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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 27, 1863, Image 4

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Platform of the Democracy at
Platform of the Democracy at Ohio.
Platform of the Democracy at Ohio. PREAMBLE.
7LrlWafiiie perry hf stct bvn
. 1
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lit! ricKfw MfJr ttu fi.Mi:i..(:.. 1 .1.
.1 wnhtnaum u vioUtMD vftiinrr. It
lui rki to all
g.wn.rw.r public ami
. ' . ...
piivaw tberty, anrfof pTpprrtr.cvnuicicdio
iml imeolthcn. Ilka, the right to discuss
ietiR,sml srifl rfiifUsw , u
! ti riRi.l i Picixc lJ advocate that
policy which ii oVin s Lett for tfie cation,
ami il till tirwitc that liebl. It has tru'
to have its policy bm-J buoii b the
jleal i-ceaMe ami uiitrnroarlrd elrc-1
tiona, ami !t vviU BiBiuiain that riiiM. H
MuB in a miUJIilT. it vk-W8 obMi. i.e to
al! !qful ioIo (-f ini.ii ritv :
aokuitv itr-cli', l rlniius that it lawful wiil
"le respfrtnl. Wlirtfu r 1n a mnjurity it
Tiiiii)iity,ii obej uil lawa ilmt nre in li.'Cf.
Tbcae ilicl it tli!ittf it toks ti ovtr:Inow
not tjr tiu!rncea but bi a If tiiimato reiedl.
ilioje that It proixeg, iterk lo carry, nn
but by Irpl ene.lmfr.is. Ami
what it i!
can in ull Ihi'-e re.ii ts, it ile
maud an I has riulit to dt-inaiiil, thai nil
others sliull do. They owe l:e cmne ob d
ienre to the Constitution untl tle Us that
Democrats owe. Tiiey Ikivc the game iu
teteat to tiiaiula'm lree,g'irernin'nt, to pro
tect liberty, to b seem in their house,
peraons and property, thnt Pcmoerats have.
It nvither their intrrm nor ours that ties
potigm r anarchy should pievuil; and if they
wish to avert both, let them fee to it in time,
that they givo no occasion Inrd'her. We
will do our.iluty; let them remember to Jo
the in.
In view of the circumstances t'latlihvc
brought us together, we litre by resdlve :
1. That the will of the people is the
foundation of all free. governments.. That
to give effect (otitis will, .free thought Iree
speech and free press are absolutely indis
pensable. Withoti'. free discussion there U
no certainty of sound judgment; without
otjnd judgment there tan be no wise gov
2. That it is an inherent and constitu
tional right of the people to discuss all meu
aurea of their Uovenni.ent, and to a prove"
or disapprove, as to tiuur bet jndvinent
seems 'ight. That they have a rightio pro
pose and advocile that policy which in their
judgment is best, and to argue and vote
aaiflJ whatever policy seems to them tu
violate tbe Constitution, to impair th. ir lib
erties, or tie detriiJiental to their welfare.
3. That these nJ a!l other right?, guar
ant&d to ihera by their constitutions, are
their lights in time, of war as welt as in time
of peace; and of far more value and necessi
ty in war than in peace. . For in peace liber
ty, security aud property ar seldom endan
gered; in war they a ever in peril.
j&. ' JJtit we aow-say to an wiioin it may
f threat, but cnJy
concern, not oy wai
and firmlv. thitwe will not surrender .k
riehts nor submit to their forcible violation
We will obey the laws, ourselves, and all
others must obey them
5. That there is a manifest difference be
Uveen the Administration of tins Govern
ment and tlte Government itself. The Gov
ernment consists of civil and political insti
tutiona createo by the Constitution, and to
it the oeo pie owe allegiance. The Adniiui
tialion a but the ugmwtaot lha ierila
subject to ineir apirovalor condemnation
according to the meiit ot demerit .of Ibeir
6. That in the exercise of the riiiht to
diffcT with the Federal Executive, we enier
our solemn proteit agaMist lt proclamation
of the President of the Unitrd Stales, uHcl
the first day of January one thousand eight
hundred and sixty three by which he us-
. fumes to emancipate 6laves in certain
States, holding the tame lobe unwise un
constitutional and void..
