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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 03, 1863, Image 2

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A. BUATTON, t : t t ei?:tou.
I- nil". fusriTiJTioN as i" is.!
WiiDKt Hi; IS, nnd te l.nforcenieiil
of tb! I.itwa HKliiit nil OIIkmth who
ttMve usurped Authority, l well M the
I'tople who Commit Itrenches ol the
Suljcit lotht Decision of tht ' Democratic
' Lonveniivii ij the wnolt Cnioi,
avditob or stub,
vob cniiuon leab jcboi,
Vinton County Ticket.
Fob RetresViitative,
Fob Clfbk rr Com, Tlkas Couht,
Tor Probate Judge,
Fob Cocntt Coumisionsb,
XT',l1t the Infernal funatlogiml Abolition
irttn uvflfffat the aer in thuir lia.ids, they will
rver-nJe (bo Cuimtitution, sot tho Purpronie
Court t Uennnce,onnn((fl anrt matj laws to tint
theimolviK, lay violent lianda on thono who
for with tliflm intlieir opinions, or Urc quca
Uon i!)olr ltrallibillty,. M.il ftnully bankrupt the
eonutry, nd Uelug it wilh biouil."llaniei
ty "Kivm fail to protest ajrainst any vlo
.Utiuii of tbe Coiwtitutiou , ucr Jetany mmhcr
f thy (sovariuiiuut travsreHa. People are very
Sinily habitiiattil to cncronehmenn upon tl
libcrtiei. The penplg nhoulli 4ulvise tbw (iovern
maul lo cbuijge it course.'' JA. J. Critttnmtd
IS" "VThii.i the army ia fislitlnjf, yon aacl
i'uens, reo tti.it tlm war in prosecuted for the
. preservation of t lie Uxiow and roNsTiTOTioN,
for your. Nationality iind your IiibiiTs as (Ji
tizes." Geiunxl Uei,rj II. McCUIUm
f (iI.ET there ba iiochanpe by osurpa
lion ; (or through this, iu 0110 inttanco, mny
tho instrument 01' g-'Oii, it it the evtt'imtry tiva
jion byuKkhret gournnuntt art dtdrritd. The
precedent muct always greatly ovorhuluncs,
ermnnent evil, any partial or transient hnne
lil which thense can at any timeyield." - H'wA
intflon't Fareieell kJdnm.
!The Crst want of every nation ia peace,
the laat is peace. It wants peare alwoyB,
Bo our forefathers understood the philosophy
ot government; for tliey established a ays-
lem winch dispensed with even the forces
necessary to perfect defence, rather than
cumber it with 'Fuch as might lempt it
unnecessary collision with other Stales.
democratic government has no adaptation
war. War invokes a nation in debt, and
requires vast supplies of men and taxea, and
sell taxing people will not, exsept when abso
lutely oblidged bytheexigcncesofddngr,vute
either one or the other. Our government
has not effective powers of conscription. No
modern state has carried on, or can caryon,
Degressive war without conscription. War.
nOVrevrr hnof 11a -rinrntii.ti nri hmvpvpr
I ijj lit-its calamities, deranges all social indu-1
try, aubveri?orderinu corrupts public m-r
Bis, ihe hrst eiemeut, then, ol our torn
happiness ami eecurity is Peace."
The Laws Trampled Upon
On Wednesday nibt, the 2Ctli
Angnet 18C3, W. A. Gaoe arrested
A llen Bull as a deserter. By whoso
anthority said Gaqr is acting r0 di
not know. Ma. Bcxl was imprison
ed in the Jni! of our county, and on
b'aturdiiy morning tho 29th u!t., at
the instaiiio oI'Geokge Bcll, lather
of Allkk, wo filed, as his Att'y., a
petition for a writ of Habeas Corpus.
