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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 16, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy of
TheDemocra .c .parly has tter fcren. nJ
jet fci law-abiding party. It asks not mg
but itt rights under the Constitution ami the 1
laws. It resorts to no tlolation cf either;
it couotenenits no violatiuu of either. I!
tins a light to all guarantee of public and I
private liberty, aim or property, container in
uur fundamental lasts, and it will surrender
not tne of them. 1 1 has the right to discuss
public measures, and will discuss them" It
has the right to propose and ndvocate that
policy which it drems best for the nation,
and it will exercise that riiiht. It bus tho i
..u. . 1 , I .. . i .
... .,.,k...i7 ndbMiu up. m vy -..ic
the i
people ai peaceao.o am. untramn.eie.l cec-
lions, ami it will maintain that right
1 1 7 c ; . V. ,r
all lawful rulo of the ninjuritv ; if it be the
majority itself, it rlaims lint its lawful will
s.....i m : .1.1. - in
le respected. 1 Whether 1 it a majority or
..Uba ..11 1 .1.. - :.. r..
nullum; 1 11 unci 1 uu mils uiui wu iu iu:i-v.
These that it dislikes it seeks to overthrow j
not by violence
.. tut by a les.ti.nafo repeal. ,
Those that it proposes, it seek to carry, iml
kf force, but by lt gnl enectments. And
vhat it does in all these repe Is, it tic-
mand and lias a ri-htio demuiid, thatal'J
other shall do. 'lLey owe the eauio ubed
imce to the Constitution and the law s that
Democrats owe. They have the same in
terest to maintain Iree government, to pro
tact liberty, to bo secure in their house.-,
iiersons and ptoporty, that Deinoerats iiuve.
t is .neither their interest nor ours that des
potism or anarchy should prevail; and if they
wish to avert both, let them see to it iu time
that they give ne occasion lor ei'lier. We
will do our duty; lei them re in ember to do
In view of the circumstances that have
brought us together, we hereby resolve :
1. ' That the' will of the people is the
foundation of all free governments. Th.it
te give effect toth'13 will, . fice thought Iree
epeetb ami tree press are ub-otnlel null
reusable. "Without free discussion there is
uo certain fy of sound juilgiiicut; with'iut
ouud judgment there tan Uo 110 wise gov
ernment. 2. That it Is on inherent and constitu
tional right of,lhfl peopla to discuss a 11 men
sures oliheir; (iovernn.eiit, and to approve
01 disapprove,' as to their best judgment
toems 'iglit. That they have a ri?htto pro
pose, and advocate llmt policy which iu their
judgment is best, and to arguo and vote
against whatever policy seems to them to
violate the Constitution, to impair tin it lib
erties, or be!etiim.Mital tolheir wellure.
3. That these aiid all other" riyht. guar
anteed to them by their constitutions, ure
their rights in time, of war os well as in time
of peace; and of far more value and necessi
ty in war than in peace. For in peace liber
ty, security and property ar seldom endan
gered; in war they are ever in peril.
4. That we uow say toall whom it may
concern, not by way of threat, but calmly
and firmly, that we will not surrender these
rights nor submit to their forcible violation
We will obey the laws, ourselves, and all
otheis must obey them.
5. That there is a manifest difference be
.tween the ' Administration ol the tiovern
.flienl and the Government itself. The Gov
ernment consists or civil and political insti-
. tutionh created by.. the Constitution, mid to
It the people owe allegiance. The Admiuis
tration are . but the atrenfsof I he ligoulc.
subject to their , approval or condemnation
according to the uleiit or demerit of their
acts. ' 1 '
6. That in the cxerr.i?e of the right to
differ with the Federal Executive, we enter
our solemn protest against lb! proclamation
. of the President of-the United States, uatcd
the fust day of tXanuury one thousand eight
hundred and sixtythree by which he as
sumes 'to emancipate slnves iu certain
Slates, holding the same to bo unwise un-
; constitutional and void.
7. That we declare our determined op
position to a system of emancipation by the
States, upon compensation to be mutlu out
of the Treasury of the United States, us
burdensome upon the people, unjust in its
very nature, and wholly without warrut of
the Constitution.
8. That we declare tlml the- power which
ha a recently been assumed by the President
ol the United Slates, w hereby, under guise
. of military necessity, he hag proclaimed and
extended or asserts the riht to proclaim
or extend martial law over S'ate ulierv
war does not exist, and has suspended the
writolHAnEAS conns, is unwarranted by
the Constitution, and its tendency is to sub
ordinate civil to military authority, and to
6ubveit our system ol free government.
