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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 03, 1863, Image 4

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[...] the Democracy of
"" -ratie party has ever been, end
rL!ing party. Jt asVs nothing
' - . anvter the Constitution ami tli
- -Jrl to i;o rlalation of either;
' i; ea no violation of either. It
; o hil pi:Mdr.u;e of public end
; :i" aim ofTuoprrty, contained in
. . . i. ..diivi ui laws. nrid ii will surrender
.. . j ol ihJin. It bus the rijbt o dUcus
-nwnarei, and will diauias ihein- It
iu !it ;'.t to proposo and advocate that
v l.ich it deem btt for the nation,
t: J i'. will uxercite that right. It has the
' j r.hve i'spolicy patsed upon by the
.1: cl traceable find untramrr.eled elec-
i::it It will maintain that right. If
in a miitoiitr, it yields obedience to
tl tu!e of the mnj'Tily ; if it be the
i i'.ceif, li rlainu that its law ful will
Mc!fd. Whether in a majority or
. - 'y.i. ubsys all Iowa that ere in force.
- ;mt it ili.likes it seeks to overthrow
violence, but by a legitimate repeal.
iiat it proposes, itsetks to carry, not
' but by K'cal eneclments. And
' ds in all these rcspeitt, it de
i nml has a ri ;htlo demand, that all
aliall do. Trier owe tbe earne ubed-
ta the Constitution end the lane that
-.nix rats owe. Tliey havis the same iu
-rcr,'. to maintain Iree government, to pro
.n liberty, to be tecum in their housef,
. : rri'ns itii J piopcrty, that Demoerata have.
.'. ix neitl-fr their inter r at nor ours tliat ilei-
vitiii crannrchy should prevail and if they
.ish to avert both, let them see to it iu time
lvy pjvo no occasion lor either. We
. .io our duty; let them renemUr to do
In vlaw of the circumstances 'tbat have
i -lit us together, we hereby resolre :
. TiMt the will of the people ia the
. iiidation of all free Governments. That
elft'Ct to this will, free thought free
. h and fipo press are absolutely indis
. i 1c Without free dlw usslon there ia
inty of sound ju!ginent;i without
: . 1 judgment there can be no wise gov
.? 'J hit it is an Inherent and constitu-
.. .-a' il:'l;t of the people to discuss all me a
t.irti! )! their Governnr.ent, and to approve
u liimipprove, as to their best judjrmeut
t-eci'..'. 'isht. That they hove a rii'htlo tito
rMvladvocito that policy which in their
i.Jj!Cvj:U is best, and to argue and vote
tlii.ist whatever poliry avems to them to
vii.lute the Constitution, to impair thir lib
trues, or be detrimental to their welfare.
3. That these ami all other rights, guar
tnteM to them by their constitutions, are
ti:eir rithts in time of war as well as in time
of peace: and of far more value and necessi
ty in war than in peace. Form peace liber
ty, security and property am seldom endan
gered; in war they are ever in peril.
4. Tint we now say to all whom It may
concern, jiot by way of threat, but calmly
mid firmly, that we will not surrender these
riht nor submit to their forcible violation
V. o will obey the laws, ourselves, and all
others must obey them.
C. That there is a manifest difference be
.wccn the Administration of the Govern
ment and the Government Itself. The Gor
eriunent consists of civil and political insti
tutions created by the Constitution, and to
It U2 peonle owe allegiance. The Adminis
irutiou ore hut the agenda of the people,
s ibj -ct to tnoir approval or condemnation
according ta the nieiit or demerit of their
0. That in the exercise of the riht to
( ill'T with ll.e Federal Executive, we enter
our fcol.'inn protest against the proclamation
ol tin Fitsidejit of the United States, tinted
the ii;t day of January one thousand eight
lumlred and sixty three by which he as
sumes to emancipate slaves in certain
btu'.es, holding the same to be unwise un
constitutional and void.
7. That we declare our determined op
position to a system of emancipation by the
tate;, upon compensation to be made cut
of t lie Treasury of the United States, as
buiJensonio upon the people, unjust in its
very nature, and wholly without warrant of
the Constitution.
