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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 17, 1863, Image 1

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VOL. 12.
NO 4.
Wl'i - . 1 II . sv.V7 ft J r I 111 J CvYjr
YUM .1
ri -
. iBc pjmr Jlemocrat.
K. A. & W. E. B RATT ON.
In Urnttoti's nullumi, F.nxt ef Tout
IIoiipp, Hit Btaira.
TIi Dcmoikat will be aontoneyear for One
D-.lI.tr; Six MciDtlw, for Fifty Cenle; Three
Month, f Twenty-live Ceuta.
j.jf All papers will be oiitcuntinued at tbe
. AKiiir.ttion of tlie time paid f ir.
T KKMsf ruii A l V KU TISIN U.
Due SquuriJoiu; Insertion, $0TS
Kik-ii additional initorliou, ,ti
Cirtl.H uiiu jruur, 5,00
N jiiuol' appointment of ilnituintra-
or. Uuur.liuii nnd Kxeuutore, 1,60
Attaelimuiit mitivuii before j. 1. 1,60
Kditnrial uolke. pur lino, u4
Jjr" ten hue minion uhargud u one square,
u t all A.l vcrtinomuuu uuJ Logul Kutiuea mu.t
be puid in udvance. '
Jiff" liliorul duducliou willbe win'ctj year
ly ml vurlifcrn. '
.rt I'lie abiiveterinmnitt beuom idled with
l-tt' All payiiluute muiU be untile lo Hie 1'ro-
ielu , He we have no egeuL.
Vt o are ropured to execute with noatuesn,
Jiip;tluh hiiiI ut iricuit thul del' uompeiiiion,
il Kind ul Job Wurk.euob a
BILL 1 1 K I S.
I -.A 13ELS, aNec, &c
five u trial end bo convinced tbetwsceti
in t will lu priiiliiiguyeiipurfiir Cadi, than en;
itiiur eitiihlinhinuiit In thimtectiun ofuountry.
12. A- Hratloii, -
A TTDICXKV AT l..W, MoArtlmr, O , will
XX. .ir.uiL'o ill ViuCba mi I idjoiuiug couotie
fc. K. MMlllAU, t. P. HEWITT
.!i.ln:iibii.-,liio. MoArtlmr .
klin huin X, llcnilt.
i T t'UKXKVS A ' L.IW.MiiArthur, Vinton
U :.i., Ulii.t. will jiraulieu in Vintun nd ad
joining Counties. Prompt attention will be
iri i'iii tif .til iiii nuitx uiitrKtud to tlioireure.
Oill"o lirtdo'r oam llu. Iuh Store.
Kubtiriiur) 'iill h Mi.
IK) T EL' 8 .
GLlTfoli HnDsir
riHWUll.V OK M'l Vlll: I nlK. l J I I.IMi, V.l
J ... .'!, 'M-lyr Cliillicotlii', J)liio.
A '0.J)HI' Jr. ill. IK
Oll'.'in hir" I'mire.-ioiiil services in tin
riicti.:p ul Mi'iliriuu mid Surgnry ,lo ilie cit
i.'.MH ul ll.uii.leii aim tiirruiiutli countrv.
Men ! .Win 1863. tfo. '
ili'iirie Hons?,
TWtKS WVT..V. I'roprielor. Third
J S-root, no.ir M.iiu, Ciiiciniiiiti, ' njjjj
Iiii5 IIoiim(
RMO.Nl'ti MIKlit t SON l'row.
iitorn h'r ml St., I'orlHinoutli. Ijiijl
Tl iin rmr ait follows
Marie l tu,
! titr iAt r?.ti. I
3J0 p.m. SfOO A.ti.
5 33 p.m. 10 51 a.m.
7 35 p. M. l'i'23
8 45 p.m. 1 33 r, M.
ARRIVE. 3 14 P M.
3 43 p. n.
4 49 P M.
7 09 p. m.
7 30 p. tt..
Blanches ter,
7 05 A. M
7 'JO A. M.
9 40 a.m.
10 41 A.,
11 18 A.M.
6 00 A. M
6 12 A. M
1 00 A. M.
3 03 r. m.
3 37 p. m.
5 35 r. m.
8 13 A. M.I
10 19 A. M.