7, That we declare our determined op
position to a sjstotn of emancipation by the
Stairs, upon compensation to be mailt: ou'
ot i ne pe-asury ci me united states, ue
burdensome upon the people, unjit in its
very nature, and wholly without u'arrmt of
the Constitution.
8. . That we declare that the power which
lias recently been assumed by the President
of the United Slates, whereby, under guise
of military necessity, tie nan irocluimed and
extendedor asserts therein to proclaim
or extend martial law over S'jites , where
war does not exist, end lias suspended the
writ ol habeas cojtpus, is unwarranted bv
the Constitution, and its tendi-ncy is to sub
ordinate civil to military authority, and to
subvert our system ol tree government. . .
9. That we deem it proper lurllier to de
clair that we, trjrlher with the trtilv loyal
people of the State, ivolild ii:il wim pleas
ure anu deligti. any mauiiestutiona ol a de
sire on the part of the seceded Stales. to re
turn to tbeii allegiance to theJover nment
of the Union, and in furh event we wtmlti
cordially and earnestly co-oper&te with then
in the restoration of peace and the procure
ment clsuch proper guarantees as would
give security lo all their' interests mid
rights. ,
10. That the soldiers compesipj bur ar
mies merit the warmest thanta of the nn
tion. The country cajled and cot (y did
they respond. Lio-inp, they shall know a na
tion's gratitude, woum'ed, a nation's care;
and dying they shall live in our memories;
and montiincni.s shall be raised to teach pos
terity to honor the patriots and heroes who
offered their lives at their .nuotry's alter.--Their
widows an 1 orphans" shall be adopted
by the nation, Jo be wuli hed over and c ared
for as objects truly worthy a natiuu's guaj-J
11. That Ohio will adhere to the Con
stitution and the Union as Ih'- beg', it mav
be the last, hope of pupular lieedoin.'and for
all wrongs which may U ive Wn committed
or evils whi' h mny exist, wilt hcek redr-;
anderthe Constitution and ui'liin the Uni
on, by the peaceful but poweriul ag-ncy ol
tie suffrages of a free people.
.. 12. Tliat we bail with pleasure and hope
the manifestations of the conservative sen
timent among the Northern States iu tlteir
lections, and regard the same as the earn
est of a good purpose upon their part toco
operate with all other loyal citizen in wiv
ing security to the right's o! every sect
and maintaining ibe I iiion and the Consti
tution as tbey ware ordained by the fwiuders
of the Republic. . ..
13. That whenever it Becomes practica
ble to obtain a Convention of all or Ouee
t'ourths of the States, uch boJy 1kmiM be
convened for the pnrpos? ol proposing
amendmcnta to" (be Federal ConFti'uiion as
espeiicnce has pfoved " to be ne.cetK-aiy i
iiaiiiain that intrument in the spirit anl
:naiiing intended by its founders, audio
jpiDviua aainotfulureojiTulajons and wui.
' .' ' - l
I i a; -? , vm; 'mrrisonmt-nrjVe-piit.5c
waded t,,aj,,Dj actual Uiiuhmeut CU
i - "U"d:eh,n li,t,1?,n , Bt
V Vlwl '""."'S'" Xa lhe ,anJ or n1
i th United Kiutea. norto tw mlli
right hT ,B.,ctl?1 ft"',gei' n,in,arv
"i',t",Uy' ' 00 ""V rmwitan
"'7,nff, cfftliuie critic
I 'V P be AJiyi.Htwu ih power,. and
till artuetlt iipport ere
mm aunr ttDiMnir""" to pre
f-rje.ihe uaiiu aftlwSuhr-N jB have
r ;rtr Ttw' In ita Ttrsvrvatioa! i il
yua '"!lt K,Ci,t sacrifice or eudi
that onil
t e ire, ss vrr at r bar been, the revoted
""r "hudii niiiwvfiioii.
ami ne have iimmrtalht trith flu thpmlf-a
inJa nf lh f s... a. . t r ...
, 'riI.. . .
'v. c v. j,
, ..:,... . i:,
I'VIiv.T in,Mt Vlllfi ailM LlltlllW T Lll
aing pmre wnere ttie n.nr's ot in are open
titiil unobstructed, unci for no act done with
in Hie cpliere if at live military uperatiens
io tjrryiiijf Onihttwar) mt regard buh
phlpible violiitinn ol tlw -followinw provi.;
!'' - ',T.70U.lH!ul! .,l . lUe,: L"uieil
'. 1. ''Congress shall make no law
abridging lite freedom ol eeeh or of lhe
press, or the right of tlii penp!o penceablv
to us-euib!e, and to pctitimi th-j lioverumeir
(of a irdrtss rAf grievanct'a.
