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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 12, 1863, Image 1

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EI lIJL 1 uIl-
;vol. n.
NO 80.
j Ji t i m
:8ty 9tmacrat-
polished every tiiorsday ht
la Urattou't nulluing, F.iwt of Conr
Hou'e, Up Stair.
TboDiMoeiivtwtU ?nB yar. forr,nM
nolUr i BU Months "for Fifty Cents; Tlin
M.nthv fo-Twenty-five CenU.
rar papera WiU.be discontinued at tU
xplralion of th. time paid far.
) Square oM insertion, fO,,S
Keli additional iiiiteitiuii, 5
Card one year, 6iu0
Haiioe or appoitmon -s of A dminlstra-
tJfi.UttardUnaudExcutor, 1,50
AUaohmontnoiiueebeloroJ. I. 1,W
Editorial notioei per line, 0
Ton lines miuion clir(jed as one iqunro,
aad all Advertionottt aud Ugnl A'uiioc muot
be paid in advance. '
lj-A liberal aodttOtlonwillbemaJctjyear-
V-" rii.aboveteriniiranst booompliod wi'.li
if"AU paynteuta must be mada to lltol'ro
pletur) ub we have no mtunta.
fliolieuiocrat J oh Olliee.
ate prcparod to execute with ittatnoss,
JUoatuh mid atpiioos tliat doi'y oomneiitiun
all kind of Job Work, such an
L'OSTEiiS, i
LABELS, &e.,&c.
Weasatrlal and booonvlncod tliotwecan
Md will do nriiitingc'ioaporiorvAsii.iiiun any
jtkereitabtmhmeut in tliissoctiuu ofoountry.
H. A- Itratton,
ATTOBNEV AT LW, McArtbiir, O, will
praotioeia Vltiton mid ttdjeining comiuea
. r.tlNSIUM,
. ISiiigliani tVEIcwill.
ATTOKNKVSilT L.W,McArtlmr, Vinton
Oe.i Uhio. will nructioe in Vii-tuu ndd
Uiiilna Couuties. I'ruinpt attention will bo
Sivdii toallbininesa ontr..stod to tlioircaro.
niee flrtt door eat Dodges Storo.
eburnary 20th, 62.
rOMIFBI.T or k'l.rilE IIOIFE.WI hi ino, va
JaB.29,'3-lyr Cliilli;otlir, Ohio.
lleni'ic Uoue,
TAMES WATSON, I'rnpnetor, 'llurdre?
J Siruet, near
MaiL, OiiiciunuU, Olno, l.'jij.
Use Uollar per day
MONTiiOMEKY & SON l'roprl
otora Front St., rortsmouth.
Ttains run us follows :
tiok: LEAVE.
Ham ten,
9 00 A.M.
10 51 A. M.
12 23a.m.
1 33 r, h.
3 1 1 P. M.
3 43 P. M.
4 43 P. M.
7 09 P. M.
7 30 P. M.
3 oO p. M
5 33 r. M
7 35 P. M
8 45 r. ii.
. . i ACOOMODA-i
Ham4en. leave.
Chillicothe, 5 00 a. m.
Greenfield, 6 12 A. M.
Blanchester, 8 13 a. m.
Cincinnati, 10 15 J. m.
arrive. arrivb.
7 05 A. M
7 20 A. M.
940 A. M.
10 41 A.M.
11 18 a.m.
1 00 A. M.
2 03 P. M.
3 37 p.m.
5 3 j P. M.
njc 4th 1863. lyr.
rvTTand after Monday, April 16th, ISfll.trines
J willrnne aeiouows:
QomoNoBTB MailTrain leaves rortsmon'h
(T:00 a.m.; arrives at liamden at 10:15 p. it
naking eloseoonnection with tbroogh trains, to
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad for all point;
East and West. Accommodation Train leave
Portsmouth al 1 :80 P m ; arrives at Hamden at 6
so ru.
Gouts 8odtb Accommodation fniln loav
Hamden at0:15 A m; arrives at Tortsmonth
10:80 a.m. MailTrain leaves Hamden at J:
ru; arrives at Portsmouth at9:00p. m.
