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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 06, 1863, Image 2

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id simply to executa the lawi tiros
enacted, and not to mutar 'Sunn!
1bs. If any exigency tliull ftrfso.'tlie
I'rtiidont baa the power to convene
t-ongresB nt arjr time, to profido for
it ; 8i that tho pte of necessity fnrn
islies in) reaohr.WaVretext forarrjnw
Buinptioo of Initiative power.
, Y.r a moment coi.templnto the con
s qaonct'8 of incli a claiui to power.
Not on!v would the dominkni of the
i'-uiJmt be alwolutu over tbe rijjhts
or jiiijv;uiiBi8, put equHllly bo over
j,o oiUr .department of the Govern-
mi'iit. II lie should claim that the
public safety rtquirvd it, he could ar
jwt unl impriiion a jmlo for the
coiiscit'wtiwmdisclii.rjju of liig dnties,
ptrrtilyzo the judicial power, or super
fede t, by tho aiib&titution ot courta
nmrtial, eulject to hia own will,
throughout the whole country. If
tiny one of the States, even far remo
ved from the rebellion, should not
sustain his plau for prosecuting the
war, he could, tu tta yk vt imllic
safety, annul and sot at defiance the
State laws and authorities, while in
the faithful discharge of their duties,
or ho could absolutely control tho
action, either of Congress or the Su
preme Court, by arresting and impris
oning its members, and, upon tho
utne grguud he could suspend the
ehctive franchise, postpone the elec
tions, and declare th perpetuity of his
ligh perogatlve. And ncitlicr the
power or impeachment, nor tho elec
tions of the pcoplo could be made
available against such concentration
Surely it is not necessary to subvert
ireo government in tiiis country in
order t put down the rebellion : and
it can not be done under the pretense
vi jjunrnguowu uie reDeiiion. indeed,
it is 'plain rhat your Administration
'Las Leon weakened and greatly wea
kened by the assumption of power not
-ueiogaiea in mo constitution.
in your answr you say to us
'Ydu claim that men may, if they
cliooso, embarrass thoso whose duty
it is to combat a giant rebellion and
then oo dealt with in terms w if there
wero no rebellion." You will find
yourself in fault if you Bearch our
voiiimuuieuuou to you, tor any such
an idea. The undersigned believe
mat tne uonstitution and laws of the
land, propoily administered, furnish
ample power to put down an insur
rection without the aesumptiou of
power not granted. And if existing
legislation be inadequate, it is the
-duty of Congress to consider what
lurtber. legislation is necessary, and
ao uju&e euimuie provision by law.
You claim that the military arrests
made by your Administration, aro
meiely preventive remedies "as in
junctions to stay injury or proceedings
to keep the peace, and not for punish
munt." The ordinary preventive
remedies alluded to authorised bv
established law, but the preventive
proceedings you institute have their
authority merely in tho will of the
Executive or that of officers subordi
nate to his authority. And in this
proceeding a discretion seems to be
txcrcided as to whether tho prisoner
buiwi ue anowea a trial or even be
permitted to know tLe natnra ot the
complaint alleged against bim, or the
name of his accuser, if tho proceed
ings be merely preventive, why not
uuow me prisoner the benelit of a
bond to keep the peace ? Cut if no
offense bus bsen committed, why was
Mr. v uiianaigiwin Lied, convicted
and sentenced by a court-martial I
-and why the actual punishment bv
iniprisoment or banishment, without
iue opportunity or obtaining bis lib
erty in the mode usual in preventive
remedies, and yet eay it is not for
punishment f
You still place Mr. Vallandigham's
conviction and baniahment upon the
grounu luai no nad damaged the mill
. tary service Jy discouraging enlist
; nientsand encouraging desertions.ctc.
and yet you have not even preteuded
to controvert our position that he was
not charged withried or convicted for
any ancu uUtiiso beforo tho court
partial. lu auiwer to tur position that Mr.