8. That we declare thai the power which
has recently been assumed by llio President
of the United States, w hereby, under guise
f military necessity, he has proclaimed and
extended or asserts the right to proclaim
or ex lend martial law over S'.ates where
war does not exist, and has suspended the
w rit of habeas corpus, is unwarranted by
the Constitution, and its tendency ia to tub
ordinate civil to military authority, and to
subvert our system of free governinent.
0. That we deem it proper further to do
clair that we, together with the truly loyal
people of the States, otild hail with pleas
ure and del ght any manifestations ot de
sire on the part ol the seceded States to re
turn to their allegiaucs to the Government
' of the Union, and in such event we would
cordially and earnestly co-operate with them
in the restoration of peace and the procure
ment f such proper guarantees as would
. give security to all their interests and
10. That the soldiers composing our ar
mies merit the warmest thanks of the na
tion. The country called and nobly did
tliey -respond. Living, they shall know a na
tion's gratitude, woum'ed, a nation's care;
and dying they shall live in our memories;
end monuments thai! be raised to teach pos
terity to honor tho patriots and heroes who
f'fiered their lives at their country' alter.--Their
widows on J orphans fhall be adopted
by the ns'.irn, to be watched over and cared
for aschj' Cts truly worthy a natiou's guard
ianship. 11. That Ohio will adhere to the Con
stitution and the Union as th? best, it mv
be the last, hope of popular Ireedom, and fur
ail wrongs which may have been committed
or evils width may exist, will seek redress
uuderihe Constitution and within the Uni
oh, by the Beaeeful but powerful agency ot
the suffrages of a free people.
12. That we hail with pleasure and hope
the manifestation of the conservative sen
timent among the Northern States in their
elections, and regard the same as the earn
est of a good pursue upon their part toco
operate with all other loyal citizens in giv
ing security to the right of every eecuon,
and maintaining the Union and the Consti
tution at they were ordained by the founders
of the Republic.
13. Thai whenever it becomes practica
- b!e to obtain a Conventiou of all or three
fourths of the States, Much body should be
convened for the purposa of proposing audi
amendment to the Federal Constitution as
experience has proved to be necessary to
maintain that instrument In the spirit ami
meaning intended by it foiiuders, a nd to
yio td against futaie convulsions and wars.
1 4. That we will aroattlf snooort er-
ry constitutftMl measure tending to pre
serve the union of the States. No man have
a greater interest in iu preservation than
we have, none desire it more; there ara none
wno will make greater sacrifices or endure
more than we ull to accomplish that end
We are, as we ever have been, the cVvoted
friends of the Constitution and the Union,
and we have no sympathy with the enemies
of either.
15. Thatthe arrert Imprisonment, pre
tended trial, and actual banishment 0f Cle
ment L Vallandigham, a citizen of the State
of Ohio, not belonging to the land or naval
forces of tlieClnited Statea.norto the mili
tary in actual serviie, by alleged military
authority, for no other pretended crime than
that of uttering worda of legitimate ciitic
ho upon the Administration iu power, and
of appealing to the ballot-box for a change
ot policy (said arrest and military trial ta
king piace wnere the courts ol law are open
and unobstructed, and fur no act done with-
n the sphere ef active military operations
iu carrying on the war) we regard as a
palpable violation ol the following provi-
Hons ot ui isousuiulioii ot the United
1. "Coneres shall make no law
abiidging trie freedom ofepeeeh or of the
lircss, or the right of the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition tht Government
for a redress of grievances.
2. "The right of the people to be aerure
in their persons, houses, paper and effects
agiluat umeusonable sea rc tie and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no warrant shall
i-me hut upon probable cause, supported by
oath or affirmation, and particularly describ
ing the place to be searched and the persona
or tmns to De seizeu.
II "No persons shall he held to answer
for a capiial-or otherwise infamou) crime,
unless in a presentment or indictment of
Grand J'. ry, except in cases arising in the
laud or naval forces, or in the militiu when
in actual serviie in lime of W4ir or public
4. "In all criminal prosecutions, the ec
cuEfd shall enjoy the right to a speedy and
public trial by an impartial jury of the State
and district wherein the crime ehall have
been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law."