4th 1862. lrr. r
ONaad after Monday, April 16th, 1841, trine.
will rnna aa follows:
.wiV- i ' ' namaen ano:15p.
frlaiVrjd W,aaiI?U ,U,lro,, " H5
80 pm. '"'""'"MHtuideBttS
' Uoim 8oOT-icoomraodatlon Trt l...
HamdanatCIS a ;arriT J .VSi? JLtV
ie:80 a. . Mail Trin le.vM H.'m-1
p m; arrive, at PorUnonthatS:0Oi. T 1
Through Tlokete fo. U.rUti., . Obllliott.
riWlnn'ti and Columoui.oan be pre51rf Slv
rtcWt Office., f.dwed rat... prwud W,h
ft-r.:'-c . , W. WBStBwMWv
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
A weke t ye one of petriet elret,
Sheke off tie frrent'eeheln ; ,
Come forth from erery native vele,
From erery bill and plelo i
Reraue Ohio from JUgrtoe
By the Abolition clta,
And when you -meet them foe to feee,
Hhout for VUodIghm.
Let not our country' (lorlout fl
Trail longer la the diut
But wve the Union ae it wee
-- Aid the Conititution truet."
litit LouUiaiia try onoe more,
We'll take her by the hand,
And gie her aoaa their equal righU,
HolforValUndlgh.ro. t
Ja Uulsn men all o'er the Beulh,
Have eonUdence aguin ;
For lu the .pit of Ourntide'e Order.
We ) tnpatbiie with them.
But let Jeff Davie tremble uow,
For hie "kingdom ran not atand,"
If we m tour .boulder to the wheel
And elect Vallandigham.
Oh, brouk the cruel doipot' power 1
And vote hit tnlnionedown,
And welcome to our land once more
Olilo'e ooble son.
Island ffrmly for your llbertiok,
If yon would be free men )
Like V"orhe. , Seymour, Ueo.K. Pttgh,
And our Vullandigliam.
. Then Imi.t on high our beauteoue fl.tg.
' V.lilp'iit one atureraiiud ;
It in hoi ''Hate', polluted rag,"
H niuu not bo .lul've I :
And whuu Ovtober oomea around,
If we love our native land.
With one lung, one mighty ehoral ehuut,
wVH great ValUndighaio.
[Fro the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
Tune—"The Mocking Bird."
BY T C. P.
On the
: lSth of Di'toKur. Ueto'iar, (K'tolmr,
On iho r.lth f Oclohvr,
Ll ippurlieed. will bo a live tllt dm
jiH(ii to llu t'piorhHali ;
I. Moil lo the I'opiitrbHodr i
Tho Co..arhcada ure liUning Uu.J lo day I
'I Iib) borne . Joul of b
if brutliitf.
i-iiig, of hrui.Miig, '
Thoy'vo b irne a d-l i,f hruinltig,
For -lovai., -Ainii.tii' Binui.are tlwy!
ii.-len to the ippurlKwU!
Wsteii to tlir C"-"5tlieu,U!
The Apvrbeiil. urn i.ia.iin loitj to-d.y.
Tlielr fui'..trff been mt dumlly.en.t deidly,
lid deadly,
Th jir fan.;, nfn If ttri'i u,k loedlr
The opprenaor'e licol Wl lxj tli.dr only preyl
,!Ui iy live CtprliciHUI
Their bl.ii.; nr.., .till ii.uiler wbii n .te
with eru.ii er iw uuj nhiniiw. aruuhi .iiprf,
.... I l.
Will vendiamada tltlMftf.
Tbfr d giorM -lil be death to fog tlntt df(
Mxten to VK iJcrrsffKiednt
. Liitait 19 the t'opperheade!
Tlwtr hiwJng ffe mcrodoadly every dny!
Kepeat tjwlnrt Ctif llu.
Speech of Hon. Philadelph
Van Trump.