Setting forth the fact of arrest, time
when arrested, that it was unlawful
and forcible, and that ho wa? illegal
IS taken frcm the custody of his a
thpr, that Allex was nut 13 years ol
Aco wlien pnliaros? on A tt,n 1.
illegally restrained of. Lis iibertv
-n - Mlsv4 uju, ih wuy
with the Dsual Prayer to said Pelf
nuw, au vi vtrii-vil wa iwoiu to by
AIb. . Guobob Bull, His Honor,
Judge KiLint of tho Probata Court,"
i.earu u.e raot.on lor the writ
aaked turn, until noon to decide
whether lie wonM lne the writ o; .
rot To t'jis wo ctjn8ontotl, ii iwT!
the Law, which readj. 4,it eiiilt 'j-
Ms duty foi tl: witli toa'Iow s writ ol j
iuDtus Corpus ; " opoa the facts bl
injfshowaty oath. A noon- wo
were present, ami JuoVo Xalwr limn
put us off until after nipper, with a
pos'.ttvo promise to bo at hid office
and grant the writ. After 6nuDer
we called r his office three times nn
til 9 o'clock, anil culled twice at his
house, nnd hunted the town for him.
Mr. Oeo. Bull hunted lor him and
cil'.td at his huuao fur him several
times. Sunpobiugthe Judire to hare
hid'himself.we gave up tho. chase,
una Air. ueo. Hull went home. We
proceeded to tako the lostiniony for
Mt. ueo. run to take to Ironton to
:ay bcloio Capt. Cory, District Pro
vost Maishad. Capt. Fry and Geo
rtnll'a I fiat ! IH All It tli..inn .1.. 4 II.
uuti Bin niuoiuicu imu die service,
turn sHMMvuit' us mar Alien was no
more linb e, cither by civil or ruili'.a
ry law, to bo arreted as a deserter
ban any -other man who never had
entered tho service. Mr. ShadeB
our Provost Marshall, informed u.s
that he hud orders to pay no regard
to tho wnt ot llubeH tJorpvw, :ni we
wtro informed lb at Jm'.jo Tivlev
nonr.Belt-d (V bavin-' left to ieet tin
iJ'Vnot CoM-t tha: tMomitij:) t' maki
t!io rrturn the writ that lit " j'!!""'!
or trn h:d by mi'itHry a u t J . r't;.
On Mondiv the riwuer ws thus il
lepally dm''ed i.tfuiit ci'tlm county,
to lroii'on 10 be dc'ivfri'd up to the
District Ma-?! all. Thtu t'ol'cw citi
z -n of Vinii'i c t;:!ty, lii,3 the laws
been set nt dcH'itiCi' it yoiir own
looro.'i.ni tl.-its hits t!i military de
potifiu of thf present powers that he,
heen mado manifest ' yon. Whur
man can pny, bi.t that hu may bo the
next victim of this system ot tirbitra
ry nrrets. No mun objecls to tht
arrest of a deserter liom the army,
but we do protest against any mun
being thus Kidnapped, and denied the
beueflt of the laws of the land, that
allow him to prove himeelf clear, arid
if clear of the charges against him
that ho shall havo the right to he d ia
charged in bis own county. We hold
this as an outrage upon the rights ot
every man in our county. ILnv ions
will the peopu be compclloii to Mir.iVr
these things without f.'M':,r: 'hi
eyes open to our true .
Aly lellow cit:zot:8t.i . ..;
have ever asked of these
ollicer8, either civil or 101
ivgnin tnoir oittns, snp .- t - ' r
stitution and laws uiul I v i t i.4r
own resolution .it t.l't . ) 'in carry
on this govotnnu ni .11 .:uril::iu.e t.
the piiuciph-a et too hitlseis ni the re
public. Let us eeu what one of the
lathers says ou tins very uubjeut ol
military Kiwer, be'e it is:
NO MAN'S RIGHTS SAFE. Gen. George Washington to Major
Gen. Daniel Morgan.
A 1
and.compatriota, and see to it ero it is too
kto that the civil 1W AM bo a a.
Commander of the army sent out
to suppress tho Western llebellioc in
Philadelphia, March 27, 1795
Gen. Washington, then President, on
receiving complaints of eoine distur
bance between the soldiery and citi
zens, sent to Gen. Morgan nn order
of which tho following is an extract,
to. wit:
'It has afforded me great pleasure to
learn that the geueral conduct and charac
ter ol the army hxs been temperate ui.d
indulgent, ai d that your attention to the
quiet and comfort of the western inhabitants
Ins been well received by them.' Still
may be proper, constantly and strongly, to
impress upon the army thai they are mere
agents of civil powek- thai they luve No
that offenses against the laws tire to be ex
amined, not by a military officer, but by ar
rests and indictments lor a violation
lawj that officers ought to be careful not tq
give orderB which may lea l -heir agint In
to infractions of hiw; t hut disputes be
avoided as much ?s p:i!. e ;;,, be ad
justed bb quie'rily mny ! .viii.uiii. ur"ins:
lliepi touu extri n-.c; nu.i it.it ibc wholp
ci"jnr.-y 1 not i-jniii-ii n;i",t rumflprf ;
V.!.!!l! I Til tlllllTS 01 I 111 f-.'l f.) p.
