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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 20, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy of
The Democratic party has ever ben, and
ct is a law.al.itlmg pnrty. It a.ks nothing-
ut iu light? under the. Cimatiiution ami tli
law., li aiMirtsto mi xio'aiion of either;
it ra1Unienuiiis no tiulti.n iifi iihrr. It
k,vf a riulil to all guarnti-e of public ami
private liliertr, anil of property, intiiaiiiril m
nur londumriit.il laws, unci it will u -rentier
rot (me of them. 1 1 linn the right tuilUcis.
m b!i: inrduri', and will (iix uto Uirnr It
os (lie rilit to fwu nml ad orate ihul
ol ry vliit-li it ilitin be.-1 fur the nuHnn,
it will r.tiiK thut liht. It li.is the
biiii it will r.tieiH tl ut iilI
rii,lil to inive ii f i-oTuy yu i iinni by the
pioplc at pi inrubl.; uml iinlriimii eleil t-let-1
ij n-. audiiuiil in.iii.tjin tlmt rilil. II
mini in a iiiiii uitv, it yieiils oli.Mieiii c to
.ut iuu.'ul itile ol' ihemi.juritv ; il it be the
jiritv itelf, It claims ihat'ils law ful will
le rtvpected. Wlietln r in a mnjority or
minority, it obeys all laws flint tire in force.
These, liinl it disliki s it seek- to overthrow
nut by iolriice, but by a lenitiimrte repeal.
Tlio-u l.'iat it proposes, iui'tks to carry, not
by lorce, but by h ul enei mit-nts. And
.inl il !ns in all these respei ti, il ilc
niundi an l bus a rithtlo dema id, that nil
others uhall do. They owe tlieanme ubi-d
it-me to the Constitution and t'..e laws that
Dcinorruts owe. They huve the emue in
tortst to maintain tree government, to pro-
ten liberty, to be secure in their house?,
rersons and property, tliul DenmeraW have.
It i neither their interest nor ours that des-
pi t or anarchy should pievail; and il they
wish to avert both, let them see to it in time
that rl'.ey give no ociasion loreiiher. We
vv il! do our duty; let them remember to do
In view of lite tircuinptunres tist have
brovjjlil us together, we hereby reeolie :
1. Tiiat the will of the people is the
foundation of all free L'menitneiiis. That
tu tjive effect tolhiow iil, free thought tree
6'i?i h u nd fieo press are uhsoliitely mills
pri fuble. Without Iree I'im usmuii there ii
no ceitiiinty of sound judgment; without
touud judgment there tun bo no wise gov
C. That it is an inherent and constitu
tional right of thu people to discuss all triea
stires ot their (Jove.rnir.ent, and to approve
oi d siipprove, as to their best judgment
seem 'i"ht. that they have a rii'htio pro
j ose nnd advocJto that policy which In their
iui!.'iniH is best, uml to argue and vote
annual whatever policy seems to them to
violate the Constitution, to impair tlii-ir lib
erlii-s, or be detrimental to their wellare.
3. That these and all other rights, guar
ur.'.-i'-vt to them by tlicir constitution., are
their rights in time, of war as well as iu lime
ol petite: and of far more value and neressi
ty in war than in peace. For in peace liber
ty, security and property are seldom eudan
iieied; iu war they are ever iu peril.
Js 'J'hdt we now say toaI whom it may
cuiirrrn, not by way of threat, but calmly
iiiiri firmly, tint we will not surrender these
rights nor submit totheir lorcitile violation
Wo will obey the laws, ourselves, and all
oilier? must obey tliein.
