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cE-be SUtjjut flinio&f.?
rjr rn co.nsitiutiov as i " is.
t n I'.iiiw s n was. tii. necko
' i i tin lis .1 . I.. 1.' . I..... ,....
of ihn I.iiw nxainst nil Oiiicera who
H Iir.lin 111. la. nnu l"-, i.nnin;rHmi
hne usurped Authority, n well n me
s'luplo who Commit ISreucbes ot the
Subjeit to tht tecition of lit Democratic
' Contention of the vholt Union,
0( Montgomery Count.
: GEORGE E. PUGH, of Hamilton.
TitkAtuRsa or Sr.ilE.
.. HORACE S. KNAPP, of Ashland.
P. VAN TRUMP, of Fairfield.
JOHN II. HEATON.of Belmont.
J551 "Ir Ihe Infernal fanatic tal abolition
ists ovor get llio power in their ha de, they will
over-rido the Constitution, bet lb Surpreme
Court ut dennnce. cnun go aud niukj laws to suit
thi-mtlvis, Ivy violent hands ou those who 3l
ftr with them in their opinions, crdsreques
tlon their infullibiliiy, ai.d finally bankrupt the
country, nnd deluge it wilb blood." AunW
"Nxvxn fail to protest against any vlo
litiun of the Constitution, nor lot an; raerahsr
of the Government transgress. People are very
wily habituated to encroach menu upon tbeir
liberties. The people (bo nib odviso tbe Govern
menl to change its course.'' Jotn J. Crittin-
' Van "Whili the arruv is flirhtin. von uad-
tissue, fee that tb wsr is praetcnsVI for the
preservation of the 'Union ako f 'onbtit utiom,
furyonr Nationality, and your Kioins ai Ci
lists.' Otnirul Utorgt JS. Mc (Julian
"The firs', want of every nation is peace,
if.e last if peace. It wanU pcare always,
Bo our foreiutheis understood the philosophy
oi govern meiit ; for they established a sys
fern which dispensed with even the forces
r.eresaary to perfect defenre, rather than
ccmWr it with sueh as might tempt it to
unnecesEury collision with oilier Sta'.ea. A
cVmocratii' government has no adptiition to
war.- War involves a nation in debt, and
reqni;es vast diippliesof mii and taiea, and
elf ttxing poop's will not, except when abso
lutt.lyublidged b the exigences of Aa nger,vot0
sillier one or the other. Our government
has nolefffctive powers of coimrriplion.' No
modern state has carried on, or can cary on,
Igreisive war wi'.liout conscription. War
lioucver brief in duration, and however
lightits calamities, deranges all focixl indus
try, subverts order and corrupts public mor
els, The first element, then, of our social
iiappiuets and security is Peacb."
13" "LET there benoohenge by usurpa
tion ; for through this, in one instance, may be
the instrument of good, it it the autumary wea
pon by icMih frtt gorernmtntt art Autrn,t&, The
precedent must always greatly overbalance, in
permanent evil, any partial or transient hono
ut which the use can at any time yield." -Wath-igtcn't
Farewell Addreii.
Democratic County Convention.
The Democracy of Vinton county
will see by our standing Notice, that
they are required to moot in their
Townships on Saturday, the 15th day
ot August, and elect delegates to at
tend tho County Convention on Mon
day, August the 17th, to nominate
candidates. The absence of the peo
pla on military duty at Camp Ports
mouth on tbe last day of onr meeting,
made this change of time necessary
We hope our friends will not ceglect
theeo meetings, but rally in tbeir
Base Outrage.
Tbe Militia of Ealu Tp.. nnder
Captain IlAtNE3,alter arrival at Llam-
den, hearing that tho Camp at Porta
mouth was disbanded, returned home
on Wednesday, the 22nd. A railroad
agent, by the namo of Wright, re
f jsed th cm transportation to London
dtrry station, and the men had to
walk home. This agent virtually
taking on himself the authority of
Governor Tod, and countermanding
his orders to the Captains of Compan
ies ; and thereby losing the railroad
company tbe amount of their trans
portation. No man but the Captain
bad auy right to order whero bis men
should go, excopt their field officers,
and they had none; hence it was an
outrage upon the men by this rftijrptd
Base Outrage. Army Letter.