9. That we deem it proper (urther to de
clair that we, tpgther with the truly loyal
people of the Slates, ivould hail with pleas-
. ure and delight any inanilcstations ol a de-
. sire on the part ol the seceded States to re-
-turn to their allegiance to the Government
. of the Union,, eud in such event we would
j- 1 1.. . i .i . . . .
-coru.aiiy anu earnestly co-operate, witn tliem
in me restoration oi peace and the procure
ment 6( such proper guarantees as would
give security toall their interestg eud
10. That the soldiers composing onrfT
mies merit the ivarinest thanks of the na
tion. The country called and nobly did
r they respond. Living, they shall know a na-
tion s gratitude, wounued, a nation s core;
' and dying they shall live in our memories;
and monuments shall be raised to teach pos
terity to honor the patriots and heroes who
offered their lives at their country's alter.--Their
widows and orphans shall' be Mopted
by the nation, to be watched over and cared
fof as objects truly worthy a nation's guard
ianship. 11. That Ohio will adhere to the Con
stitution and the Union as th'.- best, it may
be the last, hope of popular lieedom, and for
all wrongs which may have been committed
' or evils which may exist, will seek redress,
under the Constitution and within the Uni
on, by the peaceful but powerful ngency ol
.the suffrages of a free people.
12. That we hail with pleasure and hope
me maniiesiauons ot tne conservative sen
timent among the Northern States in their
elections, aud regard the same as the earn
est of a good purpose upon their part toco
operate with all other loyal citizens in wiv
ing security to the rights of everv section,
and maintaining the l.niou and the Consti
tution as they were ordained by tha founders
joi the Republic.
13. That whenever it becomes practica
ble to obtain a Convention of all or three
iourths of the States, such body should be
convened for the purpose ol proposing such
amendment to the Federal Constitution as
expetieuce has proved to be necessary to
maintain that instrument in -the spirit and
meaning intended by its founders, a ml to
pronda against future convulsions and wars.
l 4. That we n'ill anpstlf support eve-
'r.v constitutional niensme tendin"; to pre-
serve ihe union ofthe Stales. No nun have
greater interest in iw preservation than
;we )ttve. none desire u ml nr0 non(.
, wi k ..... ..,..:, . e,..u.,.
inure than wo will to accomplish that en I
We nre, as we ever have been, thei'uvote
friends of ths Constitutiuii and the Union.
and we have no sympathy with the erieir !
of either. 't
IS. Tli.ll tliA r-ci iiii..r!-,i.,n. it '....I
Jended trial, and actual hu.ii. !iiinnt ol
nient L. VnilanH;L''t:!!. a uslizrn uf l!:e HU'-o
of Ohio, not '-"! : ? to t!,e !;m.l or naval
forces of the Uuiird St.ii. s. iwr tn the milt -
lury inactuiil service by ull.fd military
fur no olh,r VKW-AivH lr;me th,
. f . .,.,. ,, millp
imii ui"u uiu nuiiiiinsiidiMii iii ver, uiiii
f appeulins to the ball
( . ' ilcv?..,; fcrrost ,
' ' ,.: -j,,,-- ..,.,
it-cox for a ch;.n
nnil military trial ta
wirts of lnv nre open
and unobstructed, and fur nonet done with-
. , i,.,r,. r ,.,;,,., ,:i:, .i:..
, ,,....,. ... ' , ,
. ' , , fol!owi wU.
p.ii;i ..iii' vio: iti 'u oi i un ioi:owinj pro I
.-inns of tin; Cuiituulioa of the Unile l
I. "Congress dhall make no law
abridtfiiiij tne freedom of speeeh or of the
press, or the right of tin people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition tlio Government
for a redress of grievances.
2. "The right ol the people to be secure
in their persons, houses, papers and effects
ngiiust U'ucasouabli! searches urn I seizures,
shall not bo violated, and no warrant shall
i-stic but upon probable cause, supported by
oath or bihrination, and particularly describ
ing the place to be searched and the poisons
or thinus to be seized.
3 "No persons shall bo held to answer
for a capital ot otherwise inlnmom ciiine,
-unless ina presentment or indictment of a
Grand J'.ry, except in cai-s wrisitii! in ti.v
land or naval forces, or in the mi; w1. n
in actual service in limeof wet u; pn-ac
danger. ; '
4. "In all criminal prosecutions, the ac
cused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and
public triul by an impartial jury of tho Stute
.iu3distiict wherein the crime shall have
tlcrn committed, which district shall have
beeg previously ascertained ty law.'
