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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 30, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy of
Tlijj Democratic, parly haa tier been, and
vet U,a law.abiclinjr party. Ii ihks nothing
but its rigbU wuler ike Constitution and the
luw.i It resorUlo no violation uf either;
it counleuam-es no ' violation of either. , It
haa a right lo U guaranteed of public and
private liberty', ami of property, contained in
our fundamental laws, and it will surrender
ji ill one of I hem. It bai the right to discus
publici measures, sud will discuss them- It
has Ihl right to propose and adrocete that
policy which it deems best for the naticn,
aflftiHwilfcxfriisMhtrt right. It has the
right in Its vie its policy ' passed upon by the
ptopjet peaceable and untramrr.eled elec
tions. ( au'a !t w ill maintain thst right. If
Sound miiMihy, it yields obedience to
utt Wa (ill riila of the majority ; if it be the
majority itself, it claims that Its law ful will
betjpecteil.. .Whether in a majority or
jniiionty, it obeys all laws that are in force,
fhese that it dislikes it seeks to overthrow
u'uV'by liohrnce; but by a legitimate re eal.
those that if proposes, it seeks to carry, not
by force, but by legal eneclments. And
Tthatit does in all these respects, it de
fhlnds and has a right to demand, that all
fibers shall do. They owe the same obed
ience to the Constitution and the laws that
Democrats owe. They have the same in
Ureal to maintain free government, to pro
tect liberty, to be secure in their house?,
persons and" property, that Democrats have,
it is rfeittier their interest nor ours that des
pfctimi or Buerchy should prevail; and if they
twish to avert both, let them see to it iu time
that they give no occasion lur either. We
will Jo our duty; let them remember to do
In Tie w of the circumstances that have
brought us together, we hereby resolve :
1. That' the will of the people e the
v undatinn of all free governments. That
i give effect to this will, free thought free
,.'ch ajid free press are absolutely indis-
-disable.. Without free discussion there is
j certainly of sound judgment; without
mud judgment there can he no wise gov
. 3. That it is an inherent and constilu
onal right of the people to discuss all mea
' 'ires o( their Government, and to approve
y. disapprove, as to their best judgment
ieeius 'ight.. That they have a rightto pro
l ose and advocate that policy which in their
judgment is best, and to argue and vote
against' whatever policy seems to them to
erties, or be detrimental to their welfare.
3. That these and all other rights, .guar
anteed lo them by their constitutions, are
their rights in lime of war as well as in rime
of peace; and of far more value aud necessi
ty in war than in peace. For in peace liber
ty, security and property am seldom endan
gered; in war they are ever in peril.
, 4. That we now say to all whom it may
concern, not by way of threat, but calmly
and firmly, that we will not surrender these
rights, nor submit to their forcible violation
We will obey the laws, ourselves, and all
Oiners musi uuey uieui.
- 6. That there is a manifest difference be
t.ween the Administration of the. Govern
ment and the Government itself. The Gov
ernment consists of civil and political insti
tutions created by the Constitution, and to
it the people owe allegiance. The Adminis
tratiou are but tiie agents of the psovle.
subject to Iheir approval or condemnation
according to the meiit or demerit of their
6. That in the exercise of the right to
diil'er with the Federal Executive, we enter
our solemn protest oga-nst the proclamation
of the President of the United States, dated
the first day of January one thousand eight
hundred end sixty three by which be as
sumes to emancipate slaves in certain
Stales, holding the same to be . unwise un
constitutional and void.
7. That we declare our determined op-
position to a system of emancipation by the
States, upon compensation to be made out
. nf the : Treasnrir nf the Tlnilprl SStafoa e.
burdensome upon the people, unjust in its
very nature, and wholly without warrant of
the Constitution.
8. That we declare that the power which
has recently been assumed by the President
of the United States, whereby, under guise
of military necessity, he has proclaimed and
extended or asserts the right to proclaim
or extend martial law over States where
war does not exist, and bas suspended the
writ of habeas corpus, is unwarranted by
the Constitution, and its tendency is to sub
ordinate civil to military authority, and to
subvert our system of free government.
