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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 09, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy of
Tlit Democratic party has tter own,
jxt ii, a lawr-abidiirg parly. Il asks nothing
lot ill tights under ihti Constitution and the
law. . It resorts to tiu wolation of ilher;
it countenances uo violation of either. It
has a riL'bt to all guarantee of public an
private liberty, and of property, contained in
our fundamental laws, and it will 6U (render
not oneof ihem. I that the right to discuss
public measures, and will discuss them- It
its the rigU to propose and advocate that
policy which it deems best for the nation,
nd it will exercise that right. It has the
tight to have its policy passed upon by the
,ponlc at peaceable and untrrrmmeled elec
tions, and it will maintain that right. If
ton nil in a minority, it yields obedience to
ll lawful rule of the majority ; if it be the
soojority itself, it claims that its lawful will
-te lespected. Whether in a majority or
tnittoriiy, it obeys all laws that are in force.
These that it dislikes it seeks to overthrow
not by violence, but by a legitimate repeal.
Tfho?e tlmt it proposes, it seeks to carry, not
fty lorce, but by legal nectmcnts. Aim
what it does in -all these respects, U de
mands an I has a right to demand, that all
-others shall do. They owe the same obed
ience to the Constitution and the laws that
Democrats owe. They have the same iw
iteiest to maintain free government, to pro
tect liberty, to be secure in their house?,
.persons and property, that Democrats have.
It is neither their interest nor ours that des
potism or anarchy should prevail; and if they
wish to avert both, let them see to it iu time
tlmt they give no occasion for either. We
will da our duty: let them remember to
. Iu view of the circumstances that have
nought us together, we hereby resolve:
1. That the will of the people is
oundation of all free governments. That
.0 give effect to this w nJ, free thought free
speech sud fiee press are absolutely indis-
reusable. Without free discussion there
no certainty of sound judgment; without
.sound judgment there cau be no wise gov
3. That it is an inherent ana corrsutu
tional right of the people to discuss all mea
sures ol tlioir Goveniu.ent, and to approve
or disapprove, as to their best judgment
seems ighU That they have a rijrhtlo pro-
j'Oseaniladvocata that policy which in their
udment is best, and to argue and vote
against ' whatever policy seems to them
violate the Constitution, to Impair their lib
erties, or be detrimental to their welfare.
3v That these and all other right?, guar
anteed to them by their constitutions,
their rights in linns of or as well ns in time
of .peace; an J ( fur more value and necessi
ty iu war than in peace. -For in peace liber
ty, security ar.d property am seldom endan
gered; in war they are ever in peril.
4. That we now say to all whom it may
concern, not by way of threat, hut calmly
and firmly, thitwe will not surrender these
rights nor submit to their forcible violation
Wo will obey the laws, ourselves, and
others must obey tlicin.
6. That thero is a manifest difference
i.weeii the Administration of the Govern
ment and the Government itself. The Gov
ernment consists of civil and political insti
tutions created by the Constitution, and
it the people owe allegiance. The Adminis
tratiou are Lut the agents of the people,
subject to Ineir approval or condemnation
according to the ineiitr demerit of their
C. That in the exercise of the right
clillor with the -Federal Executive, we enter
our solemn protest ogunst t hJ proclamation
of the President of the United States, utted
the first day of January one thousand eight
hundred am! sixty-three by which ho
to emancipate slaves iu certain
States, holding the same to be unwise un
constitutional and void.
7. That we declare onr determined op
position to a system of emancipation by
States, upon compensation to be made
of the Treasury of the United States,
burdensome upon the people, unjust in
very nature, and wholly without waxrant
the Constitution.
8. That we declare thai the power which
has recently been assumed by the President
of the United Slates, whereby, under guise
of military necessity, he has proclaimed
extended or asserts the right to proclaim
or extend martial law over S'.ates where
war does not exist, and has suspended
writ ofa.tiiEis corpus, is unwarranted
the Constitution, and its tendency is to
ordinate civil to military authority, and
cubvert our system of free government.
9. i hat we deem it proper further to
that we, together with the truly loyal
people of the States, vould hail with pleas
tire and delight any manifestations ol a
on the part of the seceded States te
to their allegiance to the Government
of the Union, and in such event we would
cordially and earnestly co-operate with them
in the restoration of peace and the procure
ment cf such proper guarantees as would
give security to all their interests
10. That the soldiers composing oar
merit the warmest thanks of the
The country called and nobly
they respond. Living, they shall know 1
gratitude, wounded, a nation's care;
and dying they shall live in our memories;
and monuments shall be raised to teach pos
terity to honor the patriots and heroes
offered their lives at their country's alter.
