very clear. Perhaps it is inv
possible- at this day to make it uni
form, either all in gold or all in pa
per. But it has a bad effect, eepecia
lly to one clasB of people and one sect
ion of the country. Tho retention of
these words, "except duties on im-
Korts," requires the import dutius to
a paid in coin. What is the effect
of thct f Its effect is, beyond all con
troversy, to inereaso tha price of all
imported articles.
The effect of this is to incrcaao tie
burdens to a certain section and to a
ceitain interest this is, labor. There
is no doubt of that. I have voted
against all this banking and currency
business by the government. 1 be
lieved it was bad at first and would
lead to worse results. It .waslikoa
machino, which, if oucoyou put your
hand in, your wholo body would lot
low. It matters little to me which of
the plans arc adopted. They will
alike fail : soma more speedily and
more disastrously than others. I will
vnto for the least dangerous experi
ment. What you want to sustain the
Government is confidence in itsagentv
I venture to say that there is no case
cf a Government keeping up its cred
it bv ruuninsr counter to the dodiiIhj
n t
will. : Credit is confidence, and confi
'dance implies votes, popular agree
ment with the policy pursued. This
Administration, for reasons not now
to bo advanced, has, by its conduct of
the war and the treatment of the slav
ery question, dishonored its own bills.
The protest of tho people it tho pro
test of the Government paper.
. I will sustain, as an amendment,
tha amendment of tha committee as
the least evil.
But I desire to eiitar now my ob
jections to this whole policy. I do it
by the amendment I offir. Evory
dollar of new paper issuo for circula
tion increses the burdens of the West.
How f By tho increase of the price
of every article which comes from
abroad. The crstoins being paid in
coin whether wisely or unwisely I
do not now discuss the price of the
coiu enters the price of tha article up
on which there is a tariff, and the
consumer pays it. Labor pays it to
capital. That principle- is now axio
matic in economy.
This bill will increase tribute
which tha West pays to New England
and tends to weaken the bonds be
tween tho East and West. I speak
this not, as has been falxely alleged ot
remarks cf mine in another place, to
iavor disruption. I always opposed,
and yet oppose, any sort of mutilation
of the republic; but toad viae this
House ana the country where these
qnicksauds arel To what end to
Lurry us into them ! No ; but to hur
ry us away from tho pitfalls of dan
ger. No one except the contractors have
made so much money out of this war
as the New England manufactures ;
and your iscue of greenbacks and pay
ment of customs in gold and the high
price of gold consequent on your pol
icy have made this condition.
This is plain. I will give you fact6,
which the wise will heed.
In the first place, they have a pro
tection by the tarin of thirty per cent.
(I believe) on foreign goods coming
in competition with theirs. The de
preciation of the currency has opera
ted as h greater protection to them.
A t present the premium on specie is
forty eight per cent, and on foreign
exchanges sixty per cect. The latter
mnst be added to tho cost of the goods
'in the foreign market as well as the
duty. This secures to the manufact
urer, a protection of more than one
hundred per cent. Thus I demon
strate it. I tako only one item. Tho
.importer penhases ona dollar's worth
of prints in England When he en
ters them for consumption he pays
tnirty per cent. duty, ihis be adds
to the original purchase, making $1
30. lie also adds the difference ol
exchange, sixty per cent, making
with first cost btid duty $1 90. On
this sum he charges Lis profit often
per . cent, or nineteen cents, which
.makes $3 09. On this sum the re-
, Uiler adds Lis profit of twenty per
cent, or forty-two cents, making the
cost to the consumer $2 51. Thus,
under the present tariff and paper
.money system, tho n anufacturer gets
an actual protection of one hundred
and fifty per cent. I Do yon wonder
that tbo manufactures of Massachu
setts divide their regular tin per cent.
