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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 24, 1863, Image 3

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The IMrtlitir Dcmorat .
toob ihiw. TEEM8, PAY IN I D ANOE.
Democrat for the Campaign.
We propose to send the "Dbmoobat" ham
bow onlillaftor tbt Election far 15ots.t tab.
, "We hope oar frionda In the Townships will go
' to work Bad get ut up clubs. You can all see
the importance of hiving b circulation of our
liome organ, anil wa know you will not regret
taking a little time to help ns Id placing the
Dbmocbat In the hands of our citizens.
Captain liutBuu's, Norm and
Richmond's Companies will all parade
at McArtliur on next Saturday, the
26th inet.
Rkpuuuon8 have been busy for
the past twa. weeks iuudinji tickets to
their Jrierids in the army. Will our
friiiuda call uud gut tickets to 8CDd to
the povbv -o' ,
Tna liar. Benjamin Frttuklin will
preach at the Christian Meeting
House, in McArthur, on the second
Sunday in OctoberQxt; and,the Sat
urday'' nfgLt preCeodirj.' '"' All , are
invited. " . -a , . ...,'.
A omitted to tub BAf.' Oar towns
man, Goobob Lakt2, Esq., was by
tb last District Court in ihu'eonuty,
admitted . and sworn, as' an Attorney
and Connsell6r'at Lav -in the Courts
of Ohio. Succobs to Geobqb, may
bis career as an Attornoy be benena
ial to himself and uaoful to tho State.
- Count or Common Plias commen
ced iu Fall Term on Tuesday. Hon.
J. T. flyley on the bench. We notice
the following brethren of the Bar in
attendance : Yaplo, Clark, McClin
tick, of Chillicotho ; Bradbury and
ilays, of Meigs; Captain Dana, of
Atheus; '13. B. Bnndy, of Jacksont
,. Thero is no business of general in
terest to, tne public.
New Goods for tall trade have been
received at the Cheapest Cash Store
of J. K. WILL;, and the largest stock
yet brought to this market. The
clothing defies competition in quality
and price. George has certainly ex
celled in laying in a stock of Goods at
tho lowest-figures for the times.
Every body wishing to lay Jn fall
goods should give tins bouse a call.
'Look beforo you leap," is aa good a
motto to buy cheap goods on, as for
any other purpose. r ' '
Tub Original Cash Storb looms
up thia week with a very large stock
of new tall goods. Clothing of every
description, Ladies Woollen Dress
Goods, Delaines and l'riuts. ; The
stock of Shawls and other fall goods
for ladies wear, is complete, and no
man ia .wore versed iu the wants of
his customers than Dan. Will ; hence
all should call' .and boo for themselves.
Monky Wanted. Our friendB
would do us a great favor by paying
us the amounts they owe on subscrip
tion and advertisements, as we are in
great ueod of money.
The Old Sedition of John A dams Threat
ened to be lluvived in Michigan Free
domof 8peea Made a Stale Prison of-
The following infamous bill is bo
foro tho Abolition Legislature of
'A bill to provide for the ' punish
ment of certain ollenses against the
public safety. .,...
Suction 1. TfiipeopU of the State
of Michigan enact, lliat if any per
son, while any war, rebellion or in
surrection existb against the .United
States, or against this State shall pub
lish, or cause to . bo published, any
seditions address, pamphlet, paper,
notice, letter, advertisement, picturi
design, or any other printed, engrav
ed or lithographic matter tending to
bring into hatred and contempt tb
Constitution and Government of the
United States, as lawfully established,
or to establish unlawful opposition to
the Government of the United States,
or of this State, he shall on convic
tion thereof, be punished by impris
onment in the estate Prison tor a
teim of not more than seven years, or
bya fine ef not less than seven thou
sand dollars."
.. It ia . the "free-BpeecU" party of
1K6U that proposes to make opposl
tion to .their organization : a . State
Prison offunse. - Of course 'every
democratic speech, every Democrat
ic newspaper or pamphlet article
againsi idq policy of the Aumimatra
tion.'iasQod with te doeieu of influ
encing th'o elections, would be betd to
be seditious br tbe Abolitionists', and
would subject tho antbbr to the State
Prised.' A nice time theAbolitlyn.
lata will have, after ttiey gqt that law.
pasted I '- They will be in clover I
A hey, cap commit July W., Qi.wick'.
ejloBss, and nobody would, date to
(KxposeUl ' It is voting themselves
into perpetual' power, and 'declaring
that they ehall not be subject to criti
cism or censure. It wants a few such
acts as these to make the - Abolition
record complete, and to band it down
gloriously to posterity.
