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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 06, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy of
Platform of the Democracy of Ohio.
The Democratic parly has ever bwn, ms"
yel is, a liwlKiiiiig Vsrir. It asks nothing
tut it lights u inter Itie Consliturlon and the
laws. It resorts to no rtoletionf either;
it cutinleuanirs no vwltrtion of either", ;lt
fxtf a light k all gnareoteerf of pubJio and
f rtvate liberty, and of property, ctxiUwed in
on fundamental liwt, nnd it will surrender
not one of ihem.. It hit the right to diiciisa
public mrure,emi vi'Al tiisuasj them It
hat the right to propose end advocate that
policy wlttch ildrefrw et fur the nelion,
ml it 'will eiercisetbbt rijjt. It has tb
Tight to have ii s policy pasafd uporr by the
o at peaceable and untraaimeled. elec
tioni, end it will maintain thai right. If
found in minority,' it yield obedience to
sIl.Mvrul rule of the majority ; if it be the
majority itself, it rlaims rtiatits4rfful will
be respected. . Whether - in majority or
minority, it obey all law that are in force.
These that it dislike it seeks to overthrow
not by violence, butty legitimate repeal.
Those that it propose, it seeks to carry, not
by force, tut by legal enectments. And
vAat it does in sll these respects, it tla-
oiarida snd has a riAl to demand, that all
other shall do. They owe ttie same ubed
ience to the Constitution and the law that
Democrats owe. They have the eame in
terest to maintait free government, to pro
(eel liberty, 4o.be secure in their liousw,
vereons and property, thai Demoerats have.
It is neither tbeirintTEor ours that ilea-
potiMii or anarchy should prevail; and if they
wish to avert both, let them see to it in time
that they give no occasion for either. We
will do our duly; let them remember to do
In view of the circumstances that have
brought us together, .we hereby resolve :
1. That the will of the people is the
foundation of all free governments, That
revive effect tothlswill, tfree thought free
peach and free press are absolutely indis
pensable. Without free discussion there u
no certainty of sound judgment; without
sound jodgmeait there can be no wise gov
3. That it is an inherent and constitu
tional right of the .people toojsaissail mea
sures of their Government, and t approve
ot disapprove, as to their best judgment
seems 'ighU ,Tlwt they have a rightto pro
lose and advocate that policy which in their
judgment is best, and to argue and vote
against whatever policy 'seeing to 'them to
violate the Constitution, to tirrpair Utelt lib
erties, or be detrimental to their welfare.
3. That ihese and all other rights, guar
anteed to ihem by their constitutions, are
their rights in lime of war as wU as in time
of peace; and of far more value and necessi
ty in war titan hi peace, for in peace liber
ty, erourity and property are. seldom endan
gered; in war thsy are ever in peril.
4. That we now say to all whom it may
concern, not by way of threat, but calmly
and firmly, that we will not surrender these
rights a or submic to their forcible violation
We will obey the hrws, urse4vs, and all
Others must obey them..
5. That there is a manifest difference be
tween the Administration of the Govern
ment and die Government itself. The Gov
crnnwat.esnsiets of civil and political insti
tution!) created by the Constitution, and to
It ike people owe allegiance. The Adminis
Iratio are but the agents of the people,
subject t their approval or condemnation
according to the meiit or demerit of their
acta. " ' v .
6. That in tnererc'rteof the right lo
differ with the Federal Exerutlve, we enter
our solemn protest against the proclamation
of the President of the United States, oa ted
the first day of January oue thousand eight
hundred and sixty-three by which he as
sumes to emancipate slaves in certain
States, holding the same to be unwise un
constitutional and void.
7. That we declare our determined op
position to a system of emancipation by the
States, upon compensation to be made out
of the Treasury of the United States, as
burdensome upon the people, unjust in its
very nature, and wholly without warrant of
the Constitution.
8. That we declare that the power which
liaa recently been assumed by the President
. of the United Slates, whereby, under guise
1 of military necessity, he has proclaimed and
extended or asserts the right to proclaim
or extend martial law over S'.ates where
war does not exist, and has suspended the
writ of habeas coutva, is unwarranted by
the Constitution, and its tendency is to sub
ordinate civil to military authority, and to
subvert our system of free government.