And we furthermore denounce said ar
rest, triul aud bitniahment as a direct in
sult offered to the sovereignty of the people
ol Ohio, by whose organic law it is declared
that "no person shall be transported out
the State for any cuTeuse committed within
the same "
JP. That Clement L. Vallandigham was
at the time of bis a treat a prominent candi
date for nomination by the Democratic by
party of Ohio for office of Governor of the
State; thut the Democratic party waa fully
competent to decile whether ha wasafu
man for that nomination, oud that the at
tempt to deprive them ol that right by his
a i rest and banishment, was an unmeiited
imputation upon their intelligence and loy-
al'y, as well as a violation of the Constitu
47. That we respectfully, &ut most earn
estly, call upon the President of the United
States to restore Clement L. Vallandigham
to hi home in Ohioj and that a committee
of one Itoin each Congressional District ol
the Slate, to be selected bv the presiding of
ficer of this Convention, is hereby apiroin
ted to present this annlicatiou to the Presi
18. That the tlianhs of this Convention
are hereby tendered to Horatio Seymour,
Governor of the State of New Yoik, lor his
noble letter in relation to the arrest of Mr.
Vallandrgham; and the President of this
Convention is hereby directed to communi
cate a copy ol tl.ia resolution to U over nor
19. That the establishment of a miliUrv
government over the loyal State, where war
does not exist, to siiierse(l the civil authori
ties end suppress the freedom of speech and
of the press, and to in i fete with the elec
tive franchise, 1 not only Fubtersive of the
Constitution and the sovereignty of the.
State6, but the actual inauguration of revo
lution. 20. That it is the Sivorn duty of the Gov
ernor of the State to protect her citizens iu
i lie Injoyr.ient and exercise of all their con
stitutional rights; and wn have beheld w;h
deep humiliation and regret, not only the
failure of David Tod, Governor of Ohio, to
nerform that duty, but what i still worse,
liis active participations in the violation ol
these rights.
21. That we denounce as traitors to the
cunlry the Abolition Jacobins who are
seeking to bring about civil war in tho loy
al States, with i hi view of turning, if possi
ble, the bayonets of the army against the
breasts of the lathers, brothers and friends of
the soldiers, and subjecting '.hoa: Slates to
a mi titan' surveillance aud dominion,
2i. -That we denounce, as libelers of the
Democratic party and enemiea of their cmin
try, the men who are engaged in repreaent
ing the Di-mocrtic party as wauling in sym
pathy nith our soldiers in the field. It
a base stande: up mi human nature to ass-rt
that the Democrats, who have hundred of
thousands of brotl.era and son- in iha army,
do not sympathize vvitli them and it is an
outrage upon the Democratic pa ily, that
has alwaya stood by ihe countiy, tn a-aert
hat it is uot the friend of iu gallant deien
ders. 25. That the conduct of brigadier Ger.
etal Mason, the Military Commandant
Columbus, and of the officer commanding
the Provost Guard, in preventing all appear
ance uf military restraint upon the proceed
ings of this Convention show that ihey have
a iust appreciation of the Constitution
their country and the rights of the people;
and that they are wise and potriotic ifhYer$
and that their conduct on this occasion
in striking cuntiast with contrary conduct
of the military authoutiea upon the occasion
o( the late Democratic meeting at Indianap
olis. And we take pleasure in expressing
our confidence i General Mason and the
cifkeia and soldiers under his command.
The Convention then adjourned, with
three chera for the nominees, three for the
the Union.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
Also. Wnrcliouse Trnckt,
Letter Tresses, &,e.
1T1 Lake Btrert, Chicago. .Sold in Ciocil!Ut
XZT Ba carM unuioSj l a
Jasaaryl, Ma
TIicu any oibcr House in SouHicrn Ohio.
His stock, i hich is much the largest
and neatest, and was principally
Bought hefore the late advance in
prices, he will positively sell,
Then any oilier House in the County.