We rccciv yd last week a letter from
a soldier from, Vjnton county, dated
at MurfreoaDoro,';; Tennessee, ?,wh6se
name we withold tor tho reason that
Ida officers would punish him for
writiug it. We wish to say that we
have" cfectiried to -' publish a number
lor tho tome reason. The boys, have
already Buffered for writing home
letters. Lictit. EnoicRLT was disrals
sed'frum the service for no other rea
son, only that lie circulated Demo
ciatic t:cke'.s. Colonel Hatfield was
dismissed becauso lie talked his sen
timents, and becanso lie was a Demo
cmt. But re ii J this extract from this
Viuton county soldier. Lie says:
"Tliero is trickery going on tbnt I
do uot know if you have naticed or
not. The soldier are going to have a
vote this lull. A Democrat dare not
eueuk his suntitneuts here, or lie
, ... .
WOUlJ DO Illli.g
or trliot lor treason
You know very well they will not be
allowed to vote unless they vote on
Abolition ticket. For my part, 1 will
see them in hell before I vote, unless
I can vote as 1 please. They make
their brngs that the soldiers and Abo
litionists that aro in the North can
beat the Democrats, and that the
Democrats in tho army can do uo
harm. We cannot get any thing here
to read but Methodist Tracts and
Abolition papers. If they keep the
government much longer in their
bunds, wo will all go to tf it Deyil
together, I expect to servo out mv
three years if I live, &c."
Waut of room prevunts us from
giving other extracts.
The Spirit Abroad!
We ngrco with tho Sentinel which
The terrible riots in New York citv
and tho ('inbreaks in Philadelphia.
Boston, Newark, N. J., and other
places upon the attempt to enforce the
OoDScr!t)Uca act, are the legitimate
fruits o! tuu examples set the people
by those in authority, iu disregarding
the requirements of law and all con
stitutional obligations. We desecrati
all riotous proceedings, no matter by
wbom or for whatsoever purpose in
augurated, and hope the strong arm
ot tbe law will suppress all 6iich out
rages, hereafter be applied to thoao in
authority wlo disregard law, aa well
aa to an excited populace who goaded
on by supposed or real Injuries, eeck
redress by each terrible means.
Every good citizen who really de
sires the salvation of the country and
tho public good, phoald not only in
ouuautiy trow a down every hint at
resistance to .law, but should avoid
giving 'OiJeuse as far as possible to
neighbors, whereby neighborhood
strifes are engendered and the spirit
of violence and bloodshed called up
to feast st the table prepared by the
demou of coulusion and anarchy !
If every ouo would remember that hia
follow citizen has rights, and that all
are required to be Butject to the re
straint of wholesome laws, tho spirit
of bitterness so rampant would not be
exhibited, tliu vile epithets of reproach
bo frequently applied by met; to their
tellow citizens would be discarded,
and aa citizens of a common couutry,
iaving common destiny, w would
endeavor to save the country aud cul
tivate better feelings for sake of the
public good, as the influence now
abroad is that ot riot and bloodihed,
aud unless it i6 curbed, there is no
telling where it witl break out nor
who will be victims olao excited pop
ulace 1
Every patriot nhould consider well
the indications of the public spirit,
and avoid anything which tends to in
crease the already excited public mind
or produce a conflict betweou the
lam and tbe people I We have con-
siantly deprecated a resort tu violence
aud advised forbearance of law, how
ever unjust or oppressive, trusting to
Ih ballot box for a redress ofgriev
ances, and we again caution onr read
ersBgaioet everything calculated to
excite the public mind or produce
violation of any law
"1 hose who take tho sword shall
perish by tbe sword, and as mobs
are uncontrollable bodleB, the object
aud aim of every good citizen should
be to prevent tbe organization of rneu
into bodies not governed and control
labia bodies, tbe object and nun ol
every good citizen should be to pre
vent tuo organization ot men into
bodies not governed and controlled by
civil laws, uo matter for what purpose
nor by wbom instigated I - these are
our views, often and earnestly expres
sed heretofore, aud we hope they may
have tbeir desired affect in our com
munity, and aid iu allaying tho spirit
i f bitterness at.d violauce recently
manifested among our hitherto qniet
and orderly disposed people. Those
who lead cu a mob to-day, may be its
victims to-morrow, and the torch ap
plied by tbe rioter to his neighbor's
property, may in the next hour con
eumehUowoI These things should
be well pondered over, and all good
cjtieens act fot the beet inters ta oi tbe
s Thia spirit of riot, blood-sbod and
resistance- to law mutt biput down,
audit' thu discountenance of peaceable
law-abiding cozens does not suppress
it, gropt nr canmsier wti nave w
be used, because, it anarchy; aid con-
fusion obtain the mastery in the North
our country, our all, will bo as chaff
before the whirlwiud I
'Our' victorious' armies and
worn aoiuitirs luustuero iniorcea,
now, while tbo rebellion is 'tottering;
uuder the weight of serious reverses.