Vallandigham was entitled to a trial
in the civil tribunals, by virtue of the
late acts of Congress, you say : "1
ccrtaiuly do not know that Mr. Val
landighain bas specifically and by
direct language advised against en-
li8tmenis and in favor of desertions
and resistance to drafting," etc., and
yet, in a subsequent part of your ans
wer, after speaking of certain disturb
ances which are alleged to have oc
curred in resistanco of the arrest of
deserters, and ofihe enrollment pre
paratory to the draft, and which you
attribato mainly to the couree Mr.'
Yallaudigham bas pursued, you say
b-t be bas made speeches against the
war in the midst of resistance to it,
that "Le has never been known, in
any instance, to counsel agaiuet such
resistance," and that "it is next o
impossible to repel the interference
that has counseled in favor of it."
l'ermit us to say that your information
is most grievously at fault. The
undersigned have been in the habit t f
bearing Mr. Vallaudigbam speak be
fore popular assemblages, and the
appeal with confidence to every truth
ful person who.Las ever board him.
for tho accuracy of the declaration
rtiirt he has ttevwr mado a soeccH bo-
foro the people-of'Ohia, in whrcb he
uas net counseled submission and
obedience to the -1aws and tbeOonsti
tutkin.Wdvrsed the peaceful remo
ies of ;t "judicial tribunals, and of
mo oauoNbox for the redrew ofgriuv
ances ami tor the trls which afflict
our Weeding nm ,uflrin couutry.
And," Tvero it iot foreign to the pur
poses of This communication, we would
undertake to establish, to the tfifuc
tion of ai.y candid persoa, that the
disturbiiDCea among tho peoplo, to
winch you allude, in opposition to the
arrest ol descTteta and tho draft, have
occasioned mainly by the measures,!
policy, nndtouduot ol jour adminis :
tration, and the course ot its political
fiiendB. But if the circumstantial
evidenco exists, to which vou alludo(i
whicli makes "it impossibq to repel1
the infereuco, that Mr. Vallandighanii
has counseled directly in favor of
this resistance, and that the Bame hm
been mainly attributable t; his con
duct, why was bo not turned over to
the civil authorities to bo tried under
tho late acts of Congress t If there be!
any foundation in fact for your stute- j
ment8 implicating him in resistance
to the constituted authorities, ho ie
liable to bucIi prosecution. And we
now demand, hs a mere act of justice
to bim, an investigation of this mat
ter, beforo a jury of his country ; and
respectfully insist that fairness re
quires, cither that you retract these
charges which you make against him.
or that you revoke your order ot ban
isliuvcxt and allow him tho opportunity
of an investigation before un impar
tial jury.
The committco do not deem it
necessary to reiwl at length the impu
tation, that the attitude) of themselve
or of the Democratic party in Oh
"encourago desertions, resistance tc
tho druft, and the like." Suggestiont
of that kind are not unusual weapons
in our ordinary political contsets.
lhey use readily in the midst of po!
ticians heated with tho excitement ol
partisan ptrile. During the two yean
in whuh the Democratic parfy ofOhi
has been constrained to oppose tl
policy of tho Administration, nnd t
stand up in defl-neo of the Constitutioi
and of personal rights, this charge hai
beon tepeatedly made. It has faliet
harmless, however, at the feet ofthosi
whom it was intended to injure. The
committee believe it will do so agam
If it wero proper to do so in this papor
they might suggest that the moasuret
of the Administration, and its cliao
ges-df policy in the prosecution of the
war, have been the fruitlul sources ol
discouraging enlistments and indue
ing dessrtiuns, and furnish a reason
for the undeniable fact, that the first
call for volunteers was answered by-
very many more tnanwere demanded
and that tho next call for soldiers will
probably be responded to by drafted
men alone. The observation of the
President in this connection, that
neither tho Oonvontiou in its reeolu
tions, nor the committee in its com
imiuicatioD, intimate that they "are
conscious of au existing rebellion
being in progress with the av jwed
object ot destroying the Union.