Democratic tickets For Soldiers.
The parents, wives, sitera, broth
ers and friends of soldiers writing to
the armyk should take care to enclose
a genuine Democratic ticket in each
letter.- Ibis may reoasuy done,
without incurring extra postage, and
the ticket will be much more sure to
reach their destination in this man
ner than by any other mode.
Dumopratio tioketa' ot . tho right
kind can bo obtained by any one of
the Democratic candidates or thoir
frienda at this office; be sure to cull
for soma to send to the soldiers.
Mr. Vallandigham's Proposition
to Amend the Constitution.
Ia the momorable session of Con
gress which preceded the inaugura
tion of feoaident . Lincoln aud , tho
breaking outiof civil war, every patri
otic member of that body was engag-
ed, either in proposing or advocating
amendments to our JNational Uonati
tution, in ordoito" avoid war, if ooff
sibltf, and preserve' the nnion'and our
tree institutions unimpaired.. Mr
Vallaudighfttn was amotig the nuoi
ber of those patriotic members, and
proposed amendments with a view to
utuuauzu puiiucni power m me uu
ferent sections of the Uniou, and thus
enablo tho country to escape ench
frightful collisions as the one thet
imminent between tbe North and the
South. Thia was not a proposition
to divide the Union into four nation
alities As bis Abolition dolamers per
sidtuntly charge, but to knit the Un
ion moie firmly together by curb
iug and directing the political power
ot the four sections which his amend
ment contemplated, as to prevent, as
far as human foresight could dc, the
possible occurrence of a resort to
arms by any State or section. What
ever may be any man's opinion of the
wisdom ol the moasuro, it must bo
conceded that the motive that prouip
ted Mr. Vallandighara to offer It for
the consideration ot the House waa a
noble and patriotic one, and showed,
as liia whole political career , before
and since has done, his unswerving
devotion to the cause of the Union
and to lie maintenance of tho rights
of the Statca unimpaired.
In this connection we present', the
following short extract lionl Mr. Val
landighaui'B speech mude in Congress
on the amendment offered by hiinl
cir, the natural and inevitable result of
these amendments will be. to . preclude the
posibility of sectional parties and .combina
tions to obtain possession of either the leg
islative or the executive. power and patron
age of the Federal Government: and, if unt
to suppress totally at least very greatly to
diminish the evil results of national caucus
es, conventions, and other similar party ap
pliances. It will' no longer be possible to
tlsct a Piesident by the roles of a mere dom
inant and minority section. Sectional ti
ssues mutt cease, as the basis, at least, i f
large party organisations. Abolition, or
lust for power or place must look no longer
to its own section, but to the whole coun
try; and be who would be President, or in
aiiy way the foremost among his country
men, must consult, henceforth, the combi
ned good, and the good will, too, of all '.he
sections, and iu this way consistently with
the Constitution, can the "general welfare'
be best attained. Thus, indeed, will the
reault be, instead of a narrow, illiberal and
sectional policy, an enlarged patriotism
and extended public spirit.
If the reader will refer to .; the
amendments themselves and to the
entire speech from which the forego
itig extract is taken, be will find that
Mr. Vauandiguaruja proposition was
intended to perpetuate the Union,
and not to dismember it, as ia falsely
and basely charged by those Abolition
journals that at that very time, like
the Drongh central organ in tins city
and Lieutenant Governor Stanton,
wore pronouncing the dissolution of
the Union aa a matter only fit tor
fools and dotards to whine over, and
pioposing to let the Southern States,
if their deople wished it, depart out
O. Statesman.
man. ,
O. Statesman. Extracts From a Soldier's Letter.
" I understand that the Secretary
of War has issued a proclamation to
raise negro regiments as. fast as can
be done. Well, let them take our
places with Massachusetts Abolition-
ibis, anu ociwocu muoi mm me ruu-
els be it. Let them fight it out, .but
don't put the niggers with us. We
have soeu enougu ot tnat. we are
treated with scot n and disgrace. We
can see it just as plain as any body.
