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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 20, 1863, Image 2

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. navritix. i t t kditdu.
VMov Asir n.s,rn. kixjho
U'c. IS. niul t l nfiiict ini'iit
hsuhs, nit Oiticors who
ni. pi d "Aiithortv, nil well t the
.-. aito C. Buuit lireucln ol the
toll 1HIDKNT IN 1364.
r, LtJIATil) sniouE,
'o'he Vtcisi'on nf tit Democratic
in.uen.ijA uj tut ukj'.t I'aieu,
ffj Uuv'KUNOB,
cim i,. v a llan dm ham,
0! 31oti!g'meij; C4iiuy.
tiEUirfn.iT aavxasuR,
CECKlifi B. rUGII, ol lUinilton.
r.'IUlAM HUBBARD, t.f Login.
littAttl RER (IF STATE.
r-JCa.'.CB S. KNAPP, of Aai.laiul
I. VAX UIU.MI u Fairfield,
i ii;o vr fui:i.ic.voi,KS,
ILIlEATOX.of Belmont.
.'i.iia'Il GKLE.S. of P.ke Co.
. :" " 1 l'irrnnl furuuics an') atx.IUTon
' . r c. t io power In Uioir liu d, tiny will
r tiii.siimi.inn, sot tlio Surprume
.1 .i.n .in.olmuKi,I mukj laws tu mil
I violent tiiiiuli u those who ti i
iulhiir options, or dare qm s-
..ir ii.iH.libi!liy, o,.d dually b:wilcrii-i Uio
-y uui iMugs it blood."-.W
t.: Nz7is Col to prote-t itsrstnot any vio
' 1 i.'n, C-institution, not let tiny tK-mlcr
V.'e yvrrmui.t Um?ppnw People urn ery
i!r likl'itniilaJ to ebjniiicbinents npon their
'l'li i eiyle in.nili n.Ki-o tlia (Joverii
-''l kO cliia-v U course.'" ,w ,, fJiiLUn-
7T "TTfcri tlienrmy i.-C-Iitirp. yon mcI
t ii.ni tlii b-iii ,nmiiMl lur ti e
. (tl U.iiMM ("itveTiTCTmsr,
,'' w,nt of every no fori fa ppare
f' is , jte. Jt uut )ipuie HltTHr",
'"- ':.-ert.':fr ii ulpro i.l i!.e pliilnscpfiy
- . i.,t-i;t ; lur tlifi miiibli-lu'd u
. " x:i i:.:-T!'d niih ewn die forrr
r ' P- ; D'T.' t ilp'onrp. m:lnr thin
. . t'll't h II K ua R -Lt .... . . .
.orUu.H with .Mi.rr 8:a;e.
. t'fir.m!Mit Ii,. ioii) piHtion iiUt-ind
;,,:, , , J
i S ivili- will IKrr.fJiPi.twlirliiihqu.
; J-'ft! u. iiifcxigiMii-psnr ii..ngT,vote
.... . 1 1; o, i!h ii!n-r. Uur gvfrniiunt
't' fu. tiipponfrsdf ifousi-r'piion. No
iktm cri,tf hai csnfrif on, or can enrv on,
, r-tiV" nr uhhout ciiiiycriptiun. Wa r. j
ii'itr ii dU'ttPoii, mm houevir
i('iiiiuitir9, (lirunVa all hh:' l in lus-
. i&t-rl or.ler niul curiHpis public 111 'r
T)te iirst elepii'ut, ibfii, o our tocial
'-- uiui ecuriiy i Peace."
r.ETtlirff 1 pie'iatifa liy ri"nrpii-
itirmijrTi tliig, in one iiotiim 0, in hj
1 ' '! m of (r "f. t? h tie crlmtry u
.1 u.fnt (orernmtuU n 4tt$id. Tlio
. ;niik-t ttiwiiyicrwttijr vrb!ai:e. ill
,t eviT, uny pnrlinl r V.niM.'nt '-iw-th'-n.-ofin
utniiy ilinejiolj."- W'atK
U:i " Tf I" 1 1 II l 11 11 I 1 1 i II IIlia
( jainic Sally
AX D -
;x d. vr.
'.'IV w ,1
.' ri.Jwi the Democracy mid all
i A onw rvai've ciiizeiia of Vinton
. -.uc'isuu ceunties at
iesday Scptcm
oer 8th 1863.
("'"' the questions now before people
'. iio. an I npoo which we inut act
.i n.'T rtlrtn f...f na l,.t..