And we furthermore, denounce said ar
rest, trial mid banishment as a direct in
sult ofleied to the sovereignty of the people
ol Oil iu, by whose orgnuic law it is declared
that "no person shall bo transported out ol
ihe Siuie lot any offonso committed within
the eume "
!('. That Clement L. Vallamligham was
at the time of his arrciit a prominent candi
date lor nomination by tho Democratic by
party of Ohio for ullice of Governor of the
State; thai the Democratic party was fully
competent to decide whether ha was a fit
man for that nomination, ond that tho at
tempt to deprive them ol that right by his
airest and banishment, wns nil unmeii'.ed
imputation upon their intelligence and loy
al'y, as well as a violation ot the Constitu
tion. 17. That we respectfully, lut most earn
estly, call upon iho President of tho United
States to restore Cleinnui L. Vallandigham
to his home in Ohio; and that a committee
of onejlioin each Congressional District of
the State, to bo selected by the presiding of
ficer of this Convention, is hereby appoin
ted U present this application to the Presi
dent. 18. That the thanks of this Convention
are hereby tenu red to Horatio Seymour,
Governor of the State of New Voik, (orhis
noble letter in relation to tho arrest of Air.
Vallandrghatn; and the l'resiJent of this
Convention is hereby directed toconiinuni
caie a copy of this resolution to Governor
19. I hat the establishment of a inilil,'-.
government over the loyal Slates, whei,-.a
does not cxi?t, to supersede, the civil an1..!
tie9 and uppres$ the Ireedoin of speech and
of the press, and t 'i inc iter- n ; 1; ih j elec
tive traiicluse, i ; . 3 - , of the
Coiistitiuion i, i tl.rt sovereignty of Hie
Siali-s, Lui th-. iif.uul iiianjuralioii of revo
lution. 20. That it U tho sc orn duty ol Gov
emor of the Suutc tn protect her citizens in
the injoyr.ient uinl exercise ol all their con
stitutional lights; and ive have beheld w th
deep humiliation and regret, .not only the
failure ol David Tod. Governor of Ohio, to
perforin tliut duty, but what is still worse,
Ins active participations in the violaiiou of
these r gliu.
541 -that we denounce as traitors to the
country the Abolition Jucobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in the loy
al States, with ihe view of turning, if possi
ble, the bayonets of the army against the
breasts of the lallieis, brohers and friends of
the soldiers, and subjecting,. ihos Slates to
a military surveillance uiul dominion,
2-2. That we denounce, as libelers of the
Democratic party and enemies of their coun
try, the meu who are engaged in represent
ing the Deinocnic party as wanting in sj in
pathy with our soldiers in tho field. It is
a base ahuide: upon human natuie to ass -it
ihat the Democrats, who- have hundred.' of
thousands of brothers and sons in the army,
do not sympathize with them und it is un
outrage upon the Democratic paily, that
has always stood by iho tountiy, t ) asserf
tftal it is not the liiend of iis gallant !:!:;.
dcrs. rr . . ....
io. ihat tne conduct ol lln.: ; i r (;..:.
etal Mason, Ihe Military Coii7iiiai;dm,L a
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ance nl militaiy restraint upon the proceed
ings of this Convention show that ihey have
ajnst appreciation ol the Constitution of
their country and the rights of the people;
and that they are wise and potriotup officers
and that their conduct on this occasion is
in striking contrast with contrsry conduct
ol the military authorities upon the occasion
of the late Democratic niebtins; at Indianap
olis. And we take pleasure iu exoressiim
our coiin.ience m Ueneral Mason and the
officers and soldiers under his command.
The Convention then adjourned, wifh
three clicrs for the nominees, three for the
Constitution,, and three for the Union.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
A. CO MILL r Jr.M. I).
Offers his Proffcsional services in the
practice of Medicin: and Surgery, to the cit
izens of tlainden and surrounding country.
March 2it h 96j", 6mo.
We have a first rate new Coal Cook
ed injr Stove. Also a I'remium Wood
QiUCooking Stovo for sale. Call at tlM ortioe
and see Ahem, if you acta stove at 'die
lowest CBali figures.
hi H
1 0:i g jpV'
Then anv other House
Tlis stock, v hicli
and neatest, and was principally
Bought before the late advance in
prices, he will positively sell,
Then any olhcr House in the County.