ana irom twenty to sixty six per cent,
extra! On January first tLe Nanm
keag Steam Mills of Salem, Massa
chusetts, divided sixty six per cent,
extra, and the Pepperell Mills, at Bdi
deford, Maine, divided fifty per cent,
extra. Many other mills divided
large extras at the same time. Do
you wonder that certain interests are
satisfied with the war and wish it to
continue 1
By these facts I have stated you can
see how the agricultural interests are
impoverished and how ;he life blood is
flicked by these manufacturing leech
es Iro the veins of labor through the
instrumentality of a high tariff and an
inconvertible paper money system.
ion can see in llieso simple fu'-ts,
which are a specimen of the opera
tion of the system, how tha great
West is taxed and depleted to fill the
pockets ol the capitalists in the East.
The agricultural interest, which is
tho interest I represent here especially
and which produces a surplus above
domestic comsumption, Tor which it
must seek a foreign market,- receives
no benefit from a tariff, or from an in
flated paper currency. Uenco aerri
cultural prodnctb do not risu as other
products of industry. Let this pro
cess go on ten years, and the whole
wealth of the West will be transferred
to the pockets of New England man
ufacturca to fatten New England cap
italists. it is a poor return for the
patriotic devotion of the West and the
farming interests of the Uuion.
What I object to is this large in
crease paper circulation, and tho con
sequent rite in gold. It will have
tl.e effect ot further drawing from
the veins of labor, by these manufact
uring vampires, their substance
An Excellent Rebuke to Gen. Milroy
and the Abolition Army Officers.
The Louisville Journal, tho staunch
never faltering and able organ of the
Union pnrty m Kentucky, thus ad
ministers a deserved rebnko to mili
tary interference in our politics. It
takes the case of General Milroy as a
noticoaoio exmuple. It says :
"A Neobo Ananr. In illustration
of the reasons that the people think
they have to fear our army when the
war is over, we will refer to a recent
publication by General Milroy and
soma other Abolition officers Irom
Indiana. Alter denouncing as trai
tors the Democratic membeis of the
Indiana Legislature for fulfilling the
wmhes and pronouncing the opinions
of thtir constituents, tho officers as
sume to declare for themselves and
tho whole army: 'When we have
crushed armed treason at the South,
wo will upon oar return, whilo our
hundd aro in, also exterminate troason
at the North, by arms, if need be, and
by the blood of traitors wherever
found.' This infamous threat from
his subordinates it-is to be hoped the
President has not seen. In other days
its authors would have been promptly
dismissed in disgrace from the army.
it such threats can be made with im
punity by army officers aga'nat the
people, who are Uxcd to pay, clothe
and feed them, and be held in ter
rorem over the representatives of the
people, the days of freedom are nearly
gone. We had aa well be preppring
the funeral obsequies of American
liberty. Take this threat in connec
tion with tho uotorious fact that the
last election in Missouri were carried
under the terror of the bayonet, and
tho Senate and the President must
see that this is not tho time for in
creasing but for soothing thuse fears
of the people. If they do not see and
act they need not be surprised at the
daily increasing clamor for peace."
Milroy, and all other officers who
have indulged in such language,
should bu immediately removed Irom
their commands.
Tub Bokb of Contention. The
New York Express has the following
anecdote, illustrative ot the position
of the negro in the preser.t contest.
It purports to be a conversation be
tween a leading business man and
one of Mr Lincoln's "free Americans
of African descent."
Mr. WiUon Wall, Ned, yon are
readyto shoulder your gun for massa
Lincoln, 1 suppose ? lib Las made a
call on you folks to but down the reb
Ned Oh, no, Mas6a Wilson, no
catch dis child at that kino o' fun.
Wilson But, Ned, Mr- Lincoln
says you are bound to help ; the war
is to free all your brethren down
South ; more especially as white
soldiers are scarce now.
Ned Yes, sir, dat'e ill very puty,
but I don't fry my 'possum in that
kind o' grease. Look hero, Massa
Wilson, dem Yankees go down Soul'
to lick de people dare, but ha find he
self mistaken. He git licked heself.
