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Sltjrnt ftcmocal.
E.A. BltAYTOX, t ! t I ED1TOR.J
- -:
1. 18G&
WUEUIi ilE JS, nnd the Enforcement
of the Laws agftluHi Mil Orticer who
have usurped Authority, as well a the
rt-opia. who Commit fireacne oi the
SMttt to tht Decision of tl Democratic
auditor or itati,
Dl'BlMl IffoeC,
Vinton County Ticket.
ros cm 1 or cummox ruAi smbibx,
rot rsoBATi ;vm
IM riMltnilll ATTQBViy,
ro coWuissimki,
Democratic Mass Basket
The, Democracy of Vinton and ad
joining Counties will hold a MasB
Meeting and Picnic, at Morgan's
On Saturday, Ootober 10th 1863.
Hon. E. B. Olds, lion. Wells A.
IlrjTcaiss and Col. IV. II. Saffokd
will address the people oa the issues
of the day. Every persou who wish
es to hear the truth, and a history of
Arbitrary arrests of Democrats will
tnrn out and hear Olds. The ladies
are requested to bring along lull ban
kets ot provisions . Once moro to the
breach trieuds, it will be the last
Mass Meeting of the Democracy be
fore the election. Let us hare a
grand rally !
Keep it Before the People.
That Republicans are going round
the county telling Democrats, that
such and such Democrats are going
to vote for Brongb, and that certain
Democrats are going to vote for John
ston, we have seen a number of
men thus reported, and they have in
variably said tons that it Is all a lie.
Let every man act for himself and
beware of these electioneering yarns;
What You May Expect.
You may expect between no w and
the day efelection, that the cand
dates of (he Democracy are every
thing that is bad and even criminal.
In fact they will beibarged as being
Jiars, thieves, scoundrels, traitors and
mi run us jibujub. uve mem uo
' credit on the era of an election. You
know lue character of your candi
dates, sustain them as too would
wish to be sustained.
Keep it Before the People.
That they did not hear either secesh
or trigger aympathy from Pdqh or
Ghoom, bat Wade and Uutchiks were
hi I sympathy for the oegroL and none
for the soldiers or their suffering
families at borne'. None for our own
citizens, but all for the ''Free Ameri
can of African decent." That's to.
Latest News.
A rumor reaches us from New
York and Washington City that Bo
secraus has surrendered to Bragg.
we don't believe the report. Fur
thor that another draft is ordered of
600,000 more men. Gold has gone
up to 41 cents premium ia eouso
quenceof report.
Latest News. Whiskey vs. Niggers.
f Alter the whiskey rebellion in
Pennsylvania, the cause of the re
bol'lion was reruoyod, there has been
no whiskey in tie couutry since.
After this war against slavery has
been got through with, as jar as to
supper time, we will have no mote
Mavi'ry, for like the . whiskey there
will be no more niggers.
Keep it Bejokk the Pkohle. that
every tiling that mouoy can do, will
uu aone oy our opponents to earn
the election against the Democracy.
iMi tnem oe taught that the Demo
crate chu not be bought.
Two Thousand Million, is now
the present indebtedness of the United
elates. Honest Abe will, we sup
pose, Ivavb his chair in 1864 with the
benediction that he leaves the Amer
icana a prosperous and happy people
and of course people will believe
Some of our Republican friends got
some daikios, at a houso in town, to
hurrah for Baixitf, and for poor Deuv
ocrate tu&t .could not raise a Hag. as
the procession passed aw we are told
One Republictm said "it cured him of
Some girls hissed when Colonel
Gboom was speaking in the Court
house 'x tlio Colonel complimented, by
presuming it was perhaps a gosling.
Ladies or gentlemen, who go to a
political speech, should have good
manners eoough not to go if they do
not behave as becomes a ladjfor ren
tlsma j. They knew before they went
what it was to be. It was no Blair
affair, got up on false pretense. Due
notice was given which should com
mand the attendance of thosa only
wuo would behave themselves.
Our, Forefathers in Hell.
"Peace with the institution of slavery is
wat with God."5i Wade's Mc Arthur
S pitch.
