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JJt-3JISttw Stmotaf..
B. A. BttlrrON, till EDITOR.
rilVRWAV ---Kept. 91,186
vVIIEHK HE IS. end the Mforcement
r lha Laws nenlntt nil Oflicera who
'? torped Aulhoriiy, as well Ihe
.tt-ool wh uoiumil urcuencs 01 int
ffutjctt to (A Dtciiion ths Democratic
T I CK E T .
Vinton County Ticket.
rod cub i or coiihou fleas court,
roB com Missions?,
Republicans Seceding.
Joiibt Brocoii tells tlio people, in
Ins speeches, that "if Vallakdioiuu
is elected it will in&ngurato civil war
in Ohio, add that Mr. Lincoln will
not permit, him to corao homo."
Will Mr. Lincln and Bkouon com
merice'war in Oliio, if a majority of
tlio people declare Hm Governor ? If
bo, who will commence it We say
if Val. is elected, in tho language ol
LisooLN, tho peoplo who elocts him
nan And will see that he is inangura
ted Governor, and if these gentlemen
waat civil war in Ohio, let them
commence it at their peril.
Tho people are tho proper persons
to say who their Governor shall be,
not Lincoln, nor Brooch, with all
Lie.threats. Let Val. be elected.and
let him come home aud demand a
trial at the hands of the Administra
tion according to law. Let Ohio see
to it that Ihe Constitution and Laws
, are supreme, end that the military are
, subordinate as when General Wash
inoton left them, when he raid to
General Moroan in February 1795,
as follows :
"It hai florded me great pleasure to
learn that the geiiaral conduct snd charac
ter of. the army has been temperate and
indulgent, and that your attention to the
quiet and comfort of Ihe western inhabitant!
has been well received by them. Still it
may be proper, eon$tantly and itrongly, to
impreis upon tne army tnsttney are mere
agists or civil power that they have no
that offerees sgainst the laws are to be ex-
smined, not by a military flicer, but by sr
rreita and Indictments -for a Tiolatton of
. Jaw; that officers ought to be careful not to
give orders which may lead 'heir agtnte in
to infractions of tew; that disputes be
avoided is much as possible and be ad
'justed as quickly as may be without urging
them tosu extreme; and that the - whole
. eountry is not looked upon nor considered
as within the limits of the camp.
' I do sot communicate these tilings to
( yob tor any other ' purpote than that you
may weigh them; and without referring to
any instructions from me, adopt the meas-
nres necessary for accomplishing the forego
ing objects. I-am, dear sir, your humble
servant, .
"Ceokg'e Washihsiob.
"Msj.-Gen. Morgan."
The above was the true position oi
our "fathers on this subject. . Can we
. do better than to adhere to it strictly ?
Let every man read and reflect on
this subject. ,
Can't be Beat.
The Republicans boast that we
cannot get up a meeting to equal
theirs on next Friday, Democrats,
see to it that we double their meeting
ut ours on next Mi,uday. Let us excel
n numbers, -m; beauty, in banners,
music .and enthusiasm. You can, if
you will, beat them in everything that
makes up a giorious demonstration
lor the cause of our country. '
Democratic Tickets for
The parents, wives, sistora.brothers
una irii'mlsot the isolators in the Held,
can obtain at this office, and from all
the Democratic candidates, genuine
tickets to send to tho soldiers. Every
person that writes the boys should
send them somo tickets. This should
be attended to at once. All who have
triends in the Artnv should write aud
enclose some tickets. We hopo cuu
didatcs will attend to this matter in
Tickets can be had by calling on
Dr. 11. 0. Moore, Allensvillo.; W.D
Anderson, Esq., Prattsville; Van
derlord & Co.,Ziieski ; King Wells,
Wilkesville; Esq. Whetstone, Vinton:
vVm. Eeo or D. Foreman, Swan ;
Henry Teeters, Jackson ; Captain
Ilaynes. Euglo Tp. : Wni. Clark or
Abraui Arganbright. Harrison Tp
W. IJ. Dlack, Kmx ; Thos. Msgee,
Browu; B. Dill, Ilamdon.
Liberty is in Danger.
A cuteinporarylJsays, "Considera
tions oi time, expense,,Uiconvenience
con no longer be regarded."