needs, perhaps, no reply. Tho Demo
cratic parly ot Uuio has felt so keenly
tho condition of the country, and been
so stricken to tho heart by the imslor
tunes and sorrows which have befallen
it, that they hardly deemed it neces
sary by solemn resolution, when -their
very State exhibited every whero the
sad evidences of war, to roauud tho
President that they were aware of its
In the conclusion of yon communi
cation, you, propose that, it a majority
of the committee shall affix tlioir sig
natures to a duplicato copy of it, which
you liavo furnished, they Ehall stand
committed to three propositions there
in at length set forth, that you will
publish the names tlnia signed, and
that this publication shall operate aa
a revocation of the order of banish
ment. " The committee cannot refrain
from the expression of their surprise,
that the Presiednt should make the
fate of Mr. Vallandigham depend
upon tho opinion ot this committoe
upon these propositions. If tho arrest
and banishment were legal, and were
deserved ; if the President exercised
pwcr clearly delegated, under cir
cumstances which warrauted its exer
cise, the order ought not to be revoked,
merely becauao tho committee hold,
or express, opinions accordant with
those of the l reeident. If the arrest
add banishment were not legal, or
wero not deserved by Mr. Vananditr
ham, then sorely he is entitled to an
immediate and unconditional dig
iue people of Ubio were not so deeply
moved by tho action of tLe President,
merely because they were concerned
for the personal safety or convenience
Mr. Vallandigham, but bicauio
they saw in his arrest and banishment
an attack upou their own personal
rights ; and they attach valuo to bis
disbarge chiefly as it will indicate an
abandonmen t of the clai m to the power
of such arrest and banishment. How
ever just the undersigned might re
gard tho principles contained in the
soveral propositious submitted by the
resident, or how much soever tLey
might, under circumstances, feel in-
ciiued to indorse the sentiments con
tained therein, yet they assure bim
that they have not been authorized to
enter into any bargains, terms, con
tracts or conditions with, the President
of the United States to proenro the
release of Mr. Vallandigham. The
opinions oi mo uncersigned touching
the qaestiona involved in those propo
sitions, aro well known, have been
runny times -pubhdy expressed,, and
aro sufficiently niauil'eBted in tho reso
lutions bt tho Convention which they
n-uroseiii, ana uiey cm not Buunoau
that the iVesident exoocta that tliev
will seek the dischareo of Mr. Vallan.
iligham by a pledge, implying not
only an iirputation upon their own
sincerity and fiddity as "itlzens of the
united btatts; and also carrying
with it by implication a concession of
tho legality vf his arrert trial and
banishment, against which thev. and
tho Convention they represent", have
solemnly protisted." Aed while they
Imvo asked tho revocation of the order
of banishment not ns a favor, but as a j
Rioirr, duo to the people of Ohio, and
with a view to avoid the possibility of
conflict or disturbance ot the public
tianquility ; they do not do this, nor
does Mr. Vallandigham desire it, at
any sacrifice of their digmty and self
Ilia idea that such apledaa as that
asked from tho nndorsictied would
secure the public safety sufficiently to
compensate for any mistako of the
rresident in discharging Mr. Yallan
digham, i in their opinion, a mere
evasion of the grave question involved
in this dlscuseicn, and of a direct ant
wcr to their demand. And this is
made especially apparent by the fact
that this pledois asked in a corctnu
uieation, which concludes with an
intimation of a disposition on the part
of tho President to repeat tho astg
complainod of.
Tho undersigned, therefore, havina
rnlly discharged the duty enjoined
upon them, leavo the responsibility
wiiu mo i resiucni.
M. BIRCIIARD, Chalr'n 19th Dist
DAVID A. UOUK, &e, 3d Dist.
GEO. BLISS, 14th Dist.
T. W. BAIMLEY, 8th Dist.
W. J. GORDON, 18th Dist.
JOHN O'NEILL, 13th Dist.
0. A. WHITE, 6th Dist.
W. E. FINCK, 12th Dist.
JAS. 11. MORRIS, 15th Dist.
GEO. L. CONVERSE, 7th Dist.
GEO. H. PENDLETON, 1st Dist.
W . A. tlU iLUlJNS, 11th Dist.
ADNER L. BACKUS. 10th Dist.
J. h McKlNNEY. 4th Dist.
J. W. WHITE, 16th Dist.
C. LeBLOND. 6th Dist.
WARREN P. NOBLE, 9th Dist.
Hon. John Brough vs. Old-line
[From the Enquirer.]