1 . - 1 I : . . . 1
I 'jd tint cnri'iti'iinchti' tliS'- ',in" lo
, I VOC iC.r iTiV r.tl.i'f pi.rpi,.o t:,!'l -'r.l V('ll
u.iy -.-.:!i ti.eii.; nr. 1 aitiui.t rt-ter ln to
!' -f-::t iro-.,! .;(! , n.lnpt tli tu-6S
;ir-. iii-i ---.vy lof mplisliingthe forego-
I'lt life's. I hui, ili' u Kir, y,,nr humble
"Maj -G-il. Morjiii.'
An; theao lis publicans following
tlio tHtlieis of UiO lepublic! Are
iher. in their militrnv acts, "the
mere agents of the civil jKwtr" by
disregarding and trampling the laws
under foot? Are they taking "no
more authority than other citizens,"
by se.ti mg oaido your courts, and kid
napping cititens in tho way they have
been doing? Aro they not trying
men tor ouciises liy tnilitury officers
instead of indictments for violations
of law I as Washington orders and
directs. Washington wan the Pre?i
dent ofyonf Convej.t;ori that frnm"il
vonr constitution. D:d Wnshi'igtcrj
know what he was doi'ig s or svas In:
a fool and a traitor, ri'i 1 " " n ;
ern RepuMrAn 'f.i'.'-'-s ; m.iv
wise men we Iwvc t;.:d ;:i tsis V'.
These question, W.-
Otiira n.k ftsiief v
an honest coiiecitnc-
aCC )r
dingly. It is indeu trne we should
act as becomes rr.-n and descendants
of sneh men aa 'nviimctoii an-i hie
-mx -sg--v.7rvgmrj!
premo in tbiJ SUto n!idtNation. See
t i" t aMhose who do these things
'. r-mo' vd hr thu totes of an tin-
bought nd incorruptible hee people.
A Base Imposition and Pervertion
of a Legal Decision.
The s&. Rgi$ttT misrepresents the
application tf a decision of Judge
aney's in Howards reports, Vol. 21.
pace I'li. I ho decision was mad"
before there was any such officer as a
.'rovost Marshal created, and was to
settle a question of jurisdiction be
tween the U. S. Courts and State
Courts,in regard to process of Jndiclal
Courts. According to the reasoning
of the Iirghtet und bis legal advisers.
Mr. Shapes, or any other IVovost
Marshal, is vested with all the power?
of the U. S Courts. The Marshals
notions or whirm mav he used as nf
the earae power and effect as a judicial
process of tho Supremo outtof the
U 8. The decision, was mado under
the Fugitive Slave act. Here ia the
quotation referred to by tho Etgitltr
''While it is thn duty of tho Mar
shal, or other person holding, to make
known !v n oroper return tin aether-
it y '.uMcr n, iiie!) he detains mm, u
ut the ssir.e time imperatively bis dnty
to nicy tho process of tho United
wtatvS, to hold the prisoner under it,
and to refuse obedienco to the man
date oi process of any other govern
ment. And consentient!? it is tii
duty not to take the prisoner, nor
c ntier him to bo. taken, heforo a btate
J udge or Court, upon a hahas corpus
issued under tho State authority: No
istate Judge or Court, alter thoy are
judicially informed that the party
imprisoneu tinner the anthority ot mo
united btatcs, has any right to inter
fero with him, or to require him to
orongnt tjoiore them.
