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on to Jo our Jty, mul to dcttiuii i ;u
rights. Urt'.'.t ttpj.imtsO'.J
in all that uiyii.d i us, F.rvi s-i fir f;
they are m:ti!i in tho sphere of tiioi
constitutional powcrd, !i.t us Lo obedi
ent to rulers, let ui atibmit cheerfully,
patiently, and willingly to those com
tuauda whicli they lave a right to
inane, 'whether we like them or not.
When we hare dona our duty let uu
claim our-rights in all their fulnepa.iu
all thetr-canipletences, a'nd in all their
perfection, Uo who does not do Ida
dnty without regurd to the niineoiRlnct
of others U untmu to hie country. He
who does nt claim his rights is un
true to liberty, au J to humauity. Ap
;Tau?e. Our pathways are clear be
lore us if wo will but necept the siwplo
and wouderful teachings of our fathers
From this time let ue resolve that we
will uphold oil the just powers of the
General Government, and the rights
of the States, applause and the
rights of persons, and, above all, as
then- best and surest sheild, the inde
pendence aud purity of the? judiciary.
We stand to-diy amid new made
graves, wo stand to-day in a land
filled with mourning, and our soil is
saturated with tho hlood of the Here
i8t conflict of which history gives us
an account. We can, if wo will.avcrt
alt these disasters, and these calami
ties, and evoke a blessing. If we will
do what ? Hold timt Constitution,
and liberties, and laws aro suspended
bo uctruu to them shrink back
h orn tho assertion of riht ? Will
tiiat rcstoro them I Or bliall we do
as our fathers did under circumstan
cos of like trial, when they battled
against the powers of tho crown ?
Did they say that liberty was suspen
ded 1 Dili they say that men might
bo deprived of tho right of trial by
jury? Did thoy 6ay that men might
bo torn from their homes by midnight
intruders ? Tremendous and contin
ued applause.-) If yon would savo
your country, and yourlibertiefi,begin
right ; begin at the hearth-stones,
which are ever moaut to be tho foun
dation of American institutions ; bo
gin in your family circle ; declare thut
their rights shall bo held sncrcd ; and
Laving onco proclaimed your own
rights, take caro that you do not invade
jour neighbor's righta. Ap
Claim for your own States that
jurisdiction and that govurnment
which we, better than all others, can
exercise for cursives, for wu best
know our own interests, and that
which will do the most to advance the
haprjinesa aud prosperity of our coun
try:; and when you decide that, take
care that you do not invade your
neighbor' rights. The speaker was
here interrupted by a cry from a por--Eon
in tho audicuco, which wag fol
lowed by shouts : 'Tat him out."
I thank rry friend yonder that my
appeal has stirred hw heart enough
to say that men should respect the
rights of others. All the lessons of
political wisdom aro very few and
very simple; they are, for men to
respect their own rights and tho rights
of others. Great applauso. They
are to declare that the great principles
of govenment were not holiday affairs,
meant merely for period of calm ;
but that they are great truths that can
battle a storm as well. When wo
have determined this, as I said before,
we can hope that oar country will be
restored to its former grcatnes? and
lorraer glory.
Onco more, then, you my Republi
can friends once more, this whole
community, I do Invoke you to ask
yourselves whether, in giving way to
your pas&ions and to your own safety
and your own homes ! Once more I
ssk those wlio are politically opposed
to me, if I am honored wit'i the atten
dance of oue such, that they will in
quire if, in attempting to strike down
my liberties, tliey have not struck a
Wow at their own also ? Groat ap
plause. I ask all such if they can
iiope to stop the mighty ball of revo
lution precisely at that point which
may suit their passions, their pnjudi
cies, and their purposes, and if they
are not admonished that if thoy still
set such an evil example, and declare
that tho laws and constitutions have
lost their virtue to defend us,they have
equally lost their virtue to defend
Safe Patriotism.
In ahot summer, when there is
the most thtrBt, there are the fewest
brooks ; so of many people's charities
thoy are rarest when most needed."