-.'.:- me-ting of the people, to hear ,J
.1 ae tfiain nions of taual niul
ft t 8 and eoual treviUrH
annfu-r that . Ilia Democracy are
: .r 'i.ivttrt . f.,trY.' ;..l., ,.t ....... .
' . 'e.jr nii u
ii-n.i; iij parry, mar onr .!l
.. autxAoUt ,..1
We hope tho Ladies will !
...if Hiony ion itiKe o, provision., : "
i' X ,r.JI be iiipx-sfiHo t-'gtt wcomo
J.jls. ; ivt ' J hJj-o Th.irm,.n,
: rd .Sin,bftDyb. cro among tho first 1
along foil baskets of j.iovWon.i, ! E
atnona tho lli6t'
' 1 i h!.,., nn,l h . u. la,... '
'.. '-:... L'very body torn cut. iK-ari"
1 . 1 sifies, and bring yutir wives, sis- j
U.., dAOiihtets aud 6on3 i-I&Dtf. ' by
Our Convention.
Tlure BiTcr was a moro lnti.ni?cnt
on mora ilefermineJ conrcnlion av
itniUcJ in Viiito-n, than onr CnntT
Convention oi last Motidn. Evm
mun fc!t the iin)uttatic oi i-tanii):
ttio jruiC;iVj rf tlw CMtitntion,ni,0. '
tlktir laltliful aJlufrcnt' lo tKat iiiftni
nuri.t as tlio Ark of oar safltj aa i.
Tlicjamliflftfcs bcf'ro fho t'ariTcn
tiun wi'io fHirl)- voted f.i an J adlrrrutl
to, nntil ihojr wi-ro all natiliej of tli
result tli.' a waj all rilir. EkIkt l
tlw "cnil.'inen nnuied fur their Kg
lH.x:ivo . fiit-cs, were 'ort?iy nnj wcl!
(jiml.SoJ rir tluir i.eitioii(i, an,l g.
I.r aa wo hsvo luurJ, arj itigncJ
witfi t)j resiilr. Tlicjr aro all sterling
r u . r. .
iiiiciuia. lar i wo are con
cerm J, wo wiuli Ikto lo stare, Unit ii
wu liii l lxn ir.Klcr o.ktli wo cuiLI not
litve n:oieJ tliroo Vote tliat wo vvoul-i
i-ccivc in tlio CciiveHtion. If we al'
do our Juty onr tntlro Ticket will re
wive from 500 k 700 mnjoiiry in
Vinton. IV'rliajia wo "can yivo Val.
and Tl-ou m jio. Lyt us try..
The Democratic Ticket.
txpt-ft in tlio future, aa in the past, t.
by and maintain the C n-fitu
We liopo ty make a rcm irk or two.
'n ri'g.u.l ta onraeK, without leiri
anljfct tc a charge of egotism. Wt
I.avo lor the past fen yiai lived
aiiionif yon as a citizen of Vioti.n U.'.
and during that timo wo Imve formed
a general acfjuaintunco in the County
Our (Ij'ct has hern eucially and in i
iiiBiiies jioint of viow to meet all onr
iieighlhT itn J citijinns in can l..r an I
fairness. Dining tliia ti;no wo hav.'
Lei'U cliargej by onr political oj.pon.
cnta, with everything hud, whin wi
know that tho.se who a'arted the ro
iorti knew they wero fulsc. Our
eitizjna know tu, .miJ with them we
lettve tho vindication of onr character
as a man and a citizun. 1'olitica'ly
we havo ever alvocaffc. tho cmao of
the Democracy because wo believed if
light. W have never yd voted
outiido of tho nominations of
Democratic parry, a3 somo of our
trionda l.avo intimated. Wo now
hojio to labor for tho success of Vat.
tAoiGiUM, becrtse wo I hereby Becnr
Irecdont of Soeech, t!ie i'resa and a
Ireo Ija'lot,the lait resort of Ffoemon
iiiruiiirt! cuiriijxion. ii.Miijia;ion uinl
degjiotism, and tho only means oi
IJooulilica to preserve the right of
tlio jx-.to, except Involution. Liw
aud ordyr wc will ever inaiiitain, until
t rbcaraneo ceaes to bo a virtue. We
l""n wsat al! hazirda, as the
oniy pri'tectionot eery citizju with
ut regard to party.