Delivered before the Convention
that Nominated him for
It is but juatiiw fj Jttde Van
Tnift'p R.?d tke , l?ointf2futic parly to
republish hisspeecii bel'crre tliecofirca
tion by which ife rTits floiuipated for
tho-position he tferiv holds. lie is our
candidrtfe for rfaprerne Jtfde, iad is
deri'ed active purticipmitftf iff fhf pol
itical c'utfvasa. , This epvKlf will,
tlierel'ofe) bo read with ronQtVttf 'rtP
est by the fecrple ct Ohio Jfs for ce
and appropriateness will be recognis
ed now as well t in I $99. It is t$
lollows :
Mr. Presidmt and (feuttttfiefl ef
me convention j r or me very ais
tinguiahed henof wbidil yott L'SVS jusl
conferred upon me, by my nnanimons
Domination as the Democratic oandi
daie for J udgo of the Conrt of Com
mon Pleas of this subdivision of the
Judicial District, 1 tender yon my
most profound and greatful acknow
ledgement.: This flpttoriug tustimo
dial of your friendship and regard is
not the less gratifying; it is for that
reason the moat eminently grateful to
my fdeliDge, because of its being wbol
. - , I - "wmiivi .
IIjS M Pilion be-
fortlwdeyplB, which wovld Uke
frook that ddidt and reivMa vhtoK
more convenient to the present tcmpw
et my mind atid circumstances, than
the tnrifloil ad excitement ol a poli
tical canvase. lUdead. thoa iratimA.
when no man caq be anxiou, to ein-
sle in the strife afld h trap fiun
Blainthaitriffla aid h
gle in tbestnfe. and bittor foeltogs
ti. tug uvatA.j wuwn vi until (3 UU JQg
devastated plains of England, two
rae'baod eJ, jean ago. And what
eu -"gncoiiQ-
ofnlted pnyjlegei ! ft was tho alto
h political cinpln; tlintw,: iooi!oi
f Iiicli mako emineullj tru aod fjreV
ble the maxim, that "the ooetot Lon-
or Uihe privato atMion." And, jet
ibere comes to moot men, in onw per
toed of their Uvea, a tiino whet wtj
must ytuld tneir own inclinationi.ahd
even their iiitrests, to the wishe and
foolings of otheri. Vo hare docidtd
that litis U piT'od in which I ihbyld
yield mj own inalination to j6an.
I acknowledge the force of the obliga
tion, and except the nomination
promptly, nnrcstrvedly, . thanklnljT;
with a full appreciation of all in rV
tronaibilities. at a Dorlud and nniinr
cueumitaiioe whiclrroqnirei adjne-
wiiii uirnj iiiuii murw piifiioai mar
a;o to be a Democrut. I aooftik it in
.1 f?t 1 . I . . I V I'
ma luint vim wuicn u una Dconiyi'
dt-red; not as a reward for mere p&rti
sun services; not iu any fivtioos spirit
of party organ'sutiun, but & in in
dorcement of an honest iodopendeneu
io standing up for tho right a:uid lb
whirlwind of txcitoratnt and frinatie
ism which mlcstho hour; and ad a
rebuke to that spirit of t indict ire
hatred and prosecution which Las
hue n showetod upon mo by nearly tu'B
w lmlft mass of tho Republican party
huru, lor no other rearions than that I
have modestly but firmly exercisod
the cumniou ritrlit cfan American'flii.
i7.cn to think andeueak oitheiictBtnrt
doings cl the tenants of tteptvplt.
IIom loug you aud I etliul) be permit
ted thud to think and speak oi tbtfif.
- . T ..- -r1"-. VI IUU Al.
ncittl acta of those now seated in the
liuli iilacei of the Government: how
soon the gag upon the troeoomof
speech and the freedom of the prtsa
shall change trom a partial to a uni
versal order if things, produced by so
cret midiiiitht orders Irom tho conneila
(ot the uatioii thu hittory ot the next
few months must (lutormine for the
Anit-ricnn people. If tliia great right
luijitizod in blood and guaranteed to
us by tlio dua'eot provisions of Ure
(..(institution under which wo livehue.
to think and to speak of the aJminU
tration el Iho Government, is to be
J - I
wrested irom the Miople, at a time
a IV "
fiin I iu a crisis when it is most import
ant u i iu eobeiiiiai tnat it sliould exist
unimpaired nnd nnrcstricted. : why
jthuii wo huvo Imt the tmre ihadowot
liberty, a imrv oaricatui 9 of cons itu
itional government; and so far as real
genuiuo.rtifVa freedom is concern
ad. vol! luit'lit hot us (Vi 1! live nn.Inr
the despotism ul Josoph of Liapsbiirg,
jof Anetiia, as that t Abraham l.iu
.. .1.. ...I... IT..:.J c... i .