3. That we deem it proper further to de
clair that we, together with the truly loyal
people of the States, would hail with pleas
ure and delight any manifestations ot a de
sire on the part ol the seceded States to re
turn to their allegiance to the Government
" of the Union, and in such event we would
k cordially and earnesly co-operate with them
. in the restoration of peace and the procure
ment ci sucn proper guarantees as would
gke security to ail their interests and
10. That the soldiers composing our sr.
'. mies merit the warmest thanks of the na
liou. The country called and nobly did
they respond. Living, they shall know ana.
tion's gratitude, wounded, a nation's care;
and dying they shall live in our memories;
and monumeme (hall be raised to teach pos
terity to honor the patriots and heroes who
offered their lives at their country's alter.
Their widows an! orphans shall be adopted
by the nation, to be watched over and cared
' for as objects truly worthy a nation's guard
ianship. ; II. That Ohio will adhere to the Con
stitution aud the Union as th? best, it may
, be the last, hope of popular freedom, and for
. all wrongs which may have been committed
or evils which may exist, will seek redress,
under the Constitution and within theUni
. on, by the peaceful but powerful agency ol
the suffrages of a free people.
13. That we hail with pleasure and hope
La maa ftC a l'nni tt tha f-iirtMVMikiSnA
II IC iiianiicfciafc w'i va Luimi rativo OC11"
timent among the Northern States in their
" elections, and regard the same as the earn-
- est of a good purpose upon their part to co
' operate with all other loyal citizens in giv
ing security to the rights of every secuou,
- and maintaining the Union and the Consti
tution as tbey were ordaiued by the founders
; of the Republic.
13. That, whenever it becomes practica
ble lo obtain Convention of all or three
' fourths of the States, such body should be
. - convened for the purpose ol proposing such
: amendments to the Federal Constitution as
experience bas provertJ btr necessary lo
maintain tnat instrument in tne spirit and
meiinior intended by its founders, a nd to
. -iri;l future convulsions and
I 4. TUl we will arnatUt support ee
rv constitutional measure ttnHinz to pre
serve the union of the States. No maa have
a greater interest in it preservation than
we have; none desire it more; there are none
who will make theater sacrifices or endure
more than wt Wtit ft accomplish that end
ti e are, ag we em have been, tM cevotea
friends of the Constitution sad the Union,
and we have no sympathy wit iheeeremiti
of either.
15. That the arrest , imprisonment, pre
tended trial, and actual bauiihrneut of Cle
roent L Vallandighim.acitixetiof theStatt
of Ohio, not belonging to the land or naval
forces of the United States, nor to tne mill
tary in actual service, by alleged military
authority, for no other pretended crime than
that of uttering words of legitimate critic
ism upon the Administration in power, aad
of appealing to the ballot-box for a change
of policy (said arrest and military trial ta-
kins place where tne courts oi law are even
and unobstructed, and for no act done with
in the splrere -of active military operations
in carrying on the war) we regard as a
palpable violation of the following provis
sions of the Constitution of - the , United
Slates: ' i - e
I "PrmoiMii urinll m.iki tin Iiiuf' '
abridirin? tne freedom of speevh or f the
press, or the right of the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition til bovernmen'.
for a redress of erievunces.
2. "The right ol the people to be serare
in their persons, houses, papers and ellecis
arra trial unieasonaole searches aim seizures,
shall not be violated, and no warrant shall
i.-sue but upon probable cause, supported by
oath or affirmation, and particularly aescrio
ing the place to be searched and the persons
or thinus to be seizea.
3 "No oersons shall be held to answer
fur a capital or otherwise infamous crime,
unless in a presentment r isdictmeut of a
Grand Jtry, except in cases arising in the
land or naval forces, or in the militia wheat
in actual serviie iu timef war or public
danger. . ' -
- 4- "In all criminal prosecutions, the ac
cuseilhall enjoy the right to a speedy wd
ctrhlic trial by an impartial jury of the State
and distiict wherein the crime shall have
been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law."