Lieut. SiMCBt, L. Wilson, om
eandidiilo for Clerk of rha Cnrto'
ComiiKMi Plena, is n voting sentleman
very wj.y qualified f .r il.u ofii -e. Un
excellent pennnn, and a g mil scliolar.
lie, hi.8 to), served hia cmtrv in th
i rscnt war a-a'tist rc-WHion, Iinvin
1st a leg on the battle-field, carriei-
the murk of hia loyalty with him, and
at the Faun: time adheres t ithu jirin
tiples of hia futliera by Btipnrtii;i fh
(Ainditiition, Lji wb, an J Democrat i(
liictiARD Craio, candidate for Pro
bate Judge, is young man of ability
well known t onr citizeni, is a gi,d
scholar and well posted in law. 1J.
will make an excellent Judge of Pro
Iuzeb IIawkis3, candidate for
Commiaaioner, is one of tho best
business men r.n the South side of onr
County. His erent ema.ilv ib -v.rr
jinent with all, with whom ho h ,.-
business, will insure him I'rton U it:
tho future. He 13 every way nd fied
for tho position ol one ol the miardians
f the iiiter.sts of tlie people of the
5uoh is, in Tier, tho Ticket presen'
ted for the suGrage of our people.
UitizeiM o Vinton, will yon do your
fafy, by electing it by a rousing ma
1 e know Jn will.
Candidate for Judge.
li.i.i. . .. ,
4 t A ilk0 couuiy, wasuomiiut
land tU Lomitii-e gives uuiver
satisfaction. M r. Gum is a geni
... l , ,
r tlio first lawyen of the
Scioto Va'loy. llo caa bo elocteJ
2,000 majority;
The Democratic JuJi-.-ial Conven
ikhj, that mot at I'ortsmoiith on the
w,i9 Wl'11 Joseph Ghees
q , of Piko county, was nominated.
...... ... . . .
ma". DUI0Vua 14,1 W" KOW hull.
Republicans Convention.
On yesterday, ilia 19i!i ins:., tha
Hepnblicana met and nominated their
Comity Ticket. The Cot. vent ion was
ii'H'CtabV inrrwnlxTS urti delegaUa.
They iinininated tho following ticket:
G. W. Johnstin IJepreaertativ.
CUaa. Biiodea Ck-rk of Court.
Joseph Kaler 1'robuto Judge.
J. O. (Jibaon Prosecuting Atl'y.
I(mmo Hrown Coniiirssioner.
Tho Ticket k a strone one. Mr
Tikluibfon has beea a Repablican. Mr.
Ilhodvi ia a clever young man, has
ht a leg on the bat tie-Hell, as a
member of Captain Sanda' Battery.
Judse K.der is onr present ProbaU
Judge, and Air. Drown is connected
with Vinton Furnace, and waa a
Dreekenridge supporter for President.
So by this ticket the Convention or
wire-pnllera expected to caio'a every
body, fiom Dieekeiiritlgera up to
Uaiidallitee. The claims of car old
friend, Davy Jonoa,hai certairty bieu
Field Officers of the Militia.
At tho elections tor field otiL-crs on
'ho 1st insr., the following pvrauus
wero elected:
E A UrutfoU-CoLillel.
D W C Frazeo Lieut. Colonel.
A V James Juj r.
etc 'Ho r.EOiuiiNT, 0. m.
G ; re Lantz (Lionel.
II C Mojre Lient. Colonel.
li'i Iieynolda Major.
Company musters aro fixed by law
ti tlie la.t S.itirday of September,
(,'ij'h ) ai:d lloimental uinstcr on the
ii-xt TueHday theiva ter, (29ih Sept.)
Mr. Jons Fiii, who served tho
Abolition Republican clique of Mc
Arthur in the last LeUlature, it
aetms, had to be laid aside ; ho was
not Abolition ' enough. They njwt
havo the regular Wads stairy of
Uepreresentativei or none. This
will certainly open tho eyes of some
of our Republicans who say they aro
not Abolitionists. Mr. FtK hsi not
been fair'v treated.
Democratic County Convention.
O i last Monday, August 17. 1363,
the Delegates appointoJ to tho County
Convention, met at tho C-wrt-honan,
McArthur, an I appointed Jame3 Mc
(iiLUvray, Pivsdenr, an) S. C.
Stbinbkook, Sicrefaiy. On motion
a com uitteo of ouj from each To.
aj appointed on crcdenrails, which
retired a lew minutes and made the
following report :
Ei.k Tp. A C Di.wJ. E Andrews,
A N Coz id, Joseph Parmateor. Jos
eph Bbo. John Newton, C W Cau
llo, and H. nry Clark.