On last Friday Ben Wade spoke
to our poople the very words we
quote above. ' We are truly glad
that he was sent here, because when
we told the people such was the doc-
triiie of the leaders of this party, it
was honestly denied. Washington,
Jefferson, Madison, Marshall, Clay
and Taylor were all slaveholders and
by Waie were at war with God.
They were at peace with slavery, and
of caurse were at war with God.
The Constitution recognizes slavery
and requires us to surrender the slave
to his master. Washington sigaed a
law to so surrender the slave, passed
by Congress in 1795. Hence he was
at war with. God, and according to
the great lights of Abolitiondom all
these men, the fathers of the repuplic
are at this time in bell, reaping the
penalty, as Wade would say, of their
just condemnation. Fellow citizens,
is it true that we in Ohio can not
ive at peace with our follow citizens
of the South, becaiwe they hold slaves,
without being at war with God.
Ben Wade, Lincoln. Chase and all
these leaders of this Abolition izod
party so say to you. Are you ready
to receive this as your doctrine! If
you are we can say to you that we be
lieve tnero is .not a single man now
wnu wmnetj iuq call Ol lllo
war we are engaged in. We have
every confidence in the people that
they will see to it in tirab that the
Constitution au laws are maintained
and defended at all hazards. This
will bring us peace, prosperity aud
security 01 persons and property.
. Look Oct fo Lies. It is the
boaet of some leading Republicans
that they have reports to circulate
just before the election, that will lay
your candidates on the shelf, aud
will effectually defeat us. Yon should
recollect that all these lies are got up
at a time it is impossible to see the
people and contradict them. You
have known your candidates for
years, lbeir words and acts hereto
fore is what you should judge men
by, not tales concocted at a tima when
they can not be contradicted. Believe
none of them for tbey could, if true,
nave puDiiuueu tneui long ago.
Ben. Wade, in bis speech at Pome
roy, said that Val. moved in Con
gresi to' vacate the' seats of Coktis of
Iowa, and Blajb, of Missouri, becauie
they wert in tit Union army. Wade
knew he was a Liar, a Scoundrel and
Coward, as Val. declared him, when
he made the above assertion, j
Our Meeting.
The Republican readers of the
Gazette of Cincinnati, will notice the
lies of our meeting on last Monday,
from these lies you caa all gaess how
the same paper .deceives you in re
gard to its army and other news. It
says Vinton is safe for Bkouqii, that
our meeting was 5 or 600, that the
masses were not out, that the thing
was a failure, that Wade's speech
converted the Democracy to Brongh-
ism sc lou know all this is false,
but about as true as you generally
get from that lying shoot. It should
have said you were all conveited by
Wade's speech in favor of niggers
right &c.
Vinton Killed and Wounded m
the late battle near Chattanooga, as
far as we have been able to ascertciu
is, killed, Adjt. Kingery, Chapman
and tJarneutur. Wounded, W. 11
Bowen, Co. G,18th: Frank Clark, Co.
B, 18th; Andrew ilubbaid, Co B,
90th. The latter aro reported ia the
Cm. Gazette. We have no par ticu
lars yet.
Our Meeting. A Glorious Success.
Thousands of People in Council
Hundreds of Wagons and Other Vehicles
in Procession.
The largest Mass Mooting ever
held in Vinton, was our Mass Meet
ing on last Moudsy. At an early
hour our town waslivoly with people,
and the day was bright, clear and
pleasant. At 11 A. M. the WeBtcrn
Delegation moved in and along the
South aide of town on Mill Streot.
This delegation was counted before it
moved a short time aud numbered
1,400 persons. The prominent fea
tures of this delegation was a large
and Mradidly decorated wagon,
drove by Mr.- A. Arganbright, six
horses, containing 21 Ladies dreBsed
in white with Red, White and Blue
Scarfs, with Val and Pugh on them.
Their main motto was, "Give us Lib
erty or Give us Death-" The ladies
sang a number of onr campaign songs.
These ladies were all from LlarrisoQ.i
Eagle and Richland except two from
Londonderry. The next .great at
traction of tbia delegation wai a large
Ox Team with one of Lincoln's Bas
tiles on it, one man chained and in a
prison on the rear looking through
the bars, Jemanding a spuedy trial
by a Jury of his own fellow citizens;
proclaiming bis innocence. lie was
bound and under guard. Above his
prison was the words, "Bound for
Fort Warren;" On the sides of the
Bastile were tnese words, "A peace
with slavery is war with God. Ben.