Wanted- wool, Meat, Butter,
Eggs, Rags, Feathers Dried fruits,
rlax seed, nions, Hard soap, and
all articles of ountry produce, for
which the highest price will he
Jnnmuy 3 1863 lyr
in Southern Ohio.
is much the largest
Sidle of 0uo,V inton Connty
Qeorpo A. Arms, &
K. C. Arms,
J ritfts.j
I n Oourt of
f Dufl8- Order of le.
iy. i:.- " A '"C to the command of anorderof
Kilo in tho abuvo cune, to mo directed from
tho Court, ot'Cnnimon rieasot" af.iresnid county
of Vinton. 1 will oiler nt viildic salo, at tho door
,f t lie Court IIoiiko, iu tho Town of McArthur,
1 - .. I'in.An nn
SaturJaii the st dan nf Auoast 1SG3
At tho hour of ton o'clock A.
tha lullcwing rent o? tu tc to -wit :
M., of said day,
uiirii;r ot Soolion number tlnrty-tnur, t-nui
'J'iiviirh'.i nnuibcr fin, (10.) ofKunjo fittcon,
(15.) AU tho west half of tho north-oast oiiar-
tor of Section number thirty fonr,(3l.)in Town
ship iniiiibor ten, (10,) of lh'-inre mmibor fiftoon
( 15.) conlainiiiK two huiu'.rod and forty acres,
And a part of tho west liuli'of tho south wot
quarter of Section numbor thirty-live, (3i,Hn
Township number ton, (1ft, of Ranee number
f.itecn, (lb, continuing ten ucros bcitinnii.(f at
the creek holow lirnwns Mill, Urowns line crosses
tho creek in tho south-west quarter of Section
number tlnrty-tto, (55.) in Township number
ton, (1U.) ol unlike nviuuur iiuuen, , m,;iu
snntti tbiriv-two deL'recs west Ovo cliainsand
til'ty-threu links to a etako, thence sov.theiKMy
six degrees west six ehr.ins und forty-three links
to a stake, thenco south V) degrees wc.-t six
chuinn and forty links to a stake from which a
Ked oak eight inches in dia.-nctor boars south
sixty-seven an J e l:ull'degro.s west thirty-five
links dirMnt, and wl ito oak flvoinches in diam
o or bears north eighty-eight deirreos cast twenty
links distant, thence east on the Section lino to
Hie eioe ..' thenco up tho cr"'ik with the nicun-d.-riiu-s,
tliciK'O to tho place of hoi;in.iing,
'1 alien as tho property of William 11, Ulnok,
to SHtis.'v a liidiinont of af'ireiaid Court, in la-
vji ol lieorge A. & K. C. Arms.
Apprised us P.llows, lonit: Two tlionsand
ni i Mi.i'l'o l mill seventy uonar i f JJiU,; anu
mi briny two-thirds of that sum.
1 ;'TA ':V SALEvcash in hand.
J. . Y .'Dowiir.. AKCIl. NOItr.IS,
Atty. for 1'ltfls. Sli'lTYi Co. 0.
July 2d. lv;3,-pfei0.C2-Cir '
Booth Braley vs Jeliisl Frazeo etal.
AVillium Allen Frazeo and Edward Frazee,
Pinknoy Tarr and Tor'rcssa Tarr, wl o nro sup
poseil to reside nt Pikes Peak State of Kansas,
win taKo noueo mat ucotn lsruiey ot ihe coun
ty i.f Jackson and fitate of Ohio, on the21st duy
ol Oetol.er lio", recovered a jungment against
Jelnal i razee then of the county of Vinton and
Stnto of Ohio and now deceased for tho sum of
six hundred and sixty-nino dollars and seven
cell's (fiii9,07) with cost taxed .o four dollars
and ninety-six cts. ( 4,98 in tho Court of Com
mon Pleas of Vinton County and Stnto oi Ohio,
that said judgment reir.ajnsin full force unpaid
ami unreversed. Amlthosaid rinkncy larr
and Terrossa Tarr. Willium Allen Frazue and
Edward Frazee, aro further notified that said
Court have ordered the heirs aud legal represen
tatives of tho said Jehial Frazeo deceased to be
made parties defendants to said judgment. And
thatPlantitfs at tho next torm of said Comt af
ter tho 29th day of Aucutt, A. 11.1363. will
niovo said Court ts revivo said judgment against
then, and others whoarethe legal representatives
of the said Jehial Frazeo dereuscd.