Kimw Tp.--Thoa. Mageo and A
It Wion. .
Eagle Tp. C Andsrson, Samuel
iLiviied and Nathan Dixon.
Sw Tp A S if'oe, Win. Fee,
in I Eli U -y holds
Jacsiox Tp L Sampson, Henry
Leeters. I IlaiiiiUond, aud James
Madison Tp.' Tlavil Pinncy. E
Vanderford, W in. S.iwders and E E
ClJSTrs Tp O I' Pari', T Mc
ICemi, Henry lloll'iii 1 John Nun-
n maker. Chare f .. i..b.ii:a:i. John
Fii zie ami fnh Ii l);ili.i l v..y.
R" ten r. a k n Tp. E 1 i a 1 Da v i . Joso 1 ill
Uolhue'l, John July, J Wortnian,
11 C Moore, Gi' Ijtvwn, A J Mar-
tindill, and E IX Iln-jto.n.
IIauk:son Tp. A Argnnbrfght
Asa (iibson, and S C Steinbrook.
Wilksvillb Tp. K z:r Hawkins.
D.'ini. l , Liwler, Hamet Quiun, aud
tieiijiniin Ratc'.itT.
lv.vox Ip. win. II Black, and
fie... l Dell.
Vi.vntf Tp. John Booth, John
o- r, John IlatclifT, and Daniel
!'"',:'- ..."
U motion the report, and tho PjI
I v.'iir r- Soluiious was 11 lopted :
lie-aLsti'l, That a' I candidates ba
q lire f to pledge themselves t.) abide
tao decision it this Convention, aod
cha' a maj'trity of al! tlie voes cast be
irertriiry to a choice. When, oil
motion, tho Convention proceedel to
ii.imiiiato can u .atea. -wh,n after
tieveral ImtlotingB the following Ticket
was declared nominated.
For Represehtative,.
edwakd a. cavrrov.
Fur Clerk r Com. Tleas Court,
F a Probate Judse, .
For Counit C 'mmissioser,
Wlien the Convention declared tho
nominations unanimous, and adopted
following resolution :
Rtnohed, Tint this Convention
ully ratify an I endorse the platform
.1... 11 .........I.. . i.. ,.1 .1... l?L .M.-
loe uuinueicuiu j. niiyui ihb OWIO
Ohio, as adopted at Columbus on
tlw lltb Jrme, 1883; and that vva
will give tho State.Diatrct and County
Ticket our united and cordial suppot t.
Tlie followinr gentlemen wero ap
pointed a Central Committee for the
ensuing year.
George Lantz, A. C. Dowd. Hiram
Loiiry, A. J. Swaiin junl J. N. llut
son. When on motion tho Convention
adjourned -with three cheers for tho
CoDititution and Vallandigltam.
JAS. McGILLIVRAY, President.
[For the McArthur Doutocrat.]
[For the McArthur Doutocrat.] Shamefull Coadaet of Our Troops
M. Emroa : As I have been ro
qanted by a number of our citizens
to h'tvo the facta published in regard
to tho manner our troops used me,
when at Piattsviilo after Morgan had
passed with hia forces, I havo couclud
ed to give yon the statement. On
Wednesday July 22nd 1S03, abjut
12 o'clock M., about 25 or 30 cavalry
came into our town, aud at request ol
Mrs. Daughman (Mr. Uaughman bo
iug aosuiiC at Camp Portsmouth,) I
went to Desist Mrs. Ii. in attending
tho men and horses. One of them
wiio aaaumod control of matters, rode
up to moat lioughuians, and asked
lor corn 1 replied wo had none, ho
nuked, if we hud hay, Iieplieii not
gooil, be demanded feed of some kind.
Mild I replied tlio bust wo could do,
was to cut thorn some gratis, ho then
said, you go aud got a scythe and get
help aud supply theo horse. I cheer
fully complied, and all the boys were
hilly supplied and said so. I (lien
went to this coutroling spirit, and
told him I had no interest in this
tavern and Mrs. B. is alone, and her
husband is now utter Morgan, and ii
he had any recompense to mate 01
pay, to speak to Airs. I. for I had as
sistcd merely us a neighbor, ho then
said God Damn your Soul leave here.