Our eyes are not entirely closed yet,
and I don't think they will be soon.
The soldiers aretlying off like rotten
sheep: while the negroes'' are - used
like gentlemen, and bare the best to
Cat that the land can anord; and they
can be stock upon horseback, while
us. poor devils mustfoot.it, That is
the way to maintain the Union, and
1 say that they ar maintaining it at
a bell of- a rate,' treating the ; soldiers
astherdo.- ::' " ' -; --'-
'.'I have been in the United States
Service for seventeen months, and I
declare mysUf among Ametica's loy
al sons; but "the ' honors tf thia war
don't amount to ahill of beans- be
cause there la ho honor about it, and
never will be as long as things con
tinoe the -way they are. : Thia thing
of bringing the uegroes on an equality
with the whites grinds. Who are
they ! Abolitionists,- who at - home
hida for tear of being drafted. That
is the way the d d nigger-lovers
are a doing. There was a while they
would say, 'come boys, and let's eave
the Union;' but where are, they now)
In hollow logs, like a pack of wolves.
'fi:- i .i . tt .
4ui8 ia iney wno save me union.
What are they but a set of cowards.
just like a hound pup!;
CitiTTANooQA,; ' September 21
1-30 A. Mr- The battfa on tho: '18th
J tic .
resulted wen lor us, Having uciu our
own aa established on the left, and
contracted 4ur:forccs during trie" day.
n tho'niorning we held a handsomt
line, with tho right on Ridge Hills,
and the loft protected by rude works;
of logs, thrown up during tho night.
The left rested on the eaat side of
tho RosBvilla5 'and Lhfaycttef Road,
about four miles south of. Rossvilje
In tho fight of the 19th we had lost
about 600 killed and 2,000 wounded,
and wore ahead three pieces of artil
lhe men wcro in splendid spirits
during the engagement. .
: Reinmdd at nine a. if. on ths 20th ,
by an attempt of the rebels to storm
Thomas' ; left and j front, Several
timet they wero severely repulsed,
witii heavy loss to them and very - lit
tie to us, as this fight lasted an hour
aud a half, and waa one of the mott
terrineoi me war.
Continuous fire of muakotry and
artillerr'ar.beinir kebt ud with dead
ly eflet? -riglit and center not being
engaged; skirmishers keeping up t
hot tire for some time.
The enemy, finding assaults vain
maneuvered to tho loft, with" the iu
teution of throwing a force on the
Rossville road, and attacking General
Thomas , on. the left flank, At this
junction, Vliomas ordered Bratinon)
who had one brigade iu reserve, and
twO with' Reynolds, holding the key
of the position, which waa Thomas
right, to movo.to tho loft of -tlluMins
and protect the flank. Geiibral R
secrana at the same time 'sent Davis
and Van Clove from the' right and
conter to support Brauhou iu his .ef
fort to bold the Imo to RobsvIIIo and
protect Thomas' loft flauk.
On perceiving the withdrawal ot
skirmishers from the front of the 'di
visions moving from the right and
center, the enemy made a vigorous at
tack on that part of the line, piercing
tho center-cutting off Davit aud Sheri
dan from tho left, and drawing; tho
center into the mountains, Jjoth right
aud ccuter being much scattered,
without very serious loss iukilled anu
Tho right and center gone, Thorn
as' nht became exposed to a most
terrific flank attack, and Ucynold
and Branoon and the right of Thom
as' line was swung around, bis ex
treme left being as at tho first; thia
also fell back a short distance on the
Rossville road.
Parts of tbe center were gathered
up and reported to General Thomas,
who mado several stands, but was
unable to check tho rubel advance,
until iho arrival of reinforcements at
one o'clock. General Granger with
one division ot reserves came up, and
wero at once thrown into the center,
driving the enemy bandbomely from
his position in the strong ridge, and
with heavy losa. :
1 lie nre from one ot Granger's bat
teries moved them down. This fight
only lasted half an hour or so, with
alight loss to uk
We regret to say that Uaptam Rus
sell, Granger's Adjutant, was killed
ere he had been iu tho tight ten uin-
After this bloddy repulse, tho ene
my remained in front until about four
o'clock. . ' ; -
Persisting, bowevor, in maneuver
ing on ootu nanus, inoir iuu huu
correct information regarding this
country enabling them to do so with
groat facility, and having gotten agnio
on our flank, tho eBemy maae a v:g
orous attack, and a fight ensued which
has no parallel in the history of this
Colonel uarker's Migaao oi w oou e
division both Wood and Barker
being present and a" remnant ot
JohnBton'8 division, holding the left,
covered themselves with glory ; and
on tho right and conter, Brannan,
Baird, Reynolds and Palmer, wnlt
narta of their divisions, fougbt most
gallantly, while Stevenson and Gran-
ger, with the reserve, qrove m cuo-
my at every point wnere iney.wm.