viii. ui imu wmicu Diaics oi vniericu
a ,Jli!,7 lovIcpeiitlePt etric
jturea, eitder on the blunders or the
corruptions ot the Adiiiinitttratioii. are
iiei once a.fla'riuii into ireaton and
disloyalt-j t'Jth Ooimmtni,)y a
'set ot craven eycopliaitts aud iutorm
jers, who always ready, whether in
peace or in wtif, to
"C'ook i be ptngwuit bin gee it tin Mm,
Where tliftftrrxy follow falrslng."
A retrieal to shotu hoBiinrjnlm to tlm
J .. t . . '
!uiiL'OiiBtiInt!ot)) irttsnnd usurpation of
tne rrusioenii sncn as no monarch of
'.KngiatJd kw? drffedto do since the
irnn fuitrll iff llM 1 idl.ir.l b i1.-ri.mnii
v-d as With rebellion, or
I . J f r . . .
umuucu "s Kr una oomjvji tp raj-
tit) s, afld He th? dares to thick and
a:t for himself s becomes the loyal
Cit :trt of a free florernroenf, is htrae
ed down with all (he tKMdor of that
fell spirit Of pcr6echtion, which has
made the history of other times, but
similar controversies, the groat land
ttsum of b!co J!!its ia the strog--gle
of tt people for the establish
tluti?Sf t'f !'J8 tilaintenaoc. ot civil and
CJrflstlitttioBsl lilrsrtf. fhe great
principlo tot which the Democratic
pwly is Caw struggling in this Gov
efleM, il uOfJetrthini id the his
tory ct - acMittdi It is & Cl J j the
first diWOiugB cf clVilatictn it Id the
Old and cit repeated centtfsi bstw9eo
pcpnlsi pririlegd fn tL'0 ose 8:do,and
efttfti'fitifro usurpation Cd the other
the rights of the people ggaisit the
oni man p,"i3tirt whed used to crush
out the liberty of the individual riiti
feo. It ia the fiafiie ptintJiple -ftfr
which liampdeil bled and Sidney suf
fered; and it is' in as mlitili diagUt
now, opod tHe shores of free Ameri
ca, and in a government of ulainlV
written constitution, as ever it was in
the stormiest davs wbeo Ohnrl.m to.
gions and Cromwell's' squadrons met
rn . Ana A aKv.U nf k.ll!. . I
reat question was it, whiob shook
d Kni?:isn crewn and brano-M m
bead of Charles to the block f What
was it that gave op that treat bad
, o a. Tr uau I
minister, Stnflwd, to the jnaUct of
violated law, and tho vengeance of ia
. , 3?rw mm
Moaof nuiuneanon. rromtliat day
thepment, tntft1
private citizona by socrt fdr
lorom priT? oouncilt aronad the tluoue
fa proceia anknewn to the laws and
institutions of England, and at a time
too, when that country was reeling
under the fierce sorges of civil com
motion. And yet we, the American
people, with the best educated mas
ses tho ft-orld ever saw- ia tho nine
teenth century in the full - blaze of
modern civilisation and under a
Constitution which clearly deflaea
the mode bv which'a oitiion shall he
deprived of his parsonftj Ubrty, with
out teionnoe to time or oiroumstanoe
ar made subject ' to the dospotio
will of ont man, ini dragged, in tho
dund hour of raid nigh to sells of a
distant orison house, for crimes "nn-
apuciflea, without the privilege of
counsel, aud in the very nvse ofvpeit
oourtt and nnofotruoied laws.
"Clio 8uoh Ibiaga ho
Ad overoom u. tike a lammoi eloal,
Without eur apeeiai wonder 1"
li crimes or disloyal practices have
been committed br Democrat! ar
other;, let them bo punished, but pur,
ished according to the Comdlution
Midtlie lam. The Democratic party
as loyal and law abiding eitixona rf.