Nigger hub muffin to do wid it, one
way or tudder, no Low. Now he
holler to nigger to help him out of de
mud 1 lue to ax you a question,
Mr. Wilson . Did yoa eber see two
dogs fighting ober a bone t
Wilson Why,yes Ned.
Ned Berry well, den; did you
eber sec da bouo fight t
George Burnet, , I'ltff.)
Civil action
William Bry. I
Joseph ilanen and DefW
George W. Johcaton.) J
TOSEPII HANEN, of Waahineton ennnt.
fj the Bute of Penasylvauia, willtako noUoe.
...... xjvkiw ' " 1 . " " 1 J VI TIObOa,JU
iin onwui uiuo, uiu.oume itn orifoburarj
1863, file hie Petition, in the Clerks office, of the
aforesaid Court of Common Pleaae, within and
for said Vinton county, against naid Jmwph
Hanen, William Bray and Goorge W. Johnntnn
ait partner trading under tho firm, name of 1U-'
nen, Bray Co.,defundonta setting forth among
other thlngo;
Kirft. That about tho 27th. day of December
180i, the Mid ilefoudenU were dealer In sheep,
that they bronchi tliem Into the neighborhood,
of the pluintilf, in Hurris'in Tp., In said Viu
ton county, That they offered for Dale part of
mid sheep to pluintilf, that the naid Bray and
llunen, were present, and thatauid defendant
by said Bray and Honen, represented to the
plaintitf that suid sheen were thoronirh hrH
8iuuiih sheep, bronght directly from Wnhimr.
tonoounty Pennxylvania.lhtt the growuaheep
of the Hook were worth twenty dollars per head
that they were of the best quality of sheep
known, that they would shear from six to tun
lb', of wool auutally. that some of them bad
yeilded ten B. of wool the previous spring,
the growth of a single rear, as said Hanen
Bray, personally knew. That thoy were sound,
iiou iroiuuiseuMs wo. i Dai plaintiff was Ignor
ant of the bred, quality, soundness age and
condition of said sheep, and relied wholly upon
tne representations of (he suid Bray and Uanen.
That plaintiff agreed to buy fifty head of said
sheep, aud agreed to pay, u, the said Hanen,
Bray & Co. and gave his obliatioie 'herefor.
four hundred tt of wool per auuura on the 1st
duy of July In each of the years 1808, 1864, 1345
lBoO and 1S67. That if pluintilf became dissat
isfied that said defendants were to take baok
said sheep and cancel h's said five obligations
given aiuresuiu, inai tne oral 01 sate obliga
liona was drawn fur 400 lbs of wool due JnU
1st lab's, but that tho aforesaid obligations were
fraudulently drawn for 47U lbs. of wool eauu,
jiuieau oi uv ids. aa agreea upon
That all of said representations aa to breed.
quality, steck, yield, value and soundness of
sheep were lalxand fraudulent, and contrived
to cheat und defraud the plaintiff, and that de
fomlonte well knew the same to be fulse and
fraudulent, that said shoop were not Spanish,
nvuiu UUI Bllt?r, iruiusix lo ten IDS 01 WOul an
ually, were not sound to. That paintiff reques
ted defendonts to take back said shoop and can
eel said obligations An.
That suid lianon, is a resident of the State of
reunyivania, that, auid obligations aro in pos
sexsiou of said Brav. that Buid nluintitf U h.i.in
and is at theexpenue of keeping said sheep at
vubii ui not iush uiou Buvouty-avo ois. per uay ao.