Tnrdogh Tiokets for Marietta, Chlllicoth
Clnoiunati and Colnmbns,can be procnaed ath
Tlok-tOffiaeatedaoed rates.
,:, , : J. W.WBBB.Ecoeliar
Proof the Existence of an Extensive
Secret Military Organization
Extending Throughout the Whole
North—The Objects and Aims of which
are to Establish a Military Despotism
in the North.
To til j Kdilnr of tlio F.uquircr :
About tlireo woeka ago tbo nndcr
eignwl observed tin id:torial in the
Daily Keokuk Constitution, contain
ing Biituo iutbrmution in regard to a
secret military orgiiiiization,whicli was
ling i a jjiilly extended over the coun
try, and wl icli it was thought was
intended to aid in fastening on the
American people an odious military
despotism. It immediately attracted
our attention and wo determined to
endeavor to learn t'no trim laets in
rcl'eruncu to this oath bound, 6ecret
and dangerous organization. We
observed that the Gate City, an Abo
lition nawepapcr of Keokulv.containcd
mi article miVUCilt Itlg tllO I JfiniVtlOll ol
tho b. Ii. SiiCietiea in Leo County,
Iowa, and etuting that hrrnngements
were raude to form tlium in that lo
cality. It was further stated that persons
desirous of obtaining information in
regard to it should address John
Trimble, jr., D.D., box G,295,Obicao
Illinois, who would send circulars,
constitutions, rituals, &u. We at once
dcciikd to address this individual.
Thinking it might bo better to use
some oilier name than our own, we
obtained tho consent of Mr. T. 13.
Griflits, of this place, and 6ont this
John Trimble, D.D., a letter, asking
information and requesting bi:n to
send such documents as he thought
proper. 1 Jo replied to Mr. 'Griili.s by
6ending two printed circulars. -
In one of these circulars it is eaid
lh:tt "every thing now depend on
sj)ced; what we do, muBt bs dono in
tne next ninety days, or nil is lost."
He requests Mr. Griffits, in this, to
send him the miuui of n good loyal
man u act as Colonel for this county,
and fivo to ten suitable names for
To them ho promised to send com
missions, rituals, private instructions,
In tho other circular ho explains
what tho S. J. mean. They imply
"Strong Hand," or "Strong Brother",
hood,'' and their mivp.tc meaning is
"Spartan Band," and they aru hor
rowed from those German BaiiJs"
which, in the lust days ot Napoleon,
did so much in uniting the people ol
I'rnssia, Holland, &e. He says the
'idea implies the cement inJoynlt
citizens together in an indissblTmle
band." lie says "the yfct yien ot'thu
nation approve it." and that they ex
pect to have a quarter of a million by
the 4'h of July next, and four times
that number by New Years. Among
other t'biects it is stated that thev
"teach by covenants, emblems andj''
solemn ceremonies, the liivmony.
Htrength and beauty of nitti-mal tinity.'
He says that a "recruit must be eigh
teen years, anil upward, of age, but
that liiey will take in youths of 11.
He also says in this circular that the
organization is ''essentially military,'"
and that "it is warlike in structure."
He further tells Mr Griflits that pro
per persons are being 6ouglit out in
every county in your State" to enlist
men in
this dangerous
miukiqiit or
These circulars nro 6igned "John
Trimble, jr., General Secretary S. 13."
Mr. Griflits Bent tho lol'owiiig letter
iu reply to lhc30 circulars.
"February 8, 1863.
"Dear Sir: Yours of the 4th inst.
. i , . ? it
camo lo lianu i.isi evening, l nave
shown your circulars to a few reliable
friends, and wo liavo agreed that an
organization Bhould bo immediately
"Tin's is a strong Copperhead
county, and we wish to organize as
qniutly as possible. In consultation
with our friends last evening, we de
cided to recommend A. M. Oosraan as
Colonel for the county, and yon may
send a commission to me as Captain
for this township, as this i3 our under
Btandinz here.
"In the mean time I will visit other
narts of the county and nut suitable
iriends to act a3 Captains.
"It will probably bo better to have
their consent before any other com
missions are sent. .