.we iniut pur a quioim on treason and
traitors by all the power of the uov
erniiiunt. and the authority of law be
re-established over every fool of terri
tory in rebellion, lint it does seem to
us, that if homos and country are not
worth defending, the people place a
light cstimnto upon their rights and
liberties, and to force them to uo that
which patriotism and love of country
should impel ihein to perlorm with
ulacrity and cheerl'ulnes, argues a
condition ol affairs not t ail flattering
to the patriotic observer of tho tide of
public matters. It might of ben bet
ter, perhaps, for the Government to
have pursue J the system of rewards
and bouuties, to fill up our armies by
volunteering, but that wan not done,
aud tliero eeeius to bo no alternative
but to obfx ihe laio, or inaugurate
rioting aud lawlessness, the results of
which (iod alone can lorefell I
New York Riots.
Tho New York riot has subsided,
after the loss of more than a hundred
lives aud the destruction of nuarly
half a million dollars, worth of proper
ty by fire. The Republican party as
a pary, in ail U'0 Northern States, for
the last two years, have been advoca
ting mob law, a diaregard of Consti
tutional obligations and civil wnr,aud
instigating mob violence, and coun
selling a disregard of priviite rights
and per6cul liberty. Look uow at
Now York, and consider the legiti
mate fruits of their doctrine aud ex
ample, and let all good nun combine
to restore the rule of law and not
mob law, nor soldier 'aw. but civil
aw the Constitution and laws made
in pursuauco thereof, aud vote the
Democratic ticket, the success of
which will ensure penco aud prosperi
ty to tho country, uot by a dishonora
ble peace, but by means honorable
and just to all parties. The Demo
cratic party never dishonored the na
tion or disgraced the American char
acter, nud never will either in a con
flict with rebels at homo nor foes at a
distance. Jackson did not disgrace,
tho couutry during dnriug the South
Uirolina nullification, uor rots, in
the war with Mexico. When the
Democratic party ansumcs the reins
of authority, the rebellion will subside
and the States return to their allegi
auco, or we'll thrash rebellion out of
At Their Mean Tricks Again.
We had hoped tho iuvas ion of onr
State by Morgau and his band, in-
dangenug alike the property of all,
add to check which all were willing
to leu d their assistance, would not be
ur.xcd up with . politics, aod used to
still further iu flame tho public mind.
It is h well known fact that Democrats
responded liberally to the cull for a
militia force, and shouldered their
muskets to help drive tho invader
from Ohio. Whilo dauger existed,
and their services were needed, poll
ticinns kept their mouth shut, and
evinced the greatest confidence iu tbe
patriotism of Datnocratt. They know
that they had lied, and they felt it
keeuly whon an enemy was near.
No sooner had the rebels passed, and
scarcely had tbe clatter of their horses
tools died away in the bcoto Valley
than, alter drawing a long breath to
reanimate their cowardly aud quak
ing fumes, Uiey sought, if possible, to
manufacture a little pohticul capital in
what ever way tuoy could, and began
to talk ot "Jiorgau's pontics." Ivor
partizan purposes they adopted willull
falsehoods, and tortured circumstances
into shape ot teiriblu import. The
coutemptible spirit that leads a man
to employ sucu means in lue service
of his party, is btirriug up the bitter
feeling now abroad, which may pro
uuce the worst results, it we were
s t . f Jt
disposed to use as vile weapons as
they employ, we might lake advac
tage of a nceut military event that
happened hereabouts: and iu order to
show them bow desperately low their
cause hasBunk, we will present an
"argument" of the cbariicter they
usually employ against the Democrats
We know it is iudefonsible, but we
biing it before these abolitionists to
illustrate their own course.