' And bo with many people's patri
otism it is the most demonstrative
when thera is the least danger. The
people who have gone to the war, and
in Bouthorn territory, usually say very
little of their love of country. Ii is
those who don't go, who don't expect
to go, who won't go, who can't under
sny circumstances be mado to go, that
' boil over and e pre ad themselves aro
und, and astonish tbe rest nf mankind
with tho sublimity aud fervor ot thefr
self-sacrificing devotion to their coun
try's liODor and welfare.
' Mint a preacher complains of
empty pews when they aro really not
lauch emptier than tho pulpit.
o - wJ J
K. A. J! U AVION, ;
m c a ivr i 1 U Ii 7 6 III 0 :
riSlTR$nAY-?-lUlA 1.1. IPGS
sr-v m. rjn
Will: UK UK IS, nnd tlo Knl'orceinenl
or tlm I.nws nealiiMt all Oliicer.t who
hnve usurped Authority, aa well bs the
I't-nple who Commit Hrcnches oi the
Subject to the Decision of the Democratic
Convention of the whole Union,
roc covf.B.Non,
01 Montgomery County.
GEORGE E. rUGH, of Hamilton.
auditor or miE,
HORACE S. KNAPP, of Ashland.
P. VAN TRUMP, or FairDelJ.
JOHN H. HEATON, of Belmont.
Sj7 "It tha infernal fanatics aud itbolition
ists ever gilt tbo power in their lia-ds, thoy will
over-ride the Constitution, tot the Surprome
Uourl at uenance,cnange ana mKj iawsu bui
tliemselvAS, Uy violonl hands oa those who di
fnr will, t.hnm InthAir nnimnns. ord&reones
country, aud deluge it with blood." Vaniel
tU.n fttintv ir.fttllihilitv. and flnfillv hftnlcri1lt the
n eoiier.
H9 "Kiver fail to protest airainst any vie
htinn of tlio Constitution, nor let any member
of the Government transgress. People are very
asily habituated to encroachments upou their
liberties. The people sliotiiu auviae ut uovorn
menl lo cbuuge its course. Juhn Lnitt
tW "'Wiiiii the army Is fluhtinz, yon as ci
tizoiia, see that tha war is prosecuted for the
preservation of the Union and Constitution,
rory&ur Nationality ana your iugiits as vi
tiih." General George 11. McClellan
'.'The first want of every nation la peace
the last is pwtco. It wants reare always,
So our forefathers understood the philosophy
ot eoiernment; for they established a gys
fern which dispensed with even the forces
nscessary to perfect defence, rather than
cumber it with 6uch 13 might tempt it to
unnecessary collision with other bta'.ea. A
democratic government has no adaptation to
war. War involves a ntlion in debt, and
requires vast supplies of men aud taxca, and
elf-taxing people will not, except when abso
lutelvoblidced bv the exigences of danger.vote
either one or the other. Our government
has not effective powers of conscription. No
modern state has carried on, or can cary on,
a?eressive war without conscription. War,
however brief its duration, and however
liffht its calamities, deranges all social indus
try, subverts order and corrupts public mor
als, The first element, then, of our social
happiness and security is Peace.
t3f "LET there be no change by usurpa
tion ; for through this, in one Instance, may bo
the instrument of good, it u th4 cuitvmary irea
von hi which free aoternmente are deitrned. The
precedent must alway greatly overbalance, in
permanent evil, any partial or iranmeni none
fit whicli the use can at any time yield." - tluiA
ii'jtm'e Farewell Adilreie.
Will all bo present and address
tbe People of Vinton at
We bope the people oWyinton,
without respect to 1'arly will come
out and hear the aboire named
Ciiarupion3 ot Constitutional rights.
Their cause is the cause ot every man.
woman and child. Turn out then
and bear and judge for yourselves,
and bnrg along your wives and
Daughters, Sons and Brothers.
Lay aside your prejudices and hoar
both sides. Bring along your Provi
si on s, as we liavo a beautifull Grove
selected, when yon can all ergoya
rio JSic dinner, w e tiopo every bo
dy will corao.
Read Gov. Seymour's speech in
this paper. It is one of the best
speeches we have read. lie counsels
with a good heart and clear views.
We bope our Republican friends will
read it.
irAriatir Ilejolct;..' ificcilngs.