5. That there is a manifest difference be
Mvren the Administration ol the Govern
n.'Mil and the Government itself. The Gov
eruii.i'iit consists of civil and political insti
tiitloiis created by the Constitution, nd to
it tha people owe allegiance. The Adminis
Irnti'oii are but the agents of llie people,
subject to tneir approval or condeinimtion
according to thu met it or demerit of their
0. That in the exercise of the riijht lo
ililier viih the Federal Executive, we enter
. ir :( l.-nui protest against I Ik" proclamation
1 ; i 1 1- 1 ii sident of the United Stales, ui ted
;iic Ih.t day ol January one thousand eight
Jiumirt-'d uml sixty three by which he us
tnicis io emancipate slaves in certuiti
Jiiiies, holding thesoine to bo unwise un-rnii-liiitiuii!il
and void.
7. Tii.it wo declare our determined op
pnsiiioii i'i 'i system of emancipation by the
Stales, t!"n conipensution to be made out
nf the Tn iHury ol the Uniied States, us
lnnd-Misi'iiin upon the people, Unjust in its
vi ry iMi.in , nnd wholly without warrant ol
the (.'ni:.:t:tii!i..ii.
. 'I'ii. it wo declare that the power which
L-ix re; mi!'; hivii assumed b) the 1'residuut
nfih- I'm. ted States, w hereby, under guise
of militury iKo ssiiy, he has iroclaiined and
.ext'Midijd or iioseits the riht to proclaim
or vxt.'nd--martial law over Slates where
v.tiriloes nut exist, and has suspended the
writ i v. m.i "corpus, is unwarranted by
the I'oii.-tiiiitioii, and its tendency is to sub
iir,;iij:it civil to military authority, and to
subvert our system ol free government.
S'. Tiiat we deem it proper lurther lo de
l! .ir tl.a! I' t, tog'ther with ihe truly loyal
pir.pl. o! t!i- States, vonld hail with pleas
mo i. .1 !,!,. any iriuiiilcstulions ol a lie-fcir-
on the. p .it ol the seceded States to re
turu io ''i..ii allegiance to the Government
of iho Ui.i and in such event we would
cci.iijilv and earnestly co-oper&te with them
i.i the. ii T- 'ir-niori of peace and the procure
ment t f sin ii proper guarantees as would
pr e security to all their interests and
l i-ti:s.
10. Thrit tli S'ddicrs composing ourar
;i 3 ii. t flu' warmest thanks of the na
tion. Tin! ciiin.try called and nobly did
ti.cry r"t.r.'l. Living, they shall kuow a na
ti..i: ' r-iti'ttde, wouoi'ed, a nation's cure;
ii ii! dyiu they .-hull live in our memories;
i.i, J rm,i. miicn's shull be raised to teach pos
terity id hi.:n r the patriots and heroes who
i'i;'fred their lives at their country's alter. -'I
heir witl.uvs anl orphans shall be adopted
by tu-' nation, to be watched over and cared
for iiiobj'.cts truiy worthy a natiou's guard
tl. Tint Ohio will adhere to the Con
s'i'fitiou and th- Union as the best, it may
l e '.he ltir t, hi.pi of popular Ireedom, and for
u I wroiius which may have been committed
t,r --wis wliii h inay exist, will seek redress,
n: .he ('.!! ti: ition and within cheUni
n, tii.
i p'.uc-'fiii hut powerful agency ol
r.-s c( a Iree people.
Sllii l il
15. Tr.
ll,;. "...a
ti. ...v 3..I
I !.'.'t).l nn,
est ui a n."
at w hail with pleasure and hope
-' .tiiiiit of the conservative sen
ti.u xWtheni States in their
an.i r- ' .r I the iuine as the earn-
ii rpi.se- upon their part to co-
c ;-.'ni wim JiU o"n-r loyal citizens in giv
ing 'ye'-uti'y to ih; rights of every section,
a , i i..i.i..iiini.i lii-i I nionand the Consti
t;i U'n is ii.-.i a tre ordained by the founders
of i i.o U i-. u ti ; !'..
IS. Tint wheutver it becomes practica
ble to ol.ui.'i a Coiiventioii of all or three
loi.r'.hs r.f ;!; Stit-'. -n h body should be
convened for the- piup,,.:-; ol proposing such
ainii !n1enr to in- Federal Constitution as
rxpeiinc lia prr vd to be necessary to
maintain tliit iii-tni n, nt in the spirit and
fneoniiii tei! JcJ Ly us founders, a nil to
jrnvide aun&r future i.uuvuiaiomi and wars.