And n jw wo appeal to our friends
in each township to go to work at
oncoand strive which shall turn .out
tLu largest delegation. Form yonr
procession in your own township,
headed by a BIG W A-jGON, with e
banner with tho names of your re
spective township, and keep every
oue in procession, and endeavor to
havo ycur township procession within
a mile of McAr'.hur, by ten o'clock,
&.. M., at the IateBt. lliey will be
met by raarsballs and coudactod to
the place of speaking.
Base Corruption.
Wo tiro creditably informed by a
gentleman of ..Brown township, that
Ben. Johnston (brother of George W.
Johnston) offered a Democrat of
Brown Tp. $25 if ho would voto and
uso his fcflnenca and distribute tick
ets for G. W Johnston. In another
case in the weet end of our couuty.we
are told, one Democrat was offered
$100 to vot and electioneer for Geo.
W. Johnston. . In both these cases
the men making tho offer were re
fused. Theso men that would thus
corrupt the people, will find out that
Democrats are not in market, and
cannot be bought up. It is said there is
several thousand dollars sent into this
county and Jackson to buy votes.
book out lor all kinds of lies, frauds.
and corruption.
Meeting and Muster.
All our citizens who attend the
Pcoa meeting on Monday, who are
subject ;o military duty and live at a
distance from McArthnr, can remain
Monday night in MoArthur and vi
cinity. Our citizens will do al! they
can' to accommodate them free of
charge. Harrison, Eagle, Wilkes
ville and Knox particularly, aro too
fat off to go homo and return next day
to muster, oo come along on Monday.
Our Ticket Complete.
On last Friday the Convention for
this Senatorial District, met at Gsli
polis, and nominated O. T. Gunning,
Esq., of Vinton County, as the Dem
ocratic candidate for Senator.
- Mr. Gunning has served the peo
ple of Vinton before to their satisfac
tion as rrosecuting Attorney, since
which time he has been engaged in
farming. No man is more familiar
with the wants and wishes of the
people, and the nomination could not
hav been conferred upon a jnore ac
ceptable man to the people; he will
bo elected by a large majority.
D. S. Dana, Esq., by a resolution
of our Central Committee, has been
placed upon our ticket as our candi
date tor rroscut:ng Attorney. Mr.
Dana has made ns an efficient and
able Prosecutor and will be re-elected
by a large majority.
Democratic Ladies.
Are requested to turn ont at'our
meeting on next Monday in their en
tire force. We know you are with us
in sentiment and loyalty io the Con
btitutiou. .
Ring it out from
the House-Top.
That the greatest meeting during the
Campaign, is to 4)0 held in M'Artbur
next Monday. One waggon with
thirty-four ladies, is expected
Londonderry,. Ono with same num
ber from Wilkesville. The gallant
Peon will positively oo present and
address the people. Let every body
Martial Muster and Arms.
We would remind the officers of
tho 1st and 2nd Regiments to see
that all the fifes and drums In their
Companies aro brought to our Regi
mental Muster, and have every mau
that has guns of any description,. to
bring them a'ong.
Traitors &c.
jMaj. Bbatton : I wish to suggest
to our citizens, who are so glib M
calling their neighbor Iraitors, to
cease calling these infamous names
if you know a man is a Traitor, why
don't you arrest biml It is neither
your duty nor right to charge a man
with a high crime nnloss yon can
prove it. There are men who don't
iiko to tuko theso insults, and 1 would
put some men on their guard. They
may call me what bey please, but I
am a freo-bora Democrat, and calling
me theso names don't change me.
To prevent difficulty, 1 would like our
Abolition neighbors to lay aside these
epithets. No good can result from
these names being called by either
party. Let us reason together for the
Zaleski, Sept, 10, 1863.
Zaleski, Sept, 10, 1863. [From the Dayton (Ohio) Empire.]
Freeman Read and Reflect.
Freeman Read and Reflect. Hon. C. L. Vallandigham to the People
WINDSOR. C. W. September 15. 1863.
President or ths Derr.otraUo Muss AUeUnz.
1 ill.!-.
1HJbUU, VUlWi ....
bm: Complying with -' he desire
of many of my Democratic friends in
the city a nd country wbero I have
for so many years rtBided, I address
tliem-oneny tiirougu you.