And we furthermore denounce said ar
rest, trial and banishment as a Direct in
cut offered to tne sovereignty oi tne peopie
of Ohio, by whose organic law it is declared
that "no person snail oe transported oui oi
the Stale lor any onense coiumuieu wuuui
the same
P. Thin Clement L. Vallanoigham was
at the time of his sweat a prominent candi
date for nomination by the Democratic by
party of Ohio for office of Governor of tha
Stale; that the Democratic party - was fully
competent to decide whether ha was a fit
4an for that nomination, ond that the at
tempt to deprive them of that right by his
airest and banishment, was an unmerited
imputation upon their intelligence and loy
ally , as well as a violation of the Constitu
tion. " i - .
17. That we respectfully, lut most earn-
estly, call upon the President of the United
States to restore Clement L. Vallandieham
to his home in Ohio; and that a committee
ef one Irom each Congressional District of
theStale, te be selected by the ! lis ot-
icerofvkis Convention, is heily up poin
ted Ki present this application to the Presi
18. Thot thptii.in!(3 of this ConveUisii
are hereby tendered to Horatio .Seymour,
Governor of the State of New York, forhis
noble letter in relation to the -arrest of Mr.
Vallnndriuni; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed to communi
cate a copy of this resolution lo Governor
19. That the establishment of awiilitary
government over the loyal -States, ere war
does not exist, to supersede the civil authori
ties and suppress the freedom of speech and
of the presa, and to iateifere with the .elec
tive franchise, is not only subversive of the
Constitution and the sovereignty of the
States, but the actual inauguration of revo
lution. 20. That it is the sworn duty of the Gov
ernor of the State to protect her citizens in
the injoyment and exercise ol all tneir con
stitutional rights; and we have beheld wth
deep humiliation aad regret, not-only the
failure ol David lod, uovernor ot Uluo, to
perform that duty, but what is still worse,
his active participations in the violatiou of
tnese rignis. .
21. That we denounce as traitors to the
count rv the Abolition Jacobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in the loy
al States, with the view of taratnz.if possi
ble, the bavonets of the army against the
breasts of the fathers, brothers and friends of
the soldiers, and subjecting thos States to
a military surveillance and dominion,
32. That we denounce, as libelcrs of the
Democratic party and encmiea of their coun
try, the men who are engageu in represent-
inz the Democrtic party as wanting in sytn
pathy with our soldiers in the field. It is
a base slander upon human nature to assert
that the Democrats, who have hundreds of
thousands of brothers and sons in the army,
do not sympathise with them and it is an
outraea upon the Democratic party, that
has always stood by the countiy, to assert
hat it is not tne mend oi its ganant ueien
33. That the conduct of Brigadier Gee
etal Mason, (he Military Commandant
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ancenf military restraint upon the proceed
D8 of this Uonvennon snow tnat tney nave
a just appreciation of the Constitution of
their country and the rights of the people;
and that they are wise and potriotic officers
and that their conduct on this occasion is
in strikms contrast with contrary conduct
of the military authorities upon the occasion
ot the late Democratic meeting at lnmanap
olis. And we take pleasure in expressing
our confidence in General Mason and the
officers and soldiers under his command
The Convention then adjourned, with
three chew for the nominees, three for the
Constitution, and three for the Union.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
AlMk. Warehouse Truck?
JCUr rreae, &v.
lrilke "Street, Chicago. fr!7fr?wi
3g Be careful .o biy eauin.f
r rrr
I:.':,',..' ;
' Then any other House in Southern Ohio.
His stock, hich is much the largest
and neatest, - and: was principally
Bought before the late advance in
prices, he will positively sell,
Then any oilier House in (he County.
Wanted- wool, Meat, Butter,
Eggs, nags, Feathers Dried fruits,
Flax seed, oions, Hard soap, and
all articles of Country produce, tor
whipJi thfi hiffhest nrice will he
v ;'"
Jimnnry 3 1863 lyr
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary. Legal Notices.
State of Oh Vinton Connty
George A. Arms, &
IL 0. Arms,
J. J. Allison, A
In Court of
William H. Black
Order of to.
TinPUl NT tn tl
T1RHUANT to tha command ar an order or
X ule in tbe abova came, to me directed from
the Court or Common nea, oi aiorewiu mum?