The Old-line Whigs ro6Dectable
n numDcrs who are to clay amliat
ug themselves with the uartv ol
which Mr. Broughisthe candidate
for uovcruor, for tho resson that tliei
own nonoreu party have at presont
local orgaization will be astound
ei, euntgriiieu ana mortmt-a uoon
rtuding ttiu lion. JUr. Urongh'asuoech
delivod in thia city ou Monday even
ing iasc. as an uid-Iiuo W hig. of fit-
years standing, and as ono who still
cherishes proud memories ol tho dor
ious achievements of the many hirjes
anu.patnots oi ttiat party in tunes gone
1 fling back those unjust and (lang
uorous imputations, aud pronounce
their author a disorganizer in tho ranks
the party ot which he has been
chooson standard bearer in the prej
campaign. When Mr. B. declares
that tho action of the whig party in
8i-i "Bunjected them to the Bcorn
nd contempt of every upriaht man."
libels tome of tho noblest Ameri
statesmen who have ever claimed
place among the many great and no
IcaderB of the old Whig party.
And when he speaks of tho "morally
treasonable coaduct of the Whigs" in
regard to their action concerning the
dexican War, ho traduces thu memo
riesofBuch heroes aud stern pal riots
v-ioj( mm u cusiur, ttUU TlliaeS iUQ
f M .i n .. .4 Url..-- J ' 1 1 i ' 1
bears false witness against our true
loyal Filluior. Were Clay and
Webster 'subject to the scorn and con
tempt of every upright man ?" is Fill
more 'moially a traitor J" I ask the
many Old line Whigs, who aro lo-day
lllVllll tn flirilM Alll.nn!.... 4a . L ? t t ? I
wu 111 iuv.il uuiicbiuii iw una nyunu
party of Crough's these pertinont qnes
tious. As much as I detest tha -tU
Vallandigham, 1 to day would
sooner give him my suffrages for Gov
ernor than to extend them to inch a
traducerand vilifier as John Brough.
be desires to concilato bis presont
action with his quondam Democratic
associates, he should not bo far forget
feelings of others as to do it at the
expenso ot those who have gone down
honored graves. I Lope that every
good and true Old line Whig, who
looks to the halcyon days when
some noble father of their love'd party
rise op and give them organiza
tion and tone, will road this speech.
pronounce upon the bead of its
author their just and einp'uantic ¬
J. H. A.
J. H. A. The M Athur Democat.
E. A. BRATTON, : : : : EDITOR.
Aueust 6, 18CS
WIIIiUK UK IS, and the (enforcement
of the Lnwa ngalust All Officers who
hTa usurped Authority, ri well ns the
People wuo commit lireacbes ol the
Lsw V ,
Subject to the Decision of the Democratic
Convention of the whole Union.
Fob qovf.bnor,
01 Montgomery County.
GEORGE E. PUGH, of Humilton.
HORACE Si KNAPP, of Ashland.
P. VAN TRUJIP, of Fairfield.
JOHN H. H EATON, of Belmont.
ttjf "It Ilia infrnl fanatics and sbolltlon
liU ever got tbe power in their hsuds, they will
over-ride the Constitution, set the Eurpreme
Court l defiance, change and maltj laws to suit
tliemseWjs, lay violent hands ou those who dl
far with thorn In their opinions, or dare ques
tion their Infallibility, aud Anally bankrupt the
oonntry, and deluge It wilh blood." Dtnitl
t3T "Ksver fail to protest airnlnit any vio
lation of Iho Constltntion, nor let any member
of the Government transgress. People are very
)aily habituated to encroachments upon their
liberties. The people should adviee the Govern
ment lo change its course," John J, Critttn
ntd IW "Wnrn the army Is fighting, you b cl
tizeiik, fee that tha war is prosecuted for the
preservation of the Union and Constitution,
loryour nationality ami your kiuts asu
this." Ventral Ueorge J, iteCUlltin
'.'The first want of every nation is peace.