No further warning or entreaty
from me is oeeded to arouse the poo
pie to the importance of the great is
sue before them, aud to the danger
which on every side threatens , their
liberties. 1 he great popular demon
strations, occurring every day thro'-
out the htato, prove their zeal and
dovotion to the cause of Libertv arwl
Union, and that they mean that these
two shall in very deed be inseDarabla
Roth these depend largely upon the
issue ol the Ohio campaign. If that
party should succeed, which, nnon
the one hand, applauds the attrocions
aets ot Abraham Lincoln and hia
servants, and indorse the monstrous
claims ot absolute power over person
and property, not to aav LTe itaelf". est
u? yy mm in uis recent letters to tfie
u" l ; ... i . . J,
Albany aud Columbus Committees
and, on the other, accepts as its ofrn
the whole radical policy, "root and
branch," of Congress and the Era.
tive in the conduct of the war, there
w an ena to Dotn. in tne North.and
West, every lover of constitutional
liberty looks anxiously to the annroa.
ching elect'ons. In the South, the
eyes ot Hundreds ol thousands, who
yet, in tbeir hearts, love the Union
it a l t ...
as ic was, mo old Union which their
latnera and our fathers made, and
would gladly see it restored in naaco
nuu wnu security to an, are turned
now in earnest dosire for the triumph
oi tne Democratic party, as their
last hope lor its restoration. ' And
the'very wicopefes of the Fcdsal ar-
ies, no Ootfot, render th1rriumnh
the more important; for whiiei accor
ding to Mr. Lincoln, they have not at
all broken thu strength or Subdued
the spirit of the Confederates in arma.
.i i j - . .
mey uave aone much to open the
eyes of the people of the States atill
adhering to the Union, to the fact that
the policy of conciliation must at least
follow far better that before any
war it had proceded tho policy of
coercion, jioreover. Hie recent er
si . . . - -
traordinary eveuts ; in Mexico bava
greatly augmented the necessity and
importance oi speedily putting in pow
er the party in whose bands the rights
and interests of all Statw and suctions
will be secure. KecotJtioh by Mex
ico and France, and subsequent alii-
auce between them aud the Confad
erate States, are impending daugers,
every hour becoming mere imminnnt
Napoleon well knows, and Joseph of
ausiria iso, wnom ne Las enlisted
now with him, that if a united bqv.
ernment of any kind be restored here
either "the Union as it wan" nf th
Democrats, or the "Union as it ahmiM
L il St I I... -
oe oi me Aooiitionistsa nnitr nr
despotism no Empire, at least no
auropeau Empire, would be permit
ted to conliouo in Mexico Ilence
be, and all whom be can Dersnadn nr
force with him. will verv annH;i
recognize the Confederate Slates, on
couuiuon oi a guarantee pt the Mex
ican empire, and that bv a treat nri
alliance onensive and defanaivn
did Louis XVI in 1777. ; Aud thus
framljdoted by the Court at Washington,
the leaders of the Southern revolt
will bo enabled to keep the whole
nocplo witu tliem, encouraged, as
the"- ill be, by the powerful support
of j .'army, the navy and the credit
of ? ranee. . Ihe mission of Mr. iste
pubus to. Paris clearly points to this
result. Unwisely aud wickedly re-
where, according to ooutueru autnor
iry, he came with "full powers to
treat for peace and ' settlement," he
goes now-eii special embassy to the
Conrt oi Versailles. The disartrous
results of the success ol such embassy,
either throHgh him or Mr. Shdell al
ready there, upou the interosts and
further peace ol the North-west, no
man can calculate Then, indeed,
ulone with ferimtuent disruption of
the (Juion, and other nnmberlosa ca
lamities, would tne Mississippi bo
eiQectually sealed against us, except
pon eucb terms as the foreign na
tions may choose to impose; and tbus
every city and towu upon that groat
river and its tributaries, would begin
to fall into decay. Victories iu the
field will not at all tend to retard or
prevent this alliance and its ruinous
results. Now, therefore, is the Ac
cepted time, the very hour before the
blow be struck, for t'ie people of the
North and West to rebuke the radi
cals and maliguants who control pub
lic affairs, and prove to the people of
the South that they can .return to
their allegiance to the Constitution,
and thus to the Union, "with all tne
dignity, equality and rights of their
several States unimpaired." I re-
pest that the success of the Demo
cratic paity in Ohio and tho other
States will go further toward this re
sult than any event that can happen
within the next twelve months.
Shall the golden moment to aid pow
erfully in the restoration of the Union
as it was be suffered to pass by ?
Upon another subject allow me
now a word, not volunteered, but
called out and made appropriate by
those who assail me. 1
; Tho candidate of the Administra
tion party is reported to have spoken
recently at Columbus, in a public
meeting, in substance as follows :
"What will be the effect ef electing
Mr. Vallandigham Governor of Ohio?