"And if the authority of a State,
mo lorm ol a judicial process, nr other
wise, should attempt to control the
Marshal, or other authorised officers
or agent of tho United States, in res
pect to the custody of his nriioner.
w ml i he Ut duty to roeint it, and
e:i'd lo h;s did any force thnt mav
n"ecf!"iry to maintain the authority
I nv I'gawist illegal interference. No
iii'hciiil T'r.'cua. whatever farm it may
iifitiiio, c;in h"vo any lawful authority
itetdo of t!ie limits of the iurifldiction
tho Court or Judge by which it
' "--oi ; and an attempt to enforce
iieyond CIioho boundaries is nothing
lew than lawless violence."
What Marshal is hero referred
by Judge Taney ? A Marsha! of the
U. S. Conrt of conrso, tor none other
existed. And it was tho. duty,
course, of the Marshal to obey
proem of the U. S. Court. Had
Capt. Cory any proceea from a U.
Court ? Not at till. And consequently
he could not take his prisoner (of tht
U. S. Court) before any State Judge,
or Court, without disobeying the
Judicial Proem of his own court.
I t t SI .
uaa uapt. Louy any bueh process
obey ! Certainly not. Again, did
dipt. Cory judicially inform
State Court that he held the prisoner
under or by any process of the U.
Court I Certainly not, for ho had
such process; he only acted from
military power, which this decision
says is lawless violence. Did the
Probate Court attempt to interfere
with tho prisoner of a Marshal, held
by judicial process ? Certainly not.
llien wonld he be justifiable in resist
ing tlie order of the State Cottit under
this decision ? No man in his senses
'!:! f.-r a moment to couf nn'rl .
in' inosi nonsensical position.
taken of this decision in reference
the jurisdiction ol tho process of the
U. b. Courts would render null and
Void every law couceraing the procos
of our State Couits, and place us just
where tho Republican leaders wish
their country in a complete military
despotism. The writer of tho JlegU-
tcr could not, however, end his article
without showing his sympathy for
'poor fugitive slave,' and declaring
that jJemocrets now wish to repudi
ate this decision. This we simply
prononnco a lie. No Democrat has
ever repudiated the decision of the
Supreme Court. But you and your
party does t every day.
G. W. Johnston—Honorable Conduct.
On the day Mr. JouNsroit was
ninin.tted as a candidate by tho Re
ptiblicans, heassuted ui be would do
nothing hut what was honorable in
imr, t.iT1u, wo assured mm we
.lever did, nor never wonld. We are
: nv credibly informed that Mr. John
ston, week, represented himself
as a Uemoomt, and denounced Jht
administration of Abraham, to a gen
tleman who told him he would not
vote for any body bcta Democrat,
and that ho told the samo person
that we were a mean, low fellow antl
not fit for Representative. Is it hon
orable Mr. Johnston to thus misrep
resent ns, and :n yon, to palm your
lolfoffas a D.-mocrat, when jon
have always been a Republican, and
voting for such men as -Wa le, Chase
& Co., who ure Abolitionists of the
bluekeat kind i If you wish to join
the Pemocracy all right, we will take
you inbut it must be on probation a
while. As a republican wj protect
you iu all your rights, butasra Don.
uciftt, by your frnits ye are to be
known. . Democrats should bo on
iheir guard, if any person can vote
lor Johnston because he says lie is a
Democrat, wo think they can vote
our entire t.cket, for it is all of the
,-ntiie taithand has been well tried in
I he faith.
Brough Meeting at Hamden.
On lust Friday that life-long Dem
ocrat, over the, Uiff, mado a speech at
ilamden, the crowd was variously es
ti mated at from 100 to 200 voters
nnd wo huve it fnui tho most nlia
hie sourco that there were nhout 150
voters and soma 2 to 2 JO women
and chi dron. The travelinrr fit ciri-
didate for-Governor, spoke about ore
hour in which ho canned ho wa i.
Donfccrat, when our old frkrrl I?. V.
Scott a.kcd him "il ho waa ). rn..
crat still," and Brongh answered " r
life long Democrat:" beloro he closed,
however, he told the audience that as
soon as the war was over he would
then join ns, and he in for straight
ening out theso Republican Aboli
tionists, and would be with the De
mocracy. At this friend Scott bawl
ed out, "Johnny hav'nt yon turned
over just a little?'' Brongh replied,
"No. Von have bothered me enough,
aud if somo friend don't move you ou
of the meeting, I will com and do it
myself." Mr. Scott Buys if he had
undertaken this, "Johnny's friends
would have bad a week s job in ren
dering out tho fat ho would have
knocked on him.' Mr. IJrough alms
ed tho old Whigs awfully for joining
tho Democracy, calling -them silver
gray aristocrats, upholding slavery,
o. His doetruie ot no more unions
with slavery did not suit his hearers
in thie latitude. Tho wholo affiir
was a grand fizzle, and Biouh so seen
it. More than half tho crowd hnr
ralied for Vallandigham after the
meeting adjourned. There was no
enthusiasm at the stand.