- . , m ,
mand this, ar.d nothing more ; and
the will tint willmml anK.i; . .n. I
thing else. This thing is done, and
- J ..... -. .- J WUVUl.k tV.UJ'
AmIm n ka 1 . I- . .
uuij van up uuue, mrougu a viuiateu
Constitution and by the arbitrary as
umption of power, unknown to the
-.w.... . V..UV.U V, lug VIVTUIUIIieilt,
klhese times, gentlemen, are tettioir
our political lustiiuiions. uur great
est statesmen of other days the ablest
commentators of the Constitution
and the great mass of the people them
selves have labored under a most
signal tnisappMiiensiou in reenrrf t.
the working, if not the natnra! tend
ency, of our political institutions, in
periods of great pressure and excito-
inent. No greater has been commit
ted, ua almost every day's experience
ilOW tMtiHuS. than tlm tiinr mi.i .I....
ished supposition, that the great prin
oiules Ot Dublin liberty hava h.iun m.
Cesslully suapendud and so on rod
annual mo uiueiy ottiuucoa cnecka of
tho Constitution. So far from tho
executte otilju bjing toj weak and
iiielBc:e .t, aa agitiuac the restraints
and clu-cks of the co odinate branahes
of tho Oovorum jnt, as Iws been sup
posed by aomo of the greatet nun
who luvo Iwth trained adtninigi
terud it, modern times, ufra recent In
stHnces of its exercise, have proved it
to bo one of tho strongest departments
of uolitiQiil power known to anv on.
ernmont of limited fjowure. ont ia fhf.
j - w . .tlW I'VV
of the earth. With bate ver restraints
aud limitations ilie exercise ef delega
ted power has beta eurbcili-hnwAvr
exactly and harmoniously may have
been adjusted toe ooinplos machinery
of the Governmentwith interest
weighed Rgtinst interest, and a sys
tem of checks arid balones provided
against every supposed possible abuse
of pt?wr--thefe' Still exists beneath
all tbit splendid apparatus of laws
and fejHrttiO!!, as inoidontto all bu
tnau L'stltUtiotiSj tba gigsntid energy
of the passiou) which, when aroused
into phrenay, brtlsli Mtj llfcjPob
webs the most satiucicms e.'itrivtthr!nii
to hold its vibrato point trt! to the
magnet 01 tue commou weet.
Wbat is it that has brought (tuont
the terrible crisis wllicfU is tidW tjpod
6s Iho American people, crushing out
their national
them down with a harder of taxation
unheard of in modern times, and do
lueinG' their fairest Ileitis wtth fmr
uaT blood f It ii the iusaue lanallt-
ismofau Abolition puluit on the one
side, and the infernal treason of tho
political olab houses on the other.--
j nese two instruments have wnrkurl
tCgether fur more filed thirty years in
bringing abodt the great .calamity
ttbitiU IS UOW SbakiOS the CantitlMrtt
as with mighty throes of ah earth-
It is a remarkable fact, ibat
John Qainy Adams and John Ca!d
wouuBiiiouui tue two representative
of this ixcitod faotionf j . tbifty one
years ago, firsl arjggestljrj Utdee twin
ideas Of political heresy, Abolition ct
I 0 1 IIVU V
Slavery bv ' CorJiresa. snrl
w w o 1 wws I
eion of btates from the Confederacy I
GovaFrtmflrit hv lleril4vii t.li....
Government by legilatt!re ordinance.
It was in 1931. thdtJohnCi nine A4
ams first interduced into tHe Congress
01 sue uniiea otaies, petitions from
the clergT of New EnpUnd.
religious enthusiasts, praying for the
aboltion of etavery in the District of
sf VUmkia am4 lh Al s .
Succeeding year tbe Btata or ,nh I
u J! . a .
--"", utvuKu mo lunuetice or
John Q. Calhoun, panel her ordin-ltreid
Carolina, through the influei.ee of
its organisation, fvetiifg till its ii
quakei sponsibilities, prepared to discharge
all its duties, and recognizing all fts
p4""'""! wimvraiit with a firm
snd nnfaifcria hearts, neither
worked in harmony togetfj r, for the
same common objectthe dissolution
of the Union and the destruction of
American nationality. This oolii
ion between fanatloUia p j treason
at last bticamo nainfullv ruanifest to
the American people. They both
converged to the 6rsa& common can.