Second. That the said defendonts at the
same time and place, further intondiug to chant
and dolruudthe pluintilf under like fulao aud
fraudulent representations, as to breed stock,
vuhio, auuual yield of wool, ete. pruemed the
tilainliff to enter into a contract to keep fifty
lead of said sheop for the poriued of five years,
on shares, of same breed and quality, that tho
same wore to be not over three yours of age, a
like number at the end of the torm to be return
ed to defendonts, and besides plaintiff in the
mean time was to doliver to dufondent on the
1st day of July 18l)3, one huudred lbs of wool, on
Ihe 1st day of July 1864, two hundred Sis of
wool, on the 1st day of July 185, one hundred
and fifty lbs of wool, on the lstdavof Julv lsttii.
one hundred and fifty lbs wool: and on the I
duy of July 1867, one hundred and fifty lbs of
wool. Thitifthe plaintiff became dissatisfied
saiu ooiemienw were to recind raid contract,
trial piaintur won ignorant as to quality, breed,
valtMi.yield and auundncs, of suid sheop, rooeivod
the same, and gavo bis obligations for the de
livery of said wool to defendonts. at times an
in amounts ua eta ed, that the representations
oi joicuuente were talso and trumlulent aa tncy
knew, that sheep were anauuud, would noiyleld
wool us representation etc. that plaintiff sent a
mossenger to said Bruy reauosting him to tako
back ssid sheen, and deliver up uforesaid obliga
tions to thesid Plaintiff, that said Bruv. re I us
ed so to do, that said obligations aro still In the
uninisoisiiid uruy, that tho koeping olsaid fifty
head ot bIioop Is worthseventv five ots ner dav
from th 7tn day of December iti, which said
petition coutuins a Prayer.
That the said defendants and oach of them
mny be enjoined from assigulng transfer ing or
in any maimer disposeing of suid obligations or
any or either of them, that oil the final hearing
oflhiscuuse the Court muy order aud decree
tuai Doinoi suid contracts may be cancelled
aud declared of no effect, that the defendonts
muy be compelled to deliver u o all of aforesaid
obligations, to tuko buck both said lots of sheop
and pay the plaintiff for koeping same, notions
man jovemy-nvo cts por ouy, tor cuen ol said
lots of sheep, that the pluiutiffbe discharged
from all the obligations of suid contracts, and
thut he be restored to ull lie bus lost by reason
incrooi, unusucii otnorreliel us may be accord
ing to eiuity
And said dorendonts will tikcnotieo that an
injunction has been allowed In this c;iuo .
McC'lintick, Smith GEOUGE BAliNET.
Brutton.utt'ya ior Pltff. Fub.2tith 6 6w
-amnol Stokely's Admra.) Petition to
va v Complete Heal
Andrew Karr, et al. J Contract.
1 Elizabeth A. Wood, William K. Lloyd "and
Jane S. Lloyd bis wil'o, Joseph T. Sokely and
Mary tokoly, will take notice, that on the 28d
duy ol Fomirury ltjiis, Ueorge W.Mason, ant
Mounlford S. Stokely Adminstratora ofSamnol
Stokely deceased, filed a netltion against them,
in the I'rouuto uourtot Vinton eouuty Ubio, tne
object and nurposo of which is to obtain an or
der to complete a contract in writing made
by said btokely in bis lite tune, with said An
drew Karr, and by him assigned to said John
Holland, for tbo sale of the folbwinglands, sit
oaVed in said Vinton county, to-wlt : The South
east quarter of the konth east Quarter of .Section
iHumoer tnree, in township number ten.oi
Kim go Number eighteen, the southeast quarter
of the south west quarter, of Section Number
ton. in Towaship number ten, of Range num-
oer eighteen. And tne east nalt of the nortn
cast quarter of Section number ten, in Township
number ten, of Range number eighteen; and
that said petition will be for hearing by said
court on tne xnn. aavot Marcn
J. J. McDowell. GEORGE W. MASON.
Atty for I'eti'nr. MOUNTFORD S. STOKELY
Admra. ot bumaol Btokcly dee'd
Fob. 25th 1363,-3w.