. . . w .11 -i . 1. 1 1 . . I at HnAf
or V ID ton, 1 win ouurmt puununxo. ..--of
the Court House, In the Town of KcArthur,
in aforeieid county or Vinton, on
Saturday tteut day of August iodj
At the hour of ten o'clock A. M., of said day,
the fulltwing real etato to -wit : 1 he north-went
iT.." nfKunff artiian
rownehm number tM, (10.) ofKange Blteen,
iiarA. niSivnnn nnmner ininv-iour. ; u
(IS.) Alio the weat half of the north-etet, quar-
uip nuuivn vivi . : .
n nnntinlnir two hundred and forty acres.
lndapartof tha weat heli'of tho south went
inarter of Section number thirty-five, (J5,)tn
townehip Bttmber ten, (10, of Range number
fifteen, (15, containing ten acrea Mginamg av
the creek below Browne Mill, Brownsline croieea
tbe creek la the aouth-weit quarter of Section
number thirty-ne, (85 ) iniownemp mmwr
ten, (10,) of Bang number fifteen, (IS,) theooj
south thirty-two degrees wet rlwe chaine and
fifty-threa linka to a stake, thence south eighty
six degree. wet six chtins and forty-three links
to a stake, thence south 49 degrees weat nx
chaine and forty linka tea-ataka from whioha
Red oak sight Inches m diameter oeare m
Eixty-seon anl a nairaegreee weei iu"r"
link diwani, mawriu oik mtiuciwi
eier bears north eighty-eight degrees eaat twenty
links distant, thenoe eaat on tha Section Una to
the creek, thence up the creek with th. mean
derings, thence to th. place of beginning,
Taken as tne properly oi wimanin, owi
to satisfy a judgment of aforesaid Court, In fa
varol George A. & K. C. Arms.
Annraised aa follows, towit : Two thousand
nine hundrel and seventy dollar ($2970.) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
TtKMS ur ciauc, caan in nana.
J.J. McDowell, ARCH. NORMS, .
Atty. for PltfTn. Sh'ff V. Co. O.
July id. 183,-pfee9,6-8w
George w . Koyer a I )
ElixabothBoyerhiawifef. .
i Partition
Harsaret Utterback
k Deft, j
and othei
Wariraret Dttarback, Henry Dtterback, of the
eonntv of Harrison in th. Stat, of Ohio. Iab.l
Ann UttarbacK, a minor ana Mary utteroMK,
both of tbe county or vtnloa and Stat, or Unio,
will taki notic. that on tne xsu day or Jan. A.
D. 18(3 tbe said uorg w. noyar and KliaaMia
Rath hia wife filed their netitioi in th. Coart
of Common Pleas, of Vinton county aad Stat, of
Ohio, wherein aia petition in now panning ana
wherein tn. saia uecrge noyer ana Aiiaeoein
Boyer demands partition of th. ftlWwinj real
atat. aitoaUd in the county of Viatoa. and
State of Ohio, to-wit: T h. north half oftb.
aonth weat aaartar ofseetlon number thirty m.
(31,) inTownabip number ten, (10,) of Bang,
number eighteen . (18.) oontaiaic elfhty-one
aciee ra.r. or leaa, and that al the next term of
said Court, th. amid George W. and Elisabeth
Hoy er wiU applf for an order thai nartiti.a nay
k. mad. f aaid reatiaea,and that tha Power
Eatate of th. aaid Mary Ulteraaek therein b. aa-
airnedL This &3dday. .f Jnne A. D,18J. -
. v - ' aril wr fnvwo
Julj 9nt IMS, w (
-s Vc have a 3rsi rate new Coal Cook
f-yiina Stove Also a Premium ' Wood
'ci5Coofiug "Stove for sal..' Call at this offee
and see them, u yon vsBta stove at toe
lowest cash figures.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Court of Commoa l'len.
Elmer Joues et al)
1 sY virtue of tn order of i
II from the Court of Common Pleas, of Vinton
County Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door ef
tbe Court Houm, in tbo town of McArthur on
Saturday Me 25tA day of My 1863
At the hour or ten o'clock A. M , of said day ,
the following property to-wit: Being a part of
the south-west quarter of Section numbei thirty-five,
(35,) township number ten, (10,) range
ouraberflfteen,(15;) beginning at I he east line
of th. said quarter at a maple tree eleven inches
lndiametar, fifty-eight rods and sixteen linka
from the south-east corner , thence north forty
five degrees west, distant forty-two rods to a
poet ; thence up Raccoon ereek so as to include
two thirds of said creek, to lands deeded by
two tmrds or eaia ereea, to iano at
- u,wi,.,i, n..'.. .n..,h ...