Wanted- wool, Meat, Butter,
Eggs, nags, Feathers Dried fruits,
Flax seed, oions, Dard soap, and
all articles of Country produce, for
which the highest price will be
.Tannnrr 3 ISM lvr
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary. Legal Notices.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary. Legal Notices. LEGAL NOTICE.
Coorce W. Koycr I
Elizab.ah Jiyer l)i wife)
Murjnrot Utiorback ) Defls,
ond ollio.a. f J ,
Muriruret Uttnrbaek, Henry Uttcrbnclt, of the
county or iiurnwjn i m ouw ui uiiia, jhruui
. '..II . ! .1... .!.! T...L-I
Ann Uttorback, aminor aua .nary
both of tlio cwunty ot Viaton und IStttta
i nf ot.in
will tuKi nostce iiiaion 1 i ou uuy i . uny
.. . t 1 it.. OaI 1 . t A
I). I8H3 lie fM Heortre W. Koycr und LlnahetU
Rover Ida wifu filed Umr Ptiilion in the Court
ot Cjintnoli fleaw, of v inton
Oliio. whereiD itud petition
wutrein tin wid faocrge
Iti.Ti-r ilfiiiiumJa Tartitiuil
Oittuto fituateil ia mo county 01 vintna, ana
State of Ohi", to-v. it : Tho north half of the
Hotuh went quartrof fection niiinher thirty one
(31,) inTownal ip mimbcr ton. (10,) of Range
number eighteen, ( 18,) c.intaini eighfj-oiie
acre more or leea. ai.diftat at the next term of
imid'Vurt. the Mid (largs W. and Elizabeth
Kuycr will apply for an oraer mat partition may
be nude of aid preiiiii,and that the Dower
Etato ol'Hia auid Mary Uitorback thoroin ba aa
Kieiiod. This v2 J day or Jaie A. D.18M.
IUwitt s EiMiroN, tiEO.W. KOTKK,
Julj Sik 136?. 6w
i. now peMinit ana
Koyer nl J.lialeta
oounyr ana 6iawo
.it !- 1
Heary Johniion, Pltff.'
airuinrt , in larUUoa
Anrnhm Johnson I pjftg.
a ibiicr.-. ) j
Abraham Johnaon of the County of Jacksoa
and Stute of Ohio. William Johnson, Christiana
JiilniMiH, Surah Walkor formerly Aurah Johnson
Wiliium Walaer, unurlotie iiarew rurmoriy
CiiarluXte Julnixon, Joseph Larow, Emily Salt.
rmerly Emily Joliaxon. jolin Baits ana 1 nomas
uu. Uuore Fue and SaruhJano Fee. minor
huir t'Uwinia Fee decearad, formerly Claris
xajuhnouu, nil oitfceeonnty of ViuWii in the
titiito of Ohio, Klirxla Kile, ol tlie btaM 01 iowa,
minor heis or Pullr Kitedeeeasud, formerly Fol
ly Jotinaon; Naney Kite formerly Nancy John
H.n, Zuchuriiih Kite. Terena itogera formerly
lerewi Johnson, John uofrera and John John
sou of the iStuta of W iwoiibin, will Uke notice
that a partition wh filed against them on tho
2Uth Ant of June A 1) 1B63, in the Court of Cot
uion Fleuh, withia and for the county of Vinton
and Bute of liio, by Henry Johrmon and ia
now ponding, whereiu the said Henry Johnson
iinmamli, nurtiiion of the follow! uc real estate
rituaiodiu ibe connty of inton and tjuteof
Ohio to-it: The north-east quarter ot the
sonth-ent quarter ofteclion number sixteen,
na.rin TownHhiu nnmbcrten, (10.) ofitanga
numbor seventeen, .aoopuna; mi Krauo
- . ' ,, .. :ce
oft ha south aide of said lorty acre iraei owned
bv Uainarin TarrCo. A 1 the north west
onartorofthe Math west quarter of Section num
her nileell, 1.13, iwuamp. iH(O Biurciu, M-
continir teu acresvXPol tne aouiu ciue 01 saia (or-
ty acre iract owneu nj jlbuiihi jrr uu
also excepting twentr aerea elf of the East aide
ef the remaining thirty acrea owned by William
Walker, being in all forty acre mora or less,
and that at the next term of said Court, th. sail
Henry Johnson will apply for aa order tliat par
tition ma be marts of said premises.