I s iid 1 tiid not know ae I had said 01
done any thing, that I should leav(
lor, he replied 1 told yon to leave here
an j Cod damn you 1 want you to luvc
lur nothing but a Traitor or Sccesh
would ask pay tor these accommoda
tions, I said, I am net asking you fot
pay, 1 merely lequested yon to Bpeak
to the landlady, ho replied, God damn
you 1 will arrest you, and put yon in
r'oit (the name of which I have fr
gotten) I then said, that I was a sub
jeot of law, and if 1 had done auyttiin.
worthy of aireai I would submit bui
dtd not consider I had, it you hav
the power, I am here ready tor arrest
he then sprung at mo caught mob
the throat aud shoved mo back, ami
swore - ho would hang me, he c 1II01
lb a rope, went into the shop to get
one an i was told (hero was no rop
there, be then went to mv own liar
IK6S and took oll'thd lines, and thn
some of tho other men interfered and
I went to my own house, ho followed
moon down asked ray iiamu, I an
8 ered W. D. Anderson, Esqr. if he
wanted it, he replied be would have
mo arrested, when 1 went into the
huuso with tho intention ot Bhooting
him, but my family prevaling I went
out back of my house into tho woods,
to keep out of their way. This same
man on seeing an adveitisemcnt ol
Pugha meeting, in McArthur, ho hit
it a slap and culled up some m h of
tliH men to see it, and said that this
uilviM-lIflmenr win on naaUlnnf. rtt
Morgan, a seccsh oppcration, that a.I
who snpponeu iimm aocirmea were
darned Traitors and aiders ol Morgan.
On the next day a portion of a com
pany Irom Columbus called at my
liouse demanded my wife to open the
staliledoor, they went down and was
ted hay aud corn, and demanded din
ner, fed and eat mo out, and after
they wero done one said onr Lieut,
will call id arrange this matter but
tho Lieu. I1119 never yet called, we
wonder it tho Qr. Master draws from
'.ho Government at tho same timo the
people are snlwisting these troops.
J. P.
Pugh's Speech at St. Mary's. Ohio.
Mr. Piuh was introduced, and was
greeied with rapturous and prolonged
applause. He commenced by refer
ring to the warning given to tno peo
pie in 1860, by every Democratic
speaker, not to elect Lincoln not
merely Iwauso they wore opposed to
biiii personally, but because his elec
tion would bo tho triumph of a sec
tional party, and they knew civil war
would be sure to follow. No predic
tion of Holy Writ had ' been more
'signally realized. We have -been
fighting for two years and a half, and
no nearer tho restoration of the
Union than when we began ; each
sHccesaiee day brought only a now tax
and more ax collectors; was it not
time to consider some better way to
get out1 of onr difficulties? Before
denouncing tha sins of others, we
should atn nd our own. Tlu re are
preachers who are foreverdenotincing
the sins of others, without attempting
amend their own ; bnt that 6orl c
preaching will neither make good
Christians nor restore the Union. The
Abolitionists, in tho blindness of theii
frenzy, bad attempted to proveDt such
consideration, by the suppression of
free speech and a free press : but in
they ball never . succeed. lie
referred to- Brought position on thdl
Crittenden Compromise, and exprts-J
ed hia o tv for tho -'noranc of the
,r 1 t . ,
man who semea 10 Bnuguiueu u
hia information Irom Abolition papers
a (M.iirce whichmibody considered tit
to believe, lie denouncod tho miser
able Presilential moAvntobank, who
teld tho Ohio Committee in ell" ct that
lw had arrestod and banishu'l Vullan
digham, not that he had violated s
law, but beenmo be bad not, and tlmt
tho Constitutional guarantees of per
sonal riuhta Were intended hr foues
1 1 . r.,, , ... . .
and not lor honest men. I ho lA uioc
racy would submit 10 UO ilUer erettee
ttwi hutl.rf l,nr. rlit I-? Kt iv.M
bo maintained at ail hazards of' lite
and property. If WianJinhuin and
the .Democracy are defeateJ, we shad
submit ; but Vailaridighaiii will be
elected ; '"and as to hia inauguration,"
said Mr. Pugh, "wo will so- to tliat.
If Yallaiidiu'liam is not at the Capitd
to be qualified, I will iasua a proo'a
mation to the pcoplo of Ohio to nv.rch
to tlio Cauada line mid escort li'iu t
Columbus, and see t'.at he is qualitied
as (Governor and thor., unlike Davy
ToJ, I . will issue but one proclama
!on, and go myself." This proposi
tion was greeted with tumulfoua and
long continued applause. Mi. Pugh
concluded his speech, of two hours'
length, by appealing to tho people to
stand firm ; to labor with their neigh
bora; to argue with t hum calmly,
alleciioiiately ; to remind them that it
waa not tho liberty of Democrat alone
wo aro struggling for, but tho liborty
of all, the dearest, tho highest aud
most sacred righta of eveiy citizjn.