Their widows an i orphans shall be adopted
by the nation, to be watched over and cared
for as objects truly worthy a nation's guard
ianship. 11. That Ohio will adhere te the Con
stitution and the Union as the best, it
be the last, hope of popular freedom, and
all wrongs which may have beeu committed
or evils which may exist, will seek redress,
under the Constitution and within theUni
ou, by the peaceful but powerful ngency
the suffrages of a free people,
12. That we hail with pleasuro and
the manifestations of the conservative
among the Northern States in
elections, and regard the same as the est
of a good purpose upon their part toco-
operate with all other loyal citizens id
security to the rights of every seeuon,
and maintaining the luion and the Consti
tution as tbey were ordained by the founders
.,01 me KepuDiic. - -
13. That whenever it becomes nraclica
ble to obtain a Convention " of all or Ibree
iourtbs of the States, such body should
.convened for the purpose of proposing
- amendments to the Federal Constitution
- expeiieuce has proved to bo necessary
maintain that instrument in the spirit
meaning intended by its founders, a nd
provide against future convulsions and
sire re
turn and
mies na
tion. did
tion's who
( 4. That we will arnastlr support eve
ry constitutional measure tending to pre
serve the union of the States. No man have
a greater interest in it preservation thaa
-we have; none desire it more; there are noue
who will make greater sacrifices or endure
more than we will to accomplish that end
We are, as we ever have been, the devoted
friends of the Constitution and the Us ion,
and we have no sympathy with the enemies
of either.
15. That the arrest, imprisonment, pro
tended trial, and actual banishment of Cle
ment L. VallaudL'ham, a citizen of the State
of Ohio, not' belonging to the land or naval
forces of the United States, nor to the mili
tary in actual service, by alleged military I
authority, for no other pretended crime than
that of uttering words of legitimate critic
ism v.pon the Administration in power, and
of appealing to the ballot-box for a change
of policy (said arrest and military trial ta
king place where the courts of law are open
and unobstructed, and for no act done with
in the sphere of active military ttperalions
in carrying on the war) we regard as a
palpable violation oltlie tallowing provis-
sions oi uie lOiistiuiuou oi uie uiiueu
1. "Congress shall malto no'law
abridging tne freedom ofspeeeh or of the
press, or the right of the peoplo peaceably
to assemble, and to petition the Government
for redress of grievances.
"The right ol the people to be secure
in their peisons, houses, papers and effects
against unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no warrant shall
i-sue but upon probable cause, supported by
oath or tflirmation, and particularly describ
ing the place to be searched and the persons
or things te be sewea.
3 "No persons shall bo held to snswer
for a capital or Otherwise infamous crime,
unless ma presentment or indictment ot a
Grand Jvry, except in cases arising in the
land or naval forces, or in the militia wlien
in actual servile iu time of war or public
danger. - r
4. 4,lo all criminal prosecutions, the ac
cused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and
public trial by an impartial jury of the State
and district ' wherein the crime shall have
been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained ty law."
. And we furthermore denounce said ar
rest, trial and banishment as direct in
sult offrtred to tho sovereignty of the people
of Ohio, by whose organic law it is declared
that "no person shall bo transported out el
the Stale for any offense committed within
the same
i l!. That Clement L. VallanJigham was
at tho time of his arrest a prominent canu
date for rumination by the Democratic by
party of Ohio for office of Governor of ths
State; that ihe Democratic party was fully
competent to decide whether ho wasafil
man' for that nomination, oud that the at
tempt to deprive them ol that right by his
ai rest and banishment, was an unnieu'.eci
imputation upon their intelligence and loy
al'y, as well us a violation ol the Constitu
tion. 17. That we respectfully, out most earn
estly, cull upon the I'resident of the United
Stutes to restore Clemeni L. Vallandbjham
to his home in Ohio-; and that a committee
of oneilrom each Congressional District
Ihe State, to bo selected by the presiding of
ficer of this Convention, is hereby appoin
ted to present ibis application to the Presi
dent. 13. Tli at the thanks of this -Convention
are hereby tendered to Horatio Seymour,
Governor of the State of New York, forhis
noble letter in relatiou to the arrest of Mr.