At five o'clock General Thomas was
still triumphant and on his lelt held
h na of tho mornme. dui wuu wio
rieht drove tbe enemy back to a line
nearly at ngut angles wuu wv
morninc. ... .'. . '
vTwo lines tor retreat were opn w
him io Chattanooea. on one of which
he fell back to .Rosjvilla' during ;'Jhe
-Qurlossesave'necessarily. been
heavv.: but the : list of killed will bo
comparatively light, aad: in the two
days' engagement we have not suff
ered more in men than the enemy.
In the charge made by Thomas, on
the first day, tbe enemy lost aa many
in killed as we did in the whole day.
What our losses ia prisoners and ma
terial are we can not now say. Our
killed will reach twelve hundred.
Oor wounded will amount to seven
thousand, moat of them slight wounds.
DO" When Abraham Lincoln
in Congress ia 1848 ho voted against
giving the soldiers who had served in
tne ilexican war one hundred aud
sixty acres of Innd.
But Clement L. Vitllandigham on
the 28th day it February, 1802, vo
ted in Oongreea to give each soldier
engaged in pntting down the rebell
ion one hundred and sixty acres of
lana in addition to his ono hundred
dollars bouUy;
Lincln'b Whitb Slacks. A pri-
A.. P. kT .
vuio iouer irom jxew lork 1'itv
i. A, . . .. j
epvahs pi me marcning lor over a
mile down Broadway of some four
teon white copecripta, who we-e
chained together by couples, by a
chain attachod to a wrist ot each.
Uver one hundred armed soldiers
brought up the rear,. Tho coc6cripta
were dressed ia citizens clothes.
Spectators on the side walks were
general in their condemnation of the
AdmiuiVration, arid thought tiny
might uave oeeu spared sneh a sight,
by putting the conscripts in omnibus
, lOne ofoar citizins, who has jtitt
rotnrnud I'mm Pliilu,i.l.,i.;u i'r,r,.ima
us that he witnessed a similar sight
in Philadelphia last Sunday. A
number of whito conscripts were
marched through the streets, chainod
togfttfier by twos, preceded and flank
ed by illos of soldiers, and the rear
ot tho procession brought up by
troop of cavalry. Tho effect oc thoso
who witnessed the humiliating spec
tacle waa any thing but agreeable;
ana expressons of denunciation ul
Lincoln & Co. were universal. What
eiguu nuue men dragged in
chains from their State to aid in free
big the negroea at the south! .
Men of Ohio, Yoob Attbntion.
rhe Chicago Times, of tho ICth in
ftapt, contains the following signifi
can't parngrftph: - '
j .M,Thero is indications that a peace,
nblfi election will not Iih nermitted n
Olrk Ninth Army Corps and
other troops, it is roported, havo been
ordered to that btate, and an WVboli
tion committee has gone to Wnsli
mgton to proenru tho inBao of a Ukase
allowing no, votes to bo cast except
for the Administration j ticket,"' Mr.
VaUandighaui will soon issue anoth
er addrcea to tliiTpeple of his Ftato."
Captain JOHN 8. McDOWELL, of Company
B. of the above Kcgimunt, la now rocruitira fur
tu KKiinut in Vinton County. lit ia author
izod to offer tba utual Bouutv totliovo who on
This is odi of tfct beat Rcgimeats now In tho
aor vioo ia under command of competent oillcra,
and men who hava to nobly atrnpilad and auffet
ed in tlioir country' aervico, ahuuld join thia
gallant Kegimcnt iiniuadiataly.
Tho aorvfce will new be light, aa tbe Eobolii
ara pretty wull "driven tothe wall."