Not Pcffinq JJimself. The Eli
tor up street says the Union Cunven
tion nominated tho bout Ticket ever
presented to tho people of Vinton.
Gib. fa on the Ticket ; of course
did allude to himself. This shows
what his word is for truth and var-aeit.
An Infamous Slander on Vallandigham,
Stop It.
The Abolition journals, with the
unparalleled ppirit ot misrepresenta
tion and disregard of truth which
characterizes Iheni, aro publishing
tho following extract from a speech
Mr. Vallandigham, and assert that
was mailo in 186 1 and applied to our
soiuiera :
' 1 lien, sir, I am not a Southern
man either, although in this most un
holy and' unconstitutional crusade
gint the South, in the midst of
invasion, arson, insurrection and mur
der to which she has beer, subject, and
with which ehe is still threatened
the torch of the incendiary and
the dagger of the neaMetdn eusponded
overo hor, my most cordial sympathies
are nenrniy with her.
ScolaPt Mo Arthur Rfigitl.tr for the
abov and common''.
Too Portsmouth
Thnn ori.i.rU-
. . 1 1
cnnracierizes tins a an mrniryin end
wilful falsehood, and vv!l kno-.vn
those unprincipled i -! i lit-: to l,
.....I. Tl.,. .,......!. 1-. t 1 ..'
euun. x lie rot'CH 1:0:11 ". 1 1 1 r ! j
u.si.,n '.m .... .,. l.....l ... 1 I -
OUUHD IU Ull IMIiiri ViUj lit'UVI Ti'll
Congress in 1S5D, a year and u hail
oeioro i ue wnr ocgan, almost a vear
before Lincoln's election. The above
remarks were made in reference
the John Brown Raid, and applied
him and the murderous' band of out
lawa with whom he invaded Virginia
and attempted to incite a servile in
snnvetion. That they were guilty
invasion, araon, insunoctioii and
mudrer, no one but "a higher law'
lunatic will dispute, and the tympn'
ihies of all good Uw abiding citizens
were with the eople of Virginia,
whoso lives and property were endan
gered by the lawless banditti who
i.i" . .i i i
wero violating alike the laws of God
and the country . Ihe attemptod de
ception of the Abolition press tonalm
this speech off as one delivered
18C1 aud applied to the Federal sold-
iere, is in keeping with the brood
lies which they manufacture to defeat
the Democratic cundidate for Gover
nor. By ai bitrary power the Admin
istration has eent Vallandigham from
the presence of the people, and while
hia hands are tied and his mouth
closed by tyranny, these libolen villify
guage. Will the people of Ohio ba-
come tbe dupes of such unprincipled
demagogues J : Will freemen endorse
not alone this system of unfairpeiM
and deception, but the despotism
which seeks to make refutation diffi.
Air—"Red White and Blue."
Hail! Vallundigliam, the hero of tho nation,
Who was aevereJ from his friendssnd bi
An ! banished by tli tyrants of opprenlon,
To au eneniitfa luol and a foe ;
'ORTWHwise,-he is ;rat, he is gsod,
- IIo is bra'v, l:s is noble and true,
He is the mau to protcc", vi from azgresslon,
Assisted by the va'aiot little Puh.
Thrjo chesri f-ir Vii',ua ' g'.a'n nl ra?li,
'I'Lrjo cheers lor all.it. !i.-h ,m aal Tugh,
Tim Cuimimiion and liuiou I'-rcver,
l lirco cLeeis tor VaIIai: ,.'i;-!iani unit Tugh
Hail ys patriotic sons of Ohio,
Whoso rights havo been trailed in the dust,
Kais your voice in tones of Thunder,
And teach thatopprestdon is wrong;
Tke y nir ttaud for th rights of the people,
Slick to your posts bold aud true,
Ami teach the oppressors a lessou,
lly vutiug Tor Vallaudighaiu and Pugh.