1 4. That we vill sriwellf mpport eve-
con,l'lut'on"' measure ttniMnj, to pre
serve the uniun o(tlStates. No man hue
ja greater interest iu ilx preservation lhau
we huve; noiie desire it more; there are none
of Ohiu, not belonging to the laud or naval
j forces of the United Stales, nor to tne iniii
Mii j lory ii; uctnul rervite, by alleged military
; unihoi ity. lor no oilier prelended crime than
that of uttering word of legitimate ciilic
t iMu upon llie AJininislratiou in power, and
of uppealiiifj to the ballot-box lor a change
Jul (lolitv (said anebland military trial la
in .king place where thecmirts Ol law are open
.who "ke greater sacrifice or eniluie
inorr iimu we nm accoinpuau mat ena
e are, as we ever have been, the revoted
Iriemls of the Coiwliiuiion and the Union.
ami we have uoejnipatliy with the enemies
ol either.
15. That the arrest, imprisonment, pre-
tended trial, and actual buiiithmeiil of Cle
nient L. Valluiiu'lglistii.acitisfiioftlie State
and unoU-tiUcicd, and for no act done with
in the sphere of active military oralions
in carrying on llie war) we regard as a
palpable violatiun ol the following provis
sinus of the Constitution of the United
1. -'Congress shall make no law
abidgiiig lue freedom ofspeeeh or of the
press, or the right of th-i people peaceably
to us.-t inble, and lo petition th-j Uoverninen1
for a redress of grievances.
2. " I he right oi llie people to be secure
n their neisons, houses, papers and eltecis
agj'msl unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be vinluted, and mi warrant shall
i-sue but upon probable cause, supported by
oath or bflirinution, and partii ularly describ
ing the place to be searched and llie persons
or thinsis to be seizeu
3 "No persons shall be held to answer
for a capital or otherwise iulamous crime,
unless in a presentment or ijidiclmout of
Grand J'.ry, except in cases arising iu the
land or naval forces, or in the militia when
in actual serviie iu time of war or public
4. "In all criminal prosecutions, the ac
cused sunn enjoy me rigui io a gpeeuy auu
public trial by an impartial jury of the State
anddistiict wherein the crime shall have
been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law.''
And we furthermore denounce said ar
rest, trial and banishment as a 'direct in
sult offered to the sovereignty of the people
ol Ohio, by whose organic law it is declared
that "no perton shall be transported outol
the Stale for any offense committed Within
the same "
Sp'. That Clement L. Vallandigham was
at the time of his arrest a prominent candi
date lor nomination by the Democratic by
party of Ohio lor office ol Governor of the
State; Inut the Democratic party was fully
competent to decide whether ha was a fit
nun tor that nomination, ond lluit the at
tempt to deprive them ol that right by his
ai rest and banishment, was an unmenieu
imputation upon their intelligence and loy-
il'y, as well u6 a violation ol the Umsiitu
17. That we respectfully! but most earn.
estly, rail upon the President of the United
States to restore Uemeni L. Vallnniiichain
to his home in Ohio; and that a committee
of one liom each Congressional District of
the Slate, to be selected by the presiding of
ficer ol this tonveniioii, is nereby appoin
ted to present this application to the Presi
dent. 18. That the thanks of this Convention
are hereby tendered to Horatio Seymour,
Governor of the Slate of New York, forhis
noble letter in relation to the arrest of Mr.
Vallandrghain; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed to communi
cate a copy of (his resolution to Governor
19. lhat the establishment of a military
government over the loyal States, where war
does not exist, to supersede the civil authori
ties and suppress the Ireedom ofspeeeh and
of the press, and to intejfere with the elec
tive tram hise, is not only subversive ol the
Constitution and the sovereignty of the
Stales, but the actual inauguration of revo
lution. 20. That it is the svorn duty of the Gov
ernor of tha State to protect her citizens in
ihe injnyr.ient and exercise ol all their con
stitutional rights; and we have beheld win
Icen humiliation and regret, not only the
fuilure ol David Tod, Governor of Ohio, to
perform that duty, but what is still worse,
his uctive participations in the violaiiou of
these rights.