9. That we deem it proper further to de
clair that we, together with the truly loyal
people ot we Mates, would hail with pleas
ure and delight any manifestations ol a de.
fire on the part of the seceded States to re
turn to then allegiance to the Government
of the Union, and in such event we would
cordially and earnestly co-operate with them
In the restoration of peace and the procure
ment cisucn proper guarantees as would
give security to all their interests and
10. That the soldiers composing our ar
mies merit the warmest thanks of the na
tion. The country called and nobly did
they respond. Living, they shall know a na
tron's gratitude, wounded, a nation's care;
and dying they shall live in pur memories;
. and monuments shall be raised to teach pos
. terity to honor the patriots and heroes who
offered their lives at their country's alter.
. 1 heir widows an J orphans snail be adopted
by the nation, to be watched over and cared
. for as object truly worthy a nation's guard
ianship. 11. That Ohio will adhere to the Con
; stitution and the Union as the best, it mav
be the last, hope of popular freedom, and for
all wrongs which may have been committed
or evil which may exist, will seek redress,
under the Constitution and within theUni
on, by the peaceful but powerful agency of
the courages or a iree people.
13. That we hail with pleasure and hope
the manifestations of the conservative sen
timent among the Northern States in their
elections, and regard the Same as the earn
est of a good purpose upon thdir part to co
operate with all other loyal citizens in civ
ing security to the rights of every section,
. and maintaining me union ana tne consti
tution as they wen ordained by the founders
of the nepuDiic.
13. That whenever it becomes practice-'
ble to obtain a uouvennou et an or three
fourths of the States, such body should be
' ronvened for the purpose of prouosin? inch
. amendments to the Federal Constitution as
experience) has proved to be necessary to
- maintain that instrument in the spirit and
.meaning, intended by its founders, a nd to
provide against future convulsions and wars.
4. That we will arnsatlf support eve
ry constitutions! measure tenilirig' to pre
serve the onion of the States. No man have
a greater interest in iu preservation than
we have; none desire it more; there are noue
who will make greater sacrifices or endure
more thau we w ill to accomplish that end
We are, as we ever have been, trie oevoiea
friends of the Constitution and the Union,
and we have no sympathy with the enemies
of either. .
Jo. Thalthe arrest, imprisonment, pre
tended trial, and actual banishment of Cle
ment L. Vallandigham, a citizen of the State
of Ohio, not belonging to the laud or naval
.i it '.. I ii. ... ........ ...!(!
torcesoi tne unneu muies. ruinu me win-
larv in actual service, v alleged military
authority, for no otfie-r pretended crime than
that of uttering worU ot legitimate critic-
sin upon the Administration in power, ami
of appealing to the ballot-box for a change
of policy (said arrest and military trial ta
king place where the courts ol law are open
and unobstructed, and fur no act done with-
n the sphere of active military operations
in carrying on the war) we regsnt as a
palpable violation of the following provis
ions ol lite Constitution ol the Uuiie.i
I. "Congress shall make no law
abridging tne freedom of speech or of the
iree3, or the right or the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition tin Govern men'
for a redress of grievances. .
2. "The right of the people to be secure
in their persona, houses, papers and effects
against irnrcasonublfl searches and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no warrant shnll
i-sue but upon probable cause, supported by
oath or affirmation, and particularly describ
ing the place to be searclied and the persons
or thin lis to be fewea.
3 "No persons shall bo held to answer
for a capital or otherwise infamous crime
unless in a presentment or indictment of
Grand J'.ry, except in cases arising in the
land or naval forces, or in the militia when
in actual servii e in time of war or public
danger. -
4- "In all criminal prosecutions, the ac
cusert shall enjoy the right to a speedy and
public trial by an Impartial jury of the State
and district wherein the crime shall have
been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law." '
"Hand we furthermore denounce said ar
rest, trial snd banishment ass direct in
sult offered lo the sovereignty of the people
of Ohio, by w hose organic law it is declared
that "oo person shall be transported out
the State for any offense committed within
the same "
JP. That Clement L. Vallandigham was!
at the time -of his arrest a prominent candi
date for nominrrtittii by the Democratic by
party of Ohio for office of Governor of the
State; that the Democratic party was fully
competent to decide whether ha was a fit
man for that nomination, ond that the at
tempt to deprive them of that right by his
airest and banishment, wis an unmerited
imputation upon their intelligence and loy
alty, as well as a violation of the Constitu
tion. 17. That we respectfully, out most earn
estly, call upon tlie President of the United
Stales to restore Clement L. Vallandigham
to his home In Ohio; and thai a committee
of rjne'lioin each Congressional District
the State, to be selected by the presiding of
ficer of tii is Convention, is hereby appoin
ted to present this application to the Presi
dent. 18. That the thanks of this Convention
are hereby tendered to Horatio Seymour,
Governor of the State of New York, for his
noble letter in relation to the arrest of Mr.