Three cheers &o.
Uail ye T.lncolnitcs of '.Lis country,
Ht-uism 'ur and bj nol ueceivsd,
Tor ti t li.iw urn t ha icsj etd,
-uv.t juj.j.e (!'iue tj all inouj
lit tl. time ilia now fnUy corns,
Tliat fie p'.-usii 'ire b iun-.l to ho tr,
ri'::cy wi.l i-.:;v ti;, ,vi!,,.., O.'lvl'vr.
A u il vluirr f.r
'1 hl-ii'.'.-l.tuisc.
A. J. S.
VaLWT, Aag.
An Abolition Lie.
Any hooost roan .who believes that
Vallandigham over pnposud to clia
solvo this Union into four pails, can
bo convinced by calling on tis and
soeit.g a copy of the bill. Th follow
ing from tho 0ito Eagle explains it
Ol ji;Ct.
It is exceedingly vexations to ob
Kservu oow contemptuously A bolition
prv.s. s and Abolition orators ureentne
upon tho intelligence ol their readers
it. id bearers, by the continued, presis
tent and malignant assertion of the
inhunous falsehood, that the Hon. 0.
lv ValltiiiGiglmro, while a member of
Congress, and just before the com
nu-ncemoiit ot too war, introduced
into Congress a bill, providing for
uiviBion oi me country into lour re
publics or confederacies.
tins he originated iti the weak-
bruin of Borne shallow pitted fool, who
nau not tho mental capacity to ci in-
preneiid the plain orjeet and purpoae
of the bill offered in Coiiimyss hv Mr.
Vallandigham ; but it U iiroclaimed
:ar ana wide by knaves and dishonest
ikifiaggn'B,vhoi)if)?o that when thev
utkr it they "lie in their teeth, in
tneir inrnata, nnd their hearts."
Now once tor all. w!mt is tho wlu.K-
irutn auoiit tun mil I i)n the 7th
February, 1861, Mr. VallanJi gham
introduced into Congrosj a bill pnpo
eing certain uniendmetits to tho Cm
stitution, by which tho causes whic
had led to eiceHsion and disunion
would bo guarded against and the
Union bo lorevet maintained and pre
served.. Ihis was the object of I
propotieu amcmimeiit-i to the Consti
tutiun, ni tleclared by the bill itself
wui ns proclaimed and explained
Hie fpeech of Mr. Vallandigham
support ot tho bill. To nccomnliid
that olject tho bill tiroposed a rcor
ganization of Congress, bused noon
certain associations of States, in such
manner uf to establish a mode of vot-
ing Congress by sections ; by which
tr.ooe oi voting the power of majori
ties to opprcs minorities by nnjnst
IcgiHlutioii of Congress upon the bub
ject of mI it very, or any other subject,
anclj lv) ptiin.'tnently and socure'v
"n1 ""i ory inducemei
: !i-Ct-!-4'0:i u.rd t stl'iiiitl (nr-v
or lire-
't"'"r, on mI tho am. ti
!!: ta t'i ! pi ?- ! r'-r.r t ,.l V
. .
ju.uyi',, p;ain;y rin-j positively prt-bi
"jhiled tho cc''ii'.v.i nl Rt.v St-!p wilh'
.1 : . i . ! i . i i . . ... '
Out lie r-.Mj, ut of h f? v.r. 5 .f the
l0tt:l"l U) Whi'.'l) "'I'M 'Mi ';! I,.-
long. Fnrtb'-rm-n-e.ir' r hM f,,. -
hv Mr V 111 lion i : ,t! i n m bad . n . . 1
division of tim country into H.nr re
publics orcoi.tederucies, ns King Abo
litionists asHert. it would havo nrnvi
ded for the establishment of four gov
ertnrents, four presidents, for con
firniiai,! Am T?... 1... 1 -II .
B'"""! ma yiii centama no
stie.4 provision ; u eontetnplates, rec
ognizes and declares but one president,
one congress, ono iudieiarv em. nno
congress, ono judiciary, one gov
eminent, one nnired country. In
word, Mr. Vallandigham's amend
meuts proposiid a prevent forever.