On last Monday and Wednesday
'Ulrica onr pitiznna hnlil mrrr!nra
o-i h-
in the Court Hoaseto rejoice over the
success of our armies. The people
turned out without reepoct'to party.
But it so happened with these meet
ings, as with every other effort that is
mado to harmonizo and keep down
hatred among neighbors, that 60me of
tho leaders of tho Republican party
mti6t turn tho meetings into political
attacks "jpon Democrats generally,and
ua in p:irticu!fir. On Monday night
wo were--not present, tut learned that
Plyley was extremuly exercised be
c uiso we liftd called General Meade
: Qi:cJ.oon, at a time, says Plyley,
when ho was defending our homes,
firesides, Ac. On Wednesday even
ing re bad a speech from Captain
Miller, fti which we could concur,
excupt in his conclusion, to-wit: tbe
statoment that "Slavery wa3 the cause
of this war, and slavery must, and
shall bo put down." To this we do
not, and never will give our assent ;
nor was there a singlo Democrat pros-
eut, who will assent to it. And unless
very many Republicans lio to us, they
will not give their assent, tor they
boldly a68urt that they are not Abo-
Colonel Stanley next spoke, and
most of his Bpeech was appropriate.
lie, however, "was in for putting
down slavery and slavery mubt be
put down and stated that many men
here had been going ronnd since tbe
news of our victor ;es bad reached us,
with long faces ; actualy sorry that
our arms were successful. The Col
onel, also, touched on tho remark wo
had made in reference to General
Meade, assuming that we, and such
men as us, wero disloyal.
We next addressed tho meoting,
deeming it improper to go into apoliti
cat harangue on an occasion ot this
kind, wo referrod to nothing calcula
ted to mar the good feeling manifested,
and only suggested at the closo, that
we were intimate with the Democ
racy of the County, and we presumed
Colonel Stanley was imposed upon
in regard to there being any man,
especially a Democrat in Vinton,who
regretted the success of our arms, or
woro long faces on that account. And
as to tbo torm, "quarteroon," we used
it in acomparitive and political sense,
that General Meads was not one
fouith as black in bis political prin
ciples, as IIookee, Fjbemokt, IIonteb,
Milroy, and such men.
Judge Plyley then mounted tbe
Clerk'j desk, full of foam and fury,
and mado one of the most malignant,
bitter, blackhearted speeches, wo ever
listened to. He bad- worked himself
up to an awful state of excitement,
said he "was not going to bo mealy-
mouthed when the country was in
danger did not thank 11th hoar men
and half-way patriots, to come up and
rejoice with them. That all men who
are opposing and don't como up and
do everything that is required of tbem
in supporting the Government, (mean
ing the Administration), ought to be
denounced, and that ho was tired o(
hearing of Constitution 'and Laws,and
would from this on denounce all such
men. That all men who don't quietly
support all that is done by tho proper
authority to put down the rebellion,
were disloyal and traitors. That the
man who said he had a pint of whisky
in him on Mohday night, when he
spoke; was a liar. (That all Demo
crats, as we and othfera understood the
Judge,) ought to be down in Dixie's
Land, and there livo and die, where
they belong." Tho Judge, also, was
part'culurly anxious to Bhow us up as
disloyal, because we used tho term
i;quarteroon," as applied to General
Meade. That because we said in our
remarks, we did not know a Demo
crat that would not yolunteer if Ohio
was invaded to-morrow, we wero half
way patriots. lie wanted men to go
farther, to enlist in the army and go
where they were needed, &c. Why
did not the Judge denounce Republi
cans who won't enlist, as traitors loo I
We have several here. We alwajs
thought Judge Plyley understood the
englieh language, and we lurther gave
him credit for honesty. We can not
help here to eay that he acted to us
in this speech as wanting common
honesty of honorable debate. Did
the Judgo purposely use the term,
Quadroon, for "quartcr-oon," as used
by U6 1 Does the torm quarteroon
imply part Africcn ? Does it imply
a,viiiblo admixture of African blood?
If not, the Judge's spoech is, 'loveB
labor lost," and his exercise has all
been in vain. Wo hope, after what
we have heard from tho J udge and
other Republican speakers in tho
past week, that they will not deny
again that they aro Abolitionists.