Vallandrgham; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed to communi
cate a copy of tr.is resolution to uovernor
13. that the establishment of a military
government over the loyal States, where war
does not exist, to supersede the civil authori
ties and suppress the freedom of speech and
of the press, and to interfere with the . elec
tive Iranchise.is not only subversive ol tne
Constitution and the sovereignty of the
States, but the aclual inauguration of revo
lution. 20. That it is the sworn duty of the Gov
ernor of the State to protect her citizens
the injoyr.ient and exercise of all their con
stitutional rights; and we have beheld wth
deep humiliation and regret, not only the
failure ol David lod, uovernor ot Uiuo,
perform that duty, but what is still worse,
his active participations in the violation
these rights.
21. That we denounce as traitors to the
country the Abolition Jacobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in the loy
al States, with the view of turning, if possi
ble, the bavonets of the army against the
breasts of the fathers, brothers and friends
the soldiers, and subjecting those States
a military surveillance and dominion.
22. That we denounce, as libelee of
Democratic party and enemies of their coun
try, the men who are engaged in represent,
ing the Democrtiu party as vautiiiff In syuv
pathy with our soldiers in the held. It
a base slander upon human nature to assert
that the Democrats, who have hundreds
thousands of brothers and sons in the army,
do not sympathize with them and it ii
outrage upon the Democratic party, that
has always stood by the countiy, to assert
hat it is not the friend of its gallant defen
23. That the conduct of Brigadier Ger.
etal Mason, the Military Commandant
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ance nf military restraint upon the proceed
ings of this Convention show that they have
a just appreciation of the Conslitution
their country and the rights of the people;
and that they are wise and potriotic officers
and that their conduct on this occasion
in striking contrast with contrary conduct
ofthe military authorities upon the occasion
o( the late Democratic meeting at Indianap
olis. And we take pleasure in expressing
our confidence in General Mason snd the
officers and soldiers under his command
The Convention then adjourned, with
three cliers for the nominees, three for
Constitution, and three for the Union.
Amos Lay mar, Secretary.
Also, Warehouse Truck?,
Letter Tresses, &c.
172 Lake 6treet, Chioaifo. ,ld in jQUieiDUit
Be careful to buy eauiaj
aaaary 1, 1863
iD mm
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His stock, hick is muck tlie largest
and neatest, and was principally
Bouglit before tlie late advance in
prices, lie will positively sell,
Then any other House in the County.
Wanted- .Wool, Meat, Butter,
Eggs, Bags, Teatkers Dried fruits,
Flax seed, oions, Hard soap, and
all articles of Country produce, for
wkick tlie kigkest price will be
January 3 18G3 lyr
mi nm
PREAMBLE. Legal Notices.
Slate of OMo,Vinlon Connty.
Georca A. Arras, fc I Pltflfl In Court of
K. C. Arms, i Common
va. ' l'loua.
"J.J. All'mon, & I n ft
Williiim II. Black f vent' j Orderof sale.
PURSUANT to the command .of . an orderof
ralo in tbe above csubo, to me directod from
the Court of Common l'leas, of aforesaid connty
of Vinton, I will offer at publio sale, at the door
of tlie Court Houso, in ttio Town of Mc Arthur,
in aforesaid county of Vinton, on
Saturday thtUtdayof Aagmt 1863
At the hour of ten o'clock A. M., ofssidday,
the following real ocUto to -wit: Z ho north-west
quarter of Section number thirty-four, (34,) in
Township number ttn, (10,) ofKange fifteen,
ms a irin tlm weftt lmlf of the north-east Quar
ter of Section number thirty four,(34,)in Town
ship number ten, (10,) of Kango number fifteen
(15.) containing two unudrea ana iony acres,
indapartof the west half of the aouth wost
quarter of Section number thirty-flvo, (35, hn
Township number ten, (10, ofKange number
fifteen, (15, containing ion acres beginning at
the creek below Browns Mill, Brownslino crosses
tho creek in the south-west quarter of Section
number thirty-fle, (55.) in Township numbor
ton, (10,) ofKange number fifteen, ( 15,) thonce
south thirty-two degrees west five chains and
fifty-three links to a stake, thenco south eighty
six degrees westsixchr.ins and forty-three links
to a stake, thence south 4'degreoa wont six
chain and forty links to a stake from which a
Bed oak eight lncboB In diagnotor bears south
sixty-seven an i a half degrees west thirty-five
links disiaut, and wMto oak five inches in diam
eter bears north eighty-eight degrees cast twenty
links distant, thence oast on the Seotion lino to
the creek, thence up the creek with tho ruean
dorlngs, thence to flioplace of beginning,
laken as the property of William II, Black,
to satiKly a judgment ol aforesaid tourl, jn la
varol Georgo A. & It. C. Arms.