. 1 1 n i ' . ... 1
HawiTL aEdmibtoh, UKNBV JOHNS 0N,
Att ya fr Fltff. July 2d t83-6w
The CoDartaerahip hemtorbra exising betwaen
the andetingned in the practice of law, has by
tit Expiration of tba Inn. limited and by mu
tual vomtent ef th. partiea beea diaaolfed. - Ex
Mnt as to nnaettled business
reraons iodebtod tons for professional fer
vioca will confer a favor by calling 00 B. P.
Hewitt, at UcArthur, and settling their oo-
;0anu. E. F. BINGilAH
oaoU13j4V. B.P, HEWITT
nr. ,- -- ::- :," ";
.... . " Ir .1:. " 1 ', P
Booth Braley va Jehinl Frazee et al
William Aln irazee and Edward Frazee.
ntl...n.. rv i in ... . I
i luBimjr iurr im icrrtKBa rarr. wro are ud-
I . . ' 1 . ... tin r. ' . . . . r
yuwju iu remuu uii ikou l ean state or Kanms.
:i I ... I.. ...:--.! .i .. . ... '
mil itiMjuunco iii'Ji ii?oui m urtuoj ot llie coun
ty of J nckson and Stale of Ohio, oo tlia Slut day
otuctoner 1S57, recovered a judgmant against
jonmi i razee wen or Uio county of Vintun aad
State of Ohio and now deceased for tho sum of
fix hundred and sixty nino dollars and aeveu
tD" " V "v3f ) "", Kl"" lXBU Vt IOUrOO. IgrB
t nan t7 ..:!. . . i . ...
AB1 niiiety-Bix eta. (.9ii) in the Court of Corn
nion i lea or
Vinton County and State oi Ohio
Hni,, iu!l,nlont Iniina ' . " -."7
,, " ., . .. , r"r"
and unreversed. Andtheaaid Pinknev Turr
made partie defendants to mud judgmeri!.
that riuutitr.4 at the next term ofeuid Court af
ter tlra 29th day of August, A. Ii. J 333, will
move said Counts revive cukljtidgnient ajriilnot
them, and others who are the loiral reureacniuuves
of Uia auld Jeliial Frimoe doceuacd.
H. 8. Bondt, BiNomx irawiTT,
July 2d 1863,-w. Their tt' a.
; , " T--r-
1 I fl m iirmi
wwTOvi tin miii tfvuitti rmzce uecaui'iu 10 Co
Robcoca Myora and Thomas Myers. Sarah
SatclitI and Tobias Butclilf, Charity Wheelaiid
and Ainer Whaelund, all of tho State of Illi
nois; Nuucy Hughn aud Joseph Hughn, Eliza
Harnett and Lewis Burnett, and Mary Barrett
all of Hardin couuty and State of Ohio, Emily
Walkor sod John VYalxor, James N. Bay, Eliza
J. Bay aud Margaret Kay all of Boss county Ohio
and Jesae Ray, Weston Buy aud Kilos Bay, all
of Vinton county Ohio, will take notice that on
the 3rd day or August A. U. 1863 Josiafa Bar
nett Executor of the Inst Will and ToMtimsnt ni
James Bay deceased, iiied in the Probate Court
within aud tor tho county of Vinton, and State
ot'Ohio, a petition alleging that on tho 2tith.
day of October A. I. 186, the said James Bay
then in fu 1 life, entered into contract in writ
ing ith John Stevens for the sale of the follow
ing described real estate, situated in said coun
ty to-wit : Beginning at the ItatclirT and Ray
corner as described inadeed made to Jameaand
Thomas Kay iromJohL UatclirTand wife dated
August 10th, 1813. Said corner is on the wcat
bank of salt creek in Eagle Township, nartli of
the bridge acrosaauib iS'ult ereek, from thence
west sixty rods to thequarter Section line, from
thence south on said quarter section line, ono
hundred and six rods ten feet and aix Inches to
the qaartor section eoi ncr, thence caaisixty rods,
thence north one hundred and six roda ten foet
and six inches, to the place of berininr ernitain.