The exhausted orator retired amid the
plauiite of tho people, from wlnwe
minds tlio 0 fleet ot this masterly ttioru
cau never bo eff.ced.
Tho voca!Uta again favored tin
meiting with an appropriate 6oiig.
wtitten expressly for the uccaiiin,irM
ho multitude dispersed, bhouling
"Valhibdighum and Pugh."
Mr. BaArroN: I wish to inforrr
the public of u small, and what an
pehrod to me, a mean ungi ntlemanly
iniposition, praiticed, as I believe
'nm the be6t information I can get
concerning tho jeran, Ty Lieutenant
Colonel Parker. I make it public
that the proper authorities may cor
rect this nnoalled for conduct on the
part df our officer.
On Saturday last a fqnad of men
came along past n:v house, called
iut tha women, and introdueod (is
wi Informed) Lient. Colomd Parker n
Gen. Basil Duko, the Rebel General,
and stated that they took him a pris
oner at HufJington Inland, savior,
tri nt is the rascal, pointing to Parker
The same coundnet was enacted ni
Prattsville. at Mr. E. E. Dowd's and
other places. On mquiring I found
that tho whole matter was an imposi
tion, practiced by Lieutenant Colonel
Parker, Spencer Farahy, Harvey
Gill, and others whoso names are
unknown. They approached by two
in front, then came Parker with oni
on each Bide lending his horse, and
then three in' tho rear. This officer
thus keeping np excitement on tin
heels of the Morgan ndJ, demrvei.
the just contempt of ovrv good vt
VINTON STATION, July 27, 1863.
MARRIED. OnflM -3.'b Int iittlio j.aic!in:e
of. I Try Mii'fcoxol, by S. t I'.w Kn.r. Mr
STEVENS, both of Vinton Co. O.
On tl,8 I3th Inst, lit tVin ril,lnno nftlm
hri leu fnthar, by tlu Hiv. Ilinj?. I.ln. ISAAI"
of Vinton Co. O.
The Bibles will except tliankn for tlieir ro
memboruni'O of tlio printor. All parties havo
our bent wislioa, may loiif lifo, linppincan anil
proxporty he their re-ward, and may Pioy no act
a ciliieiH and neiihborn. auto n-caivn, fn.ra a
creator than any on enrth. tlio honed ictiou of
well dona (food and fuithlull servants.
DIRD. On tho 15tb t,,. tlA REBECC
V nurlitor or Jaiiks aud Makt J. Joiiniox, ago I
uiae ntenth.
On Ihe 17th innt. at tti recM'-nf of 1it futllp'
in MoArtlmr. Mr. COUKI'NEY C, LOWUY.
iii the twenty fourth yefof bin ajje. Djoeuid
wa a memher ol (,'c. U. 2;d. Va. Cnvalrv. rn.
lifted lit tlio Kcrvue about two years ?, wiw u
luiiiiiuii H'..,,or, boioc hick in Pitinp laiil aiiout
two wuek in lm-.pi-al km.I pot fii'limxlt 011 h-n-iiilul
buloine-'a bunie, Started lia:k took viol' at
Jfttinden, reoirnwl home and nvir ir .tniiti.r
bin nom. 11 i.t ill d.'.nli (iiw.'burirod liini from tho
service ot lirycfittm.ryaiiiltm.il l.in, IVoin lit
trieua-. llo w4 f llf.wi'.l to ,i, K,aVe by
lare proee-tnion. and bis ruiuuiu weiediooitfj
by Hie honors of War.
Special Notices,
Kuad the following from the Hon. Morris Mor
ns, ivriuuuy auouor oi Ule Male or llifllana :
. lMiAMroLifi. Heii;. a. i8;7.
Rr. C. W. Coback - Uea Pi : IiavinK been
troubled fomevural years with extreme dehi li
ly and weakuoas, ho miicbao tint I waa nucMe
10 ut eoa to my ordinary rnsi'ii-Ht al timet, and
haaiui heard l the wonrlerlul enres thai your
rtiiKiiiwonu iiiowi j urinnar anu l illsnereet
tevtinor, f was induced bv a frlaud to irw ,L,.