the last it peace. It wants peace- always,
no our luiemtncra underatootl tha pllHuo.liy
ot coternmpnt : for titer established a sys
tem which dispensed with even the forces
necessary to perfect defence, ralher than
cumber It with fuch as might tempt it to
unnecessary collision with other States. A
democratic government has no adaptation to
war. war Involves a nation in debt, and
requires vast supplies of men and taxes, and
self-taxing people will not, except when abso
lutely oblidged bv the exigences of danaer.vote
either one or the other. Our government
has noleflective powers of conscription. No
modern state has carried on, or can cary on,
aggressive war w ithout conscription. War,
however brief its duration, and however
light its calamities., deranges all focial indus
try, subverts order and corrupts public mor
els, The first element, then, of our social
happiness and security is Peacs."
tW "LET there be noohange by usurpa
tion ; for through this, in one instance, may be
the instrument of good, it ie the cuitomarv weai
pon by uhick frt govtrnnunte are dettrnf, ti. The
preceuenc must always greatly overbalance, In
permanent evil, any partial or transient hene
nt which the use can at anv time yield." Wash-
tnytqnt farewell AUUreet.
How the Press Ilccelve Mr. Val
landlgham's Acceptance of the Uem
ocratio Nominatiou for Govern o r o
Ic order to show the spirit of the
press in relation to Air. Yallandig
ham's late letter of exceptance of the
Democratic nomination of Governor
of Ohio, written from Niagara Falls,
we quote a few of tho journals that
have commented upon ic- 1 he New
York fmmeni Journal and Catholic
Rtgitier says. -
The noble beaited Vallandichara,
having run the blockado to Nassau.
sailed thence to Halifax, and, by way
of Montreal, las made his way to the
Ulifton Llouee.near buspcnsion Bridge
anada sice. Lhence bo bas issued
an address to tho freemen of Ohio,
that wa joyfully republish. It is worthy
the undaunted champion of liberty
New Havan (Coun.) Register says:
The attention of the reader is called
tbe address of Mr. Vallandigham
the people of Ohio, from tho fron
tier of Canada, in reference to the ex
palbion from home. and bis expeiience
tbe Confederacy. The friends of the
old Union - will take heart from Mr.
V.'a words, that he did notficd a per
son in tho South who was not ready,
when this war was over, and infading
armies withdrawn, to consider and
dicu$b tbe question of reunion I Aside
from tha matter of the address, tbe
place whence it comes ihould indnce
serious reflections in the mind of eve.
citizen who hopes to sea con&titu.
tional liberty eutviretho perils that
now suiround it. A
The Lacrosse (Wis.) Dtmoerat says
The able, eloquent and truly pat
riotic addres of lion. C. L. Vallan
digham appears in this morniug's is
sue. It is written in a mud, pointed
and eloquent 6tyle. Ilia aJdress
breathes the spirit of Una loyalty to
the Government and dovotiou to the
Union. Ho rebukes those who have
esurped the liberties cf the citizens,
in sorrow rather than in anger, and
warns the people to be watchful and
vigilent of their rights. Few caD
read thu address without feeling burn
fated at the auruatiou and tvrannv
practiced by the Administration in I
this case, INot content with having
unlawfully Beized him: forcibly drag
ged him from hit familv and home:
0 ----- - - - - ----- j . j
compelled him againatbis solemn pro
test, into a mock militurv court: con
demned him without evidence; and
banished bim to an enemies country;
but after lie has suffered as a prisoner
of war, run tho hazard of his life bv
running the blockade, and landing?
but a few miles from his home under
under the urotection of tha Hritiah
flag, hois denied by the Adminstra-
tion from commttuicatiusr with Lis
family by telegraph or mail.
There ia bur one rohnko morn witli.
ering to the Administration than that
of his unanimous Domination, by the
people of Ohio, for Governor, and that
ib, ma triumphant election at tho ballot-box:
and God vrant rhat this mat
bothe seutimeut a of gallant and indig
nant people.
From the Philadelphia Age.