Wadt s McArtkur ifpeecn. a Lie."
Above the prisoner the words, "Ha
beas Corpus suspended.'1 So the
prisoner could not be released, lie
was a victim ot tuis Administration,
in example.
At the couth side of town the Sou
thern delegation joined in the Proces-
sion. luey claimed to oe tne largest;
the greatest attraction ot this delega
tion was a large wagon decorated al-,
so, with evergreen, with a canopy
Red White and 131 ae, witn di Ladies,
dressed in Scarfs Val and Pugh;
drawn by 34 horses, each horse hav
ing a volet on With Rod White and
Blue Scarf, with Val and Pugh ou
his hat. Mottoes on wagon were
"Vallandigham aajugh " "Fathers
and Jdrotuers protect us Jrotn negro
equality." 1 bis procession was join
ed ou the East end of town on Locust
street by the Eastern delegation, ex
tending out ot 6igut ot us. lue pro
cession passed up Locust to North, tip
JNortu to Market and tnere was joined
by the Northern Delegation; down
Market to High, np High and across
to Main, and down Mam nutil it
had to stop, for a way to be made so
as to get out of town to the Grove
before either the EaBtero or Northern
Delegation could move into line.
there were about 400 wagons and oth
er vehicles. All sorts - of mottoes
were seen in the procession, such as
4 State Rights," "State Sovereignty,"
"Equal Rights and Equal Privileges
to all citizens," "lne Uoustitution
mnst and shall be preserved." Hick
ory and Butternut trees and bushes
were fully represented. At 12 M.
lue procession readied tne grove
where we wore surprised by a beau
tiful arch in front of the Speakers
Stand, of Evergreens, and on a white
base "Vallandigham and Pugh;"
surrounded witn turee circles, em
blematic of the Faith, Hope and Char
. a .s T . .t
ity oi me democracy; raitu ;n our
principles, Hope of the success of our
pnuciples, and tJnarity towards those
who oppose the great truths ci Da
mocracy. These - circles contaiued
'Free Speech," "Free Press," -'Liberty
and Union;" all the letters and
bordor were made ofevergieen, and
the design of Miss J. Leine, and
were a complete success.
The crowd was variously estimated
at from 6,000 to 10,000, perhaps two
thirds votets. The people gathered
around the stand, and on- motion of
O.T. Gunning, Esq., the following
otneers were chosen:
F A. Bbatton, v President.
John nughn,
Laban Sampson,
D. Y. Benjamiu,
Alex. Clay pool,
J. D. Wilkinson,
John Claik,
Henry Dyo,
John Booth,
A. Wells,
Samuul Magee,
David Foreman,'
B. ierrell,
The meeting took a recess of one
hour for dinner, when the meeting
was called to order and Col. Groom
addressed the people for near two
hours, ro an able and eloquent speech
comparing the past situation ol our
country with the present, and show
ing up in a clear and lucid oiauner
the acts of tyranny, extravagance
aud corruption of the present Admui
istraiuMi of our Natiooal and State
affairs. His speech was a lelliag
one for the cause in Vinton. '
Hon- Geo. E. Puaa on being in
trodne.;d was received with three
hearty cheers, such as the Democracy
of Vintou know how to give. When
silenco was obtained be proceeded to
deliver one of the must eloquent ap
peals to people who pretend to have
one spark ot patriotism to rally iu
defense of the Constitution and laws,
to protect us all from that anarchy
and despotism to which we are so
fast hastening, we ever beard or read.
His description of the arrest, mock
military trial and banishment of Val
landigham, brought the tears to many
eyes in his audience, his remarks iu
regard to the threats of John Broagh
of civil war in Ohio, if iu the event of
Yal'e election, the people should de
mand his return, received a hearty
responso from the thousands in atten
dance. His speech was argumenta
tive aud exhibited true statesmanship
sad truths. At the close our next
Lieut. -Governor received throo hearty
cheers when the moating adjourned.