ALL PERSONS are hereby notified, not
trade for nor purchase, five notes, signed by
me, dated in December 1862, each calling for
tour hundred and seventy lbs of wool, except the
first note which calls for four hundred lbs. par
able to Hanen, Bray & Co. (said firm compsedof
losepn uanen, milium Bray and U. W.John
ston,) on the first day oi July in each of the
years of 1863. 1864. 1865. 1866 and 1S67. Also
five other notes to the same parties of same date.
one calling for one hundred lbs wool, due July
1st. 1868, one calling for two hundred lbs wool,
due July 1st. 1864. And three calling for one
hundred end fifty lb wool, on the first any
July in the years, 1S65, 1866 and 1867. All
said notes being froudulently obtained. I am
determined not to pay tne same unless ccmpell
ea oy L.aw.
Feb.S6, lS6,-6w.
J. A. Martindill Guardian of Joseph Mar
lindi'il Matilda Martindill ami Sarah
Martindill, has filed big accounts for in
spection and settlement, and will be heard
on the 16th. day of January 1863.
;USKPH K.ALEH., Trobale Judge.
.Jan. 22, 1863. 3vr. '
GO TO Till
For Cheap (&ood.
SHAWLS, shawls.
Below Manufacturers Prices!
Cheaper than have heretofore been
sold. DAN. WILL.
JamiHry 1, 13C3 lyr
no IBB
Aaron Stevens PI iff. 1
va Petition.
Will am Bray, ) )
Joseph Uanen andV Deftsi
George W. Johnston)
JOSEPH HANEN, of Washington countjtn
the State of Peunsylvauia, will take notice
that Aaron 8tevens of tno County of Vinton iu
the Stateof Ohio, did on the l'Jth day of Fehnr
ary 1843, file his petition in the Clerks office
ot the at'orsald Court, within and fur said Vin
ton county, against said Joseph Hanen, William
Bray and Ueorge W. Johnstou, aa partner, trad
ing under tho nrm, immeof Hunju, Bray A Co.
Defendonts, soaing fnth among other things.
That ou tho 25th day of Do. ember 1362, defen
donts were dealers in sheep, that to induce the
Pluintitl' to buy, defendetits reDrosetited their
sheep to be thorough bred Spanish sheep, from
Washington county Pennsylvania thatJhey were
of the very best quality, that defondento, had
paid twenty dollars per head for some of said
sheep. Tlmt said shoop would shear from five
to ton fts of wool, o. That plaintiff relying
wholly on the representations of defondenu
bought eighty head of said sheep, to be one
year old in sprlug of 188, at sum of 17,50
per bead. That in t.aymotit for said eighty
head of sheep, plaiutitf paid defendontono hun
dred and nineteen acres af real estate situated in
Vinton county, ddscribed as follows, tto wit :
Tne north west quarter,of the south west quar
ter of Seolion number four, in Township unm
ber nlne.of Kange number nineteen; the north
east quarter of the south east quarter of Section
number four, iu Township nu.-nber nine, of
Kauge number ninetaeu, and tho wost quarters,
of the south west quarter, of section number
four, in Township number nine, of Kange num
ber nineteen , eleven bead of cattle at seventy
eight dollars; ami Hve nntea signed by plaintiff,
tor two hundred and ten lbs cf wool, the first
payal on thelstday of July 1983, and the
oilier lour payaoie on tne 1st or July, for the
same amounts, in each of the years 1864, 1363,
1866 and 1367. That the deed for said realty
wasoxecnted and delivered to William Bray,
the Cattle Ld note, delivered to dependents,
That said notes were drawn so aa to make plain
tiff pay one hundred anoflve dollais. with the
privilego of paying same in wool. That all of
tne aiorsaid representations of the defeudents
ere false and fraudulent, as defendonts well
knew, and that they intended to defraud plain
tiff. That said sheep were not thorough bred
Spanish sheep o. That said Joseph ilanen,
does not reside in the State of Ohio, and that
said dependents have no olhce or regular p'.aoa
of buisness therein. That plaintiff has kent
saidoighty beadofaheep since the S5th day of
uecemoer iao, mat me said seeping Is worm
$1,00 per day, that said Dray, is still in posses
sion af said obligations, which said petition
contains a Prayer, that said William Bray,
may beonjoiuod anj restained from conveying
said real estate, and that the defendents ana
each of them may be enjoined from aaMirninf
or transfuring or in any manner disposeintr of
!J -l.i!.....: 1.1 f. .