Uma, noys, aoroll your names among the
bind of horoeawho are weaving for thruolvcn
a wraatn or undying lama In thia great strug
gle of Bight againat Wrong, of Freedom againit
OppreMion,of Loyalty agaimttTrfiaHon.
IieoruiMng Hoadquartora at MuArtlmr, next
door to the lot Olllco.
Com soon I will not be "on haud' long.
Bap. 10-68. . j.s. mdowell.
I have antaorlta from the Qovarnor of Ohio
to raoruit for the the jbova 12aimiinL in Viatoa
aua aujaoeut uounuea. .
Those who have been In the service for bum
monthi or more-, and honorably diaoharged, are
entitled o FOUE HUNDRED and TWO DOLr
L A Ka Bounty, for re-enliatinc. Other reoruita
wm reoeive me neuai one tiundrod dollar
Bounty-one-fonrth of wblehwlll he naMwhea
the kegimeat is mastered in. Tbey will alSb
leoeiv one msntn-e pay and two dollars pre
mium, making FORTY DOLLARS adrat oe nay
Tbia Regiment ia deatgnod for Border Berrloe.
Let all who wiah lo A VOID THE DRAFT, loin
this Regiment at onoe. C01IE ON BOY8 I
For particulars apply to me or to J. O, Gib
aon.at toe Kegleter umoe.Me Arthur, Ohio.
lop.S-a tf" Recmlting Officer,
The Great Chiw4r Remedy for Secret
Ingreadiento purely vegetable; pleasant to the
laaia , naa no uaa odor, ana may be carnoa in
the vest pocket without feerof detection, price
91 a box, aent poat paid to any address by
J.I. KROIMER. 403 Ckestnnt St, rail.
Circular sent free. ' Sept. 17-63-6mo.
Dr. s. n, D l IV 1, A r . .
. ! WooU teapeetfolly tnnonace.te the eitixens
. . . . . i i Tri . . . i . i ,
01 AlCArinar iuu rimva AAJuaiy, ina6 ns naa
returned, and will apend a lew weeks in Jc
Arlbar. . And that lie ia propared to perform
all opporatlons pertaining to his profession,
and that he will be happy to Wait on any of
bin old friends and customers who may favor
him with a call. ' . -
He will be at Dr. Doddiige's office, Main
Street, MeArthnr Ohio.
P. 8., Ladles waited upon at their residensei
fdeslred. 8. B. DUKLAT.
SCovcs, riutVD, Hollow ware
1M1E unJeralgncd la now prepared to execnk
. promptly all work ftrji-red In hla lins ot
biibinomi. All kindaofCusiinea uauully mad
at Fouudriet, will be kept on hand aud for aula
at the moat reasonable ruten. .
The liicllitiea of tlx Fonmlry eltuatad. aa li
i, in alio midntof Furnuoaa where the raw
metal ia alwaya to be had ut a aaving ex ponce,
must be evident to all ; and tho e-l'scriber be
ing determined not to be outdone cither in th
Quulity or cheaencna. of hla inaiiufuutnrea..
aka for and hope to receive the pulxwiug ol
biie vumiuuuur. '
CANE mills;
We are inanfactorlug tlie best and latoet la
proved Cans Mills. Thoxe wixhincr amill wU
do well to hand In thlrnrrirtn time.
Tebuary 12th 1863.--tfo
JtM I'vMMtd m t -aUd B,tubj.
PUlcr 81X CElfTS.-
A Lecture on tbeKNnturr, Treatmeul4
Itadicnl Cure
Epermatorihuja or Seminal Weakna Baxuao-a
Debility, Norouineiw mid Involuntary En. I
aioua inducing Impotoncy, CoBrumntiuu, and
Menu! aud lhyical Debility.
My ItOB'T J. CUTV'JltWELf., M. D.
The Important fuel that awful conaoqiienooe
ef Self-Abnaeinay beefleeUmlly removed with
out uitcrnal medjeinea ot'thoduugernna appliuit
tion of oaiiktiua, inKirumoiit, medicated bollgio
and other empirical dovicea.fia hern i-Wlv ,1..m
onatrated.and the entirely uew.and highly i.uo
eful treulmeul aa adnpud by tlie colohralod
Author, fully explained, by mean of which ove
'ry one is enabled toonre liimaeif porfeetly, and
tuo lorri jiu.j-1010 coat, tnureoy avoiding all
the advortited noatruma of tho day. lhi .
turo will prove a boon to thousanda and-thou-ands.