21. lhat we denounce as traitors to the
country the Abolition Jacobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in the loy
al States, with the view of turning, if possi
ble, the bayonets of the army against ihe
breasts of the fathers, brothers and friends of
the soldiers, and subjectim? '.hose Slates to
a military surveillance and dominion,
2z. I hat we denounce, as libelers of the
Democratic party and enemies of their coun
try, the men who are engaged in represent
ing the Uemomic party as wauling in sym
pathy with our soldiers in the field. It is
a base sl-mde: upon humin nature to assert
that the Democrats, who have hundreds of
thousands ol brothers and sons in the army,
lo not sympathize, with them and it is an
outrage upon the Democratic paily, that
has always stood by ihe countiy, to assert
hat it is not the friend of its gallant defen
23. That the conduct of Brigadier Gen
etal Mason, the Military Commandant a
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ance nf military restraint upon the proceed
ties of this Convention show that they have
a just appreciation of the Constitution of
their country and the rights of the peop.e;
and that they are wise and potriotic officers
and that their conduct on this occasion is
in striking contrast with contrary conduct
olthe military authonltes upon the occasion
of the. late Democratic meeting at Indianap
olis. And we take pleasure in expressing
our confidence i ueneial Mason and the
officers end soldiers under his command
The Convention then adjourned, with
three cheers for the nominees, three for Ihe
Constitution, and three for the Union.
Amos Layman, Secretary.
Also, Warehouse Truck.
fiCtter Presses, &c.
1T2 Lnko Street, Chicniro. 'Void in Ciocinnit
tT Be careful to buy enuin
Jauuury 1, 1 363
n m
IdJi ill..,
Then any other House in SoiiHicrn Ohio.
His stock, i hich is much the largest
and neatest, and was principally
Bought before the late advance in
prices, he will positively sell,
Then any olhcr House in Ihe County.
Wanted- wool, Meat, Butter,
Eggs, Bags, Feathers Dried fruits,
.Fiax seed, oions, Hard soap, and
all articles of Country produce, for
which the highest price will be
January 3 1863 lyr
i 1 J.
Legal Notices.
Oconto W. Koyer a I 1
ElizubothKiiyerhUwifef .,.
Margaret utwrDacic r Delia.
and olbeca. I
Muririiret Uttorbaok, Honry Uttarbuck, of tlio
county of Harrison in the Suto of Ohio. Isabel
Ann Utterback, a minor and Mary Utter buck,
both of tho CMUoty of Vinton and State of Ohio,
will taki notice that on the 23d day of June A.
D. 18H3 the faid Ueonre W. Koyer and Elizabeth
Itovcr his wife tiled their petition iu the Court
nf Common Pleas, of vinton county and Sut.of
Ohio, whuruin mid petition ia now pending and
wherein tho xaul uecrge Koyer .nil fclizubeth
Rover demands partition of the following real
estate ttitunteil in the county of Vinton, and
Stato of Ohio, to-wit : The north half of the
south west quarter of Section number thirty one
(31,) in Township nnmbcrten, (10,)of Rango
number eighteen, ( IB,') contaimg eighty-one
acre.4 more or leui, and that at the next term of
said Court, the said Ooorgo W. snd Elizabeth
Rover will apply for on order that partition may
bo nadeof raid premises, and that tho Power
Estato of the said Mary Utterback therein be ai-
signed. This 22d dny of Juno A. D.1893.