Ip the evening there was a perfect
jam in the Court House, which was
rwsed by aon h c. limanku,
in ah able, argumentative speech, and
closed by Col. Gboom in another of
his happiest efforts, to rally tne true
friends of Uuion to the redemption
of rights as a free people, when this
meeting adjourned aoout 11 o'clock
P. M. Altogether, it was a glorious
day for the Democracy; it opened
ricb and closed iu character. .
Republican Meeting.
On last Friday the Republicans
had a very good turn out, about 1,500
men, women, and children. On a
close inspection of the crowd at the
stand we estimated the tiumber of
voters present at about 500, and found
agree; many of them were true Val-
landighamors. Ben Wade was the
big gun and he belched forth the true
Abolition doctrine. He said he now
had nothing to disguise. "That we
are in a war against slavery, that he
wis a radical, and he thanked God
for it, that peace with the institution
oi slavery ij a war against God; that
Vaiiandiguam was a traitor; mai ue
was tried by a Democratic Judge and
a Democratic Jury, and that he could
not say a word against his trial; that
the Democratic papers lied, sc."
There was perhaps not a man on the
ground but knew be was lying on
these points.
Ben was followed by the moBt con
summate Liat we ever heard, by the
Dame of Hdtchins being the same
man that Vallandigham published as
a liar, scoundrel and coward, about
two years ago, when he first publish
ed the lie he told to us in his speech
of Friddv last, to wit: That Vallan
digham had said in Congress, "that
an army from the North, before it
should march South, should pass over
his dead body. Val denied this
and published Hutchins as we have
stated, and now after they have, for
political purposes, banished val, this
man proves hunselt a scoundrel by
retailing this refuted slander over the
State. This same man laid that Val
wanted to dissolve the Union in four
parts, knowing that he lied at the
time. We hope the Republicans will
give us some more speakers of the
same stripe in Vinton.
A Warning Voice From the Last
Henry Laurens was President of
the Continental Congress in 1776.
In 1780 he was sent as Minister to
Holland. On his way he was caa
turod and imprisoned in the Tower of
London, for fourteen months When
f I LM II . fc. 1-1
bora oueiourue oecame rremier,
Laureus was brought np, on habeas
ootpui, and released. After his re
lease he was treated with great kind;
ness and resDect bv ' the British an
thorities. "He dined with Lord Sbel
burne. " After dinner the conversation
turned on the separation of the two
countries. Lord Shelburne remark.
ed: - -
" I am sorry for your people." .
" Why so I " asked Laurens. '
"They will lose the hahai corpus"
was the reply.
"Lose the habeas corpusl " said
"Yes," Bald Lord Shelburne, "We
pnrcbased it with centuries of wan
gling, many years of fighting, and
had it confirmed by at least fifty acts
of Parliament. All this taught the
nation its value; and it is so ingrain
ed in their creed, as the very tonda-
tion of their liberty, that no man or
party will ever dare to tramble on it.
"lour people will pick it np, and
attempt to use it; but, having cost
nothing, they will not know how to
appreciate it. At the first great in
ternal feud that you have, the major
ity will trample upon it, and the peo
pie will permit it to be done, and so
Published . Journal of Henry Laurens
Washington, Septeuibor 23. The
latest advice from Rosecrans', dated
yesterday afternoon, state that the
enemy has made no attack since the
21st. General Rosecrans is not now
in any fear.
Lodisvillb, September 28. Nash
ville trains from the front are bring
ing wounded men and Cou federate
Up to date about 1,300 rebels ar
rived here, among them Colonel J. J.
Seales, of the Thirtieth Mississippi;
Majors J. U. Davis, of the Seven
teenth Tennessee, and W. D. C. Floyd
of McNair's brigade; five Captains,
and eighteen Lieutenants. One of
the Captains was E. B. Sayres, Chief
Engineer ot folk's Corps.
Over Qve thousand wounded reach
ed here siuce Wednesday. The
churches and ha1 Is vacated some
weeks since by sick and wounded
soldiers, are again taken for the same
Communication by tolegraph has
not yet been opened with Ohattanoo-
Ihe guerrillas are very numerous
near Columbia aud vicinity.
Major jbitzgibbon. of the four
teenth Michigan, arrived here to
night with thirty-eight prisoners,
among them one Captain arid two
Lieutenants, on Wheelir's staff. Ue
reported all quiet at the front, and
that our forces are still fortifying.