J"1 w' t Jving aoolitiornsta assert
tney proposed to accomplish, h not
such audacious falsehoods, such oro
sumpn'on upon the intelligence of an
enligtenod jioople, without a parallel
Now, fellow democrats, if any ol
yon should hear an Abolitionist assert
that Vallandigham onerd in Congress
a bill.proposing a division of the conn
try into four, ot any other cumber of
republics or confederacies, just prove
him a liar by reading carefully the
whole bill to him. If his ch
notmautle with the blnah of flftncni nn a
. . ----- va vviit.'viuUO
shame, it will be because it ha
quired thfi color of his ftllow-oiti-on.
of African descent.
(Tjr'Punch has made a- disepvery.
that when a ship goes into pott she
usuallv fit..a,li..a. Knr ..!
into a man ho usually teels.' '
An Abolition Lie. HYMENIAL.
MARRIKQ.-On ilia lSih inst., by tl.o
Rev. J. Millhorn, Ma. Johs W. Hitt to
Miss Ruse V. DuruKT.all of Tioton coua-
To the bappy couplf w wish all the hap
pjness at. ending the married lile; may they
live long nnd enjoy all the blessings of
DIED On the 30th ult., of Disease of
the Heart and Lungs Mr, Hibax Wilcox,
aged 31 yean.
The ieci a ed was a member of Capt, Geo
Fry's Company. 75ih Reg. O, V. I., and
cimi racltd thedisems that terminated his
iife.iii ihe service of his country. Hi leaves
a wfe and six children to mourn their loss.
He was buiied by the honors of war on the
31st ult.
Special Notices,
llcad the I'oll.iwine from the Hon. Mor'la Mor
ris, tormerly Auditor nf the tlte of Indiana :
1niianpous, tep. 2, 1337.
P.r. C. V.'. Cobac- LlSABia : Having been
trctiUeil fur.ovtral years with extrema dohllU
ty nnd weakness, ro much so thai 1 was unible
to attend to my ordinary business al times, en't
huaitiir hoard ol ihe wmali-rlul cures that J0r
Stfaiidinsviun Hlood Puriiinsr aud Pills wersef
foet'nur. ' was induced by a friend to try them.
I have been Uhiiii? -.he J'uriller for the last
fve've munntlis, and fiitid the medicine fully
eq ii.1 t its lecomiuenilalion. So valuable isits
to 1110, tnat 1 cuu nol uow dispeace with tht
i-,. i i: i:'. !y advaiiccJ sgo of life seventy
HjVl:U j- .11 .
! iv..- 'iV.! y i;ivo tills informatlou fjr the beo-or-:
-f !':. -':-;,l;.rly affceUd.
i onrs trnlv.
Ti Norvons SufTereri of Ilnth Sexes.
h.'cn rcs'. ired io health in a few days, alter on
ilorfoirifull tho nKuiil routino and irr.'Ktilar ex-
ut,.i.-! moilcs ol treatment v, ithout success, coo
idi-rs It l is snored I'nty to cotnrn inicato to his
iifllietcl fallow creatures the means of cure,
lUnco.oii the receipt ofan addressed envelope,
he will n n I (free) a cony nf the tiresciiptlon
iikciI. Direct to 1). John SI. Daonall. 184 Ful-
oll S.r:i:t IliooltU il, New Yurk.
March, May, July, t-cp., Not., Jan., lyr.
fin' t:iMiti:sii)iis nnd J'.xucrieneo of h
Nervous Invnlid.
riibtl-hod for tho benefit and as a caution to
yonnr men, and others, who suffer from Nervous
I'ebility, Karly Decuy, and tholr kindred ail-inontH-Hupplyinat
thu mesus of self-cure. By
one who has Mins' lf after being viotlm of
misplaced ceufidunco In medicul humbiii; and
ItiacKcry. oy enciusing a post-paid tlirectau
nvelopo, sinclo copies mav be had of the author
Nathanikl Matfaih, lq., Hradford, Kiaga
ionnty, New York.
reij, April, June, Auir, Oct, Dec 'C3, lyr.
New Advertisements.
JuU rubUthtd iTKtiealtd Enulft.