Bent under seal, In a plain enTolnpe, to r.ny
add row, Font paid on receipt of two poatuge
atauipabyaddrca-ing the pubiinhera.
CJ1A8. J. C. CLINK, & Co.
" 711 Boyery, New York, Y. 0. Box 4336 .
I Jtl V E It I A L
Vhioh we a-elu.t epenlng and yoo wiJ
lad It the chea neat place to buy
Iri the County .' Wc bongh our Marble at the re
rylowmt CHh pricea. lie think we are safe whes
we any there haa uever beeu any peraon in Me
Arthur, that enn take ue down in point of
Otir Marble le of tbo bent qnary, bnlb
lami anu lianas, louwill find us prepared tu
furnish you with Gravo Btoneaai moat any price
II taw "M ll-BJ tICnilO.
N B,;: W. uve ko on nl the celebrated
ucrea urina utoiie, which we will sell low foi
Do not forget the plaoe when in Town. -
t'orner of Main a Logan tteel
ialiO-t.-t, McAuhur. O.
VlNTt)H C'oiktt, 0. Aug. 27lh 1 Jfl3J
Tj IU Qualifitd EUctort of YmUm Co. 0
Tou are horcby notiflod to meet at the usual
placea of holdiuir Eleotions, in the several tewn-
ahipa in aaid county, for the Slate, Diatriot and
county uincora, and at tbe qaartera of the Cum
mandant of each Company of Volunteer, in l be
aotual military service of the State or United
8tatea,abaent from their townahlp. In accor
dance to the Statnte in auch caae made aud pro
vided, passed April 13 ISSB, on
TUESDAY OCT BER, 13th 1863,
and proceed to elect, the following offloors to
wn ;
One Governor, for the Slate of Ohio
One Lleutoaant Governor, or the State of
Ono Aaditor, of State. '
One Treasurer, of State. "
Oue Judge, of the Bnprenio Court.
-One Member ef Board of Pablio Works,'
One Judge, of the t'otint of Con-.ruon Pleas
.1. J L , . ' . . 1 f '
ioimiq rwouo aumutiaiuu, oi ai oevenin 4th
dicial Diatrict of Ohio.
rOneBtato Benator, for its Eight Senatorial
Diatrict, oompoaed of the ooentlea f Lawroaoa .
Uallia.Mclgs and Vinton, .;!'-. .....
One RepiaasnUtiv-e, for the County xt Vinton
One Probate a Ige, for tbe eoanty of 7inton.
One Clerk of the Common Pleas Court, for the
oeunty of.Viuton " .
. One Pfoaeeating Attorney, for the Bounty of
II1MUV "i- ...
-One Commlsaioner' ft the county of Vinton. .
AppoTlionwunl of Grand oni Ptttit Jur
"onlqtack TbyuAip for thtvtorl&Qt
Eagle,' - I
Harriaoh, 3
Vinton, 7
Brown, ,7 '. f
Wlllnvllle, WJSwan, ' '10
Uadiaon. SfKnox,"" i
Jackaon, ".101 Richland, 14
CUnton,' 10 Elk,.,. .... SO
uivea under m
it hand at my OtHeo, Meirttur
Ohio, thia 17th day of Aaguat
Vinton County
f' Bh'ffY.Co.O.
Sep. Srd-rl,-w.
,AVIicclcr tt Wilson's s-
la one of the very beat Machines in u?e
it nscs no 8huttle, makes tho lock atich alike
oft both sides of the poods, leaving no chain or
ridge on tho undoraide, It usee but half of
the thread of other mecmnee, and mates tbe
neatest won. - ' -
Having taken an Agency for theealeofthe
machines, I reapeofuliy request the Ladies of
Vinton or adjoiaing twenties via i ting our town.
to call and examine the machine, and oe it
work. To thoao niaklns purohaeea of me, 1 will
give instmctione in the use Of tbe raaohlne
gutis. I will sell at the loweat cash prices of
wie manufacturer.
acvrthnr, Ohio., ... . .
and kara that a rrfM and ralll ears k wamatot
and tiMrantonl to all wbo ars affltdad wHh Mki
dabllltj, aanoiM enmplalau, melancholy thoechu, ea ,
pravluo of ipirlu, diainaa aud aagoiah of ailud, loai f -alwp,
Iom of BMiaurr , luat of aoerft-y aad ainKalar powar
puaj ftruwlh, wuliag away, aad a waiil of eunalaoa la
IbrnutlTM, falntlnc flta, euDTDlalra tnaibliop, impv
feace awl dijgiat of life. '.