Their AU'ys. f.Ll4AUfcl tl KUYEK
Jull tut lS0?,-6w
Henry Johnson, l'ltff. 1
"sr-i ,"p"""'on
Ahrahum Johnson of the County of Jackson
and State of Ohio. William Johnson, Christiana
Johnson, Sarah Walker formerly i'urah Jobntuu
William Warner, Cuurlotte Luruw formerly
Charlotte Johnson, Joseph Larew, Emily Salt,
formerly Emily Johnson, John Saltn and Thomas
Fee, tioorge Hue and Surah June Fee, minor
heirs of Clurissa Fee deceased, formerly Claris
sa Johnson, all otthoc unty of Vinton in tho
Blate of Ohio, KhtJa Kitu, of the St-i-.o of loa,
minor nei-oi ronv iwiuaeeeaiuii, lormerly I'ol
iy Johnson; Nancy Kile formerly Nancy John
son, iicnanau Kiio, lurena ibigera formerly
Teresa Johnson, John Rogers and John John
eon of the State i f Wii-ci.nsii. , will take notice
that a perlition whs tiled against them on the
2'Jth da of Juno A l U03, iu tho Conrt of Com
mon l'leos, within aud fur the county of Vinton
and State of liio, by Henry Johnson and ia
now ponding, whtreiu the Buid Henry Johnson
demands partition of the following real estate
situated in the eounty of inton and State of
Ohio to-wit : The north-east qutrter ol the
south-east quarter. of section number sixteen,
( 18. Un Township nnmberten, (10,) of Kanco
number seventeen, (17,) excepting ten acres off
ot the south side ot said lorty acre tract owned
by Damarin larri o. Also the north west
quarter ol the south west quarter of Section num
bei fifteen, ( 15,) Township. Range aforesaid, ex
cepting ten acres oil oi tne south side of said for
ty acre tract owned by JUamarin Jarr Co., and
also excepting twenty acres off of the East side
of the remaining thirty acre owned by William
W.IU.r k; n i ; n 1 1 Fnrtm .nr.. 1
, ' R " - j .,vn iuvi, ui ion,,
and that at the next term of said Court, the said
uenrv Jonnson win apply tor an order that par
tition may be made of said premises.
Uxwitl Edmibtok. HENRY JOHNSON.
111. 1W T , . '
Am js lor niu. WDiy 1S8S w.
The Copartnership heretofore exising between
the undersigned In the practic of law, has by
the Expiration of the time limited and by mu
tual consent of the parties been dissolved. Ex
cept as to unsettled business
Persons indebted to us for prnfassionsl ser
vices will confers favor by calling os B. p,
Hiwitt, atMoArtbur, and settling thsir to-
oouDts. E. F. BINGHAM
;um11 1892-Sw. , B. P.HIWITI J
Booth A Bra ley v Jehial F razee etal.
William Allen Frazeo and Edward Frszee.
Pinkney Tarr and Terressa Tarr, who are sup
posed to reside at Pikes Peak State of Kansas,
will takenotiee that Booth Braley of tho coun
ty of Jackson and State of Ohio, on the 21st day
ofOctoher 1857, roenvered ajudgment against
Jehial Frazee then of the oouuty of Vinton and
State of Ohio and now deceased for -ho sum of
six hundred and sixty-nine dollars and seven
cen 8(669,07) with cost taxed to four dollars
and ninety-six els. (4;aB) iu the Court of Com
mon Plnmi nf Vintnn rVMinl. an.1 Rial. n. ril.:M
that said judgment remains in full foroe unniJ
and unreversed. And the said Pinkney Tarr
aim icrrossa i arr, y imam alien r razee and
Edward Frazee, are further notified that said
Court nave ordered the heirs and legal reprssen
tatives of the said Jehial Frazee deceased to be
made parties defendants to said judgment. And
that rlantitts at the next term of said Court af
ter the 29th day of August, A. U. 1868. will
move said Counts revive suid judgment against
then, and others who are the legal representatives
.L. . I .1 T . 1. ! 1 I- J . 1
ui viiv saiu v uumi r rauu uecuuseu.
H. 8. Bdnht, Binoiiam aIIbwitt,
ouiy u iosj, ew. Tnoir tfy s.