I will tell vou what the effect of it
will be. It will inaugurate civil war
inryonr State. It will bring civil wai
to your "homes, upon the soil of your
Own State; for 1 tell you there ia a
mighty mass ot men in this State
whose nerves are strung up like stee!,
who will not permit this dishonor - to
be consummated in their native State.
Another effect will be that it will be
an invitation to the rebels in arms to
come up and take possession of our
- Now I have so often myself been
made the subject of false statement
and misreport, that I will not hold
Mr. lirougu responsible tor either the
sentiment above expressed, or the
presumptuous sillineus of referring to
the election by the people of his oppo
nent; as bringing 'dishonor' upon the
estate. But 1 know that the proposi
tion itselt is beginning to be urged
by mpuy of bis triends as a menace
to the treemen of Ohio; and I choose
to meet it flatly.
First. The "invitation to rebels in
arms" which my election will signify,
will be to lay down their arms and
return to the old Union and to obe
dience to and piotectioo under the
Constitution, laws and flag, secure
from Abolitiou intermeddling and
agitation, as before the war, and from
conscription, confiscation, execution,
emancipation, negro equality, and al!
exertions of arbitrary, despotic power
Second. There will bo no "civil
war" in Ohio if 1 am elected Gover
nor, unless Mr. Brough and his par
ty inaugurate it; in which event we
will "crush out the rebellion" in a
very much shorter space ot time than
they have employed in putting down
the "slave holders' rebellion." If
however, they mean that they will
"secede'' from tho State by voluntary
exile to Canada, or elsewhere, there
will be no "coercion" in that event.
But the threat, it intended to. intimi
date, is as idle as the wind: if meant
seriously, it is time that, the people
should know it, that they may affix
the msrk of Cain upon the foreheads
of these new conspirators against tne
ballot-box. In aoy event, he whom
a majority of the "qualified electors"
oi Ohio may choose for their Govern
or, will be inaugurated, and the vast
mass of the people, without distinc
tion of party, will aid, if need be, in
the work ot keeping tne peace or the
State, and carrying out the funda
mental maxim of . popular govern
ments, that the "majority must gov
em." Dor let Mr, urougn, ana an
others who would.defoat the will of
the people, take notice that "there is
a mighty mass of men in Ohio whose
nerves are strung up like steel; wuo
mean that the man who is the choice
of the people shall ' be the " peoples'
Governor. Should that choice fall
upon me, aU the duties of the office
shall be faithfully and fearlessly dis
charged. .. I would myself obey the
Constitution and the laws, and see to
it that all others obey them .'within
her hmita and jurisdiction. - The
Courts shoald be open, and restored
OUCC UJUITi IU IIIOI. Iiguuui nutuu..j.
fnntica administered without denial
. lli . i. ilitfnl ontli.lrir.
or delay, and the military in strict
subordination to the ivil powor.
Habeas corpus should m respected
no nitizan arrested except upon due
process of law, or held except for Iria
by the civil tribunals, and none kid
nanoed from the State.
But while the rights of the Stato
and tho libortiea of tier citizens should
be thus Btrhtly enforced, the conBt:-
i . .. i j I r..l .. .. .1. t .. A A
lUllUUBI UUU IttWJUl HUluunijr buu
rights of the Federal Government
should be obeyed and respected with
scrupulous fidelity, no matter who
administered it., Whatever the Ad
ministration have a right under the
Constitution and laws to demand or
expect fioni the State Executive
should be DrotBDtlv and exactly ren
g f - -
dersd. In short, I would adopt and
thoroughly carry out the two maxims
upon this subject laid down by Mr
Jefferson in his inaugural, in 1801:
irst. " Ihe support of the State
Governments in all their rights, as
the most competent administration of
our domestic concerns, and tho surest
bulwarks against anti-republican ten
Second. "The preservation of the
General Government in its whole con
stitutional vigor, as the sheet anchor
of our peace at home and safety
And in this way would I strive,
by the quick and decisive exercise of
will and authority whenever necessa
ry and proper, and by cheerful and
ready compliance wherever due, tc
restore the peace, the quiet, the econ
omy, the good order and harmony
which, in former years, marked the
States both in their relation to their
own citizens and to the Federal Gov
ernment, and thus in better limes,
made the Union secure, and the peo
ple prosperous, happy and contented.