''Phase eend immediately t'to. rit
uals, commissions, guides and ' such
private instruction as is necessary.
"Yours for the Union.
"February 8, 1863. "T. B. GRIFFITS."
"JOHN TRIMBLE, JR., Chicago."
To this letter Mr. Griflita received
tbo following reply : '
"JOHN TRIMBLE, JR., Chicago." "OFFICE GEN. SEC. S. B., P. O. Box 2.695,
"CHICAGO, ILL., February 10, 1863.
"CHICAGO, ILL., February 10, 1863. "T. B. Griffits, Captain S. B.
"Dear Cattain Yours of tlio 8tli
is received, and wo forward to you bj
express your commission, rituals, &c.
Writo mo immediately on IheSr re
ceipt, and I will send by mail the
private ley. The rule is'not to send
commissions, documents, etc , until
the person agree to act. Does Mr
Ossman agree to act ? If so, let mo
know,and 1 will forward his documents
right away, i'lenso lot me bear from
you by return mail on this subject.
"I thinl' that you will have nodiffi
culty in operating after you bavo stud
ied the ritual carefully.
"Hoping to hear from yon soon, I
am youra, lor tho Union.
"General Secretary."
In reply to this, Mr. Griflits statod
on tlio lGth, that Mr. Ossman con
sented and requested him to forward
al! necessary document, and in order
to encourage him to think that he was
actively at work, ho sent bim two
fictitious names for captains, to-wit :
John Tomkins and William Sparry.
On the 17th inst., tlio box camo by
express, containing Captain Griffits'
commission, several copies of ;he con
stitution, tiio ritual, tlio guide to.on
listmcnt, fifty invitation cards.several
circulars, and a nice little card stating
that John Trimb'e has room number
six, up stairs, No. 00 Randolph street,
The commission is a magnificent
one in appearance, is printed on fine
parchment paper, has the great seal
ol tlio S. B., and is n lollows :
[S. B.]
"CHICAGO, ILL., February 10, 1863.
"To alt to whom ttesa presents
shall come, greeting: Know ye, that
1. 1. Giants having been duly ap
pointed Captain in the Illinois S. B.,
in the c umty of Hancock, I, John
Trimble,, jr., D. D.. Secretary of the
S.IJ. Association, and Adjutant Gen
era!, for the time being, for the State
of Illinois, tor and in .behalf of the
entire Comradeship of Baid Associa
tion, do commission bim to take rank
in tlia S.B.,as Captain Irom this date;
ho i?, therefore, carefully and dilli
gently to discharge tho duties of said
otli jo. bv doing and performin;: all
matters und thiis thereunto belong
And I do strictly require all officers
and comrades of tlio S. 15., under Imb
command, to be obedient to his orders.
And bo is to obey all ?ucb orders
aiul 'directions as he shall receive from
time to tiina from his sflfieiior officer
orlroni this o,fh
7i testimony" xonercof, I ftavc hereunto
s-jt my hi'nd and caused tho
seal of tho General Registra
tion Oflico to bo attached.
Dono at Chicago, Illinois,
sfeAL.thia 10th day of Ke'bruury, in
the year ot our Lord, one thous
and eight hundred and sixty
three, und of tho Independence
of tho United States, the
Gen'l Sec'y & Adj. Gen.jw. Um.
In odo ot the circulars he enjoin? cu
Captain Griflits Ihe necessity of "vig
orous actii'ii," and tells bint that they
are going to have it grand convocation
on J u.y i next at the State Capitol,
a:id also that each 'recnnt is expected
to pay one dollf.r. Also that Cap
tain Griflits is charged live dollars for
the honor ot bis commixsion, wdifch he
ia not required to pay until be collects
it from recruits. Jin will not get his
fir,e dollars.
The Kituai contains iutv-ei;iit
pages. In tho preface it is said that
the strictest eocrcsy is to be main
Iu chapter 1, section first, it is eaid
that tho Association is "essentially
military," and that tbo "requirements
mental and physical of a recmit for
the armies of tho United States are
followed iu the S. B. as nearly as
practicable." Wo have not timo to
quote moro from tho Constitution,
liitimd, Gu'de, &c.