er ; a rupturo 01 tlie political relations
which bad beocms alike irlsome to
both. The one exhibited its nltraism
in the nanilnation of croopranhical
oaudidaU's, and tho adoDtion of a sec
tional platform against the explicit
and obm n warning of the Father of
his eaantry; the other blew the conn
tor bUst of treason, and boldly pro
claimed the doctrino of secession as
the rightlnl remedy for such abuse of
iii hi is aiitw ui iMUiittjjC auu iu
such a controversy, Abraham Lincoln
became President of the United States
In such a crisis ic snch a field for
the exorcise of broad minded patriot
ismand with such an onportuuitr
lor great, aud good, and' wise conn
sola, to sustain the Union sentiment
iu tho South and save the border slave
States what a destiny for himself
and for his
ainu nan i
country lay
before that
iu.ni . uu viit. utnur Wit'
nowed such a conjunction of time and
i j o t . ..
The world
never wit
opportunity for jjood. ,Such a pivot-
point ol great national' interests, of
great DUhticdanffera. and of leciiltini
ioflaencej upon the destinies of the
remote future, for millions of unborn
human bbings, neveu before existed
But be was unequal to the great oc
casioft he misunderstood, or disre
garded, the high, the awful trust, com
milled to bis charge. Instead of dis
arming the rebellion by discharging
his duty to the whole country and
the whole people, he added to its
stronth, while be crushed out the re
maining Union sentiment inthe South
by calling around him, as his consti
tutional advisers, men of the most vio
lent sectional viowe, and who were
tltt prune movers of thtt controversy
which at last arrayed the scctious in
nndyin hostility to oach other. That
fatal litilenoaa of in;nd. that narrow
and more partisan aurvoy of the trou
oiea political tloid betore mm, and
the subsequent adoption of a noli
so clearly condemned aud deprecated,
long in aavanoe or tlie anticipated
crisis, by Hamilton, by Malison, by
Adams, and by Edmund Randolph,
have vastly contributed to our diffi
ottlties, and have been a fruitful
Scource of all our national woe. Gr hJ
only knows; gentlemon of the Con
vention, what is to be tho final iusuo
of the fiery oideal through which free
institutions on thissontinent aro now
DAisinr. It is possible tiievmav come
oat tho enter and brighter from tint
fierce alembic of civil wari It is poa-
AiKIa And nnlo nnaaiKlo thnt MiIj nnn
great confe lorated rCaion of free and
independent aovereigwies, now prJ6-
tratsd line tue piijara or tiaz t by the
anmpsorj orcivnurift, may again be
reionstidcted, to i hdpej and peace
anu security to tue American people.
Hut we bave no fixed assurance, no
reliable guarantee, that it will be so.
Wo only know that it is the high and
conservative mission of tho Democra
tic party hare in the North, to stand
as a shield tooitr National Constitn
tion to ptesetit its shaken: but still
tioi'f&sti uont 'as a break-water
ar-Jilnd Its holy ditildel, agM'nst the
d?pothj assults of flu Administration
Who sasuiirrly prdpoped to sustain it
by breSklffg down efery barrier ere
cfeil for its protection. In th!s great
OrfjRmity TLith has Ihvg bofallen
crnnrao'ir oL'mfj, pctefftolfs alike to
tue iioertes and grew interests ol the
American Dentin. Itttl'nvina a I Unn
f t . ...j . HVII
estly did, tlrattho cleafly fttdicated
mission oi tue jJeinocralid psrty was
what I Iihvh stflfoit it in I UhA h
hesitation in uniting my destinies
hll if. HrHnaira.t tn o I HI. f,.ll :.l.
jnst claims upon me, I have felt no
"dmrJu notion of conscienM for tlmt do
IdrmiitiitirJrf, Bo lonir as it shall mairr:
taiii its present cbnstitftional and
y '-v. .Tfc . v s.Ve7illvUy 4 IUbOU4 M lUal C
its fate for da! of fdt Woe; and shall
.k.lltUd Xtt.l t
pcneer?turs position, I intend to share
ts et all tod lltdperation and abuse
wbicb may be heaped upon me, if not
with all tlld fdrbearanco add meek
deis of a Christian, at least with all
the dignity and manner of a gen tie
man. Id t2g dark Galley fff the future
wnicoiies ooiorans, whose iraoene
A '-J- 1 I . ..
tmrriA e-lrvitn hnmin inAl1...n.