Appraisod as follows, towit : Two thousand
nir,e hundrof and soventy dollar ($2970,) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
TERMS OF SALE, cash in hand.
J. J. McDowell, ARCH. NOURIS,
Atty. for Pltfls. Sh'ff V. Co. 0.
July 2d. 1363,-pfe9,62-6w .
George W. Eoyer a I Pliff 1
EluabdthBoyerhiswifef j petition
againxt V
Margaret Utterback I Dofts.
and others. f J ,
Margaret Otterback, llenry Uttorbaclc, of the
county of Harrison in the State of Ohio, Isabel
Ann Utterback, aminor and Mary Utterback,
both ofthe county of Vinton and State of Ohio,
will take notice that on the 23d day of June A.
I). 1843 the said George W. Kiyer and Elizabeth
ItnrftT his wife filed their petition in the Conrt
of Common Pleas, of Vinton county and SttUof
Ohio, wherein taid petition is now pending and
wherein tne eaia uecrge unyer ana JUizanetn
Koyer demands partition of the fnllowioz real
estate situated in the county or Vinton, and
Btata of Ohio, to-wit : Tho north half ofthe
south west quarter of Section number thirty one
(31,) in Township number ten, (10,) of Jiange
number eighteen, (18,) containig eightr-one
acres more or lets, and that at the next term of
said Court, the said George W . and Elizabeth
Koyer wilt apply for an order that partition may
be made of said promises, and that the Power
Estate ofthe said Mary Utterback therein be as
signed. This 2Jd day or June A. D.1863.
Hiwitt Edwsto. GEO. W. KOYER.
Jnlj One" 136?. 6w
We have a first rate new Coal Cook
inz Stove AUo a Premium Wood
Cooking Stove for sale. Call at this efflce
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lowest cosh figure. -
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
John S. Black
Black )
lues et al)
Court of Common lToaa.
Elmer Jouos
BY virtue of in order of sale U ma directed
from the Court of Common Pleas, of Vinton
County Ohio, I will offer for sain at the door of
the Court llouso, in tbo town of McArthur on
Saturday ie25lA dau ofiulu 1863
At the hour of ten o'clock A. M , of said day,
the following property to -wit: Being a part of
the south-west quarter of (section nuinoei talr-ty-rlve,(35,)
township numbor ten, (10,) range
number tifteon, (15;) beginning atllioenHt line
of the said Quarter at a maple tree eleven I nches
indiameter, fifty-eight rods and sixteen liuki
from the south-east corner . thence north forty
five degrees west, distant forty-two roda to a
post ; thence up Raccoon creek so as to include
two tlurds or Bant creek, to lands ciceuoa dv
James McWhartor ; thenco south iwenty-two
chains audeigl
thence west n
ut-flvo links to the Section line;
ve chaius and sixty-one links;
thence cult forty-nine degrees six chainsand
forty links to a stako : thonce eighty-six degrees
north six chains and torty-thrce links; inenee
north thirty-two degrees, east twenty-two rod
and forty-eight links to the place ofueeining
containing thirty acres be the eame more or loss
i-xcoptone bait acre deeded to John fidro by
said Vierce, together with all the privileges and
appurtenances thereto belonging.
Also eighty acres being the went half of tbe
north-west quarter of the aforesaid section, ex
cept twenty-five acres before deeded to Geor ge
Kickeyouthe side of said eighty acres, all ins
township number ton, (10.) of range number
fifteen, ( 15.
Taken as tho property of Elinor Jones et al,
to satisfy a judgment in favor of John S. Black.
Apprairimoat mill property at three thousand
six hundred dollars, (3600.) And an eighty acre
tract appraised at four hundred dollar, (400,)
aui muse Dring iwo-mirdi or mat sum.
TKKMS OF SALE, cash in hands.