Olir readers will find in oiir colnmna
tO ilav A ktlfi from H, ntatmcniM.nd
- - v r , "
exile J. Li. Vallandlgliam, addressed
to the people of Ohio, and accepting
the nomination for Governor by the
Democracy of that State. The letter
i t i .
is Doia ana manly, and speaks in pro-
UCr terms of ficorn Anil dii-ininn nt' Mm
tyrannical conduct of Mr. "Lincoln and
uib Bmeiir.es. r-very imo mend ot no
erty and law will read this letter with
jjiuuome, auu rejoice mat meir ureB,
even in txilo. as bravo and heroic a
spirit. ,
Mb; Editor : Pleas announce the
name of KICUARD CKAIO, . as a
suitable candidate for tho oflica of
Probate Judge, for Vinton countj
subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic county Convention.
Ma. Editor: Pleas announce the
name ofO. T. GUNNING, as a can
didate for Representative in the next
Legielature,subject to tho Decision of
tlin Dpmnomtlo Convention.
Mb. floiTon : Pleas announce tha Horns of
HAKRI80N LYLE, as a candidato for Kq ra-i
scntative in the imxt Legislature, subjoct to '.1
decision 01 ihu KwmocruiUi
Eonoa Deyockat: Pleano announce the
name of A.J. SW AIM, asasutiablo condldate
lor Kopersontatiye of Vinton couuty. in thonext
jjegmiutnre, suDject to the decision of the Doru
Mb. Editor : We wish you to announce the
name ofE. A. BHATTON, as a candidate before
the Democratic county Convention, and subject
to its decision, for Kopreeeutativo lu the Legis
lature for Vinton county j
M:,;r!.IT0R;. T. r8' announce thenamo of
iiflitn a. avoirs, a a eaiididnle for I'hobati
o ouos BUDject to tne democratic Convention
Mn. Editor : l'leaso announce tho name of
9. v. uam, as a suitable candidate for the of
fice of Probato Judae. for Vintoi. o
joctto the decision of the Democratic countv
Major Brattox : 'Will picas announce the
nameof Lieut. SAMUEL WlLSON, as a candi
date for Clork of the Court of Common Pleas,
subject to the decision of the Democratic county
Convention. Lieut. Wilson U a firm Democrat,
and one of the Democratic Traitors who' has
proved hU loyalty, by the lost of a leu on the
field, and is every wav qualified for tbe dutieaof
Clerk. Being renderd unabld to labor, he should
rociove tho favorable
Editor Democrat : Pleas announce thetiame
of J W. RAT O'Lli'FE, aa a condldate for Clerk
of Common Pleas Court, subject to tbe decision
of the Democratic eounty Convention.
Mb. Editor s Yon will please announce the
name of B.C. STAINBROOK, as a candidate for
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas subjee to
the decision of the Democntlo Conva-
Mb.- Editor : Tleas announce the name ef
JACKSON WILKINSON, as a candidate for
county Lommlmioner audject to tha decision ol
tun uuiwrabiu, vuuniy oonvention.-
Editor Democrat. Ploas announce the nme
oi j a aiio Aiclillilil VlvA i , or Jackson Tp. ass
UHUUIIIHUI IDT I .O la H THnrilM irn Bit niflrt T fA tha I mm
JIr. Editor: Please announce the name of
w i i.i.ia m fTr.A ww ..atifii.in.A f.m r 1
eloLer, subject to the decision of the Democrat
io county Convention.
Sixth egimeut, 0, V., rtimp at Beverly, Va.-
r3-T TTrinnniiiTOii. rnli.i.. TT T nun
V uj iogn ......
Vt. v. W. Kosaoi; Cincinnati, Ohio:-We
adies a few days sgo, and hasten to return you
a unanimous expression in regard - to onr higu
opinion of tha merits of same.
"Wa have naed thm with ar in
re-H'Hi vhii vniir tnrrr aniii rnsa a rri HAinnMA
Company, and heartily attest to tha public opln
ipn.of their great benefits. In our cases, espe
cially where thapA nv k mn
changes aa from the civilian in dally routine, in
business, at home, to tho exposed habitaofao-
tiva soldiers in a strange and unnatural country
do we most appreciate the merits of such Iieav-
. t . n f V.Ii.k. mm . .. ff,.. 1 1 . V. . . 1
.ukw jvuid. - lU.UlWQ.JU VUI
position do we most emphatically recommend
your Remedies, bolng auured, from experience,
i uura ti iruir, ,
Jostra A. Amdzws,
Cant. Cb. B. Sixth Res'L O. V.