Last week a military regiment was
formed, and the Colonel and other re
gimcutal and compauy officers purpo
sely appointed fiom the Republican
party. Tbe regiment . was furnished
with new arms and sent up thu rail
road to light Morgau. Ou the second
day out Morgan, after being whipped
by the federal cavairy, with a force
but little aboye the militia, not more
than half of them armed, aud with
scarcely one round of ainunitioa, met
them, when this uepublican Colouo
and his officers. again6t the protesta
tieui of bis uju), surrendered a lbico
mnch need. The men was paroled,
j and returned homo. It has been sug
Afpgested- the snrrender and parole was
anajoscd to 'avoid the draft. One. thing
;g certain, if the commanding officer
nearly .five hundred and thr sflme
number of arms, without firing a gun.
One vollov, tie rebel urisoners tcknow
ledge,- would have scattered Morgan's!
IBif urmaa force. iThii surrender
placed in tiie Lands of Moren tbe arms
and tnuuition of which be was in bo
had been a Democrat,' ; Adblitiouists
would nave cracked their throats in
liawlifig "Democratic 'Traitor," and
sought to prove from the affair that
tho Democratic party was disloyal.
It may have boen cowardice, but it is
uo better th.-in treachery. These Re
publican officers, by basely surrender
ing, gavo Morgan more aid than all
the "sympathizers" in Ohio wonld
have given bim during the war Do
you see the argument I We will ad
rait it is a base course of reasoning,
but it is the kind Abolitionists seize
with such nvidity, and in which they
wliully indulge in their attacks upon
A Lie Exposed
partizan tionists
hare been contiuually employ
ing. that the rebels had sympathizers
in Ohio who would assist them if an
opportunity occurred, has been so
completely exposed, .that if Iho slan
derers had any regard for 6eir own
character, or for the semblance of truth
it would be heard no more. Morgau
in his trip through Ohio did not re
ceive a single recruit, thougli these
fellows had told him, and had beeu
publishing it abroad, that there were
thiuaauds of sympathizers" ready to
join and ussist him. Jt was, no doubt
the encouragement these Republicans
gave him that indnced him to coiiie
into the Statu. The people of the
Stato tdionld hold them responsible
for the visit. Another fact should
teach tho people bow far these politi
cians are to be trusted. Among all
U.e men of Ohio whom they have stig
matized aa "traitors," "sympathizers,"
&c, not one was found willing to give
them infomation concerning the nn.ds
or ossiit them in their course. They
were compelled to impress guidos by
threats into their service. Ihe pris
oners all testify to this. And yet, il
Abolition papers and speakers were
to be bolieved, a majority of the poo
pie of Ohio would have welcomed thuii
coming with joy. How grossly they
lied ab-iut their neighbors butter pat
riots than thetiiselvca and howiudus
triously they still kep at their mic-
cuievous work, lhoy are rapidly los
ing tho confidence of their, followers,
and their las ear fast home to
—Portsmouth Times.
Latest from Morgan.
After Morgan, with his force of
several hundred men, had succeeded
iu crossing the MuBkingmn River, he
moved in the direction of Cambridge
and Campbell's Station, which lattor
point he occupied about niue o clock
yesterday morning. Our forces were
within three miles ot him. Morgan
theu uiado a detour to the ii'irth-eaet,
and at last accounts yostorday after
noon was in tho vicinity or Antrim,
which is about twenty miles from
Cambridge. It is uncertain, as yet.
which direction be will take to reach
tho Ohio River, but an adequato force
is at Wheeling and Steubsuville and
intermediate points to intercept bis
crossing. la his rear and on each
flank be has fiom 10,000 to 12,000
cavalry, and about, 20,000 militia, so
that uis escapo la regarded as impossible.
In our Saturday issue we cava tbe
intelligence that Morgan was still
pressing lor tho Ohio Rivet, arpar
ently with the intention of crossing at
vveiisviiic, and that Major Rue was
in not pursuit, bince then General
Barnside received the news of bis cap
ture, together with bis entire force.
numbering about 500 men. To in
tercept him General Burnsido ordered
Major Rue to Bullair and Major Way
to Cadiz Junction. As soon as he
moved northward, ' Major Way com
luisiiced pursuit ; while Major Rue
was sent by rail to WeHsville.
At Salineville Major Way fonvht
aud checked Morgau, when Major
imo came up, juss a morgan was
turning for flight, aud compelled bim
to surrender.