Ibis, and not "civil war" for my
"crime" is that 1 am opposed to civil
wars is what my election would 'in
augurate in Ohio. And now. men
of my native State, are not these just
the Diessings which you and youi
wives and your children, with longs
ing hearts, most earnestly desire ?
Defond,then, and bold fast, in every
extremity, to the ballot-box: and la
bor Dight and. day, I invoke you, to
secure these blessings, through that,
the appointed, potential weapon of
Where is Brouqh's Sympathies .
In John Brough 's Marietta speoch,
ha inquires: "Iiko tho eountry ouffur-
ed much in consequence of this war?
Have we not as much money as ever
we nad and ot as good quality tool
lo these questions the Surgeon
General of the United States gives
mis answer;
"The number of general hospitals
is one hundred and fifty one. The
cumber of patients in them fifty eight
mousand one hundred and seventy
five. The whole number under
medical treatment is stated to bo not
short of ninety thousand men."
Liow Brougb'a belly swells with
sympathy for the suffering soldier.
The Draft Postponed
According to previous official no
tice the draft was to have been com
menced to-day (Wednesday) in the
two districts of Hamilton county. -
But on Monday Col Parrott, Provost
Marsbal-Ueneral of Ohio, received
orders to postpone the draft without
day. The District Provost Marsh als
in Hamilton county were accordingly
directed to proceed in their arrange
tnents for making the draft, but not
to name the day for it to take ' place,
and to await further orders. The
general belief is that there will be no
draft in Ohio until after the election.
I you want a terrible conscription
as soon as the war ia over, rote for
Brougn. . .
Statesman. Special Notices.
Sixth Aegimeut, O, v., famp at Beverly, va.
July 87, 18l.
Dr. C. W. Bobaok: Cincinnati, Ohio: Ws
received your long wished for and welcome Ram
dies a few days ago, and haiten to return you
unanimous expression in reg&r tooarhiga
opinion of the merits of wrae.
We have used them with great benefit in oai
Company, and heartily attest to tb puallo opla
ion of their great beneflta. In our oases, espe
cially where there hay been so many great
changes as from th civilian in daily routine, ia
business, at borne, to tho exposed habit of ao
tive soldiers in a Strang and unnatural conntry
do we meet appreciate tb merits of sock Uesv-en-sent
valuek.as yours. To all those in oni
position - do we most emphatically recommend
your Remedies, being aunrsd, from experieno
they will b a vary welcome eompsnion.
Tours very trolv,
Joeirs A. Amdiiws,
Cspt Oo. B, Sixth Reg't. 0. T.
Signet :
James Y. Bemple, 1st Sergeant Cotnmmy B.
Chas, H.Fostar, id Sergeant.
Cfaa. B.Rumol, 1st Lieut. Co. t'.b Regt 0.7.
A iiubi u iivjn) u AilVUk.
E.B, Warren, 3d .Sergeant,
S. A, Thayer, 4th Rergeant.
Baral. D. Schooley. Commisary,
Carooral Chas. W. aaylor; .
Corporal Edward Bultmann,
Corporal Carlton Q. Cable, '
.otretherwith 69 privatea-annaalmoassxp
sion being given. . ,
For sale tt No. Eart Fonrtk street: and
Drnggnts everywhere. --. - - ..J ....
Th special attention of Sutlers is solicited to
this ss bomg th best article for complaints in
cident to eamp life.
Feb. alt mo.
Tbs sale of Fairbanks' Botltt ths present year
particularly at
adsnosofany I
ir noil, tut Dtsa larnlyio
previous TMrdurinff tb rblr
history of tb Mf ra Fairbanks' basin, wblory
snows lo nouinai Drospemy oi moat Craicbta
of bosinssa lo which weighing is dons, and also
ths increaing popalarity with ;b public of these
Bead tha following from the Hon. Morris Kar
ris, lormurly Auditor of the State of Indiana
Br. C. W. Cobo-Dia a 8ia : Having bee
troubled Tor several years with extreme dsbill
tv aud weakness, sa m uch so that 1 nn.hl
to attend lo my ordinary easiness al times, a4
baaing heard ol tho wonderful ourea that yor
Scandinavian Blood Purlfloor and rills war ef
fecting, I vii induced by a friend te try them.
I have been using :he Purifier for the last
twelve mountbs, and flind the medlclna fnlW
Lequal to Its recommendation. So valuable h Its
use to me, mat i can not now dispone witb th
oseol it at my advanced age of life seventy-
seven years. -I
cheerfully elv this informatioa for tb bn.
efli of thoM similarly affected.