-.".--.-; ".V: .r.Vrfi ",i
Section line:
sixty-oue links :
thence eaat forty-nine doirreea aix chains and
forty linka to a ataka : thence eigbty-six degrees
north six chains and forty-tare, nnas; loeac.
north thirty-two degrees, east twenty-two rod
and forty-eight links to th . place of begining
containing thirty acrea be the aame mora or leas
Except one half acre doeded to John Tidrow by
aaid Tierce, together with all th. privileges and
appurtenaneea thereto belonging.
Also eighty acrea being the wept baif of the
north-west quarter of th. aforesaid section, ex
cept twenty-five acrea before deeded to Qeorge
JUekeyonth. aid. ef aaid eighty acres, all ins
townanip number Un, (10,) of range number,
fifteen, (15.
Taken aa th. property of, Elmor Jones et al,
to aatiafy a judgment in favor of John 8. Black.
Appraismeat mill property at three thousand
six hundred dollars, (3600.) And an eighty acre
tract appraised at four hundred dollar, (400,)
ana muse oring vwo-inirai oi tnat aum.
TEEMS OF BALE, cash In hands.
. A. Button atty.for Pl'ff
Jan. 18th 1863-Sw
Sh'ff V.Co.0.
AbrahiE Johnson. DtA IPtiUon
tt Others. ( ;
Abraham Johnson of theCoonty ef Jackson
aad Bute of Ohio. William Johnson, Cbriatiana
Johnaon, Barah Walker formerly Arab Johnson
William Walter. Oharlotu Laraw formerlT
Charlotte Johnson, Joaeph Larew, Emily Salta
formerly Emily Johnson. John Salta andThomaa
ra. iiaorera cot ana naranjaos ih. minor
hairs of Clariaaa Tee deceased, formerly Claria-
aajonnaori. au or tne county orvintop in the
Dial. OI v m w, uuwa Ut bU DWM U 1UWI,
minor heir of Polly KitedeMaaed, formerly Pol
ly Johnaon; Nancy Kite formerly Nancy John-
Ma. zaeoanan jliio, lereea itocera formerly
Teresa Johnson, John Bogera and John John-
aoa of lb. BUU ofwlacoaain, will taksnolic.
thai a perli tion wu filed anioat them an the
Itlh da of June AO IMS, in tha Court of Com
mon Pleaa, within and forth, eoanty of Vinton
and But. of Mo, by lienry Johaaoa and ia
now pendtnr. wherein th. aaid Henry Johnaon
demands partitioa of tb. followins real estate
itnaledin th. county of Viaton and Stat, of
Ohio to-wit : The norln-ast qnuter ol th.
sontb-eaei quarter or section number sixteen
(H,) la Township number ten, (10,)ofange
number MTeuteea, (17,) eioeptinj ten acres off
or to. soaia eio. i saia wriy ecr. tract i
by Daman n Tarrato. Alaothe north -w.at
aaartar of tha aoatk weet aoarter of Section num
bar fifteen, (1,) Township, Bang-e aforesaid, ei
espiing tan acrea .tf of th. south side of said for
ty acre tract owned by Dasnarin Jarr a Co., and
also tzeeptln IwentTaoTMOff of tb. East side
ef tb. ramaimns; thirty acres owned by William
Walker, being in all forty acrea mora orleaa,
and that at the next terra of said Court, the aaid
Henry Johnson will apply for an order that par
titioa may be made of said premiaes.
Att'ys for Pltff. July Id ' ,(H-6w.
: ive, ,.
i -
- '-" ...i ;. .
Not tot tloody war; but for cuatemsrs fo
ipecistoBS to
McArthur, Ohio,
Just receled Diplendid stock of
Wool Tlaidi, Vileutia Plaids, Prints,
lileacbed and Brown Muslins,
&c. A large stock aud be
low the present wbolo
sale PRICES.