E. A. Bbatton atty. for 1'J'tf Stt'll V.Co.O,
JunelSth 1S63-5W
llenry Johnson, . l'ltff. 1
Abraham Johneon I nlf. PartiUon
.& Others. f '"'J
Abraham Johnson of the County of Jackson
and State of Ohio, William Johnson, Christiana
Johnson, Sarah Walker formerly urah Johnson
William Walaer, vnarlotte Laraw former
Charlotte Johnson;' Joseph Larew, - Emily Salts
formerly Emily Johnson, John Salts and Thomas
Fee, George Fee and Sarah Jane Fee, minor
boirs or uariBsa ee deceased, rormeriy uiaris-
s Johnson,' allot the eonnty ofVintqo in the
State of Ohio, Kheda Kite, of the Statq of Iowa
minor heiofxollv Kitedeeeased, formerly fol
lv Johnson; fiancy Kite formerly Nancy Juhn
son, Zachariah Kite, Teresa -Rogers formerly
Teresa Johnson, John Iiogers and John John
son ofthe State of Wisconsin, will take notice
that a pertition was filed against them on the
29th daof JunAD1863, in tbe Conrt of Com
moo l'leas, within and for the county of Vinton
and State ot jmo, by llenry Johnson and
now pending, .wherein the said llenry Johnson
demand .-partition of the following real estate
situated in the county ofNinton and State
Ohio to-wit : The north-east qnvtor of
soutri-eaat quarter or section numoer sixteen,
(14,) in Township numoer tan, (10,) ofKange
number seventeen, (17,) excepting ten acres
of the south side of said forty acre tract owned
by Daruarin TarraCo. Also the north west
quarter ofthe soath west quarter of Section num
ber fifteen, (15,) Township, Karige aforesaid, ex
cepting ten acres off ofthe south side of said for
ty acre tract owned by Uamarin 'Tarr Co., and
also excepting twenty acres off of the East side
of the remaining thirty acres' owned by William
Walker, being in all forty acres mora or Joss,
and that at tbo next term of said Court, the said
Henry Johnson will apply for an order that pe
tition may be made of said premises.
iUwiTt, Edhistoii, ilENRY JOHNSON,
AU'ya for l'ltff. July 2d mti.
f UK
Not for fcloodr war; but for etiatomert fo1
McArthur, Ohio,
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Wool Flaids, Valeutia Flaida, Prints.
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sale PRICES.
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October 23rd, 1962 lyr.
NOTICE is hereby given that S. C. Case
administrator dabonis noa of the
of - William HcPeack's late of Vinton
county Ohio, deceased has filed hie accounts
for inspection ana final aettlemant and
be for hearing on tbe 8 dayof Aosust A.
July 1 6th 63 5 w . Probate Judge.
N Of ICE Is hereby given that the undersign
ed has been appointed AdmiaistraUtrii
qnatieed of tht eststa of Epkraim Bockhold
of tbe County of Vinton Ohio, deoessed.
July 9th 1363-3W. LU8ETTA KOCEIIOXD,
tate will
and ,
"h petMf Ctid MtMt Mr prc
bave been introduced to the pullie far I
than lix years, ana hare acquire as
fkr eiceedinz any Family Mediolnee of
aimilar nature in tbe market
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and frequent profit ta the Prourietor, the
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Scrofula, ByphilU, : ,
Bkin Qistas; Old Born, ' j
Bait Jiheutn, heumatiarrii
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Liver Complaint, Ftvtr ana fig,
Leuoorrhaa, Ftmal Complaint,
Erytiptlat, Bt. flnthnjf' Fr
Vumora, Eruption;
Fits, Borqfulout Corvsumjifiort, U.
OUEnefson writes, her dauehterwu eared
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danoe of two years. ' .
ABOTHEB, writes, his son was eve
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United Statcsand Canadas. ; ...
October .23d, lS62.-ly.
, A V E R N S T A N D .
FuRSALE. TliePropeity is aitqa-
. . i i a,, . r- i Ai:
JJica Bl AlllipTiiie. . anvil fjvuuij viii w
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April 18th,-1863 t1 i ! i' iMcArthui.0.
Dr. S. .B. ; D , -IT 1' A,P .
Wonld Tea pact folly annonnee to the ottiiens
of Mo Arthur and Vinton Ounty, thai hehsi
Tfttnrnedt and will spsnd a faw wseka in Ma
Arthur. And tbat he is prepared to perform
sll opperations pertaining to his profession,
and that he will he happy to wait on. any of
hia eld frisnda and ensUunera who msravor
hist wUhaeall. ' '''.!"
He will be a) Dr. Dtxldrige's effloe, )fin
Street, McArthur Ohio. . ,
P. B., Lsdieeir sited ape at their residences
f desired. B.B.pnTLAP.

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