. 2. "The rinhl ot Hie people to be aenire
in their peisoim houses, pap.-rs and t-ITectk
g 'iiist unieasoiiabli: Mfarehnt-:Htid seizurec
hull net be vTrhted, uml uo warrant thai I
i-stie buUipon ptobabl suuse, supported by
oath or Hrinnaiion, and partii ul. ry descrlh
ing the place to lie 'eaithl and the persons
or thin .s to be se:2cd.
' 3 ' No persons tiull be hell to answei
ior.aan al or otherwise inlainoui crime.
unless in a picentiiifiil or indictment of a
Grand J'.ry, except in cases urisiog in thv
land or naval, forces, or in the militia uheu
in actual aertjte in time of war or nth Ik
daTigjr. . , ' ' , " '
4. 'In all cninlual prosecutions, the ac
Clisetl shrill enjoy the rtghl to a speedy and
public trial by an impmioi jury of '.hc.Sta'.t
ant diitiict v herein bite crime shall have
bcn otHHniitterl, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by, law.'
A.aS we furthermore denounce said ar
res', trial and baciblHiieut as a direct in
tuit offered to the sovereignty of the people
of Ohio, by whose organic law it is declared
that "CO person shall be transported outol
nheSla.e lor any offenso committed .within
Jhe some " '
I if. Ih-t Ueraent L. Vallaudigham was
(t the time of his arrest a prominent candi
atelor Humiliation by the Democratic b
parly of Ohio for office of Governor of the
State; thut the Democratic party was fully
competent-tq decide whether ha was alii
man lur that, uoiniiiution, ond that the at
teupt to deprive them of that right by his
airest and banishment, was an unmerited
ininiitxtii-.il iiii.ih llmir i ntol 1 1 nn n...l I....
AVas a viulntiou of the Coustitiii
uuii. " ." '..' ' .,
17. That we rpspertitilly, liit most e.i...
et',y, call upon the President of the United
States to rts cre Clement L. .Yallandighaio
to his home In Ohio; and that a committee
of one hum each Congressional Dial rict ol
the State, to he seleeted by the presiding of
ficer of this Convention, Is hereby appoin
ted 13 present this application to the Pksi
dent. ,' - ' . ."i." - I n
19. Thut tha Uianlta Of this Convention
are hereby tendered to Horatio Seymour.
Governor of tbe State of New York, forhlt
noble letter in relation to the arrest of Mr.