September 21, 1863.
The enemy retreated on Obatta
oooga laet night, leaving his dead
and wounded in our hands. His loss
is very large in men, artillery, etna 1
arms and colors. Ours is heavy, but
not yet ascertained. The victory is
complete and our cavalry is pursuing.
With the oleaBin ot viod, our
troops have accomplished great re
sults against largely superior num
bers. We have to mourn the lods of
many gallant men and officers. Brig
adier Generals Preston Smith, Helm
and Deshler are killed. Maior Gen
eral Hood and Brigadier Generals
Adams, Gregg and Bann are wound
Bragg issued an address to his ar
my notifying them of an advance on
our t roops.
All is quiet on the Rapidan.
Thomas Francis Meagher—John Brough
and the Irish Catholics.
We observe that General Thomas
Francis Meagher is advertised to
make Brough speeches in different
parts of Ohio. His countrymen can
hardly think it possible, after the at
trocions insult that Mr. Brough of
fered to them at Portsmouth, Ohio
Mr. Brongh said iu his speech at that
"1 he Irish CatboliC6had destroy
ed their own country, and had come
here to destroy another, and all they
feared was competition from the ne
gro." .
Mr. Meagher must have been ig
norant of this declaration of Brough 'a
when be the invitation to
Wade on Vallandigham.
The Butternutpaper of McConnels
villa to-day, in Bpeaking of Mr. Wade
said be was the man whom Vallan
digham had called a liar and a cow
ard, and who dare not resent the
insult, in exposing the base slander,
Mr. Wade said he had no acquaint
ance with Mr. Vallaouigbam, had
never spoken to him, and if Mr. Val
landigham bad spoken to or of him,
. al as' a. a '
it naa been behind his back
oa a
sneak and a coward always
an honest man. CommercL
cial Dispatch.
Vs Spe-
Mr. Vallandigbaci pronounced
Senator Wade, from his seat in Con
gress, a liar, a scoundrel and a cow
ard. It was reported . in the Con.
gressional proceedings to all the
world. Mr. Wade auietlv submitted
to the brand thus put upon him.
The words were not spoken behind
bis back, but publicly and id the
moBt bolemn form possible. Enq. :
Wade on Vallandigham. OBITUARY.
DIED. Oaths S2n4dy of August 1863, at
Louisvillt Ky., from deM sralrtcUd In ser
vice, ftsrtft. NATHAN CUKR Y, of Co. B..W1I1
Rg. O. V. 1.
Mr. Curst, was on of our beet young men,
beloved asd respeetsd by all who knew lilm.
Hecoald be nothing abort of oss of our bravest
and beat soldiers, -we sincorsly sympathise
with his frltfiJs.
On tlis 24th lnat. ofTypbord fever, ANDREW
W. 1 KKKElL, son of Dsrius r'orrull deceased ,
sfodjtwsnty yoSrs.
Special Notices.
Sixth .ffoifiinout, O, V., Camp st Beverly, Vs.
J!7 7, 1841.
Ur. V. W. Kobaox: i;incinnan, vdk: we
received yoar long wished for sad welcome Keu
edies a few days ago, and hasten to return y on
annanimona expression in regard toonrhigu)
opinion of the morita of vinie.
We hsve ood them with great benefit In out
Company, and heartily attest to the publio opin
ion of their great benefits. In our cases, s spe
cially where there have beou so many great
changes as from tbs civilian in daily routino, In.
business, at home, to the exposed habits of ac
tive soldiers in a strange etd unnatural country
do we most appreciate the niorits of such Ilesv--sn-sent
values as yours. To sll those in oar
position do we most emphatically rucommend
your Remedies, boing assured, from exporisnce,
tbey will be a very welcome companion.
Yours very truly,
Joskfii A. Andbiws,
Capt. Co. B, Sixth Keg't. O. V.
Signed :
Jamas 7. Sample, 1st Sorgesnt Company B.
Chaa, H. Foster, 2d Sergeant. k
Chat. B.Ruasol, 1st Lieut. Co. S'.b Keg't O.V,
Thos. S Koyse, 2d Lieut.