Imva been um( ;h Puiifler tor the la-1
iweive mono' us, aim ouiit tlie n,e lici"e fullv
equal to. it recommendation. So valuable I. it
iimi vi me, tnai i fan not now dmpence whb the
iiMolitatmy advanced ga oi ' hle-auventy.
aevon yeirs. '
I cheerfully give this Information for the ben
ufiiot lboe similarly atfoetod.
Yours trnlr.
a ...v . . MORRIS.
Attj. IStn J. Jmo.
And ail ottur BLANKS for &ALI.
itlin'l 111 tin I limiHM.
Tu Nervou auflerera of Both Seira.
1 """cv u iiiu urum rvuuu uu
irr-'eultr tx-
penitivi nioJe oftroatnMut nithoat Uii.fM. coa
ni'ler It Mm crej duty to toinmuuiuat to bU
tflliotal ft How iKaturea tli meuoa of cure.
llsuoo, on lb rrccivt of a mid rrsW envelope,
bo will hkikI (free; copy of tb prCKilptlna
unci. Direct to IX John if. Daosall, 186 S ni
ton Struct Brooklyn, Horn Vori.
March, May, juty.l&D., Not., Jn., ljr.
fbe Coitfesxroiia nut! Kxpvrieuce vf a
Nervoo Inynlid.
raMiiheJ fo' th benefit niul an a cantlon t
jonnn men, ami tber, wbo mflor froii Nervou
I'coiniy, tuny lAx-ay, mij tlieir kirtdre-1 aii-
nicnta-fuppljinir tli ineu or Mlr-cnr. By
on wbo l!KH Iniiiic lr ior belli vleliia 'f
,,,,1.111.101100 In meilicai hombni i,d
lu.:ery. By anuloiintr Mt-p.U OiTeotuct
I ivlon.. .Inirte c.p a . hua vf blt ,,thor
KtTKtMiKL MTAia, K.a.. BraaforJ.
cnutty, Now York.
Kci, April. Jane, A.iif, Oct, Deo. '63. lyr.
New Advertisements.
- wi! Pui'.ithtJ tu a tealtil Enufop.
A Lecture 011 the Nitture, TteatmealA
K.idieul euro
of Spormittorrha) 1 or Seininal Weakness, 8sxut
uumiuy, rormnni'is ana Involuiitnry Ends.
.ionaitidtioiiiit Impoteiioy. Couauuiptiou, au-i
Mental and I'uyiijul Debility.
Ilr ROB'T J.1VTV Kit WELL, M . D.
The Imiiortart fact that awful eonaooiirtniiAm
of Self Alminuy boellix'tually removed with
out niternul moihuinss of the danintroiis applica
tion wi uii'oni-i, niKiriifiiuiii, ineiiicutea Df)lllo
und ftlior oniiiiriuid devk'Gft. is here l-IimfIv .lion
onstriitei, and tbeectirclv new and hiilil
uos-fol treatmunl as adoped by the eele'iratoi
junior, iniiy explained, nv means crwhioh v-.
ry'mie is onabled toenre blmss'f porfooOy, and
nt the l"st pnvihl cost, tlioruby avoiding all
:haadverti.od nostrum oftlmdiy. 'jbislio.
1 11 ro will Move a boon to thousands an4 thous
umls. Sent under s'al. In a plain en7olop. to any
nli!rei, Piwt pi,l onrooiilut nf tu .nnu
stamps, by a.ldros ng tlni pnb!ihers.
I It AS. .1. V. CLIXK. &)n.
I,V2 Boycry, Now Totk, Y. O. Box 43.-
SfVo ofO,iot Vinton County,
Lufayelt Raytur, Puff. ) n Court of Com-
'Kaisnt ' niou Pleas.
Oliver Fuller f
Ifuppy Kullur, Defts.J Order of snl
AN r to t!io command of an ordfr ofsl
in tho above can, t0 mo directed from th
Com of Common Pleu, ol the aforesaid Cotin-
ty of Vinton, 1 willotTcrut public sale, at tb
iloorof thttt'onrt llimi, in the Town oI'McAr
tb'ir,iu a fore, id County of Vinton, on
Salurduy September I2fh 18C3,
At the luiit' ol tun uMnk A. M., of said day.
the following real entate to-wit : Ci.mv oueinj
at lb north-wast eornor id'in-l .tnnmiior suveu-ty-fuven.tTT,
in the town of MeArtl.nr county
ol Vinton mid Statu of Ohio, thene runninif
south fun, feet thence ea.t twenty-aix feet
1 1, ei.ee north forty leet thom e west twenty six
t'uiftto the place of MKhiin. Alaoa part of lu-lutsovcu.y-sevon,
in caid town of SloArthnr
eonimenciiiK at the nortli-ea- cornnrof said lot.