muu vunfttuuui ur emier 01 mem, mat tnev
may he compelled to reel ni said contract, de
liver up and cancel said obligations, restore
said cattle or the value thereof with interest, to
takeba k said sheep or lambs, that defendents
pay Mid plaintiff for keeping said sheep, that
defondsntBray may be compelled to rooonvey
said real cjtate to plaintiff, ud for snob other
reliaMfha Ix according to equity.
Saiddefendeut will also take notice that an
injunction has been allowed in said cause.
McClintiok, Smith AAKON STEVENS,
fc Bratton.atfys for Pltff. Feb. 26th 68 tw.
ALL PERSON are hereby notified, not to
trade for r purchase, rive notes siansH hv
me, dated in December 1362, calling for eizbt
hnndred Thanfwnnl. ntKI Ia tf.n.n
- I f.;-... ww i..uu, WI.J
Co. (said flrn composed of Joseph Hanen,
William Brav and O. W. Johnston,) on the first
dsy of July in each of the years 1883, 1864, 1S65,
1866 And 1867. Said nntea hairnr rrn,luntl
obtained. I am determined not to oav tha aama
anless compelled by Zaw.
Feb.J6.hlSM.-6 '
William Slovens, rltff.l
vs. ) Civil action
William Bray, ) i
Joseph Hauou, and Dufts.y Petition,
Ueorgo W. Johnstou, ) )
JOSEPH HANEN, of Washington county in
the Stateof Pennsylvania, will take notice
tnal William Stevens, of the Cornty of Vinton,
in the State of Ohio, did ou the lslli day of Feb
urary 1863, tile his Petition in the Clerks ellice
of the uloromid court, within and for said Vin
ton county, against said Joseph Ilanen, William
Bray and Ueorge W. Johnston, as partners trad
ing nndor the firm, name of llunen, Brav.
Co., delendonts, setting forth among other
thing that on the. 5tb day of December 18C2,
defoudenls were dealers iu sheep, that to induce
the plaintiff to buy, defondonta represented
their sheep to be thorougn bred Spanish sheep,
brought directly from the State of Vermont,
that the grown sheep were worth. twenty dol
lars per head, of tlia very best quality known,
that thoy would shear from six to ten tbsol
wool anunally, thai somo of them, to the know
ledge of said Haneu mid Biay, had actual!
yeitded the previous spring ten lbs tho growth
of a single year.
That the plaintiff was ignoront of the quality
of said sheep, and roly ing wholly upon the re
presentations of said Ilanen and Bray, bought
cue hundred head of said sheep, relying as afore
said upon the representations of delondenta as to
breed, quality, value, age, and condition oi
said sheep, that plaintiff agreed to pay the same
in wool, to Hanen, BrHy Co., for which he
gave hie five obligations payable on the first
day of July in each of the years 1868, 1864,lfu5
1866 aud 1367, for eight-hundred ftaof wool an
unally, that plaintiff should have the ivilege of
cancelling said contract if he should become dis
satisfied therewith.
That plaiutiff sold cattle fur seventy dollars to
said firm, and that the sauie was credited on one
ot said obligations coming due July 1st 1363.
Tl at all of said representations of defendents
wero fulse und fraudulent, and made to cheat
and defraud the plaintiff as defendents well
knew, that said sheep were not thorough bred
Spanish, nor of the sgo lepresented, of no great
er value than from Iwo to three dollars per head
that their fleeone will not be more than irom one
aud one half to four lbs por head, that many of
them were so old as to be worthless o. that
plaintiff requested defendents to take back said
sheep, and doliver up said obligations.