A full stock on band and far below
all competition in town. ,t--i
Clolis, Cassinicrcs,
In fact, ererythicg you need in
We keep every qnalitj and
stjlo, and will
Having bought our stock entirety for
vasn, we are enabled to
in all kinds of
Fancy Goods, Balmorals, Hoop
Skirt,Nubia8,Opra Hoods,
Stockings, Gloves,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
All kinds of Conntry .
Received in exchange, at tbe highest
mantel prices, it yon want to
' save money and select out .
of a large stock goto
October 23rd, ltf62lyr.
7aJ OTICB is hereby givep that 8. C. Case
X i administrator dabeais aoa ! . the es
tate of - William McPeaik's late of Viaton
coaniy Ohio, deceased has filoa bis locusts
fo inspection and bnal stttUmeat aad will
be for hearing on the 8 day of AusuaC A, D
1863 " JOSEPH KLER, ,.
July 16Ui C3 3w' Probate Judge.,.,
.... i
blank: deeds:; mortgages
And all other BLANKS for SA
1 ; on. mm
. Atavtrr
asa J J i
ate. wo ott t o W wViVvti
V.eV v Vvevr o.M Wt a a
vtvecCva ar.w a gvta&
0 Vive "We axva 8ouVvWfc
wvwc xvetiteA, aw attV.
om4 "BVe,t. VavVCvtVuVI
awa a w vott www, aw.
a atc i.te.wv.
'' Bilious Fever,
Fever and jlgue. t
Liver Complaint,
Kidney Complaint
aw o. avcatw a Wv
Vat waut.
ave eov.ot o) vav a wo
fow.vSa too ftfto, VvtY
vc! voNte, Wvcvtv
OocW "SSWN..
"Ot. "RoViatV
ate . tv iaWft 8oate.
ava Cow5ot.
"fit. "RoVjacW
VwvcfotaXe. ve- caft axva
Tit. "RoWtV
atve. axav wveaxvtvvo
atva wacc "Lve- ewVaU.
"fit. SLoaatV
te,-N.vw "DvattWa."Sj-
etvXet, iixvcawvavuv,
T7im itt$r art put up in guars
lottlts,of vuhioh tht ahov is aa-sinv
ilt. 27t lac.1 is finely engravtd.and
it provided with a taft-guari from
oaunUrf titer $. Priot.$l fr iottia, ot
or $5. '
O. W. ijobaofc, (Proprfsfor, JfO. 9
Eatt Fourth Bt., Cinoinnati, to V)ktm
M order ahouli be addreeted.
8. V. Dodae, McArtbnr: Cowdery
& Strong, Hamden : 0. Johnson New
Plymouth; Will & Co., Zaleski; John
Holland, Bwan ; M. r.osu. varr,
Wilkesville.and by Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout the
United Statesand Canadas.
October 23d, 1862,-ly.
F jR SALS. TTi Prepeity is silui-
nrJ tH at A nan e.Vinton UountTOhio
slid known aa theMiller Uotil. A bar.
gain will be gien. '
tor Terms apply to ntnai rAtnfi,
April 16th, 1863 t McArthur.O,
Dr,S.B. D H liAP.
. Would respectfully annoane. to th. ettiseas
of Mo Arthur and Viaton County, that ha has
returned, and will spend a few weeks in Mc
Arthur. And that ha ia prepared to perform
all oppsratlons pertaining to bis profeaaion,
and that ha wlU ba happy to wait on any of
hia eld fri.nda aad customers whs may favor
him with ell. ;
He will be at Dr. Doddiife's eflet, Vain
Street, MeAi-thur Ohie. :
P. 8., Ladiee waited apes at th.ir reaidenees
f deatred. B.B.POWtAr.
Samuel Blore. FitJT. 1 Before Daniel Bowsn
vs. V J P. of VJntoii Tp.
Clark Cutright I)eft. J , , Vinton Co. Ohio.
DEFEN DANT will take notice, that en
the Sib day of July, A. D. 1863, said
Justice issued n order of Attachment in
the above action, for the sum often dollars
i i
and ninety-eight cents and costs.
July 23-63-3w. SAMUEL BLOEE,

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