'I lionee ritiminj; weft tnrty foot t'lern'e south
tony loci vhunee eist fortv lout, to iholln. r
suid loi, tliuiiee north forty foot, to the plaae tf
uu.'iiininir 111 ueol.las one loc.)
Tukon as the propuru of Oliver F iller
Hai.py rnller. to satifly a jodement. of afjr
said Court, in favor of Lafaytittj l.'avnor.
A iiiirui.A.I u. .'..II..U.. .n ' 1 i.s
. .1 hi-mi., ronr niinure
anil f-jxtv dollars, ( i-l'lo,) end must brioi? two
thirds i. f r, bat. sum.
7ERM.S(FSal.E.CasLln hand.
Uinoii .u & llrwiTr, A1JJI1 NORRia,
Af y. for Pltll. Rb tfV.Co.O.
Aug. 13 113 -5w. t Mast r Cbiu'r
Stat if Ohio. Vinton Cvnnt;.
John Curr K'r o Puff. ) U Corrrt ot
AlliceQiiinn Adm'x e. Dea.J Ordir of sal.
IJUKSUANT to tho command of anordorof
sale in the above caue to mo directed from
fho t.Mirt of Common Plea, of the afnresai.l
Comity of Vinton, will or at public sale, at
il e il..r ol the Court Iloiisu, i. tM Ton of
McArthur, in uturesaid County of Vinton, on
Saturday Sjtrmbtr the lUh A.D. 1863
Aitno iionroi ten o'clock A. U. of said day.th
I .II11 JL I In. ..I ...I..Ia !. . tin . . '
i i"-n ; 1 tie soutli-wet-t
M-"Tiur aim pari 01 norili-oitst quarter oi Soc
lon nninhor twenty-scven. .(1:7,) in Town-bio
iiumber eight. (,)orlanM number sixteen,
(ltl.) of thj Ohio mp,.ny' pnrehase contiiin.
in;' two hundred and cuxciity mrismoro or loss.
Taken a the property nrAI i:o Quinn A 1
minisriutrix e. of Patrick 2nin i deceased, tn
snl Ufy a iudenient of nl'orr iv.nn in r .
John Carr Executor of Simon Doln deceased.
Aiprnised as follows, to-wit : two thousand
one Imi.tlred and sixty dollars, ($iI8J,) and
must, biinif twn-'birds of that sum.
Ir.loiNOr KALE, cash in bar.d.
E.F. IhNoiiArf. AltCII. NORR1J,
f.Mijr,i,.rsrh1 6Uff- 0o- '
nag. 13ih 18o3,-5w.
rpiIE Allensville Steam flonrinj mtlIs,hT na
1 dcrgonea thorough repair, and elm proprie
tor! wishes to inform the public that they aro
new prepared 10 do all custom work 10 the eatir
sa Isfiii'tioii or ,)uir eustomcr.
NEW MACHINES have boon added to Ihe
mills and our friomlswill fl-i I
11 1 euis as aranv other mil , (ive usa
isll and tent tho truth of what we ny.
Aug. 13lh-3-ttb. HUSTON RICE.
. . nw", rr .1 r aui
A rerv.ns are hr rchy notified not tn IiarW
ftl or tnitt n,v i'eSABAii Wokrisut, on my
kuconnt. s l shall pi.y no lUbts or ehareos of
hrcotra'.th!!r. gho having left try bed and
hoard ol her own wrong. - ,
AuS- 13'h-3w. .JAMES MORRISON.
AND SEE i ''
Which w a- jnst opening and job u'
find it the cheapoHt plact to bay . ,
.n ib County. Wcbonjh our Marhh) at the r
r Iost ffchh p,lcea. lie thii.k are ssfo when
we ny thcro iuia never been ny pera-n in Mo
Artlmr, that can tul. u down in point of
Onr Marble I of th k..t A.ti. tv.,v ta
nd and Itahaj. You .ill find 0. prepaiwd t
tllrnlKh aii m-!tk 17..... a . !. . .
, .... ,,. Dwn((M most uy unc- -
that ou may desire. . .
N.B.-VV. havaUo on han th clhrtd
Bsrea Orind Suhis. i,!.,k .hk.ii i,. t
...h. ; . -
sot forget tb plao when tn Town.
Corner of Mala L"g steV
,ulTM-J.-tfi. . ,- UAith,0.

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