penelrate. let nt walk with flPm
foolishly sosiuajor cowardly avoid.-
ftflce wilt be too great, il dedicated to
tue preservation of the Constitution
m it is, and the restoration of tht)
Union as it was. And if at last, that
glorious Union of States eementod
by t!io rioheat blood ever sued upon
the battla-fleld, shall be severed and
destroyed by R pkrenjy the mort in
ADO tiiat evar maddened the human
heart, lei o bave the proud, tbe self,
sustaining consolation that no mad
fanaticism of ours has , contributed to
the mighty ofelawlty. Nav, gentle
men, let na aealr aonaolatinn m
ther poaeible contingency: If, in the
...,.-.w.v ii wi a roviaence,
through the madnass of despotic pow
er, and in a systum of terror inaugura
ted by anarohy, aud the wildest paa
sionaefmen unrestrained by law or
religion, we should become the vie
tiras of a fierce persecution for politi
cal opinion, let us bear in uiind the
lofty sentiment, that the end of that
man never can coma too soon, who falls
in defence of the paaoe, the happiness
and the liberties of his country!
Amid all this wild convulsion of the
social and political organism under
the most despotic tyranny which can
or may be fastened upon u by the
creatures of a mere political accident
let ns still be able to say t
" Thy spirit, Independence, let ut .hart,
Lord of the lion-heart and eagle-eye :
Thy etepi weU follow with bar boeome bale,
Nor heed the norm that bowlt .long the ikyi'
Thank God I that spirit still lives
in the Democratic party I I love it
because of that spirit. J love it for
its nn'.ernporizing boldnets in the as.
sertion of what is right. I love, it for
its straight forward directness in the
avowal of its principles. ' I love it for
the iudomitahle courage with which
it maintains Its organization against
all the despotic, efforts to pnt down
and stifle its utterance. I love it for
its single minded and unalterable at
tachment t tho Union, the idol of its
political worship; for the maintenance
of wbish it leads tho column ol brave
hearts now striking for its defense.
I lovo it. been n so it rua nriiifo fwaViw
cd to "sink or swim, live or die, sur
vive or perish" with the Constitution
or liberties of the country,
Rcauties o the Conscription.
[Scene—Provest Marshal's office—Enter A.]
A. 1 have a wife lying al the
point of death I am poor, and bava
not a week's provision ahead for bef
maintainanco. Will not this exempt
Provost Marshal No. Fall into
TEntnF R 1 R I ha. fl.. t.-t.iM
L " ""J - mw.w uvw lllblw
children, all dependeut on my labor,
who must suffer in my ab3ence. Their
inoiuer is iu leeoie neaitb, and can
not provide them with the necessar
ies of life. Must I go!
P. M. Of course pou must. Fall
in fall in.
tEuter C C aly wife is well.
I have abundance to leave with My
family. 1 could go to battle -as well
as not. But I'm rich enough to bdy
myself off. I'll . let poor inert the
ragged rabble fight this war. Ltere'i
$300, and uow let me go.
P. il. 01 course; sirj you m at
liberty to go.
Is it possible that any pWT tHatt
will vote with a party that treats tiiat
in this manner! A party that favor!
the ricti and oppresses tho poor!
Logan (O) Gazette.
tX7 A man in Iliionla1 drank tho
health of Jeff Davis in a fum shop,
laid down upon a bench and. died in
five minuets afterward. '
Let all the neonle - who iinrrah far
Jeff Davis take warning.
(O3 When Geri. iafavelta waa fn
tlio United States, two young men
were rutroonca to trnrj. Uo laid to
'Aroyrtt married.
'Yej lr,? as the reply.
lla tfltlny (Jnolll tbe fJefTctal.
ltd ont the Rflinn riiitf nfT tn' that
otl!er( wHd feplled: ,
1 am a UacKiMotV ,
'UHlcoity dog,' MM the General
Tliis ia tSa Wst ay on mttrima-
ny extaht. , J
n f Wia rrinfl If 9 k.
reison. tttsHdf le'l BndBrsUhnino- h
experlencvt t5a Host icmcrsnt br n
GCT Lawt era.' mouths ara lika trrtn
pika gatae, never open except for pay.
it j Are the minntaa rtlalnn
an affair of jonot drawn up by tbi.
leoonds f " . I

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