Soma phrilrinna mtolra to ba tnld ttm nature af yoar .' '
not. Hliir-tknowledof the hnrnaa ayaUm aaabhs .
him lodoacrltw Ilia diauam without auy InfurniaUoa tnm
lhe pttthiDl, to explain Iu orliclnal cana, and loiwnaM
lucura. Aad, what la mora valuable etHI, a will kow
ally and frankly tell whether too a be cond or aot
Thia will MIMty your wind, and aava you alpmaa, Una. ,
troubla, aud diaappUntniDt. It will be tbe naua of
nTlag you mauy alollar; II wfll lave yoilf health,
and, what t belter thaa all, II will tare your lib t-a
being ihortened ay wrong traatmant.
UU axauiinatlona an made without any Infermatloa
from the patient j therefore he thoroughly andereiauda
their Phyilcal condition and Phrenological derelopowat,
without which ha never could bare performed eo man y
antoniahlng curve. . It' ilmald be remembered that this
Botanic Phyiicinn perfonni corre Ihouaht Impoaiibla,
If yon h tried othera aud got no relief, If yon wiih te
Moygood health and long lla-, If yon ere wins, yoa wlU
go end ennault DR. RAl'iiAilL, the Botanic Fhyelciaa,
All bit comnniuicatlooa and intertlewa an auietlf
orltata and confidential. ITedieai JvrmaL
Width i. Kirat col.
Hear what the Philadelphia eorraepondrnt says la tbe
Commonwealth, Wilmington, Delaware, vth ot April,
" An Englleh gentleman, formerly connected with the
Brilieb Array, and who itylee hiuieelf the Kngliah Bo.
tanlo Phyeiclan,' baa of Uto gained an exteneive repute,
tlon here hy hie tkill In curing all manner of complaints. ,
Sosje of hla paticata I hava eunvened with, and they
prouounce hia remediea aud mule of treatiuaut aa very
superior. Some have been reatored ai if by magle. The
medlclno he need le dull lied by blnieolf from varkroa
herb uoeeeiaiiug rare curatif e propertit.a.
" While acting in the army he devoted hla lalanra
moments to a thorough ituily of the effecta produced by
oartala medicinal roou and berba on all meaner of die
BAaca. It leeiim be has found a sura aud speedy remedy
for all the 'ills that fleuli h heir to.' Hia practice la
already extmieive, and ia daily iacreailnff. Ia toe eom-
plalnts to which fcrueM are subjected be haa no equal,
as a large number here have testified that they owe not
only tlwir present good health, but their Uvea, te the
kill of this Kuglish Uotanlc Physician." Ilia ofljceiaat
from man and rhuablb au.
Tlie Botiinlc Remedies of Doctor Raphael, I be English
Botanic Physician, never failed yet to make a perfect,
radical, ami uormauoat cure of ALL
Without the use of Mercury, without hindrance front
businees.aad without fear of discovery or exposure. Mo
deadly poisons, such as arsenic, mix vomica, opium, or
any other poisons. No mercury nor any deadly minerals
oothlnx but purely Vegetable Botanical Remedies are
need by this wonderful Botanic Physician. Ilia Botaoie
Remedies never yet failed to cure tlie most obetinat
aad the moat daugeroim cases, and to runoveall mercury
and other impurities from the system when all ether
Kemedtos had failed. lltdical Journal.