Vallandrgham; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed tocommuni-
cate a copy ol ttts resolution to-Oovernor
19. That the establishment of a military
government over the loyal States, w here war
does not exist, to supeisedittlie civil authori
ties and suppress die freedom bf speech and
of the press, and tointeilere with the elec
tive franchise, is not only subiersive of the
Constitution ' and the sovereignty of the
Stales, but the actual inatigurstioa of -revolution.-
SO. That it is the srvorn duly of the Gov
ernor of the State to protect her cilt; en in
the injoyr.ient and exercise nf all th' .r con
stitutional rights; and we have behold will
deep hunii iulion and regret, not only the
failure of David Tod, Governor of Ohio, to
perform that duty, hut wii.l is still wurot,
h't3 affile pirtiuipa.ions in the violation ol
these rights. ,
21. 1'hat we dennuncn sr traitor? to th
country the Abolition Jacobin a who are
seeking to bring ahcMt civil war in the loy
ulStates, with the view of turning, if pjssi
ble, the bayonets of the army against the
breasts of the fatbeis, brothers dnl friendi ol
the soldiers, and subjecting '.ho S utes. to
a military surveillance and dominion,
22. . That we denounce, as libelers of the
Democf.itic party and enemies uf their cnun
try, l lie men whu are eiigag"u in reprrsent
ing the D -niiM riic party as wanting itisyin
pathyi ii!i our soldiers in the (iehl.. It is
a base sUnde: uptin htiinin iiiitnw to assert
i hat the Demo. rats, who have l.uudruia of
thousand-i uf brut hew nuJ son-t j,i tha army,
do liot sympa'.lrz-i' witii iheni and it is an
ouira EMjpon the Democratic pa ity, thut
has uhvays. rlmid by the c-onntiy, to assert
hat it i uol the liiniid of its gulianl dclen
dors.' 1
23. TlmlAliP conduct of i'rig idier Gei.
etui iJast:u, tire. .M.ltlnry Connnai.'dani a
ColuuibiM, Mid. ot the officer cooimainlii g
tlie I'rovorft Guard, i'l preventing ail appear
ance nf military restraint Ujion theriroieed
ipgs of this Conveiifion show thit ineyhave
a just . apixeciation of the Coiist'u u' i a of
ttieir country and lite rights of tiie penp;
and thut they are wise and polriutic c-tTicers
and llral tlieir conduct on this occasion is
irrsfiilang coatrat with contrary conduct
oi the military authoiitie upon the oeeasiuii
of i'ie late Democratic meeting at Indianap
olis. And we take pleasure in expressing
our ceiia lem e v General Mason and two
lEcers i-nd soldiers under hiscninmaiid.
The Convtntioa then adjourned, with
three chers fur the nominees, three for the
Cunstituiion, and three for the .Union. ,
' WILLIAM MEDILL. President.
Amqs Latmak , Secretary,
I -I. That we
' Stiinilnrd
"VTart'Iiouse 'Trucks.
.' i. c i .'i i r .:
rAI!UJ.XKS,-4JfiliriiieAF a CO.
173 LaU Ftr'i-t, (I'hiii.fo. .v !i in Cinciniiit
lv TlIABEK Al'BEUi".
lf Be earL'fiil tunaioS4.il ii
Jaanaryl, liu
-. .. . .1 i . i. . - ' I a
AMMMrM ilMiiiii
' rn - I .' i tJ t :
Jill liliip
; Tlieu auv olLer Hoiisa inaSourhcrn Ohio.,
HIS Stoolv.
mill llnnrvcf ..
iutu "im una was, iJimuipaiiy
Uouglit before tlmUale.ulvaixee in
prices, lie Avill positively sell,
ft- V l .1
llteuiiiny other House, in ibe . Cqunlj.
Wanted- yvoot, Meat, - Buttciv
Eggs, nags, Fcathfe. Dried ;fifuitsi
J?lax seed, .oiojdsf.Jpard'irp,:(m(l
all articles of Country produce, i'or
which the liiahcst nrfee will' he
Jnnnarr 3 1S63 lyr
i i. C L t.;i I i . jk .....
!.. jj.ii'i'Jri
Iamii7T, flinlnvoAcf
. . ' " 11 I
Dim; will;
Legal Notices.
Gaorw W. Eorer . i m-.tr. , .
Elizabath K"yorbiswifcf . pr,nn
. e.iin.t . ,
MaredTet Uuerback I Dafts. I
aciilotliea ) .1 ' .
Murirnret Cttcrfcaok, llonry DtterhneV, f the
county of Karrisoa Bth6ttof Ohio. Isabel
Ann Dttorhaclc, aminor and ilary Ctterback,
both of Iho county of Vinton and State of Ohio,
t.lco notice tJaaton tlia 23d day of .luna A.
I) 18S3 ti.emi.l (ieo'-ft W. Ui.yer and Elizabeth
Hnrcr bis wife filed their petities i:i tho Oourt
of Common I'loas, of Vinton county andfitUsof
Ohio, wherein r-uid petition is bow ponding and
wherein the 'aid iircrg 15oyr t'nd KlizheiU
ifnvor dflmMid, nartitinn of the Mlowinir real
.it,.t.l in the oouutv of Vinton, and
dtte of Ohio, to-wit: Tho north Halt f the
Kouih weitqiiftrtcr of Section number tiiirty ona
(31,) inToviiol ip number ten, flO.) of Kaune
nmit'cr uiithieeu, 18,) containlj ei(tlitjr-ono
avre mare or lehu, and thut at llo next term of
aid Court, the said IjoiirBe W. and F.lUabelh
lioyer will apply for an order that partition may
bn nude of Ntid nremiixis, and thut the Power
Estate of the aid Miry TJtterback therein be a
Aawa.. Tlili 22d dy of Juno A. D,18');I.
Hewitt a Kiucikton, GEO. W. ItOTER.