The following aro the names of
omcors: Gen. John II. Morgan:
Capt. Gilison. A.A.G; D R Williams;
Uapt. Warder, A.U.U; CapW C. C.
Morgan, A.1J.U ; Capt. Uheatauo, A
y.M ; Adjt. Alex, hegley A. D. C
Orderlies Parberry, Barberi ; Col
Cluke. 4th Ky. Cavalry ; J.I1. Crox
ton, Adjt ; Capt. Shane, A. D. O ;
Major Uweus, lUtn&j.; Major Steele
3d ivy.i Doctors Anderson and Burns
Surgeous; Lieut. Kaler. Lieutenant
Mitchell, Lieut. Cooker, Lieut. J. J?.
Hanson, Capt. Boyd, Capt. Morgan
Capt. Twigg, ordnance officer. Pri
vates Swingstore, Grizzard, Duval
Regan, Young, Crouncu Jient,Gwin
Much credit is due to Major Gen
eral Baroeido for tbe manner in which
and a goodly
Eltare also to liriuadier
General ouackeitera, (or me porso
verence wjth which it was kpt up,
finally resulting in the capture of the
famous gaeiruia cuiui, anu win
be awarded the same at the hands ot
all good citizens and loyal men.
the pursuit oi juorgnr,was piar.
Another Brave Man Number d with the
When a brave, a true and good man
dies, his couutry suffers a Ms, nor
will tho single announcement of the
fact do justice to his memory, ilia
countrymen will assemble around bis
grave to pay him tho nieritod tribute
of a tear.
Much grief and sadness foil' upon
our city, when, ut an early u.onr ol
yesteraay, tno mouruiui news ol ihe
death of Major" D miel McCoolt "rea
ched ns.
The deceased died a soldier's death.
Whon Morgan invaded the State,
Major McCook, like many other of
onr patriotic citizens, rushed to arms
lor its defense. lie volunteered an
old gray headed man a brave man
and a gentleman and in the very
hour of victory recoived his donth
Our citizens, who knew him, will
remember him as the father of the
amonted Colonel Robert McCook,
and of other son,who are in tho army,
and whom Ohio holds in high esteem.
VI..:... M-f'-,.! - j . .
uifljvr iuvuus was uuubushuu iu a
marked degree of all tbe qualities of
a true gentleman r courteous and
kiud, but frank aud bold, in his inter-
coarse with those with whom ho came
in contact. Brave even to rashness,
ho was yet cool-headod in emergen
cies, and his opinions always valuable
for their good lotise.
By political, faith a Democrat, we
remember him as one of the truest.
warmest, best loved and must faithful
friends of the lamented Douglus.
Wheuever be differed with bis party
friends ou subjects of grave und
serious moment, all knew him to be
honest and sincere in bis convictious,
un i therefore alwavg held him in gitat
and deserved respect. We do not
mean, howevor, to recall now past
evonts, but warmly and sincerely to
remember ms many great virtues, and
to extend to his noble widow and es
teemed children our earne?t sympathy
in their and their country's bereave
LO A lato arrival from Richmond
reports create gloo:it there over tbe
r ;ceut Union victories
Ma. Editob: Pleas announce tbe
name ofO. T. GUNNING, as a can
didatefor Representative in (the next
Legialatnre.Bul jecf to the Decision o!
tho Democratic county Convention.
Mb. Forroit r Pleas announce the nam of
UAKK1SON LILE, as a candidate for Repre
sentative in the next legislature, snbjoot to tho
decision of the Democratic county Cnvemiou.
Editor Dikoobat : Ploas announce ths
name of A. J.SWAI.M, as astible eondidate
for fiepersenutivs of Vinton county, In the next
Legislature, subjoct to th decision of the Dem
ocratic county Convention.
Mb. Editor : We wish you to announce the
nana of E. A. BEATTON, asa candidate before
the Democratic county Convention, and subject
to itsaecision, rr Representative iu tbe Legis
lature for Viutou county:
HAZEN E. JUdl.K,as a candidate for Phobati
J udoi subject to the Uemocratio Convention.