Vallandrgham; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed tocommuni
cato a copy of this resolution to Governor
19, I hat the establishment of a military
government over the loyal States, where war'
does not exist, to supersede the civil authori
ties and suppress the freedom of speech and
of the press, and to intejfere with the elec
tive Iraiicnise.as not only subversive of the
Constitution and the sovereignty of the
States, but the actual inauguration of revo
lution. 20. That ills the srvorn duty of the Gov
ernor of the State to protect her citlzena
the injoyr.ieut and exercise of all their con
stitutional lights; and we have beheld "w
deep humiliation and regret, not only the
failure of David Tod, Governor of Ohio,
perform that duty, but what is still worse,
his active participations in the violation
tnese rghts.
VI. That we denounce astrartors to the
country the Abolition Jacobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in the loy
al Slates, with the view of turning, if possi
ble, the biiyonets of the army against the
breasts of the fathers, brothers and friends
tho soldiers, and subjecting those States
a military surveillance and dominion,
22. That we denounce, as libelcrs of the
Democratic party and enemies of theircoun
try, the mn who are engaged in represent
ing the Demotruc party as wautinr in sym
paihy with our soldiers in the field. It
a base slande: upon human nature to assert
mar. me ueuiocmt, wno nave hundreds
thousands of brothers and suns in the army,
do not sympathize with them and it isu
antra go upon the Democratic pa rty, that
has always stood by the countiy, te assert
1 4 at it is not the friend of its gallant defen
23. That the conduct of Bristlier Gen
etal Mason, the Military Commandant
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ance nf military restraint upon the proceed
ings et tins Convention show that they have
a just appreciation of the Constitution
their country and the rights of the peop.e;
and that tbey aie wise aud potriotio officers
and that their conduct en this occasion
in striking contrast with contrary conduct
of the military authorities upon the occasion
of the late Democratic meeting at Indiana?-
i t
Ana we take pleasure in expressing
our confidence 4n General Mason snd
officers and soldiers under his command.
Tho Convention then adjourned, wUb
three cliers for the nominees, three for
Constitution, and three for the Union.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
ing be
il A M I N OHIO.
Offers his Proflfeuuiwl gjrvices in the
practice of Medicini aud Surgery, to the cit
izens ol llamuen aed Eurroundisg countxjr.
Uarch abtb .1USJ, Oino.
We have a f rst rate new Coal Cook
in; Stove. Also a Premium Wood
Cooking Stove for sals. Call at this offic
and see them, if you want a stove at the
lovrtst ash figures.
T H E O ft
n n
Then any other House in Souihcrn Ohio.
His stock, m liich is much the largest
and neatest, and was principally
Bought hefore the late advance in
prices, he will positively sell,
Then any oilier House in Ihe County.
' ' :
Wanted- wool, Meat, nutter,
Eiiffs, Rags, Feathers Dried fruits,
Flax seed, nions, Hard soap, and
all articles of Country produce, for
which the highest price will he
January 3 18C3 lyr '
mw mm m
State of OMotVinton Connty.
George A. Arms, Jfc.
U. C. Anns,
rtfts ' i tonrt
Bcf"- J Order of salo.
2 J. J. Allison, A
wiiimm u.-umtn
1 PURSUANT to tho oommaml ar an ornur oi
wilaiu the abuva canss, to iiib directs I from
ths Court of Common I'leus, of aforesaid comity
of Vinton, I will olTor at public naln, at the door
of tlisConrt House, in tho Town of McArthur,
in albrcsuid county of Vinton, on
Saturday the 1st day of August 18G3
At tha hocr of ten o'clock A. !., ofsuiilday,
. ,
the folltwing real e.-tntc to-wit : i ne norin-wwn
quarter of Section number thirty-fuur, t) m
Township number fin, (.iu.) oi na nir o u iw-ou,
lio,) AitoiuB w umivi uw """: ;'
tor of Section number thirty four, (ul.)iti town
ahin number ton, (10,)ol Kanmi ivumocr nitecn
(16.) containing two hundred ana lorty acres.
. . t l.t.tf mutli wait.