Jntj int lSrt?,-6w
Henry Johnson,
la Partition
A nrmi.ini jo iii"ii r r
tt ()ilier.. -J J
Abuliuin Johnson of the County efJaclc.on
inn! Sutui of 01ii. William Johnson, Christiana
jiihii.M'ii. Suriih Walker formerly ifrrak Joliiuon
Wihiuin Walker, Cnnrlotto Lnrow ronnerly
Clmrlono Jolinsiin, joFepn tiarcw, r.m
firmurlv Emily Jolinnon, John Suits and
Emily Sal's
I Thnnias
toe,' (iit'irne roe ncd t4iranana tte, -iniiiur
li.jir ol Ciarifna Feo deceased, formorly Cluris
JohiifOu, ull ot thefiiuuty of Vinton in the
Qlute ut' Wl.to, lilxnls Jvite, of ilia 8tate ol'lotra,
minor liei-of I'ollv Kitedoeenaed, formorly Pul
ly jonnsoii; Nancy Kite formerly Nuncyjuhn
ki'S, .Z.tcburinb Kite, Toreea Uozera formerly
Teret-n Juhrnxm, John Eoffers and John JoLo
euit of the State of WiHCoiihin, will take aotiee
Unit a jKirution was filed ngoiunt them n the
mh da of June AD 1368, in tha Caart of Com
inon Plena, within and for the eovinty of Vinton
and Stute of .hio, by lioary Johuxon and is
now pundina;, wherein the said Henry Johnson
dciuunda partition of tha following real ohIhU
Bicunlcd iu lhe county of inton ni tjtats of
Ohio to-wit: The north-east JjOirter oi the
ja!ith-ant quarter of Motion number sixteen,
(l,)in Towuship number ton (10,) ofKanpe
uumbersovcuteen, (17,) erteptinif ten scrcaorT
of the south ideofiaid forty iore tract owned
by ij am ah A Tarr Co. AWo the north went
quarter of the aooth west qaarter f 6eetioa nam
bor ifteen, li,) f owoebip, Rnnre wfojreiiaid, ei
epu( tan acre off of the south ride of said fur
ty sure tract osroed by ltamarin Titrr Co., ind
ul.o exceptinir twenty acres eff of tbe Kant side
,nf the remnliilntt thirty aerca owned by Wiltiam
Walker, beinirinall forty acres more or Icna,
and thTat tire next term of said Court, the said
Henry JolmfOn wilt ai-ply tor aa order tint par
ti lion ni'.y- lurrpfttlt of eaid premises.
ilta-iTi a EoMHToir, . 4IENKY JOIIKSrJN,
- AM'jrs for PlUf. July 2d lUi wr
A.COIIEE Jr. if I. D.
, ',,.' ..'ll AMD EN OHIO.-, -, j
OlTeralhis ProfTeadnal fervices in ' lhe
iinirtcrnr m-mnnj anu furgrv , in insi rit
r .i . t: . iff . ...
I March 2fith IS63.-lfo. ' ' -
,el1 nnnorori a0(i ixty-nine dollars and sever
t,,a,'B ra,07) with cost taxed to four dtiUttr;
a"J nmoty-Ma eU. (4 91) in the Court of Coin
will !"?ou i ' Couuty and Stato ot Ohio.
t,m.t said jutrirnieut rem.tina ia full tbrco iiunnic
,sud "nrovorKetl. t And tlieid l'inknoy Tarv
"J'!' "'tr'- lu"- Ulium Allun rtizco en'!
trroa, aro furtlwr- notified tliitKi.l
: Cu!,n 'oercl the heir and Ieul r.reh9ii
i Utivca ot Uu said Juhial t ruzoe ' ctevcuied to tt-
Booth Brainy vs Jebinl Fruaen atal.
William Allen Frrizee and Kdward Fruzet
riaknoy Tarr and Torrcm'u Tarr wt-u nru mo.
iionod to reid at l'ikes I'rak State nf Kuti am
HI take nutico thst Booth Uraley oflWtouu-
ty or Jackson and Stato of Oliu'i, on thu21tttilat
ol'Oetolter 1S.7, recovered aju lirmeul Kaiinii
' Jehul rnzea thenof tlioatoiinty of VintonTinii
ot'. ()h.io an.J .uow loeol for Ow sum of
'rtiCHdeiendaiits to wild jii.Itf merit. And
that riantitT at tho next tofiu ofitiild Court af
ter the 89th , day. of August, A. 1). J 303, "wit
mova said Counts rei'ivn suij ju4)rmeiit.iiHiiit
thcil Snd other whoaretho Icf;i1 rerescntativt-t
vl tho suld Jehiul Kriai-e dcceiutiid, , .