We have given enough to show our
fellow-citizens tho nature, objects and
intentions of this secret oath-bound
and dangerous organization
We submit bebnv our last letter to
this Trimble and bis reply. We
thought that it wo could get him to
say that they were to arm themselves,!
that we would havo stionger proof of!
inteutions than any Inference
we could draw ouiselves from their
Rituals, &a.
We aUo give the private ket, and
show by it how they know each other,
and how wo can know theji and spot
tho men who are trying to subvert our
our Government and rob us ot our
liberties. Our last letter is as lollows:
"CARTHAGE, February 17.
''Dear Sir! The box containing
ty commission came this morning.
have not yet had timo to fully ex
amino it, but hasten to acknowledge
its receipt before tho mail leaves.
Have tie kindness to send mo the
privato key and such other instruc
tions as 1 may need. 1 desire to ask
confidentially whither you think wo
had better procure arms to use or not.
We do not know what contingency
may arise, and hence ask for information.
Yours for the Union,
"T. B. GRIFFITS. "JNO. TRIMBLE, Jr., D. D., Chicago.
To this Captain Griflits received tho
following letter, and tho honest and
unsuspecting people can see tho hel
lish purposes o'f these individuals :
Post-office Box, 6,295, Chicago, Ill.
"February 19, 1863.
"T.B. Griflits,(CaptAln S.B.) Carthugo:
"Dear Captain Yours of tho 17th
is received, and I incloeo key. We
leave the matter of arms to tho Citato
division when formed; I will say
this individually, that arms will not
be wanting to delend our Hag when
tho times requires it. I will send you
the camp ritual today. You can
have arms in your camp if you Bode-
Biro it.
"Wishing vou all success, l am,
"General Secretary."
We eivo the following letter, in
reply to ours asking him to send tho
commission tor flir. ussman:
Post-office Box, 6,295, Chicago, Ill.
"February 18, 1863.
"Captain T. B.GrifllWi
'Dear Sir Your letter of Feb
ruary 10 affords 113 great pleasure 9
civins evidence of your going heartily
to work. Sineo your last tho Colon
elcy has been accepted by Mr. Lhos
Geddis, of Fountain Green.
"Tho Captains already commies
ioned oro yourself, Joseph Ogdcc
Durham : K. N. Leach. Fountain
Green ; Jolm Roth, i'ilot Grove, and
L. Smith Coewel!, Laharpo
"Your nomination for Captains will
to-dav be submitted to Oobnel Geddis
and unless others havo already been
made in their townships, they will
doubtlesd bu approved, in which event
the commissions will bo promptly
"I bopo ere Ibis you havo received
your package.
lours lor mo union,
1. .t TT .
JOHN TRIMBLE, JR., "General Secretary S. B."
It will thus bo seen that wo have
men base enough in our ctfmtry to
go'into tins liitamous organization.
Wo have given their names in onler
that their fellow-citizens may spot
them und beware of them. Hero is
th key above referred to i
the Signet Ring by initials G. M.
S. Y., call to mind Bomo of its sub
their liuoest events oc tho pages of history,
"Pago 33 (Ritual), at A, uso tho.
word Gideoti. v
"Pago 35 (Ritual), at"13, use the
word Marathon.
"Pago 36 (Ritual), at O, uso the
brd lianfibekburn.
"Pao 88 (Ritual), at D, uso tlio
word Switzerland.
-Pago 40 (Ritual), at E, usa the
word Yorktown.
"Pago 52 (Ritual), at F, bore de
ivcr the following explanation :
"Gideon was tho battle field des
cribed in the Tenth chapter of J osh a
Thero the Israelities under Uio nil
mediate, supervision of Jehovah ach
ieved their fiual triumph over their
foes, and gained possession of
nromised land
"Marathon is where the Grecians
routed tho hosts of Persia, and pro-1
served the freedom of their country .
"Banngpkbukn is the the 6ceno
the defeiftof the English by the Scot
tish army under Bruce.
"Ihlttr-lLravo people achieved im
mortal honor and independence upon
the field.