.na a pari oi umesiiiMiui u
quartor of Soctin number tbirty-rive, (JJ.Hn
Township number ten, (10, ofltango number
fifteen, (15, containing Ion acres begiiinii.g at
the creek below BrownaMill, BrownslinecrossiiS
tho crook in the outh-wct quarter of Section
numhor thirty-ne, (SS.) in Township number
ten, (10.) of Kange number fifteen, (IS,) thence
south thirty-two dctrroesweat five chains and
flfiy-thrco links to a stake, thence south eighty
aix degrees west six chtins end forty-three links
to a Btaka, thenco south 49 degrees wert fix
ohhlnt and forty Huks to a atakofrom which a
Ked oak eight incaea in dia.netor bears south
sixty-seren anl half degrees west thirty-five
liniM dinant. and white oak five inches in diam
eter bears north eighty-eight dogrect oast twenty
links distant. t':ence east on theSeotion lino to
tbsereek, thenco up the creek with the mean -
daring, tnence to tna piaco or oegiDuuni
Taken as the property or wiuiam n, mac,
to satisfy a judgment of aforesaid Court, in fa
varal George A, & It. C. Arms.
Appraised as follow, lowit : Two thousand
nbs hundred and seventy dollar (la'0,) and
most bring two-thirds of that sum.
TEEMS OF SALE, cash in hand.
J.J. McDowell, AHCL1. NOTUIIS,
Atty. for IMtlTs. Sh'ff V. Co. 0.
July 2d. lsG3,-pfc9,62 S
Booth Sraley at Jebiul Frazeo et al.
WilViam Allen Frazee and Edward Frazeo,
rinkney Tarr and Terressa Tarr, who are eup
posed to reside at Pikes flak State of Kansas,
will take notice that iiooth Bruley of the coun
ty f Jackson and Stato of Ohio, ontbe21stday
of October 1357, recovered ajudgmcnt against
Jebial Frazee then of the county of Vinton and
State -of Ohio and now deceased for the sum of
ix hundred and eisty iUDa dollars and seven
een's( (69,07) with cost taxed four dollars
aad ninety-six cts. (4,94) in the Court of Com.
mon I'leas of Vinton County and Stato oi Ohio,
that said judgmentremainsin full force unpaid
and nnroverscd. Ami the said rinkney Tarr
and Tsrrepsa Tarr. William Allen Fraz6 and
Kdward Frazoe, are further notified that said
Court havo ordered the heirs and legal represent
tatives of thjsaid Jehial Frazee deceased to to
madeparties defendant to said judgment. ' And
that 1'ia.ntiirt'sat the next torm of said Court af
ter the z9th day of Aguit, k.D. J 36 3, will
move said Court ts revive saidjadgment against
then, and others wbo are tke legal rcpreeeuUttlves
of the said Jehial Vrazee deceased.
U. 8. BoNor, Binohan aIIswitt,
S I 183y6w. . Their tt'js. . i
NOTICE thereby given, that Jana narris,
has been appointed Administratrix of the
Kitato of Evan Harris deoe-ved, late of Vinton
Co-inty Ohio. JANE HABKI9. -: .
- JanaiUild3,-3w; - r
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
John 8. Black ) CoUrt 0f Common Pleas,
Klmcetal Vd
DY virtvo of in order of Bale t rno dirowtod
A.J from the Court of Common I'leas, of Vinton
Count; Ohio, 1 will otfor lor Bain ut tba door of
tuo Court House, in tlio town ot MoArtnur ou
Saturday the 25tA day of July 1863
At tho hour of ten o'clock A.M. of eald day
tho tollowiiijr, property to-wit: Being a part of
tho south-west quarter ot hection numoei tnir-ty-flvo,
(35,) township number ten, (10,)run((o
number tifiecn,( 15;) bcKinninj,' at tho oust line
of the euid nuarter at a mnple tree eleven i nolien
indiamcter, Utry-eitflit rods and hixteeu linki
from tbo Bouth-cnstcnrncr , thence north forty
five deffroes west, dintunt forty-two rods to a
t . thollco up Uaeeoon creek bo as ro include
lw0 ihirdu of euia crcclr, to land deeded by
jlimea McWhartor ; tbonco Booth iwonty-two
etiainu auU ciRlit-llvo links to the Section line
thenco west rive' chains and nixty-ouo links
tielll.0 0Mi iorty-uiue dcitrecs nix chains and
f , y k toa atake ; theuce oighty-six dc(?roca
. . . . p .Y .
north tux chums and torty-throe links: t nonce
noT'.h thirty-two degrees, cast twenty-two rod
and forty-eight links to th e place ofbeginink'
coutainiug thirty acres be Vlie eamo nmro or lo-s
Kxcert ono bait' acre deeded to John Tidro'.t by
suid Vierco, together with nil tho privileges and
appurtenances thereto belonging,
Also eighty acres being the went 1ml f of tho
north-west quarter of the aforesaid section, ex
cept twenty-llvo acres beforo deeded to George
Kiukcyontho side of said eighty acres, all ins
township number tou, ( 10.) of range uumbor,
fifteen, (15.