You have laid down in the same bed,
don't for God's sake deDy the wed
ding contract, and mak the fruits of
your Administration illegitamate, to
wit: Emancipation or Abolition of
Slavery, Suspension of habeas corpus,
Arbitrary arrests, refusal of counsel,
indictment for crime, trial by jury,
banishment, confiscation, and general
bankruptcy of the people. These are
legiti mate and must not be basterdized
That Word Quarteroon.
Some two weeks ago we
abovo word when wo stated IIookeu
bad been romored and Meade put in
command of tho Army of the Poto
mac. We said wo had been asked
who AIeadk was, wo said in reply,
we supposed he was whito, at least
not darker than a qarleroon ; that
Fred. Douglas had claims that were
overlooked, &c. Judge Pltley made
quarteroon tho text for his sarmoui,
and Gib. goes into a miJguartor con
niption on the word. Hope both
gents will recover. We supposo
theso gentlemen wonld not have
noticed it had it not been for our very
astute Federal Assessor, discovering
we had called General Meade a nig
ger ; and Young A merica was muking
our town ring with hurrahs for Beat
ton's nigger replied to by harrabs
for Stanley's nigger. We did not
know what was up, unless Bro. Payne
had got our namodown on the Federal
tax duplicate as having a nigger
charged up to us for taxation which
we had imported into Vinton. Judge
of our surprise reader, when we lear
ned it was because we had UBed tbe
word quarteroon, in connection with
tho politics of General "Meade, then
by stating that Meade was not quar
ter as much of an Abolitionist as
other Generals of Uncle Abe's ap
pointmonts. Truly, drowning men
will catch at straws. It is perhaps
needless for us to say we have no
nigger, nor Jo we belong to the party
that is advocating his cause to the
destruction of whito men.
Gov. Tod Calls out the Militia.
The Governor has ordered out all
the Militia in Southern Ohio. Vinton
Co. has to repoit at camp at Ports
mouth. Each man is to furnish him
self with a blanket aud tin cup. Cap
tains of Companies are, required to
have their Companies at Camp forth
with ; and ordered by tbe Governor
to give vouchers for subsistence and
transportation. We are all ordered
on Wednesday, the 15th, at 12 o'clock
M, to beat Eamden. .
Off fob War. Wo Lope to hear
that every Democrat turns out most
cheerfully to meet any invaders of our
soil, or our righ8. Hemember the
Militia are tho Constitutional guards
of our fathers,, and we have no fears
if they are allowed fair play. Rally,
then, for the old Stars and Stripes,
around which you have, and ever
will be, victorious. We presume
there is an urgent necessity for this
call, or tho Governor would not have
mado it; notwithstanding, we have
been told so often, that the Rebellion
had its back broke. We don't want
to Bee any "half way patriots now."
What Does it Mean! Quarteroon.
The last Register asks the above
question. It seems wo never will get
done explaining and learning these
Republican editors tho definitions of
the Lnglisu language. The word
quarter is derived from the French
word, Quartier ; or Latin word quar
tut its tecnical meaning, being the
fourth part of anything. We put
oon to it for the same reason that you
put oon, to ball to Bpell balloon and
to perform tbe same office. Canvou
tell what that is I Tbe ignorance of
some men making pretensions is most
Lieut. II. Sutherland bein? the
o -
only printer we have, and he being
oraerea to rortsmoutn as well as our
self, will com Del us to issna a hull.
sheet until tome of ns get back. Mrs.
Bbatton will probably be able to put
out a nalf-sneet. Uur readers must
bear with this military necessity.
There is nothing of importance
from tho Army of the Potomac since
our last i68U0, only that it is now
prolty certain that Leb has his army
massed between IIager3town and the
Potomac, and Meade is close to him
and may bring on a fight at any time.
Both armies in the fights on tbe 1st,
2nd, find 3rd, were seiiously hurt,oar
loss said to be 17,000, and the rebels
about 20,000. This is somewhat
different from what our first reports
brought us. Moboan has crossed tbe
Ohio River, and has taken Corydon,
Salem, and other towns in Indiana;
burnt the fino steamor, Alice Dean,
and is burning and laying waste tbe
country through whicli ho passes.