H. 6. Btwnr, Binoiiax aIIetitt,
JnW 33 1863, r. . ; Their tt'ys. .
j to mum trustees
"VfOTICE is hereby given to Township Trus
i tees and other township officers, who are
entitled to a copy of the Gt acrid Laws of Ohio,
that they have been rocieved and are now ready
for distribution.
July 2nd 1363-3sr. Aud'rV.Co.O. 1
Stale of Ohio; Vinton County.
JohnS. Black )
Elmer Jones ct ft!)
Court of Common l'lcns
1 Y virttio of in ordor of solo U ma '!r -: .-; -;-!
) from tho Court of Common l'leus, of 'int' 'j
(.bounty Ohio, I will oiror for nln ut tho im ui
tho Court llouao, in tho town of McArtl. ir on
Saturday ji25tA day of July lSo'S"
At Die hour of ten o'clock A. M , of said day.
the following property to-wit: lieiug a part of
the south-west quarter of Section nuinbei tbir-ty-tlvc,
(3j,) township number ton, (10,)rftn(;o
liinnbcr liltten,(15;) beginning at I ho cunt lino
of ths naidquurter nl a muplo trca cloven iiicheg
indiulMGtor. lillv-cinht rmU and ttiytenn linUi
from tho south-cast corner , thoneo north fortv.
Hvo decrees west, distant fortv-two rods ton
.nost ; theiioo up Kuccoon crook so as to includo
mo thirds of said creek, to lands deeded by
J amea lcVVhartor thenco south iwcnty-two
jclmiug undcifrht-flvo links tothoSoetion line;
thoneo west live chains and fixty-otio links;
thence oast forty-.iino doirroos six chains ami
forty links to stake ; thence eighty-six dogrees
north six chnius and forty-three links; tiienoe
north thirty-two decrees, cast twonty-two rod
and forty-eight links to the place ofbcglning
continuing thirty acres bo tlio samo more or loss
Except one half aero deeded to John Tidron by
said 1'ioree, toirother with all tho privileges and
uj'i'uriununccs ineroio DOloinruig.
Also eighty acres beinir the wet half nf thn
north-west quarter of tho aforesaid section, ex
cept twonty-nve aorcs beforo deeded to George
Kickeyontho side of said eighty acres, all ins
township number tou, (10.) ot range cumbor,
fifteen, (15. 6 '
Taken as the property of Elmnr Jones ct al,
to satisfy a judgment iu favor of John S. Black.
Appraisme.it mill property at throo thousand
six hundred dollars, (3'iUO.) And an eighty acre
tract appraised at lour hundred iln War i.mn
.,.,A K-:., . .i.i.i." ..!.: ' v vw
....m, ui.iiu vwu-iijjriu oi iKaii Bum,
""J"J uai.i.j tusii in nnnus.
E. A. BnATTON atty.for PJ'lf Sb'fl V.Co.O.
June IStb l63-5w
llonry Johnson, PltfT.
Abraham Johnson I
& Others. )
In Partition
Abraham Johnson of the County of .Tiekaos
and 8tato of Ohio, William Johnson, Christiana
Johnson, Sarah Walker formerly irah Johnson
William Walter, Charlotte Laraw formerly
Charlodo Johnson, Joseph Larew, EmilySalti
';"'. j y. u"ouuiiuiiii oalts auu l lioniai
. s" uu Daraujane roo, minor
Jieirs of Clarissa Fee docoased, formerly Claris
sa Johnson, all ot the county of'inloi in the
State of Ohio, Kbfxla Kite, otho Stoto of IowA
minor heiof Polly Kitudoccnsed, furmerly Pol-
ij uuiiiic'.u, unlit), jviie kirnioriy ancy John
uo, Aucuarian fl.uo, lcrcsa ltogorn formerly
Teresa Johnson, Ji.hu Eogers and John John-
"law oi Wisconsin, will take notice
that a portition - was filed against them on tho
S'Jth da of June AD 1803. in thn fVmrt f i
mon Pleas, within and for the county of Vinton
and Stato of Jhio, by. Ileury Johnson and Is
uuw punuiug, wncroin tue said llonry Johnson
demands partition of the following real estate
siiuaieam me- connty or Vinton and State of
vaio io-wn; ine r.ortn-east qimter ol the
south-east quarter of section number sixteen
(18,) in Township number ten, flo.V nf l.'ani
number seventeen, ( 17,1 excepting ten acres on"
of the south side of said forty acre tract owned
by Damarin Tarr Co. Also the north wet-t
quarter of the south west quarter of Section num
ber fifteen, (15,) Township, Eango aforesaid, ex-
uuiiug ivu Ki ou oi van eouio siue 01 said for
ty acre tract owned by Damarin Tarr Co., and
also excepting twenty acres off of the East side
of the remaining thirty acres owned by William
Walker, being in all forty acres more or less
and that at the next term of said rnrt th.