Mb. Eoitobi l lease announce the name nf
S. U. UAPK, as a suitable candidate for theuf.
floe of Probate Judge, for VlntoL county, sub-
ectto trie dcclsioa of the Democratio county
nameof Lieut. SAMUEL WIL80N. asa osndl
date for Clerk of the Conrt of Common Pleas,
euDieoi to tne decision ot tne uemocratlcoounty
i, .t T ! . ID a t.
vunveniiun. i.ieut. ilsoii is a nrra vemocrat.
and one of the Democratio Traitors who baa
provsd hU loyalty, by the lost of a let on the
Held, snd is every way qualified for th duties of
OlerK.-iSeing renderd unsold to labor, he should
Editob Dt wooba Fleas annonnoe the nam
ofJ W.RAT CLIFFS, as a eondidate for Clerk
of Common Plena Conrt, subject to ths decision
of tbe Democratic county Convention.
Mb. Editob : Yon wtU please announce the
name of 8. 0. STAIN BKOOiC. asa candid ate for
Clerk nf the Court of Common Plena subjeot to
the decision of the JQemocr tij Cbnty Oone.
Mr. Editob : Pleas announce the name ef
JOHN V. WILKINSON, asa candidate 'or
county Commissioner sndject to the decision of
Ioitob Democrat. Pleas annonnoe the name
of JAMES MoOILLlVBAY.of Jaokson Tp. ass
Mr. Editob: Plesse announce the name of
WILLIAM CLAKK, as a candidate for Commis-
siolst, subjeot to the deoision of I be Dmoort
lo Convention.
Special Notices,
17 HiAoqoABTkR CoatAMf It, (l.Q.od
Plith Aegimeut, O, V., damp at Beverly, V,
July87,18il. Dr. (7. W. Robaoc; Cincinnati, Ohio: We
received your long- wished fur and welcome RB
edit a few days ago, and hasten to return yoo
a unanimous expression in regard toourbigu
opinion of the merits of lime.
W hav nsed them with great benefit in oui
Company, and heartily attest to th pnblio opiu
ion of their great benefits. In our cases, espe
cially where there bsve been so many greet
eUangcs as from the civilian in daily routine, lo
business, at borne, to 'tho exposed babitsofao
tive soldiers in a strange sl4 unnatural country
do we most appreciate the merits of such Ilssr
en-sent vsH.es as yours. To U those in oni
position do we most emphatioaUy recommend
yonr Bemedies, being assured, from experience,
tbey will be a very welcome eompeoion. .
Your very trnlT,
Josxrs A. Akdbiw,
Cspt. 0b. B, 6iath Rea-'t. O. V.-
PgnC: i
Jsmes 7. Sera pie, 1st Serfeiot C'0Bjt7 B.
Cliaa, II Pusur, Id Sergwtut.
has. U Huwel, 1st Usui Co. '.h St O.Y,
Thus. 8 Koyee, d Usui.
A. a, WsrraD. 3J Abrmant.
wiw. v. BcnooirT. touil
Corporal Edward Baltman'o,
Corpursl Carltosi II. Cable,
-Offellierwith (9 nntilu-. .
mas. w. svlor
tut mis st Ne. S ast fourth street, a4
DrOffglsU every ber. '
Tbs pecial attention of Salts re Is solioiud I
this si boinj the best arUu )e for toiuplaJau U
cideut (a earn p life,
Feb. alliuo. ..,....,.
To Nervous rfufferers of fJeth Sexes
been restored-U health in a few d ,ri. .A., hh.
derol ogsll tho tuiual routine and Wrolar ea
pensiv modes of treatment without saooes, sou
eiders It Ids sacred dutj to communicate to his
afflicted follow creatures the means ofenr
Hence, on the receiut of an sddrmu nu
he will rend ffroelsconv of the Du-,ltr7J
uaod. Direct to V. John At. Daonall, 18 JTttl
ton Street Brooklyn, New York.
March, May, July, Sep., Not., Jan., lyr.
I he Confession and fcxpcrieacsj f
Nervous Invalid. ,
rublinhed for the benefit and ae a csntlen to
younj men, and others, who suffer from Nervooa
Debility, Early Decay, and their kindred all-uients-supplying
the means of eelf-oare. fir
one who has himself after being victim of
roisplnoed couldonce In medical hombnf and
quackery. By enclosing a post-paid directed
eiivelopo, single copies may be had of the author
Nathanirl Matai, Esq., Bradford, Kb
county, New York.
Feb, April, June, Antf, Oct, Deo. S3, lyr. -
Special Notices, New Advertisements.