Wo have letters from Kentucky say
ing ttiat our trcop3 aro being drove to
retreat, and that the State records
have been sent from Frankfort to
Covington for safety.
Mr. Beatton: As I see the name
of Lt. SAMUEL WILSON, announ
ccd for Clerk in your paper, and not
knowing be was a candidate before,
I now decline being a candidate, and
here returne thanks ' to my friends.
itnd hope that they will concure. Lt,
Wilson has lost a leg while bravely
defending the flag of onr Country and
is a criple tor lite, and is well quali
fied for the office. I have both legs
and can live with out any office.
July 1003 Yours
Mr. Editor: Pleas announce the
name of O. T. GUNNING, as a can
didate for Representative in the next
Lcgielature,sulvect to tho Decision ol
mo JJeraocratic county Convention.
Mr, Editor : Ploas announce tlm ninrn of
HAKKlhUN j LE, nsaenndidato for KoDre-
scntative in tho next Legiidatnre, anbioct to the
ueuisiuu oi iub neinocrauo connty convention.
Editor Democrat : rlenso announce the
name of A. J. SWAIM. as a satiable condidate
for Keporsentatiye of Vinton county, In tho next
ncgioiiuuru, miujeoi w me decision or tne dem
ocratic county Convention.
Mb. Editor : we wish you to announce the
name of E. A.BRATTON, as a candidate before
tho Democratic county Convention, and subject
i iitiueciniuD, mr ncpreseniauve in lue .Legis
latnre for Vinton connty;
Mr. Ekitor. Pleas announce the name of
IIAZEN E. SOLK,as a candidate for Prorate
J ddok subject to the Democratic Convention.
Mr. Editor : Please announce the name of
8. C. CASE, as a suitable candidate for the of
fice of Probate Judge, for VintOL eouuty, sub
ject to tho decision of the Domocratio connty
Major Brattom : Wil) pleas announce the
nameof Lieut. SAMUEL WILSON, as a candi
date for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas,
subject to he decision of the Democratic county
Convention. Lieut. Wilson isa firm Democrat,
andoneofthe Deraocratio Traitors who has
proved liij loyalty, by the lost of a lee on the
field, and isevery way qualified for the duties of
Clork. Being ronderd unabld to labor, he should
recieve tbe favorable consideration of the De
Editor Democrat : Pleas announce the name
of J W. RA.TCLIFFE, as a condidate for Clerk
of Common Plens Court, subject to the decision
or tne Dcmocratio eounty Convention.
Mr. Editor : You will please announce the
name of S. C. STAINBKOOK, as acandidate for
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas subject to
me decision ot tne uomocrmo Connty Conve
Mr. Editor : Fleas announce the name ef
JOHN D. WILKINSON, as a candidato for
county Commissioner sudject to the decision ol
tne democratic, county convention.
Editor Democrat. Ploas announce the nsme
of JAMES McGILLIVRAY, of Jackson Tp. as a
candidate for Commissioner, subject to the Dem
ocratic Convention. MAMY VOTERS
Mr. Editor: Ploase announce the name of
W AM CLARK, as a candidate for Commis
sioner, suoject to tho decision ol Ibe Democrat
ic county Convention.
t" Headquarters Company H, (I. G. G G
Sixth A'egimout, 0, V., C'amp at Beverly, Va.
July 27,1861.
Dr. C. W. Robaok; Cincinnati, Ohio: We
received your long wished for and welcome Rem
edics a few days ago, and hasten to return yon
a unanimous expression in regard to our higu
opinion of the merits of unit,
We have usod them with great benefit in oni
Company, and heartily attest to the public opi u
ion of thoir great benefits. In our cases, espe
cially where there have been so many great
changes as from the civilian in daily routine, in
business, at home, to the exposed habits of ac
tive soldiers in a strange and unnatural country
do we most appreciate the merits of such Heaven-sent
valbeii.ag yours. To all those in oui
position do we' most emphatically recommend
your Remedies, being assured, from experience,
they will be a very welcome companion.