HenrV Johnson will apply for an order that par-
h Edmistok, .
July 2i 16C8-6W.
Not for dloiidj r, i .'
aiet3 Ui
McArthur. Oliio,
Jnst rcccu'ed neplenJia stock of
)7ooIl,lai(Isi;VaIcntla Plaida, Prints,
Ulciwhcd and Urowci MtiblitiB,
&c. A largo 6tock nnd be
low tlio present whole-
a a 1 o PRICES.
A full etock on hand iml far belo-.v
fll competition in town.
viuns, tassmicrcs,
Iu liict, everything you .need
Wo keep evcrj qnalitjand
etylo, and will
Having bought our stock entirolj for
viiBij, wo are enauica to
ia all kinds of
Fancy Goods, Balmorals, Hoop
Skirt8,Nubias,0pera Ilaods,
Stockings, Gloves,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
All kinda of Conntry
Received in exchange, at tho highest
uiurKui, prices, u yoa want to
save money and solect out
of a large stock go to
Octobor 23rd, 1U62- lyr.
DEA'T ISTil 1:,
I)r. S. B. D V I. A P.
Would respectfully announce to the citizens
of McArthur and Vinton Connty, that he has
Mtnrned, and will spend a few weeks in Mo
Arthur. And that he ia prepared to perform
all oprerationa peitaininir to his profession.
and that he will bo happy to. watt on anv of
um uiu irieuus ana ousuimera wno may- tavor
him with a call. . -
lie will be at Dr. Seddrifre't office. Main
Street, -.VoArUiur Ohio. .. . -- 1 ..
. r. S., Ladiei waited upon at their rosulencos
f desired. - . . 8.B.DUWLAr.
' . 4
r.7B in
.T-xl-:' 1
ct m
a c vtavcwc vcCvc vX
cwyc oX . UW xvvcv
v o," au v a
vtrntCCvoX' ctex-a tcoX
ktx,0 a oSi Vvxtve-eVjeie-w
ivvc wceAeA ciw ottNlvcXe,
8Xowotc Sbe, VCve, V3
t Bilious Fever,
Fever and figuey
Liver Complaint,
Jaundioe, '
Kidney Complainis,'
la waXviitc.
xAvc vvvotVtQ; c-m
nctt, vc v.c .vwoiw SoWct
T)v. "RoVctW
diAc ota waAto5
wXc-wi, "Rtxxvck.Xm tc. r
TKes .5fer art put up in quart
lottles, of whioh the abev is afa-im
iU. 7i lahtl i finely tngravii, arvi
t provided with a Baft-guard from
oounttrf titer t. (Priot $1 per lottlt, o
At for $5. -
C. TV. tfohaolc, Proprietor, JTO. 9
Eatt Fourth 7i., Cincinnati, to wm
till ordert thould It addreised
S. V. Dodge, McArthur; Cowdery
& Strong, Hamden ; C. Johnson New
Plymouth; Will & Co., Zaleski; John
Holland, Swan ; M. P. & C. Carr,
Wilkesvillo.and by Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout tho
United Stateeand Canadas.
October 23d, 1862,-ly.
Wibaktee andQuit Ctslm Deeds, ind
Mortgogca, the shortest and most approred
Justices' and Constalles' Blanks,
Such as Summonses, Subpanas.JExeeutions,
Orders o( Attaclimeot, Affidavits, Under
takings, Orders of Arrest, and ConstibleV
Sales Notices. Also '
for Treasurers, Constables, Supervisors ,and
other Township OOicera. .Our forms, are
all the most correct. , VWaellat prices that
will save vou money. Your orders are re
spectfully solicited. '
FOR SALE. The Propeitv is situs
j ted in Allnsri11e,Vinton'Coun,tyOhio
and known -ts theMiller -Horrt,.-A bar
gain be given,", i
for Terms appry u i i n
April' 16th. 1663 t lt ,MMcAur.O.
And all otttor uiartixo m oawi
CJ.1,1 ii i n-

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