That said Uanen does not reside in the State
of Ohio, and said firm hag ho oUlce or place of
b.iinness in raid State, that said obligations are
in said Brays possession. And that the keep
ing of said aheep is worth one dollar per day
from the 25th day of December 18(2.
Which said petition contains a Prayer.
That the said firm of Uanen , Bray Co., and
each of the members thereof, nay be enjoined
and restrained from assigning tranafering or :n
any manner disposing of said five obligations,
or either of them, that tbey may be compelled
to recind said contract, to deliver np and can
cel said obligations, to take back said sheep4to
refund to the plaiutiff the sum of seventy dol
larspaidas aforesaid in cattlo, with interest,
and to pay the plaintiff for his trouble and ex
pence not less than one dollar per day for keep
ing said sheep, and for such other relief aa a ay
be according to equity.
Said defendonts will also take notice that aa
injunction has been allowed in said cause .
MoCli&tick,8raith, WILLIA tl STEVENS,
B ration, attys for Pltff. Feb. -6th-68-6w.
ALL PERSONS are hereby notified not to
trade fur, nor purchase flvo notes, signed
by me. dated in December 1862, and calling for
one hnndred and five dollars, with privilege of
Pavinff tha llmi in wnnl. at flftvntA. rw. TK r.m
able on the 1st. day of July in each of the yean
of 1863, 1864, 1865, 1886 and H67, to Hanen,
ur w. iaia nrm composed or .losepn
HanATI. William R... mnA CI VT J.l.i.af.n
All of said notes being fraudulotly obtained.
1 am determined not pay to the same nntill com
pelled by Law.
Fob. 20, 1863-6w.
or rm
Vcv v Vvpav o,'', ox x a
"w c "BxVyoyv avvt
o a Vowr Vvmc-,
ixvuelVv weec axv atXc. o
Bilious Fever,
Fever and jlgue
Liver Complaint,
Kidney Complaints,
Vat woAwxe,.
VCvcVv motto Wvcvcv
oak CoyaoyI. ,
These Ijitters art put up in quart
lottles, of whiah the above is afao-sim-ile,
The label is finely engraved, and
is provided with a safe-guard from
counterfeiter s. -Triot $1 per bottle, or
4a for $5.
C. W. Jfobaofc, (Proprietor, JTo. 6
East Fourth St., Cincinnati, to whom
ail orders should be addressed. -
S. V. Dodce, McArlbnr; Cowdery
& Strong, Ilamden ; 0. Johnson New
nymoutb; Will & Co., Zaleeki; John
Holland, Swan ; M. P.& 0. Carr,
Wilkesville,&nd by Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout the
United Sfate&and Ganadas.
October 23d, 1862,-ly.
Stale of Ohio, Vinton County. .
Jacob C. Grubb, Plt'ff ) la Cocht or
againBt I Cohhoh Fleas.
John Swaim and i '
JoBiah Baker, Defts. J Order or Sale.
PURSUANT to the command of an order
of sale ic the above cause to me direc
ted from the Court of Com mo u Pleas, of the
County ol Roes, I will offer at public sale.
at the door of the Court House, in the town
of McArtlmr, in aforesaid Count of Vinton,
Monday, the ZQlA day of March 1805
At the hour of one o'clock P.M. of said day,
the following real estate, to-wlt: Tbe uorlk
half of the south-west quarter of section
number thiriy-three. Also tbo north-east
quarter of tbe south-east quarter of section
number thirty-two, all in township number
nine, of range number nineteen in Vinton
county, Ohio, containing one hundred and
twenty acros more or less. J
taken as Ihe property John Bwaim to
satisfy a judgment of aforesaid Court, in
lavor of JacoD U. Urubb. .
Appraised as follows, to-wit: Fifteen
hundred dollars, and mnst bring two-thirds
of that Fum. Tefms of sale, cash in hand.
McCliitick Si Smith A. MORRIS,
Ail'y for Plt ff, Sbp V. Co., 0,;

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