Yours very truly,
Joseph A. Andrews,
Capt. Co. B, Sixth Rcg't.0. V.
Signed :
James Y. Semple, 1st Sergeant Company B.
Chas, H.Foster, 2d Sorgeant.
Chas. B.Knssel, 1st Lieut. Co. 6',h Reg't 0.7,
Thos. S itoyse, 2d Lient.
E. B, Warren, 3d Sergeant, ,,
S. A, Thayer, 4th gergoant,
Saml. D. Schooley. Commisary,
Carrjoral Chas. W. i ay lor;
Corporal Edward Bultmann,
Corporal Carlton 0. Cable,
..ogethcrwith 69 privates a unanimous exp
sion being; given.
For sale tt No. t East Fourth street, and
Drnggists everywhere.
The special attention of Sutlers is solicited H
this as boing the best article for complaints In
cident to camp life.
Feb. alt mo.
To Nervons Sufferers of Both Sexes.
been restored to health in a few davs. afW nn.
dergoi ng all tho usual routine and irrgular ex
pensive modes of treatment without suooees. eon
aiders it his sacred duty to communicate to his
afflicted fellow creatures the means of cure.
Hence, on tne receipt of an addressed envelope,
used. Direct to D. Johk M. Daowaxl, 188 Fal
lon Btreei isroowyn, new lore.
March, May, July, Sep., Nov., Jan., 1r,
Another immense Grain Elevator, laid to be
the largeat in the world, ha just been finished
in Chicago, and (till another, of equal aize,!)
nearly completed. Tbej have been bnllt In the
moet aubaUntial manner, and are furnished
throughout with tbe most perfect machinery.
Including a large number of fuirbacka, 500
tsuihel Hopper iscalea, which insures correct
weight to buyers and aelleinof grain The amount
Handled In theso Juevatora in a single day le
enormous, iht increased preduotion ofvraln
in the north-west U perhaps shown in no waj
more clearly tbun by the rapid Increase In Clii
oago of the fucililiosfor receiving aud shipping
Slato of Ohio pinion County:
Davis & Newkirk Pltffs.'l . , ,
against n Covti
, K.Will & other astrnatoe f Cmmon Pleae
ofM. E. Church. Defuj order of sal.
PURSUANT to the command of an order of
sale in tho above cause to me directed from
tho Court of Common Pleas, of the aforesaid
County of Vinton, I will ofi'er at publio sale, at
the door of the Court House, in tha Town of
McArthur, in the aforesaid County of Vinton, on
on Saturday August 22 A. D. 1863,
At the hour of ton o'clock A. M. of said day
the following real estate to-wit : In-lot number
eight, (3,) in the town of McArthur Vinlou
eounty Ohio.
levied on as the property of the Methodist
Episcopal Church tosntisfv a iudcrmantof fhr
said Court, in favor of Davis Nowklrk.
Appraised as follows, to-wit: six hundred
and thirty-three dollar and rhirty-three eenta.
aim runai oring iwo-iuiras orinat sum.
terms or ale csn in nand.
Niweirk In person. ARC1 NORR18,
July 16th 18035. Shff.V. Co. O.
Election for Field O nicer s.
All persons subject to military duty In tha
following; Township will meet at their respect
ive Company Election place on Saturday the 1st
day of August 1863 between l.o'clock A.M. and
5 o'clock P. M. und after chosinsr ' Viva Voce"
s or ineir number as jndgos and 2 to act as
ueras wno wiiieacn ne nrst duly sworn, pro
ceed to elect by ballot Oni Colonel Ohm LikbT.
Colonel and One Major to command the Regi
ment oi vino annua wmcnu composed or. ne
following Company Districts to-wit i District
Xo.l and2in Ilk Tp. No. 1 and 2 in Clinton
Tp. No. 1 and I in Wilksville Tp. and thedii-
tnuu oi v inwu, iiiiuiBon and JVQOX ips.