ing forty acres more or l.-a and ooing a part of
1110 norm uuh quarter 01 section uu inner twen-ty-Awo,
(J2.) Townstiipnamberten.(10 Range
aombor nineteen. ( 19, Hor tlie sum of nn.,tlm.,.
and and fifty dollars;tbat said John Stevens lias
paid tbe lull amount otthe purchase money for
said tract of land according to the terma of said
written contract, aud tliat Rebecca M vers mar
ried to Thomas Myers, Sarah Butdiff married to
Tobias Batuliff, Charity Wheeland marriud to
Abner Wueeluud, all of the State of Illinois;
nancy uugun married to rfosepn Ilnghn, ,liza
Uarnett married to Lewi. Baruett, and Mary
Burnett married to the petitioner all of Hardin
county Ohio, Emilv Walker married to John
Walker, James N. Bay, Eliza J. Bay and Mar
gate! Ray, all of Rosa county Ohio, and Jesse
Ray, Weston Bay and Silas Bay all of Vintou
county 0 liio, are the beimatlaw and legal repre
sentatives of said decedont,.
Th. prayer of the petition Is for authority to
make a deed to said John Stevens for said prom
ises, on neuaii 01 said neira at law, and ID con
formity to the terms of aald oontraot.
Said petition wid ba for bearing 00 the twenty
ninethday of Aognat I8(t or so soon thereafter
aa leave of Court can be obtained.
Ilswirt Edumtm, J0SIA1T BABNETT
Att'ya for Patittm, Eteontor of Jaraet
August tin wts-w, Jtst7et4ed.
Ret for bloody trar; but for eiMtomert for
McArtlmr, Ohio,
Just received a iplecdid stock of
Wool Tlaids, Valcutia VlMy Prints,
lileaQhed and Brown Mubline,
tfec. A largo stock and be
low tho present whole
salo nilCES.
A full stock on hand and fur Iclow
11 competition in town.
Cloths, Cassimcrcs,
Id fact, everything you need in
We kfcfp every qualify aud
Etylc, and will
Having bonht our stock entirely for
Cash, v.'o ttra enabled to
in all kinds of
Fancy Goods, Balmorals, Hoop
Skirto.Nnbias.Opern Hoods,
Stockings, Gloves,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
All kinds of Country
Received in exchange, at tlio liigliest
market prices, if yon want to
eavo money and solect out
of a largo Btock go to
October 23rd, 1UC2 lyr.
Would respectfully announce to the eittsnns
f MoArthur ami Vinton Connty, tliat he lias
ratirnea, ana win spena a lew weeks in ale
Arthur. Aud that he is prepared to perform
all opperatione pi tuning to hia profosaion,
and that lie will be happ) to wait on any of
bis old frianJs and costoruara who may lavor
him with a call.
He will b. at Br. Doddrige'a ontee, Main
6trt, McArtbur Ohio.
P. 8., Lad lea waited npoa at their rwidenoae
fdeira4. 6. &. WNLAT.
.It rt W aatlKU asr ami
U Ut tUs haa&al fiosUaaa k
hart beta introdaoad to A pubU. br mo
tuaa u ycitra, sun uuiw
h exceeding any Family Ma4Ulna of
similar nature in tlia market
An appreciating publio wm not loif m
dlsoorering they possessed remarkaUo
and heao ib.ir
ani Mnaennral profit to th. iroBrioCor. tbtsi
enabling him to aipend
of dollars each year is a4rtitljg (tatt
merits, and publishing the
which hare bsaa showered upon bin frsa
The peculiarity of the t
Is that they strike at the root of Disease.
. . .. ...,1.1. r (i,n.U9
for the life and bealth of the bedy Arpodl
.a . t. 1 . - J
anon tne puxw 01 tu woou. , .