Yours truly,
Aug. 18 th St. Imo.
To Nervous Sufferers of Both Seies.
been restored to health In s few days, after an--donrolngall
tho usual routine and Irregular es-
ponsm modes of treatment without success, earn
eiders it his sacred duty to communicate to Bl
afflicted fellow creatures the means of cure-.
Hence, on the receipt of an addressed envelope,
he will send (free) a copy of the prescription;
nsed. Direct to D. John M. Daonall, 18t Fal
lon Street Brooklyn, New York.
March, May, July,8ep., Nov., Jan., lyr.
Sefo Wxtistmrds
fiNieS Ideal Grate
STNAenTM hrf
Istur Digest two
S east stoops,
tora of th National Dispensary, established at
v.uuiuiiau, w.,n, i loso, oureaii paivatedia-
wn oueiarapied rapidity. Wgarrante
to our uonorrhcea, Uleet.iSvpiiillis Iro
jnuctnrnai .emissions, or ttali Ahti.n. Tiin..If
EmiBsioiis,:Femsle Complaint, In short, ever
r- ...... ..... ,7 ul BumU Kcaeasoa - ,
(Aires rapid, thorough and nermanent. int
moderate. Send for our Ciranliu-etn i.
In-ey U n.letter pages, of varied.valoabl sod
interertiiig matter. AUw, a Ciroalar Intended
for Ladies only.
Many of our patients aaaert, taay bav sect
money loDoetOre In Santsrn Cities and nlA
no return.
Theu Whv not nitronlu tinm. .u..
who know the Western
speedier eure. w-
Dr. Jackson's femal Pills-SI per box wini
forCirouUr. Buecial written n...
d. sent with the Circular, without oh'arg. One
of the oheapest, most interaatins .nt
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lector and Marriage Guide, and an Explioil Key
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revea. Tariooi subjects never before fully si.
plained in any popular work In the Encllafilan.
gnsge. rrioeiO cents and ono three oentstamn
or three for II and'ihrM 3
stamps. Full
uMcnosu in circular, which verr vnn m
should have, wether sick or n
Ateuiciui and instruotioni sent promptly toaov
part of tbeceuLtry Consulting Rooms of th.
NoS"'7' wnior itret. P.O.Boi,
aI1 ,M,lde8. rejuveaatie) ergans
which have lain dormant for many veara. It
will cure any case of impotenoy, create tb pas
sions for any reasonable time. Can b mifitd
with period safety. Price 2 per bsttle.
It ie perfectly safe end never falls to rive satis
faction. It is the only iur8 ,ud ,,f; .nti,
against o..trMU?f dMssTSTtaJUaiTO
tl each, 14 nor half doann. s.l
sent by mail." " ' swo
Tbbasuby certificates for Bounty
fec, Lave been received during tb.
week. .
Mrs. Susan Davis,
Mary Ilollreiter,
Diary J. uarey.
Samantha Fuller
Valentine Littleiohn
i. a. DANA,
Sept. 1663
300 ACRES!
In Vinton County, Ohio, four miles Soitb of
On the Marietta & Cinoln natl P.II..1.J til
be sold in lots to suit yurohasers, '
Saturday Nomina Sept. 90,
AT 19 o'clook, the day after tbs Athens Co.
t lir Closes. For sartionUrs, writ to
Marietta Ohio
Prat tiviiU, Ohio.
The lead joins C. Moklir near PraltrviOe,
Vinton con nlf, Ohio.
Septal II
EtADQOAIITIM 1st Rg. O. If. 1
, VtUonCo.,0. Apt.l7tblMI. '
The let Reg. O.M.ofVlnton Co.,0.srbr
by notified to parade, armed and equlped as th
law directs, st MoArtbar 0., on
at I o'clock A. M., of said day. for Beglmsnto
Drill. . ' .
By order of
0. OTJltNIN,
AJjt. ': Sept. 17th H3.
IIkadhcatbes 2nd Beg. O.M.) i
Vinton Co.Sept. lTtb 1863.) (
The 2nd Bog. of 0. M. of Vinton
county, ara hereby notified to appear,
armed and cquipsd as the law directs)
at McArthnr, at 9 o'clock A. M. on
Tuesday, Sept. 29th 1863. To Kcgw
mental Drill. . .. lit order oi
Capt. Co.' A. 2nd Reg. Com'dy
0. W.DUPRBY - ; -
" Adjt. " "

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