Rebecca Myers and Thomas Myers, Sarah
auicuuanu looms naioiin, ouarity Wbeelani
and A ner W'hseland, all of the State of 1111
nniH! Nnnnv Huirhn and .Tnannli IfunKn Tl:..
unilivtliauu uania iwruatL, niiq jiary iiarilOlt
all of Hardin county and State of Ohio. mily
WnlllAT anil John Walliar. Jmu N P.. L'i:. .
......,w....uq ,i. ...j, X, j 1 1,
J. Ray and Margaret Ray all of Ross county Ohio
. .1 i . i; . t . i i . i i .
uuiioiM " mwii biiu mias aay, ail
of Vinton county Ohio, will take notice that on
tho 3rd day of August A. D. 1863 Josiah Bur
nett Kxecnlor of the last Will and Testiment of
James Ray deceased, filed in the Probata Court
within aud for the county of Vinton, and State
rkt'Oltin a nnttrtAn allnnlnM ,!.,. n n U d..l
day nf October A. D. 1881, tho said Jam es Ray
tluin in fu'l lifn. ffntdred Info a unnlrat 1.
ng run John Stevens for tne sale of the follow-
tit itnanrihnil rani ahLhIa. aitnufaH In m',A I
ty to-wit : Beginning at the Ratcliff and Ray
corner as described in a deed made to James and
Thomas Bay from JohL Ratcliff and wife dated
august ioiu, is. oaia comer is on the west
bank of saltcreek In agle Township, north of
llitt K r ! l r.a anvAoL i. i K V. 1 . n I. .1
westixty rods to the quarter Section line, from
ChenGa aiiuth f.n aaiti murtAr aai,t.!in Una Ana
hundred and six rods ten feet and six inches to
the quarter section coiner, thence eastjsixty rods,
thenoe north one hundred and six rods ion feet
and six inches, to the pi ace of begining contain
ing forty acres more or )es and being a part of
bun ourbii east quarier 01 isecuon numoer (wen-ty-wo,
(22.) Township dumber ten.( 10,) Range
aumber uineteen,(10,)for the sum of ono thoas-
ana auu nny uoiiars jmai saiu jonn tstoveni has
tiaifl thfl fllll ammint nfLhA nnrnltaaa mnnA tnm
I - ...... " . w .i.uim IIIVUV IV,
said tract of land according to the terms of said
wriuen contract, aua inai KeDeeca Myers mar
ried to Thomas Myers, Samh Ratcliff married to
Tobiaa Kalnlitf. t!haritV WliAalanH marrlnA
Abner Wheehtnd, all of the State of Illinois;
Nancy Hughn married to Joseph Hughn, Eliza
Barnett married to Lewis Barnettj and Mary
Barnett married to the petitioner all of Hardin
county Ohio, Emily Walker married to John
Walker, James N. Ray, Eliza J. Ray and Mar
garet Ray, all of Ross county Ohio, and Jesse
Buy, Weston Ray and Silas Ray all of Vinton)
oouoty Ohio, are tfle heirs at law and legal repra
sentiatives ot'said decedent,
The prayer of the petition Is for authority to
make a deed to said John Stevens for said prem
ises, on behalf of said heirs at law, and ia eoa
formity to the terms of said contract,
6aid petition will be for hearing on the twenty
nine th day of August 1863 or so soon thereafter
as leave of Court can be obtained.
Att'ys for Petition, Executor ef James
August tflh 1868-4w. Bay Deceased.
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October 23rd, 1962 lyr.
Would respectfully announce to the oitizens
of MoArthnr and Vinton County, that he has
returned, and will spend a few weeks in Mc
Arthur. And that he is prepared to perform
all nnnarattAna n. it.lnirA , 1.1 r ;
. 1 , ' .w win prvionaiuu,
and that he will be happy to wait on any of
uin vm melius ana customers woo may itot
him with a call. .
lie will be at Dr. Doddrige'e office, Main
fitraat MArT.n.nkl. . . .