Takan as the property of Ehrmr Jones et al,
to kafiBl'y a judgment in favor of John 8. Black.
Appruisnio.it mill property at three thousand
six hundred dollars, (3(100.) And an eighty acre
,HIU ,Ust ring two-third i of that sum.
tract appraised a; lour hundred dollar, (40U,)
TKltilS OF SALE, cash in bonds.
E. A. Urattox ntty.for 1'1'Jf Sh'U V.Co.O,
JunolSth 1Si!3-5w
Henry Johnson, Pltff.l
against 1 T
Abraham Johnson I nr, I Ja rrlltlon
& Others. Dcft8-j
Abraham Johnson of the County of Jackson
and Stato of Ohio, William Johnson, Christiana
Johnson, Sarah Walker formerly S'arah Johnson
William Walxer, Charlotte Larew formerly
Charlotte Johnson, Joseph Larew, Emily Salts
formerly Fmily Johnson, John Salts and Thomas
Feo, (ioorgo Fee and larah Jana Feo, minor
heirs of Clarissa Feo deceased, formorly Claris
sa Johnson, all ot tho county ofVintoti in tho
Stato of Ohio, Khoda Kito, of tho Stato Of Iowa,
minor hoi or Polly Kitodeccascd, formerly Pol
ly Johnson.; Nancy Kite formerly Nancy John
Bon, Zocbarinh Kite, Torcsa Itegors formerly
Teresa Johnson, John Iiogors and John John
son of the State of Wisconsin, will tuko notice
that a partition was filod against them on tho
19th da of June AD 13C3, in tho Court of Com
mon Picas, within and for the county of Vinton
and StatO Of bio, by Ilcury Johnson and is
now ponding, whorein the said Henry Johnsjn
demands partition of tbo following real estate
situated in the county of Vinton ana State of
wtuo to-wit: ine norui-ait qnvtcr of the
south-east qusrter ofscction number sixteen,
(IS,) in Township number tea, (10.) of Uanco
nnraber seventeen, ( 17,) excepting ten acrcsoff
oi l ue soum aiue oi said lorty acre tract owned
by Liamarin Tarr A-Co. Also tho north wo. t
quarter of tho south west quarter of Section num
ber fifton,(15,) Township, Knge aforesaid, ex
cepting ten acres ofTof tho soiith pido of suid for
ty aor tract ownod by Damarin Tarr Co., and
also excepting twenty acres off of th ssisido
of the remaining thirty acres owned 1 by William
Walker, heinginall forty acres more or less,
and that at the next term of ttaid Court, tbo said
IJenry Johnson will apply for an order that par-
ifiWITI, , Editistox,
Aitjra iur 1'iiu.
Not for bloody xrtr; but for customers for
McArtliur, Ohio,
Just received a-gpletidid stock of
Wool Flaids.ValeiJtia Plaids, Prints,
lileached and Brown Muslins,
&c A largo stock and be
low tho present wholo
s a 1 o PRICES.
A lull stock on liand and far below
11 competition in town,
Clohs, Casslmcrcs,
In fact, everything you need in
boots! SHOES,
We keep jvery nality and
style, aud will
Having bonght our stock entirely for
Casli, we are enabled to
in &11 lei (ids of
Fancy Goods, BaltnoTals, Hoop
Skirt8,Nubia8,Opera Iloods,
Stockings, Gloves,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
All kinds of Country
Received in exchange, at tbe highest
raarsei prices. 11 yoo want to
save money and solect out
. of a largo Btock go to . .
October 23rd, 162 lyr.'
Would respectfully announce te tho citizens
ofMoArtbur and Vinton County, that he "has
iivumibu, nun win spona a law weeks la Mc
Artliur. And that he is prepared to perform
all opperatlons pertaining to his profession,
and that ho will he happy to watt on any of
his old friends and oastomera whs may favor
bim with a call. ' 1
. lie will . be at Dr. Doddrigsfjl offlcs" Yaia
Street, Mo Arthur Ohio. .
P. Bn Ladies waited upoa at their resldenefa
fdesirsd. . B. DUKLAP, .
It frat-ai Ctk tmkuU tv frm, .
for tit iM WaaJlot CuoNit k
1i&t been introduced to th publlo for mors
than six years, and have acquired an
far exceeding any Family llediobe of
limilar nature in the market
In TinrAoiaf!ns nnVilio not 1001 U
4iiC0Tering they possessed remArkaMa
ndbence their .