And in like manner as above all persons sub
ject to military duty in the following Tewcshlp
win biho nieui si meir respscuve company ela
tion place on the same day and between tha
same hours in like manner as stated above pro
ceed to Elect by ballot Oni Colonel, Onr
Lieut Colonel and One M a;or, to command
the Regiment of Ohio Militia whioli is compos
ed of following company districts) to-wit ! Dis
trict No. 2 in Klk Tp. No. 1 and 2 in Richland
Tp. Nos. 1 and 2 in Swan Tp. and the districts
ot Brown, Eagle, Harrison and Jackson Tps.
And on the Monday thereafter one of the
Judges of each eleetion will roturn duplicate
Poll Books to no at my OIHce in McArthur.
Suly 16 S3 2vr Shff V. Co. O.
The Confessions aud tipcrlenc of n
Nervous Invalid.
Published for the benefit and as a caution to
young mon, and others, who suffer from Nervons
Uobility, JliuIJ Decay, and tnoir Kindred au
monts supplying the means of solf-cure. By
ono who has himself after being a vict'un of
misplaced coufldonce in medical humbug and
quackery. By enclosing a post-paid directed
envelopo, single copies may be bad of the antlior
Nathaniel Matiaib, Esq., Bradford, Kings
county, Now York.
Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec '63, lyr.
II agont for the sale of all kind of Aoriobl
tdral implements, manufactured by Baldwin
Dewitt Co., of Jlevoland, Ohio. Us has tho
latest Improved
of all Patents : the Hubbsrd Standarad Mow
er, wi'h Reaper attached, and Hubbard Light
Mower, also Baldwin, Dowitt & Co's Star
Orain Drill and Grass Seed Sower.
PRICES. Hubbard Light Mower, 1 100 cash
when delivered $105 with interest, at four
months credit. Huddard Standard Mower $150
Hubbard Reaping attachment $35. As hands
re scarce, the coming harvest, every man ought
o have on of these labor-saving machines.
Address, B.W.KELCH,
June 4th 68 3m. Hsniden Ohio.
FICE. Waraxtee andQuit Claim Deeds, and
Mortgages, the shortest and most approved
J unices' and Constables1 Ulanfo.
Such as Summonses, Subpa-nss.'Execiitions.
Orders ol Attachment, Affidavits, Under
takings, Orders of Arrest, and ConsUbls
Sales Notices. Also
for Treasurers, Constables, Supervisors and
oilier Township Officers. Our forms aro
all the most correct. We sell at prices that
will save vou money. Your orders are re
spectfully solicited.
Booth Bralev vs Jebial i'razes) et al.
'William Allen Frazee and Edward F raise.
Pinkney Tarr and Terressa Tarr, wto are sup
posed to reside at Pikes Peak State of Kansas,
will taKe notice t hit Booth Jiraley or the coun
ty ef Jackson and State of Ohio, on the 31st day
of October 1857, recovered ajudgment against
Jehial Frazee then of the county of Vinton and
State of Ohio and now deceased for the sum of
six hundred and sixty-nine dollars and seven
cents (669,07) with cost taxed to four dollars
and ninety-six et. (4,58) in the Court of Com
mon l'leas or v inion uounty ana oiaie of Unio,
that said judgment remains in full foros unpaid
and unreversed. And the said Pinkney Tarr
and Terressa Tarr, William Allen Frazee and
Edward Frazee, are further notified that said
Court have ordered the heirs and legal represen
tatives of the said Jehial Frazee deceased to be
made parties defendants to said judgment. And
that Plantilfs at the next term of said Court af
ter the 29th day of August, A. D. 1361, will
move said Court ts revive said judirment atralnat
then, and others who are the legal representatives
of the said Jehial Frazee deceased.
H. 8. BUMDY, BrNOHAJ Hiwitt,
July 2d 1863, tw. . Their tt'ys.
Dr. S. B. D V Ii A P.
Would respectfully announce to tha cltiisns
of Mo Arthur and Vinton Connty, that he has
returned, and will spend a few weeks in Mo
Arthur. And that he is prepared to perform
all opperatlons pertaining to his profession,
and that he will be bappy to wait on any of
his old friends and customers who may ravor
him with a call. ,
He wilt be at Dr. Doddrige's office, Main
Street, McArthur Ohio. ;
P. 8., Ladies witd upon at their rwidsnoas
t desired. 8. B. DUNLAr.

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