A Lecture on I In- Nature, Treatment A
Itudicul Cure
ofiSpermatnTrlicea nr Seminal WenVness, Sexnaj
Uchilily, NervMisnu and Involuntsry Kniia-
i, .ft- I ii. 1 1, ni .... I .- ...! .-1
iwm-,i.,,,u,,,H ..iiv.uii.,, , viiMiinti.iuil, na'A
Mental and I'h)iojI Debility.'
The Impnvtm't fact that awful ennaoquoncee
of Sclf Almie may heelluntiiHlly removed with
out idWnal medicines ol thc dangerous applica
tion of cantic, instrinnent, medicated houjrle
and other empirical device, is hero cloarly dem
migrated, and thoentindy new and highly suc
ce'ft'ul treatment as ndoped by ihe celebrated
Hiilhor, fully explained, hv m cans cf which eve
ry one i enabled tocuro himse'f perf.-ctly, and
ut tho let possible cost, thereby avoiding all
tlio nd vcrtiiiecl nostrums of the day. 1 bis lec
ture will move a boon to thousands and thous
ands. Sent miliar seal, in a plain enTnlnpa, to any
adOress, 1'iwt paid oiFrvcaipt of two postage
stamps, by adi.rua.-ing the publishers..
t'll AS. J. (l.CI.INC.dj On.
iU noyery. Now Jnt, Y. 0. Box 43J
' -
UlkttlJirS V AIMED
I have authority from the Governor of Ohio
to recruit lor the the above Ktgimcul ia Yiutou
and iidjii.'Oiit Counties.
Thco whi have been In the service for nine
months or more, and honorably disoliarasd, are
omiileu to KOL'K HUNDKKD and TWODOLf
L A US County , for re-eiili.-iiug. Other recruits
will reccivo tho' usual one hnndrcd dollars
Honnty one-fft'iith of which will be paid when
the licr'inient ia muslered in. They will also
'oci-ivA ono mouth's nT diiiltwo dollars me
rl ini.niiikiiiu FOKTY HOLLA KS advai.ee pay
J'lii.- lii't-imcnt is designed for Hnnliir Rnn-L.
,, ,,. ,,,, , avi.MII 11
-'i-.. wish to A voiDTIIE UKAFT.ioia
' In-
iv iiiiocnt at once. COME ON BOYS !
m . ili. uiuis a:iply to me or to J. O, Qib
iit ho Kt-gistsr tltllce, McArthnr, Ohio.
v. j. or.tiuu.
. 3 -2-tf-
Kocmiting Officer.
1 C'
Vinton County, 0. Aug. 27th 1S63J
T) tht Q iulifud Electort of Vinton Co. O
You arc hereby notified to mset at the
places of holding Elections, in the several town
ships in snid couuty, for the State, District and
County Ctlicers, and at the qusrteis of the Com
niatni,.nt ofosch Company of Volunteers, in the
actual military service of tbe State or United
Staies.abiout Iroiu thai t township. In accor
dance to the Statute In such case made and pro
vided, pasiod April 13 1SB3, on
and proceed to elect, the. following offieera to-
One Governor, for the Stats ofOhlo.
One Lieutenant Governor', for tbe ttats ef
One Auditor, of State. '
One Treasurer, of State.
One Judge, of the Supreme Court.
One Membor of Board of Pnblio Works.
One Judge, of the Count of Common Pleas,
for the socoiid subdivision, of ths Seventh Ju
dicial District of Ohio.
One State Senator, forLe Eight Senatorial
District, composed of the courftiee e f Lawrence .
Gallia, Meigs and Vinton.
One Representative, for the Connty of Tinton
One Probate tx Ige, for the oonnty of Vinton.
One Clerk of the Common Pleu Cohrt. rnrti,.
county of Vinton '
One Proeectitinit Attorney, for the oonnty of
Vinton. '
One Commissionor for ths oonnt" of Vinton.
Jjoriomt of Grand and Ptltit Jur-
on neaat ioviuhipforthjtrlK
Wllksvllle. 10 I Swan. 10
Madison, -SfKnni, -'- B
Jackson, : 10 ( Hichlaad, 14
Clinton,. '-. 10 Elk, 20
Givoa tinder my hand at mr.0ff.ee, lie 4
inton Connty Ohio, this 2 ith day of A
A a gnat
Sb'ffV. Co.O.
f?cp. Drd-iJ-Sir,

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