Bignei; l
James Y. 6empte, let Sergeant Com piny fi.
Chaa, H.Foster, ti Sjgaut.
Chat. B Kussel, 1st Irieut Co. S'.B Beg't O.V,
Tbos. 8 ltojee.'id Lieut. ,,
E. B, Warren, 3d .Sergeant,
6. .1, Thayer, 4th gorgeant,
6aml. I). Sohoolry. Cooihiiaary,
Carooral C'has.-W. laylor;
Corporal Kdward Boltuiann,
Corporal Carlton 0. Cable,
piralher ith (9 orivatea annanlmouaein
sion beipf given.
Fur sale at No. I East Fourth street, and
Druggists every where.
Theapocik! attention of Sutlers is solicited to
this as being the best artlolo for complaints in
cident tooamp life. . .
Feb. alt mo. '.wv-...
To Nervous Batterers of Both Bsxec.
been restored to health in few days, after un
dergo! ngall tho usual routine and irregular ex
tensive mode of treatment vithnut
aiders it his sacred dutjr to eommunlcaU to hit
afUicted fellow creatures the means of cure
lienoe.on the receipt of an addressed envelops,
he will send (free) a copy of tbe presciiptioai
used. Direct to D. Joiim M. Tl.nw.tr ma if,,(i
ton Street Brooklyn, New York.
Biaron. May, Jnly.Sep., Nov.. Jan.. Ivr.
rhe Confessions and tiperiencs of a
Nervous Invnlid.
Published for the bpnofli .A . ....,. .
jounir men, and others, who suffer from Nervous
-.-ay, ana tneir kindred -ments-eupplying
the means of self-cure. Bv
ono who has hunaolf aftor bainv . vintl.n i.r
mlnplaoed couSdance in medical bumbrig and
quackery. By enclosing a post-paid directed
envelopo, single copies may be had of the author
Natbannu Matjai,. Esq., Bradford, Kiags
county, New York. '
Feb, April. June, Anar, Oct, Dec W, lyr.
HARRISON TOWNSHIP. Special Notices, New Advertisements.
Rehooca Myers and Thonws Myers, Sarah
Hatdilf and Tobias Katcliff, Charity Wheeland
and A'j ner W heeland , all of the State of Illi
nois Nancy Uughn sud Joseph Hughn, Eliza,
BarulHt and Lewis Barnett, andslary Barneti
allofllardin county and Stats of Ohio, Emilv
Walker and John Walker, James N. Bay, KHz
J. Ufiy and ManrarotBav all of Bima
iuu mui nnj, n oovou any ana Hllas Kay, all
u.f vin'? county Ohio, will take notioe that on
.1 r - u.. r t i .... ' ' v 1
bi -aiiui ui win ii n in ana lestlment or
Jun eyo!easea,iiied in the Probata Court
within and for thecountv of Vint.m nj sr. to
ofOhio, a petition alleging thaton the S6th,
day of October A. D. 18dl, the said James Ray
then in full life, entorod Into a contract in writ
ing i ith John Btovons for the sale of tbe follow
ing described real estato, situated in said ooon-tyto-wit:
Beginning at the KutclluT and Ray
cornor aa described lu a dood made to James and
Thomas Ray from Join. Rutolilfand wife dated
niiKuow iuiu, iou. dhiq corner is on the west
fork of ault creek in Eagle Township, north of
the bridge acrosksalb .Salt creek, from thence
weai sixty rou to the quarter Beotlon line, from
tnenooeouth on said quarter section lino, nun
hundred and six rodsUn fast ant ini... .
t wmj. IIIWU.B .V
the quartor section ooiner.tbonce easdsixtT rods.