.nrl aoniArrnent nroQt to the FroDrSelot. t&U
nabling him to expend . , ; .
of dollars each year in advertising theft
merits, and publishing the
which have been showered upon him from
The peculiarity of th
ii that they Btrike at the root of Disease,
ty eradicatlnj every particle ef impurity
for the fife snd health of the tedy depends
upon the purity of the blood.
tf th Vlnnri I nnianned. the fxMV drat!
out miserable existence. These mtdii&M
for curing'' .
Birofulti, Syphilis'.
JBtfei-v Qiua.se; OU Sort;
Bait J(heum, fiheumatisml
Qyspepsia, (tick Hiadaoh, '
Itwer Complaint, Fevtr and jtgv,
Ltuoorrhtxd, Female Cbnplittt
Erysipelas, Bt. jlnthony't Fire, ,
Tum.or8, Eruptione,
Fite4 Sbrouloua Conawnjytioi, tio.
? ? ? ? 5
ONEperion wTite8,her dnoghtcT was eured
of fits or nine years' standing, aad tit Vitus'
danoo of two years.
ANOTHER writes, his son was eurel
after his flosli bad almost wasted away.
Tho doctors pronounced the case incur
ANOTHER waa cured ef Fever and ipw
ftor trying every medicine in bis reaoh.
AWUXilJiil was curea ot evr core
which had existed fourteen years. '
AN OTHER of Rheumatism of eight yeara.
Cases innumerable of Dyspepsia and Llvec
Complaint conld be mentioned in which tbe
Furiiier nnd Fills
"WoVVi VvVe, o. Cvtvvv. ,
are the most active and thorough pilU iLti
have over been introduced.
They act so directly upon the Liver. exeio
ing that organ to each an itent as that tfae
system docs not relapse into its forsoer os
dition, which is too npt te be the com witii
imply a purgative put
They are really a
"Soo ot TAtt V.W
which, in conjunction with the
will crrre all the aforementioned dlieiwe
and, of themselves, will relieve and cure
Headaohe, Coativenest,
Colia Pains, Cholera, JSorbue,
Indigestion, Pain in the goweis,
Qizziness, eta.
Try these medicines, and yen wlU eevet
regret it. . .
Ask your neighbors, who nave need tbenv
and they will say they are
Ctoo "WetVvcXwt,
and yon should try then before going ft
physician. - .
Clet a PampTilct or Almanac of my local
agent, and read the certificates, and if joo
have ever doubted you will
As a proof that ths Blood Purtftsr and Pllli an anrali
rsgetnlilo, I kao tho cwllflcatta of tho omiaoDt ebon,
feta, Frufenora Chlltoa ot Mi X, and fcooUof dadonati
Head Dr. Boback's Si(al Votlow and CortlfloalM pot
1lhl In a ouniflcaou part of tuls (aper from Uota M
Prloo of tho ScahdlnarlsaTogtrtiM Stood TttrtSor, fl
por bottlo, or V per half douo. Of tho Scsndionlon Voai
talils Blood Pllli, tS-oonto pr box, or b kozot fcr St.
Prinrlpal Offloo and Salotreom, K. S KajI Fonrtk SC.
Sd Bnlldion from Mala Bt.,3ioUa(tl, 0. Ikontin
Vo, IS UaiaaioBd Sirott. ,
S. V. Dodge, AlcArthnr; Oowdery
& Strong, Hamdert ; C. Jobngoo New
Wymoutb; WiJl.feOx)., Zaleski; John
Holland, Swan ; AI. f.& C. Carr,
Wilkcsville, and by. Drua-tnets and
Merchant's generally tbroughoat tbe)
United btate&and tanadaa.
: October d,:1862.-ly.:
FICE. -i
Wakavtec andQuit Clahn Deeds, and
Mortgages, the shortest and mee4--approved
Juatmi1 and, ConstiUe? Jtlanfa,
Such as Summonses, SubperaasExec'utions!.
Orders of Altaclm.ent, flidavita, Under
takings, Orders of Arrest- and. Constables
Sales Notices. . Also ....
for Treasurers, Constables', 'Siirjervisois and
other Township Officer.'! "vOur forms are
all tbe most correct ' We'sell at price that
will aave ou money, . Youtptdsxi.are re
spectfully solicited., .
, And Jill Qtbf BiiAKJitj fpt SALE

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