P. 6., Ladies waited ejpea at their ridenee
NuIhJ. an nnajr i n
U ftil-ii Oliei eNtrseti Mr atvm,
r lit whole Unim Cutiieit i tuC
have been introduced to the publio for mox
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far exceeding any Family Medicines of
similar nature in the market
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nd henoe their
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for the life and health of the body depend
upon the purity of the blood.
ir tl, MnnA ia nniannad. the bndv SnZM
il iiiv m.wv. " f"-"" - I j . o-
out a miserable existenoe. These medioine!
Skin (Disiasta,
Bait Ifheum,
Old Bores,
Biok Headaohe.
Liver Complaint
, Fever and figv.,
Female Complaints.
Bt. Jlnthony's Jre,
Consumption, eto.
Fits, fibrouloue
3 5 5 ' $ 5
ONE person writes, her daughter was oured
f tits of nine years' standing, and St Vitus'
danoe of two years.
ANOTHER writes, his son was oured
after his flesh had almost wasted away.
The doctors pronounood tha caso incura
ble. ANOTHER was cured of Fever and Ague
after trving every medicine in his reach.
ANOTHER was cured of Fever 8or
wbioh had existed fourteen years.
ANOTHER of Rheumatism of eightyeara.
Cases innumerable of Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint could be mentioned in which the
Purifier and Pills
are the most active and thorough pills tha
have over been introduced.
They act so directly upon the Liver, excit
ing that organ to such an extent as that the
system docs not relapse into its former cobr
dition, which is too apt to be the case with
imply a purgative pil
They are really a
1&oo ciwA 1aw VvW.,
which, in conjunction with the
will cure all the aforementioned disease!,
and, of themselves, will relieve and cure
Headaohe, Costiveness,
Colio (Pains, Cholera Jtforbus,
Indigestion, (Pain in the gowels,
Qizzinesa, eta.
Try these medicines, and you will nevet
regret it
Ask your neighbors, who have used them,
and they will say they are
and you should try them before going for a
Get a Pamphlet or Almanac of my local
agent, and read the certificates, and if you
have ever doubted you will
As a proof that th Blood Purifier and Fills tra punt
f-agatable, I hart tha cartiflcatea of thon amtaant ctacm
bu, Protestors ChUtoa of N. Y., sod Lock of ClacianstL
Bead Dr. Bobtck's Special Notices snd Certificates pub
Ilihed In a eouplcaous part of this Papar from time M
Pries of the SawidlnaYlan Vegetable Blood Pnrlfler, II
per bottle, or IS per half down. Of tha ScandinaTian Vef
labts Elood Pills, 84 cents per box, or S boxes for ft.
Principal Office and Salesroom, No. S Bast Fourth Bt,
Sd BniMIng from Main St., Cincinnati, 0. Laboratory
No, IS Hammond Streak
S. V. Dodge. AlcArthnr; Cowdery
& Strong, Ham len ; 0. Johnson Nev7
Plymouth; Will & Co., Zaleeki; John
Holland, Swan; M. f.&O. Carr.
Wilkesville,and by Druggists and!
Merchants generally throughout the)
United Statefcand Canadas.
October 23d, 1862.-ly.
K BALiJi. llie rropeity is situa.
a a SB T " 1 . .
nj ed at Aiinsriiie, v inton county Ohio
d kiown ss theMiller Hotel. A bar."
gain wi ' be given.
For T-rms applv to HENRY PAYNE,
April 16th, 1663 t McArlhur.O.
McArthur, Ohio, 2J door East of the M.
E. Church, would respectfiilly inform the
Citizens of Mc Arthur and vicinity that she ia
prepared to do ell kinds of Millinery and
Mautuantaking work at short notice, and at
She guarantees satiafaction aa to' workman
ship, and thelateat and most fashionable
styles. Bring your old Bonnets and have
them made new.
Apr.lS.'eSr-i-mo", , .
if 1 L

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