E. B, Warren, 3d Sergeant, ,,
S. A, Thayer, 4th sergeant,
8a ml. D. Suhoolvy. Comtiiiaary,
Carporal ('has. W. laylor;
Corporal fcdwara mutmann,
Corporal Carlton 0. Cable.
.ogetherwith 89 privates a nnanimona am
sion boing givun.
For sale at No. 8 East Fourth
Druggists svorvwhere.
street, snd
The s pedal attention of Sutlors is solicited to
this as boinif the best article for inmni.niu in.
oidont to camp life.
reo. ait mo.
To Nervous Soflerers of Iioth Sexes.
boen restored to health in a few days, after on
dergoingall tlio usual routiue and irregular ex
pensive modes of treatment without
aiders It hlssscred duty to communicate to ills
afflicted fellow creatures the means of euro.
Uenoe. on the receipt of sn addressed envelope,
he will send ffreolaconv nftha nreu-tlntfnn
used. Direct to D. John M. Daonall, 184 Ful
ton Street Urooklyn, New York.
Marcn, May, July,8ep., Nov., Jan., lyr.
Special Notices. New Advertisements.
September 26th 1863.
has this dav Dnnn.lfi .in
Tresaursr of Vinton County, sevon dollars snd
sixteen cents for the redemption of the followinir
v.v..w w .foaepn Myers.
North eait quarter; east half of the north west
quarter; south west quarter of ths north
wsst quarter and the northeast of south east,
containing three hundred and twenty acres In
Towsshlp number ten. (10,) ofBange number
nineteen, (19,) in Section nsmbsr twenty-seven
(87-) A. N. COZAD.
Auditor, V. Co.O.
GnstMt Itdicsl Ciralv
"Flftee-iT- large
Star pages Rr two
ant sumi
tors of the National Dispensary, sstablished al
Cincinnati, O.. Jan. 1 IBdt). enro 11 n.i.i.ji.
eases with unexampled rapidity. We garranteo
to cure GonorrhiBa, Gleet, Sypbillit Inipotency,
"Tu:"w emissions, or Bcir AhuBe, Diurnal
fcmiBMons,;remale Complaints, in ehori.evorr
possible form and variety of Sexular Deseasee-.
Cures rapid, thorough and permanent, and frees
moderate. Send for our Circular-fifteen larea
8 in.by 11 in.letter pages, of varied.valuable snd
intererting matter. Also, .Circular intended
for Ladies only.
jnany ot our patients assart, tLey have
money toDoctorain Eastern Cities and rea
no return.
Then why not patronise borne talent-men
who know tbe Western clmate aud can effoe
speedier eures. .
v,DJac.k"m'2fomal0 Pil'-ljcr box-send
for Circular. Special written RepUes, wellseal
ed. son with the Circular, without charge. One
of the cheapest, most interesting and important
books ever published. 300 pages. 109 engr.v-
T'!? 2 u?ain ", kedicar'ro.
tector and Marriage Guide, and an Explicit Key
to Loveand Beauty." It SATISFACTORILY
revea.s vanoua subjects never before fully ex
plained In sny popular work in the English lan
guage. Price 50 cents and one three cent stamo
o, three for 1 andjthre, 3 cent stamps K
described in Circular, which every young man
should have, wether sick or well. 8 -
part of the country. Consulting Rooms of th;
t,7T?Ji ,cld"e,,, rejuvenates organs
which have lain dormant for many yeara. It
Tnn.T CMe 0f 'Pteny. creau the pas
siona for any reasonablo time. Can be maed
with perlect aafety. Price ti per bottle.
It is perfectly safe and never fails to give satis
faction. It ia the only aure and aafe preMntlv.
w. jfw unit UUZCU.
sent by mail.
and 7 per dozen,
fl: S. DANA,
200 ACRJSS !
In Vinton Connty , Ohio, fonr miles South of
On the Marietta & Cincinnati Rail-road .'will
be sold in lou to suit purchasers. -
SatirMay Morning; Sept. 90,
AT 10 o'clock, the day after the Athens Co.
Fair Closes: For particulars, write to
Marietta Obio -A
ti a a ...in. nkt.
... rwVBVlUV) VtHHt .
The land joins C. Mohlert aesr, Preltsville,
Vinton count Mhio. .
Ken 17 -si- ; : . .

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