'' ' ' - BOOTH A BKALKT, ' - ' '
H. 8. BoNDr, IiiM.uAV s'IIhwitt.
July 2d 133,-w. . . Their Aa's. , -
Rdxoea Myers and' Thomas Mvers.' 'd
Sutclift and Tobias Katclitf, t7hurity Whooliind
and A mer iV heoland , ,ll of the State ot 1 Hi -
noi; jNujicy.iwgnn ud Joseph Hughu, Eliza
bWoett Sirl,-l(witfaraeW, .iidMr liarnett
nil i.f Hurdin conntr andtltkle nf Ohio.' Kmilv
j Walker anil John Wkl ker, .lamei N. Uay,- KHz
v. niij miii .uuiyii-ei, mijf uti in aoescour.ty Ujno
and Jesse lny, Weston Ray. and SiUaKay, ail
of Vinton county Ohio, will tutte notice that on
the 3rd day of August A. U. 1803 Josiah JJar
nott Executor of the last Will and Tostiment of
Jumea Kay deceased, riled in the Probate Court
wlttvin aiitTfi) the county f Vinton,' and gtiite
of Ohio, a petition alleging that on the 2Uth,
day of Octohor A.JJ. 18til, the said Jam till?
tben lrf fuU fife-, entered Into a contract in writ-'
ing fiih John Slovens for tlioeulo of tbe fillow'
ing described real estate, aiuiuled in iwld coun
ty to-wit: Beginning at the Uittclif and Ray
corner ait described in a deed made to James and
Tkomaa K it rrxa Join, Eutcllff and wlfo tlted
August 16th, 1S43. ti&id corner is on the west
bank of salt chiek in XajrleTownship, iiorthof
thp bridge .acroaasair A'aU creek, from (hence
ot sixty rods to the quarter Seelioaline, from
thooce Soath jon. raid qnarter section h'ue, one
iundrod nnd six rod ton 'foot arid six inches' to
thequortor section cotner, thence catsixty rods,
thence north one hundre.d-aod six Tods leu. feet
and sixinehos, to tho plaee-of begiiiingcoiitnlii
iug forty MreVpi'ora of le and being a-'part of
iiiu-u'iriri s qnanor or wjciion uuniMr twen-
ty-f.)(22.) Tawustiif.nuHvbej Wi).(10T),E
as ruber tilrioUan.Y 18, )or tho aura of onj'tli
onj Hjo'ua-
and aud fifty d'd)ura;tht aAid John" fitevejja hfta
jiald tha Ml amoviht oirthe parehrue tncrtcy fo
uauJ irvip.jjin apooraing,t me terms' ot 'aaid
written contract, and that Rebecca My erit "in ar
ritda Tioiusa Myers.&ixsb KatclhT married to
Tobias Katclilf, Cluirity "Whet-laud married to
A'bncr'Whealand,' all or flu Stata oflllinoii
KsuryHughxi. married U Joseph' lluglin; Eliza
Harnett; married to Lews(.'Barnctt,- and ilury
Carpett married to the petitioner allofUardin
county Ohio';' Kmiry Walker married to John
Walker, James Ii. Kay, hllzaj. KaysndMar-
eentiativMOMUd dsSctont,: r. . iM
The prayar qftha w.;titjxjn foru Wityto
make.dedto.aUdbntiewJrosiud premall
i,s,-n behalf ofwii.1 hwrs et law. rod in mil
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niutitiily of Auuiwt liifd imis tiiiiiiaer ;
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Arthur:-VA,d that he.iit prepared: to Wor
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nd tint- he ill'e tfVu'wniVnl nn of
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iifrr ,'l innt ti int
' ' . : 1 v.
I ' 1
Not for6lbod war; but for eustoroers foT
Ur a
J list receded n Bi.JonJiif efock of
Wool ra.ds. ValcntiH I'laid.
bleached aD, Drown M,lBi,Jfl,
&c. A larjre stock and bo
, tow tho present wlmJc
s a 1 o I'HICES.