"Switzerland Las been in all ages
the ground ot the noblest Btrnggle
between freedom and deBpotiora.
"Yobktown, witnessed the crown
ing struggle between tho British and
Americans, and virtually terminated
the Revolutionary War in our favor.
"Thcso five name designated
and arouse every impulso of patriot
ism in imitation.
"Pagn 52, G. There are seven
means of recognition.
"The first is to exhibit tho Regis
tration Certificate. WitLont this no
comiado can bo recogniz.iil, outside of
tho Immcdiito circle of bis acquain
tances. "Second : The Signet King which
should always be worn by comrades,
when traveling. Uso it by explain
ing to each other alternately the ini
tials, beginning with tho lettter B.
Third; The Medal. This is worn
as a breast pin or suspended on the
wateh guard, Arc, and has tho wear
er's name and number on it.
"Pago 53. Uso the following ad
dress: "1 have already explained to
you tho first three means of recogni
tion, viz: The Registration Certifi
cate, Signet Ring and Medal. The
fourth is tho Quarterly Password,
used for gaining fidmi09ion into a
Camp. Tho fifth ia r. referencs to the
five worthies of tho S.B., viz: Warren,
Webster, Clay, Jefferson and Wash
ington. Iho sixth is a reliance to
tho thirty-four States, as on tho Bea!
of tho Registration Certificate.
-1 lie Beventh is by the vse of a five
barreled revolver" fFull explana
tions ot the seven means ol registration
are found in the Ritual of t lie Camj),
now in press, j
llns is a correct cony of their key.
By it any one can tell ttiese fuMow?
who recognizo each other by tho use
of a fivo barreled revolver, for the
purpose of taking tho lives of their
Wo have not adverted half of the
astounding statements contained in
the Ritual, because wo have not tho
timo at present to do so.
Tho public will hear more from lis
on tins subject.
Enough is bore given to arousa the
people of this State, and of ull the
States, to a full sense of their danger
-All around ns are secret bands of
men our neighbors, who are nightly
devising plans whereby wo cmi bo de
prived of our liberties.
Let tho Democrats and conserve
fives of the land arouse, and .while
these desperate men nro arming under
State and Federal influence, Demo
crats and Conservatives can also pro
cute "five-barreled revolvers." Let
Democratic Invincible Clubs bo for
med nil over tho land, bold all their
meetings openly, and openly resolve
to maintain their rights or die defend
ing them.
The people must arm again9t these
secret assailants of our Government,
and when they trike, let tho people
strike in return aud give them build
for bullet.
We arc not alarmists, but wo have
felt it to be our duty to exiviso this
most infamous organization, and warn
our tullow-citiziiis ot tbo danger?
We obtained all theso Becrets by
simply writing for them. Wo have
taken no obligation to keen them.
We liave not even signed any receipt
lor tnera, or given any promise or
pledge not to expose them; neither
has Mr. Griflits. We informed John
Irimble, U.U., that tins is a strong
Copperhead county, aud wo think
that ho will agree with us, and that
when be sees this ho will conclud
that bo has been bitten by three
CARTHAGE, ILLINOIS, Feb. 23d, 1863.
The undersigned hereby certify that
all of tho foregoing statements that
relttto to are true.
The "Oath Bound" Fretted
out in Columbus!
"Gum, Thus and Myrrh!!"
When we Baw in the Abolition
paper of this city, a fresh out burst ol
indignation over the Democrats about
tho "Knights of the Gulden Circle,"
wo were satisfied that as thero was no
such thing here, if any where else,
that these hypocritical rascals were at
some trick of their own. Tho Fact
called on us by name, to answer hon
estly whether wo did not belong t
secret society of some sort. We
promptly answered "no," and then
put some question on the other side.
Uut not a response not a word.
Hearing that boxes of arms came
t'jis mysterious order about the Barao
time, we set to ferreting out the true
state of the caso. And a pretty thinrj
ic is--a very sublimo spectacle for the
people ot lolnmbus aad of Ohio
look upon.' Long will it. bo bofore
hear anything more about the
"Knights of tlio Golden Circle." . .