4Dd " "u
'.n the County. We boutrh our UhU .t n.. ..
ryli.wssl ea h price H s think w are safe whea
we saythors has never been any person in Me
Arthur, that can tuko us down Iu point of -
Our Marble is of the hH.t .:..
land and Italian. Yuu .in AA
both Rnf
furnUhyou with Grave fiu,.... .
prspared tw
that you may desire. " '
N.B. Wo nsva alA nn 1,.J .1.. .... v..
BereaGrlnd Stone, whU w"; S..U lo.
Do not forget the place when In' Town
. , . ' Corner of Halo a Locus steot
July 80 - 63.- tf Mcarthor, 0.
Wmm!t?u '"J" 11,4 cIU"D orMoAfcl
Knir ?''n7' "' h bs ju.t rs
eeived from the C I X W Spring .,ock of
MISSES aoNNrri wf ,,TJ,n
C1IILD.-E-.S 11418 AND CAPS.
ortb very latest styles snd fashion snd
. pris to suit tbe times.
Ihe best stock ever brought to Mo
AKTHUB, price from 2J cents
to two dollars.
or tho latest stvle. Call .n v...u. ,v.
foods before purchnstng elsewhere, as I am de
termined to null at fair prioes for ths
April ,3th, ,SS3-3n:o?ABAU1)-KIIf0-
Stato of Ohio,Vihton County;
Davis A Newklrk PHffO . . , .
against in
J. K.Will A other as truces f wmiM
ofH. K. Chorub. Deft J ordsr ef sol.
PURSUANT to ihe command of an order of
sal in the above causa to me directed front
the Court of Common Plena, of the aforesaid
County of Vinton, I will offer at public sal, al
th door of tho Conrt Hons, Iu th Town ef
Mc Arthur, in thssforesaiJ County of Vinton, oa
on Saturday August 22 A. D. 1863,
At the hour often o'clock A. M. of said dsr
the following real estate to-wit : In-lot numhar
sight, (9,) in tbe town of MoArthur Viator
county Ohio.
levied on as tbs property of th Methodist
Eplsconal Church to satinfv a Hldffmsnlnf afar
ssid Court, in favor of Davis Nswkirk.
Appraissd as follows, to-wit: six haadraJ
and ihirty-tbrss dollar snd rhirtr.thrs uii.
snd must bring two-thirds of tiut sum. .
a arm orrale cieh in band.
Nawxiaxln person. ' ABOH N0BR18,
July 15th 1863 S. Shff. y. Co, 0.'
: 1 IN p RE SB ....- -A
J f Van- - v A. a VT fV Vf t j '
- Author of "Th Prisoner of State."
This work will contain fnll and offleiat coals
Mr is a s uiim iir ur ft 1 . u
of tbe Four Great Acts of Despotism by which
tne constitutional government or wasnington
was subverted, snd the irresponsible Liuooln
dynasty Installed in its place.
1. THE TAX BILL, by whioh all the property
and resouices of the people are mortgaged to
the present administration.
3. THE CONSCRIPTION BILL, by which all
the - bodiea of poor men not worth 300 are
placed in the hands of tbe Administration.
S. TtlE FINANCE BILL, which destroys State
Banks and places ths eutire currenoy of the
country in ths bauds of the Secretary of the
4. THE INDEMNITY ACT, (fitting climax)
which pretume to indemnify th President
for all the wrongs he boa committed In th
poHi or may commit in tbe future.
bent will each be preoeedod by a carefull sa
alysis.by Mr. Mahony, and their unjust, oppre
aivs, unconstitutional snd odious features point
ed out. As a book for references, It will be In
valuable to the farmer, tbe mechanic tbe poll
tioian, th- laborer in foot, to every person, for
these monstrous sets rsaoh from the loftiest man
sion to the hutobleet oabin in tbe land.
These four not are not published Toerrnm
in any other form. Tbey will make a large oo-
tsvo perapblel of nearly Xiw Hundred page, la
good sized type, and will be sold at the low
prio of Fittt Crnrs In paper, and Sbvsmtt
its Crati in rooslln binding. .
Send on the orders at onoa. All orders will
be filled according to th date of reception.
First oome, first served,. Tbe cash must ocom-
paoy oil orders.
No. 1 S3 Nassau 6trt, New York.
K. B. Subsoriition reoelvd st this Offlo.
July 2d IS3,-tf.

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