If the blood is poisoned, the body dragi
out miserable eziateaoe. These medielfcetv
for curing
Bkin Qis($M, Old 8or$, ( '
Bait Jhium, JfHsunvalfsm,'
Qyspiptitx, fliofc Hta&xafu,
Liver Complaiht, Ftvtr and fPt ,
Leuoorrhca, FimaU CtmlainU
ErytiptlM, Bt. finthony't Fir t
Turner., Eruption,
Fite, &rojulou. Consumption, tit.
OITE person writes, her daughter was rarad
of fits of nine years' etanding, and tit YitaV
dance of two years.
ANOTHER writes, his ion was rared
after his flesh had almost wasted away.
The doctors ttronounaed the ease laeur
ANOTHER was eared ef Ferer aad Agio
aTtor tryini; every medioinein hia reaab.
ANOTHER was -cured )f JTerer atot
which had aiisted fourteen ye art.
ANOTHER of Kheumatism of eight reen.
Cases innumerable of Dyspepsia aad Live
Complaint could be mentioned in which tbe
Purifier and Pille
"YovtXce. a Cvatu
are the most active and thorough pille th,
have over been introduced.
Tlicy act bo directly upon the Iirer, exeit
ing that organ to such an extent as that the
system does not relapse into its former ooo
dition, which ia too apt to ba the ease witl
simply a purgative pill
They are really a
which, in conjunction with the
will cure all the aforementioned disease,
and, of themselves, will relieve and sure
Headache, Costiviniss,
Colia (Pains, Choltra Jlforlu,
Indigestion, Pain in tht fjowtl;
Qlizzinfi, to.
Try these medicines, and yon will Mraf
regret it
Ask your neighbors, who bare used then,
and they will say they are
and yon should try them before going for
Get a Pamphlot or Almanac of ay looal
ngent, and read the certificates, and if ye
Lave ever doubted yon will
Xouj to mote.
As a proof tliat the Blooe Pnrlflsr and Pills are pan!
Vegetable, I bare tbe oertlflcates of those eintaeBt chm
hia, Professors Chilton of M. 1., and Look of OUdunaU.
Read Dr. Itobsrk's Special Kotless and Cortf Scatea pos
tlihed iu a eouiplcuous pert of this Paper froas Hat M
Price of the 8cand!nTtao Vefetsble Blood Porlfler, It
per bottle, or V per half dosen. Of the Soaadinavlan Vef
Utile Blood Pills, 15 cents per box, or boxes fcr 1 1. ,
Principal Ofllce and ealeerooni, No. S Bast Poarlh Bt
Sd Bnll.ling froia Miia bU, CinolaoaU, 0. XaberataiA
(la. IS lUlamond Street.
S. V. Dodge, McArtlmr; Powdery
it Strong, Ilrtmden : C. Johnson Now
riymoui li; Will & Co., Zaleeki; John
Holland, Swan; M.l'.&C. Carr,
Wilkesville.and by Druggist and
Merchants generally throughout tbe
United Statesand Canadas.
'October 23d, 1862,-ly. .
1MII3 Work contains the principal Speeches ef
Abolition, the Union, and the Civil "War
with part of other Bpeoches, Letters, Votee, ete.
1 la WdsomelT printed on (rood paper, Ui
ajres large 8vo, and baa a 'very floelv exnented
teel engraved likenea. ef llr. VALLANDia
UAM. .......
rrice, paper covers, 60 eta. : Cloth 1,80; daw
llvered by mail or express, prepaid, on reoUpt
of price. '
Wholesale Taper Cbvera, 11,00 per deeea.
Cloth 18.00 Tranaportatioe to be paid bypoi
cliaser, and order, to be tent direct to the pab
iahert. . , , . . i: ,'
J. WALTEB Co , Cincinnati 0.
A copy will bea.ntte.very tor who InHrte
th.abov. and this aotio., and aends a aata
Ordera received alia TBS JfoABTHTJB
DtHOCBAT OSoe. 4prts-

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