This "U. L," once "U. O," that ii
"Union Circle," now changod to!
"Union Leange," or, as they call it;
"our L." exhibits a nico character for
honorable citizens. They swear to
vote at elections for no one but a rcg-'
n'nrly tworn iu brother, and yet prate,
about "no party I" In a few. weeks
we shall have our city and Township
elections. , By getting a list of tho
candidates and ol the Poll Books, we
ehali get tho names of every mothor'd
son of them, and they Can thus le
preserved. , They beat the Know
Nothings nil hollow with "Gum, J7tu3
and Myrrh," on tho altar of JncenseV
Lint as they me 'Ho be found at any
drug stoic" wo presume they aro al
ways on h'irid in quantities!
if iho ArosTf.Es could step in and
see tlio uses to which they put tho
Bible, they would not bo moro sur
prised than our fathers if they could.
wiinusB the sacrilogo of a constitution,
this very organization is got, up to des
troy, and the flag to dc6ccrato. But
tho whole affair is of a pico. Tho
"Incense," tho ''prayer," tho "oath,"'
"obligation 1" All dono to blind men
to vote at our elections.
Tho great P.. the Piesident. vcrv
coolly assures them that this "oath''
does not conflict with any duties they
owe their God ot country, then brings'
them up to tne main question, "that
I will aid and assist in electing true
and reliable Union tixen. and nosb
OTHERS, to all tho Offic08 OF T10PIT AND
trust, from the lowest to tho highest,
in town, county, State and General
Government." As these "oath bound"
freemen dare not vote for anyone not
a brother, for fear of the penalty, we
shall havo a "smart chance" of fcn
watching them pioceed to work on thfl
first Monday of April next. They are
extending theao organizations all oyer
tho States, and our friends will have
an opportunity Of watching their oper-1
ations at other polls. Look out for
Tlio first duty of a gooa citizen is'
to exercieo his fieo agency and sound-
juognient. Ibis oath and obligation,
translers tho man to tlio use of his
"P." IIo becomes a poor, cowed
in3tiument to do tho bidding of others,'
and is held tinder tho pains and pen
alties of an otith. That is what 13
made of him and that is the parpoflcl
of bis cunning masters.
The little pamphlet of 14 pagosti
from which the following is takep,was
printed in typo of tho City Fact, of
this place, and a very poor j b at thar,
as though it was entrusted to 6oma
or.o r.ot very well versed in hist art.
Now for tho pistols and Sharp's
riflks which tlicso "incei)8o" bnrning
gentlemen have got, stowed aay ''io
shoot eomcbody." Is brother Gearyj
of the Fact, a good shot? Can ho
"kill two birds with ono etone I" Or
can ho throw twe stones at ono bird
without hitting? Do you burn 'In-'
cense", of "Gum, thus and myrrh,'1'
which cai. be tound at any "drug
store," over the killed and wounded,
the same as when initiated ? Do you
deliver them over to the next world as'
formally as when taking them into
this? Do you take in men who cannot
pay "tlireo hundred Dollars" to the
conscript fund? Or do yon cxclfido
everybody who will not turn out to
fight on tho next call? If any body'
believed that you had the least hon
esty in "iswcarmg in they wonld
suppose you were getting up recruits
lor the army I Uo you take in those
fellows who subscribed to the bounty
fund as patriots to escape tho Drafr,.
afi 1 then dogged the Legislature to
lay a tax on your neighbors to pay it
back into your pockets ?
As yon profess groat palriotismt
and any amount of religion, we want
to ascertain whether you have any
moi-slity, scn83 of right, justice, or.
things ot that sort, in oructico 1 All
patriotism, all religion, is based on
moral rectitude among them is "thori
shall not kill." What, then, aro yon
going to do with tho "weapons oT
deutii," so Btcalthily, if not clandes
tinely oecored ? ,
But wo will not keep our readers
from the precious documents, em
balmed in "gmri, thus and myrrh,"
"to bo found at any of tho drug
stores 11"
[Officers and their Stations.]
pal station-.
Vice f resident onpositp, and
front of the Presidenft " ;
(Concluded on second page.)

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