Hear what tbe Baltimore correspondent ot tbe Odi -fllow,
Boonsboro', Mary laud, said un Thursday, the list
of May, tSUB:
" N utuurous cures of diseases caused by early indlsrro- ,
Hon oaving been performed by the Knglieh Botanic Phy
sician, I feel it my duty, having a knowledge of them, to
sUtelhefacl,beliaviiigthatindolngsoI may do a service
to the suffering. One caae In particular that of a young
man In this city is worthy of note. Ue bad become tba
victim of a habit, the mere allusion to which causes
b udder, and after yean of sufferl ng and doctoring gave up
all bopee of rrcorery. lie wished to merry, and waa
dearly beleTed by aa eweet a girl aa ever Uaped words
of affection, but be was fearful, nervous, and pnatrated.
lie dared aol wed on account of tin ehat tared atnle
of his system. He Bought relief at tlie haaas of the Bo- .
laolc Physician, and, astoulalilng aa it may seem, all tha
bloom aud vigor of yontb baa relnmed, and be la auw
the happy father of a pair of bright Soya." ;
DREN. near what tlie ClncinuaU Veakly Trees says on the Cth.
oT March, Ukit
We aro decldodly opposed to drugs and In ad fart feed
remedies fur the prevention of having children, bat we
feel It our duty to acknowledge a beaeSt from any and
from every source when H is lot the relief of suffering
humanity. A fact baa come to our knowledge that
ought lo be promulgated and widely circulated for tbe
benefit of those ladies whoee delicate health makes It
necessary to prevent any Increase of family.
About twelve monthaafler marriage, a lady ofonr as.
ejuahitance gave birth lo a daughter, but bar auflerings
wen so great that her physicians despaired of bar reeov
aay. This niadoherdread thevcrythonghtsof again!.
coming a mother. She tried everything to prevent a .
repetition of kurauaerings, but without sicoediug. Twa
yeereafter marriage she waa again confined, butnersu .
fcrings were) great that the child died, aad her own Iih
waa deennircd of. She was told ny her family phyaidan
that If sheliad anymore children be feared her lias would
be His forfeit. Aa all the remedlea aha had tried before
hail failed, she applied to the Botauie 1'hyaiciaa, Dr.
His remedies had the desired effect; they not only pre
vented her from having children, but they also Improved
ber health. "Te vats rune, iu THixoe aas runs."
The Botaalc Physkieu'e remedies eaa be ream-
mended, because they are Innocent and safe. They
operate without causing sickness or exposure. They do
nut interfere with tbe diet -or occupation. They de
not tnlnre the health, but they are certain le their
effect. J- PANUOST, M. D.
Anv who are suffering, no matter what their complaint,
can ciill on the Botauw ekwsiciaa coaadentiaHy. They
may rely upon nitof. Ilit olflce la at
Brtwwa Sycamore Street and Broadway,
Consultation dally, Sonduvs exempted.' Office boon
mm tt A. ffl. ! S 'etlocei 1 SI.
OST Persona at a distance mar comrsmnlrate roan.
nKNTUi.i.r hy letter, If they Inclose ONK DOLLAR, for
Consultation faa.lu each letter. All letters, eotnmunl.
t.ilioiw, aud iuterviewa, are strictly private' and coot. ,
deulinl. Ko ansyrer will be given to letters anises esse -dollar
la Im-lused as a Consultation fee.
- Address all tetters as tbihiws, ' "
DR. RAPHAEL, ' ;,v
Ttr. W. Tt.ipliael haa no connection with PR0FK880S
wr Dr. W. M. Raphael, or with any other gestleflua t
of the eune name. .
ST Cut thia admrtiteamal oert. WhM yew liwil.
Bring It with yon and show It to the girl who epeaa the
-iuor. To prevent mistakes, ask to , -
Widlh 2. 1st ooL
;" ' .JUST rUBLlSUED,v 'r
"THIS Work contains the principal Speeches ef
Aboliiton, the uuioit. and the t tyll war
with part of otbr Bpercnea, Letters, Votes, ete
is IiaLdsomely printed on good paper. Ml
agoa large 8vo, and has a Very flnelv execritwd
tool engraved likotioes of Mr. VALLANDIO
rrico, Mpor covere, 40 eta. : Clotli tl .DO: de
llvered hy mail or exprere. Tirenaid. on roodrrt
of price. '.'
Wholoaide rarvT fJovers, J,tjo per dotea.
Ooth t.O0 TransporUlioB to be oaid br our.
chaser, and orders te be aent direct to the fib-
leuerai. . : ' . . t
J. WALTER A Co , Clnttonatt 0.
A copy will be Mat to every editor who inserta
the above and thia notice, and sends a atABkia
copy of hie paper to the publiahere, ..
vrtiera recoivod attna iu& atoAvntivx
DEMOCRAT Offloe. Ap'. 3Wh--4w. ,

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