A fuli stock ou hfltid and far bulov
i'l; ooijiptiUoiiiu tuwn.
, (.'
Mollis, Cnssiajcrcs, '
In 1'act, ever)-tbirg you need i
We .keep every pin1iiy und
styli:, hikI will
Havinp; kawt our HwM on'ir -y ioi
we nre enabled l
i in a'l kinda of
. Fancy Goods. . Balmorals, Hoop
Skirln.Ntitiian.Opera Ilnods,
Stnckings. Gloves,
' Etc., Ere, Etc. - ' ;'
, ' All kinda of Connlry
Rpceived in exchange, at the liiglieet
, market pricus. if yon want to
; ' eave money and golect ou
.. . of u krj ctock go to
October 23rc!, Jit;21 jr. h
, DE jT ISTR Y, :.-
r. a. n. d u r i, w.
'Would respectrullj- tr.tioancB, to' the' Citizens
MiliiKliMK.i.l a'l a. .1 . i
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nirPTttrr neriaf
evvrc oXV WW VCcv
S.tv v evt Xo," Wl a
of a' Vowrt X'vme,, Vdtw
Ijilious . Fever,1 'I
Fever and.Jlgue,. '
Jjiver , Complaint;:
(Dyspepsia, '-.:!
Indigestion, -Jaundioe,
. : " ,
Kidney Complaints
wCvcv wvaVvft
13 v. "Roacs."'
. i ;
Vuxs-vrtoYOtXe. . tois, a
yvwci txvavtw ifeYeuc.o.vj
tThesa fitters r putt up in quart
boille3, of whieh ih4 above is a faa-tim
He. The label is finely engraved, ami
is provided wip a eafe-guard from
oounterfeiterj.' Prioe $1 jper boitle, or
& for ' .' ' ' ' '. .
'. O.' W: JC&aofc, Prdpricisr, JTo. 6
East Fourth Bt'i OLnoinnati,'to uon
all orders should be addressed.'- '
, S V, Diniftu, AlcAviliur; Cowdery
& Strong, Ilumden ; C. Johnson New
I'lyniooik Will & Co.. Zaleski; John
IIollnd, Swan ;J. 1'. & O. Cair;
WilkeBville, and by DiugislB btnl
MeruLiuita generally throughout the
United 6!fttetandCanadas. ' ""
October 23d, 1862,-ly. '
T,1HS Worfc cocitiriiw tho prinoipal Speeches of
Abolition, the Union, an'A the Civii War
with part of other Speeches, Letters, Votea, etc.
is hiu-dsoniely printed on good paper, 24S
'uges Inrgo 8vo, and has very flnolv executed
teol cneraved likencta of Mr. VALLANDIQ
IIAJf. . t . . ;
l'riea. bdw cover. CO eta. : Mnth S1 flfl: itn-
Hvered by mail or express, prepaid, on receipt
of price. .
Wholesale Tnnp.r C.twNr. S fin nAt Ama-h.
Cloth 8.0l) TransDortation tn ha nui ii ti nn-
chaser, and orders to be sent direct to tha pub.
isuers. - d --
. Z. WALTER a Co Cincinnati 0.
A copv will he sent to every editor who inserts
tho aiinvo and this notice, and sends a btaskxb
copy of -Itiii psrier t-o-the publishers
is hers.-- ---THE'
OrVlem het ved Jat t he ' Ti
PMOntAT f)lnce. .
Atf. ao:h-m3--4w.
: y . .naaaar-.A,,., V,;U OMJ
Tho Copartnership heretofore cxislng ootf ea
m m m m ... t i.
iumiiiuiiiiiii, 414 .lfKluuS' "J
the "Kxpjration of the tiinet liraltod and Joyif""!
tntteanieit oflth psrtldb icM4istVe4.-' Rr-I
C-ptas.tvtiaR'.tled tnudnssa,.') '-riO .e.ffioii
'PA.n.,J.. J ' .1 ... fm ,-nTiiarfinnftl orm
icim-wi. iiiuvihuu vu Ul'1'' :n Tc ri.i'.-'i
vicoa Ut4to'nfl , faVa y vVHIrig 0j B4. Pj
Ptw'itt, atMcArthur.aaiittJintairtac-
.l-ViiatttfwJ I'fe.'Sft'DEtflTI

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