uv. in vii, uuuurcu anu aix TOtlS ten Met
and six inehos, to tho pi ace of beglnlng contain
ing fortv acrea mnrn nr Uia .n.H.lnr. -1
. " - - uDiuK ti pari ui
the north east quarter of 8ectlon number twen-
) iownBiupnumDorton.(lO,) Kanga
aumbor nineteen, ( 19,) for the anrn of one thous
and and fifty dollarajtbat said John Steven hns
paid the full amount ofthe purchase money for
naid tract of land according to the terms of said
written contract, aud that Rebecca Myers mar
ritd to Thomas Myers, Sarah Batcliff married to
Tobias RatclitT, Charity V heeland 'married to
Abner Wheeland, all of the Slate of lilinoist
Nancy IJughn married to Joseph ilughn, Ellis
Barnett married to Lewis Barnett, and Mary
Burnett married to the pofllloner alt of Hardin
county Ohio, Emilv Walker married to John
Walker, James N. Ray, Ellaa J. Hay and Mar
gaiet Ray, .all of Ross county Ohio, and Jesse
Kay, Weston Ray and Silas Kay all of Vinton
county Ohio (irs the heirs st law aud legal repre
SAntiativaa of aalit decedent,
Tha prayer ofthe petition Is for authority to
make a deed lo said John ttavens for said prem
lass, on behalf of Mid hairs at law, and in con
foimity to the terms of said oon tract.
Said petition will be fur'hoariogon the tenty
""i,"-" --j ur oo soon tnerearter
in leavo of Court cun be obtained,
lltwm-j A ErmaroN, JOSIAH BARNEl'T
Att'vs lur 1'ut.hiiiii. Frum.. r...
Aufiut oclil6a3-iw. Ray Dectasod .
mn liODY ioSk this way
flfidUtt.XetoTuDyiDg Md W
In the Connty. Wa bough our MarH at tha ve
rvlowsat caah nrloa. U' think It.
, - . . , - "-....- w raaiawnen
we ay thore has never been any person in Mo-
....uu., .u. ..u mas aa a0wn In point Of
Our Marble it of tl tvt rLai:. .-n.
l aud and Italiaa. You will jnd us prepared to
furnish you with Grave 6tones a most any price
that you may desire, j ' 'p
N.B.-We have also on hand the celebrated
Btrea Grind Stone. wM,.h . m ,
cam. ; . i ww
Do not forget tha place when in Town.
t , . Corner of Main a logaa stect
JulySO-63-tf , McArthur. O.
Statu (f OhiOtVintotv County: .
Davis St Newkirk . Pltffsi 1 ,
airainat ' ConH of
J. K.Will iSs other as trusea f Co-mnon Pleas
of M. E. Church. Def'tsJ Orderofaala.
PURSUANT to the command of an ordeT of
sale In tha above cause to rue directed ftom
the Court of Common Pleaa. of tba aforesaid
County of Vinton, I will offer at publio aale, at
the door of tho Court House, in the Town of
McArthur, in the aforesaid County of Viti.orj.ofl
on Saturday August 22 A. D. 16(53,
At the hour often o'clock A. M. of said dy
the following real estate to-wit : In-lot number
eicht. (3.. in tha town of A ir-.i...
county Ohio. ' ; c ..... j
levied on as the property; of tha Methodist
Epucooal Church tn autii.fi- a 4..lnm.n .r
said Court, In favor of Davis Newkirk.
Appraised as follows, to-wit : . six mindred
and thirty-three dollar and rhirty-threa cents.
muB unuj bwo-iuirua oj mf sum.
Terms of rale cash in hand. ' '
Hiwxibx in person. ABCH.NORRli.
July 16th 18635. '. Shn. ilea.' O.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Tl.:. !- a lit. mmmm K.t f. f I... 1 M . .
it uses no Shuttle, makes the lock stich alike
on both aides of tha goods, leaving no chain or
ridge on the underside, it nses but half of
tbe thread of other machines, and makes tha
neatest work. - ,;
Having taken an Agency for the sale-of the
mackioes, I respeofully request tha Ladies of
Viabin or admimnff f!nnnhi iaitin un. tnwn
to call and examinetha machine, nd aaa it
work, lo t&owmakiDj purchases of me, I will
five instructions in tha aaa of tha machine
gutia., I will sell at tba lowest cash priceeof
the manufacturer. - ,
McArthur. OUo.

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